5000 Apex Ln, Florence, KY 41042, United States
Review №1

Worst experience I have ever had. Went to get lumber. No one would help. Tried asking for help, even the managers wouldn’t help. Waited an hour and the manager came and cussed at me. Worst customer service ever.

Review №2

MENARDS IN FORENCE KY CHEATED ME OUT OF MY MONEY! IT HAS BEEN A YEAR AGO AND I FOLLOW REVIEWS. TOOK BACK CURTAINS AND THEY HOOKED ME UP WITH THEIR ( IN STORE CREDIT.) By time I went through my bank process dispute the in store credit expired! They kept my money! Ihnothing

Review №3

In the paint department the young woman named Megan S. Is the most helpful person i have delt with there. She went out of her way to get what i needed and in a very kind manner. At one point she was dealing with two other customers and still helped me, and she was very efficient.

Review №4

I like Menards because it is laid out for the non-contractor. Meaning you can walk through without getting overwhelmed with clutter. They have the same items that everyone else has but its a more thoughtful layout that allows you to walk-around with nothing particular in mind and discover new things. The people that work there do a great job of being friendly and helping you find what you need or maybe what you really need. The pickup area for larger items is more friendly then in other places. Ive never had a bad experience there.

Review №5

I purchased items online for me to pick up when they were ready. I got the email saying my items were ready. Got to the pick up center, and none of my items were there. Instead I was told I had to pick them myself, which defeats the purpose of ordering online and picking up when ready. The girl wanted to argue with me about it. Then she sent me to get part of my order and said either she would be right behind me or she would send someone to help. She did neither, I looked really lost and someone finally stopped to help. When I went to get the second part of my order, the employee didnt understand why my order wasnt back there ready for pick up. People order online for store pick up, so all they have to do is run in and grab it. It was not a great experience, especially since I had no idea what I was doing because I placed the order for someone else and was picking it up because they were at work.

Review №6

Got some good ideas for shower doors.

Review №7

Went in to pickup an online order which is all the way in the back left corner of the store opposite where I parked. Was pouring down rain but they wouldnt let me exit through the door closest to my car (where I came in at) made me exit by the registers and walk from the opposite end of the store to my car in the rain. Not cool Menards.

Review №8

Saturday 16th Oct around 7.30pm, the two young men was so helpful. My first time visiting the store was great . Thank you for all your help and patience🤣

Review №9

Nice clean and staff was very helpful!

Review №10

We can almost always find whatever we need here. The staff is very helpful, too.

Review №11

The last three times I’ve been to this store, the cashiers have left everything in the cart on checkout so I had to bag everything after I paid at the end of the checkout or in the parking lot. Each time I’ve had a minimum of 5 bags worth of stuff. I’m wearing a brace, so have to do everything with one hand. I brought this to the attention of the front desk manager the second time, who gave me the equivalent of a shrug. Wasn’t able to get through to them after 30 rings this last time.What lousy customer care. They have lost my business.

Review №12

We ordered a garage door back in February. They lost the hardware when we picked it up and stuck a forklift through 2 panels of the garage door. After 35 calls in which 11 were not returned within 4 days, we are still waiting for the 2 panels. We were assured the entire order was in and drive out there only to find out the rest of the order wasnt there. I asked for money off at this point and the general manager Kristopher only would offer 10% store credit. I told him this wasnt acceptable and asked for a number of corporate. Horrible customer service.

Review №13

Product rang up the wrong price. Didnt catch it till in vehicle and looked at receipt. Went back in store to get difference. At first wanted to give me store credit since I used related but also paid 200 on debit card. Said no.... so did as return and got back money on debit and store credit. Repurchased for correct price. Store credit should have covered price but still said I owed 44 cents... how is it that I owed money still? Store credit from return should have covered. Guy was really nice though and doing his best to make me happy

Review №14

Good quality overall and decent prices

Review №15

Always a great place to shop. This time it was for Halloween decor and they did not disappoint.

