4 Wheel Parts – Off Road Truck & Jeep 4x4 Parts
7602 S Tacoma Way, Tacoma, WA 98409, United States
4 Wheel Parts – Off Road Truck & Jeep 4x4 Parts
Review №1

Assistant manager Ben k is an all star. Super good customer service. Went above and beyond!

Review №2

Did not pay attention to detail in anyway. Numerous mistakes made by 4 Wheel yet no sense of urgency to correct the mistakes that were made.Dealing with 4 Wheel has been a complete hassle.Will never use them again.Update, after taking my Jeep in 5 timesthe issue with my tires is still not fixed.The staff at 4 Wheel didnt understand why I felt inconvenienced or annoyed that Ive had to take my Jeep back repeatedly and demand they honor their warranty.The staff at 4 Wheel needs to be aware that customers buying products from them is what pays this companys bills. Perhaps management needs to be more involved with the training of 4 Wheel Parts staff. Yikes is understatement.

Review №3

Called them up to look for parts for my F-150. I didnt know what I was looking for with it being a new to me truck. Lonny was very kind and helpful over the phone. When I came by the store he was able to come look at the truck and help me figure out what I was looking for. He got it all worked up for me very quickly. When I asked if they could install he let me know that they were booked out over a week out. I was willing to work with that since my other shops werent able to help me with this. After a quick minute he was able to work on getting my truck worked on that day! Lonny was super helpful and made my experience with the store great.

Review №4

I Appreciate everything Blake and his team did with my purchase of n-fab bars.

Review №5

Didnt have everything I wanted, but was helpful in acquiring the items elsewhere cheaper. Bought from them in the past, and usually friendly, and good service.

Review №6

My husband and I purchased a soft top through 4 Wheel parts and paid extra for the installation. Something my husband could have done himself but with all our other projects we thought, lets do it quick, easy, and have professionals do it so we dont have to hassle with it... Install was mid April, its now mid May and my top is still ZIP TIED on one side because the latches on the top were faulty and when 4 Wheel parts contacted Bestop for latches, they only sent one (which was sent to the wrong address even after giving them the correct one). We call on a Saturday to say hey we needed 2 latches and only got one, called the following Tuesday to make sure the latch was ordered, it was not. We get told that they are on it and we will get an email confirmation when it ships. Four days later, still no confirmation. Not to mention the install took much longer than we were told. I would not recommend this place.

Review №7

Been going here for sometime and have spent thousands here, all of a sudden the customer service has gone down hill. Was trying to have something installed that didnt work/ meet my expectations. I asked them what they sold that would meet my expectations and He was very unintrested in helping. I will now find another local company to help me and that will want my money. Disappointed!

Review №8

Love this place awesome service guys stayed in contact as progress went on highly recommend...I couldnt be happier with your my Jeep is now

Review №9

Wish, l could give 0 star. Went in on on Tuesday, one atthe counter on the phone, when another guy came out, ask what I needed told him lift kit for my truck, he walked to the back, came back with two other guys, all three, stood there talking, walked to the back, never say a word to me. From the time I walked in til the time I walked out, was about 30mins. Nice customer service NOT!!!

Review №10

Great service. Knowledgeable staff. Willing to help out in a pinch.

Review №11

Williams car must go fast? Or the boat. What say you?

Review №12

Simply marvelous installed my nerf bars that i ordered from amazon beautify im happy & satisfied thank you to the installer & the shop excellent

Review №13

Worst customer services ever, was put hold multiples times and after 20 mins it just hangs ups. Called back can we put you on a hold, it’s like they just do it for fun

Review №14

Did a great job on the Rubicon with the electric running boards.. Wife is happy.. my thanks john

Review №15

Two stars... thats it. I really wish that we had more options as far as off-road and 4x4 outfitters in the area. We have one other that I know of which Ive heard good things about which I have yet to visit. I hope that I have a better experience when I do.The staff has always been reasonably good natured however, other than that, I think that they lack in the customer service department as far as assisting with issues one may have with products purchased..I wont go into it too far but I had purchased some wheels from them and after an issue developed (before even being out of the box)They refused to help me resolve said issue.Another time my wifes order arrived, went to pick up the next day and stood around waiting for a half hour because they temporarily misplaced it...Plus if you want anything other than Jeep parts youre gonna have to order them...or so it seems since thats all that they really seem to stock in store other than a few other small universal products.

