3040 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield, MO 65804, United States
Review №1

Incredible selection and prices. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. You can browse forever. Will always find something you like.

Review №2

A good place to find movies i havent seen in years

Review №3

Love movies? They got it! Love books? They got it! Love video games? Guess what, they got it! Great place for all the fun and entertainment you need in your life. The only complaint I have is one time I got a broken Nintendo 64 controller but the stuff they have is normally in great condition.

Review №4

I have always liked bed this place. Plus got me a cool new comic book to explore today for $1

Review №5

Pretty cool place to visit. They have a lot of gaming stuff and gear. From shirts to posters to games to figurines. Neat little eclectic store

Review №6

Ive never had a bad experience here, or been unable to find a film Im looking for. Best place for film fans in the city.If your after music or games its a good shop as well. Although certainly not as large of a selection as their movies.

Review №7

I called ahead of time for the item I needed and they were kind enough to set it aside for me until I could get there to pick it up. This is definitely a very good thing to implement. Not all places will do this, and it was exactly what I wanted to happen. Thank you Entertainmart!

Review №8

We were visiting Springfield today and saw this place suggested on Google.The store is spacious and has an impressive amount of collectibles, old school and modern video games, manga and comics, movies, CDs and trading cards. Everything was well organized and reasonably priced.The young man at one of the registers, Chris, was super friendly and pleasant to talk to. He made my experience even better and was very kind. Great worker and Ill make sure to come again soon!

Review №9

We get all my kids DVDs here. We dont get internet at our house so its bunny ears and DVDs! They always have what we are looking for and super cheap!!

Review №10

Best place to get movies games and music is EntertainMart. Keep up the great work guys.

Review №11

Nice selection of movies but dont give you very deals if your selling movies and games about a penny each is all

Review №12

Great place for all your hearing and visual entertainment needs!!Plus added bonus: ages of ALL will almost def find a treasure to take home! Pocket books beware! Lol!Nahh....J/K 😉 Prices are very reasonable!Bonus 2...Staff are not only very friendly and helpful...but full of witty humor!

Review №13

Great place for all your movie needs!!Also has games and action figures, love it!

Review №14

Always a pleasure! We come in here quite often for DVDs, video games, or just to browse for fun. Its a great place to kill time if youre waiting for a table at the Chilis next door! They always have great deals.

Review №15

They dont garantee the dlcs work on games they sell but ironically they sell used games fór more than that of gamestop used games while gamestop garantees that dlc Packard will work or theyll Comp you the game and you could get a new one with working dlcs

Review №16

Great choice of vinyl, and will give you a fair price on buying games back

Review №17

Great posters.....didnt have any CDs of the band I was looking for but seen a wide variety of movies n everything else.

Review №18

Love this place so much. Most prices are fair, a few too high as with any place. Have shopped here for years and hope to continue to do so.

Review №19

Great prices on a wide variety of media and collectables paired with friendly and helpful staff in a big store with wide aisles. Pretty great place for all media consumers. Also, plenty of parking.

Review №20

Great staff very helpful great prices especially if youre on a budget

Review №21

Lots of fun stuff to look at. Great prices on vintage music.

Review №22

Wife loves the store. They got most of what u want

Review №23

Awesome stuff from movies, music, Memorabilia, games and cool service.

Review №24

Cool store. Lots of neat stuff. Good to know they have diversified to stay competitive.

Review №25

Awesome selection, great prices & buy 2, get one free 😀

Review №26

Lots of vidoes and the staff was very helpful!

Review №27

Entertainmart is a fun shop. Lots to look at. Lots of physical media. Games, comics, records, movies and more. The service is always attentive and friendly. Its the place to go if your looking for the missing DVD or CD in your collection.

Review №28

Great store for all you entertainment needs. I love the movie and music selections and they almost always have all the latest greatest in stocks and available for immediate purchase and pickup. They also have a large selection of video games and consoles both new and used. I love the used phone and tablet selection as well. Staff is always friendly and helpful and most know exactly where the thing you want is located. Highly recommend checking it out.

Review №29

This place is cool. It has lots of stuff: movies, gaming, posters, collectibles. They need more apparel but its nice to come check out.

Review №30

They have a big selection of Xbox 360, Xbox, ps3, ps4 and some other types.

Review №31

Great clean organized store Sweet Staff

Review №32

Very very cool place went there for the first time the other day. But one thing ruined my experience. I was asking to hold something behind the counter and when I was getting the elderly employees attention and she was very rude when I was simply asking to hold the Oblivion keyblade to see what the weight and the material it was.

Review №33

I never go to gaming stores! Ever! However my kids love games! I showed up 7 minutes before closing time I had no clue where to even start looking for this game! I was greeted immediately! After 3 minutes of looking a lady came over and helped me! She found it immediately and went and paid! Speedy checkout! I would definitely come back. They also had best prices listed for the particular games I was looking for! Thank you for fast customer service help and Attentiveness! Highly recommend!!