Review №16

Fun place to shop. Staff is always very helpful

Review №17

To start with I dont like leaving reviews like this. We bought an entry door for our house back in September of 2020. When we purchased the door there was a $60.00 rebate on it. After sending it in along with the necessary paperwork we were told to wait up to 6 to 8 weeks. We called. Emailed, called again, emailed again. Its now 9 months later and still no rebate. The door is great! The customer service is terrible. Because of that measly $60.00 we will not go back to Menards. I would say in the last 9 months we have spent well over $9,000.00 at Home Depot. Could have been spent at Menards but a $60.00 rebate got in the way.

Review №18

Was waiting for help while she was helping a customer with a special commode order and I was shocked by the language she was using. She kept saying the F word she couldnt find the f_ _ _ k _ _ g handicapped commode that this nice couple was trying to order to update their baths for her disabled husband for more ease for him. If she said it once she said that F word too many times for my liking. Since there isnt a ZERO star I gave them a one star. For someone in that position they need to have more patience and beware of their language while helping a customer. Menards has lost my business.

Review №19

Always love me a good old trip to Menards so happy to have on in Florence.Where else can you buy a 2x4 and some milk and cereal. Yeah!!

Review №20

Always clean and easy shopping, hardest part is deciding among all the options! Fantastic selection!

Review №21

Love this place. Wish there was one in Upstate New York.

Review №22

Very clean and well laid out store. Grab a map when you enter & if you cant find something, ask 1 of the many employees who are always around, yet not pesky at all. Overall a very nice store

Review №23

Love Menards, wish they had stores much further South, like South Carolina. This one seemed low or out of stock on multiple items. Friendly and helpful staff. Was a quick stop this time.

Review №24

I love this place. They have a little bit of everything and not overpriced

Review №25

Wont be shopping here anymore. This company literally had an employee die while at work and didnt notify the family for two hours and when the family showed up, they called the cops on them. Absolutely disgusting and shameful behavior.

Review №26

Helpful checkout gal. When we were in the back looking at railings no one approached us for over five minutes, until my husband started walking toward a group of workers. Just a bit disappointing since they didnt seem to be doing anything.

Review №27

The absolute worst customer I’ve ever had from management the lady at the front desk was real nice but once we started talking to management complete waste of our time we bought a product the day before we had the receipt the product did not work we wanted to bring it back and get a refund if they would not do that they would only exchange it horrible customer service would not recommend taking your dog to shop there

Review №28

Didnt get loaded there but called and katie and her outdoor lumber crew took time to redo my load to make sure i was safe for rest of my trip. These guys were awesome and were life savers. Thanks again guys

Review №29

Very disappointing! I am a disabled veteran, but I still try to do as much as I can. I like my vegetable garden and mulching but due to spine issues I have to take breaks often. When I found the door to the garden center locked that immediately meant I would have to park by the main door and walk back, and then there reason for the door being locked was they dont have enough staff that day to have a cashier in the garden center. ITS SPRING! PEOPLE GARDEN. I left without making a purchase. You never get a second chance at making a first impression.

Review №30

Very helpful. He asked lots of questions about my yard and what I need. Showed me several mowers, their price range and what kind of gas they needed. Went through the weedier area and let me test the weight difference between electric and gas.

Review №31

Overall pretty good. Checkout lanes ruined the experience. Took over 20 minutes. Only one lane open that was not self check and no management to help with issues. Rest of store seemed very open and clean. Areas laid out fairly easily to find stuff with so many different items available. I really thought my experience was good until dealing with checkout.

Review №32

Not bad store,very confusing layout,very disorienting.Somewhat of a pain to check out. Very wide selection and easy to find labels,once you find the ilse.

