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5335 Market St, Wilmington, NC 28405, United States
Discount Tire
Review №1

Very quick service, very helpful. I had an issue with my tpms sensor not connecting after having tires and two new sensors installed. They reconnected them for me and everything since good so far

Review №2

I had a great experience. Everyone was professional, and accommodating. The staff seemed to work well as a team.

Review №3

Simple and easy purchase, affordable, friendly, clean feeling/safe environment. Plus their pricing is aggressive. Priced out other local tire shops in Wilmington, got really nice all terrain truck 20 tires for $800 and some change out the door, mounted and balanced with warranty . Other places were $1200 to $1600.They gained a new loyal customer today. Looking forward to purchasing more tires for my other vehicles.

Review №4

This was my first time at Discount Tire Market Street and I had a very pleasant experience. The staff was professional and friendly, and although they were busy on a Friday, I had a pleasant wait outside in their comfy chairs. They moved the line along quickly. I will return again for future servicing.

Review №5

Chris the assistant manager was excellent in his service! He checked all my tires and told me what I would need in the near future! I have an older car 98 Honda Accord and my tires are dry-rotted. I am very pleased with the service here at Discount Tire on Market Street in Wilmington North Carolina and I highly recommend them. Chris the assistant manager was awesome and he helped me find a tire that was used but look new because of my low income to help me out. So I will be back to get tires all the way around as soon as I can get the money together. Chris is an awesome associate here at Discount Tire.

Review №6

The prices are fair and the crew is always courteous and helpful. I have recommended them to friends and family who are very satisfied as well.

Review №7

Very easy online scheduling, very helpful and personable staff when on site for appointment. Purchased the road hazard plan for my tires which I never do and it sure did pay off! I simply brought in my car after hitting an unforeseen pothole which immediately popped the tire, the road hazard warranty took care of it. Money very well spent and great service, definitely recommend!

Review №8

The wait time is always an issue for me and they never go above and beyond in their service. Overall its fine....

Review №9

Friendly atmosphere. Great prices and service. They will meet all your needs.

Review №10

Extraordinary staff and service. Helped us out immediately, professionally and went way above and beyond what we expected. I would definitely recommend to anyone. Also, great seating area inside and out while you wait.

Review №11

Jason and company provided a very quick and easy visit to have my tire repaired.

Review №12

I was in the area from out of state and my tire was losing pressure. I went by there with no appointment and Shaun met me at the car. Within 30 minutes they dug 3 nails out of my tire and fixed the the issue at no charge! The whole staff was friendly and the place was super clean. Definitely a 5 star experience!

Review №13

Made an appointment online for my rear driver tire to be replaced but instead they replaced the front one and said I told them the wrong one (even though it was written online as the exact tire and I showed them the exact tire when we looked at the car) oh, and it was the wrong size tire! Customer service was awful, will not return.

Review №14

I had 4 new rims and tires I needed mounted and switched out with my old tires. Also needed the pressure sensors swapped as well. They were amazing! I had called around to so many people, I was getting thrown in all sorts of directions with prices sky high. They were amazing, professional & quick. I 100% recommend going to them.

Review №15

Jason is an awesome guy! He has really helped me so much throughout the experience of getting new rims and tires, he has also helped me out by recommending places to get my car worked on, what a great guy, I couldn’t be more satisfied with Discount Tire and it’s all because Jason has the best customer service I have ever seen. If you need anything he’s the guy to go to, what a great representation for a company!

Review №16

Tire was replaced fine but they told me they couldn’t put my spare back where it belonged (simple attachment to a cable underneath the jeep) so they just threw it in my trunk for me to figure out? Which I got home and was able to do in about 10 minutes. Not a huge deal but they clearly didn’t even try to put it back.

Review №17

Worked with Jason. He was very informative and helpful. Good prices, great warranty and service.

Review №18

I recently had a chance meeting with a chunk of scrap metal lying in the middle of the road and blew the side of my tire out. Clayton took care of it quickly and after noticing another possible near future problem with another tire put together a package to get me back on the road quickly and safely. Im originally from Michigan and have purchased tires exclusively from Discount Tire since 1978 and Im very glad to see them come south and to Wilmington, NC.

