14920 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33613, United States
Review №1

I had the best experience. Lance was amazing! I didn’t feel pressured I got told everything upfront and I got to see the whole process. I enjoyed my visit from start to finish. I will definitely be returning in the future to this location! I came all the way from Polk county

Review №2

I had a wonderful experience at CarMax yesterday. I has been searching and searching for a car within my budget. I couldnt find anything. I looked online saw a car I loved, reserved it. Went in and got Kyle who was my awesome salesperson!! Test drove it and the rest is history! About 3.5 hours from start to finish. Kyle made the car shopping experience fun and the finance woman Jane was awesome too. Both were so sweet and informative!! I love my new car! Thank you to your team at this location. They also gave me $200 more for my trade than 3 other dealerships had quoted me. Very happy so far!

Review №3

3 hours from start to finish, way too long. I had already done the online offer. The business center said they could not get through to my bank. After 90 minutes of waiting, I called and got through in less than 5 minutes.

Review №4

We have been CarMax customers since 2005. I always purchase my cars from CarMax. The process to pick and purchase a car was easier. We really didn’t have to do to much just basically click and pick. My only pet peeve is the inside of the vehicle was not cleaned. Also, I was sold the car with one key fob. I’m guessing the rims were painted black in which is now peeling off after the wash this weekend. We should’ve been told about the painted rims. I hope I wasn’t charged extra for having custom rims.

Review №5

I had a high payment on my vehicle. Carmax gave me a great price for it. They had a car that I wanted, in the color I wanted. The buying/selling process was smooth. Abdul and Jane took care of all of the paperwork and made it an enjoyable process. I was not very happy with the cleanliness of the car I bought. It smelled like a “barn” and there was trash between the seats. The cleanliness is why I didn’t give five stars.

Review №6

They are liers Associate promised to deliver service to take off my rims they Ignored my Calls for 3 weeks have not paid off my trade in and sold the vehicle with my rims and after it was Sold by the promising associates I was told it was my responsibility we are getting ready to enter week 4 of no payment for my trade in it’s cheaper and better service to go to the Dealer/Make of the vehicle you want I will never buy from CarMax again as American who is currently serving our country please understand CarMax Does Not… On Top of the vehicle I purchased the panels started to whorp even the windshield that they failed to disclose

Review №7

I have been a CarMax customer since 2005. I have purchased all my vehicles from CarMax ever since with little to no problems at all. The cars have been reliable and exceptional quality. However come this year of March 2021 I purchased my last vehicle from them, a BMW 228i and over the span of a couple months I have taken it back approximately four times for issues that should have been caught during their mechanical inspections. I have observed a lower quality of their inspections and their need to speed through these inspections and its apparent through the results. I have now taken the car for the fourth time in for repair and it has been approximately two and a half weeks with little to no communication from their customer service department unless I contact them. When I do get a hold of them they do not give me a straight answer nor did they give me a honest answer. I have been so frustrated with this process and I have tried to initiate a trade-in but now with their trade-in process they value my car so much less than what the Kelley Blue book car value trade-in is valued at. Its almost a blessing in the sky because I did want to trade in for another vehicle at carmax but their quality has has placed me in a questionable state with doing future business with CarMax.

Review №8

Decided to sell my leased car a few months before the end of the lease. Because used car prices are high right now, I got a great instant offer just by putting in my license plate # online. I made an appointment and came in for a formal appraisal.I was expecting them to take off $ for this and that minor wear, but was very happy to hear the quote was exactly what I got online, and was more than $5,000 over my lease buyout cost. (Even with the early termination fees and sales taxes! )Im thrilled!The whole process mostly involves waiting in the waiting area while they do all the work. Very hassle-free, and I am not a fan of car dealerships.

Review №9

I had a wonderful experience here! Everyone went above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed. Sam was the one that sold me my car. He was very professional and kind. He made the experience very pleasant. I had called customer service about a question I had about my car, and Sara was the one who helped me. She was amazing! Both Sam and Sara went out of their way to give me the best service I’ve ever had! I will definitely be coming back here in the future.

