Hair City Beauty Supply
1509 Lynnhaven Pkwy, Virginia Beach, VA 23453, United States
Hair City Beauty Supply
Review №1

It gets to a point where the staring and standing on guard as if every person that comes through that door is going to steal; needs to STOP! So, many African American women and men support the Chinese American business buy these beauty supplies stores and other businesses owned by ( Chinese American) and other Asian Americans treat us like roaches . They will take our money beauty supply, food, nails but will treat you like your are beneath them and 2nd class citizen . We have to stop overlooking the fact that the money we give them doesn’t even funnel in our communities they go back to there communities . It’s almost rare to none you see an Asian in a African American ran business nails, food, etc . Anybody wonder that ? African Americans we need to open our own beauty supplies, nail salons, and even have our own cuisine where we serve Asian fare ! With that being said African American business needs to step up there game in Being on time for your business, Being Professional, Friendly Customer Service, Being Clean, Fair Pricing, and Not running out of everything and not replenishing it in timely matter . We aren’t jokes and can do these great exploits let’s take our power back when it comes to business and buildingEach other up. We don’t have to have crab in a bucket mentality . If we unify even if it means doing the above In business and as a community we can do great exploits . Being stared at a beauty supply store that I have always supported since I was a little girl was the straw that broke the camels back . Until I am able to open my own beauty supply store I will from this point forward go to Amazon . This happened today while I Was with my sisters 11/2/21

Review №2

Hair Products and Supplies is what this store is. It does not provide these hair services.What I do not care for is the way the owners and family member watch you constantly like you are going to steal any second. They have hire a few young African American lady and I can appreciate that since 99% of our people are purchasing there. But they even watch when you asking for advice or for information about the product from the young ladies. It like they really not trusting their own employees. It really takes from the fact how well stock, and wide range of selection of items they have. I would love give more business to them; but due to the obvious prejudice assumption of their consumers, I vigorously search to support my black own business.

Review №3

Awesome Customer Service and a WIDE RANGE of Beauty and Hair Care Supplies !!! This Place Has EVERYTHING HAIRCARE You Are Looking For ... I will be BACK. :-)

Review №4

This hair store has sooooo much to chose from! I love all of the options! Its like anything you could need they have. We picked up some antibacterial braiding hair.

Review №5

If you are looking for inexpensive wigs, hair pieces, combs, clips or anything doing with hair... its here. Inside is stuffed full of things. Better know what you want or you could be here for a couple hours browsing.

Review №6

Great place to browse around for hair supplies!

Review №7

Go. Great prices everythings easy to find staff is awesome 10/10

Review №8

It was ok. They had a lot to choose from

Review №9

Definitely have large selection for various hair and beauty needs. Prices are comparable to other stores in the the area.

Review №10

The staff is always helpful with me when I am picking up hair for my girlfriend.

Review №11

Great selection of hair products, tidy and clear presentation, and friendly, helpful staff. Also, prices not too bad for a hair product supply store.

Review №12

This place has EVERYTHING!! And the owners give me a discount everytime I asked!! Very nice people!!

Review №13

Customer service with excellent, many choices of products,

Review №14

Always got what I need. They are well stocked with all your beauty supplies need. My go to store!

Review №15

They acknowledge you as you enter which is nice. They have two employees on the floor to assist you if you need it. They have a large inventory of hair and hair products as well as accessories earrings, sunglasses etc. My only gripe is that its tight. The isles are narrow so it can be a bit difficult to navigate.

Review №16

Always great prices and the staff are super helpful, just call to make sure they are open on holidays.

Review №17

They have everything that I need for my hair and my daughter hair

Review №18

I really like this beauty supply store! It has everything I need that I cant find anywhere else and its close by! Definitely a fave!

Review №19

I love this store perfect customer service

Review №20

Nice selections of products nice employees.

Review №21

OMG...I lol fabulous

Review №22

Gave me lice . I never ever had lice !!!!!And they dont care . They will laugh in your face . BE CAREFUL these people only care about your money . Nothing else . Please go somewhere else . The ladies that work there are very sweet & hard workers they deserve better.

Review №23

The staff is always very helpful. Especially the pretty little Brown skin girl.

Review №24

This is my favorite hair store in the 757 they literally have everything for your hair needs. Natural hair products, weave, wigs even jewelry and belts. The prices are reasonable and they offer a military discount.

Review №25

Nice selection but they dont have alot of color options when it comes to wigs. Friendly staff, not pushy

Review №26

First girl asked me if needed help I told her yes, she looks at me and turned away....I walked up behind her and again told her yes...I need help, I told her what I was looking for, she walked me over to the hair then started to carry on a conversation with someone else about what food she wanted for lunch....obviously she didnt want to help me in the first place I ended up finding someone else that DID help me...

Review №27

Great products great low prices nice people

Review №28

The store is huge with so many products I almost didnt know what to choose. I was excited with all the varieties of hair products, makeup and clothing they have. I purchased a few hair products and I recommend this store to anybody who is looking for a variety of different things at a great price

Review №29

First time to visit this place. Great staff and amazing prices.

