The Home Depot
7050 Tacoma Mall Blvd, Tacoma, WA 98409, United States
The Home Depot
Review №1

Great selection on nearly anything you need. Tool rentals, plants, kitchen remodel stuff is equivalent to other places but their online bundles and website are better than others. Theyre a step above most places.

Review №2

Customer service very poor,kourtney and Jonathan not helpful at all, very rude,especially kourtney .they need a lot of training she was speaking with me like I was working for her.I hope the manager will train her as she was promised.spending here thousands of dollars and come to return a few hundred dollars and give me the attitude,definitely not happy at all .I promise if I go one more time to customer service and someone gives me the attitude again I will call the corporate office,this is not a joke,people spend thousands of dollars and they need to be taken care of.

Review №3

I love going to Home Depot. I usually find 95%of the things I look for. Even more items online. Buy online with free delivery and/or pick up items. Save on the Products You Need to Complete Your Project! Free Returns 90-day returns. Great for any DIY Projects & Ideas you may have. Truck & Tool Rental for those big jobs.

Review №4

I like The Home Depot. Bought a few things here last night.

Review №5

Laura Chandler from Pro-Desk is AMAZING!!! Ive been to this store about 4 times within the last week and customer service was not up to my expectations. They made me feel like I was bothering them. Today I called and luckily Laura answered. She wasnt able to get an answer for me right away, but called me back. I was not able to answer her phone call right away and she called me THREE times to make sure that I got what I needed. This is what you call above and beyond. Shes amazing and probably the only reason why I will continue to shop at this store.

Review №6

Central stores well placed,fully stocked with home,lawn,garden varieties of tools.Very ideal stop shop

Review №7

They always help me with all my projects, the people here are very good and very kind, thank you

Review №8

If I could give 0 stars I would. The store itself isnt bad. Competent and nice floor staff. The issue comes in when you get appliances delivered. We ordered a stove about a year ago and it was defective. We got it replaced recently after delivery issues (they changed the delivery date without notifying us after they told us the delivery date was non-negotiable when we tried to change it a month prior). The new stove is also defective. This is unacceptable. Every time we call we get different information, the communication system between Home Depot and the stove manufacturer is never updated with necessary notes, and the service over phone is simply terrible. Corporate customer service is significantly better and at least helpful. Local services act condescending and are completely unhelpful. They answer questions before I finish talking as if they know what Im talking about when they know absolutely nothing about my situation. Utterly ridiculus and unprofessional. Never order appliances from here. Waste of money, time, energy, and mental health. If I had the money to sue I would.

Review №9

Helpful staff. Store is too big to find what you are looking for

Review №10

It had everything I needed did I had to wait a long time in line for a checker because I was paying cash

Review №11

Its a big box store with everything home improvement. They have okay prices not the best.

Review №12

I went to Home Depot to purchase an area rug got there at 10:20 am went to where the rugs were and stood there as ever male employee walk by not one of them ask me if I need assistance then I seen a Home Depot distributor her name Marie for help she tried and no one. Then another employee named Laura stop to ask if I need help I told her yes she said she had to go to the bathroom and that she would be out to help. Meantime these guys are walking by head down or no eye contact to ignore or avoid me needing help, Im assuming not their department not their problem. Then another employee ask me if I needed help I tell her yes explain that I have been approached twice and no help meantime she offers. She was amazing she rolled up the rug loaded the rug and check me out then help unload the rug in my car thank you Amanda E and Laura thank you for coming back to see if I got helped. Amanda E from customer service your amazing and every employee no matter what area they work should be just like that assist Home Depot would be a better place to shop if there was more Employees with that attitude with their customers. Even if we dont need help its nice to be ask.

Review №13

Great store workers. Wood prices way too high for any reason. People need to stop buying to force the price drop. Gov Enslee was supposed stop this. I guess he is getting side money. So dont go unless you need something out side of wood prices.

