Scott Robinson Honda
20340 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance, CA 90503, United States
Scott Robinson Honda
Review №1

I always hear great things about this place but I don’t know why. I’ve been here about 4 times and all 4 times I was given attitude and short answers when I was requesting a specific salesperson. I feel some workers only care if they are taking care of you so that they get commission. Other than that they tell you to sit and wait for the salesperson to be available. For all 4 days I sat and waited an hour for this person to become “available”. Some dealerships want your business and will show you, unfortunately this was not the case for scott robinson Honda. Instead of coming back for a 5th day of wasting my time, I decided to walk across the street from the Honda dealership to the Hyundai dealership and take a look at some cars. After a about an hour of looking around they took care of me swiftly and I left with a car the same day. Maybe they too should walk across the street and take some notes!!!

Review №2

Had a great experience with Scott Robinson Honda! Jonathan (sales), Kevin (finance), and Alberto (all state) all took good care of me and what I was looking for! They made my first car purchase such an easy experience!! Special shout-out to Alberto for being super funny!

Review №3

I was searching for a used car after mine was totaled in an accident. I found the PERFECT one here. I was apprehensive because I had such a horrible car buying experience at another Honda dealership, and I also dislike most car sales people because they just seem so eager to sell you something at any cost.Anil was the salesperson I was so lucky enough to work with. He is honest and kind. No lies, no pressure and a friendly all around stand up person! He has restored my faith that not all sales people are from the pits of hell.Kevin in finance, also a gem. No hidden anything! He answered all questions and didn’t try and throw in any last minute “necessities”.The atmosphere was also great, full of smiles and just all around good vibes.I would definitely recommend family and friends here and would definitely be returning here if I had to buy another car (fingers crossed that it’s no time soon though 🤣)

Review №4

The energy of the place was high vibing. Sales people friendly and not pressuring. Felt at home and comfortable without being pressured. Troy was the best. I will be recommending him to others and will come back for him especially.

Review №5

Ali was a great salesman from the moment we drove onto the dealership. He was funny, charismatic, detailed, and had the answers to every questions we had. we purchased a vehicle 7-8 years ago and this time around the experience went above our expectations.We will be back in the future

Review №6

I had a great time as a first time car buyer. Was very nervous buying a car because I worried about getting pushed. I came twice because I wanted to look around, but the second time I was showed more cars that came in. Car salesman marseille was very calm and nice both times, he showed me many cars even with my indecisive mother and brother. Overall, great buy and I don’t regret the purchase because I was able to come back later to see more cars and was actually listened to.

Review №7

Price of the car is very competitive with other dealerships.Be wary of using their online trade-in calculator, it may not be honored when you get to the dealership.

Review №8

I am very satisfied with the service that my family and I received, in special from Julia a young lady who showed very efficiently that she knows her work; besides being very polite and have good sense of humor. My family and I thank to the Honda management for have such a wonderful employee.

Review №9

Today I had the pleasure of going through the process of buying out new car at Scott Robinson Honda. Steven helped us and made the whole process hassle free. He was honest with everything! I would also like to thank Tony for always helping us service our previous Hondas. I really appreciate this team and all they do for us.

Review №10

DO NOT SELL YOUR CAR HERE.Been waiting on an equity check for over a month now. Have called multiple times and left messages with the sales staff and multiple managers with no call backs. When I have actually been able to reach anyone they claim they are still waiting on title to issue the check. But according to the car fax and the former loan provider they have already issued title over 3 weeks ago and Scott Robinson has already resold the car.

Review №11

Great car buying experience. This is our third vehicle we have leased and/or purchased from Scott Robinson Honda. Dan, Ali, and Brett make car buying experience enjoyable and thoroughly answer all our questions.

Review №12

Leased my first car here and it was a smooth experience, Randy was super helpful and made sure I understood what I was getting myself into. Alberto was also amazing, incredibly kind and assertive, I enjoyed my experience here and would recommend asking for those two gentlemen!

Review №13

My wife and I started shopping here for a new SUV and were helped by a really great salesperson named Duran. He was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and did not push us hard to buy. If we exclusively dealt with him, this review would be 5 stars. We set an appointment the next week to come in and purchase the car. We brought everything we needed to buy the car, and we both have great credit, so our visit should have been easy. Unfortunately, my wife and my experience dramatically changed once we were passed off to Doug, the finance guy. We told him multiple times that we did not want any extra warranties or extra features because we only had a specific amount to spend. We just wanted to buy the car. Unfortunately, Doug would not hear that. Not only did he not listen to us, but he pressed so much that my pregnant wife needed to step out of the room for a minute. After returning, we found that he still added an extra feature that we specifically said that we did not want. What’s even more shady is that he hid it amongst the other line items. After discovering this, he needed to redo the entire contract, which took us another 35 minutes extra. After 3.5 hours total we finally left with our new car. When my wife and I finally got home she told me she wasn’t even excited about the new car due to the stressful nature of our interaction with Doug. Had we known the experience would be this terrible we would’ve looked at a different dealership.

