Mock Tire & Automotive
3131 Peters Creek Pkwy, Winston-Salem, NC 27127, United States
Mock Tire & Automotive
Review №1

13 years ago my Son Brandon Hardy sent me to Mock Tire on Peters Creek and told me to ask for Mike. I have been going there every since. They ALL are wonderful, caring and professional but I must say Mike is my Heart if he cant get it done he will and always does direct me to who can. He has a heart for people that he service. I love Mock Tire.

Review №2

Very helpful and friendly staff! Was able to get my truck tire fixed on a quick turnaround. Very pleased with everything!

Review №3

Have been using Mock Tire for years. They have always been trustworthy and competitive on price. Many times theyve told me that I dont need services that other shops may have upsold. They are efficient polite and go the extra mile to take care of you. I was a little concerned when they were bought out by Parrish Tire but my experiences since then have been more of the same with the same faces. Cant say enough good things about them; if only they had a larger parking lot.

Review №4

I tried to jump my car and put the posts on backwards which blew out my fuses. I had no back up camera or radio.. i went to Honda on Peters Creek and purchased a new battery but they informed me that it would cost $89 to diagnosis problem which was obvious a blown fuse. Anyway, i took my car to Mock Tire on Peters Creek and the most knowledgeable and polite salesman came from the back and asked me what was the problem. His name is Steven. He checked all my fuses until he found the one that was blown and replaced it. I asked what was the charge and he stated $0. I tried to buy him lunch or give him a tip. He refused both. That was a great blessing to this single mom. I am ever so grateful that i stopped at Mock Tire and just wanted to let others know of the prompt and great service they provided to me. GREAT JOB... I will be returning my my future needs.

Review №5

These people are awesome, always friendly and knowledgeable. They have taken care of my car for more than 15 years. I wouldn’t trust anyone else!

Review №6

No appointments for a drop off inspection.... absolutely ridiculous

Review №7

Picture it. 4 girls sitting in the middle of an intersection, traffic swerving around us on all sides, luggage piled on the street. Our only protection a big electric line truck guarding us on the left side. Maybe a little close for comfort. Maybe the reason we were sitting there!😬 Several large holes are ripped into the left front tire, and we 3 able-bodied females surrounded it and gave advice to the hidden member of our quartet who was industriously changing the tire. In this frame of mind, we arrived at Mock Tire. We were assured by a very kind receptionist that the wait would be an hour and 40 minutes but if there was any way they could get us in sooner they would. About half an hour later, they came and got us! Truly, the service was exceptional! The receptionist went out of her way for everyone around her and the mechanics definitely went out of their way to please! Would leave 8 stars if I could!!

Review №8

Mock Tire has been my go to place for years. They have always given me great prices on tires and also on service as well. They’ve earned my trust.

Review №9

They are very busy so you need an appointment. But the quality of the work is good. My husband is going to schedule his oil change, state inspection and alignment in one visit. Much better than having to go to multiple places

Review №10

This place is a testament to how treating customers well, doing honest work at fair prices, and just genuinely being decent should keep you in business for 30+ years. My parents took their cars here when I was a child and I continue to do so as an adult for as long as I have lived in the City of Winston. There are not a lot of constants in the world I feel like Mock tire at South Park is one of them

Review №11

Took my truck to another shop and got totally ripped off. Was referred to Mock tire and auto of Southpark in winston salem and they really did me right! Fixed the problem from the last shop and then some. Really went above and beyond to help me out! I really cant say enough good things about them! Top notch service and I will most certainly be using their service again in the future.

Review №12

Great professional courtesy!! Drove in and was out within 30 minutes to diagnose my AC unit. Unfortunately could not get done today but I will have them repair it in the next 30 days!!

Review №13

One of our tires blew out on a trip. Mock Tire got us in quickly with no appointment to replace the tire. Was out of there in around an hour and back on the road! Very pleasant and very reasonable price. Wish you were close to my home! Thank you!

