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Mercedes-Benz Of Tampa
Review №1

Had an outstanding buying experience at the Tampa Mercedes-Benz location thanks to Jorge Nuguid. We were in and out in an hour and a half! No back and forth like you experience at other dealers, Jorge was professional, helpful and straightforward. We absolutely love our new ride. If you want a great car and a great experience, go see Jorge!

Review №2

Great service as always ! Please do not change ! Thank you Mercedes Benz of Tampa Bay ! Excellent job for service department, keep your good work ! I’m glad I’m driving my #4 Mercedes Benz in my lifetime…..VIP warranty ❤️ !! Thank you to my #1 Service Advisor Dave Z !! Also to Shawna for her help with Mercedes Connect Me ! Best wishes for all and Mr Jeff Hubbard you are THE BEST !!

Review №3

Our 2021 vehicle broke with less of 5k miles. No parts available and now firing to get an alternate transportation the service advisor Andrew said they can’t provide long term alternate transportation because they don’t know when the parts would be Available they suggested me to call Mercedes head quarters to customer relations . Left several messages and no one returned my calls After 3 days. The service advisor refuse to call customer relations in behalf of us. Don’t fool yourself with apparently best deal experience you will regret it.

Review №4

I’ve bought 30 different cars from dealerships and worst decision I’ve ever made was to buy a car from Mercedes Benz of Tampa. Elliot Gunther in finance is your typical slaps roof of car salesmen, just another sleazy liar to get a sale. From them selling the car I already signed for put 5k down and had purchased insurance prepaid for a year to another person before delivery, to then selling me non refundable contracts that were never even used and only active for like 2 month. No other dealer has ever given me the miserable experience such as them. With so many dealerships around just go elsewhere, it’s that simple.

Review №5

Great staff. Kevin the Sales Manager has always been amazing.We bought a SUV here, Jay was absolutely great. Even weeks after the sale, Jay was always been responsive and extremely helpful at all times.We enjoyed the experience so much, we brought her sister there the next month to buy an SUV as well.And Ill be going back to get a SUV soon too.

Review №6

Great service all around. My Service rep Jaleel keep me informed the whole time, even though I could see my vehicle in the service bay. They did an alignment and balance tires. Great recommendations on service that was needed.My vehicle running like a champ.. Very professional group and I wouldnt go anywhere else but to them... even if Ive had to wait, I would because the service is awesome. To bad I can only give 5 stars.

Review №7

This is the easiest 5-star rating to give as I could not have asked for a better experience in buying a car! Jorge (sales) and Elliot (finance) were friendly and courteous from start to finish. The entire transaction was smooth and hassle-free, which are usually not the first words that come to mind when buying a car. Thank you, Mercedes-Benz of Tampa Bay!

Review №8

What an Amazing Experience! Jay May and Max Spada were a complete Dream Team! From start to finish, every step was top of the line! My son was able to get his dream car, and thanks to everyone involved, it was truly a moment in his life he will never forget!

Review №9

I ❤ Joey....and I ❤ Dave. Joey has been my service advisor for two years and has always provided excellent customer service. I recently texted him I had an issue with my car and it needed annual service as well. I explained my sister depends on me to take her to treatment so I would need a car. He assured me I could bring the car in right away and he would take care of my request. Joey was in a meeting when I arrived so Dave stepped up and handled everything until Joey returned. Such team work! I do not drive much and know nothing about my car but they understand and never make me feel silly. As long as they are at Mercedes I look forward to my service visit and their fun personalities!

Review №10

Im convinced that Mercedes-Benz of Tampa has the best service department of any dealership in the city. Ask for Bob Net if you want friendly and professional service. He took care of an issue we had with our car yesterday, and what I like about Bob is that he knows the ins and outs of his service department, and he has a sense of urgency. He had me back on the road in a little over an hour, and I have been telling anyone that will listen to me how great Bob Net and Merdeces-Benz of Tampa treat their clients. Thank you! We will be back for more cars soon!

Review №11

Recently, I needed the (I believe) B1 service for my 2019 E300 that has about 11,000 miles on it. Previously, my experience with Mercedes Benz of Tampa has been outstanding, and I had no reason to believe this visit would be any different. And, indeed, it started off on the right track. I took my vehicle there and told the service rep I only needed the mileage counter reset and an oil change. (This was after Mercedes Benz of Clearwater told me if I didnt get ALL of the recommended services, my warranty would be voided. An apparent lie.) MB Tampa performed both the reset and the oil change. The service was completed in a timely and very efficient manner. But when I was signing the final paperwork, I was told that my E300 was in dire need of an alignment, which I declined as I thought $165 was a bit high. Consequently, I went to an independent service center Ive used for years to service our Toyota Sienna van and was given a quote of $135. I decided to go ahead with the service. Then came the surprise. When I returned to the independent service center, I was told there would be no charge because I DIDNT NEED AN ALIGNMENT! The service manager said everything was dead center and didnt require adjustment. Id like an explanation from MB Tampa.

Review №12

Shawna was very helpful and accommodating with the service for my car. She took the time to call 2 insurance carriers to ensure everything would be covered. My car was returned same day and I am so grateful. Shawna is my girl! Highly recommended!