Review №10

They are never able to service my vehicle, they never answer the phone. I paid for a warranty for absolutely nothing. Ever since i bought my car with them I’ve had to go to other mechanic places just to get my car serviced because they never answer the phone

Review №11

I’d have to say they did much better than expected. I had an extra car they gave me a check same day. Everything was quick and easy. It was packed but it wasn’t a super long wait which was nice. Great job guys if I ever need a car I’ll think of you.

Review №12

After having the worst experience earlier in the day from Ford dealer in Nokomis. Car Max came through in a big way! They gave me a fair offer for my car and they only charge a small fee compared to other dealer fees! There cars are priced to sell which I love as you don’t feel like you are getting screwed like other dealers. Sam was very professional and not pushy which I appreciate. The car could have been cleaned a little better but that’s not a huge deal for me. I would highly recommend buying and or selling with Car Max!

Review №13

Selling my car was not something I was happy about, but the efficiency and courteous manner of your staff made it a low stress event. Thank you so much for making the whole experience easier. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone I know, whether they are buying or selling their vehicle.

Review №14

I had a great experience with Gregory . He was very professional, polite and patient. I first had an issue with another salesman who was very unprofessional. The manager directed me to Gregory and I can honestly say I was very pleased. He got everything I needed done and was a great help. I recommend him to anyone who’s looking to purchase a car from there.

Review №15

Greetings: The entire process of estimation of the car value, contract sheet with the offer price, and final payment and completing the transaction was very professional. I do believe that It took about 4 hours of time duration for the entire transaction which I believe can be improved. A maximum of 3 hours could be sufficient to complete the transaction and Carmax need to find methods to improve the total time for this transaction. The staff members were friendly and professional. thanks for the opportunity. The car belonged to our friend and I was the person helping her to complete the transaction.

Review №16

My son bought his very own first car and first time self insured. So proud of him! After his months of research, a few different dealerships, his final destination lead him back to Carmax. They were very friendly and accommodating to his wants and needs which led the vehicle being transferred to Tampa from another location. The paperwork was quick and easy after he opted for a 24 hour test drive. He is very happy with his choice and could not be more happy for him. Many thanks to Lance, Dylan, Mike and the admins at Carmax.

Review №17

Ilya my sales person was very helpful, professional and informative. He made the buying process less stressful. I am very happy with CarMax just like my friends said I would. Thank you. I will buy from CarMax in the future as well as recommend.

Review №18

Everyone was very diligent on getting things done in a timely manner. Even after closing they stayed late to help me get the car of my dreams. Very much appreciated and I will recommend for my friends

Review №19

Well care facility, Tom Pollard was very helpful, inn and out in about an hour, walked thru lot has good variety of vehicles.

Review №20

CarMax is great! Its not like your normal dealership with a bunch of demons waiting to pressure you and make you buy there vehicles no matter what the cost. I worked with Ilya and he was awesome! So straight forward and super nice. He made the experience really great. Make sure you get him when you go. But overall this CarMax is really good.

Review №21

The best place to get a car I will always send people to carmax before anywhere else

Review №22

The level of service was exceptional! Bert and Mike worked together to get the job done. No hidden fees. Very straight forward purchase. Overall a great experience!

Review №23

Jose was awesome in locating the corvette we wanted and made the trade process of our Yukon extremely easy. There was no pressure and he was extremely knowledgeable.

Review №24

I had high hopes for Carmax after we got a great offer on my vehicle. No complaints there, but 4-5 hrs later and a lost file and no payoff verification has turned this experience into a nightmare. It’s really unbelievable. The communication inside is horrible and you just wait while numerous others walk in and out. I would never use them again.

Review №25

I found the process of the call center to be disconnected from what happens at the dealership. my first car was test driven by someone else instead of having a hold on it. they used the wrong email for a week even after being reminded three times. the toyota highlander is great but the carmax experience was disorganized. my first carmax purchase 3 years ago went much smoother.

Review №26

Amazing customer service! Bert was the best. :)

Review №27

I’ve always bought my cars at traditional car dealerships this is my first purchase at Carmax it was the simplest most enjoyable experience I’ve ever had in my life purchasing a car I highly recommend it

Review №28

Good service--only observation is that when I got an estimate on line, it was very low. This almost kept me away. When I actually took my car in the offer I got was much higher than the online estimate.