Review №14

It is a good place to get stuff for the kitchen and bathroom everything else and your odds and ends

Review №15

Went there to get paint that none of the other more convenient Home Depots had. The paint person I worked with was outstanding and took the time to explain how their tinting system works. Also helped guide me on the right roller covers for our fencing.

Review №16

Had lots of employees at check stands and lines were short and quick even though the store was crowded. Would recommend this location for friendly staff.

Review №17

Just your average home Depot, nothing over the top but nothing really to complain about either. Makes me think I should probably give it like four stars because how does one really make home Depot much better than its best? Things to ponder.

Review №18

2020Very clean and Detailed place. Asked. Got it. Left and fixed2020 VID Smoke

Review №19

This store gets ZERO STARS. 6 months for an order to arrive when we were told 3 weeks. Not only that but I came in to cancel and get my money back but was told that I had to wait for the order to arrive and be installed in order to receive any compensation for the extreme inconvenience they caused me and my family. They never contacted me, they cancelled my order without my knowledge then reordered it without my knowledge and they arrived literally more than a day earlier than we were told they’d be there. I lost more than 4 days of wages due to the door departments MASSIVE FAILURE. I waited and waited on days they said they’d deliver the door only for no one to show up because the doors never came in and on top of that the doors were still completely wrong and had to be modified in order to work in our home. Waste of time, waste of money, don’t shop here. Zero stars terrible terrible terrible

Review №20

Jesse in the blinds department was super helpful cutting my blinds to the right size!

Review №21

The layout of this store is a bit wacky, there is 3 rows deep and backward. There was carts stacked up by the exit/entrance.

Review №22

Nice place to shop but you wouldnt want to work there

Review №23

Very helpful today. Somewhat busy. The staff was very helpful. Its not sasquatch season, so that stuff wasnt out.

Review №24

Hey 👋, one of my favorite places to buy plants for my little garden spot!! What a joy 😂is to visit their plant nursery. No doubt about something: all their plants are from the Garden of Eden!❤

Review №25

My wife, just like many others, cant get enough plants. Even after the cars full of groceries, well stop by to just look and end up with two plants. Home Depot has great deals for many kinds of plants. When we need a certain tool for a job we always look here as well because they have a great selection. When we wanted to repaint our house, we again looked to this store for not only a good price but BEHR paint is great quality as well.

Review №26

I got my 1st home depot credit card and bought an air conditioner. The transaction took less than 30 minutes. Amanda was super helpful and patient and just a little sweetheart. Thanks for a great experience.

Review №27

Never been so rushed or treated so rude in my life. I did get there 30 min before closing.. but if I wanted to be able to turn the water back on in my bathroom it couldnt wait. I am a woman who has NO plumbing experience, so I was a bit unsure where to find what I needed. I asked 3 employees where to go and was basically ignored by all of them. So after searching a bit I find the section I needed. I saw a man putting away a couple things on the shelves and asked him if he could help me to which my reply was a hu- rumph..and a rather snotty I guess I can, you know we are closing in a few minutes. I know you heard the announcement! I thought employees of a place like that were there TO help you. I guess its only if they have the time. I guess I will go to Lowes. I know they will make the time to help the customers there. I guess they actually want the business.

Review №28

Nice store but very busy and hard to find an associate. Using the Home Depot app is helpful for finding things.

Review №29

Every time Ive had no other choice than to shop at home depot, Ive found that the customer service to be poor. Employees were unfriendly, not helpful, knowledgeable and unfamiluar with store layout and store merchandise.

Review №30

It would have been alright except the 2 woman bugging me and being super nosey as I checked out.. pretty much was treated like I was stealing smdh

Review №31

We purchased an appliance package for my mothers new home that is under construction. We had a scheduled delivery arranged for 5/22/21. I called to confirm the delivery because I had not received the customary delivery text or e-mail notification. After being passed from dept. to dept., I finally reached the appliance dept. and they could not find our order. I was then contacted by the manager, who told me they could not find our appliances. But they would be look into it but since it was the start of the weekend I probably wouldnt hear back until Wednesday next week. She said I might want to consider cancelling the order and start over. At this point we are so disgusted we want our money back.