Review №13

Ms. Shawna was my service advisor and provided me with top notch support throughout my repair process. She found ways to save me money because of the expensive repairs. She was always professional, even when I was venting about how expensive the repair was, this shows she understands it’s not about her but more about the customer displeased with the price!Thanks,Ms. Shawna

Review №14

Do you like a pleasant buying experience? Do you like being treated like a person? Do you enjoy a well appointed building with comfortable seating? Do you like clean rest rooms? Do you like have a semi private and cool (temp) customers lounge?The list of positive things here is long, we thoroughly enjoyed our bi-annual new car trip to MB of Tampa.Polite, professional staff that just get things done. So many other pleasant touches to enhance the customers experience. Be sure to talk with Chad Close for the best experience possible.One nice thing was having your new car delivery experience indoors with AC. No sweating and getting nasty transferring your belongings into the new vehicle.Bottom Line: I highly recommend Mercedes of Tampa to friends and family.

Review №15

I completely understand when accidents happen. I can also recognize when a situation is not handled properly.After paying for my service, I was asked to step out and wait for my car. I noticed that all the cars were being cleared out, and my car was still not brought around. After 15 minutes, I went back inside and asked Joey, my service advisor, if they forgot my car.He said there are not as many porters late in the afternoon, so it might take a while, and he said he would see what was going on.After a few more minutes, I didnt see him come out, so I went back in and told him that I had an appointment to get to. I asked if he could please help them find my car.He came out and walked around. Then he told me that someone had my key and was getting my car. He said it was probably taking a while because my car might have been blocked in.I waited more minutes and asked one of the porters if there is any way that someone could find my car. That porter asked me what car I had and then started making some calls and asking people, What car are you getting right now?I waited a few more minutes and went inside to see what was going on. Joey said, Here is the porter right here. He is taking care of your car. Then the porter said, No. I dont have the key. They looked up the number and the porter rummaged through a drawer for a while and found my key. He went to get my car.I asked Joey what happened, and he said he had put my key on the table. He said sometimes if they pull the car around and no one claims it, they put the key away.I was standing in the drive and waiting the whole time. My car was not brought up the whole time.I had waited a total of 30 minutes for my car to be brought to me. Because of this, I was late for my 6:00 p.m. appointment and had to miss my 7pm meeting.I believe that this could have been handled differently. I also feel that the process should be improved. I was completely disappointed and upset by the sequence of events and also very inconvenienced. I also wonder if I were someone else, would this same thing have happened?This is definitely not the quality that Mercedes of Tampa Bay stands for. It was very upsetting.

Review №16

Back in February we purchased a 2021 AMG S63 - LOVE the car! However, the customer service absolutely is the worst. Saturday we had a flat tire, and after getting to a shop that could repair it, and waiting two hours to be fit in, found that a tool to remove the hub cap was missing. Spent the next few hours trying to contact Mercedes, could not get a HUMAN to talk to even though they were open. On a side note - we were able to contact another dealer in a different STATE who helped us tremendously Waited until Monday, spoke to service and was told that they gave us the part in a black bag when we purchased the car.My husband is a car guy. He goes out and buys a new air compressor when he buys a new car. Everything is in its place. Had he got the tool, he would have immediately put it where it belonged. It was a classic case of he said she said But, for good will alone after what we had been through, I would think the dealership would have been more helpful. In my hubbys business, If he had a customer that said something was missing, he would have simply given the customer the part... but I guess that is why he has been successful for over 40 years.On a side note - on Saturday, we were able to contact another dealer in a different STATE who helped us tremendouslyA very disappointing and stressful experience.

Review №17

A+ buying experience from the second Jay May took my call. The entire team there is professional, respectful and knows what they are doing. Obviously buying a car is never fun, but they made it as painless as I have ever had. Thanks MB of Tampa and Jay May! Newton Lizima in finance was also amazing... so awesome dealing with really experienced professionals.

Review №18

I went to shop for a car with a friend, and Alex Cook was a great salesman! Professional, polite, and he will tell you the truth. That kind of honesty is hard to find at a dealership. When Im ready to buy my next car, I hope to be able to work with him, and with MBoT.

Review №19

Christian Garvey gets a 10 star if I could. Very pleasant dealing with him. This week I contacted Mercedes of Tampa and had the pleasure of speaking to Christian Garvey in sales informed him that I wanted to purchase the s580 I viewed on there site and that was I calling from New York. With no Delay no gimmicks on the same day of my call, me and Christian were able to finalize the deal on the vehicle and he made the process super easy for me, kept me informed, and even sent me numerous pictures since I was eager to see the car. The car is in in transit on its way to NY and I’m super excited to get in it and drive. Thank you Christian Garvey and Mercedes of Tampa!

Review №20

Best buying experience ever Thanks to Eric Gerhardt. He goes above and beyond. 5 star +++

Review №21

Be cautious of purchasing a vehicle from here. It was not a smooth process for me at all. Im still having to call anyone who will answer to get everything straight. All while the paper tag from Mercedes Benz of Tampa has expired for the second time. Icing on the cake the General manager never seems to be available to assist.Edit: It seems he replied to my review. You have my phone number numerous times on your voice mail if you would like to reach out. ThanksEdit 2: I purchased the car at the end of July. Today’s date is October 22. Everything is finally finalized.

