C & R Tire
111 Randolph Rd, Worcester, MA 01606, United States
C & R Tire
Review №1

I wont go anywhere else for my tires. Fairly priced, very honest, and great customer service. I am a very happy customer! Thanks guys! :)

Review №2

They were quick to get me in. Stuck to their estimate. They had my wheels aligned to my specifications in a timely manner. Pretty good for working on a 47 yr old car.

Review №3

Helpful, trustworthy business. Prices can be a little high, but its worth it for piece of mind

Review №4

Jim D is always accommodating on my service requests. They take excellent care of my prized Corvette. From tire and wheel changes, to a brake job today. It is a pleasure to work with these guys. Always dependable.

Review №5

Best tire store I have ever been to hands down, I was assisted by Kevin who was very knowledgeable and courteous he made my experience very pleasant. I would recommend this business to all.

Review №6

Another great service experience.Had a rear tire alignment issue that a dealer service center said would cost ~$1100. C&R Tire was able to perform the work for far less, $231!Great customer service!

Review №7

Great customer service fast oil change and Id recommend C&R Tire to anybody who needs work done

Review №8

My husband and I bring our cars to C & R every year for winter/summer change overs, as well as oil changes, and other services, as needed. Appointments are timely, the crew at C & R always works efficiently, and neatly. We are always happy with the quality of the work! See you in the Fall!

Review №9

The best place in Worcester to take your vehicles for service good prices on tires and fast service replacement Im a customer for 20 years I never had a problem with them Im highly recommended give it try and you wont regret it

Review №10

Excellent service, fair prices !

Review №11

Great service!!! A++++++ This place will exceed your expectations and go beyond that! I dealt with Rob, who I talked with on the phone when I was first bringing in my car. He worked with me the whole way through with ZERO problems and ZERO excuses. This should be everyone’s go to spot for vehicle repair and tires! They will treat you like family!

Review №12

This is one of those places where you dont have to worry about getting swindled. Recommended to me by many shops in the area. Great place!

Review №13

Had a nail in my tire, showed up on a friday 15 minutes before close, they fixed it for me. Nuff said5 stars

Review №14

Great place to do business with, friendly and knowledgeable staff and quality work. What else do you need.

Review №15

Best place everAsk for ROB.☆ Best guy in the whole buisness.

Review №16

Ive been taking my cars to C and R for the past 15 years. Kevin and all of the staff there are friendly and professional and the cost is very reasonable. A colleague at work recommended C&R to me years ago--now I recommend it to my friends.

Review №17

Good, honest guys here. They have great prices on their tires and they can usually schedule you quickly. Even if you dont need a full set of tires it expensive service, they treat you well...

Review №18

The employees are very respectful. And turn around time is very efficient in getting the job done.

Review №19

The employers all seem so happy. They try to keep the atmosphere happy with laughter.

Review №20

My husband has gone there twice and had a great experience. They did a great job and were very helpful. Rob was great to deal with and we will be returning in the future.

Review №21

Truly dedicated staff goes abovedado and beyond excepcional care and service to my vehicle

Review №22

Very friendly staff quick in-service fair price they did the job on my car in about 15 minutes was alignment.But The downside for me it’s because someone smoke inside my car.

Review №23

Been going to C & R Tire since 2003. Never had a bad experience. Staff are always helpful and courteous. Will keep going there until they give me a reason not too.

Review №24

C&R provides excellent customer service, good communication, competitive prices, and a commitment to developing repeat customers for both tires and other services. I know what they recommend is the best cost to quality product and service. They don’t cut corners and they are trustworthy. I have recommended them to everyone I know.

Review №25

Very efficient and honest service team. C&R has a safe environment to wait and observe all safety protocol. Provide great service and recommend to anyone for all vehicle repair needs.

Review №26

Once again C&R Tire did a great job. Big thanks to Kevin for helping me choose my Falken WILDPEAK A/T3W tires. I travel both hi-way and off road up by the Canadian border. I just had these installed on my Nissan Frontier and they ride and feel great.

Review №27

Our family has been using C & R for years. They are trustworthy, reliable, friendly, and outstanding workmanship. I highly recommend them for your automotive needs. Kevin has gone above and beyond to help keep my vehicles in top condition. All the guys are real professional at their craft.

Review №28

Diligent technicians, knowledgeable staff, and timely service. I couldnt ask for a better experience.

Review №29

My family has been going here for decades. They are great mechanics. Very honest.

Review №30

Had four new tires installed. Fast and courteous service. Since then, my front end has been rumbling when I hit the brakes. It could very well be something else wrong with the car. Im going to give them a call. Im sure theyll look into it and make it right if something wasnt done right.