Review №14

I have been dealing with Mike and his team for 15 years come next month. My pops is a mechanic that lives in an whole different State. Mike has always been up front with me and took care of my issues every time. I was the type of person who always used to call my daddy to see if they wasn’t getting over on me, (the female). When my daddy used to tell me all the time, that is a good price for the 3rd time then I knew this man,(Mike) and his crew could be trusted after 15 years I’m still standing strong with them. I had to come on here and let you know because the other day my family member Mr. Gerald Hardy that always like to fuss called me and ask where did I always take my vehicles to? I told him who and where I went and they fix one thing first on his 93 truck and then was calling him about the other issue which he got very upset because it wasn’t done yet. If some people know that you have to fix one issue to ordinarily do something else which was on his ticket to start with, then he got mad. On top of him getting that way Mike gave him another discount on top of the first one. I say this because my best way to advertise is through word of mouth and others is like this ( that’s not always correct)is calling people out on here. I love Mock Tires on PetersCreek like they were my real family. One of their own had a hearty tack and died and they shut down the entire shop for him and they attended his funeral. Now if this isn’t caring people then I don’t know what is. I take ALL of my vehicles down there and if they can’t fix it then they will connect you with someone who can. They also just got recognize for being one the the Best in the triad last year so this is the place you would want to take your vehicle to!!! Thanks Mike, Craig and crew.

Review №15

They always are fair and honest with me. They talk to me about any issues and give me options so I can choose what needs to be done and when I want to do it.

Review №16

Excellent! Thanks for the great service guys. Even though they were busy, they managed to fit me in and change my brakes, rotors, and caliper all in no time at all.. and with no prior appointment. Even plugged my tire for free!! Great job as always.

Review №17

Mock Tire (Peters Creek) is a quality shop with great customer service. Everything is by appointment only and their prices are fair to low for our area.

Review №18

They worked me in right away and also honored the warranty on my tires. When I asked questions they took the time to answer them all. I really appreciated that because a lot of places dont seem to do that anymore.

Review №19

Theyre always busy which says a lot about their service but I just had my headlight fixed on 3/22 and just had to take it back in as it went out again. Could be my POS car which is why it took me a bit on how decide on 4 or 5 stars. But theyre great.

Review №20

Customer reps are seasoned professionals. Good service. They stay busy . Repeat customers like myself, Im sure. Due to shortage of help you need appointment for oil change also. Dont blame them !

Review №21

Very knowledgeable people here. The only place that I allow to touch my car

Review №22

Fast service if you dont mind paying a bit more

Review №23

Great, honest people to work with. They have been servicing our business and personal vehicles for over 25 years. Highly recommend them to everyone. I wouldnt go anywhere else!

Review №24

I called and got a service quote for my vehicle. I called a few days later, same vehicle & same service but was quoted $350 higher than previous quote. Seems like scam artists to me!

Review №25

The best repair shop in the triad. Craig is exceptional and he truly cares. There is no other place I would refer people.

Review №26

The employees at Mock Tire South Park are the ABSOLUTE BEST, they are always there trying to help me anytime and anyway they can and are NOT just trying to take your money. I WILL NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE WITH MY VEHICLES and will refer everyone there!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Review №27

They were very professional and done a good job in a reasonable amount of time Ive been coming to you guys for over 15 years anyway

Review №28

Best service in town. They offer appointments, and are prompt on getting you going.

Review №29

Great place. This is not just a tire center. When I moved here I had no idea where to have my car serviced. I discovered Mock Tire for my oil changes but quickly learned they also have full fledged mechanics. They are honest and efficient. I feel very fortunate to have come upon this place.

Review №30

I’ve taken all 3 of my vehicles to Mock Tire on Peters Creek... at different times and of course for different things. I’ve left there happy and satisfied with the work they’ve done for me. Kristi normally helps me when I come in. She’s very helpful and goes above and beyond to make sure everything is right before I leave. I recommend this establishment for your auto needs as well!