Review №22

Long story short, I made a huge mistake by taking my car to Jiffy Lube for an oil change. They put the wrong oil in my car which caused immediate issues. I called the dealer right before they closed that night. They informed me that they were completely booked for the next few weeks. However, once I explained the situation, they arranged for me to be in first thing the following morning to drain the incorrect oil and take care of the issue. Special thanks to Catherine for upholding the professional standard and incredible customer service Mercedes has to offer.

Review №23

Robert Jaap was assigned to me as my Service Advisor for the first maintenance on my 2021 Mercedes, I couldnt have asked for better!Robert (BO) was personable and professional and valued my wait time.He seems to be the rule there instead of the exception which I view as good management and we look forward to having both of our Mercedes serviced at Mercedes of Tampa.

Review №24

Ive seen strapless bras provide better support. We bought a 2021 GLS 450 in Nov 2020. Everthing was great for about 3 months. I has some issues getting the truck to start. Now its happened multiple times leaving me and my kids stranded in the Floridia heat. The service department kept it for a week and assured me the problemwas solved. The dealership we bought it from in Tampa basically blew me off and told me theyd foward the issue to Mercedes corporate and I should hear something next week. Im Their pretty sure that means theyll just forward my info to the service department. Their nonchalant attitude toward the situation really lacked any simblance of customer care or appreciation. They didnt seem to care about my frustration or the bind this has continually put us in. Im extremely disappointed in this vehicle and Mercedes-benz of Tampa right now.*Marcus

Review №25

Language is a terrible barrier, true, but the greatness of this nation is founded on its heterogeneity and multiculturalism. That said, I have never had difficulty managing in the 10 years that I have been living in the United States with the little English I speak, precisely because most of the English-speaking people I have had to talk to have been willing to help me and understand my little English. Which has not happened like that in my experience when I wanted to buy a car at the Mercedes Benz dealership in Tampa, this time; that after much impetus I managed to buy thanks to the management of Mr. Juan Diego Arango, of course for him it was easy given that we could communicate fluently in the language of Cervantes. It was so simple that that purchase management that days previous I took hours of annoyance and Mr. Arango calls the management in a short visit of mine to the dealership to attest to the value of the exchange car that I did because most of the paperwork and I had done the purchase process online. Anyway, I was able to buy the car and Mr. Juan Diego was kind enough to deliver it personally to my residence more than an hour from the dealership.

Review №26

This place never ever ever answers the phone. The service department doesn’t answer and they don’t return calls. If you call on Monday, Tuesday Saturday, Friday! Literally no one answers after 50-70 rings. Once you get their they are great but having to go to them to say that they only take schedules apps! I can’t schedule an app if no one answers the phone.

Review №27

Went to have my car serviced and I can definitely say they are not accommodating at all. I was under the impression I was going to get a rental for the issues my car had (since the people I talked to at the dealership said that would be “no problem”), but once I got to the dealership discovered that was not the case and they couldn’t provide one. They only offered an Uber, and when you have plans and need a car for those that simply isn’t very acceptable. Especially for an issue that’s under warranty and should take more than a day to fix. I feel very disappointed and most likely will choose to go to a different dealer after this.

Review №28

We purchased 2 cars here since last September. First experience with service department was when I had a nail in the tire. My car was 2 weeks old. Took them three days to fix it and the only reason I got it in 3 days is bc I called and said I needed my car immediately and it finally was taken care of.Today my husband took his in at 9am for just an oil change. He was there for 4 1/2 hours! He was told 1 1/2 hrs at most. They kept saying almost done, almost done. 🙁 Sorry but Mercedes should have better service.

Review №29

Jaden Batten is a gem! When it comes to service, she is first class! She makes every experience for me an enjoyable one by going over and beyond when it comes to the luxury experience! She’s consistent honest, kind and extremely patient! She is definitely an asset to her company! Thank you Jaden for being you….simply AMAZING!!!

Review №30

Bob at Mercedes Benz is reliable and extremely thoughtful!!! Great customer service

Review №31

I just wanted to share my experience. I’ve been getting my car serviced there and Joey is my advisor. Super cool and honest guy!! Thank you so much for everything even extending my lender car when I was sick. Thanks Joey, you ROCK 🙌

Review №32

Shawna was great she always takes really good care of me. I highly recommend requesting her to be your service advisor.

Review №33

Came in as a walk in. The front desk was very friendly and tried to find us a salesman. It took a pretty long time and there wasnt any of what we wanted anywhere on the lot at all to test drive. We were interested in an AMG but were told unless we buy it first there was no way we could test drive it. Expect to pay sticker price. Deals are a thing of the past too.

Review №34

Jaden Batten from Servicing helped me out so much! I have an older car and was a bit hesitant to bring it in, but she helped me out and now it feels like I’m driving a new car!Everyone did a suburb job in a timely manner, and Jaden was especially friendly and explained everything every step of the way. Highly recommended

Review №35

Jaden was very professional when my car went in for a service. I was informed on how long it would take and updated promptly. She went above and beyond to provide great service and I will make sure to see her anytime I need to go in for a service.

Review №36

Joey Helenek is extremely personable and knowledgeable! It’s always very pleasant dealing with him. Highly recommend.