Review №29

I have only had positive experiences at this Car Max location. We have sold and bought cars here and it was very convenient and hassle-free. The customer service is great. No dealing with sleazy car salesmen. We recently bought a car that I loved but unfortunately the car smelt like cigarette smoke. We tried to clean it, deodorize it and put an air purifier in it, but it just didnt work out for us. We brought the car back a week and a half later and the manager Linda was so polite and had amazing customer service. She accommodated us and quickly handled our return. She even refunded our transfer fee which was $99, and she did not have to do that since we did not even ask about it. The salesperson Lance was really awesome, customer service was great and was so concerned about out satisfaction. I do recommend this Car Max!

Review №30

Went to get an appraisal today on a car I plan to sell. It was hands down a wonderful experience. Gregory was very polite and efficient with getting my car appraised even though I showed up before my scheduled time. They were able to offer me more than what I owe (and more than I was expecting) and after asking once if I was interested in purchasing another vehicle (and I told them not at this time), there was no high pressured sales tactics to try and get me to buy anything. I couldnt sell today, but will definitely be back to sell before the end of the 7 day offer.

Review №31

We definitely recommend CarMax! Their prices are fair and their business practices are top-notch! There are no hidden costs or other financial surprises when you purchase a vehicle with CarMax. Definitely cant say the same for dealerships! The only problem is too many people know how great they are! Everything seems to sell quickly -- so its best to find the vehicle you want through the app or website, and put a hold on it before you go there.

Review №32

I had a great experience. Had a car delivered to my home. After 2 weeks decided to return the car. Was able to return it easily and exchanged it for a car more to my liking. The employees I worked with were all very professional and seemed to truly enjoy their work.

Review №33

Post updated 10/8/21: Unfortunately my excellent experience was ruined by the business office at car max. It’s been over a month now and they still have not submitted are registration to the DMV. I now have a vehicle I can’t drive. If you buy are car from them. Make sure you stay on top of them or you may be out driving what you think is your car and get pulled over and get a big unpleasant surprise.This was the best car buying experience ever. Our sales associate Issac was awesome. He took the time to really go over all our options and made us feel great about our choice.And the car…The car we bought (Hybrid Honda Accord) is beautiful. By far the best car I’ve ever owned. I would definitely recommend anyone looking to purchase a new car to give carmax a try.

Review №34

Easiest purchase ever made. Our sales man was so helpful and patient with us. We were in and out once we picked out our car. Gave is a great price on our other vehicle. It was such a transparent process did everything online prior to our arrival.

Review №35

Sean is the best! Always a pleasurer dealing with him and the professional staff at CarMax! This is our third car from Car Max/Tampa. Will be back. ; )

Review №36

They brag so much on how theyre one of the biggest this and that, after a short while you start to think they just dont need or care for your business. Very arrogant thinking!! We took our business elsewhere, got a better deal and even better customer service!!

Review №37

They make it quick & painless. Can always count on a well inspected car from them. They always put a new pair of front tires on their vehicles & a full tank of gas! Their price was only $1000 over the bluebook price! Prices not negotiable but financing options are. This is my 2nd car from them in 15 yrs. ❤ them!

Review №38

Sam was an exceptional representative for CARMAX. He answered all of our questions completely and in a professional manner. He was also very personable and had a nice sense of humor.Having the vehicle shipped from another location was a smooth process.The paper signing process was easy and well organized.

Review №39

Great experience the management beyond professional.My sale consulting Lance it was nice and kind. business office they were all professional. I will definitely recommend it and Ill go back for my next purchase.

Review №40

I highly recommend selling your vehicle to CarMax!! It was a breeze 😌

Review №41

First time in any CarMax, first transaction. Did online offer to sell this car. Super efficient, friendly, clean. Alexis in business office was great.Would do this again in a heartbeat!

Review №42

Most helpful and very considerate to their customers. Great place.

Review №43

They are very eager to help you get another car thats the reason for the five star and they are easy to talk to and they are willing to accommodate you with your new car so Ill recommend them 100%

Review №44

Awesome service. Sold my car for more than expected in less than 60 minutes. Great people!

Review №45

We had the most amazing experience selling our Ford F 150. We actually made money! We went out to the lot just to browse while waiting and found a new loaded Infiniti SUV with only 5000 miles for under $28,000 and bought it right then and there. We love it and our experience. We will never go anywhere else EVER! 1.5 hours sold and purchased a new car. Unheard of! We have a lease on another vehicle and when it’s nearing the end we will only go there. Secrets out now.

