Mast General Store Waynesville, NC
63 N Main St, Waynesville, NC 28786, United States
Mast General Store Waynesville, NC
Review №1

Always fun to wander through. Great selection of clothing, footwear and the basement has a great candy selection with stuff from your childhood. Very friendly and helpful staff.

Review №2

Nice place to look around. Nice things. Good selections. A bit pricey but fit the area.

Review №3

I recently purchased 2 pairs of hiking pants of different sizes knowing I would return the one that didn’t fit. When I went back into the store to return it a few weeks later, I had no issues at all. In fact, the same pants were still half off so I did an even exchange instead.

Review №4

We visited the store while vacationing in North Carolina in July. Everyone we encountered was friendly and helpful and the products we purchased (belt, socks, headbands) were great quality. We liked it so much that we placed an order for more online and they shipped the same great product available in the store the next day! Their great service made a lifetime customer out of my family.

Review №5

Always fun to go to the Mast when in Waynesville. Fun to pick up gifts to take back home or a souvenir. Great shoe section, and a variety of clothes, coats and outerwear. If you love candy thats the place to go, huge selection. Something for everyone.

Review №6

Loved all the cool finds. I have been to the one In Knoxville and this one was just as cool. Introduced my husband to it and he enjoyed it as well. Love that they are pet friendly- so easy to walk in with our Boston Terrier!

Review №7

This is a quintessential stop for my family whenever we are in the area. Theres always a sale on the clothes, there are unique toys for my son to choose from and the candy selection is amazing. Staff is always helpful and friendly.

Review №8

So much variety if you need warmer clothes, heavy coats, a knife, shoes or boots, souvenirs, candy, a bag or backpack, I could go on and on. This place has it all! If youre in Waynesville check out the Mast General store, it will not disappoint.

Review №9

This store is so much fun, its like a store from years past. They have everything from shoes to candy to clothes to knick knacks. Try it sometime youll enjoy it. And if youre our age will bring back memories.

Review №10

Very nice store. The little toys bring back memories.

Review №11

This store has most anything you would want. The kids didnt want to leave. Help was sufficient and helpful as well as polite. Prices were in-line with other tourist stores. If they would have had moms size shoe, we would have spent more! I cant subtract a whole point for that so I give 4.5 Stars!

Review №12

The store itself is pretty neat. Three stories of camping gear, clothing, and the bottom floor is mostly toys and candy.Our kids always enjoy stopping here. Things add up pretty quick, especially if you buy candy. Candy is priced by weight.The only reason I gave this store 4 stars instead of 5 is it is incredibly cramped. I can only last about 15 minutes before anxiety kicks in. It’s hard to move around without running into people or displays and such.

Review №13

A little bit of this and that made this place a real treat. Clothing, candies, toys, retro as well as this and that made this a fun stop. You never know what or who you might find.

Review №14

Great old-fashioned General store with clothes, shoes, candy, toys, kitchen supplies, and unique items you wont find anywhere else.

Review №15

Very helpful sales staff and quality products.

Review №16

Mast General was an interesting experience. A little bit of everything. My son purchased a knife for a reasonable price. I would recommend visiting the store.

Review №17

Its a nice place its three floors no elevator just stairs so I had a stroller so it wasnt very nice for me and the prices were kind of high but they had a lot of different stuff

Review №18

This is a fantastic store. Some nice quality clothing and a little bit of everything else.

Review №19

They have lots of cool stuff, from quality men and womens clothing to cookware to old timey candy. Be sure to check out all 3 levels. I go there everytime I visit Waynesville.. You should too.

Review №20

We always find the cutest things when we visit waynesville. It’s a must stop.

Review №21

It is truly a nice store with lots of nice things. They have huge variety of different items and it is a pleasure to browse through them. We like going in when we are close as you never know what new thing youre going to find. The only bad thing is that it is expensive.

Review №22

Due to the craft fair it was extremely crowded and busy. The salespeople were personable and accommodating.

Review №23

Awesome place to do shop at!! I always find lots of things I want to buy!!

Review №24

Great outfitter for all gear outdoor. Bought a pair of Kuhl hiking shorts about 10 years ago from here. They have been all over the world with me and now are my yard shorts. Was able to find two pairs of the same style today! I am good for another decade

Review №25

A fun store to browse around. Plenty of things to look at.However, prices do seem to be on the higher end though. I was expecting to hopefully see more local made items but that was far and few in between.

Review №26

I have had the pleasure of shopping in the shoe department of this store. Brandon was EXCELLENT! I had to come back several times due to a problem in my feet and he was the most knowledgeable sales person I have met in other shoe stores. Actually, ALL the shoes sales people here were FAR above the two running shoe stores in Asheville! I went to them all! Thank you, Brandon, and the entire staff at MAST General Store for the excellent knowledge you had of your shoe product. I am still amazed!