Review №37

It was a family affair that could not have gone as well as it did without Alex and Moe. From beginning to end, it was not only a smooth transition but one that showcased why Mercedes has a reputation for excellence. Alexandria is by far one of the most patient, knowledgeable, friendly, easygoing, and accommodating sales reps that I have ever encountered whilst buying a new car. There was absolutely nothing that slipped, because she paid attention to every single detail and need from beginning to end. It felt like interacting with a friend would I would highly recommend this dealership based especially on the sales rep Alex and financing aspect. But the interaction with others there was the same level of professionalism

Review №38

This past week I had the pleasure of getting Jason Pierce as my DEDICATED SERVICE ADVISOR!!! He was patient with my questions and made sure that my car was taken care of. We recently moved from another state where I had an amazing service advisor. I was nervous that I would not get that a second time around. In two visits, for two different matters, Jason provided excellent service. I have his info saved and will be returning for my next scheduled service!! Thanks, Jason and the techs who worked on my vehicle Pearl. You Rock!!!

Review №39

JADEN is the absolute best. I have been going to this dealership for a year now and she is hands down the reason I keep coming back . Very thorough and knows her cars . Talk about luxury service !

Review №40

I would like to thank Jason Addison of Mercedes of Tampa he went over and beyond his job to help me out this is what service is all about. I was well taking care of and again thank you Mercedes for hiring such a honest and helpful person.Thank you Leon Chandler

Review №41

This is the WORST Customer Service, I have ever dealt with, I purchased a brand new 2021 model and took it in for services, my car is not ready for pickup and this is day 2 and I was told that I can not get a loaner car for use.I have no car and I have not been informed of when my vehicle will be ready. You would think that Mercedes would supply a loaner car to a supposedly valued customer but noooo, Im stranded. If anyone knows the General Manager please let me know, I will be reporting this to the BBB.

Review №42

My wife and I recently bought our first new Mercedes Benz from MB ofTampa and were provided regal treatment by Moe. He also arranged our first visit to the service department and we were similarly treated superbly by Jaden. We cannot say enough about the professional service and courtesy of Moe and Jaden. Thanks to them!

Review №43

My service advisor was Joey Helenek. Every time I come in he goes above and beyond in customer service. He is easy to work with, always communicates everything I should know, and makes sure my car comes out better than before. His level of service is unparalleled.

Review №44

I love bringing my car in for service here. It is always a pleasant experience, and the coffee in the lounge is delicious! Shawna helped me out during my recent visit, and she made it an effortless experience. I was there with my fleet car that required some extra legwork, and Shawna took care of it without a problem. I will be requesting her help on future visits!

Review №45

Its Mrs. Tomeka again!! Id like to send a big THANK YOU to MB of Tampa and two individuals in particular, Shedrick Payne (Sales) and Jay Friedman (Finance). This is my second car from this dealership and let me tell experience has been great both times. I purchased my new car 2 weeks ago. They made my purchase smooth. My husband was even impressed with the process. Im enjoying my C300 and my daughter is enjoying the CLA 250 (purchased in 2018). Again, Thank You both for all your assistance!!

Review №46

On a road trip to Tampa from Miami after being in town for a few days my Mercedes was having issues starting up. There was a little delay whenever I attempted to start it, so I knew right away I had to get it looked at, as I had to drive it back to Miami within a few days. The strangest thing was I had just had an inspection and service on my car at Mercedes Benz of Cutler Bay FL. The result from the inspection from Cutler Bay never should I was having issues with my battery, as a matter of fact the inspection report from Cutler Bay showed the battery was in good condition with everything in the green, obviously that was not the case.After reaching out to the local Tampa Bay service department I had a great experience over all. I was instantly connect with Service Consultant Rick Acosta. I explained everything to him and right away he took my car in and within 45 minutes or less I received a call from him letting me know it was the battery and he advised I should consider getting the Shock Absorbers/ Suspension replaced. I gave him the go ahead with repairs. within 3 hours my car was ready for pickup. Thanks to the full and detail inspection that was performed on my car and the professionalism from Rick I was able to get my car taken care of in a timely manner and the drive back to Miami was safe and comfortable indeed. I highly recommend John Silvers and his team at Mercedes -Benz Of Tampa, and look forward to visiting them again if ever Im in town and need service on my car!!!!If you want an inspection done correctly, these are your guys!!! They get the job done, they never disappoint!!

Review №47

Dropped in this morning for a routine service, Bob Nett my regular service consultant had me in and out very smoothly, as usual. I chose to hang out at their excellent coffee bar. I travel in from Saint Petersburg to Tampa to have my car serviced, it is worth it because Tampas operation has scale which allows them to be very efficient and predictable; and the airport drop-off option is also a great advantage. My only issue with this location is their telephone switchboard. I booked the service on the web which was easy, but getting through to someone knowledgeable by phone takes some patience.

Review №48

Mercedes-Benz of Tampa went above and beyond throughout my car buying experience. I live in Auburn, Alabama, and found the perfect car on their website. With help and great communication from Bruno Santelli, an excellent staff member, I was able to have all paperwork overnighted making the buying process seamless and hassle-free. I look forward to continuing business with Mercedes-Benz of Tampa!

Review №49

I absolutely love Bob and Dave the best service members at Mercedes of tampa!! They were quick and responsive to all of my text no matter the time of the day, definitely my favorite two !

Review №50

Brand new car 2021 with only 4000 miles took it for repair and the dealer does not have the parts available and did not offer an alternative transportation Until the part becomes available

Review №51

Bob Net is hands down the best! He’s been our service advisor for years and never disappoints~he’s friendly, professional, and all around provides great service. I highly recommend MB of Tampa.

