Walmart Supercenter
2825 N Kansas Expy, Springfield, MO 65803, United States
Walmart Supercenter
Review №1

Shelves were pretty well stocked with a nice variety in selections to choose from. Definitely enjoyed after shelves have been bare for so long ever since COVID began last year. Only complaint is the Ozarka spring water bottle cases werent in stock.

Review №2

They usually have what I need and thats pretty good 😜

Review №3

Too bad you cant give a -5 stars. The shelves are always 1/2 bare, you can barely make it down the aisles for all the personal shoppers, they were out of grocery bags forcing you to buy reusable bags!!! 😡😡😡😡😡

Review №4

This location usually had plenty in-stock. I like this location.i found a black tree for Halloween and a cute pillow.

Review №5

Security definitely needs to be a little better. It was an ok experiance till a homeless man came up and started screaming at me for following him and taking pictures. I informed security but nothing was done about it. It was a horrifying experiance. I will not be going back!

Review №6

I Love Walmart Because of the merchandise that they have and the People are Very Nice

Review №7

Can’t get no help. Products locked up.

Review №8

Basically found everything I was looking for and more.Hard working stocking people. Way to go keep up good work.

Review №9

I interacted with at least 4 employees in this store and they were all so friendly! I just ran in for 2 things, but the store seemed clean. Wonderful to see happy employees!

Review №10

I consider myself a patient person. Ive tried grocery pickup at this location twice, and both times I was left waiting an absurd amount of time. The first time I waited 45 mins for them to bring my order out. I thought that maybe it was a fluke, OK, Ill give it another try. This last time, I waited an hour and then cancelled my order because there was a lot full of cars at the pickup and no progress was being made. Ill continue to use the Kearney location, or just swear off Walmart forever. That doesnt sound half bad. And while Im here, whoever at Corp thought it was a good idea to combine the grocery website and the regular website is trash.

Review №11

This Supercenter Walmart has load or deals. Good people, and the sanitize everything all the time.

Review №12

Online order is a joke, this is my local Walmart I order from, and we have done several orders from them. This last time they messed up. We placed an order at 7:30 am and didnt receive anything all day and at 7:45 pm we called and asked and they said that there was a delay, which is understandable, but they went ahead and took the money out of our account, we needed that money for food for the week, so every day I have called and not a single person I have talked to is helping, they all have said the same thing, so I called my bank and asked them if they had seen anything pending and of course not. So if your looking to do an online order here I would HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU are better off just going in store

Review №13

I called no one ever answered the phone. Went to electronics 8 minutes to get waited on, the guy had an attitude. Im all done shopping at Walmart!!

Review №14

Great place to shop always clean and very courteous

Review №15

Most of the shelves were half-empty. The aisles were blocked by employees stocking shelves, picking orders, price checking, etc. Its getting to be impossible to casually shop here. Why cant they stock shelves overnight instead of Sunday at the busiest time of day? And these pickers are rude, reaching right in front of you, blocking aisles, standing in the middle of aisles, staring at their lists. Its getting to where we are considering shopping elsewhere.

Review №16

Walmart is always Walmart! Got what you need at a price affordable and the employees are helpful if needed. Lack of cashiers is upsetting to some but I myself like self checkout.

Review №17

The store was completely disgusting the checkout area was not clean my area had spoiled milk and sticky stuff everywhere it was nice the cleaning supplies were sitting and not being used... The whole store was filthy. 6 people standing doing nothing. The quality of the store zero stars

Review №18

Not loving the new shift to more scan and go checkouts. Not enough lines/registers open anymore. Also missing many great, friendly cashiers! I hope they rethink this.

Review №19

Better selection than my old towns wal mart. But the no cash checkouts are completely ridiculous

Review №20

Employees had a pallet in the way of the public walkway. My disabled mom tripped on it and employees were incredibly rude to her when she sought out help. You need to train your employees on hospitality and basic human decency and respect when a customer needs help.