Review №31

I go to Mock Tire exclusively now. I’ve been there about ten times, and I’ve never had a bad experience. They have always been very honest, and they seem to try to avoid the stereotypical price gouging often associated with automotive shops. Their prices are very reasonable. Their waiting room is comfortable, and a list of maintenance work is usually done within half a day.

Review №32

Mike worked me in when my engine light came on. They drove me to and from work. Job was completed in 24hrs. I’ve been there a few times before and Mike has become my “go to man”. The days of going to the dealership are over for me. It’s good knowing I have fine auto services in my own neighborhood.

Review №33

Tire light was on. Got a rotation and alignment but apparently they didnt notice the Nail in my tire so Im not even sure they did a rotation

Review №34

Always friendly. Good quality service and quick turnaround. Trustworthy and reliable

Review №35

The team at Mock tire ( Peters Creek)Are the best group to helping with issues I have with my SUV.

Review №36

I am reviewing Mock Tire on Peters Creek Pkwy location. I was dealing with Mike from the beginning. I called a week prior and spoke with Mike. I told him that I was looking to get a tune-up on my 1993 GMC Sierra 1500. He advised me that the cost would be roughly around $250, and asked me if I could drop it off towards the middle of the following week as they were real busy? I agreed. I dropped my vehicle of early in the morning as I was directed to the following week. I asked for a tune-up to be done as I had spoken with him previously. My vehicle had a rough idle situation going on, along with sputtering when traveling down the road. Which are the symptoms of a vehicle needing a tune-up. He wrote down on the work order. (TUNE-UP) Mike called me back approximately 7 hours later and said he had figured out the problem and my truck will be ready by the end of the day. But asked if I could pick it up the next morning? I advised him that I could and that was no problem. He said it would cost me $205.The next morning I received a call from Mike advising me that when they drove the vehicle down the rode the vehicle had what they call a fish bite. Meaning it jerked as it was being driven down the rode. Sputtering if you will. He then proceeded to asked when was the last time I had a tune-up on my vehicle? I advised him thats what I brought my truck in to have done in the first place. He told me that the parts that were replaced needed to be done as it was worn and frail. Continuing the conversation I asked why wasnt the tune-up done in the first place? He advised that it was the process of elimination, and the parts in which they changed eliminated the rough idle. So I asked how much would adding the tune-up be? He said $700+. I advised him that I was coming to get my vehicle. Upset and frustrated I called him back and he could tell I was fuming at this time. He stated I can hear the frustration in your voice. I said yes because thats whyI brought my vehicle in for in the first place.... a tune-up. He then said if I purchased the tune-up supplies he would just charge me labor of $160 plus the $205 for the other parts and labor that was put on earlier. I agreed seemingly that was far better than $700 as quoted before. I told him that I would come drop off the tune-up supplies which I was going to purchase myself. He asked if we could set up an appointment for next Friday? A whole 7 days later. As if I didnt need my vehicle sooner. By no means was I gonna rush him but I felt that would be down right silly to do that as my vehicle was already at the location. Frustrated even more I proceeded to head to the location and pay the $205 which was asked of me and get my vehicle back. Once I got there he advised me that he knew I was frustrated and to help me out he knocked a couple dollars off. Bringing my total to $184 out the door. I will never bring anymore of my vehicles back to any Mock Tire location. I purchased my supplies at a nearby auto supply store and took my supplies and vehicle to a location whom a friend told me about that was not to far away. The guys were pleasant there and done the job for $180. And my truck is running like a brand new vehicle.I hope everyone else has a better experience than I did at Mock Tire. Thanks.

Review №37

Second time to mock for leaky tire, wonderful service!

Review №38

Service is excellent! Trust these guys explicitly. Prices are great. Highly recommend!

Review №39

Highly recommended. All of the staff are professional and courteous. Mike was very helpful and sweet.They are now my auto shop of choice for more than just tires!

Review №40

Years as my Go-to. Concerns about Covid Safety measures were addressed. Employee concerns are fixable. PLEASE, customers, bring you masks and help everyone stay safe, so businesses like this can safely serve us.