Review №30

Had everything we needed plus some. Came from N.C just to get what I wanted. Your store carries the largest variety of band wigs I have seen. Thank you. The staff was very helpful.

Review №31

They have excellent customer service. Someone is always on the floor to help. I got hair, combs, beads, hair grease, shampoo etc. They have it all.

Review №32

I was in a hurry because I was late to an appointment. I could not find what I was looking for so I stopped a very busy woman digging in a box. She stopped what she was doing and helped me. I think I may have passed two other workers on the way to her and she didn’t say well they can help you. Which I appreciated. I was in and out very quickly and the prices were affordable. Definitely will be back!!

Review №33

Good customer service and they have good quality products .

Review №34

They make up prices and expect you to just pay it do your self a favor and go to the beauty supply store on military highway is plenty of them to choose from and the prices are way better.

Review №35

Okay I went to look for some wig caps and some stuff to moisturize my hair. I went in and started looking. The people who worked there just kept walking around watching as if I was going to steal instead of asking if I actually needed help. I didn’t even want to buy anything from there at that point.

Review №36

Customer service is important to me and this business gets it right everytime.

Review №37

They carry a selection of synthetic and human hair, wigs, braids and hair care products. The young ladies who work there are friendly and will assist you with finding what you need, however, the older gentleman at checkout makes shopping there uncomfortable. Im not a fan of this store. I typically only go here as a last resort. Go to Richway in Norfolk instead. Better selection, better service!

Review №38

We went in late not knowing they closed in 10 minutes. They didnt rush us. They were very kind. We were in and out fast.

Review №39

Terrible customer service - Dont give them your money!!!!! I spend over $100 every single time I go here. Today, I was shopping for a short wig- I explained that this was a length Ive never worn before and would need to try a few to see what best fit me. I was offered a wig cap, to which I explained I already had one on. The lady still placed the cap in my area even though I didnt need it. After trying on 3-4 wigs, she comes back to tell me I can only try on 3, knowing I just told her I needed to find something that worked for me, and still hadnt. I told her I would definitely be purchasing 1-2 wigs once I found what I liked and if there was a problem she could get the manager. Two other employees butt in, one of which agreed with me saying If shes going to buy something, what does it matter?. My point exactly! The 3 employees then debated in front of me on what their store policy was. I then hear the manager asking the lady who was helping me Is that her?. And then tells her to tell me I can only try on 2 more. At that point, I just said I will gladly take my business elsewhere and left - with my own wig in hand that I walked in wearing! Half way to my car, they come out saying I owe $1 for the wig cap, that I never needed, nor wore. FOH! I will never spend another dollar here and I will tell everyone I know the same!Food for Thought:Wigs are extremely popular these days amongst all races. More people are trying and wearing different looks. Limiting your customers to only trying on 3 wigs is stupid and is only going to continue to cost you good paying customers and money! Plus, they are your dusty display wigs that sit out from now until kingdom come anyway!Bottom line- You lost money and a customer today. There are plenty of other hair stores in our area offering much better customer service that I will be happy to give my money. For a repeat customer that has spent good money with you in the past, I suggest you level up!

Review №40

Great place for all of your hair care needs. Always fully stock with many options to chose from.

Review №41

The Owners are very nice, take care of their customers PLUS they give Military discount (only one I go too for my family supplies) Some of the employees dont have a clue about some of the products, just ask the owners lol - They treat you good!!

Review №42

I was super excited about visiting this hair store. There is so much to choose from. Definitely will be returning to wig shop again!

Review №43

Let me just say Hair City is the best Im here usually twice a week and they have just about every hair product you can think of as well as the best selection of wigs and bundles you will find.Such a friendly atmosphere and the ladies are super helpful

Review №44

Very terrible customer service, woman literally followed me around the store & as I’m walking out struggling to get my stroller out the door, she peeps her head inside my stroller to see if I stole anything. Very displeased. Need better customer service training.

Review №45

Good place to buy hair supplies. And it is close as well

Review №46

I love this store. They have everything I need for me and my girls. Very courteous service and good prices for products.

Review №47

I love this store. I have bought several wigs from here due to the fact that I lost all my hair from chemotherapy. I have always had great customer service while I was there. The selection and prices are great.

Review №48

Update:They have military discount.. Dont forget to ask at checkout.There is nothing much in their content that has changed except there seems to be MANY more fire and tripping HAZARDS. You cannot navigate the back and side aisles for the boxes and boxes of hair stacked in the walkway. Way TOO much!+++++±+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Customer service has always been ok. The employees had always looked very unprofessional,until my last visit when I noticed that everyone had on the same uniform styled t-shirts. Much better than before. It was hard to tell who was the customer and who was the help.I wish the music was less provocative and more customer friendly..not all customers like bump and grind music.

Review №49

Love going here everyone is very helpful but a little creepy someone always follows you.