Review №21

Its bad enough theyve gone to the self service check outs but could they at least have more than 40% of them working?? No human cashiers available and only one person trying to help everyone else. So much for convenience.

Review №22

Not enough handicap carts for the store and the customer service was horrible

Review №23

Always pleasantly surprised how put together and friendly the staff is at this Northside location! The dark headed young lady at the return service desk,is the best! She always goes above and beyond to help, and never seems unnerved at all the crazy...but is just as friendly as she can be! Wish i could remember her name...🤔 Great staff all in all!

Review №24

Clean and updated. Staffing is on point and seems pretty clear security is better than other locations.

Review №25

It was ok, wierd people like usual.

Review №26

Service is good. Prices keep going up and everything is made in China! We might start traveling to shop somewhere else.

Review №27

Found what I needed checked out easy found a parking place easily in handicap parking

Review №28

If you are into rude employees, disorganized shelves, filthy restrooms, being an unpaid cashier, bagger, etc. Then this is the place for you. I prefer customer service, knowledgeable staff, and being paid for working so I avoid Walmart and will never give this location another cent. There are times when you really wish negative stars were a thing!

Review №29

Its a good store but in my opinion there needs to be at least a few cashiers working. I am disabled and its hard for me to do the self check on my own.

Review №30

Very scary place to go. First, before you go in there are homeless people asking for money. They are dangerous and drunk. Next, I cant find anything I need and most times the employees are not helpful. Then, I go to checkout and there are very long lines! Wal-Mart needs to make big changes!

Review №31

You would think they are closing down... a poorly ran store...Better to drive 30 miles out of my way than shop here

Review №32

Aint no different than every other woman Ive been too! Rude employees that dont know anything about any product that I need help with! We need to train their employees so where if the customer has a question about a certain product, they have the qualifications in the training to be able to answer that question properly and learn how to not be rude to customers when they have a simple question.

Review №33

As soon as we arrived had seen security chasing a guy. Witnessed a lady going up to vehicles,looking in them,trying to see which ones were unlocked. A lot of homeless going up to you in parking lot asking for money. Store was filthy, staff was rude. The worst walmart in springfield.

Review №34

I absolutely dread going to this location! Its so hard to get in and out of, its always packed to the max, and they moved everything most convenient to the back of the store on top of it! This location the smoked never want to help customers without attitude about having to do their job and thats when you can even find anyone to help! The layout of the store makes no sense at all!

Review №35

In a post-COVID world, you would think there would be a way to pay for car service online or over the phone, but not with the worlds largest retail outlet! WALMART doesn’t find efficiency to be very important…

Review №36

Literally the worst experience at a Walmart, ever. We are hauling a horse from Texas to Michigan, so obviously far from home. We had two blown tires but only one spare. We called the Auto Center an hour before we arrived to make sure they had our tire in stock because a lot of other locations did not. They said they would mount the tire for us as long as we got there before 7pm. We pulled in at 6:45 and the manager had no sympathy and said, “we’re closed, we’ve been closed for days because we have no workers. I can’t help you,” and then he proceeded to help a customer that just pulled in. We went inside the store to find someone else to talk to and convinced them to help us, since they had told us they would when we called. The two workers, Brian and Michael, were very accommodating and apologized for the auto department manager’s actions, and they mounted two tires for us well past closing time. Definitely don’t recommend dealing with the manager of the auto department.

Review №37

Walmart is amazing. Although they are known for having decent prices i believe that they can afford to come down a tad bit on certain items.

Review №38

I Shop At The Neighborhood Market All The Time. Ive become really good friends with a lot of the employees. There all great people. And provide an Amazing service.

Review №39

Other Walmarts are well stocked & half their shopping carts are gone. I have no idea why this one is having issues. We were so excited to have a 24 hour Walmart within a mile of our house. Hoping things get better soon.

Review №40

I love going to Walmart. You can get most everything you need in one place!

Review №41

It was so busy. I had to wait for about 45 minutes before I was able to get a riding cart. Had to wait along time to get checked out.