Review №14

This was my third consecutive experience with Scott Robinson Honda and it was the least painful -- thanks in no small part to my salesperson, Steve Ford. (Yeah, hes heard all the name jokes.)Anyone whos ever stepped foot into a dealership knows that buying a car is tantamount to going to the dentist (frankly, Id rather go to the dentist). The laughably predictable game playing, the incessant back and forth to see the power-wielding, pompous finance dudes, the excruciating WAITING and then WAITING some more.This time round, the run-of-the-mill machinations were tempered by Steve. He was friendly, super knowledgeable and appreciative of how much I didnt want to be there one second longer than I had to. (Incidentally, he was also the ONLY guy at Scott Robinson Honda to answer his phone and show even the slightest interest in making a deal. Id been hounded for MONTHS by emails from the dealership expressing interest in buying out my lease - then I started responding to the emails and heard NOTHING back. Nothing. Steve answered the phone yesterday morning and by that night had sold me a car.)Thanks to Steve, there was minimal blatant game playing and only a couple of trips to see the Great and Powerful Oz finance guys. The wait to sign the reams and reams of papers was still obnoxiously long but the guy himself, Brett Wright, was personable and clearly knew what he was doing -- operating his dinosaur printers with the speed and efficacy of a guy whos good at his job and is at least semi-aware of how long the person sitting in the chair opposite them has been waiting for the privilege of handing over enormous sums of money to purchase an automobile.All told, a relatively painless experience and I was out of there in less than 3.5 hours which has got to be some sort of car dealership land speed record.

Review №15

AVOID THIS PLACE. So i spent all day going back and forth with Ihab about their Civic Type R. I told him from the start Im very interested, but not with the current markups as theyre too high. So he replies with internet customers markup is $1,000 + package fees. He even added the pricing himself and said total is MSRP + $3,985. I thought I had a great deal in the works. I then said how I didnt want any of the packages, but he didnt reply back. I then emailed again saying i have a trade in if itll help, and he instantly asks me when do you want to come into the dealership? I told him im heading over right now. I get there and he almost pretends he wasnt expecting me and asked twice if we had talked. Like yes? All day today? So he shows me the cars and tells me their price which is with the markup price of $10,000 + package fees for a total of $53,000. But i was so confused because in our conversation together he told me internet customer markup is $1,000. I showed him our email convo on my phone. All he says is oh... and he didnt even apologize. He wouldnt honor the price he quoted me, wasted my entire day and got my hopes up for nothing. The least he couldve done is atleast try to give me the best deal he could right then and there if he really did make a mistake and felt bad about it, but nope. All Honda dealers in or near Torrance are some of the worst in terms of customer service, but this just takes the cake. Also as I was leaving he proceeded to argue with 2 salesman right in the front of their lot. Very unprofessional and very rude for a manager type position. We literally went back and forth through email, but when I show up on the lot Im treated like a stranger. This place needs a hard lesson on customer service.

Review №16

It was my first time buying a new car, and I went with the Honda Fit. I was happy with my purchase because I felt like I was given time to think about whether or not I wanted this car. I came in by myself on the weekday to just test drive the Honda Fit because I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not. It turned out I really loved it, and during this time (due to Covid-19) they allow you to test drive it yourself for about 30 minutes. After the test drive, I told Troy I didn’t want to sign papers that day and I wanted to sit on it. I know at this point most salespeople try their best to get you to sign papers, but it didn’t seem pushy at all (or at least I felt fine flat out saying no). A couple days later, I made my decision to check out the car again and wanted to take my parents out to see the car. Troy continued to be ver6 accommodating while my mother asked lots of questions. We finally hit a number I was comfortable and happy with, and so I decided to buy the car. Pretty good experience, no complaints. Thank you, Troy and Scott Robinson! Honda!

Review №17

One of the worst experiences ever here!! Been a customer over 20 years and having had claims,repairs, tune ups,etc & treatment was dismissive from Monica & GM Moko tried blaming me for not asking if they require deposit? Its the corporations responsibility to let us know upfront what their policy is. My catalytic converter was stolen.I am fully insured and no customer should ever be treated how I was treated. Never do business with this location.. The part was never ordered and no mention of a deposit on day one even though I had a claim and was covered. They made no attempt to make things right or apologized for dropping the ball. So bad that my statefarm agent had to get involved (Thank you Meredith Thompson Statefarm Agency ) and now I have to start this process over again..Had Id been given all the information upfront would of allowed a different outcome. Customer service is horrible!!

Review №18

Darren White At Scott Robinson Honda was a great sales person that helped me to get into my 2020 Honda Civic. He was great on helping me get into a vehicle that would fit my budget. He walked me through from beginning to end with the process. I would recommend Scott Robinson Honda to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle & ask for Darren White, he won,t let you down.

Review №19

I been interested in a new car for a few years and for the past couple months been researching what SUV to get. Currently I have a 2007 Honda Accord and before that I had a Honda Civic. I chose the Accord because I was in a near death car accident with my Civic and because of the safety feature of the seats falling back, in a roll over, I was given a glimmer of hope to survive. Not being able to drive for 8 months but coming out alive I knew I wanted to stick with Honda. Sadly a friend of mine was in a similar accident the year after, driving a G6 (whatever make that is) he was paralyzed from the neck down because his seat never went back. Meanwhile his girlfriend who already had her seat back (nap time) survived.With that said, Jonathan Lopez was my representative for the day. I went through the Costco Auto Program and Steve (dont know last name- sorry steve!) was assisting me through email and phone communication in the beginning and had referred me to Ashley, because of an emergency he had. She was still working with a prior customer so she referred me to Jonathan. Needless to say, Jonathan did an excellent job! He was able to explain to me the differences between the newer and older models, the different features and prices. And most importantly understanding what was important to me for my next car. He let me test drive two different models, one that had a sale price on it, although I didnt like the seat color option, and I said I would buy it right now if it had different seats. So he drove to the other lot to show me another one, that just came in, with the seats I wanted. I was sold! (not with the sale sticker, and it was a newer model, but thats how important to me it was) Thank you Jonathan! I am super stoked for my new car. The manager (Mike Cerconi) and finance department (Kevin Mazmanian) and Allstate representative (Gerardo Olvera) were all great at customer service and explaining themselves. Cant wait to get my new car tomorrow! Love Scott Robinson been coming here for years

Review №20

Very great experience!!! Ihab was very helpful with getting me the car!

