Dollar Tree
1101 Boston Rd, Springfield, MA 01119, United States
Dollar Tree
Review №1

I went in this Establishment to pick up a few items. Everytime I go, its messy. The girls on the Register are usually very unprofessional. Today it was Danielle in particular. She had the craziest attitude with the guest ahead of me because she wanted balloons. Then she got upset because her line got long while she was blowing up balloons. She didnt greet me. Just started ringing me out. No eye contact. Just rude. Once I was fully paid she Just stuffed my receipt in my bag and proceeded to start ringing the next customer without even a thank you for shopping with us or have a good evening. Never said hello. Nothing. It may seem small. But I like to be treated with respect when Im spending money, and if it wasnt for a shame, I wouldve put all my stuff back and gone some place else. Do Better!!

Review №2

Its a nice play to buy. Everthing is cheap and good.nice things for Christmas.

Review №3

I Like this Dollar Tree very much. It might not be a Big store. But they do carry alot of merchandise.

Review №4

I really enjoy going into this store! They have great items for every holiday!! It is a economical place to shop.

Review №5

Dollar tree Boston rd- walmart plaza….I was in line this afternoon behind another gentleman. After cashier cashed him out, it was my turn. I only had 2 tems in my hand. The next thing I see this other customer saying excuse me to me, so I thought she was grabbing something. The next thing I know she’s cutting in front of me, so I say excuse me I was next in line. Her response was that my cashier waved her down to come to her line. She responded to me that she wasn’t cutting. What kind of customer service is that? First time and last time in this store. Plus I’m not a trouble maker, so I went to the next cashier but I did mention to her coworker that she shouldn’t do that. I hope I hear from the store manager cause things like that could cause a riot with problsmatic people. 7.3.21 3 p.m.

Review №6

This Dollar tree is big compared to the other one in Chicopee And it has lots of good products

Review №7

Always get my hand soap here..🤗

Review №8

Great selection of easter items. Fun place to shop. Very nice staff.

Review №9

Store was better than the usual one I go to. The only negative was the line but that couldnt have been helped

Review №10

Small for a dollar tree but everything that I went for was there. Cashier associate was friendly. That was the only encounter with any associate.

Review №11

Who doesnt like saving some cash especially during the holidays neverless during a global pandemic? I bought a lot of things that would have cost me 5x or more even at Walmart. Staff were friendly. Would definitely recommend them to others. Two thumbs up.

Review №12

I went to dollar tree store on Boston road in Springfield and I was very impressed with the employees being helpful to customers and how they keep the aisles clean and the shelves stocked and I would go back there again I would recommend dollar tree store on Boston road in Springfield for good service.

Review №13

Lots of Christmas stuff..lots of stuff to choose from..very well stocked..but they need more registers open the lines are always long.

Review №14

My kiddos love dollar tree they can get things they want without breaking mommys bank

Review №15

Like shopping there for last minute emergency to get something quick.

Review №16

None of the cashiers wear their masks appropriately!!!! Educate your employees please.

Review №17

I always get more at this store then I intend to, always find things there you dont see everywhere. Store is starting to get organized better now too.

Review №18

All for $1.oo

Review №19

Great store great prices

Review №20

You find just about everything you need

Review №21

Awesome customer service. Good variety of goods for purchase. My daughters loved their selections.

Review №22

Worst DT ever. The cashier (Ashley) was on her phone and said that I had to wait cuz she was busy. Also, she wasnt wearing a mask. And the other cashier with her mask on her chin and with her baby. Sorry that she cant find a babysitter, but dont expose your baby to this pandemic or to a robbery. Shame of this store manager that ignore all this.

Review №23

You fine a lot of things for are dollar how can you beat it. Different dollar trees have different things

Review №24

Its Dollar Tree - whats to say?If youre visiting from somewhere else in the world, though... Everything in the store is priced at $1/item, except for a few candles and cards that might be 2 or 3 for a dollar.This is where to run for something fun to entertain the beloved child you didnt expect to have with you today... To put together an instant party for a coworker or visitor... For some cleaning supplies, food items, simple toiletries, fuzzy socks, dish towels, plastic flowers... Oh, just go look!

Review №25

This dollar tree is always busy no matter what type of day you seem to go… Because of that it’s not as organized as other dollar trees that I’ve been to but it always seems to have what I need and the only reason I’m not giving it five stars is because I believe they’re constantly understaffed.Are usually only see two associates and one is on the register and there’s one on the floor and this causes an extremely long line waiting at the registers just to purchase your items… Especially if you’re only buying two items and the person in front of you was buying like 20 for example… I wish the cashiers were a little more cognizant of calling for back up when needed as I would assume it would alleviate the impatience of people waiting in line… but like I said the store is usually fully stocked and I can always find what I need and it’s quick and convenient and the cashiers are always friendly!

Review №26

Hi, I went to the one on Boston Road and it was a mess in the store. Sadly the help cannot keep up the hard work of keeping the store neat this time of year and product is on the floor and every where. On the bright side for a dollar you can still get a lot of cute little things. Take a deep breath and go ahead and shop. Will be worse day after Christmas I suspect.

Review №27

I love the dollar tree. It has been a life saver for me when Im running low on cash. For a small store they have a good variety of items that I use everyday. I only wish there was one closer to where I live.

Review №28

I got there at 9:19pm and the assistant manager would not let me in because she said the store closed at 9:00 but one the sign in front of the store and even online,it said they close at 10:00pm! I asked why does it say that if she locked the doors at 9:00pm and all employees are just hanging out not even getting ready to go.She even said that the work hours on the sign are not relivent!This was today and it was the most ridiculous thing ever.I will never come back and I will inform everyone I know that these workers are lazy and killing time.