Review №42

Always good for a great deals and great customer service

Review №43

Very high priced and ALWAYS can never find am employee to get help or told its not their department and theyll get the righg person who never shows up.....ALWAYS a pain in the @$$ even the pick up is ridiculous,you sign in your there and what parking spot number and still waited 2 hours!!! I can go get mu stuff faster but then that and hate they automatically exchange items without contacting you to see if you want the subscription!

Review №44

Having a hard time finding 2t boy bootcut jeans, 4t girl bootcut jeans and forget about anything in a girls 10 especially bootcut jeans.

Review №45

I was actually at the automotive center. I was there to have my tires rotated (purchased through and a oil change. I was told I was next in line, 3 hours later my car is finally done. But guess what.... NO OIL CHANGE !!! I watched 2 guys walking around my car visiting and playing with their phones. They even walked to the door to watch it rainIt took one guy 30 minutes just to put 1 tire on my car.... Just to put the tire on ?? AND did I mention I STILL didnt get an oil change? I even asked the guy standing by my car IF the oil had been changed yet, his reply was well the oil gets changed over there (pointing) and the tires are always done last . . THAT was my answer from him ??? Huh. I am LIVID right now.SO checked in at 1:23 and out at 4:04. That was for checking/balancing and rotating 4 tires !! I will NEVER visit that location AGAIN !!BTW the ONLY reason they go 2 stars was because the girl working the counter ( Amber, I believe) was very polite and professional.

Review №46

In and out quickly. Thumbs up 👍

Review №47

Its a walmart, just recently redesigned 10/21

Review №48

Ordered a bday cake for my daughter 24 hrs in advance. Went to pick it up and it hadnt been made or even looked at. No phone call or anything. Just left with nothing and they couldnt care less.

Review №49

Good stock quality, over all clean store amd friendly staff.

Review №50

It was great place to shop till they put in all these self check outs and none of them take cash only card with usually only 1 to 2 people checking out regular lines

Review №51

I appreciate that this store has not turned completely self checkout. If being disabled has taught me anything, its to know where Im shopping because being disabled you cannot use self checkout. Ive been to a Walmart that was completely self checkout and have cried there while no one has helped so I am so glad this store still has cashiers!

Review №52

The shelves were only half stocked. Most of the fruits and vegetables were moldy or covered in fruit flies. SOOO many drunk people. The bathroom had feces on the wall and puddles of urine in the floor. No toilet paper. No soap. No paper towels. The old worn out shoes on top of the trash was a nice touch. The employees all seemed angry, as if they hated being there. It was honestly, kind of scary. Im just thankful I didnt get shanked.

Review №53

One of the few Walmarts where you can still have somebody check you out for you

Review №54

I love Walmart ! Plain and simple ! They have what you need when you need it ! A little lacking on the pet supplies but other than that, they have it !!

Review №55

I had just left the Walmart after buying an ITech Fusion Smartwatch. When I got home and opened the box, someone had already opened it and messed with it. It had already been connected to someones phone in the past so it had old text messages on it. The screen kept turning on and off while just sitting on the table. The touch screen didnt work. There was a nasty film on the inside of the watch band so it looked like someone had already worn it for a while. In the end it was broken.

Review №56

What can I say? Gotta love Wally World. We couldnt live without it. Lol

Review №57

They are having supply issues but its a good store

Review №58

Great place to shop. Friendly employees and just right off the interstate.

Review №59

Not a bad store. Need more if young ladies selection..

Review №60

I love Wally World... Hillbilly word for Wal-Mart. 😆

Review №61

Brenda in your TLE Department deserves worlds of recognition for her years of service. I used to work with her and I visited as a customer today. Shes always splendid to talk to and eager to listen and help. Walmart managers and other associates can learn a lot from her empathy and compassion.

Review №62

James from garden center is professional and nice thx

Review №63

I love to experience new and exciting places and businesses and show my thanks in the way of a good review. I also like to point out where a business is lacking and call out the bad businesses that are rude or disrespectful. With all this said I am a open minded person and not lie.