Review №21

Excelent service, closed the deal super fast!! Ihab (sales) was very professional, as well as Kevin (finance) . I found the car I wanted at the best price. I recommend this dealership 100%

Review №22

Ihab was very helpful and really did a great job in helping me get this car today!

Review №23

Marsielle was an extremely friendly and easygoing person which made me feel super comfortable in expressing what I was looking for in my first car. He was also super patient with me and my whole family and allowed us to ask any and every question imaginable!

Review №24

Scott Robinson Honda staff was Awesome, from our Salesman Ali to the finance department (I think Kevin?) to Albert with Allstate. It was a pleasure to purchase a car from you. They really care about your needs and work with you on every level to handle your questions and request. Great customer service and a all around great team... Thank You

Review №25

This morning at 7am I was greeted by Tony Tran so that he can writeup the work order to handle my Honda Recall for the Fuel Pump Module. I came earlier in the week to have him order the part. He apologized a few times about having me come in 2 days earlier. On that day he gave me instructions to empty my back seat & trunk before coming in today. Also to have the fuel tank almost to the empty mark. He also suggested that I do the 20,000 mile service today since my mileage today was close to that anyways. He said that the car should be ready by 3p. At 10:30, Tony approached me in the waiting lounge and said that my Civic Sport was ready. HOORAY! Again he apologized that I had to come here earlier in the week. He answered a few questions about the operation of my Civic Sport and than I was on my way home.I noticed that during my time there, the cleaning crew was constantly sanitizing-the chairs, tables, floor mats, appliances and even the pens.I have always been treated with respect ever since I bought my Civic Sport here and came here to have all my service needs done.Thank you Tony Tran and be SAFE!

Review №26

Went to buy out my lease and Ihab Ghobrial made the process smooth, simple and fast. He was happy to explain when I asked questions, wanted to make sure I would be covered for the coming years as my vehicle ages and provided an excellent customer service experience! Happy with my CRV and the whole team at Scott Robinson Honda!

Review №27

From the minute I walked in to the gorgeous showroom I was greeted by smiling eyes and enthusiasm! Masks may have covered the faces of all the awesome Helpful Honda folks but the smiles showed in their eyes! Working with the sales managers and service and parts dept staff was a joy, the office staff equally polite and professional each! I look forward to coming back to Scott Robinson Honda again and very soon!Update 9/16/2020: Had my Accord serviced today and worked with Tony in the Service Dept who is AWESOME!!! Quickly got my car in and kept me posted with updates all the way thru, and got me back on the road in a jiffy! So happy with the amazing service!

Review №28

This past Memorial Day I helped my father-in-law buy his first new car. Buying a new car can be hassle and time consuming but most importantly very expensive. To save time and money I decided to email different dealerships because I wanted to see which dealerships offer the best prices in the market. SCOTT ROBINSON HONDA is that answer. I had the pleasure of working with Brett Wright. Brett is very friendly and was able to answer all questions very quickly. Scott Robinson gave us the best price, exceptional customer service and is the only dealership around that offers Lifetime Limited Power-train Warranty for free. Once my father-in-law deal had been process, I decided to trade-in my 2013 civic for a new 2018 Civic. Again Brett was very quick to work out a deal that my wife and I were happy with. The whole process was hassle-free. I strongly recommend going to this dealership and if you go, ask for Brett Wright. Now my Father in law is very happy with his new 2018 Honda CR-V and I love my Honda. Thanks Brett and Scott Robinson Honda. We are very happy with the experience!

Review №29

Scott Robinson Honda. I had an appointment at 10:45 to get my oil changed. I asked about my car and the service tech told me they were behind because of lunch. 4 hours into it I see them starting on my car. I had a heart test that took less then that. Can anyone recommend a good reliable mechanic?

Review №30

Although car dealerships are always painful to the bank account, Ihab made it a lot easier on us. I appreciate him helping us get the upgraded car I wanted and not letting me settle for a cheaper one that wasn’t exciting to me. I would definitely recommend going to see him. The facility itself was nice and clean and socially distanced. Kevin the finance guy was super quick with the final paperwork and was super friendly.

Review №31

(Google, Why cant I have -ve star).I had one of my worst experience with Scott Robinson Honda, Torrance. I went for Servicing, my Honda Accord car on Aug-28-2021. I had TCS light ON and Hand Brake Indicator ON.The sales assist (Tony Tran) later called and reported VEHICLE NOT SAFE TO DRIVE - ADVISING CUSTOMER NOT TO DRIVE VEHICLE.BRAKE MASTER FLUID EMPTY, RIGHT FRONT CALIPER LEAKING, LEFT CALIBER WET. RECOMMEND BOTH CALIPER, ROTORS, PAD AND BRAKE LINE/HOSES and the COST is $2236+Tax.I was confused, as I had changed brake fluid just a week before in another good service station, which is very near to Scott Robinson.So I guessed something is not right and said, SCOTT robinson sales assist that I dont want to replace as the budget for replacing is too much.TheSales assist reitrated Its not advisable to drive the car. I might get into big accident..But I definitely wanted to check the above recommendation with the other service station, who changed my brake fluid.On reaching the other service station, i found, the actual issues was the following...1. LEFT FRONT CALIPER COMPLETELY DRY. (which was completely opposite to Scott Robinson report)2. RIGHT FRONT CALIPHER MISSING BLEEDER SCREW CAP AND SCREW LOOSE.Fix : Just have to tighten the screw. Once tighter, there was no leak at all. TCS Light and Brake Indicator lights become off now.I was witnessing everything when the person just tighten it in 10 mins. The service person didnt get any money, while scott robinson person asked2236+Tax $ from me.I went back to Scott and showed the report i got from the other service station. I Said that, Lights are off now. Left caliper is completely DRY.They took me to service station and found the same. The manager Eric Boldstad came. Thats when, i faced Odd experienceI told him, i have 2 contradictory reports, one from his and other from another service station.He started yelling at me. I felt, his activities were very disrespectful. He had no ground to yell at me as the scott robinson report was with me andother service station report is with me saying, Everything is fine.He was not even ready to listen to me. In front of all the employees, he yelled at me. Kindly note that, all through the incident, i was being very polite...I can present the two contradictory reports, photos and Videos related to brakes caliper, if asked. Please let me know, whom I should i report on the above incident.

