Dollar Tree
1310 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield, MO 65804, United States
Dollar Tree
Review №1

How cute are these glasses?! Must have! Dollar Tree in larger cities always carry more than ours do in rural areas!

Review №2

To crowd for being only one person whom running the register when you are trying to check out its like that the other high staff members think that they are to good for them to help with their team members .sad

Review №3

The shelves are always fully stocked; excellent 5 star customer service. Nelly the cashier always has a positive attitude with a smile on her face. Thank you so much! Our family buys 90 percent of our grocery and cleaning supplies for our home at this store.

Review №4

The store was well stocked and clean. The staff were friendly.

Review №5

Went in to buy some sturdy cordage to tie some luggage to the roof of my car. Easy to locate and quick to get in and out. Clerk was nice and friendly

Review №6

It isnt very clean. They can clean the shelves when they are next to empty. They have relocated things in the store quite a bit. Pet section moved. Hair supplies and makeup moved. They are needing help. They need to schedule more ppl to work.

Review №7

My favorite store. They stay stocked with all the items I shop for.

Review №8

Dollar Tree had everything we needed to have a successful baby shower! Lots of super cute stuff!!! ♡

Review №9

Terrible place to shop we tried many times thinking itll be better next time well out last straw was handing the cashier lady with glasses and no teeth a 10% off coupon after buying 80.00 dollars in product I ask for receipt she says oops I forgot to take it off called mgr over she said I cant do anything about that lol

Review №10

You are never going to find the same stuff at every dollar tree but this one has a good selection. Its clean and pretty well organized.

Review №11

Very busy and had only one cashier to check you out... That was horrible.....

Review №12

Best place I know of to take a toddler and let him shop to his hearts content

Review №13

It was very big I loved it there was tons of stuff definitely going back!

Review №14

The lady who cashed me out was extremely rude, tho another lady helped me out and she was very kind, I didn’t even need to ask for help; she just seen I was confused and jumped right in.

Review №15

Dont know i just peed on the floor then left

Review №16

Always find amazing deals here most things are very cheaply made which isn’t a problem since it’s just a buck but you always find some good deals

Review №17

Helpful cashier and polite workers.

Review №18

The store would be a better place to shop IF the store AC was WORK !!

Review №19

Friendly staff and well kept store!

Review №20

Not a good stocked store, but the staff was good

Review №21

It was clean and organized. Covid practices were in affect and mask worn. No there wasnt cleaning after each person at checkout. It was only one cashier. The wait wasnt bad.

Review №22

Store is clean and well stocked (unlike many others!), and the staff is personable and helpful. There is a note on the door asking that no more than 34 people be in the store at a time. While this is the new relaxation of previous regulations, I am happy to comply as it keeps everyone safe. As stated they have things in stock and on the shelves that WM doesnt - since they are only next door, try them if you cant find something.

Review №23

The store was somewhat cleaned out but I still found all the products I needed to purchase so glad that they are affordable

Review №24

Friendly service and some good stuff if you know what youre looking for.

Review №25

Staff is really nice! Store is always clean.

Review №26

Everythings a dollar hey you cant go wrong!!

Review №27

Prompt service and easy to navigate layout.

Review №28

Its a small store with all the things any dollar tree usually carries plus a couple more things you wouldnt expect. I did have a cashier get rude with me, but I chalked it up to her being in pain. Never had a problem with their professional behavior before. I go pretty regularly.

Review №29

Michelle runs a great store. They always have just what I need.

Review №30

Always has a good selection of different product

Review №31

Get lots of items that I use on a regular basis and only pay $1 instead of $15 at other stores. Love this store

Review №32

I found all I needed. I was in then out.

Review №33

Have good merchandise. Amazingly nice and helpful employees. 😁🥰

Review №34

Very nice dollar tree. Very well stocked and employees are extremely helpful. Thats a big plus when youre on walker.

Review №35

I am constantly amazed every time I step foot into a Dollar Tree store by how much they have seriously stepped up their game since I was a kid going with my Great Grandma ....Im 37 years old now!

Review №36


Review №37

Pretty good for small containers.

Review №38

This is one of my fav Dollar Trees cuz I can always find just the thing I need it seems like they have everything & anything else you can think of that you have to get quick. They have it all you gotta go here youre gonna love this place. 💙👍👌✌️☯️😎

Review №39

They had what we were looking for and the quantity that we needed. Check out was quick and easy.

Review №40

Would be more except the Filipino lady gossips and talks stink about people. Come on its a dollar store get off your high horse.

Review №41

I go here alot and its always clean the lady I always see there is always friendly and over all its always in stock of what I usually get.🥰

Review №42

This location very dirty

Review №43

Nelly the cashier is ALWAYS friendly, even though there never seems to be enough help here and she is alone at the registers with large lines. Each time Ive came in, she is very friendly to all.

Review №44

The staff here is amazing! Always friendly!

Review №45

Justin provided professional service with a smile!

Review №46

Great customer service at Glenstone location. Kansas Express Dollar Tree is always out of everything and they are lazy!

Review №47

Lots of good bargains. Their seasonal stuff is especially nice for the price.

Review №48

Everything is low volume is sized and 1.00. great option to avoid a larger store

Review №49

I love this store. I shop here all the time for household stuff as well as my preschool classroom. I always find interesting items. The store is always clean. The staff are very friendly and helpful. I ha e never had a bad experience.

Review №50

Clean and organized with friendly staff.