Review №16

Great place to purchase all your needs and wants for your vehicle. Ben was very eager to help me out and answer questions I had about tires for my truck. I will continue to do business with you all. Thanks again

Review №17

I want to say that I like 4WP, but unfortunately I cant. The prices on parts are nothing special, and the service is so so. They forgot to connect my rear axle breather tube after a gear job, and just left it dangling. Im glad I looked under my truck after I drove it home. In another case (though, this time it wasnt at Lakewood) they didnt tighten my drive shaft, and it fell out a week later on a freeway. No, Im absolutely not kidding. So

Review №18

Outstanding service as always thanks to the crew & Lonny V

Review №19

These guys are professional and helpful. Great place get your parts shipped in. Dont know about the installation though. Bit pricey for the work.

Review №20

Drove down to pick up an item showing in stock, staff really couldnt be bothered and come to find out it has been a error in inventory for some time... I dont know maybe fix it...

Review №21

There was an issue with my ARB awning brackets order... they fixed the issue ... thats why I keep coming back... Thanks 4WParts Tacoma WA, you are the best.

Review №22

They usually have the 4x4 goodies you want, some things might just take little while to get ordered.

Review №23

Coming from an avid wheeler, Corey and the crew are fantastic. Everyone is very knowledgeable, and fun to talk to. Matt, Roger, Lonnie, And even Franz ;) are awesome guys!

Review №24

Only place that could get my 2500hd lifted trk alignment done correctly

Review №25

They have a lot to offer

Review №26

4 Wheel Part did an excellent job on my 2005 Silverado front leveling kit installed, alignment and new tires at a great price. I recommend this place to anyone who wants professional guys working on your rigs.

Review №27

Bought a brand new set of tires from 4WP online, and drove an hour to the shop after verifying they could mount and balance them for me. When I got there they told me they couldnt mount them on the truck for me because their lifts were being used and were booked up for over a week. Paid way too much money for them to mount them on a brand new set of rims, and then I used a hand jack and tire iron to put all 4 tires on my truck myself in the parking lot while the employees watched me(half of them were just standing around anyways). Good job team, way to lose a customer.

Review №28

Stop was really friendly. To me it seems like they have to order most of everything not much in the showroom to purchase. Looks like a killer place for Jeeps and other off-road trucks.

Review №29

Wish i could rate it 0 stars called this place 2 times and waited on hold for 45 min to order some rear spings for my Toyota got them 2 weeks later and they didnt even fit and both times i went there to get and return my springs the place was a ghost town but the 3 knuckle heads working the counter would just put people on hold and go wonder around aimlessly or eat some lunch at the front desk very unprofessional if you need 4x4 parts Id get them elsewhere or order them yourself so you dont have to wait 2 weeks

Review №30

Usually I try to do what I can online but sometimes I have questions about a product so I head into their Tacoma location. They are ALWAYS busy either with people in the store or on the phone. Either they need more counter people or they need to have someone who focuses on the phone and others for the desk alone. Hence the one less star. Otherwise, I like that I can have stuff shipped to the location for pickup avoiding porch pirots all-together!

Review №31

They didn’t process my refund until a week after. Plus they put the blame on me🙄

Review №32

My wife purchased a light package for my jeep,she got it right in which was a plus. They installed like they said but upon picking up jeep noticed missing a window frame screw and the other one they had a galvanized bolt in the place, so we looked further and found that they even zip tied some of the ground effects to bumper in order to get it out of shop. We returned jeep to get fixed because their warranty is 48hrs they fixed what we noticed but now jeep radio comes on and off. The experience we dealt with is unexperienced for handling of any of my vehicles ever again in which they specialize in jeeps. My jeep is a new jk Rubicon and im very displeased as a excustomer. We even checked reviews were positive and we had a unprofessional service in which I dont refer them to any anyone to have them do anything. The thing is I havnt asked to see what they can do further because I dont trust their service or opinions nomore period. Goodluck if you decide to take the risk!!