Review №64

This store is close to the PJC building so it’s where I go to grab some things for my lunches at work. The nice ladies up front is the only thing that saves this place lately. Nothing is stocked, ever. Then I have to check myself out and I sure hope Walmart is watching me on their cameras because I cannot guarantee I’m getting everything scanned and I’m probably dropping fruit all over the place and making a mess. And I’m paying full price for working for you. Have some class Walmart.

Review №65

Living in Springfield, MO you have quite a few Wal-Marts to choose from. Honestly I like them all, even the Markets. But this was the first Supercenter that i can remember going to as a child. I have to say, if I cant find what I am looking for at any of the other Wal-Marts, I can usually find it at this one. So,if your needing a Wal-Mart, you should give the one on N. Kansas a shot.

Review №66

The customers at this particular Wal mart seem a bit methy and creepy but honestly the employees ha.dle it well and Ive never had a problem with them. They also seem to always get my curbside pickups right. So even though aesthetically this walmart seems like a train wreck I didnt knock any stars off because its literally all due to the people going there and not anything the staff can do about it.

Review №67

I go to pick up before Ill go into any store! The staff at the Supercenter Walmart on Kansas Expressway, in Springfield Missouri is one of the best I have picked up from. Very courteous, very caring, and very quick!

Review №68

Great place to shop for all your needs!

Review №69

Sucked couldnt get anyone in the fabric department had someone paged several times waited about 20 minutes n just left

Review №70

Asked twice for assistance to get perfum from behind locked glass. There is no such thing as customer service at this Walmart any longer. Decided Walmart didnt care for my business ess so put my stuff back and went elsewhere to shop. I could care less is I ever go to Walmart on Kansas again.

Review №71

This store is needing to update and get its axt together they are like natzees at the front door, picking and choosing who they wanna check on the way out ....makes me feel very uncomfortable and very high anxiety when they look at mr likers a thief

Review №72

Nice stuff I love Walmart I could live there

Review №73

The craft section is better supplied than the one at my local Walmart.

Review №74

We were very happy to be able to have our vaccine done here! We are in mandatory masking and there were people walking all over that store with absolutely no mask! They should be stopped at the door and given the option to leave or take one of Walmarts.

Review №75

While I can understand a lot of people like to steal backpacks, thats no reason to lock them to the shelf so nobody can buy them. I waited way longer than I should have and nobody came to help except for one employee who didnt have access to the backpacks either. If you cant manage your inventory, maybe you should consider not selling the items at all rather than pissing off your customers who actually pay for things.

Review №76

No riders available, but thats normal. One reason we started going to Mt Vernon. We come to this one when we come to Spfld. My ex got custody of northtown🤣

Review №77

The team members are helpful at this location!

Review №78

Absolutely the worst Walmart I have ever been in. I cant even describe the stench that I smelled in there. Nothing on the shelves when I came for was a six pack of sunkists. Couldnt find a six pack, 12 pack, or a 2 liter.

Review №79

Wal-Marts .the hours of operation r never correct online just have to check.neighbor markets of Wal-Mart r better as far as store operations

Review №80

Clean store new changes nice people

Review №81

Visited today to pick up a few things. In most part shelves were stocked while others were picked over or bare. Wanted some cabbage and non to be found. Parking lot about half full and store was moderately busy. Although the shelves were so so. I still like Wolly mart.

Review №82

Pickup is an absolute joke. I have been waiting for someone to bring out my order for over an hour while people who’ve pulled up 5 minutes ago have had their groceries brought out and left. When asking one of the pickup employees why this is happening, his response was “I don’t know”. I could of went inside and got my groceries in less than an hour. Y’all are annoying. Pay your employees more and maybe you would have enough staff to work the dang pickup effectively.

