Darr Auto Sales
2828 Franklin Ave, Waco, TX 76710, United States
Darr Auto Sales

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Do not buy a car from this man he is a liar and a con!!!!

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We were weiry about purchasing a vehicle at first due to having a bad experience at a different dealership years ago, we really needed a second vehicle and were on a budget. We saw the vehicle and i loved it immediately. Mr. Darr was very helpful, he offers in house financing and double checks everything before leave. We have a growing family and everyone loves the car. He will work with you as long as you are open amd honest with him and simply keep him informed on your situation. Great place to go, very helpful. We really appreciate you being so helpful and so considerate and understanding. We will Deffinently be using your dealership when its time to get another vehicle. Thank you

Review №3

Most excellent customer service. Jim Darr is very personable and upfront. I havent purchased a car yet but when I do, Ill be going to him.

Review №4

Cash N Go helped get me into a good vehicle for a payment that I could afford. Everyone there was friendly and extremely helpful. I would recommend Cash N Go to anyone.

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I was very pleased with the sales staff and they way handled my needs. They really helped me find the right vehicle. They are awesome!

Review №6

I purchased a pick up from Cash N Go Auto Sales an I love it. The sales people were awesome and cared about my situation.

Review №7

If I was you I want buy a vehicle here! I thought they was giving me a deal because they went down on the original price, come to find out 3 weeks later the head gasket was swap, according to the mechanic there was no thermostat to know if there was something wrong, an I had paid over 3,000 dollars for the car. I went back to tell them what was going on and they said it was sold as is and didnt offer to help...

Review №8

I bought a 2002 Jeep liberty from this car lot. As I am extremely tight on money, unfortunately I am poor.The car was in good shape cosmetically. It was of course my first car buying experience, and Im sure they saw that. As they took full advantage of me in fooling me completely with this car. The car had some problems i saw right off the bat but nothing that I thought to be serious. Obvious problems were all cosmetic and consisted of the tint on the front two windows was so bad you couldnt see out, the tint in both back windows was peeling off, it needed new tires and there were ALOT of small paint specs where it looked like it was covered with white nail polish. I was getting ready to back down, but they dropped the price and convinced said if it had any problems theyd take car of it and the tint. Well, I took the deal. I made a down payment of two thousand dollars and was required to get insurance and come back that same day with proof. They sent me to Derect Auto insurance (The experience with Direct was terrible!). I went got the insurance they requested and as I was coming back I noticed a problem with the car the back wheels where making a terrible popping sound. Once, I got back to the lot I gave them the paperwork from the insurance and told them about the problem. They said it was normal for cars that arent driven for a while. But I knew that was not true, and asked if there was anything that they can do to fix it because but they stated since I already drove it off the lot there is no telling what I did that cause that popping sound. And blamed it on me after saying it was normal. And of course they kept saying the car has no warranty. Hence, I was screwed. THAT SAME WEEK I had to take it to the shop because the popping got worse AND the check engine light came one. Turns out the car had some major problem with the 4 wheel drive and would end up costing more then what the car cost to fix on top of that it still needed new tires. It discovered a problem with the oil part of the engine. I still needed a car, & paid a pretty big amount to get it in running shape. I reported back to them about the issues the car was having, about how I feel like I have been screwed over since I was told the car was in great condition mechanically, it wasnt cosmetically. They refused to help in anyway. As for the tires, according to them when they took the car to get its inspection it passed even though the tires were clearly ran down. They blamed the other issues on me. And wouldnt let me trade it for a different car or refund me. They quickly became very rude, I regret going to them to start with.The car was later side swiped while parked and marked as a total loss. I was told by the insurance company thay the car was over financed by over THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS. And only worth about 4,000. Which is less then half of what the sales price was. I was told by Anna Morales that they will write off the remaining balance when the insurance paid them and I would not have to worry about it. After this I was left with out a car which left me pregnant, carless, and jobless (I needed a car to get to my job *eventually I lost my job and was too far along in my pregnancy no one wanted to hire me*)How ever they have not left me alone and they are constantly harassing.They will sweet talk you and convince you they are trust worthy and of family values but will quickly become rude and show you its money over anything and everything. They do not care about the customers, arent completely honest about the cars they sell, they will not help when you run into a problem instead they will turn around and blame you, and they will cheat you out of your hard earned money.

Review №9

One week ago today I went to Cash-N-Go Autos and purchased a 2006 Kia Sorento LX as a reliable and safe means of transportation for my family. I am eight months pregnant and money is EXTREMELY tight right now. I went to Cash-N-Go for help, they helped a lot at first, but now I am having a problem getting any kind of assistance from the lot owner or managers, or even anyone that works there! Yesterday I noticed my car started to make a rumbling noise in the back end, it has a really hard pull and kicks when I accelerate. With the research I have done for this vehicle I have found that it is a rear-wheel drive version of this car model. Now, for a rear-wheel drive model car to have rear-end problems is pretty serious. However, when I went to make a payment today and I brought this to their attention, the only thing they could tell us was to take it to the Kia house and have them look at it, once we did that to report our findings back to Cash-N-Go and they would take it from there. So, that is what we did. We found the problem and surprise surprise when we tried to let the dealership know they said there wasnt anything they could do about it, we asked for them to look at it themselves because they have on site mechanics, they rejected that idea quickly, we asked them about fixing it and just adding it on to our existing note, also rejected that idea, and we asked them if we could just bring them the car back and get our initial down payment back to find something else, of course, no go there either! So now, I am stuck with a car that I am having to make payments on for the next 36 months that wont even last for another 3-4 weeks if the issue is not fixed. I am due within 6-8 weeks and need a safe reliable car for my new born baby. When I learned about Cash-N-Go I heard nothing but spectacular things about this lot, their cars, and the owners and managers, now I am thinking they could be possibly making up their own wow factor stories in house at their location and spreading lies like wild fire. I am just a 23-year-old woman who is starting a family and just starting out in life after having multiple tragic events and financial struggles go on in my personal life over the last few years that I found comfort and peace of mind in one car lot that made me believe family values mattered to them, however it seems that they are just worried about lining their own paychecks rather than trying to help the customers that come in to purchase and pay on their vehicles that are the reason they even have a pay check. They wouldnt put their new born in something that is rear-wheel based that has rear-wheel problems and risk their family losing out on a reliable car, why should they be allowed to do this to anyone else? Especially only after a week of having this car? I dont think that is fair. Along with telling us that every solution WE as the customers could come up with wouldnt work, or just got rejected without offering any type of assistance on their part, to try and even suggest us on where to go to fix it besides the Kia house and them reporting back to them, seems to me like this lot owner isnt very worried about the safety of the people he puts into his cars. He doesnt seem to care about the quality of his product either if he is willing to just shove this type of issue to the side like an unwanted piece of paperwork, or trash! I would not recommend ANYONE going here for a vehicle. Not only because of my situation but while I was there processing the paperwork for my Kia Sorento, a gentleman came in asking about how their repo policy works and the young lady working the desk was very rude with him, and when the man posed as many solutions as possible to try and get the past due balance paid for or make some type of arrangement in order to keep his vehicle she shot him down as well, upon this gentleman leaving the building I was still inside waiting for my paperwork to finish and I witnessed that same lady working the front desk run to the big office and say Did you guys hear that? and proceeded to talk down about him.

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Got a car from here years ago so I went back to see want he had.

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