Party City
6503 Mills Civic Pkwy, West Des Moines, IA 50266, United States
Party City
Review №1

Customer service was outstanding. My order was prepared for me while I waited. The young lady was extremely helpful and go me in and out.

Review №2

Pretty long line, and i would say 80 percent of the halloween masks were out of stock

Review №3

Four stars because they are a little cluttered and your wait in line can be longer. Aside from that, the bathrooms are clean and they TONS of party favors! We went on 2-1-2020 around 3:00pm. There were a lot of people getting balloons for Super Bowl Sunday.Prices are reasonable and we would happily return.

Review №4

Greta selection of items, found what I wanted but always end up spending way to much.

Review №5

Theresa offered to go to the back to find more balloons of a certain size/color. Excellent customer service. I appreciated it. Bought 6👍

Review №6

Store was very clean! Employees were super friendly and helpful!

Review №7

This is one of those places where you give them a zero star right before you leave. Unfortunately, worst customer service ever.

Review №8

Great store for party themes, however they were out of the Unicorn balloons that I really wanted

Review №9

They have a lot stuff for any party but theyre very very expensive

Review №10

The store is great. We got exactly what we were looking for for our sons graduation party. I got up to the register and PAM was extremely rude. She was upset because an item I wanted to purchase didnt have a sku number. She demanded that I go get a different one. I went back to get a different product to be nice. I brought all of them back as they didnt have sku numbers on any, to save her the headache later if needed. I handed them to her and she said nope lets go take all those back and get a sku number. I handed them to her and said you can, I dont work here. She was very rude. Didnt thank us for spending money to pay her paycheck in which she shouldnt have a job if she is going to be that disrespectful to her customers. The lady next to pam apologized for pams behavior and thanked us for coming in. I get it is busy but dont be rude to your customers, it is not their fault that an item in your store isnt marked correctly. I would recommend getting Pam a job behind a desk and not in front of customers.

Review №11

I was looking for graduation party supplies and they had what I was looking for at reasonable prices. Staff was friendly too.

Review №12

Very helpful and very friendly. The only thing I wish they would have more at the checkout for the customers not to wait for long

Review №13

Very lackadaisical staff. Very difficult to get any assistance. Many items shown on website as being in stock at this store were not and staff seemed to not care.

Review №14

Very friendly, clean and organized!! Plenty of employees willing to help. We did a return and it was no hassle process!! Then we proceeded to buy more party supplies and a few balloons that we need for next weekend and they said we could do a ballon order and pickup on Friday!!

Review №15

All the party items you could imagine and every character or theme too!

Review №16

Very helpful people! Found everything we needed for baby shower

Review №17

Manager is unprofessional whispering in front of me to other employees and then when I couldn’t find what I needed didn’t even bother to go look and just told me they automatically knew they were out even though the website said I could do curbside pick up.

Review №18

Did not have what I was looking for. Otherwise, good service.

Review №19

Quick easy experience. This place literally has everything.

Review №20

The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Great place for costumes to graduation parties.

Review №21

Good for getting party supplies. One of my kids wanted a Pokemon birthday party and this is one of the only local places with specific party supplies like that. They have many more. Prices seem about average for the products sold here. Checkout takes a little time depending when you go.

Review №22

Lots of party supplies. Pretty nice selection of halloween decor.

Review №23

Love Party City so much! Products can be expensive but they have such a good selection of items and different themes. Worth a visit to see if they have what you need!

Review №24

Nice store, helpful and friendly staff.

Review №25

Go out of their way to find what you need the way you need it kind of service!

Review №26

Best place to plan a party!!

Review №27

How are you going to sell balloons but not accessories for it like balloon glue.

Review №28

Like the store but not all selection on website are in the store.

Review №29

These folks are so helpful! And accommodated a walk in balloon request in no time at all. Had a great experience for a quick order on a Saturday morning.

Review №30

Great experience! Filled our balloons for birthday party and even let us pick them up 20 minutes before the store opened! Had an issue with a few of the balloons called and made sure everything was taken care of in plenty of time. Amy and Nicole did a great job! Will use them again for sure

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Review №32

A pretty good place to get party supplies as you might expect. The store is stocked well and the staff can assist you if needed.

Review №33

Great price. They were put of white pearl up front and an associate went to the back to find more to complete my order. Balloons all made it to the show which is rare and lasted the weekend. I recommend the high flow for maximum value.

Review №34

Party City has great stuff for planning a party. Our last visit was to get decorations, invitations and games for our 6 year olds birthday party. It is going to be a Hot Wheels theme

Review №35

It does have lots of different things, which is very nice. No need to go and look anywhere else, but a bit pricey. Especially balloons.

Review №36

Large selection of balloons, party supplies and favors. If you need a specific character for a kids birthday party they probably have it. Price is as competitive as Amazon but still isnt cheap.

Review №37

Dont go there too close to closing time or they may have decided to close early. 8:25, despite being in the store and having a super quick purchase, they couldnt help me because they had already shut down their registers.

Review №38

I found everything I was looking for and more! Staff while checking out was friendly and engaging.

Review №39

Went here to pick up a few items for my wedding. No staff at registers. Waited FOREVER. Went and found a staff member and told them people were waiting at the registers to check out. They said theyd be right there. No one came after waiting a while longer. One lady said that they always take a long time to send someone up. I set my items down, said f*** this, and Ill just go to a store where they actually want my business.

Review №40

Its a great place to get party supplies.

Review №41

Great place

Review №42

They do a great job...we buy balloons online for a lot less and they are very reasonable to fill them with helium.