Review №33

Great new location! Friendly helpful staff. Best prices vs competitors

Review №34

Absolutely horrible customer service. We placed an online order through Menards to be shipped to the store. The ship date changed twice without explanation. After 5 weeks and no updates or changes to my order status, I tried to cancel the order. They supposedly put the cancellation request in, however after 3 days my order status still did not change. Then I finally heard back from customer service saying my order can’t be cancelled because it is in the process of being sent to the store and I was forced to pay a 25% restocking fee off of my refund. I got the refund receipt and they are actually charging me more than 25% so my refund is about $35 short. This company does not care about their customers and will steal money from people anyway they can. We will not shop from Menards again.

Review №35

There were lots to look at and there seemed to be a pretty good selection of most items. I struggled with what I came in for. I went in for just a closet door, and they had them, but I only needed the door itself, not the frame. I couldnt find anyone help me, so I left after about 20 min of looking.

Review №36

Love it. I shop at least once a week. Got my friends going also..

Review №37

I have been meaning to stop at this store since it was put it a few years ago, and finally decided to go check it out. It has become my new favorite store! I do most of my normal shopping at Home Depot, Krogers or Amazon. However, since going to Menards, itll be my new shopping place. Its like Home Depot and Walmart had a baby and named it Menards! This place has everything you can think of from groceries, to lumber and shingles, pet supplies, everything lawn and garden, to power tools, paint, carpet and tile, to furniture! I literally got lost in there the first time I went, and spent over an hour just checking everything out, and then went back the next day to get even more things for an awning project and garden project Im working on. Whats even better about this place? Everything costs either equal to or cheaper than all the other stores I wouldve normally shopped at for the supplies I got. I saved about $60 buying everything I needed from this one place, over running all over, wasting time and gas, or waiting for delivery. I truly wish I wouldve went there sooner. Im hard headed and when I find a store I like, I stick with it, because I know Ill find what I need. However, after finally taking the time to go here, Ill keep going to Menards for all my projects.

Review №38

Employee was very helpful in finding hardware that I needed.

Review №39

Staff was great, but will not go back second time I went to get a sale item in the middle of the month, out of it . I hope that I am not the only coustomer they loose over things like this

Review №40

Was able to find everything I needed and when I asked for help, the staff was friendly and very helpful.

Review №41

We went to the check out and asked if someone could come give us information about a weed Wacker. No one ever showed up. Not a good experience

Review №42

My husband and I have shopped at Menard’s for years, we would drive to Fairfield and Evandale before Florence store was built. In March 2020 we ordered a set of French patio doors, when the doors arrived at the Florence store we received a phone call saying the door arrived, unfortunately they were damaged but they would re-order and call when the new door arrived.About 2 weeks later the 2nd door arrived. We called the shipping department to schedule delivery, the young lady I spoke with apparently was eating lunch, as she chomped food in my ear I explained the door needed to be delivered in the morning and placed in the back of our home where the doors would be installed. Due to her noisy eating she didn’t provide specific instructions on the delivery so when the 3rd party delivery team brought the doors it was after 4pm, refused to take them to the area for install.After several phone calls with Menard’s they agreed to reimburse us for delivery, and instructed the team to deliver the doors to the appropriate area; after resolving that issue I jumped up in the truck to inspect the doors before they were dropped and left, unfortunately they were also damaged and were returned to Menard’s!I phoned Menard’s AGAIN to let know the doors were damaged and being returned, the young lady in shipping was rude, was very disrespectful. Apparently she felt it necessary to exclaim her displeasure with my call, although she “thought” she had placed me on hold she shared her thoughts on the subject and talked about me and my property inappropriately, it was disgusting!!After speaking with a store manager a 3rd door was ordered and expedited, we received the door within 3 days. The door was delivered to our home by a store manager and a shipping team member, unfortunately the door specs were wrong. The door was supposed to open on the left, swing outward. The door delivered was right door opened with a right swing out.I called Menard’s AGAIN! Explaining the situation again, on June 15 we again re-ordered the door, on June 16 I called for the order #, the order had not been replaced. After AGAIN speaking with a manager the door was ordered again, was to be delivered by June 23, the door never arrived.On July 3, the 4th door arrived at Florence and fortunately delivered to our home. The door was scratched and appeared to be used; in addition the door was supposed to be bored out for dead bolt and knobs, only 1 side was borded,When I called Menard’s again, I was basically told tough, another door would not be ordered, if the door was returned I wound be charged 30% restock charges.Although we received a portion of our money back, it has cost way more than the refunded amount! In order for the refund we had to go to the store, when I told the manager Geoff the door was still damaged and the 2nd door wasn’t bored he suggestion I buy the kit to do bore the door myself… are you kidding?I just paid a lot of money for this door, waited since March, 4 doors and you are telling me to purchase a kit to bore the door for the other set of knobs???This has been the most ridiculous ordeal, I have never been treated so poorly as I was dealing with management at Menard’s!!! I contacted the corporate office, was instructed to “file complaint in writing someone would review and get back to me.” Sent fax, no response.No one from corporate contacts customers, the complaint goes back to the original store for a manager to call you! Are you kidding? I spoke with all the “store Managers, they could care less!I will never again order anything, especially a special order from Menard’s!!!