Review №31

C&R did an excellent job mounting and balancing my tires. The First set I brought them ended up being out of round and they did everything possible to get them to balance. Eventually bought another set and returned the first. They did the remount and balance without any issues. Impeccable service!

Review №32

C&R Tire is the best! Excellent prices, professional service, and friendly atmosphere. A dependable, trust-worthy place for your tire and automotive needs.

Review №33

New tires look great. Quick service, good advise on picking new tires.

Review №34

This place is the real deal. I would recommend them to anyone!!!

Review №35

Called right when they opened and they were able to schedule me an appointment for a front end alignment right away. Easy to find by Higgins armory. Friendly desk staff with fast and efficient service. My car was taken in immediately and finished within a half hour. Car rides great after the alignment (replaced control arms and struts on my own, requiring an alignment). Fair price for the work performed. Highly recommend this shop.

Review №36

Always nice and respectful. They put new four tires on my Highlander and quickly fixed a sensor problem that arose.

Review №37

They made my experience so much smoother than other places Ive been to before. And performed a great job in my car. Highly recommend 👌

Review №38

Love C&R! Have been going there for decades, for good reason.

Review №39

These guys dont mess around. Had cross threaded lug nuts at other places saving a few bucks. C&R TIRE Plugged my tire within hour of calling, all covered under roadside protection. Previously assisted with a tire replacement from manufacturer also. They know their tires too (my first all terrains that actually last) Bravo. Free keurig coffee a nice touch too. Many bays for fast service.

Review №40

Excellent and fast service.... recommended

Review №41

I have been going to C & R Tire for years because they quite simply are the best. Very courteous, INFORMATIVE!!-they come out or call you and let you know exactly what is going on. I cant emphasize enough about what quality work they do!

Review №42

C&R Tire is the best place to buy tires in the Worcester area. Its not one of those franchise stores, but a family business that cares about their customers. Professional service, excellent prices, knowledgeable staff and a wide array of tire manufacturers to choose from. Best of all, you can set-up and they maintain appointment times if you so desire.

Review №43

Ive been dealing with the Chew family at C&R Tire for over 40 years and they have always responded to our every need, above and beyond what is necessary and required. They are great listeners and always respectful. Not only is the work meticulous, but they will never do anything without your permission and are great at spotting potential problems, saving you money down the road. Plus, they are invested in the community with their generous spirit. Whats not to like?

Review №44

I always end up using cr tire. They have the best prices and actually align the car the right way. Recommended.

Review №45

After a chilly greeting at the desk I waited for almost an hour to check tire pressure and to see what was causing the leak in my tire.One very kind gentleman said it may be an hour or two more, all the while three employees were loading the company truck with old tires.I’m happy for your satisfied customers but this is my second visit, with a less than welcoming attitude. I’m suggesting manners, please, and for good business practices the customer should come first.That customer will not be me.

Review №46

Not quick by any means...but honest as hell!! Great family business. Honestly would you really want them to be quick??

Review №47

Going to C&R Tire feels like going home. Everyone is very professional and cheery and when I get my new tires, I know they are going to be great and what Im looking for. In and out in less than an hour. I would definitely recommend to anyone.

Review №48

Great staff and clean work. Truck rides smooth again!

Review №49

These guys are the best. Ive never had to take a wheel back for a bad balance. They can also mount and balance low profile tires or tires with a mild stretch.The good reviews brought me here in the first place. Ive been to a number of other local tire shops and would never consider going anywhere else now.

Review №50

I chose c&r Tire because of all the good reviews it received.Everybody seems pleasant and knowledgeable and I thought things went quite well. I purchased a new tire and brought them a new factory OEM rim to replace the bent one on my car. After paying $210 for the new tire with installation I noticed that the tire on my car still had a big bubble in the sidewall.after showing this to them, their answer was oh the service guy probably didnt read the work order and figured the old tire was going back on.I understand that mistakes can happen. But even if it was my intent to reinstall the old Tire, it should have been pointed out to me that the tire had a big bubble in it and was unsafe to use.this unfortunately undermines my confidence in the work that was done on my car.

Review №51

Two times in a row my husband and I had a full set of new tires put on our cars and had trouble early on with them. The check tire pressure lights constantly come on. We have to keep putting more air in the tires all the time. We dont have time to go back there and have things fixed, and I dont trust their tires or installation anymore anyway since its two different cars with the same issues. Weve had to replace our tires elsewhere. Were both very busy, and its really expensive to have to replace new tires at a more careful respond to the business owner... the problems had to do with the tires themselves. Its easy to pass it off as being a problem with sensors etc...but that just wasnt the case. As I said, they really did require air because they were low. That means the system was working to alert us to low pressure. Please dont spin my words around to blame the sensors instead. Plus, my husbands car was only 3 years old when he had them put on. There wasnt a lot of aging to the system, as you claim. Clearly our systems were working.The tires constantly needed more air put into them. The PSI was way down each time we went to the gas station to put more air in. This began almost as soon as we got the tires. Within a couple days of buying them new from you. On both our cars. Lights came on, we filled them with air. I finally bought an inflator to do it at home, but its very frustrating. I no longer have my car but I did have to replace the tires way too soon. My husband still has his and constantly puts air in the tires. This week, one is completely flat. We should have just gone elsewhere to replace but we spent money on new ones already from you. When he does put air in, the lights, as they did with mine also, go out for a short time and come right back on, needing air again. I dont know why Id want to chance getting tires here again.