Review №32

Went to get metal fencing pieces posts and none were where they could be reached. No one around to help get them off the upper shelves where they had the size I needed. In the garden dept wanted to look at lawn tools but the section was blocked off for more than an hour with no one working in the isle and no one around to open it. Next went to the lumber section and no one around to help move a 4x8 sheet of 3/4in plywood to be cut or the 2x12x10 Douglass fir boards I needed cut. I will start doing my shopping else where that have enough employees to help a disabled person that cant move the board herself. This has happened several times. I still dont have what I need to do the repairs at my house.

Review №33

It was half hour before closing and real busy. The employees were still accommodating and had smiles. Staff was very knowledgeable.

Review №34

Very friendly welcoming employees except 1 and it wasnt real bad she just looked annoyed when i asked for a mask. But she could have been having a rough day.

Review №35

I buy a lot of lumber. Pretty fast to get in and out and back to building.

Review №36

The gentleman was very courteous in helping me with my fixtures needs. Being partially deaf, the guy made sure I heard him and was clear in talking. Also helped with the type of bulbs I needed. 5 stars is a understatement

Review №37

I asked one of the clerks whare I would find a sharpie she said isle 15 I go to that isle and didnt find any sharpie.some of the clerks walked down the same isle but didnt ask me if they could help me find what I was looking for.not one clerk.others where straighten items on the shelf.I gave up on trying to find one.I will go to a different store whare I know whare to get one like WalMart.

Review №38

If you need something for home repairs? patches, quick fix, a fixer upper or build something new. Hehehe. the home Depot is cheaper than any place around. Being a heavy equipment diesel mechanic fer 45 yrs! I know a good deal when I see one.

Review №39

During the past few years the people Ive come to know have left Home Depot, retired or otherwise. The changing of the staff with the younger generation, who dont know their product is irritating at best making the experience longer than it use to be.

Review №40

Service is good. When its not real busy.Usually has what Im looking for check out can be a bit time consuming it could use a few more cashiers at times this store has busy times but standing at any store these days isnt pleasent right.Ill continue to my shopping here thanks

Review №41

Home away from home!

Review №42

Magic helped us pick out and purchase our flooring she was so helpful!

Review №43

Wow! Sorry, But I don’t steal. Just watched and followed through this store. So I didn’t get anyone to approach me to ask what I needed assistance with finding,but yet someone came to follow me around . Interesting!!! I imagine they have an issue with theft here for them to have been watching so closely. Terrible customer service.

Review №44

I would give home Depot a five-star rating because of the fact I think that l I think that they more than anybody support our homeless and I only have to laugh at that because I hope you get that little inside joke not that its a positive thing not that its a great thing but it is a smile upon thing in some small ways because the homeless are people just like everybody else and I think everybody needs to realize that so thank you

Review №45

Its a great store with a long and wide list and diverse products. This store us one of the best in its lind!

Review №46

Customer service here is a joke! My wife a 9 sat in front of the metal fence section, which just so happens to be at the very back of the store, for 40 minutes while around a dozen employees unloaded and moved about freight. During this 40 minute time span I asked 3 individuals for help. Each time they would nod their head frantically and disappear around the corner. I only received help after leaving the aisle and walking to appliances.It was at that point, that the appliance lady, who looked utterly appalled that I had sat and waited for 40 minutes, did I finally get someone who is competent and willing to help me.I have run across Nikki multiple times while shopping at this location. In all honesty she is the only reason that I continue to shop there. She apologized profusely, and while not her area of expertise, She did everything in her power to get me the answers that I needed.She directed me over to tools rental, where the 3 fine gentleman who were working there got me the supplies and answers that I needed. It wasnt until almost 2 and a 1/2 hours of being in a store, on a trip that should have taken me less than an hour, did I finally leave.I came in meeting expert advice on how to create an indoor cat enclosure for my stub (I breed cats). I want to reiterate that if it wasnt for Nikki, who has helped me numerous times in getting wood supplies caught and picked for what I need, I would have taken my $300 purchase elsewhere. If anybody working at home depot offices or corporation sees this review, I would greatly appreciate it if you could find some answers for me as to why it took so long for me to get help with something that should have been simple. I wouldve rated you guys a one, but lucky for you Nikki is such an awesome worker.