Review №43

Store is very clean, organized and well stocked. An associate did assist me in finding an item I needed, and he could not have been more helpful. He was pleasant and knowledgeable about the product I was looking for. Great job Brian, who boxed up a WORX battery operated screwdriver! Love the service. Thanks Menards for being A great store!

Review №44

Had keys made at their store, on their machine and none of them would work so I went back, showed my receipt and tried to get my money back. They said that they couldnt give me a refund and that I needed to contact a third party and to deal with them. So I aaked dont you hold responsibility for items that are made in your store? and they said no. If they decide to use a machine to make their keys instead of a human then they need to stand behind their products!Also, I have purchased many things from them before and have only gotten one of their socalled rebates back that I have sent into them. This is also handled by a third party company and Menards wont do anything about it. I do many remodeling projects and wont be going back to Menards. Ill spend my money at Lowes or Home Depot where they stand behind their services.

Review №45

One year after the pandemic shut down the world and people STILL cant wear masks over both nose and mouth?! Grow up, folks. This includes employees. Prices are really good, mist everyone is friendly and helpful. The only reason for one less star is the mask issue.

Review №46

Great place to go for ideas. You will buy something.

Review №47

Great place to shop. Just about anything you need with reasonable prices and right now a rebate on everything you buy.

Review №48

First off I purchased a fridge and to my own ignorance I bought one to big,i never plugged it in and they took return to no issue. While at service desk I handed them the credit card my wife purchased it with and lady at service desk called for manager to sign off on refund but when manager arrived he said are you buying another fridge here and i said yes. Then he said i can give you store credit it is much easier to do and i said whatever I dont care so he gave me store credit so when i get home with new fridge my wife hates it so yes i had to return it but this time my wife is picking fridge so she finds one she wants and they just said cannot get from manufacturer so I asked for money back and since I had store credit I can only get store credit so my money is locked up at menards and cant get fridge from them. Talk to manager and he said there is nothing they can do and told me that the entire service desk is being voice recorded and it is leagal binding once you agree to store credit and he could check conversation. So that alone is alarming that they have to record conversation and manager never said I couldnt get money later SO NEVER TAKE STORE CREDIT!!!!!!!

Review №49

Helpful. They even helped me load my car

Review №50

Awesome...found everything I needed at one place.

Review №51

This was my first time shopping at a Menards. I found a good price on a chest freezer, but once in the store I couldn’t find anyone to help me. When I finally did come across a young lady to ask if she could find someone to help me, she said no because she wasn’t on the clock. I asked if she could at least page someone and she said “again I’m off the clock”. After I final found someone else to help and purchase the freezer, I asked for a manager to mention the poor customer service. The lady that checked me out pointed to 2 ladies at the front saying one was a manager. I went up to them and explained what happened, but she seemed bothered I was interrupting her conversation and said she would talk to her manager. I’m certain I’ll never visit this store again as saving a few bucks wasn’t worth the terrible service.