Review №33

That a lot of cool stuff there I didnt purchase anything there my friend went there to go pick up a rim

Review №34

Worst customer service I have ever experienced. Every time I call they put me on hold. Once I spent over an hour on hold before I hung up.I also dont find them to by very knowledgeable about their products. When I asked about lift kits I got very vague unhelpful answers, like all of our products are good. Not sure if it was because I was a woman and they didnt think I would understand or they just didnt know the answers.

Review №35

Great place if you have a jeep or toyota, otherwise, you are out of luck

Review №36

Cant personally recommend this store. Came in right when they opened at 9am, first person in the store, to have wheels/tires balanced because another store cant seem to get it quite right. I talk to the salesman and he says the earliest they can do is 2pm same day, and they close at 3. I get the appointment scheduled and am about to come back around 1:30, as Im walking out the door I get a call. Hey, this is is 4 Wheel Parts. Wanted to let you know that weve had some jeeps over stay their welcome. We wont be able to get in you in today. Seems they didnt have a resolve for this and were not apologetic.I only have the weekends to get things like this done and came here for their good reputation. Figured it was meant for off-road vehicles, like mine, and I would get quality service. Ive always been weary of this place but couldnt put a finger as to why. I think I now know why.Its a shame, this place has good reviews. I take it because I didnt purchase the wheels/tires there and this work is small pennies compared to the work they do, I wasnt worth being a customer. Ill find another place that is happy to take my business. Thanks 4WP for easing my conscious for this place.

Review №37

Very knowledgeable staff I had multiple questions about my jeep and they were able to answer them

Review №38

They know what they are doing. Ill be back from now on. This is what you want from a parts store.

Review №39

What can I say about this place? From the moment I called to get a quote to the minute I left the parking lot, it was an amazing experience. The pricing was unbeatable. The service was fast and done well. Their selection was well balanced. Cory and his crew were friendly and knowledgeable. Customer for life!

Review №40

Was my first time in but they were very friendly and helpful. Ill definitely be back.

Review №41

Customer service is usually lacking. Parts and shipping are usually good.

Review №42

I had full suspension from King Racing that I dropped a pretty penny on installed by them months ago. They knocked the install out in a business day and I was able to bring the truck home that evening. Since then Ive put the suspension to the test with no issues. I was initially skeptical having installed my own lifts but I would be confident in having them do the work for me if need be again. I really appreciate it guys! Thanks again!

Review №43

Very good! Great service!

Review №44

Great experience.... I worked with Franz on lifting my truck. I found him to be honest and extremely knowledgeable. Gave me various options and didn’t pressure me to go with the most expensive. I appreciated the entire transaction and felt the all too often forgotten down home customer service. I will be returning to continue upgrading my truck and recommend this store and employees to you.Great Job 4wheel parts... keep it up!!

Review №45

I am extremely disappointed with the poor customer service from your company. This is my 2nd and certainly looking like my last order. When I sent emails seeking information about my first order they went unanswered (5 emails). I waited on hold for over 30 minutes each time I called (3 calls).When I tried ordering on the phone from your shop in Tacoma this week your employee was clueless about basic suspension lift information. It was so frustrating that I ended the call. I ended up placing the order online because the price was hard to beat. Despite your website showing that the items were in stock and would be shipped out the next day my items still haven’t shipped. I spoke with a customer service rep today and he said some items may not ship for several more weeks. I’m trying to schedule an install date, but can’t do that if I don’t know when my items will arrive.I have spent $4,000 in the past 2 months with your company and regret not taking my business elsewhere. I’d gladly pay more to have better customer service and parts that ship when they’re supposed to.

Review №46

Covid compliant. Professional install. Perfect for truck people.