Review №41

Good service. Fair pricing. Make sure to schedule an appointment, theyre busy... But busy is good.

Review №42

Mock Tire is awesome!!!!! Great service, fantastic employees, and the most trustworthy place to get your car fixed!!!!!! I will not go anywhere else!!!! You guys rock!!!

Review №43

Every time I go here I end up spending less than I thought I would have to which is not something I can usually say about an auto repair place. Edit for June 2021. Ive been here two more times and both times superior service and pricing.

Review №44

Excellent service as alwayThe best staff in the businessAlways a good experienceKeep the good work up

Review №45

Personnel and service were excellent!

Review №46

Not the place it used to be. I used to come to this location for all of my car needs. Over the last 3 years, customer service has gone downhill. Every single time I have called about getting an oil and tires rotated, the response has consistently been that I should just show up. So then I would show up and they would say I should have called. I called today to get a quote on some tires and set up that appointment. I had all of the information the other place I called had requested but apparently it was not enough. The guy snickered at me for not knowing more. I have always had excellent service at Mock Tire on Stratford Road. I would recommend going there or somewhere else in town. You can check my history on Google reviews. This is the first negative review I have ever left. Mock Tire on Peters Creek just is not what it used to be.

Review №47

I came here immediately after being quoted by another shop to do the same work for almost double the price. Service was quick even though I didn’t call ahead. Will be returning in the future.

Review №48

Very nice people good work

Review №49

Good people, good prices, & good service.Simple as that!

Review №50

Best tire service in Winston Salem. I wont go anywhere else. Never had any complaint in forty years!

Review №51

The crew up there is wonderful!! Sometimes I think it’s kinda pricey but all in all good service. I have been with them for over 25 years. I always recommend people to them.

Review №52

Great shop. Fast, reliable, excellent service. Definitely my go-to auto shop.

Review №53

I’ve taken all 3 of my vehicles here over the years and never had a single problem until this time. I don’t even think they looked at my car if they did they didn’t look very good after they had it all day and told me it was a bigger problem that I needed to take it to the dealership. Which was total bs because I found the problem without even taking it off the ground in the parking lot of my work! There IS a hole in my left front break line and that’s what I told him and there is break fluid everywhere but I was told there isn’t and my break fluid was fine and when I drove it to work the next morning it was so low my car was flashing telling me it was low and I get to work and look and it’s so low you couldn’t even look in and see it!!!!

Review №54

The only on Peters creek is more friendlyWill go back to Peters ctreek

Review №55

I first went to Mock Tire around Thanksgiving of 2018. I purchased 4 new tires at a great price. They were extremely busy that day but I was amazed at how quickly they got my car done. So quick in fact that when I left I was expecting something to be wrong. All was perfect! I returned yesterday to get an oil change and have one of my tires looked at after running over some debris in the road. I was greeted by a very personable young lady and they immediately went to work on my car! Again, it was completed in great time and at a great price! No matter where I live in the area this place will be my go to place for automotive work! Absolutely top notch!

Review №56

Guys are awesome, got off work and come out to my car and found a nail in my tire so I went straight to mock tire got fixed.

Review №57

As coach Mike instructs in details problems on problems, actually theyre cost reasonable

Review №58

Super fast great service when I needed help they were there for me Big thanks to them great job south park much appreciate it

Review №59

Awesome experience at Mock Tire price that I was quoted was reasonable and was actually charged less then quoted . Service was quick and on point and to top it off the staff was great and friendly . #lovethisplace#customerforlife

Review №60

Wouldnt go anywhere else! Always tells you the truth and can trust the guys that work there.

Review №61

Always what you want in service and product.

Review №62

Any time I have need car services, I head to Mock tire on Peters creek pkwy, they have awesome personal service, prices, quality car care

Review №63

Great prices, quick service.

Review №64

Always honest, always professional and friendly. For example, a pothole recently damaged the wheel of my car. Instead of trying to sell me a wheel, they explained it was repairable and arranged for a local shop to repair it saving big dollars. Most shops wouldn’t have done that. Craig and his team are great.