Review №46

Would definitely recommend anybody to take their vehicle there the quoted price they quote you is the price you get

Review №47

My CarMax experience was awesome. This company and its processes runs like a well oiled machine. Thank you.

Review №48

Seemless operation from the offer to the payment. Offer was the most competitive of three other online companies. Less than 2 hours for the entire process.

Review №49

PJ Yarosh and Norman Savoy were absolutely awesome. I couldnt have had a better experience. I took advantage of the 30 day return for another. I originally wanted a blue car but the Leaf they had was gray. I bought it and loved the car but it wasnt blue. As it turns out a blue one came available. I had it transferred to the Tampa store and the process went a lot easier than I ever thought it could. A hiccup occurred with the paperwork, PJ and Norman were able to get it figured out and stayed late to make sure it all was resolved, I even got a better rate on the financing! This is my 4th purchase with CarMax and I can wholeheartedly recommend them for anyone considering purchasing another vehicle. Thank you again PJ and Norman!

Review №50

Carmax sales, service and business departments are phenomenal. They worked with me and was very patient with me with this long stressful journey to get me in the car I wanted. Shout out to Joy and Donavin in sales 👏🏾 Service did a great job resolving the minor problems I experienced with my car. Shout to Cassie, Chris and the service guys. Keep up the amazing work guys!

Review №51

A friend told me about his experience and his direction was spot on i got the top dollar and hassle free transaction i will tell a friend for sure

Review №52

It was awesome experience, I did the Online quote and went in for in person appraisal and it was the exact amount as the online quote. It was beyond my expectations and James from carmax tampa made sure the entire process was smooth and I was able to get the money and leave in less than an hour.

Review №53

Very smooth process. No lies or gimmicks. I received my appraisal offer online than I went to the store and received that exact amount. I love Carmax!!

Review №54

Hello my name is Neslihan.Me and my husband have been waiting for a refund for days. They are pretty slow in paying back. We finally got our refund, albeit by force.I dont know if I will buy from this company again.

Review №55

I was addressed immediately given an estimate in 40 mins. I got a great offer and was given check within 2 hrs. The entire process was hassle free and all I did was to comfy and wait. I really appreciate how the process was so smooth.

Review №56

Smooth transaction. Sold car and they stood by their online offer.

Review №57

I will only ever buy a car from CarMax. It was so easy, I had picked out what I wanted it was ready the people were amazing. Great service. Check them out you won’t be disappointed

Review №58

Fair price, excellent personnel, efficient and fast process. We left very pleased.

Review №59

My husband was on search if a car. When we got to car max the salesman Sean made it so easy! He got my husband in the car that he wanted! Great customer caervice because we were the last ones. It was a great experience from start to finish!

Review №60

Great experience! Provided a great offer an selling my car online, and after arriving and assessing the vehicle, honored the price quickly. Everyone we encountered was professional, courteous, and answered all our questions.

Review №61

Nice people. Clean facility. Overall it was a very pleasant experience.

Review №62

Everyone inside the facility was polite and very helpful. The process of selling my car was very easy and quick. I started having issues once I signed the papers and handed over my keys. The men in the service center decided to help themselves to my belongings that were still in the car before even giving me a chance to remove anything. They did the test drive and after took my car to some lot way in the back that I did not have access to. When I asked them what happened to my things everyone acted as though they had no idea and did not want to find out who had access to my car or anything. Only after me causing a scene and my boyfriend coming did they “magically” find my belongings.

Review №63

I am so happy I choose to come to Carmax. The whole process was quick and easy! I was able to get approved online, and come in later to pick up my car. NO long wait times at the dealer. I will be back again!

Review №64

By far one of the cleanest facilities and best buying experience! Good customer service,no buying pressure. The price you is the price you pay, they even have license plates there!

Review №65

I would not give them 1 star at all but I had to at least have 1 star to write the review. Was trying to buy a Toyota prius reserved it requested it to be shipped and was never shipped. Still is unavailable dont understand why. Then I picked a different vehicle to be shipped and when I went to test drive the title could not be found. They finally located the title but would not accept my check stubs from my employer. I am not happy at all

Review №66

Very professional, courteous and easy. Wonderful place to buy or sell a car!