Review №19

Youd expect discounted services would come along with a Discount Tire name; yet my experience from Jersey to the Carolinas was unexpectedly the opposite!A very professional operation across the board: From cleanliness and comfortability in their waiting area; to a very immaculately clean yet very organized garage being serviced by matching knowledgeable employees.Oh, did I forget to mention the the safety of their social distancing participation and the cleanliness of the mens room?Sorry ladies but I cant speak for your area so youll have to go in when you visit, especially their; Market St. Discounts Tire location in Wilmington NC before 5:pm.Great joy and thank you for my RunFlat Tires!!Im J 7 and I approve this message.

Review №20

I’m very happy to give a full five star reviewWe had an appointment for our travel trailer to get 5 new tires at noon. We arrived on time and a really nice guy saw us and came straight over to guide us in.Heading to reception to check in they were really busy but kept apologizing. They can’t help that many customers needing tires repaired or replaced at the same time but still engaged with everyone.Everyone I saw them speak to received polite and courteous attention making sure they new their needs would be met. Where someone’s tire couldn’t be repaired they seemed genuinely disappointed for them, not just pleased for another sale.When returning to pick up the trailer we were greeted again, helped in every way and they even went and collected our receipt while we did a couple of bits outside.Truly a great team and a location that will always be my go to should I need tires repaired or replaced.

Review №21

Friendly helpful staff, didnt have tires I wanted.

Review №22

We were from out of town and had run over a nail. We stopped here to have it checked out and were in and out in about 10 minutes. They were very helpful, took care of our problem, and very friendly. Wed recommend them, and use them again.

Review №23

Im an Automotive professional. I was sceptical at first about purchasing from this retailer. Very happy with the fast professional tire sale and service.

Review №24

Excellent, best in town. Service, price,experience are all top notch. Bought Nexen touring tires for a Buick.Just a very quick, nice company to do business with and I am not kidding .

Review №25

Great customer service! I would definitely take advantage of the unlimited tire rotation & balancing

Review №26

Was looking to get some tires I had purchased on some aftermarket wheels for my VW Golf. After getting the tires on the wheels I noticed some of the tires were incorrectly put on wheels due to both being directional. I called to ask if this could be fixed and Emily and Jason were very responsive and helpful to get it resolved at no charge to me. Even though I had to come back to the shop it was resolved quickly and I appreciate their understanding and ability to quickly resolve the situation. Friendly people who are happy to help.

Review №27

Their products are good but don’t let me start on their call waiting time. Ill rather go to the store.

Review №28

Speedy, 30 minutes or less to install 4 new tires, online pre-purchase of tires and scheduling the appointment helped.

Review №29

Guys were super nice, but I highly recommend going to Black’s Tire.

Review №30

Very friendly, fast and great service. Exceptional value.

Review №31

I stopped by just minutes before closing wanting my tires balanced and rotated. The team gladly stuck around late to do the complimentary service.

Review №32

Overall service is good, staff is nice, only complaint is they’ve forgotten to submit our order twice and had to call back a week later to find out they had forgotten. Other than that, no complaints, good fair prices.

Review №33

They are wonderful! Tire check was free of charge even though they found a nail. People are so kind here and I definitely recommend this place! Perfect!

Review №34

The service here is famominal. They are quick an amazing at what they do. Never going anywhere else in wilmington!

Review №35

Even though knowing tread on 1 tire was slightly bad, and having new wheels on the way they wouldnt swap my TPMS sensors. Went down the road and someone else would do it because they know I have common sense too. I know they almost need to be replaced, thats why theyre on the way.

Review №36

Decent prices but dont bother making an appointment and think that theyre actually going to get you in at the appointment time. I unfortunately had a defective tire after buying a new set of four. They ordered me a new tire after switching the defective tire to the back, but when I brought it back to get the replacement tire put on, I had to wait over an hour. despite the fact that I had made an appointment two days earlier.Three visits, over 2, almost three hours of my life. Never offered me a coffee, bottle of water, explanation, or apology. I understand things get busy and the schedule gets backed up but at least talk to your customer, dont let them sit there and brew for an hours.It seemed like once they have your money theyre not really worried about the customer service aspect. I dont think I would come back.

Review №37

These guys went above and beyond to win my business. I will be bringing my companys fleet for service from now on. Thanks guys!

Review №38

I was very pleased with the quick friendly service.

Review №39

Jason couldnt have been more helpful and conscientious regarding our safety.

Review №40

Great place .. had a bolt and Since they could repair it no charge .. great work as always

Review №41

Longer wait time than expected. Definitely wait for the weekend or off day.

Review №42

Ive always loved discount, this one was particularly amazing because they fixed a flat I got while transporting a bachelor to his bachelor party. Huge save, friendly staff.