Review №65

Went in for a flat tire repair. The guys got to it in a timely manner. Apparently I popped the seal and the air leaked out. No run-around, no b s., Didnt even charge me for it. I wouldnt have known otherwise but the honestly is appreciated

Review №66

Great place to take your car for service.I have used them for years.

Review №67

Just what Id hoped for! I came in and was greeted promptly and courteously. I told the gentleman what I was looking for: two tires within my stated budget. He checked the stock and quoted me a price that actually was within my stated budget. They put the tires on my vehicle as I waited in their comfortable and kid friendly waiting area. After a reasonable time, he said I was ready to go and he rang up the sale, LOWER than the amount he quoted me! I drove away happy, on new tires.They never pressured me or tried to up-sell me at any time. So refreshing. Oh, and by the way, the restroom was spotless! What more could you ask for?A great experience! I would recommend them to my friends and family.

Review №68

The best place I have been so far with my car..they are fast and the staff are friendly....

Review №69

Thanks for working my car in for inspection!! Got my oil changed at the same time! Great place!! Will always go back!!

Review №70

The team at Mock Tire South Park are honest, concerning and always strive to meet or exceed every customers needs. My last visit was to have my 2013 4RUNNER front struts & shocks and also front rotors & pads replaced. I couldn’t be more happy to have my truck driving like new again without all of the extra dealer cost. I have been dealing with Mock for over 40 years now and would recommend them to anyone. Observing their team serve each customer with the same heart felt concern to take care of them is always a pleasure.

Review №71

Great staff,good work and 1 of the busiest places youll find in W/SALEM

Review №72

Ive used Mock tire several times now. From brakes, oil changes, noises, to some new tires. They have everything done in a very timely matter and are very professional. The prices are also pretty great and unbeatable. The men are very friendly and really know what they are doing. The waiting area is nice and spacious, there is a table and TV for convenience. I would trust my car anywhere else.

Review №73

What a superb courteous honest business never new people like Mock tire & customer service existed anymore!!!These people have it GOING ON!!!!KEEPING IT 100% FOR SURE!!!!!

Review №74

Quick service for your vehicle. Competent and thorough mechanics.

Review №75

Pricing seemed reasonable, so I came back. Staff has integrity and does good work.They are not fast. Bring a good book and maybe something to eat.It reminds me of when my Dad said he can get things done well, cheap and fast, but you can only choose two.I would say the former two are most important, and thats what Mock does.

Review №76

I spent more than a thousand and they did not solve my problem. I do not recommend! On cargo alignment does not give a guarantee! Stay avay from here.

Review №77

Fast curtious service w/same day appt.❤️

Review №78

Great staff! I went in to have my tire repaired and I was in and out. Repair cost was in my budget. Everyone was friendly. Nice waiting room and a lot of chairs which is appreciated so were not sitting on top of others.I have a lot of bad luck with tires. I will be back (hopefully not too soon due to another nail, but an oil change). :)

Review №79

Best service wonderful people to serve you,10 stars,best manger.

Review №80

Weve worked with Mock for years. They always offer fair pricing, great service and do what they say they will do. I take all our vehicles here for just about everything.

Review №81

I cannot get over how friendly and efficient the crew at Mock Tire is. I called on a Thursday to get a trip check on my car and they fit me in right away. The service was amazing and I feel like I can truly trust their feedback on my vehicle.

Review №82

Ive had the pleasure of visiting Mock Tire on Peters Creek Parkway a few times now, and I can honestly say it has been a pleasure. After moving to NC only a couple of years ago we were in search for a good shop, Mock Tire is it! Great service, friendly staff, and accommodating. Free WIFI, a play table for the little ones, and ample space to work while you wait if you desire. Mock tire is a fantastic shop for tires and other general repairs. Give them a call if you need service. Oh, great prices! I forgot to mention that part.