Review №27

If you love History, This is your store, its like walking back in time, The owner of the store is a pleasure to talk with.,

Review №28

A wonderful experience for both the adults and the kids. Multiple layers, divided logically. Polite staff. Quality items.

Review №29

Very great service! It was my first time visiting, Im from Florida and I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to go shop in a cute little store downtown. Also your employee Keaton was very friendly and a lot of fun! We played football with the hackey sack! PS I didnt break anything so no worries and he was doing his job the whole time.

Review №30

This is an old time general store in Downtown Waynesville, North Carolina. They have a variety clothing and a huge candy 🍬department downstairs. There are barrels of old style candy 🍬that are sold by the pound. You just put a glove on and pick out your favorite flavors. Hint, I was there for the candy! Waynesville NC is a great little artsy town. Plenty of great food and stores to walk in. I highly Recommend making this a fun stop on your Western North Carolina Mountain Vacation!

Review №31

The candy takes me down memory lane! Absolutely love this store!

Review №32

A bit pricey but overall a wonderful store. So many neat things to see. I loved to bring my children and now my grandbabies in here for candy. That is always one of their favorite stops.

Review №33

Very old school feel and look, in a good way! Lots of variety and great quality products.

Review №34

The staff was awesome in helping me pick out some new boots. Also, the gentleman behind the knife counter was very helpful and a pleasure to chat with.

Review №35

A definite must when anywhere close

Review №36

Love this place... great staff, great clothes, shoes and everything else...

Review №37

Mast General is awesome. It has an extensive selection of hiking gear, shoes, packs, clothes for all occasions and downstairs is like a General store with lots of assorted candy you can load up your basket and pay by the pound. They have bags of popcorn you can eat in the store. So cool.

Review №38

A fun place to shop for folks of all ages. Clothing, footwear, outdoor gear, gifts, etc. The candy buffet is amazing.

Review №39

I bought a pair of Chaco shoes from Mast. The employees were fantastic, very knowledgeable about the footwear, and extremely patient with me. I have a lot of problems with my feet, and I hate shoe shopping because of it. I appreciate their expertise and understanding. Shout out to Renee.

Review №40

Always a must visit when we come to the area. The kids in the family love the Candy Barrel!

Review №41

Love shopping here. A modern day general store with old creaky wooden floors. Fantastic selection of candies from the past!!!

Review №42

Great tshirts, shoes, hats, hiking wear, backpacks etc. super great variety with well known and trusted outdoor brands like Prana, Patagonia, north face, mystery ranch, Cotopaxi, etc. went twice and still could go again. Best shopping in Waynesville

Review №43

Its very crowded and hard to get down the rows sometimes but I LOVE THE PLACE. Everything I visit I find something to bring home.

Review №44

First time at this location. It’s stocked like each of the other stores. Great merchandise! Competitive prices. Friendly and informative staff. Quaint location with charm of its own. Pet friendly! Kid friendly.

Review №45

Oh, my goodness! If you have a chance, stop by and soak in all that is Waynesville. The place, the people, this is home.

Review №46

Love the atmosphere and the old time candy bins downstairs are the best!

Review №47

Awesome store. Lots of old time candy selections for the older folks (younger also). Great toy selections from the past. Literally took a trip back to my childhood. We walked out with Gumby and a few other selections. We need more stores like this.

Review №48

Great place to buy just about anything for the outdoors. Prices are not jacked up which surprised me for a small local store. They are very comparable to REI or online prices. Very nice clothing selection. Very happy to see some of the great brands such as Kuhl, Osprey, Columbia, Marmot, etc.

Review №49

Kind of pricey but a nice store overall been there since the 1800s

Review №50

Really kool . Lots of merchandise just like an authentic General Store.

Review №51

Great selection of everything you expect for an outdoor shop. Will definitely come again.

Review №52

Great place to shop...friendly atmosphere. Take your time you will find great items.

Review №53

I love going to this place! It has the old time candy and retro things. I always spend too much though!

Review №54

Great place!! I am a pickle fanatic and their habanero pickles are amazing!

Review №55

A cool place to shop for unique items.

Review №56

They have a wide assortment of stuff,go there whenever we are in NC.

Review №57

Always busy, staff friendly and helpful. Good variety of merchandise.

Review №58

They have everything. Great store in a great little town. Loved it.

Review №59

The Mast has fantastic outdoor brands and gear. Their prices are MSRP, but the service is great. They also often have sales which alleviate the otherwise steep prices. I really like this store!

Review №60

Best customer service and prices around. I like this one better than the Asheville location.

Review №61

Friendly staff and less foot traffic than their Asheville office.

Review №62

Great place to shop friendly staff lots to choose.

Review №63

A step back into yesterday. Clothes, camping, and adventure, three floors worth.

Review №64

Very good store to get your hiking essentials that you forgot to pack and are sitting on your dining room table. Even though they are located in Gatlinberg NOC is not gimmicky at all. They sell the major players in hiking/backpacking gear.