Review №50

Im so livid! Purchased lace front and the employee cut all the damn lace off!! I tried to save face and manipulate it to my liking because it was the last one in my color. Owners dont want to compensate (even laughed) for the employees actions. No exchange.. Only maybe 20% of next purchase which is not satisfying. They do not respect their customers they just want our money.

Review №51

Great I love them and I love the owners too they are awesome they made me a VIP customer so sweet .

Review №52

Always have what you need. And they are friendly and knowledgeable

Review №53

I stop in to get hair products that I dont find at the Dollar Store or Farmers Intl Foods

Review №54

This store is great. Large variety of products if they dont have it then it must be an online only product.

Review №55


Review №56

Lots of cool accessories. Tons of coloring options. Good customer service

Review №57

This is the only place I go to get what I need to stay looking wonderful! They have a huge selection of wigs,hair and hair products. Love this place!

Review №58

I love going to hair city because they are always nice to me. Very helpful and courteous.

Review №59

They have everything you need plus tons more. I always spend at least 30 mins every time I go.

Review №60

I am the wife...I always enjoy shopping for wigs and accessories at Hair City

Review №61

Good everything I needed and helpful

Review №62

I liked it here

Review №63

Wide selection of quality wigs, extensions and hair products... can be hard to find someone to help you but they always eventually do.

Review №64

Always do helpful. Lots to choose from.

Review №65

If you liked to be followed while ur trying to find your hair care products then this is the place for you. They will follow you around and never ask if you need help.

Review №66

Prices are good they always have cute stuff and the staff is helpful and friendly

Review №67

Reasonable prices. Never had a problem with merchandise. Customer services is good. Nice selections.

Review №68

Customer service was non-existent because the female workers here are haters. Then again its a hair store so how much skill do you really need to work here. Other than that, they always have my favorite haircare products!

Review №69

They have plenty of hair products. For the natural girl, not that much. They lack the high end quality products. The staff is friendly enough its just the clientele that they serve.Customers are rude.

Review №70

Great service very helpful.

Review №71

Had everything I needed customer service is outstanding

Review №72


Review №73

Good customer service

Review №74

Had everything we needed. Good service.

Review №75

Love going there.

Review №76

Very affordable and beautiful display. I love it!

Review №77

Very helpful service people there!

Review №78

Great location.. Fair prices.. Great collection on hair etc...

Review №79

My favorite store to shop!! They dont share at us like we are stealing! They are down to earth. Oh, and they give military discounts

Review №80

Usually I find what I need in the store and the merchandise is reasonable!

Review №81

AWFUL!!! The stuff members that actually speak English are extremely rude, GHETTO and unknowledgeable. A lot of the products are molded and expired. *BUYER BEWARE OF THE BLACK ONE WITH THE RATTY BLONDE WIG.

Review №82

Will treat you like your a thief at times...

Review №83

Very helpful in finding the right products for my hair.

Review №84

This is the only hair store ive found that sells more than just one product by Beshe. There is more variety in the products they sell than any other store in Virginia Beach!

Review №85

Very friendly and helpful staff. Always stocked to the hilt with crochet braid products and fair prices on extension products.

Review №86

Plenty of choices to select from. Always have what I want in stock.

Review №87

Typical hair/beauty supply store

Review №88

The customer service is amazing the employees greet me and are familiar with me I will drive 20 mins to this hair store because of the products and customer service!

Review №89

Always have a big selection and variety of hair helpful staff and the owner is a nice lady the older gentlemen can be very rude at times if it wont for him I would have have it 5 🌟

Review №90

My wig..great fit..look Natural..

Review №91

Excellent customer service, loved the products and the way the staff treated me. I would definitely come back here if I had the time to do so.

Review №92

They had a good selection of products

Review №93

Reasonable prices,friendly people, various supplies and products.

Review №94

Nicer selection and quality of wigs and hair than most places ive been in the va beach area. Nice and organized with wide variety

Review №95

I enjoy going to this store. The ladies are so helpful!

Review №96

Very helpful and they offer military discount!

Review №97

Its massive. But theres an amazing selection

Review №98

I always have a great experience when I shop.

Review №99

Great varieties of hair and wings but the layout of the store is very confusing.

Review №100

Scaming.... they give u cap to try three wigs.... then if u do not buy a wig they make u pay $1 for the cap.... or they force u to buy a wig.... the chiness thier do not know how to speak english... and they are telling me that they have a paper on thr mirror written on it that the customer gonna pay $ doller for the cap in case not buying a wing..... i asked her to show me she went the mirror and did not find a paper in any mirror..... scammers .... just i recommed other stors to buy from .... at least no forcing.

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  • Address:1509 Lynnhaven Pkwy, Virginia Beach, VA 23453, United States
  • Phone:+1 757-468-0408
  • Hair salon
  • Beauty salon
  • Beauty supply store
Working hours
  • Monday:9:30AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:9:30AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:9:30AM–8PM
  • Thursday:12–5PM
  • Friday:9:30AM–8PM
  • Saturday:9:30AM–8PM
  • Sunday:9:30AM–8PM
Health & safety
  • Appointment required:Yes
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Temperature check required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
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