Review №32

Sales person was helpful. When I started dealing with finance - Doug Hoffman did not make me enjoy my experience buying out my lease. There was confusion on numbers while finalizing the paperwork. I had to make a phone call and Doug seemed to become frustrated since he was in a rush. He stated a rude comment “I don’t have time to be waiting I have other sales I have to make..” and walked out the room. He was aggressive, disrespectful and not professional. I complained to Manager Dan Gene and he made me feel like he did not care about the situation at all. To top it off when I complained about my experience with Finance Doug Hoffman to manager Dan in front of him, Doug stated as we walked away “He was the one who told me to be like that.” This was an unpleasant and unprofessional experience.

Review №33

Id like to acknowledge Steve Ford for his wonderful assistance during my experience at Scott Robinson! Steve was extremely helpful, patient and very friendly, he helped me find the right car. Very knowledgeable about all models, answered all my questions. Great customer service 10/10. The staff at the dealership were also all very friendly. Highly recommend Steve on your next car purchase!

Review №34

Great place to get your next Honda. From salesman Keneen Parson to Finance Department to the Service Department, service was great. Surpasses other experiences with other Honda Dealerships. They treat you like family in a good way. Dont miss out on a great deal

Review №35

The sales department of Scott Robinson Honda are full of liars. They wont honor their quotes. They give you attractive quotes, then rip you off when you actually go to the dealer. There are other reviews that have similar experiences with this dealer. Save your time and dont do business with this dealer!!!I was in search of a 2021 Type R and saw they have one in stock on their website. The first salesperson (Kent) quoted me for $44,285 on a phone call, which I confirmed twice with him during the call. In addition, the second salesperson (Darren) quoted the same car for the same price in an email (as attached picture). Both of them kept asking me to visit the dealer to work me a better price. However, these are all scams. They never honor the quotes.I drove 2 hours to the dealer yesterday, which is the same day I received the email quote of $44,285. Neither these two sales was there. The third salesperson (Jonathan) approached and ripped me off with the price of $49,285 plus $2,485 of dealer addons that had already been installed and cant be removed (as attached picture), which is more than $7,000 than their previous quote. They never mentioned any addons about the car on phone or in email quote. When I showed him the email quote, he checked with his manager then came back saying the first two sales quoted me the wrong price. I walked away, wasting me more than 4 hours. I will never go to this dealer again.

Review №36

From the very beginning of my interaction with Darren White at Scott Robinson Honda, I felt like I had met someone that I could trust and who was willing to work as hard as it took to win my business. Darren was always friendly, never pushy or salesman-y, and he always took the time to keep emailing me back to honestly answer all my questions. Once I went in to see the car, Darren matched the quotes of other dealers, listened to my concerns and adjusted the price accordingly, and patiently talked through everything with me - all with an infectious smile and genuine warmth. Based on his excellent service, great personality, and willingness to give me a great deal, Scott Robinson Honda has won my and my wifes future business. We already told Darren that as soon as my wife is ready for a new car that hes the only guy we are going to call! Thanks again, my man!

Review №37

Just bought my car here at SR in Torrance. I had the best sales person. He name is Ihab. He is very sweet and kind to your needs. I reccomend anyone purchasing a car here to personally ask for him!

Review №38

I purchased new wiper blades @ Scott Robinson for my Honda Pilot and the drivers side was a bear getting it to fit properly . Well, the service manager, Alex, came through and got it to fit. Thanks, Alex for stepping up and providing excellent service!

Review №39

I had a serious dilemma. My boys were outgrowing our small vehicle therefore had to upgrade to something bigger without breaking my bank. Not quite the car-savvy gal here but Ihab jumped to the rescue! He made some great recommendations and voila! Drove out with a Honda Pilot that my boys absolutely love. Thanks Ihab!!!!

Review №40

Dealership has HEART! They lost out on a deal-we bought one from Gardena Honda-but I give them 5* for fighting for what they believe. Even if they were wrong and about to over charge my friends. Went from $409/Month to $255/Month-in the same car. They just dont like educated people walking in-so proceed with caution. Ask questions and shop around. Dont get caught up in the moment. Theyll getcha-but so will most car dealers. Just be tough. Felt bad for the salesman we had. Good dude. Owner/or Manager was a bit over the top-but has to stand up for his guys. No harm-no foul.

Review №41

Thank you to Ihab for such great service! We got two cars in the matter of two days and Ihab was able to work with us on both. He was able to get us everything we wanted and we left Scott Robinson satisfied!

Review №42

My Accord has been sitting in there service shop for 7 weeks. No one calls or update me in regards to the status of the parts being ordered nor the repair status being done and when i started looking for car they kept calling and texting me in minutes. These employees treats you base on what car you have and what business you can bring in to them. Poor customer service, poor communication, biased and discriminating and they do not care about your car if its old.