Review №52

Great customer service

Review №53

I’d have to say given the amount of experience we’ve had at purchasing vehicles every few years, this by far has been the most easiest and most pleasant one of all! Working with Sidney made the entire deal smooth and truly a great experience. We definitely recommend her if you are in search for a new vehicle as she is very informative about every vehicle and very transparent. The deal went just as smooth in financing as Elliot discussed every option and made selecting a service package just as easy. Thank you MBOT for the wonderful experience and we definitely will be returning!

Review №54

I had an amazing experience with Mercedes- Benz Tampa. Everyone was so helpful and friendly. Always ask Alex Cook- sales manager! He is a great guy. Very respectful and professional. He helped me with everything. Great job!Thank you again, Alex!

Review №55

I had a great experience. My car got done in a reasonable time, no surprise cost, and it was easy to check services done on my car with the link they send via text. Also my go to guy is Bob Net because he truly makes me feel like I matter and puts that extra bit of care in my service experience!

Review №56

Every time I get my truck serviced Bob Net is always efficient and helpful. I’m pretty much in and out which is good due to my busy schedule!!

Review №57

One thing I’m going to say is Ralph has been amazing, his hard work always been noticed!He always provide me his individual attention and care towards my issue of my car.He always makes sure if I needed anything to count on him, customer service is over the top and should deserve a great raised and a TRUE PROMOTION of his hard work in the Mercedes-Benz Of Tampa, FL!Ralph I couldn’t thank you enough, thank you for everything you do and your loyalty it will always be noticed, please if anyone reads this, go to Ralph from Service department you won’t regret it, thank you once again Ralph you are always appreciated.

Review №58

Jaden Batten is the best service advisor at Mercedes hands down. Very helpful and responds very quickly. She helps us manage our company vehicles and helps get them in and out as fast as possible while still giving us the best service possible. Would highly recommend.

Review №59

We are so happy with our new car.!! Bruno Santelli was amazing and his service too! Thank you so much Bruno with everything!.!!!

Review №60

Top Notch Customer Service from Ebrahim and Elliot Gunther! Normally, buying a car is truly a stressful and nerve-wracking experience for me, I would drive on 3 wheels before going to a car dealership! But MB of Tampa had exactly the used car I was looking for so I had to buck up and go look. From the moment I stepped into the very impressive MB dealership and Ebrahim welcomed me in with my Golden Retriever, I felt comfortable, relaxed and had an honest and open dialogue about the car. Ebrahim treated me with the upmost respect and courtesy and was completely engaged with me to answer any questions, give me background advice and share knowledge about the car. Ebrahim worked with me to casually discuss terms, conditions and price without any pressure, which gave me a real sense of empowerment to make my buying decision. The care and effort that Ebrahim took with me, is taken by the entire dealership team, from the care and service they give to a used car to the financing and contract signing with Elliot, who is a true gem to the dealership as well. I highly recommend working with Ebrahim and Elliott and hope my blended family of 6 daughters can have the same experience on their next car purchasing quest! Thank you Ebrahim and Elliott!...and thank you Mercendez-Benz of Tampa for having these 2 exceptional gentlemen on your team!

Review №61

I LOVE this dealership! Jaleel is the BEST! He’s super transparent and always has my back!

Review №62

Another rope-a-dope Mercedesdealership. No real issues with people, they are just doing what they are paid for. It is Daimler service practices that are absurd.

Review №63

Best experience my wife and I ever had purchasing a vehicle! Fatima was awesome, helped us with all our needs and eased any concerns we may have had concerning the vehicle we liked. Amazingly patient while we test drove multiple vehicles and always had a smile on her face. Just a truly genuine and professional person! If you are looking to purchase from Mercedes of Tampa, make sure you get in contact with Fatima, she will not steer you wrong! Also, the sales manager John was fantastic, sat down and worked with us to ensure we got out vehicle. Definitely going back to purchase our next vehicle!

Review №64

Nice service every time I’ve visited in the past. You could say it’s overpriced but it’s a Mercedes, it’s not supposed to be cheap. They have the 50k markup on the new G wagon orders which I suppose is typical but I was able to order and get multiple quotes at MSRP elsewhere (farther dealers included shipping!) while they positively assured me it was not possible. So if you are to order a G don’t get bent over here.

Review №65

Jaden was so helpful! She goes above and beyond making her customers feel valued. Thanks!

Review №66

I purchased a car on the Thursday before Mother’s Day was informed that at that time I had a 2 year warranty and I purchase a addition five year warranty and was told it would be honored at any of their dealerships. Today there was a large nail in my tire and I called before taking my car in. I was advised to bring it in and had the worse experience I have ever had sitting in the lobby for three hours to be told they could not honor my warranty because it had not been honored due to payment had not reached the proper office. I left there extremely upset and drove to the park office where the sales manager Frank C. Heard of my experience and immediately told me that don’t worry that he will take good care of me in which he did. Will never go anywhere but Pinelllas Park. Thank you for my advisor, sales man, and sales manager. Mrs. Neal.

Review №67

Jaden & Mecca !!!!! 5 star across the board. Jaden is my service advisor and Mecca is my salesperson and I couldn’t be any happier ! They are both GREAT!