Review №52

Excellent service and competitive pricing. Very fast too!

Review №53

Good costumer service and excellent price!

Review №54

I have been going to C&R since my father took me there some 50 years ago. They are the type of company that treats you like family. They only do what is necessary not like other places who get you in their shop and try to sell you on things that do not need fixing. I have referred countless numbers of people there and not a one has ever said they received bad service and they refer their friends. Parents who want their children safe on the road behind the wheel of a car should put their trust in C&R Tire.

Review №55

This is hands down one of the best mechanics and auto shops Ive ever been to. I have been coming here for years now and probably do eighty to ninety percent of my car work with c&R tire. they are clear and fair about all their prices. The staff were absolutely excellent, friendly, communicative and responsive. Work completion speed is hard to beat. They are so well staffed and prepared that they are able to get done what takes days for most shops to complete and without sacrificing on quality. You might come here for tires, but you would find that you will be coming back here for many other small common car problems.

Review №56

C&R tire was fast and professional. They also were within $50 of their competitor for the same products. They are good or better than the other major tire companies and they also do mechanical repairs. Service was fast.

Review №57

I had done some research ahead of time and chose the tires I wanted. Called to make sure they had them in stock, they said they did and would hold them for me, and confirmed that the online quote matched the actual price. I came in the following morning and found the staff to be friendly and helpful. They took my vehicle right in and I was out the door in about an hour with no surprises on the bill.

Review №58

Staff is always friendly and knowledgeable.Quality of work is very good.Pricing is fair and competitive.Air is always FREE....can you imagine places charging for the air we breathe !!!!!

Review №59

Ive been bringing my Dodge RAMs to C&R for many years and am very happy with the service and courtesy of the staff. I get all of my oil changes here, because I know the value of tire rotation on a pickup truck. C&R does it as part of the oil change service. They even give me a ride to work! Ive also bought replacement tires from C&R and feel that I get high quality tires on top of the great service.Thank you C&R!

Review №60

Have bought tires here for many years. Best price but if not have price matched. I came in for a low tire and they found issue (a screw in tire) quickly. Removed tire from rim, cleaned rim, fixed small hole, remounted, checked again for leaks. None found. Checked all tires for pressure. Was on way quickly considering it was a Friday afternoon at 3:30 and I had no appointment. Very courteous staff at desk and service tech Hector did a great job.

Review №61

Ive just discovered C&R recently, but my first experience with them was great! Will definitely be going back. Service was prompt, checkout was easy and the employees are friendly and helpful.

Review №62

I have been going to C&R since 1975. No reason to ever change. When I compare prices they are always the best. The staff are friendly and welcoming.

Review №63

Really professional staff but they can no longer want to do inspections because of the new regulations... I can understand that. Always finished repairs in a timely manner and called and asked before repairing any unexpected discoveries..

Review №64

Excellent customer service & easy scheduling. Theyre always helpful with all my questions. I havent had any problems with their work. Id recommend them.

Review №65

Have been going here with our cars since we moved to Worcester 10 years ago. Great service, good prices, and never any surprises. Great staff...helpful and professional. Highly recommended.

Review №66

Excellent the most honest and best car repair Shop I have ever gone to.Jim Denubala is great.

Review №67

I brought our cars to have serviced or to purchase new tires at C&R for many many years always with excellent service. Lately, however, I have not been using C&R because I retired and no longer commute to Worcester. I continue to do some part time work but our company moved from Worcester to Marlboro. When in Worcester, C&R was convenient as I would drop off my car in the morning and simply walk to work then walk back in the afternoon to pick it up. My Tacoma truck does need new tires before winter so I will probably make a special trip and go to C&R this fall.I did go back to C&R for new tires for my truck before this past winter set in. I was very pleased with the new tires and had no issues driving back and forth to Wachusett Mountain often at times with the grand kids on board. The new tires handled very well during inclement weather. I always felt safe. I will continue to use C&R Tire for their excellent service.

Review №68

Quick and professional. Were able to get some hard to find tires that takes any other dealer more than a week to get delivered.