Review №43

Darren White is one of the absolute BEST sales/customer service Representatives I have ever encountered. Knowledgeable, patient, relatable, friendly, NON PUSHY, and cooperative. I will ABSOLUTELY refer and return solely because of him.

Review №44

We had a great experience leasing our next Honda with Ihabs help. Thanks Ihab for the great customer service!

Review №45

Ihab was very professional and an excellent dealer. Got me the best possible deal on my car

Review №46

Excellent service. Polite and helpful! Steve Ford and Brett made the leasing process easier than I expected.

Review №47

My parents and I were looking for a car that would suit me. Marseille Gent and the team were very attentive and overall helpful.

Review №48

Ihab was really helpfully he did his best for me to get the car I want it thank you so much for your help ihab has good customer service

Review №49

Got my first car here! Our salesman Ihab was great, and patient. Very honest and transparent. Great experience and excellent service!!

Review №50

I got an amazing service yesterday at Scott Robinson Honda yesterday. My sales representative was Troy, and he was super nice and quick to get all the paperwork done for my new Honda Civic, my favorite car. The manager and everyone there was so friendly. I left happy and excited in my new car. The best part is that I was able to get the best deal on this car. This is my third Civic, and I couldn’t have been happier. Looking forward to leasing another one from Scott Robinson Honda in three year. Thank you guys so so much.

Review №51

Thank you very much Ihad, Im so happy with my new car Honda Civic 2021. If you go to Scott Robinson Honda ask for Ihad, you wont be disappointed. He was very helpful, wise, and had a great attitude. Ihad made my day which was a Friday be a really Happy, Happy Friday. My husband and I are very thankful for Ihad.

Review №52

First off our sales person gets 5 stars he was amazing.When you start dealing with the finance people that’s a whole different story..They really need to get it when it comes to the numbers they advertise on truecar.To cut the story short once I got to the dealership and started goin over numbers they wanted me to pay close to 5k more to the original quote that I received.They also tried to say that the true car quote didn’t include the Honda protection package and clear shield. (See pic for proof)I’m goin back to DCH Gardena Honda they are much more professional.

Review №53

Bought a used car here.Maged and Kevin were very helpful!Although I had to wait for a long time to process the purchase, other than that I was satisfied with the service and hospitality overall.

Review №54

Everyone who helped me was so kind! I was able to leave in my new 2020 Civic hatch with no issues. Ihab and Richard made the buying experience streamlined and easy.

Review №55

The process was quick, easy and hassle free.The amount of time spent at the dealer was the shortest ever. Quick, efficient and super friendly. Scott Robinson Honda has the process down to a science.

Review №56

TL;DRThey didnt honor their offer.I thought that I communicated with them clearly. Even after I got their offer for the specific car with their stock number, the manager said that they dont want to sell their only silver CRV as he offered. (I didnt see him in person though. Thats what I heard through the dealer who helped me). So I left. wasted my time.I understand that they are in sales business. Price and discount are to fluctuate as demand/supply, revenue and business goal change. But I believe that honoring their own words is still important. The time between their offer and denial was not even a day only six hours.Full Story~I got their offer through TrueCar first. Then checked their website to verifyVINs/stock# and copied them to my note to make sure that I can get quotes based on their stock# not just based on generic model and trim.I did double check the offer I got from TrueCar with their sales manager named Anil via text.He replied the offer I received via was about $1000 higher than TrueCars one, Anil explained that all of their car has Satellite Alarm System that wasnt shown in TrueCar offer. That was $1000 for. Later I found that it was KARR Auto Security does GPS tracking, geo-fencing, kill-switch and keyless entry with smartphones. Yes, It does use satellites(GPS) but it sounds bit hyped. Many other cars has the same functionalities.$1000 difference was my first surprise, but I just decided to visit the dealership and check the car in person.Satellite Alarm System didnt look that bad. So I decided to go on with CRV Touring trim.I checked two trims, EX-L and Touring while I was there.Then I sat down with a dealer who helped me to discuss payment and financing options. She brought their offer and showed me. It was about $800 lower out-the-door price(tax/registration financing all etc included) than the offer I got from Anil via text. I was happy with the additional discount and went home since I had prior commitment. Via text I asked the dealer if she can include weather proof mat($177) to seal the deal. then I got it and I was happy with the deal. At least I believed I did.To my surprise, the offer was for lower trim one, EX-L, of which TrueCar offer was about $3000 less. The dealer and I agreed. But agreed on different car. To me it was $800 cheaper deal, maybe to her it was $2200 good markup sale. They didnt allow me to take paper with me, so I took the picture of it and write down important numbers like down-pay amount and payment numbers and amount. Later I looked at the picture, I found on the right top corner, it said EX-L. I didnt read it throughly.I went to there again after my meeting with my checkbook and id preparing myself for long sitting hours of signing paper and driving new car home. Soon the dealer and I realized the confusion.I showed her the offers I got from TrueCar and from Nil via text and explained why I thought her offer was for Touring not EX-L. She knew that I had communicated with Anil via Text, but didnt know he sent those offers.She understood and went back to managers office where Anil is and came back with another offer. This time it was for different CRV touring trim disabled Satellite Alarm trying to matching their offer, which means $1000 less value. She said the manager, Anil didnt want to sell their only silver CRV. So I left. I couldnt understand why he sent me offer which he would not honor.I didnt go through all the internet searches with VIN and stock numbers, only to get the car I didnt want in the first place.I still dont understand the purpose of dealership system, why it has to be so hard to get the car I want with my money.