Review №68

AMG power!- Bret Crino, The Sails Team by eXp Realty

Review №69

I bought from the dealer recently and had a great experience. Everyone was helpful and friendly. Bruno was my advisor and he went out of his way to make sure I was pleased every step of the way. He has followed up after the sale and even took time to find me and say hi while I was there for an appointment.

Review №70

Best car buying experience! Highly recommend Alex, he is great and so so helpful. Terrible service though, took my car in for service twice. First time I booked an appointment I had a week long wait with a text Sunday morning that it was ready but couldn’t be picked up until Monday. Second time, took my car in after booking an appointment, once we got there a very rude man named Dave aggressively said “we have 160 loaners but none are available so I don’t know why you booked a loaner” well Dave, I had the option to do so online I’m not sure why you treated us like that. In short, best place to buy your car, I recommend Clearwater for service though.

Review №71

Without a doubt, the worst dealership experience Ive had in my 47 years of purchasing autos!! They advertised a 2014 Mercedes with 17k, unlimited mileage warranty {which there wasnt} and passed their 155 point inspection. Took 4 days to get photos. I called after viewing photos and was told I needed to come down quickly, that there was a lot of people interested. I drive 45 miles to test drive the car. Looked the car over, was told the passenger window needed fixed, and that it would be done on Monday. I test drove the car and agreed to purchase it after it was repaired. I was told I would be called when finished. I CALLED my salesman Michael on Tuesday, and was told that they forgot to do an oil change, and would call when finished. ON FRIDAY I was called and told it needed another part and wouldnt be done till Monday. I voiced my displeasure with the runaround Ive had to experience, and was told that I didnt have to buy the car! I had previously told him I was a snowbird, and was looking for a car to drive home in mid-May. By this time it was May 14. I told him that I had to look for another car, but to call me when the car was right, and if I hadnt purchased another auto, I would still be interested. On May 24, TEN DAYS LATER, { now over 3 weeks}, I CALL Michael only to be told that the car was sent to the auto auction! This car was beautiful, 17k, and I had agreed to purchase it!! Makes me wonder if this was one of those good-ole-boy deals where someone with connections wanted this car!! I know I will NEVER deal with this disgraceful dealership again!!

Review №72

Jaden was an amazing and took the stress of getting my car fixed away. She was very informative and kept me updated through the whole process. It’s no fun to get repairs, but she made it easy and took care of my car and I the whole time. I’ll definitely be going back to see her specifically.

Review №73

I took this position with Lazydays RV outsourcing work to local dealerships in April 2020. Not knowing who to use for Mercedes Sprinters, I got ahold of Rick Acosta at Mercedes-Benz of Tampa Bay. He took such great care of our customers Sprinters as well as our stock units that I have dealt with him ever since. He is available by text, which is so much easier than calling into a dealership. His technicians have figured out some of the most complicated Sprinter wiring issues I have ever seen or heard of. He is always on the ball, keeps us informed so that we can keep our customers informed as well!

Review №74

I wanted to use this platform to send my appreciation to Mercedez Benz of Tampa service department for always exceeding my expectations in providing top notch customer service and incredible speed in helping their clients. Yesterday I reached out to Jaleel Khan, the service manager at MB of Tampa Bay with a flat tire and 3 other tires that needed to be replaced and aligned and even though it was in the middle of the day he took my car in and had it ready in less than 3 hours!! They even went above and beyond and gave me a complimentary wash. I can’t be more happy with their level of customer service. Thank you

Review №75

Terrible attention, when trying to buy one of their cars online. A whole day calling by phone to get an answer about my online purchase management made with click Lena on your website. They never gave me an answer and if they asked my credit aggressively.Mr. Bruno Santelli from Mercedes Benz of Tampa recently contacted me regarding dealership mismanagement to get a response on the loan requested for the purchase of a car. I fully understand that this decision is not up to the dealer. What is annoying; It is the management carried out by the financing department, not only of this concessionaire, because it is a generalized practice since it does not manage the financing properly depending on each client and sends through an algorithm credit approval consultation to all banking institutions they have in its system which aggressively erodes the customers credit score, having in advance his credit report that shows the dealer whether or not the management and approval of the loan is possible. What after what happened Mr. Santelli of Mercedes Benz of Tampa has communicated very solicitously to carry out this management that a Mercedes Benz dealer should do much more for each of its customers if he is already a Mercedes Benz customer. I am grateful that Mr. Bruno contacted me to personally manage the loan that I do not think can be obtained on acceptable terms; but in any case I appreciate his time even though yesterday I was not given the same attention that on other occasions I have received from the dealer in the past.

Review №76

My car needed service and Bob Net from Mercedes-Benz of Tampa was able to get my car fixed and returned to me within 24 hours! He was extremely professional, thorough, and responsive to all my questions. I highly recommend using him for your service needs.

Review №77

I purchased my GLB from Alex Cook and had the absolute best experience! I originally went to another Mercedes dealership in the Bay Area and was not satisfied with their service at all so I decided to drive a bit further to see Alex and his team in Tampa. From the moment I walked in the door I was treated with the type of service you would expect from a luxury dealership. I test drove several cars and left with my dream car. This was my first time purchasing a car on my own and Alex made sure the experience was smooth, fun and exciting. I have had my car for a couple months now and Alex checks in and is always available when I have questions. I brought my car in for routine service and ran into Alex while I was there - Alex treated me with the absolute best care despite me not being there to “purchase” anything from him - this just proves how much he cares for his clients and has your best interest in mind! I have referred friends to Alex and will definitely be visiting him again when I’m ready for my next car. Thank you Alex!!