Review №34

Excellent source for modern and vintage games, music, movies, collectibles and more! The staff is friendly and helpful. If they dont have what you want, they do their best to find it or something similar. That was my personal experience anyway.

Review №35

There isnt an option for negative Stars or I would have selected that!I am TOTALLY DISGUSTED in the people who work here!! You people RIPPED OFF MY SPECIAL NEEDS NIECE !! She is NOT mentally capable to sell ANYTHING, One Game Boy system and six games for $40??? Seriously?? And then when sheAnd then when she called after realizing the mistake she wanted it back, you AWFUL THIEVES said for $200 😡😡😡SHAME ON YOU!!

Review №36

Very cool store! Love the fantasy sword collection.

Review №37

Actually found some xbox 360 games I may be able to play!

Review №38

Ive been going there for several years and Ive had a pleasant experience every time. The service from the staff is both efficient and polite and the deals are excellent.

Review №39

Lots to look at, lots of games, movies and collectibles. Didnt find anything I couldnt live without but enjoyed looking.

Review №40

Everything is super over priced and dont bring anything in to them they wont give you barely anything for store credit even the DVDs for sale there are all over priced. Although alot of movies and games are going digital there still have overpriced x box 360 games as well ! I just thought it was kind of a rip off tbh!

Review №41

Always so helpful and nice here. Decent manga selection too ☺️

Review №42

I did like this store, until I seen that they had PS5s for sale marked far above the market price and on top of that required you to purchase 2 games and an additional controller for the PS5 to even purchase it from them. In all honesty it has gone down hill since Vintage Stock bought it, but it was still a place I liked to take my kids. Ive wasted a lot of money in that store and when I seen they were price gouging I decided I will not be going back.

Review №43

I love this store most of the time. Today was not a typical day. Very few others in store. I had to break up the BS session to ask about what I had come for. 3 ladies standing over the stock they should have been placing on shelves. Stood there for s.everap minutes before interrupted them. Did not have what I wanted, and short unhelpful response was all I got. Had to pull teeth for detail. Just out of stock. No clue where else I could go... Not my normal experience here.

Review №44

Good place to find movies to own, even newer movies!

Review №45

We love this place. Great prices

Review №46

Been going here for years to grow my movie collection and I love it. Very solid place to go and find some awesome stuff. I just wish they had more Blu-Rays. They have some pretty cheap DVDs which is nice when there’s a movie only on dvd still. But dang it would be nice to just see them add a few more rows of Blu-Rays.

Review №47

Its a great store but their switch selection is honestly pathetic. Not to mention a few of their workers seem to always be talking when I go in there, and rather than helping the cashier who has seven people waiting, they are standing there laughing.

Review №48

Awesome place if youre looking for retro DVDs its the place to go

Review №49

Love this place! The staff are amazingly helpful

Review №50

Great place for used movies! Lots to look at!

Review №51

Over priced used goods and unhelpful staff. But they have a dimly light anime section so thats something.

Review №52

Went in looking for skyrim for Xbox one, and they only had display. So I waited for 20 min for assistance only to be told I couldnt buy the display game.

Review №53

Great place, but I think 8pm is pretty early to close.Covid shouldnt affect store hours.

Review №54

Went looking for PS4 stuff the employees are very helpful and got me set up of what I needed for certain games for my kids

Review №55

Had nothing that their website said they had in stock.

Review №56

I love entertainment. Im a very frequent shopper and they ALWAYS have what Im looking for. Never disappoints.

Review №57

Good place to go and cheap on their items. Friendly workers.

Review №58

I use to love going to this place. But i felt that recently, they dont have that many options anymore. Too sad. Mustve hard for em due to to covid crisis.

Review №59

This is a dangerous store to visit. They seem to have a bit of everything and sometimes a person can just spend hours browsing for the perfect terrible old movie to watch.They also have a wide selection of new movies, as well as new and used video games, and vinyl for the collectors.Theres something for everyone here.

Review №60

Since our local rental stores have closed Ive given this location alot of business latelyLys in particular has always been really helpful!

Review №61

Called me right away to let me know the DVD came in... I had them put me on a waiting list for the last Lord of the Rings movie as a gift for my son. It was only a one day wait and he had the gift in time, despite the fact that they were really busy due to the holiday shoppers. Thats good customer service!!

Review №62

Great place to find nostalgic and hard to find movies and videos.. just a fun place to go browse..

Review №63

Love this store. They always have what your looking for or can find it for you if u cant. Always great deals on movies

Review №64

One of the best places to grab new and used movies and games. Way better selection than 99% of other stores.

Review №65

I love this place! Frequent flyer here for sure and always will be coming back. Great prices, helpful staff.

Review №66

Pretty good good selection of older PlayStation games

Review №67

Friendly staff, great selection of videos.