Review №69

C & R Tires employees are courteous, straightforward, and helpful. I have been a customer there for over 30 years. Great people and great service. Nick Argento

Review №70

Simply the best service. Initially i was about to go other place but then got to read the reviews about that place and finally dropped that and came C&R Tire. Genuine service. Trustworthy people. I will recommend this place.

Review №71

Weve been going to C&R since 1982 and have been very pleased with their friendly, knowledgeable and professional service. We recommend them to everyone!

Review №72

Always get my tires and service done at C&R and have for many years.Easy to get an appointment, work always done right at fair prices .Wouldnt go anyplace else.

Review №73

I couldnt be happier with my tires. The staff is so incredible. So helpful and accommodating to whatever you need.

Review №74

A great place for servicing your car needs with brakes, tires, alignment or having your car checked for safety reasons.. I always felt comfortable with C & R Tire and have been with them since 1956 as a customer. They are fair with the customers.

Review №75

I first learned of C&R Tire when they gave a small discount to Paul Revere Insurance employees, so I went there to check them out, and have been coming back for over 30 years. They are my go-to shop for anything tire related. Good merchandise, good service, and just a fine company to deal with.

Review №76

I recently moved to the area from out of state and went here for my car inspection. They were prompt with the inspection, they have a pleasant/clean waiting area and were really friendly. Hopefully their avocado tree behind the counter doesnt die.

Review №77

We have been using C&R Tire for years. They do a GREAT job from the simple repair to the more complex fix....for a good price. These are GOOD FOLKS who DONT take advantage of you!

Review №78

Always Top Notch service. Always willing to help answer any questions.All prices include all the little fees and service charges that other places hide in the final bill..

Review №79

Best in the business, I only bring my personal and work vehicles here. Will never use any other tire shop.

Review №80

Called on a busy winter Friday to get in for a wheel tire swap. They got me right in (loose wheels, no vehicle) were kind and professional. Pointed out one of my wheels was bent/cracked. Luckily I had 5 wheels. Will definitely go back.

Review №81

Professional and efficient. Great staff. One of the businesses I trust most.Update: another great experience with savings of $150. over another quote.

Review №82

Great experience fast and did exactly what I asked them to do.

Review №83

Been going to these guys for years. Great service...Brought my car in with a noticable sound, they diagnosed issue and then I noticed it should be covered under my extended warranty. They gave a call to company and found out it was covered thru the dealer.Thanks guys!!

Review №84

Best Service, in and out quickly, and pricing is extremely Competitive!

Review №85

Emailed for a it the next day. Went in for new tires and an alignment, the work was done in a timely manner for the price quoted. Everyone was courteous and professional...would recommend!

Review №86

Very fast service, excellent work.

Review №87

Best-in-class service... Courteous, professional, knowledgeable, honest and fair pricing. Thank you!!

Review №88

I had a slow leak in a tire and could not find the problem. I stopped into C&R and they found a tiny brad in a rear tire which they took care of right away. I wont go anywhere else.

Review №89

Working with C & R for more than 40 years I have found no other Tire& Mechanical dealer in Worcester that can meet the exceptionalservice my family has received.No one matches the complete service they offer.JM

Review №90

I have been a customer since 2000 and the staff is always courteous and I trust them.

Review №91

Very pleased with my purchase at C&R Tire and their plan to help maintain them. Excellent customer service!

Review №92

Courteous and the price you cant beat. Timely service. Just go here.

Review №93

This is a good place for alignments and much more..

Review №94

Scammers!! I needed a tire replaced. C & R said I needed to replace all 4 tires because uneven wear would ruin my all wheel drive system. What they didnt know is I had already had the treads measured at Tire Warehouse and they were well within the safe limit to replace one. I ended up getting the replacement tire at Tire Warehouse in Shrewsbury where they also measured my tires and said there was plenty of tread on the others to replace just one. These ripoff artists would have gladly taken me for an extra $700 or so. What is terrible is that an older person on a fixed income would have trusted them. Thieves!

Review №95

I have been going too and having work done at C&R tire since it was on Westboylston street . I bought my first set of tires from the main man Ed when I was sixteen years old in 1962 . They must have done something good I am still having my vehicles repaired there . Thank You Again

Review №96

Have had work done here for many years ---- tires, tire changes from summer to winter, minor and major repairs. Always feel confident that the work is done right and at a fair price..absolutely a five star shop.

Review №97

My family had been going to C&R for over 60 years. I go for auto service and tires and they are the best.

Review №98

I chose this place solely because of the positive reviews. I had a good experience, no hassle getting sold on additional stuff, and quick service.

Review №99

Great service and staff and great work done fast.. recommended

Review №100

No one else will ever touch my car!You guys are the best. Dont ever change. Honest, fair and reasonable.

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