Review №47

Went and bought batteries great selection and prices.$16. Dollars for 36.

Review №48

Its home depot I am a guy that likes home improvement. They have tools, lumber, paint, those orange buckets. Sometimes they dont have exactly what I want or I would give them 5 stars.

Review №49

Always clean when I go in. They have self check out, gardening is left of the entrance & always friendly staff offering assistance.

Review №50

Ive found that millennials dont know anything about customer service. Maybe its because they arent being trained in it. The manager Kira stopped me at the door at 7:59 locking the door for closing and when I went thru the other door at 8:01 kicked me out of the store. One customer and one order isnt going to hurt the bottom line, I guess I miss the mom & pop stores and a time when people use to care

Review №51

Everything is well organized and the staff was always willing to help out. We had some custom cuts on some lumber done, and the measurements were dead on.

Review №52

When Im in need of something Home Depot never has what Im going for. Lowes does though.

Review №53

A place that respects military personnel and veterans. Thank you for your assistance.

Review №54

Dont ever buy a samsung product from here you will get ripped off warranty my @$$ what a joke

Review №55

Great HD, service is always good. Will give military a 10% discount if you show ID.

Review №56

I went there to pick up boards for a customer and they totally screwed it up, staff was unknowledgeable

Review №57

Home Depot is a good place to go to they got mostly everything there good prices most of the time

Review №58

They usually have what I need. Its usually quick to get in and out! Most of the employees are knowledgeable.

Review №59

Oh I went in to purchase some wood, and have it cut at the store. I suppose that was my first problem assuming the customer service Advocates would assist with this in a timely manner. I had to go back to the service desk three times to have someone come and cut the wood. I did not assume it was going to take 25 minutes for a simple cut if I had I saw at my house I would have done it myself. At least they did not charge me for it since it took so long. Questionable if I will go back and have this done it in as I was very disappointed

Review №60

So.. let me start of on saying that I LOVE Home Depot. You can get anything and everything there, everyone is always super nice and helpful. However... I don’t know what’s in the water at this location but I’ve never felt more under appreciated or been lied to so many times. Any time I had a question about anything, I would get lied to and be told what I wanted to hear, not what actually was happening. I had construction deliveries a day late, someone forgot to submit my order in for another delivery, they over sold and under delivered multiple things and when I would call to find out what’s going on, I would be talked down to or just hung up on :(The only person that even put in any kind of effort to help (and totally did) was Franco at the Customer Service desk. He was the only true Home Depot worker that we experienced.I’m not gunna lie, I’ll never go to this Home Depot ever again, but if anyone else does then make sure to talk to Franco. He worked his hardest to fix the multiple issues that kept coming up.My recommendation: STOP TELLING PEOPLE LIES AND TELL THEM THE TRUTH. Giving people the run around is. More trouble and more work in the long run.

Review №61

Both team members were very helpful and knowledgeable about fixing my washer pipes.

Review №62

Were going thru a remodel diy kitchen,front & back deck, paint and lighting and flooring new garage door install home Depot was a pleasure to work with them and 3 new doors.

Review №63

Typical Home Depot people begging for work and money Always have to grab a cart from outside the lumber is always the same at each store so go to a real lumber yard if you want good products but they always have great prices and good staff

Review №64

Almost always has what we need in stock. Super helpful and quick at the registers. If you haven’t signed up for the Home Depot pro account, check it out and do it!