Review №52

Useless information warning:What does a pirate say after being kicked in the nutz? --------MENARDS!

Review №53

Pretty nice place. Clean store and friendly staff. Prices were decent too.

Review №54

DONT BUY ONLINE - I bought a garage door online, and received 2 of the 5 sections damaged. The only way you can deal with Menards on online orders is through email. It has been 3 weeks since my first correspondence to them, and I have yet received any communication regarding replacement of the damaged sections. I found a phone number to call their corporate office, and they transferred me to a voicemail stating they only deal with complaints via email, but leave a message...really? I wont buy anything here again.Update 8/17 its been a few months and Ideal Door (Clopay) has been helpful. They sent me a new door (due to the original door not to spec weight), but even then, 2 damaged sections arrived.

Review №55

Good variety as always, checking out in the outdoor section still super slow.

Review №56

A great place to shop we like going back there we always see different things there we like to buy at a good price

Review №57

I have been to this location three times since theyve opened and have had negative customer service experience everytime. The last time I even left before getting what I came for because the associate was so rude. I will not go to their store again,will definitely drive the extra distance to go to Lowes & Home Depot.

Review №58

I was at the store this morning I got two totes the tag under them said the guy said no way he. Said they were 7.99 there was no tag for that price so did not purchase I do not lie so needless to say I was dispointed

Review №59

This place has about everything you would need for your house. Plus milk and frozen pizza and pork chops. You could easily spend a few hours in here

Review №60

They have a lot of the items you need but their customer service is far below Lowe’s and even lags behind Home Depot where no one even appears to work. Had a special order for cabinets and they arrived at my door damaged and it took an act of Congress to get them returned and new ones ordered. New ones arrived and then were promptly lost. Had to call multiple times and show up to try and track down the items. Was going to use them for countertops but abandoned that idea. If you just need random items go buy it here. If you need real help or need to special order items just skip this place.

Review №61

Great helpful staff, knew the locations of the items on sale. Bathrooms need to be maintained better. Ceiling fan section overhead displays were too crowded, making it hard to differentiate between fans.

Review №62

Way cheaper prices than Lowes.

Review №63

My wife and I absolutely love this place. The selection and prices are unbeatable. The service people and floor employees are always helpful and great whenever you have a question. This is my go to for all of my DIY home projects. Having the ability to pull the truck into the outside stock yard is a huge time saver, and easier on the back. I havent gone to Lowes or Home Depot since this store opened.

Review №64

Very helpful associates and friendly too.

Review №65

Love Menards large selection, good prices. But need to have more electric handicap scooters please!

Review №66

Anything you want besides food or clothing is in this store...great prices too!

Review №67

Products are decent the only reason they get one star. The Service is -5 stars we were handed off 7 times because no one knew any procedures.....really?????

Review №68

Fair prices clean store and friendly staff.

Review №69

Absolutely terrible customer service. A boy named Noah spit on me when I asked for help. I will never be coming here again can’t believe they hire employees like that

Review №70

Love it, may be my favorite hardware store, friendly staff, everything I need name it

Review №71

Clean and well stocked. Staff was friendly.

Review №72

Largest Menards Ive been in.Reps there to help. Most items available with good selection.Prices great. Wear your walking shoes. This is a mega store!

Review №73

We have been to the Florence KY store once after first opening and today. Our first experience we chalked up to everyone being new and getting their bearings.... Today as we walked in the door the lady at the desk shouted at us about wearing a we were getting them out of our pockets to put them on....she was rude and continued to shout even after we had them on properly....her nose was not covered by her mask.....might want to rethink how customers are approached...not sure we will shop at your store again.

Review №74

Awesome!! Ive been searching for a certain package of soup mix, nobody carried it except Menards. And I mean nobody, I tried several stores in the Florence, Ky area. Great assistance from employee Arsetta . Thank you so much!!