Review №43

Awesome customer service, in and out real quick will be going back every time I need tires would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Review №44

I love this company. Bought 4 new tires for my car last year at their location in Tacoma, WA. Fast forward to now, my left rear tire keeps running low. Turns out it had a nail. Thanks to Discount Tires warranty, it was no cost to plug and patch the tire. I also had the extended warranty just in case I needed a new tire, thatd be covered too. They got me in and out in an hour.

Review №45

This place is great, friendly service. They have been able to help me everytime. You cant go wrong

Review №46

Fantastic customer service and great prices! And the added benefits buying there are better than anywhere else you could get tires at! Cant go wrong by going here!

Review №47

Had a nail in one of my tires, not one that I bought from them, and asked if they could repair it, if no I was willing to purchase new. Went through the process of picking a new tire in case they couldnt do a repair...the rep came back and was told, We were able to fix it. I asked how much and was told it was free. No new tire needed and a free fix. Incredible. Well never go anywhere else or recommend anyone else.

Review №48

I had a slow leaking tire so I made an appointment for today at 11:15 a.m. They greeted me at the door, took my car in and fixed the leak quickly free of charge. The technician explained to me that the issue was the seal between the rim and the tire. He asked me if there was anything else he could do to help me out and I told him everything was great and went on my way.

Review №49

Great prices and people. James Little was amazing.

Review №50

Got a flat tire, went to Costco to have it fixed. They could not install it on my 2021 Telluride, they did not have info for it.Went to Discount Tires they were great had no issues with the year or model. They were very curious and professional, and did a great job. I will use them again when I need new tires.I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO COSTCO FOR TIRES.

Review №51

It took 3 hours to repair a tire.

Review №52

Great price and service.

Review №53

OUTSTANDING SERVICE! Even in a pandemic the exceptional attention to detail, customer service and facilities are really top notch. Came from out of town and we were in and out in less than 30 minutes. Definitely recommend going here for all your tire needs! We will definitely be coming back!

Review №54

Excellent Job! Ordered tires on Monday, were delivered on Tuesday and installed first thing on Wednesday. Quick work, great people. Thanks so much. Ill definitely be back.

Review №55

Awesome service! Manager and assistant manager, staff treated me well. I would highly recommend this store.

Review №56

Fantastic customer service and prices! I unfortunately got a flat tire on my way to work, so I had to go somewhere to get a new tire. Discount Tire was the only shop around that had the size I needed. I was in and out of their doors in only 15 minutes, and without an appointment. Completely satisfied with them and will recommend them from here on out.

Review №57

**Great place, with even better staff/service**I was referred to Discount Tire after my normal service center failed to identify my tire issue. They only do tires, so I figured my results would fare better here. I brought my truck in so they could diagnose the tire and help me get an extra tire I already owned back on my rim and put my spare back underneath. Tyler was able to find the issue, swap out the tires, and had my spare back below with ease in less than 30 minutes. They could have charged me for this service but instead waived the fee which I was extremely grateful for. I inquired about a price on a set of 4 tires for down the road and the price combined with the level of service that you would receive is well worth it. When it’s time to replace my tires, I definitely will be paying them a visit.

Review №58

Very professional! Jason & Clayton went above and beyond to ensure the best quality service and best quality tire for my budget! Just gained a loyal customer, thanks guys!

Review №59

This place is spotless and Managers and service techs are all very professional. I had 4 tires installed in around 30 minutes or less

Review №60

As usual, everyone at Discount Tire was pleasant and professional. This is the 5th location I have visited over the last few decades and I was pleased that I was not disappointed. I highly recommend them!

Review №61

Great service.

Review №62

Discount Tires is our #1choice for tires wherever we go. Yesterday I had an issue that I thought would require two tires. I called for an appointment and was pre-screened to make sure tires were in stock. The young man who helped on the call was patient and very knowledgeable. When I arrived at the store I was promptly met and my car was checked throughly over. To my surprise. I was told new tires were not recommended and assured me I still had lots of life in them and was perfectly safe driving. Long story short..., I was ready to spend over $400 no questions asked!! Their honesty and integrity continues to impress us! I definitely recommend Discount Tires.

Review №63

Great place, good nice people. Nice waiting out side. Overall great experience

Review №64

Great service, great pricing, could not ask for a better first time experience with a tire shop! Clayton and Chris are top notch and Discount Tire is fortunate to have them on their Team.