Review №57

I recently went to Scott Robinson Honda and got fantastic customer service from Keenen and Micheal. I was in a really tough situation with my car and definitely needed a new car. They worked out a great deal with me to get me in a 2020 Honda Accord Sport in the color I wanted and everything. Plus I got a great interest rate. I’ve been to other Honda dealerships and felt pressured to get something I didn’t want but they took their time with me and got me exactly what I wanted. I suggest anyone to go to this dealership because their customer service and patience is outstanding.

Review №58

Had a recall. People working in dealer very friendly, as usual. Had someone walking around spraying chairs and tables as people got up. Felt safe waiting for car.

Review №59

Ihab G. was great very helpful, nice, considerate, informed, best deal, not too pushy, gave us plenty of private time to talk it over & defiantly would recommend him. We visited alot of car dealers this was the best deal & best experience.

Review №60

AMAZING SERVICE!! Jonathan really pulled it through to get me a good deal on a brand new Civic. Appreciate the entire staff there as well as Melvin and the cleaning crew for giving my car a very good shine.

Review №61

Maged the salesman and Tamer the finance guy were so nice and informative. They really did make my experience enjoyable.

Review №62

Terrible experience and was repeatedly cut off mid sentence by a service advisor. Awful customer service. Left without any services being able to be done.

Review №63

I would recommend everyone I know to get their car from Scott Robinson Honda in Hawthorne, Torrance, California. This is the best dealer Ive ever deal with. They are honest people, fair price, no pushing, great services. Youll get what you are looking for with the best advises. Please give them a chance to help you with your new or use car.

Review №64

They are the worst Honda Dealers in the SoCal region and I bought my car in 2019 so its pre Covid, they literally try to insult you if you not getting car from them. Please do not buy car from them, go to Airport Marina Honda or maybe go more than 50 miles if you have to get a Honda but do not buy from them, these are worst.

Review №65

Scott Robinson Honda Body shop repaired my 2016 Honda Civic after it was in an accident on November 24th, 2020 and they did an excellent job!! My car looks better than it did when I purchased it a little over a year ago!Great jobs Honda peeps!!Angela Rhodes

Review №66

Leased a car from Scott Robinson and was very pleased with the whole process. I havent had a car in years so getting back into the process was pretty overwhelming. Ken made the whole process so much easier! He made to sure to explain all the different models, features and pricing options. He was very patient and answered all my questions. Thank you again Ken for all your help! Would definitely recommend getting your next car here.

Review №67

Went there to check out possible cars I was interested in purchasing. The salesman didnt really care about my interests and the car I test drove (2020 silver Honda fit ex) had trash in it. Never been to such a messy dealership. The salesman also immediately assumed I was purchasing the car same day and started filling out the paperwork without my acknowledgement. I ended up purchasing a car from a different dealership that was much more organized and didnt have trash in their test drive vehicles.

Review №68

This place is horrible. I’ve been waiting for a title since January and the title clerk got upset that I even contacted her about it. She said it was on its way almost two months ago! Now she won’t return any of my calls asking for an update. The worst customer service I have ever dealt with.

Review №69

Writing behalf my mom: My mom has looked around for over a month to different dealers to see what would be her best value. We finally decided to come to Scott Robinson Honda and see the Honda CR-V she has been eyeing. We finally went inside and spoke to Ihab, internet sales rep. I already looked around and check good deals via AARP and we found the right car for my mom. We finally ended up getting the beautiful Honda CR-V 2021. He helped us out and he did not push us at all. The finance guy was Doug and he kindly helped us and stay over 11pm; of course thats his job but he made us feel like friends and did not rush us at all. Overall, it was a great experience at the dealer and will come again for my car. My mom and I are happy and satisfied of the purchase. Thank you guys!

Review №70

Love the car, Ihabs my man!!

Review №71

Thanks to Ihab Ghobrial for helping me purchase my new car! He was very friendly and patient, spending extra time to make sure I knew how to get the most out of the phone interface features. I never felt pressured into a sale, even after leaving my test drive to consider options before completing the purchase on a different day.I recently made some inquiries relating to after market parts for my previous vehicle - while other dealerships dismissed me with vague suggestions, the sales receptionist at Scotts Robinson tracked down a phone number to help me get what I needed. I was so impressed that I decided to buy a car from them, and I’m glad I did!

Review №72

Had a really positive experience here! I emailed 21 dealerships across Southern California for quotes on a new Honda CR-V Touring and narrowed it down to two that had the color/trim we wanted on the lot that day and had very competitive prices. We drove an hour from San Diego to the first dealership only to discover that the vehicle had more miles on it than expected and had a bunch of dealer adds we didnt want (which means the actual price was more than $2K higher than the quoted price even before taxes and fees).After 90 minutes there, we walked out the door and drove another hour to Scott Robinson (after making sure they had what we wanted without a bunch of miles--should be a new car, duh). We worked with Gray Kendall who was able to get us the trim level and color we wanted with 10 miles on it and ZERO DEALER ADDS... Which meant the quoted price ended up being the ACTUAL price! They also agreed to make our last lease payment on the vehicle we were swapping out of (an earlier CR-V).Even the finance guy, Richard Bruce, was great to work with (you know how some finance guys can be, am I right?) and we felt like we were being dealt with fairly and honestly. No sales manager swooped in at the last minute trying to change things up. They offered the usual maintenance and other plans, but nobody was pushy or obnoxious. A+ for that!Also, I just have to say... This was the nicest looking Honda dealership weve ever walked into, service was on-site late to wash and swap license plate frames on our vehicle, and it was even nice seeing diversity among the employees/staff.If we lived closer we would come back for all the routine service/maintenance (wish our local dealer was as on top of it as this one).I would absolutely recommend Scott Robinson Honda and the staff we worked with to friends and family.