Review №83

Always! Good to Be Back on the North Side! Thankful! I - Always! Have - A - Great! Experience! Got - All I Needed! Thank You! For - Having the (Safe Tread Shoes!) They are the - Safest Shoes! I - Have - Ever - Worn! In - My Price Range! Bless You! Beyond Measure! For - Having - Them! Plus! A Great! Variety! To - Choose - From.

Review №84

Went to this store looking for a flat top grill black stone got the last one on the self. The sale lady was very seasoned and professional and very nice she suggested a item that I needed which I purchased as well along with a spatula set plus had help loading it in my truck which was a plus today was a good day I must say at wally world!

Review №85

Had an order to pickup, was notified it was ready so we checked in on the app. We arrived and had to wait 30 minutes before we received our order. Walmart doesnt care about customer service any longer.

Review №86

Many items stocked side by side, same item, different price for each row. Example: Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. An employee was in the aisle, I asked why the difference and it saw both rows was the higher price. It was overstocked(?). I told him I expect the price as marked. He said there was 12 bottles in the stockroom at the lower price (?). But there was nothing he could do about it. I asked him to call a manager, he said he couldnt do that, either. I didnt buy the product, ended my shopping right there and went to Price Cutter to buy the rest of my groceries. Wal-Mart gets worse every time I go. This was my last trip. Target, here I come!

Review №87

Store was fairly clean and organized but out of stock in most of the mens shoes which I found strange.

Review №88

Mad because of all the card only self checkouts!!! Once again just decided to forgo my purchases because the cash line was ridiculous

Review №89

This Wal-Mart is ok

Review №90

This Walmart is on top of things with fresh inventory, with different things that other warts dont have. Definitely will return for the latest of my favorite brand clothing here.Walmarts have horrible inventory people you tell.This one is not in that category.Good job.

Review №91

I am disappointed in the lack of variety in every department. Locating items is always frustrating as they are continually moving them. I have had to shop in other grocery, general merchandise, hardware and automotive stores to get what I need. I only go to Walmart once or twice in a month anymore.

Review №92

I dont even wanna give u one star.Pre order chix wings n strips for my sons memorial on 2/17/21 bit into a strip..long strand of causian hairt he manager i talked to said he would refund my money.But when i get there the manager says she can refund me 15$..mind u i preordered 120.pieces Thank u walt.mart for reuing my sons Memorial..and. to the manager that on duty 7/20/21@ 2:00 pm..u could of made this rite but u chose not I hope u sleep well..Karma....

Review №93

Catherine was working in ladies dept by where you try on clothes, when I asked her for assistance she pointed to the other Associate, Betty, did not speak, just looked up at us with parched lips, then looked away. We were traveling thru on our way to Louisiana, we will not stop again. We spoke with a manager who was quick to make an excuse, saying theyve had previous complaints and he would speak to her team leader. Back in the day, she would have been pulled off the floor, away from customers. She was complaining to the other Associate about transferring out of that store, for yalls sake, I hope she does.Carla

Review №94

Well what can you say about Wally world Walmart as Walmart. Theyre forever changing things around a little frustrating sometimes 😜😜

Review №95

I dont usually give walmart 5 stars but the experience i had at the N. Kansas walmart justifies it, I bought a kayak and a pop gun and got excellent service and that doesnt happen at Walmart very often!

Review №96

Wasnt my worst visit to a walmart

Review №97

Well I kinda like this store for mostly everything except the food part. Because sometimes they dont always have e everything Im used to buying at Walmart Neighborhood Market so yeah theres that but they do have the coffees I like to buy e everything else is fine. I think other than that you should be able to find anything else you need just a heads up ☺️ not that its not a nice place to visit I just thought you might like to know 👈🤓

Review №98

Walmarts always great... loving the self checkout...

Review №99

Pretty stock up on everything. Thank you.

Review №100

I work here. We clean constantly to protect you our valued customers. We try hard to help our customers, & will go out of our way to make your shopping enjoyable. We arrange departments so products are easy to find. & were always happy to help! Highly recommend Deli. Very helpful, friendly, & knowledgeable.

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