Review №51

Great store

Review №52

I used to frequent this location weekly because of how close it was. I dealt with the rude cashiers you get from time to time. But they now make me leave my purse up front before I can shop which would be totally fine if everyone had to. I watched women with bigger bags walk in and get to hold on to their bag. Only difference is Im tattooed. Im a mom of five who doesnt appreciate being singled out as a thief nor do I like leaving my stuff near some sketchy looking employees.i will drive farther to other locations and give them my business.

Review №53

Nice staff.

Review №54

The clerk we had was conscientious and wore a mask.

Review №55

If you want it cheap this is the place to be

Review №56

Always great deals and good staff

Review №57

Enjoy going to this one because of the employees

Review №58

Dollar tree is great. Tons of stuff there. Plenty of everything. And all just a buck. Check it out . You will not be disappointed

Review №59

Busy. Only one register open. Store was big and clean. Lots of stuff. Nice cashiers. Plan on waiting in line a while.

Review №60

They always have a different selection of things i need & use everyday.

Review №61

Great selection of both consumable and house hold items. Everything was easily locatable within the store. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. No ambient music of any sort was a let down. Poor outside light and no light up sign in the windows made it hard to determine if they where open from the road.

Review №62

This store is in a great location. It also has a very wide variety of products. As with most Dollar stores the products you find can be hit and miss. It seems other stores seem to be on the miss side more often than not. But this location seems to always have something that I cant pass up.

Review №63

This is one of the biggest dollar trees in the area and usually will have whatever item I am looking for. I believe since they are so big they get more inventory. That being said they manage to keep their store very neat and clean unlike some other stores it looks like a bomb has gone off.

Review №64

Great for getting simple every day items. Works out great for people of low and fixed incomes. Wished they had more inventory and more locations especially rural and small towns. Dollar General look out cause Dollar Tree is about to give you a run for money in these areas

Review №65

Lots of items I was looking for were not in stock.

Review №66

The best little store with helpful friendly employees!!

Review №67

Perfect! I needed some baby boy frequently used items (like spoons, suction cup bowl, bibs, hand sanitizer a cute stuffed animal, etc. & my husband was shocked at all I got for $15 & I put it in a gift bag that they could reuse. Tadaa!! Store was clean & stocked up right after Christmas the best that I could tell.

Review №68

Their selection was outstanding. I went there to see what they had for my shoebox gifts and found some great things that children will be able to use.

Review №69

Staff is nice just a smaller store

Review №70

Always find what you need. Well stocked. Ship to store orders are always on time. Clean and staff is very helpful.

Review №71

Love this place always coming here to get my notes theyre always here always fast service in and out in minutes

Review №72

Great deals for low cost

Review №73

The cashier was rude to some customers

Review №74

Great service, Nice employees, and wonderful management truly a great location my favorite dollar tree in all of Springfield.

Review №75

Love it

Review №76

Always good for a buck.

Review №77

So many bargains! The prices are wonderful for everyday needs. Quality varies, but careful shopping can yield high quality for less.

Review №78

Clean, friendly and plenty of Christmas 🎄 items

Review №79

Thursday is stocking day at the location we go to, and were always there for bread. Natures Own is our favorite brand, its over $3 a loaf at Wal-Mart, but (of course) only $1 here.

Review №80

Good dollar store. Out of stock on a lot of items, but overall a great store to get everyday items you need.

Review №81

Love going here find nice stuff I can use everyday

Review №82

This place always has full racks and shelves of awesome stuff at great prices!

Review №83

Always a fun place to stop in....I sometimes ha to remind myself.... its only a dollar....everythings a dollar

Review №84

The Dollar Tree is very good whenever you start out for your new apartment and everything and they got everything that you need so yes the Dollar Tree is most excellent and everything if you want something and you cant dont have a means of money and you have a budget and whatever the Dollar Tree is the place to be

Review №85

Love this store great products

Review №86

Accommodating and helpful staff. I always enjoy browsing their goodies, just fun place to shop.

Review №87

Its a great place to go for quick items birthday cards decorations party supplies amazing what you can get for $20 there and the fried mushrooms in their freezer section are my husbands new favorite thing

Review №88

I came in on 9-13-18 at 11:30 and the bigger lady with dark hair and glasses, I think is the manager. This lady was talking on her cell phone, fighting with someone on the phone. Cussing up a storm. I couldnt believe she was talking like that in the store and my child was there. We ended up leaving without buying anything. Please watch your month or take it ro the back where no one can hear you.

Review №89

Everything I need and then some

Review №90

There always something interesting to try and only a $1

Review №91

Staff very helpful store was clean only had to wait a couple of minutes in line to check out

Review №92

Easy to shop at and 1 product is the best I can remember it ever coming close to how tasty and fresh it was.

Review №93

You will get more for your money.

Review №94

Good selection of products. I had a bad experience with the staff. Unkind when my children and I were checking out.

Review №95

Nice cashiers

Review №96

Always love this Dollar Tree and their employees are always nice and friendly

Review №97

Fun to look at all the things they have for $1.

Review №98

Always super clean and organized, and usually not too busy compared to the one off of south Glenstone.

Review №99

There are a few items, I go to dollar tree for. Even worth the wait in line. Check them out.

Review №100

So much savings nice clean organized place to shop and they do take couponsNothing in the store is over a $1 and they carry food and name brand

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  • Address:1310 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield, MO 65804, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 417-450-6863
  • Craft store
  • Dollar store
  • Discount store
  • Grocery store
  • Home goods store
  • Kitchen supply store
  • Party store
  • School supply store
  • Toy store
  • Variety store
Working hours
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  • Sunday:8AM–10PM
Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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