Review №73

We just bought our honda odyssey and had such an easy time working with Troy L. From the beginning, he was able to offer us a great deal compared to the other dealerships that we barely negotiated on anything. Also, we were very hesitant to go in the dealership due to the rise in covid19 cases so we asked about alternative options and he delivered.... literally. We worked out all details ahead of time and he brought the car to us at our home. If you ever go/contact this dealership, be sure to ask for him. Thanks!

Review №74

Long story short we purchased a brand new honda everything went good until we noticed some imperfections on a brand new 2019 honda. Apperantly someone backed the car onto another car and left the license plate imprint on the bumper as well as curved rims on the same car. Was promised it would get taken care of so we went forward with the deal. After all was paid the demeanor to fix the issues changed and one of the managers only gave us 2 options either leave the car and return it or take it and we will fix it when we have time. After the whole ordeal and going back and forth with one of the managers (dont get me wrong, the salesman helped and did an awesome job) but his manager over shadowed him with rude attitude and negative help. Will I refer friends and family to this dealership in the near future.... NOPE! Oh and we are on the 3rd week and still no efforts to fix damages (done by the dealer before the car even left the facility) to a brand new 2019 honda. I guess they ran out of honda helpful people in this dealership. Scott Robinson Honda thank you for selling NEW crashed cars.

Review №75

I had gone out to look at different car dealers to check out certified used cars. Knowing what I needed and could afford. Most car dealerships just try to sell you a new card and hound you. I just happened to stop by Scott Robinson Honda and got the nicest and knowledgeable service representative. His name is Elder Oliva. I told him what exactly I wanted and my budget. He showed me the cars they had within my wants and needs and there was no pressure (right there probably had me sold). We compared different cars and models to the one I bought. I would would recommend seeing him if your in the market for a reliable car. This will be my 1st Honda and I love it . Thank you Scott Robinson Honda and Mr. Oliva. I will be recommending you to all my friends.

Review №76

Leased an SUV for my son last year. Didnt shop around and trusted the salesman. We shouldnt have. I will never do business with them again. Completely untrustworthy, in my opinion and experience. If I could give zero stars, Id prefer to do that.

Review №77

Ihab, Kevin, and Mike were all excellent to work with. They were all incredibly kind and understanding. Price negotiations went very smoothly. I would recommend this dealer to anyone looking for a great car. You will be in great hands.

Review №78

This place has gone to the dogs recently.13 months ago I leased a 2019 Honda accord with this particular dealership, and went away very happy.One month ago I saw a few ads from other dealerships about great financing deals on current leases. I decided to bite and was halfway through my paperwork when, I realized me as a car owner, who always had great service with Scott Robinson honda left the other dealership and drove 40 minutes to see if I could finance their own vehicle with them.What proceeded left a bad taste in my mouth and Im sorry to say I will never do business with Scott Robinson again. I explained i had a vehicle with them. I explained the numbers that the other dealership had put on the table; and Scott Robinson essentially laughed in my face.So, I went back to Culver City Honda and signed the finance deal with them. I then proceeded to drive back to Scott Robinson and showed them them paperwork and how they lost a loyal customer. I wouldnt be surprised if they went under soon. Horrible customer service, and disrespect for current customers. No wonder many of the recent reviews are bad.Add on. So I got a reply from the ownership saying see you in service. Let me make this clear. Im never spending another dime with this organization. The blatant disrespect shown to a customer, made up my mind forever.

Review №79

If you’re trying to stay away from Covid-19 stay away from this location (Scott Robinson Torrance). 4 out of 10 people walk with their mask under their mouth or just simply doesn’t have one in sight.

Review №80

I have had nothing but great experiences at Scott Robinson Honda. In both sales and service. Yesterday I purchased my second Honda. My salesman,Ihab Ghobrial, was knowledgeable, answered all my questions and was very patient. I knew exactly what I wanted and he worked hard to find it and get it for me. I was quite surprised to have driven home in my new CR-V hybrid. Satisfied customerText STOP To Unsubscribe

Review №81

I got a car from here and Ihab was extremely helpful. He was respectful towards all the negotiations and provided clear information on the car, pricing and the breakdown of it. Process went smooth and I was happy with the transaction. Will definitely recommend Ihab if you plan to buy a Honda.

Review №82

Thank you Margarita! She was the most friendliest and helpful Service Advisor Ive ever had. Hands down the best experience Ive had at a dealership and I use to work at 2 different dealerships! Everything was clear and very responsive. They had my car ready a day early and brought it out as soon as I got there! Also, they followed all the COVID19 rules which I really appreciate. Will definitely go back for anything else I need in the future! Thank you so much 😊

Review №83

Margarita is amazing!! Profesional, knowledgeable, and friendly. My vehicle was completed ahead of scheduled as promised. By far the best Rep! Thank you so much!! When you need service, be sure to ask for Margarita, the best in town!

Review №84

Horrible, negligent, unprofessional service that should not be under the Honda brand name. We brought Honda CRV which is under warranty to this center on Tuesday because the engine light came up. For two days, they kept it there. On Thursday they called us to pick up the car. When we came, they said they did not find any error codes and did not do any repairs. The odometer showed that not a single mile was driven on the car in two days. They did not even take it for a test drive. As soon as we drove out of the center, the light came up. We brought the car back - it was Thursday morning. Friday morning we called to check on it - nobody from this center bothers to call the client to keep you informed about the status - and they said they were going to fix a part and it would be ready in the afternoon. By 4 pm, we were calling frantically to find out if we can have the car back before the weekend. Several times they told us the mechanic would call you back. No dice. At 4:30 after we made it clear it would be a customer service complaint, they got the mechanic on the line and he said they did not do any repairs yet and would keep the car for the weekend. At this point, we are left without the car since Tuesday, going into the weekend without any means of transportation. Scott Robinson Honda center has not paid us a cent for three cab rides, has not offered a rental for the weekend on a car that is under Honda warranty - and they just dont care about the inconvenience it has caused my family. Dont give them your business.