Review №78

My service advisor Katherine Rogers is asolutely the best!!! She saved the day!!I drove to Tampa from Lakeland after work for an appt. and my tire went flat and Katherine was able to have it replaced for me 30 minutes before closing time. Outstanding customer service!! Thank you so much Katherine😉

Review №79

Horrendous. Dealt with Michael in sales to purchase a car. Called in the afternoon and negotiated price since I was purchasing from a different state. He said he would call me back after checking with his manager. Never called back. I call him and he says the manager accepted the price but he was working with another client and would call me back in an hour. I wait another hour, call back and spoke with another sales rep who informs me the car is sold. Confused, I ask to speak with Michael, and the sales rep says hes the only one in and doesnt see him anywhere.Same old used car lot. Dont let the name fool you.

Review №80

Your going to work with someone You Got to Ask For Erick One of the Best Salesmen Ive Worked With Very very Nice Person Dealership Was Great Aswell

Review №81

The service department at Mercedes-Benz of Tampa Bay always provides me with excellent service. Bob Net is great and has been my service advisor for many years. He is awesome and highly recommended!

Review №82

I am posting under my sons account but would be remissed if I did not take a moment to share how forever appreciative I am of the excellent customer service I receive from my service advisor, Bob Net. Without fail, he is consistent in ensuring that I receive top quality service and the necessary advice I need to ensure my car is always safe to drive. Thanks Bob!

Review №83

Thank you, Jaden Batten, my Service Advisor. The work on my CLS550 was completed as described and as promised. Best thing of all it was fixed right the first time.

Review №84

Outstanding Service and Sales of my Beautiful Mercedes E350. I was privileged to purchase my very 1st Mercedes Benz at Mercedes of Tampa Bay and the Sales and Service staff were Amazing! I was given a complete tutorial over all guide to show me how Every single Button works on my vehicle and then told if for any reason I need a question answered just to stop in or Call and the staff will walk me through it or take care of it. While waiting for a quick refill of Washer fluid in their beautiful and luxurious waiting lounge the offer you free Delicious Coffee. The service has been impeccable and I’m so proud of my purchase.

Review №85

I have to say, I had a great buying experience with Cary J, but since then- I can’t help but wonder what I got myself into re: the service department. As a loyal Infiniti owner, this is my first Mercedes . First off, I purchased a BRAND NEW AMG CLA 45 this past summer. In addition to what came with the car, I added many additional lights and other options. About 2 months after purchase, I had a question re: body work and was referred to my advisor, Jaleel (sp?). I called him 4 days in a row, all the time the girls that answered assured me he was IN THE OFFICE, just busy. I left multiple messages and sent an email. When he finally returned my call, he told me he was NOT in the office. Hmmmm 🤔 Not what I’d expect from Mercedes.Moving on. Jan 21st Jerry came to p/u my car for addt issues with warning messages and window problems. He was SO NICE AND THOROUGH. Finally, A nice person representing a luxury car brand! From that point I got 1 text from Jaleel asking me about the window. NOTHING ELSE. Crickets. Jan 22nd at 9:15 I got a call from my husband telling me someone was at our house to pick up the loaner. My husband works from home and was pulled away from a ZOOM mtg he was hosting to answer the door that kept ringing. No notice, WHATSOEVER. I was out and about with the loaner. I rushed home to find Luigi there. He apologized for not confirming contact with me prior to, which is their policy. He had NO updates on my car and if it was even fixed. I was baffled. He left. When I got into my NEW car, I found coffee spilled all over the console controls and around the cup holder, and what appeared to be crumbs. See photos. Mind you, we have a STRICT rule in our car about no food and drinks. Bottled Water is allowed, occasionally. Luigi also gave his coffee cup to my husband to throw away. My husband was shocked, but too busy with his meeting to react.This is just not what I’d expect from Mercedes. Fortunately, I talked to an advisor named Bo who filled me in on what was done to my new car. He was patient and explained everything to me. Nice guy!After stewing and talking to friends, they encouraged me to call the service manager, John, to tell him about my Experience. John was nice and apologized, even offered to have my car detailed. I took him up in that, but he said he had to first speak with Luigi. Well, it’s been a week and John has yet to call me back. I left him a voicemail Tuesday and he still hasn’t gotten back to me.So.. I’ve learned a hard lesson here. I DO NOT recommend taking your vehicle for service at this dealer. At this point, I don’t even recommend the dealer. Maybe not even Mercedes.

Review №86

Had a wonderful and truly easy car buying experience here with Fatima Beydoun and Jessica in finance. Fatima made sure I got into the Mercedes Benz of my dreams and was very knowledgeable about the differences between all of the cars I was considering. Highly recommend this dealership as well- all of the staff was really helpful and nice. Love my new car and love Fatima!!