Review №65

Great selection of clothing, footwear, and equipment for exploring the outdoors.

Review №66

Very nice and well stocked store

Review №67

Fun place to spend an hour

Review №68


Review №69

This store has just about everything you could want, and if they dont have it, they can order it. The people here are super friendly and helpful. Be sure to treat yourself with a bag of candy.

Review №70

Wonderful selections and great service 👏

Review №71

Love going there.

Review №72

Great service. Great selection. Great little town. Support local businesses.

Review №73

Mast General Store continues to be a great Waynesville shopping destination. Not inexpensive but a wide and occasionally unusual selection of Western North Carolina type stuff.

Review №74

That good ole country feeling for visiting a country store. Brings back memories of visiting grandma.

Review №75

Great place to browse, 3 floors of outdoors clothes, shoes, camping and hiking supplies. A little pricy for me in clothing section but thats just me. Dont let it stop you from visiting. Cool old fashioned toys, candy and knick nacks make it a must to visit. They are dog friendly.

Review №76

I love this store! Excellent selection of hiking footwear!

Review №77

A shopping experience. Downstairs kitchen accessories is unique.

Review №78

We visit here every time we are in town. Outstanding selection and experience.

Review №79

Always a great stop. We love there no sugar added apple butter! Fun toys for the kids and all sorts of interesting items. Good clothing too.

Review №80

Always come here when in the area.

Review №81

Ive been in about all of the Mast stores. They are all the same. Lots of nice clothes, a little expensive. Toys and candy too.

Review №82

Cute downtown shopping area. Found a few things for the cabin.

Review №83

ALWAYS A GREAT PLACE TO SHOP. BUY CANDY BY thhe oz POUND❗Pretty clothes, toys, jewelry, etc. WHAT A VARIETY❗Sit & enjoy the rocking chairs & take a few pictures, too. We girls that ALL went to school together, have been vacationing in that area about 12-14 yrs & have a GREAT TIME in Waynesville. Some stores know the YAYA SISTERS when we walk in❤❗🛑Love shopping & eating in that area. Hope to come back one more time❤💋❤❗

Review №84

One of my favorite shops to visit in Waynesville! This store is a must to go to when in town.

Review №85

Lots of stuff, some on sale. Nice staff. Bulk candy on bottom floor.

Review №86

Tgey aee a little pricey but they have some cool stuff.

Review №87

Really neat old squeaky oak floor building with a lot of new things to look at. I go up one flight to look at the outdoors equipment while my wife looks at cloths and shoes on the main floor. They even have rocking chairs for husbands. Mast is a must see store.

Review №88

Crowded and not handicap accessible. They had places to put on gloves in order to get candy, but the gloves were empty. When we informed the staff, they acted like we were lying. Needless to say the staff was not friendly or helpful. People were letting the children wallow all through the candy without gloves or sanitizer. It was very unsanitary. Im glad I got mine before them.

Review №89

First time in Waynesville. The whole strip was pretty nice, and all the stores had really interesting goods. This one really caught my eye, great for gifts or just personal wants. And a huge variety of candy :)

Review №90

This is the jackpot of candy and other things.

Review №91

Picked up a couple of shirts after hitting all three floors. When you visit Mast, you know what to expect because every store carries the same items. The difference with this store is the mens and womens apparel is flipped on the other sides, and the cash register is on the side instead of the middle. Because of COVID19, youre encouraged to use gloves when picking out candy from the barrels.

Review №92

The merchandise is nice, but the staff is unhelpful and unfriendly. Their customer service is totally lacking, especially in the toy and candy section. I had to wait an excessive amount of time to purchase my items, while an employee swept the floor and then yelled at me to put on gloves, when I had picked up a bag of candy to purchase. I will not be going back.

Review №93

Always spend too much money here!!

Review №94

Nice store very busy.

Review №95

Brought our teenage granddaughter up for a visit and other than seeing her great grandmother this was the highlight of her trip. No sleeping, no air-pods in ears, just spending. LOL it is truly a place of wonder.

Review №96

This was a really cool store with a little of everything. Loved the old candy selection also. Hated the parking situation though.

Review №97

Store was awesome! Military discount too! Our son loved the candy shop down stairs!

Review №98

Awesome place.the owner is extremely nice and really cool speciality products in stock.

Review №99

Love me an outfitter store, so many groovy gadgets. Im also a bag and shoe junky, always looking for a bargain😜

Review №100

This site was extremely overcrowded, and the staff was very unhelpful and unfriendly. They were dosed to have sanitizer and gloves available for the self serve candy. However the glove box was empty. When we informed the staff, they acted like we were lying, and wouldnt give us more gloves to put out. Then they acted like we were asking for the world just to get gloves to get our own candy. Then as we were trying to get our candy, a family came through letting their children wallow all in the candy without gloves or even cleaning their hands. I know covid has changed our views on gems, but thats just not sanitary when its something others are going to eat.

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