Review №67

Enjoyed our experience. Mike treated us well along with the rest of their team. Did not feel pushed.

Review №68

The sales guy had a personality like a wet paper towel.

Review №69

I had a really great experience at Carmax. I got an online quote and the quote was exactly what my car ended up getting appraised for. I had earlier that day taken it to another dealership and was offered 25% less than what Carmax paid. Extremely easy process.

Review №70

Cat & Erika were amazing!! Best car buying experience I had in years.

Review №71

Wow, totally surprised by their awesome service. I had a 2009 titan that was in rough shape. Still drivable but we no longer needed it and did not want to hassle with trade in or for sale by owner. Did an online quote being honest about all issues, made an appointment, took them about 30 mins to look over and test drive vehicle. They offered the same quote I got online from them. Another 35 mins and we had a check in hand. The process was simple, straight forward, and Greg was easy to deal with. Great Experience!

Review №72

I have got to say after 2 years of dealing with corporate and the Carmax in another city we originally purchased the vehicle from, we finally received the proper customer service from the Tampa Carmax. I dealt with location manager Zea Lin (I may have spelled his name incorrectly), and Chris Santos in service center. I scheduled my repair as soon as available which was about a week and a half out. Outside was clean of debris, parking lot was easy to navigate through, and drive up to service center was organized with employees advising where to go. I did not need to get out of the car and had the loaner vehicle ready within 10 minutes. Chris Santos was able to keep me updated after issues were diagnosed and parts ordered. A week later the car was ready, we picked it up and seemed good until the drive home the ac issues seemed to still be there, that following Monday I called for an appointment but could not get through to someone until Wednesday. My biggest complaint is how impossible it is to get through to service center over phone, and some voicemails do not get a call back. I made the appointment for the following week and got another loaner, that time taking about 20 minutes. I received a call back that day with the diagnosed issue and was told that would fix the ac issue. Two days later I received my vehicle and it has been a week now and everything seems to be great. I am so thankful for the Tampa Carmax team for fixing everything with my vehicle although I belive the Carmax I bought it from should have taken responsibility for selling me a lemon in the first place. Unfortunately corporate also does not take responsibility for dragging this out for 2 years. The Tampa Carmax is the best over the other 3 that I have dealt with.

Review №73

This was easy and painless. We walked in with an online quote, it was taken in, car was assessed, quote confirmed and we walked out with a check. It cant be easier than that. Whole thing took an hour 15mins. Thank you.

Review №74

I have never been more impressed. My salesman was patient and compassionate and knowledgeable. The process was extremely streamlined. I will refer all of my friends and family to CarMax! Dont go anywhere else!

Review №75

Thank you Isaac, for making my car purchase easy and pleasant!!

Review №76

Carmax was very easy to work with. If you need to sell your car this is the place to go!

Review №77

Great experience from start to finish. Starting with Geoff on the phone. He was great and everything he told me on the phone was accurate. Kyle was the salesman that helped me and I found the perfect car at a decent price and I love it.

Review №78

My experience was outstanding. Carmax offered a value for my used car that was higher than the dealers. Everyone was friendly and explained the whole process to me. I received my quote and my check within a hour of my arrival. I would have no qualms about using Carmax again.

Review №79

I had a wonderful experience yesterday at CARMAX, Tampa. Ilya was very helpful throughout, making the process as smooth and efficient as possible. I cannot recommend Ilya highly enough. Five stars for him and for this CarMax location!!!

Review №80

Excellent customer service. Straightforward business approach . I’ve already recommended CarMax to a couple of friends

Review №81

I would not recommend this carmax. We bought a 40k lexus, and had to take it back after 1 week when we found out there was a nail in the tire and they had put the wrong oil in the vehicle. If you do buy a car from here, make sure they do a proper inspection.

Review №82

Great customer service even after the sale. Had an excellent experience with Pamela in service, they really do stand by their vehicles.

Review №83

Their service department is always a hassle. I called the service dept and was forced to leave a voice mail. Two full business days later and no return call. Its just unprofessional. I dont care if theyre short staffed. Im willing to wait but 2 full business days is ridiculous. I purchased my car at Carmax for no hassles with the sale but ALSO for the service options. Ive purchased my last 2 cars from Carmax. Ill most likely never make a purchase from the again.