Review №47

Excellent customer service from Matt and Lonny! Excellent job by the mechanics! Reasonable prices and awesome showroom. The employees never tried to sell me something I didn’t need and listened to what I wanted for my rig. The mechanics professionally installed the equipment I wanted and saved my old parts for me to take with me. I would recommend anyone to go by and see the awesome folks at 4 Wheel Parts!

Review №48

Waste of my time, the guy I delt with was irritated because I didnt know the size bolt that goes to my shocks. He didnt even want to look it up and possibly make a sale. Ill spend my hard earned money somewhere else

Review №49

THEIR SHODDY WORK NEARLY KILLED ME! Would not bring a vehicle here ever. They didn’t install the control arms on my Wrangler properly (didn’t bother to install retention screws) causing them to nearly fall off while driving. This isn’t something that should happen at a professional shop. Seriously considering taking this to court.If you value your vehicle and your life, don’t have them install anything on your vehicle. Either do it yourself or bring it elsewhere.

Review №50

Great place for your 4WD vehicles. I have a 07 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon; it has an XRC modular front bumper with the caps (fog light holes). I purchased it used and w/o fog lights. They found and ordered the kit. I saw other items I am interested in; those will have to wait until I can afford to pay for them.

Review №51

Great mechanics who dont completely wreck you when it comes to labor! I only wish they had more stuff and better stuff. Less Shittybilt Chinese knockoffs and get some more American made stuff in there and youll get more money from me.. Theres a lot of stuff there I havent bought because I decided to buy a superior version online. I understand theres a lot of cheap people out there, but Im not one to skimp out on cost when it comes to my Jeep.

Review №52

They have a decent selection in store but I wish they had more options. They have a great selection online. Pricing is competitive.

Review №53

We were quoted 1 hour to get a mount and balance for 5 tires, they were supposed to install other parts and do an alignment but they said they didnt have enough time after we got there. When we got there my husband briefed them on the rim/tire situation. We had 4 rims in the back and 1 we ordered from them. We wanted 3 of the tires back and to get rid of the shredded one. Since we have yet young children we decided to walk to a restaurant near by while we waited. On our way over we got a call from a service rep asking if we wanted the shocks we purchased installed as well because the invoice said $0 and their guys do not work for free (we didnt want them installed, that is why it showed $0). After an hour they said it would be another half hour and another and another. So it ended up taking 3.5 hours to do a mount and balance on 5 tires (1 should have been done before we got there, so really 4 tires on 3.5 hours) and they only did part of what we drove an hour for them to do. After they were done they said they would do a test drive and check the lug nuts again but they parked and gave us the keys, no lug nuts check. We loaded up our very cranky kids and went home. When we got home my husband realized they kept the three good tires when he unloaded! I do not recommend this company.

Review №54

The start of the problems was when I ordered tires online to pickup in store. The tires were supposed to be in in 3-5 days. It ended up being over 2.5 weeks before the tires showed up.Once I went to schedule my tires I also wanted to add installing a leveling kit. I was told there were no immediate appointments available so I made an appointment 2 weeks in advance for 9am on 11/8/19. I took a day off of work to bring the truck down and arranged to be picked up and dropped off around noon.I called to check on the truck around 1130 and the employee was extremely rude. I was on hold for 15 minutes before I called back. When I got on the phone the representative very rudely stated, “customers in the store are more important than people on the phone” and then hung up.When I showed up at 1:45PM (almost 2 hours after it was supposed to be done) the truck had not been touched. They then stated I would have to wait another 2-3 hours before they could finish. I told them to load the tires in my truck and I would take my business elsewhere. I will NEVER use 4WP again.

Review №55

Was told it would be weeks to get a replacement winch control, made 4 phone calls and found one

Review №56

Great guys, helping us get soft top for new Jeep!