Review №75

Friendly and professional staff. Helped me find everything on my list (and it was a long list).

Review №76

Selection in store for most products was poor at best in regards to quality. No hardwood flooring options, only laminate or vinyl. Garden section was lacking in overall fertilizer and lawn care products. Masks required (which I understand) and they will sell masks to customers who do not have them but charge $1 per paper mask (which costs about 5c wholesale).

Review №77

Alwats great! Simple returns too

Review №78

Didnt find what I was looking for this time

Review №79

Love Menards, we dont have them in Tennessee. Always well stocked and good prices

Review №80

I waited 30 minutes to be helped in the Order Pickup, the only saving grace was the man who helped me was quick and efficient once he finished the lady before me, because the other workers couldnt find her order then ran around without helping anyone else while he found and delivered her things. I believe his name was Steve, but I could be wrong. That man deserves a raise. The store itself has a great selection of things at decent prices, but if you want good customer service I would go to another store.

Review №81

Wonderful experience, very nice folks here!

Review №82

Always have what I am looking for! Very friendly staff

Review №83

The customer service here has been dwindling since the store opened. People are not willing to try and help or find what youre looking for as they all seem to be inconvenienced by any question or concern. I try to avoid the place unless its the only place to find what I need. Prices and selection are reasonable but thats all they have going for them.

Review №84

They always have the best selection and the friendliest people there.

Review №85

Nice big store for people who dont any health problems. The handicap parking is by the front door, thats good. The out door isnt even close to the handicap parking. Could use a bathroom in the back of the store for handicap people.

Review №86

Great place to shop for just about everything under the sun. Tools. Paint. Wood. Appliances. Even some groceries. Its like Lowes or Home Depot on steroids. And the prices are hard to beat anywhere.

Review №87

Menards is awesome. Great prices and organization of items in store is great. Cant wait for the one to open in Richmond KY

Review №88

Great place to shop.

Review №89

Great! This store has everything

Review №90

Nice clean store with lots of items,great selection and good price, especially with the 11% back in rebate for store purchases

Review №91

The staff was really friendly and very helpful. Had a delightful shopping day.

Review №92

Great place! Well organized and clean! Friendly staff.

Review №93

Excellent place l!

Review №94

Nice place. They didnt have everything I wanted but they were kind.

Review №95

Would give 5stars but prices marked were not always correct. Gutter hangers showed 1.97 but checked my receipt later, was charged 2.29. not going back for 3 dollars .

Review №96

Great prices. Friendly service. This location is set up a little odd but still worth the savings

Review №97

Great Home store

Review №98

Clean, organized and the best part all prices are listed. Glad Menards came to Kentucky and hope they keep building more. Could find anything here for a house from the ground up and even stock a refrigerator with food also. Definitely would go here before Home Depot or Lowe’s. Also they have a whole limber yard in the back with almost any wood you could need.

Review №99

Needed a storm door, same brand as lowes but menards had a little better price and 11% rebate. Just wish they would digitize the whole rebate thing.

Review №100

We went for the grand opening and oh boy was it a great place. The inside is massive! Thankfully youre greeted with a map and current ad flier when you enter which is definitely a good thing.From house hold items to paints, stains glues and more this place seems to have everything you need and even a few things you didnt know you needed. My only complaint is that the prices can be easily matched or beat since theyre not really super deals.But thats ok, they dont claim them to be. If you keep your eye out you will find a few items at prices lower than anywhere else though. You just have to know your stuff and what youre looking for.All in all this was a good experience and I would happily go back.

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:5000 Apex Ln, Florence, KY 41042, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 859-282-0759
  • Home goods store
  • Building materials store
  • Building materials supplier
  • Home improvement store
  • Lumber store
  • Plumbing supply store
  • Tool rental service
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–9PM
  • Thursday:8AM–8PM
  • Friday:6AM–9PM
  • Saturday:6AM–9PM
  • Sunday:6AM–9PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Assembly service:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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