Review №43

I did not hate it. Coolest decorations

Review №44

If you are having a 🎉 and need lots o stuff...this is the store. Weddings, graduations, birthdays, holidays or if you just want a party sombrero and Peppa Pig 🎈. Plain to print to super hero to cartoon, they prolly have it. I saw some great buys on clearance at really low prices. And some bulk items that may actually save you 💲💱. Plus they have a huge selection of helium 🎈🎈🎈, even square ones. Youll have to stop by cause I dont have any more room on here. Check out the boas...🏳️‍🌈

Review №45

Man, how much party stuff can there be? Way more than I ever thought. If they dont have it, then you probably dont know what youre talking about.

Review №46

It was okay thought they would have a better selection of treat and gift bags and cookie cutters. Only one person working and he was busy at the register

Review №47

Good selection. Seemed to be short staffed the day I went in though. Had to wait a very long time to have my balloons filled

Review №48

There is nothing discount about this place. The balloons are especially overpriced. Customer service is below average and the store is messy.

Review №49

The lady that was assisting me over the weekend was great and patient when I added multiple items to my order.This review is about the other lady (taller, dark reddish hair) that was present. She was very unprofessional and disrespectful.. When we were walking up to the register she just got done checking someone out. So instead of helping us she continued to walk back to the balloon station where her and 2 other works were filling up balloons like we werent even there. Eventually the lady mentioned above told us she would be right with us. After we were helped another customer was behind us so the red head lady proceeded to help her. After the customer left the red hair lady complained about the customer looking for a coupon on her phone and then complained when the customer wanted to add more items to her purchase. Mind you, this was all in front of us and another customer behind us. If I do come back ill be sure to get service from someone other than her.

Review №50

Tons of options at great prices. Called the store and asked if they had a parrot in stock and the young lady that answered checked to make sure and was super helpful!

Review №51

The selection is ok. Two employees were just talking in the far isle. One nice female employee was working the register alone. Another male employee was behind the counter until we needed to check out then he left leaving us to wait in line only to find out he was over BSing with the other 2. The line got longer with no help for her. She maintained composure, did her job and apologized to the others in line as she helped everyone next. Wish I could remember her name.

Review №52

Will always get our balloons here and get them filled here! Great selection and good price. Plus, with the extra additive ours balloons stayed filled for 10 days!

Review №53

When you need humongous balloons to surprise/embarrass your woman while shes at work, this is the place to go. Cheers!

Review №54

They have a lot to chose from for every occasion or holiday however their birthday and holiday cards are a bit pricey. I think $8.00 for a single Mother Day was kinda high for a party place.

Review №55

All different things they have.

Review №56

Great store, full of party supplies. They handled my exchange quickly too.

Review №57

I love to go in and look around at Party City. They have so much stuff and a lot of it is pretty reasonably priced. They have just about anything you need for almost any kind of themed party.

Review №58

They got some party stuff, but nothing I needed. If your looking for a kids party or wedding youre good. Going away party not so much.

Review №59

Great selection

Review №60

Huge selection

Review №61


Review №62

Waited in like for 15 minutes for them to tell me they didn’t have time to blow up two balloons. Terrible service.

Review №63

Great place for birthday party supplies!

Review №64

Very knowledgeable staff. I needed a last minute item for a Halloween party and the staff was extremely helpful.

Review №65

Had everything I needed, everyone was helpful especially in the balloon area!

Review №66

Every costume the kids chose was sold out. (I know thats not their fault but for a costume store to be out of multiple costumes is kind of unacceptable)They need more staff as well. I had to go to the cashiers up front just be told to go all the way to the back of the store to have someone grab the costumes. They need to take some notes from the Southside store. Thats the place to go.

Review №67

Great place, good selection, inexpensive. My daughter loves it.

Review №68

Best selection for party supplies! Also great for Halloween costumes.

Review №69

Amazing selection. Great prices.

Review №70

They have a huge selection and a wide arrange of items.

Review №71

Didnt have what I saw and wanted online so now I have to pay shipping and may not get it in time. I wanted so badly to see it to help make a fast decision.

Review №72

Everything I needed to throw a baby shower!

Review №73

Always have the costume accessories or party needs Im looking for. Customer service sometimes lackadaisical.

Review №74

Best shop to get all stuffs for making Party in awesome way!

Review №75

Tons of items, found what I was looking for quickly. Only 1 person checking people out.

Review №76

Great place for party supplies

Review №77

Everything you need

Review №78

Variety of items for different kinds of parties. Some items are cheaply made. Staff are not very friendly or helpful.

Review №79

Great balloons!

Review №80

Stopped in to get graduation balloons one afternoon. I think the employees were doing it all day. They were in a pissy mood.

Review №81

Very satisfied with the service I received today

Review №82

Was overpriced in my opinion but had lots of party options and was very tidy.

Review №83

Very low quality items for higher price than it should be

Review №84

Good selection of party supplies

Review №85

Good food, quick, and well priced.

Review №86

Unwrapped new holiday outfit. Was preworn and ripped.

Review №87

Huge collection of party stuff...nice prices

Review №88

Great variety of party items, good prices too

Review №89

Got everything we needed for the baby shower

Review №90

Clean, friendly, well stocked, very good experience!

Review №91

Just a cheap place to but party goods and cards. Was upset that the help was not that helpful with questions I had.

Review №92

Balloons purchased from party city need to be paid for to be inflated. Also, customer service was not great and the balloons were of low quality

Review №93

Not the biggest but maybe the best party store in the area.

Review №94

Great selection for kids parties

Review №95

They honered the piñata discount from online

Review №96

Store a mess, checks our long wait

Review №97

They did not have the simple items I was looking for.

Review №98

Great store and location!

Review №99


Review №100

Great selection of party supply.

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