Review №57

I wont be coming back here again. I had good luck with them in the past, but their flagrant flaunting of COVID-19 precautions was inexcusable. At one point, I was the only person amongst 7 other individuals in the room wearing a mask properly. A few of them were not wearing masks entirely. One customer stood in the corner the entire time I was there without a mask on. All the employees in view on several instances either removed their masks to speak and a few of them didnt have them on at all. As a health care professional, I cannot put my patients at risk due to their failure to abide by state mandates and CDC guidance. They lost my business permanently over this. Their failure to understand the seriousness of this pandemic and failure to abide by the law was/is inexcusable. Until they get their act together, I would highly recommend others follow suit and avoid doing business with these individuals. We cannot let them be vector for the pandemic and subsequently killing more innocent people.

Review №58

Good service

Review №59

This place is a JOKE. Will never go back, will never give them a dime...will never recommend them to anyone. EVER!! If you go to them and get treated like I did after paying IN FULL for the equipment up front and then have your installs canceled TWICE on ya because they only have two techs that are too busy working on smaller jobs...THEN YOU ARE A FOOL.

Review №60

This is the place for your 4x4 needs.

Review №61

Everyone has always been helpful and friendly, never any pressure to buy (well except from myself and my bank account ha)

Review №62

Top quality products at fair prices, and some unbeatable prices.They put out free mag ORA, off road adventures. The day I was there the whole store was on a we pay the taxes for you day.With high end products come bigger price tags, but happy long term customers.They will also install everything they sell.Love this place, makes me feel like a kid in a custom candy store!Happy 4Wheelin to all off roaders out there!Bud

Review №63

I called these guys after I installed a 4 lift on my JK unlimited due to some alignment and death wobble issues. These guys not only double checked all of my nuts and bolts, torquing them all to spec but fixed my alignment and wobble. The cleared the lights on the dash that come after you install a lift and a few weeks later received a free year subscription to 4x4 off road compliments of those guys. Excellent customer service and I paid less than expected. Will continue doing business as long as I live in the Tacoma area.

Review №64

Always great service from Franz and Roger. They always answer any questions I may have about my rigs and the work they have done has always been done right. I would highly recommend them for any truck or jeep needs.

Review №65

We received excellent service! When I needed emergency service they were able to help me quickly and efficiently. Their staff is very friendly.

Review №66

Went in there to get some info, super nice guys. Educated and intelligent. Really surprised at how well they treated us even though we werent buying anything. Will refer friends most definitely.

Review №67

I like this store..even though some of the prices are a bit high the employees are helpful to people like me that dont know anything about 4x4s..even if Im not buying they dont blow me off like a lot of places, very helpful and will be a permanent customer

Review №68

Called the Tacoma location for a few questions about my current lift that I’ve had for over 4 years all of a sudden messing up my camber. The guy I talked to was kind of rude, very short with his answers and seemed unwilling to help. Wasn’t much help at all. Usually my go to place for truck parts but might look else where if that’s the service I get

Review №69

These guys are fantastic, I let them work on all my rigs. Prices are pretty competitive with amazon.

Review №70

Was put on hold for an hour and then hung up on called back and was put on hold right away for another half hour I will order my shocks from a different shop

Review №71

Lift/Alignment, Tires & Wheels at the Tacoma, WA store. Couldnt be better! Very professional and the work was perfect. Customer for life!

Review №72

My be pricey but the warranty they have is unsurpassed and Lonny at the Tacoma store is the best and easiest guy to deal with along with everyone else there but Lonny is my favorite for sure!!

Review №73

This was our first visit to 4 wheel parts. The gentleman who helped us was very nice and helpful. We will definitely be back.

Review №74

Nice selection and service! I got my truck lifted here and they did a great job!

Review №75

Matt at 4WP was awesome and made us very happy (y)

Review №76

I was contracted to create a virtual tour for Google with 4 Wheel Parts newly remodeled Tacoma store. What a cool place. Whether for parts or service if youre into 4-wheeling you need to know about these folks.

Review №77

Great prices!

Review №78

Always get treated well there, and I feel that theyre honest and that important when it comes to working on trucks .

Review №79

Got my parts online and had them install them not much better than that I think there shop rate they charge is on the higher side but its in the range of most shops and the install took the time they told me will go back

Review №80

Yes they have quite a few pretty things in the showroom, but dont expect attentive salesman unless you are in their club

Review №81

Easy to find. Great service. Good values

Review №82

Greatest service Ive ever had dealing with off-road parts and customer service.