Review №68

Always find great deals there !

Review №69

Very friendly staff will assist in finding music or movies.

Review №70

Spectacular Cinematic Wonder!

Review №71

Games, movies, collectables, anime, manga, and more! All 3 kids and my old man found something they wanted = happy campers :)

Review №72

They have cool knives and swords and games to course

Review №73

For people that want to maintain a collection of movies or any of the other collectibles and novelties that EntertainMART sells, this store is a great small-business alternative to the online corporations that also offer these things. The biggest tradeoff is the pricing and/or the rewards system they have. It is highly likely that you can find the same movies online at a cheaper price and delivered to your door, making it harder to justify large purchases at eMART. A couple dollars extra for one movie is negligible. But when you have a dozen discs you want to add to your collection, the difference adds up and the big retailers are more appealing. Aside from simply lowering their prices, an alternative would be to bolster the rewards system, which doesn’t seem all that rewarding. Their selection is broad and unless you’re looking for an obscure movie, they’re bound to have it. I think they would benefit greatly from selling movies that are harder to find at a higher price and to a national customer base online with a greater markup. These movies are more likely to be hard to find and to be bought one-off so that charging $8 more than competitors is less of a dealbreaker. This would make their big name movies easier to price competitively in-store. Whether they need to price things more competitively, revamp their rewards system, or both, in order to stick around, I hope they find their golden strategy because they’re the type of local business that would be easy to become loyal to.

Review №74

Great selection, brings back memories when feeling nostalgic.

Review №75

I always love going here to find great movie and game deals

Review №76

Very knowledgeable staff and friendly.

Review №77

Used to be this was the place to go. But now days they over charge. You can buy a new game at walmart for the price of a used game here i.e. pokemon sword for switch. These guys have turned into a bunch of scalpers. Low buy from customers. And super high mark up. Good place for movies and music only gamers beware.

Review №78

Super organized and neat, clean.

Review №79

I love going in here just to look at the different items they have.

Review №80

These guys are absolutely dope! I had such a good feeling of nostalgia and good vibes as soon as I walked in.

Review №81

They have absolutely loads of media and other knick-knacks. If youre a collector or wanting to become one, this is the first place Id look for that limited DVD or Blu-ray Box Set, whatever Pop! Figurine tickles your fancy, and posters you didnt know you wanted. They also have a good selection of secondhand electronics like tablets and consoles. Their CD collection doesnt take up much floor space, but its well organized and packed with great albums.

Review №82

My daughter had a great time going through the movies for sale.

Review №83

Come here all the time to grab UHD movies, games ect. We love this place. HUGE selection.

Review №84

Great selection of DVDs and one of the last places to buy used DVDs and CD

Review №85

Honestly one of my favorite stores

Review №86

Dropped off a large bag of CDs for a buy situation that I had never done before. I was asked for ID, and to sign a small green form with my name and phone number. I asked how the process worked and was told, by JoAnn, that they would evaluate the CDs and call me with a buy price. Apparently, on the form it noted I had to return in 48 hours for payment, as they don’t hold product: which I did not see. My plan was to give them all the CDs no matter what the buy price was, but I live in Branson and it would not be cost effective to drive back to Springfield for $15. I realize this isn’t a glamour job, but would have truly appreciated a minute of her time to make sure I realized the situation of 48 hours. Most likely shoppers in this store a very savvy about all matters, but it was a one time effort that I actually thought would be fun: I am disappointed in the crass customer service.

Review №87

Always go here on sundays ots family day great place 2 get movies

Review №88

Best place to buy movies or games. Awesome deals and nice people

Review №89

I love this place and its selection of games, music, and movies. I visit every time I go to Springfield. Dont miss the cheap CD bin when you stop in!

Review №90

They have had almost every hard to find movie Ive looked for. If they didnt have if they have located them at other locations.

Review №91

Tried calling and they never answer there store phone

Review №92

Very helpful, if they dont have it right away, offer to order or tell you where the closest store that does have it.

Review №93

For those who are into games and movies it was great. Also the collectables were very cool.

Review №94

It was nice to get a few old games and movies at a reasonable price. But the stores hard to navigate.

Review №95

It was entertain Mart ...... Then there was this in the photo :/I think they just paid out the 100 and want it back, because I dont think a reproduction is worth that??Id have to Google but my data plan sucks at the moment :(The customer service is getting better though!

Review №96

Great place has alot of stuff from CDs DVDs games an more... my kids love this place lots to choose from. They are owned by vintage stock now...

Review №97

Friendly service. Very reasonable prices. Really enjoyed the people.

Review №98

They have a great selection of dvds, collectibles, video games and more. Very friendly

Review №99

Nice layout, good selection, and friendly staff.

Review №100

A neat store that has a variety of entertainment products including DvD,s, CD,s,records and even guitars.

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  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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