Review №84

Attentive and polite staff, efficient process. Highly recommend.

Review №85

I found a 2018 Nissan Armada for sale up in Tennessee, had it transferred down here, and picked it up a week later. The transaction was very smooth, everybody was very nice and kept me updated throughout the whole process. I would definitely purchase another car from them again.

Review №86

Great experience! Very transparent, friendly, and professional! Alex helped me in the sell your car process. Very happy would recommend.

Review №87

Excellent and worry free service. Peace of mind.

Review №88

What a great day experience!! I had gone to two Mazda dealers to sell the car and carfax gave me 5000 more than the others! It wasn’t like be a car dealer at all. Can’t recommend them enough!

Review №89

We sold our car and was a very easy process and the employees were very helpful and friendly.

Review №90

I started with getting an on-line quote for my vehicle. After getting the details, I was provided a very reasonable offer. I scheduled my visit, they reviewed and test drove my SUV and provided a check for the amount initially offered. It was a very easy process and excellent experience.

Review №91

Had a nice selection of midsized SUVs to test drive. The price was right so we purchased a vehicle. Gloria, our sales woman, was the best!

Review №92

Had a great experience in selling my car to CarMax. They offered a good sale price to my car and took reasonable time to complete the documentation.

Review №93

Our salesman BERT was very helpful and friendly, and got us a trade in for a 2016 Ford Fiesta with only 47,000 miles!! What we thought was going to be dreadful, he made into a very easy visit. So happy he got us into a much safer and newer car!!! THANK YOU BERT!!!!-TOMMY MCCASKILL & KIRA ROGERS

Review №94

I have bought and sold a car at CarMax and the process is so easy. No lies, no pushy salesman. Its very easy and a lot can be done online to prepare for your visit. Ill only be buying through CarMax from now on!

Review №95

It was great being there getting a car.....I needed a bigger vehicle( so I traded in my kia forte) for a dodge journey..........They helped with ok credit and we agreed for them to pay off my car...... as a trade. But they took to long to do the transition and my other car place( Nicolas financial) charged me a another payment made my acct over draft 400$ dollars......... so now Im out money. I love my suv......but wish I didnt have to go through waiting on money....Who Does right?They all Need to fix their mistakes.When I was NEVER LATE on my car payment!!!!

Review №96

Ron Ford of Tampa Florida was my Sales ConsultantCustomer service was 10/10. There was no pressure. I walked in to inquire about this exact vehicle, not knowing that I would be actually purchasing it! Ron was very Patient and knew the business. He asked me what exactly was I looking for and even took me down the lot to look at other cars in my price range but this one i finally decided on. Im a very happy Customer. Thank you again Mr. Ford for making my car buying experience stellar.

Review №97

I had two car experiences. First was a RAV4 I had shipped from out of state. I had a down payment and no trade so it made the transaction fast. Chris did exceptional at delivering a speedy transaction and getting me on my way. So great service there! Wasn’t thrilled with a few things on the vehicle and decided to bring it back, I was outside of the 7 day window for taking it to any of their locations so I gave it a couple of more days and took it back to the location I purchased the RAV4 at. There I met Lance, (as Chris wasn’t available) long time CarMax team member since 2004! Lance was nothing short of friendly, professional and steadfast in the way he exemplified outstanding customer service and representing the company in an absolutely positive light. He went above and beyond the call of duty to get me into a Camry that I really liked and had came available about an hour earlier. So I’m a CarMax customer for my future automobile shopping - Thank you Chris, Lance and the rest of your team that grinds everyday to take care of customers like me.

Review №98

Ive been buying and selling cars for 50+ years. The Carmax process was, by far, the most professional, easiest and efficient operation. Definitely will use again and recommend to friends. ( I dont normally write any reviews but the Carmax approach stands out and deserves recognition )

Review №99

They gave me my online deal without hassling me. But I recommend clearing your entire day if you’re going to come here. The term “turtle race” would be to kind

Review №100

CarMax has excellent customer service! I bought a car I love. It had an undetected problem. Their 90-day warranty covered the repair and my loaner vehicle until it was fixed. They called me every day with updates. Every employee I encountered was very nice and professional. I highly recommend!

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