Review №65

This is my favorite home Depot.

Review №66

Great price on sim

Review №67

Found everything I needed quickly. Store was really clean and the staff were very helpful as always.

Review №68

Always marvelous customers service always polite and courteous

Review №69

Zach M in lumber is very helpful hes my go to guy.

Review №70

Had a great experience in the store. The staff was very helpful and knew where products were when I asked for them. I would recommend going here for all of your home projects.

Review №71

Nothing bad to say, just didnt have what I thought that they would. Could have checked before I went.

Review №72

Great produce, meats and local goods. Also, have good selection of beer and wine. Also an eclectic mix of spices, caned goods and stuff for cooking and baking. seasonal items are always

Review №73

Well stocked, helpful and friendly staffed. Masks available up front as your walk in if you forget yours. They have fruit trees in stock now :)

Review №74

I like home depot but this one was a little messed up they need to spend a little more time facing the store and bring the qaulity back up

Review №75

I am not going to write a raving review about the Home Depot but this particular one is clean, the staff is always helpful and they have what I need in stock when I need it.

Review №76

Sometimes its great. Other times its frustersting.

Review №77

We were helped to find 3 different items with great customer service. We were in and out in 20 minutes with what we needed.

Review №78

They didnt have the size of drill bit I was looking for

Review №79

It was a good experience. I needed some wire and the man who helped me was very knowledgeable and friendly. The garden person was ok, but not quite as friendly, but still knowledgeable able what I was looking for.

Review №80

Big! Huge selection, I found the double curtain brackets I was looking for

Review №81

There is always someone to help me when I need it.

Review №82

I know were in a pandemic but this place has become disappointing. I needed assistance the one day back in the door department and the employee back there wouldnt even acknowledge I was standing there, she was on a personal phone call. Another time I asked about cans of compressed air for cleaning my computer after looking myself for it, the employee didnt even check, I was just told they dont carry it. The website says they do and I found it the next time I came in. This last time only the self checkout was open and three employees were just standing there goofing around.

Review №83

Called and gave them specific sku number so they could check availability they tell me they have what I need so I proceeded to pay for it only for them to call back 2 hours later to say it was never actually there. Mind you I talked to three different employees and not a single one actually went to check they just sat there looking at a computer...god for bid they take the extra step to actually go check...

Review №84

Great place to go for hardware and other stuff. If I could I would live in a place like this

Review №85

Walt in the garden centre was very helpful

Review №86

I love this Home Depot. It has the best customer service. Well Stocked. They take care of you. If something is not right, they will make it right!

Review №87

I waited about 10 minutes for curbside pickup with no one else waiting. I wish there were better updates through the app telling me that theyre actually bringing my stuff out. Im sitting there waiting not knowing whats going on. Average the experience was good.

Review №88

Fast and easy place to shop great for lumber needs

Review №89

The staff is mostly helpful when you can find them.. last visit they did not have the part that I needed.

Review №90

Store was clean and employees masked and professional. Was not bothered by them while wandering, but once I looked around for help, they did respond quickly.

Review №91

Staff in nice very hel.lvwpfull

Review №92

Do not like to be misled about what I needed

Review №93

Kudos go out to the young man in lumber Michael who cut our 4x8 panel of faux brick with no problems when the young man at the Center street Home Depot wouldn’t. Michael did a great job even when the line for the panel saw was busy with customers. Great customer service with a great attitude, thank you! It is so appreciated.

Review №94

Was in and out just like like 2 and they had what I needed

Review №95

Nice clean store with friendly, helpful staff!

Review №96

Zero help after asking.. just directed back to the same isle I spent 20 min on myself

Review №97

Huge Home Depot. Very friendly and helpful employees.

Review №98

Thats the best store I ever go toI like itthey have almost anything you can think of

Review №99

Im satified...

Review №100

Went to buy plumbing supplies for work turned out great.

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  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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