Review №85

Glenda Gonzalez helped me out in the service department when I took my car in for an oil change and tire rotation on 6/29/20. I was pleased that my car was completed in less time than was quoted. Glenda went over the service details and checked me out quickly. She was friendly and great to work with. Ill definitely go back!

Review №86

I was confident going in with a great referral to make sure I got the best deal. I didnt feel that they gave me the best price for a 2017 C-RV EX-L. There was a lot of time wasted because my sales representative Steve Ford was busy back and forth closing two other deals. I mentioned that I didnt have much time to wait for him to close other deals so I finaly got the manager and finance to help move along the process. Buying a car did not go as smoothly as I was hoping for. I do like the car that I purchased. Everyone who help me were nice but It took over 6 hours to make it happen. Buying a car has not changed a bit.I would still recommend Scott Robinson Honda but I would say have an efficient game plan instead of waiting around. Steve Ford was knowledgeable about the car and features. He was nice and conversational. Im disappointed on the attention I recieved.

Review №87

Had a great experience getting a new car here at Scott Robinson. Everyone was very friendly and they were not pushy at all. Stuart was a great salesman. He walked me through everything and showed me different options. This was very helpful for me in making my decision. Aaron, the manager came over to chat with us and was so nice and funny. This was one of the best experiences I have had buying a new car. I love driving my new Honda Civic!! Thanks Scott Robinson Honda!!!!

Review №88

I highly recommend Stuart Lipschitz and Richard Bruce at Scott Robinson Honda. They were both very helpful, let me take my time with things, and answered all my questions. 5 stars!

Review №89

Really great service, Julissa was very nice & really helpful. I found exactly what I was looking for :)

Review №90

Ihab Ghobrial is the guy you want to looking for when you decided to get your new car at Scott Robinson. He helped me and answered all my questions and he was honest with me the whole process. I really appreciate all his help. I got my first car, a 2020 civic sport and I couldn’t be more happier. Also shot out for Richard and Kevin from the finance department. They are also awesome!!!!

Review №91

The 5 Stars are 100% due to the amazing service provided by Ihab. He is a rare find in the car salesman business and my wife and I truly appreciated the way he was able to connect with us. He takes immense pride in building genuine relationships with his clients. Theres a reason you see his name mentioned consistently in every positive review. If you are in the market for a Honda, request - no, demand - that Ihab be your partner in this process. He will look out for you and do everything in his power to make the experience memorable and positive.

Review №92

Margarita in the service department is amazing, she answered all my questions over the phone and then she helped me out when I came in, great customer service! We need more helpful Honda people like her!!!

Review №93

I purchased my Honda Civic and have it serviced at Scott Robinson Honda in Torrance. The level of customer service is superb! Most recently, I took my vehicle in for routine service. My representative, Margarita, was very kind and efficient and met with with a warm smile. She kept me informed of when my vehicle would be ready and made sure I was up-to-date on all my routine services. I will definitely bring my vehicle to this location again.

Review №94

I take it back.. worst car buying experience. They sold a use honda crv touring 2017 that keeps on breaking down every 100 miles. I took the car in for they could check it and the mechanic just Reset the car and didnt even do anything to it. A few days later after taking the car in all the lights on the dashboard turn on and my AWD stop working and when I call asking for the mechanic apparently hes not working the times I call asking for him.

Review №95

Excellent treatment and best prices specially sales rep Ihab Ghobrial highly advise walking in an asking for him

Review №96

I was going there with high hopes even with my situation being challenging low credit score and negative equity. Kubi Acikalin was all smiles and some what helpful at first but once he met me and saw my 2014 Ford Focus I knew he wrote me off. He still let me test drive the vehicle I was interested in which was used but his tone changed even further when I returned he said my car wasnt even worth more than $2000 that maybe he could do $2500 what a slap in the face. KBB low value for my car was low $3700 high being $5000. Then he proceeded to tell me that if I went to Carmax and they offered me more he might work with me. So I did go and they offered me $5500 I emailed him the offer they gave me and his response was hell see what he can do and never reached out after. So I ended up going to a DCH Toyota in torrance for a used Honda Civic where they offered me $5000 and were so much more helpful with my situation then Scott Robinson was I will never recommend Scott Robinson at all for that type of service.So I am updating my review only because my finance was given greatest service on her new Honda Civic Hatch back and the gentlemen to thank is Marseille Gent this man knows how to treat people and offer great customer satisfaction because of him it made up for the horrid service I got from Kubi I was actually hoping to run into him to let him know that he needs to really get some pointers from Marseille on how to win over a customer I will now only recommend Marseille to Scott Robinson when ever they need a car thank you again for the great service

Review №97

The staff were very friendly and helpful. Good experience overall.

Review №98

Was very disappointed. Was speaking to a sales associate about a car I saw online. Started my application online and drove 2 hrs to see it, only to be told they sold it the prior day. Like how was I talking to someone throughout the day about it. Obviously no one checked the inventory or cared enough to. I wasted my time. Ill never be going back. Doing business where staff is more diligent.

Review №99

Ihab was great explaining features of my new car and patiently helping me through the whole purchase.Great sales and service!!

Review №100

I had an amazing experience when working with Ihab at Scott Robinson Honda. He was very helpful and informative when speaking about my different options for leasing or financing a car. I ended up getting a great deal and am extremely happy. I would highly recommend coming here for your Honda needs.

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