Review №83

Really good parts. Everything done on time one there say is going to be done really good job

Review №84

I have been getting my parts and service here for 3 years now. My go to guy is Franz. Hit him up. He has always been upfront with me and never steered me wrong for my 2014 JK. Seriously one of the best sales representatives Ive come by. He isnt about sellin. You product, he sells you his service.

Review №85

Awesome place, awesome staff, go see roger for your jk needs, definately knows his stuff, and is polite and gracious when explaining things,

Review №86

Good place to get 4x4, parts and theyll install the parts in their shop for a fair price

Review №87

I had a bumper wiinch and lights installed .did it in four hours the best workmanship IHave ever seen. Thank you lonny Vara

Review №88

Loved it, only wished they had more stuff for me to spend my money on!!! 😂

Review №89

I took my brand new Jeep Wrangler in to have ECTED lockers installed in both differentials. After they were installed, the rear one made a lot of noise because the mechanic didnt install it properly. The Jeep dealer confirmed that the ring and pinion were not properly adjusted.A couple of weeks after 4 Wheel Parts fixed that, the rear diff stopped working at all, and I had to drive it back to their shop in front wheel drive. They claimed that the axle shaft splines had stripped, and that I needed a new axle shaft. Ive driven Jeeps my whole adult life, and never stripped an axle. They said it sometimes happens if youre driving with the locker turned on, with one wheel on the pavement and one in the mud, which I never did.After charging me $215 for a new axle shaft, the manager told me Funny thing about that rear ECTED: it was never wired properly to begin with, and so never worked.So, since the locker I paid over $1000 to have installed was never working anyway, how did it manage to strip the splines off the axle?4 Wheel Parts in Tacoma are incompetent and dishonest. Avoid having them do any major work on your vehicle. They will mess it up, charge you more, and lie to your face the entire time.

Review №90

Horrible place to shop. The staff is pretty much useless...I ordered some wheels through them it took a week and a half when the sales guy I talked to said they would be in after 3 business days. Never got a call that they showed up I had to call them. Upon me showing up I asked to look at the wheels before they got put on...and they ordered THE WRONG WHEELS!!! All the sales guy could say was oh he missed the part number by 1 digit! NEVER EVER going through 4 wheel parts again!

Review №91

Sales over safety - TERRIBLE!These people will sell you the wrong​ parts for your vehicle and put your life at risk to make a quick buck. Avoid them like the plague!!!ZERO stars if I had the option

Review №92

They have the most helpful a nicest people working there and great prices

Review №93

Good price install went smoothly

Review №94

Got a brake up grade kit.... great place

Review №95

Helpful and friendly service. Cool people

Review №96

Takes forever to get parts, no one wants to help, its like pulling teeth to get anything done... They do not install all the parts they sell... Never again 4 Wheel Parts will you get my money

Review №97

Not a very inviting staff. Not very well stocked on lituare on products they install or carry.

Review №98

Lonnie is always a big help. Everyone here is cool, made me feel very comfortable

Review №99

This place is the worst.placed order In Tacoma store on June 30th .I kept getting run around and different feedback on order.multiple times no one fallowed up and returned calls even management .I finally get a you should be getting things shipped out next week so that mean I will have been waiting a month?I ordered few things online too.They sent 4 rancho shocks and the rancho stabilizer was not shipped that got mailed out after I called asked where is the stabilizer?shame on them horrible fallow through and shipping!

Review №100

This location is garbageIf you need something on the spot, this place may be ok for you. Overall its over priced, more expensive than online. When I went to get a soft top at the store they couldnt tell what I needed, when they Finnaly figured it out, they gave me the parts and as I proceeded to install on my jeep I needed a wrench, they had none whatsoever, not even behind the counter to losen a bolt. staff wouldnt help, or knew how to. Not a true off road shop. Just a store with fancy new stuff they dont know what it does.

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