Review №65

Nice and friendly but I found out something. Atlantic tire I believe I bought tires in dec 2020 and they look practically new but some miles as Im a courier but Atlantic warranty number I called I told them I had a flat ..I was told u dont have to go us you can go practically anywhere and we cover fixing ur tire.....oo no ....I had discount tire call and get approval to do work and Atlantic was going to pay only 19 bucks what a rip off people.....dont get yr tires at Atlantic in my opinion,,,at discount they fix or replace life of the tire I was there u go

Review №66

They are absolutely the best!!! I had an emergency flat and not from the area they made sure my kids and I was safely taken care of and stayed late just to make sure we got home safely!! Thank you guys so much I love yall!!! Thank you Jason!!!

Review №67

Great tire deals

Review №68

The technicians are knowledgeable. Great price on tires. Work done quickly.

Review №69

I used to use discount tire as my go to tire spot but, once i realized that it’s all about sells, not the customer, I moved to blacks directly next-door I would recommend going there, they actually care.

Review №70

Great customer service. No long wait.

Review №71

From the 1st call I made inquiring about tires with Tyler to my install with him today, everything was very smooth! Friendly, helpful staff, an excellent low contact service plan, and very clean waiting room. Im glad I chose Discount Tire for my new Michelins! Thanks guys!

Review №72

Was searching all over town for a tire for my Jeep Wrangler. Couldn’t find it in stock anywhere. Jason on the phone was so helpful and when I arrived at the store Tyler explained to me what my options were and I ended up getting tires for $100 less per tire than the overpriced tires at the dealership. This is the place to go for tires!

Review №73

Brought my 08 crown vic in with tpms light on and in dire need of new tires. Went with the Continental DWS06 tires and new VDO sensors. The car runs SUPER SMOOTH now!!! No more vibrations in steering wheel, tracks nice and straight and very quiet tires! They have awesome grip too! Tpms light is gone! They treated me like I was the most important person in the world too lol, good place! Will bring my foxbody to these guys to have tires installed.

Review №74

Very happy with the service I received today. They were professional and even used torque tubes when tightening down the lug nuts. Would definitely recommend doing business here

Review №75

James was very accommodating and went above and beyond to help me price match and get the rebate on a set of tires I purchased. After a shipping hiccup the tires were delivered to the store where the installation went smooth and was timely even thought they were short staffed that day. Ive been to many Discount Tire locations all over the country and have always been pleased. Wilmington continued that trend.

Review №76

Incredible! The nicest people and they went out of their way for me. Im forever a loyal customer and deeply grateful. Thank you!

Review №77

One of the cleanest tire pleases Ive seen, fast service good staff. Two thumbs up.

Review №78

Very efficient, had a small issue with my rim and they were very responsive!

Review №79

The customer service guy was fairly rude for some reason

Review №80

Excellent service. Great prices.

Review №81

We are so happy Discount Tire is now in Wilmington. The staff are very professional, knowledgeable and friendly.

Review №82

Will match any tire price in town,

Review №83


Review №84

Night and day difference in professionalism compared to Walmart..

Review №85

Best location Ive been too

Review №86

Very pleased with experience.

Review №87

Great prices and even better service. James and Jason took great care of me and the tires are top notch.

Review №88

Extremely helpful, professional and quality work. Staff was beyond nice! Definitely recommend to everyone, will return!!!!

Review №89

2 trips almost lost center caps on my F350 twice, check your car.. otherwise ok...

Review №90

Good people who care about their customers!

Review №91

Friendly people helping other friendly people. Reset my TPMS sensors and saved me a trip to the dealer. Thanks everyone!

Review №92

Wilmington NC. Have been waiting for a new store to be built and open. Need 4 tires for my truck. $600 sale. Pulled in and all spaces are blocked. No one was there to accept me. Next day I called and talked to the manager. James. Excuses is what I heard instead of how he could sell me tires. Blacks Tires is a rocks throw away.

Review №93

Clean and friendly. A great crew of people. Polite and professional.

Review №94

Great service!!!

Review №95

Nice people! Great prices!

Review №96

It was fast and quick

Review №97

We have had multiple interactions with Discount Tire since they have opened as we have multiple cars in our household, and we have walked away every time blown away by their customer service. Even if their costs were more than a competitor (that has not been the case for us by the way), we would still return because of their exceptional customer service. They have won us over for sure!

Review №98

Great service, great value!!

Review №99

Quick service. Friendly staff.

Review №100

Great service !

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