Review №83

Great service

Review №84

Best shop around! Craig, Mike, Randy and team are great! Great service, knowledgeable staff, and very reasonable prices. I trust these guys with my tires and my vehicle maintenance for all my familys vehicles.The only problem for me is that they have too much business and they are booked out days in advance - but that high demand for their services just means THEY ARE THAT GOOD! Every couple years I will take a job elsewhere (because they are booked out a few days) - and each time I regret deciding to go elsewhere. They really are the best .In 15 years of going to them, Ive only had one negative experience. And Mike made sure it was corrected! These guys stand behind their work and their name.

Review №85

Great for tires.

Review №86

Trustworthy, Honest, Fair, and they do great work without overpricing. I have used Mock for 35 years. They were the only place my dad trusted. You ever heard that Father knows best? Now my daughter and her soon to be husband are fans as well.Love this place,Mike

Review №87

Great place to get your tires, oil change and inspection done for good price. The people are friendly and make sure you leave happy and satisfied

Review №88

Mock Tire consistently offers an amazing customer service. Ive had flats at 5pm twice. Both times they fixed them. Ive had a loose spare tire under my truck. They came out laid in parking lot under my truck figured it out and fixed it, then refused to charge me. They have been my go to guys and girls for quiet awhile and will be in future. There are other places, even other Mock Tires. Dont waste your time go to these guys.TURF RANGER LAWNCARERoyce Thompson

Review №89

Highly recommend this Mock repair location! Great customer service and honest. I have only positive experiences here and I can’t imagine going any where else!

Review №90

This review is for the Peters Creek Location.I was so impressed!!! Exceptional tires at a great value. The staff was attentive, professional and knowledgeable. Ill be giving them my business until I take my dirt nap. ☺️

Review №91

The folks at Mock tire are always honest and stand behind their work. I tried going to a competitor for a time due to their extended hours of operation. They consistently told me I needed work that I really didnt and added extra charges/services that I didnt ask for. Never again will I take my business elsewhere...the extra hassle of getting the car there and finding an open appointment is well worth it to me. Theyve earned my respect and repeat business.

Review №92

This is my go-to place to have tires mounted and for alignments. Been going to Mocks for about 3 years now and never had an issue. They typically get the job done in about 30-45 minutes depending on the wait (if any). The waiting area is nice and has WiFi, coffee, water and nice options in the vending machines. 👍🏾👍🏾

Review №93

A+ tire store! Very happy with my tires and experience at this location. Will buy all my tires needs moving forward from Mock Tire.

Review №94

I have been dealing with Steve and Mike at Mock Tire since the early 90s. They run a good shop with honesty and integrity always. I have referred many people to them over the years and will continue to do so, you can trust them.

Review №95

Arrived on this date 10/8 at around 730am to have CV Axle replaced in 2013 Equinox. Was out around 815am. Fast job. Im confident it was done right too. Found a new spot to take my cars to.

Review №96

They are fair, professional and courteous.

Review №97

I used to go to church with the owner and he and I are good friends we played in a praise band together so I may be a little favorable but Ive known him longer than our church experience started. I met Craig Mock back in the early 80s. He serviced my company vehicles and all my personal vehicles very friendly good work on all cars has a good rate on tires.

Review №98

Best car repair in town. Had been customer for more than 10 years. Mike and his crew do an excellent job.

Review №99

Great service, staff knowledgeable and mean business. I recommend you stop in for your vehicles needs

Review №100

Always great service. Thanks Mike and Craig!

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  • Address:3131 Peters Creek Pkwy, Winston-Salem, NC 27127, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 336-788-0200
  • Tire shop
  • Auto radiator repair service
  • Auto repair shop
  • Brake shop
  • Mechanic
  • Wheel alignment service
Working hours
  • Monday:7:30AM–5:30PM
  • Tuesday:7:30AM–5:30PM
  • Wednesday:7:30AM–5:30PM
  • Thursday:7:30AM–5:30PM
  • Friday:7:30AM–5:30PM
  • Saturday:7:30AM–12PM
  • Sunday:Closed
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Oil change:Yes
  • Mechanic:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
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