Review №29

The Dollar Tree is awesome! A Dollar Tree store is a Dollar Tree store, right? Or, is it? This particular store is not the largest in the region, but the staff does not seem overwhelmed as they seem at the busy one in Chicopee. There are so many helpful employees at this store. The nice lady at the checkout even gave me a quarter so that I could effectively break a 20 without getting back a bunch of bullcrap coins and singles. God Bless her! Good Dollar Tree! And, as I found out, everything costs one American dollar!

Review №30

Great place to pick up small items. Also helium party balloons are only $1 and they fill them. Also great cheap party favors.

Review №31

The absolute WORST store I’ve ever been to. Verbally chastised me and my 6 year old son for having to use the unspeakably disgusting bathroom. I actually would have rather he pooped in his pants than dealt with such disrespectful people and such a dirty bathroom. No rhyme or reason to the layout of the store. Shelves scrambled and boxes everywhere. Third times a charm. I would drive to another state rather than shop at this store.

Review №32

Super messy, dollar tree needs to help this staffs be able to have the store hours to organized before customers come in, everything was misplaced or out of stock.

Review №33

Got what want

Review №34

Got in got out easy short lines

Review №35

Need to fill up those shelfs and get more employees

Review №36

Place is a mess, looks dirty, products all over the place, disorganized. No need for that.

Review №37

One of the few stores that everything is actually a dollar, other than tax. The other dollar stores are not. I absolutely love the fact that I discovered Dollar Tree!

Review №38

I love the ice cream sandwiches there for a buck- Jeez Luise

Review №39

I actually like this dollar tree than other ones... more items ...for the house and toys and school stuff for kids.. everything is there and only for a dollar..

Review №40

Great place to shop got some greeting cards and some cleaning supplies.

Review №41

Awsome experience!!! Was picking up a balloon bouquet for my granddaughters bday. The young lady was very pleasant, kind and most of all very patient. She definitely deserves a RAISE

Review №42

Very nice but out of a lot of xmas stuff as it should be at this time.

Review №43

Ok lol

Review №44

Wonderful place to go shopping from family friends household goods snacks home cooking and those extra nick-nacks

Review №45

Semi clean store. Nice older lady at the register

Review №46

Always like this store

Review №47

Very nice shopping experience, inexpensive, I know exactly what Im looking for and then I buy extra because everythings a dollar. Cheap! I love it!!❤

Review №48

This place is great, sometimes they are backed up, but most of the times is a quick in and out.

Review №49

Need to have a quicker response to open up another register

Review №50

Extremely messy and organized

Review №51

Very dirty store! I am blown away at how digusting this place is there were boxes piled all over the place dirty carpets unstocked shelves and a whole wall covered in nailpolish! Are you kidding me? Idk how this place is able to operate under those conditions.

Review №52

Variety ok pretty small store

Review №53

The shelves were empty.

Review №54

It was great

Review №55

Lots of things you want and need at a Great price.

Review №56

Dollar store has some pretty good stuff not bad

Review №57

Worst dollar tree eva

Review №58

You can find what ever you want but a nice price

Review №59

They have four registers at the time I was there, only one was open and someone was having problems with the app, so the line was so long and you start thinking to yourself if this is a convenience store this is not convenient. You decide.

Review №60

They ALWAYS have a long line with one cashier!

Review №61

Well stocked.

Review №62

The cashier was very helpful with what I was looking for.

Review №63

Great price, wish this location had a frigerator .

Review №64

Well staffed, easily exchanged items for credit.

Review №65

Cant go wrong for a dollar,good deals

Review №66

Cheap. Good selection. Quick checkout.

Review №67

Great selection love the cleaners and food and spices

Review №68

How can you go wrong everything in the store is one dollar. . Absolutely love this store...🐨

Review №69

I love the Dollar Tree cuz Everythings a Dollar

Review №70

Smaller dollar tree, but clean and organized

Review №71

Love that everything is a dollar, and the offer a variety of goods

Review №72

Love this store very well stocked

Review №73

Smaller $ store. Easy in,and out

Review №74

Its a basic dollar tree, not much you can really expect

Review №75

Its dollar tree. You know what to expect.

Review №76

Springfield store is dirty. Lack of registers long line.

Review №77

Great. Economical place.

Review №78

I work here lol

Review №79

Super friendly

Review №80

Always better and lower prices

Review №81

We were 5 people before she ask for help store is great but service stinks and dont get any better....

Review №82


Review №83

Perfect for resolving as a plan B

Review №84

Very cheap good place to get things need for yours place for cleaning and little things, no name brands

Review №85

A bit of a mess at times but good finds

Review №86

Bought a bunch of household goods and supplies for pennies on the dollar! Literally!

Review №87

The variety of inventory is big

Review №88

Clean store. Friendly employees, but a lot of empty shelves must have been busy weekend

Review №89

Needs cleaning...

Review №90

Great stuff cheap

Review №91

Line are always long, store is never really clean, boxes are always all over the place, ailes are always cluttered and the back freezer is always leaking and getting floor wet.

Review №92

Huge mess super unorganized

Review №93

The prices of the things inside this store are most time greatly reduced!!

Review №94

It had lots of stuff to pick from.

Review №95

Staff is kind too all. And even the managers, will run a register.

Review №96

Lines too long,but friendly staff

Review №97

Good prices, but very messy

Review №98

It was a nice

Review №99

Not well stocked store

Review №100

Store was just unorganized n not clean

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  • Address:1101 Boston Rd, Springfield, MA 01119, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 413-504-1216
  • Grocery store
  • Craft store
  • Discount store
  • Dollar store
  • Home goods store
  • Kitchen supply store
  • Party store
  • School supply store
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Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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