Review №87

This review is for Jaden (Service Provider). She provides the best customer service from any Mercedes dealer Ive had repairs with (this is the 4th over the years). She is kind, competent, and truly cares about the customer. Couldnt have asked for a better experience or someone to work with, especially on costly repairs. It truly eases your mind to know someone is keeping you informed as much as possible while navigating a service plan with your best interests prioritized. Thanks for going above and beyond for your customers Jaden! It makes a huge difference and is why I will continue taking my car to Mercedes Tampa

Review №88

I am in the market for a new compact suv. Given the current inflated pricing of practical Japanese and Korean models, I have been considering the GLA (pricing is within $2K for the packages I am eyeing). Both my parents encouraged me also stating they received 3 years of complimentary maintenance on their cars (CLS 500 and e class) which would completely justify the long term higher expenses and closed the deal for me.I went to this location to ask general questions about service and maintenance to make a true assessment. When I arrived, I was pointed to the sales kiosk where I met Jorge. I explained my situation and he told me there is no such thing as this complimentary package. He stated I could purchase a service package if I want to save $10 dollars for pre-purchasing 3 services at once. I asked how much I should expect to pay for this package as well as a set of new tires to get a solid comparison of expenses in the first few years.He said it would depend on the car. I restated the GLA is what I’m there for. He said it was $250/service but that I’d only have to do it once a year while Asian cars require $90 oil changes 3 times a year. I didn’t understand this breakdown and asked more questions. He was clearly irritated and I can’t tell if he didn’t know the answers or just didn’t want to hep me.I walked out deciding the GLA was not for me which was especially a let down given that my parents told me with the level of customer service they receive from Mercedes, they’ll never go back to another make.After discussing this experience with a few friends, we determined I just went to the wrong dealership and/or sales person. I now realize how awful this experience actually was to have completely ruled out an option I was certain I would purchase. I’ll hit another location to compare and hopefully receive the customer service from a luxury car dealership you would expect.

Review №89

Extremely satisfied with the service and the attention to customer detail by Joey H. Was well consulted on my e350 power seat seat adjuster mechanical issues. Joey was able provide excellent advice on the best way to go about the repair. Love coming to this Benz dealership for all my e350 repairs. Thank you Joey for the hassle free and easygoing experience 💪💪

Review №90

I had an amazing experience with Mercedes-Benz Tampa. The entire experience was smooth and quick.Always ask for Alex Laura. He is a great guy. Very respectful and he helped me with everything. Also ask for Jonathan Welty. He is the sales manager. He makes sure you are satisfied with your purchase. Thanks guys.

Review №91

Joey Helenek is awesome. Always helpful

Review №92

Best experience Ive ever had leasing. Employees were extremely professional and honest . I have referred alot of my family and friends. The dealership is also very clean only downside was the downpayment was alot for a standard sedan.

Review №93

My sales rep Mecca was a God send! I just can not express enough how smooth she made it for me for the purchase of my car. She was thorough, patient, and even stayed late at the dealership to give me a tutorial of how everything works inside. I have NEVER felt blown away by my experience with a sales rep until yesterday. If I could give more than 5 stars for her I would!If you’re looking for a Mercedes Benz in Tampa, visit this dealership and SEE MECCA!!

Review №94

I cannot recommend Bruno Santelli enough when purchasing a vehicle from Mercedes. He was patient, professional, and well-informed and made the entire car-buying process a pleasure. He really listened to what I needed and wanted in a car, and posed suggestions to me without ever making me feel pressured. It was a wonderful experience, and I couldnt be happier with my purchase. Thank you!

Review №95

Great car, terrible experience overall. If I’m spending that much money on a car I expected better treatment from the sales staff and finance. I’ve purchased other cars and this dealership has been the worst in terms of customer service. It’s been almost a month and my trade in vehicle still isn’t paid off. If your in the market for a Mercedes I strongly recommend you go to a different dealer. As of 5/19/21 (5 days after your post)- Alex we tried calling you, left you messages, and never heard from you and you did not return my calls. My husband was there for 3 hours on Monday and told your staff he was there and you never spoke to him. You never reached out to us. Again, the customer service at this dealership is less than desired.

Review №96

I have leased two vehicles from Mercedes Benz of Tampa and had a very positive experience with Aaron Bartlett.Aaron was very knowledgeable of all of the different Mercedes models I was interested in.Additionally Aaron made the extra effort in locating the perfect car for me in the timeline I needed.Lastly he has done a good job in staying in contact with me after the sale. I will definitely go back to him next year when my lease expires and lease another Mercedes.

Review №97

I love the dealership. Excellent customer service. And amazing deals.

Review №98

I got a nail in one my tires and these are new tires I bought in Dec. I called Jason Pierce and he said don’t worry about it bring your car in now and I will get it taken care of. Jason updated me through the repair and the tire was under warranty. No hassle and fast repair. Ask for Jason on your next service. Thank you Jason.

Review №99

Jaden is the best service advisor. She’s the ONLY ONE WE WANT. She’s been very supportive and informative throughout my MB experience. I love her for all the hard work she does and advise.Thanks so much from the Davis family

Review №100

MECCA is a great and honest sales agent! She is patient and will not try to sell you something just to get a sale. She will listen to your wants and needs and make it happen. She ordered us a 2020 C300 and are now working on ordering another car! Also, JALEEL’s work in the service department is unmatchable. He always helps with a moments notice and fixes any issues I have with both of my cars. He is truly amazing to work with! Make sure you ask for Jaleel!!

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