Five Below
3500 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield, MO 65804, United States
Five Below
Review №1

I really love this five below. The deals are pretty cool. There’s a lot of fun and quirky things in the store. Unique gifts for people and quality gifts for each person on your list. Workers at the store are always friendly and helpful when I have come in.I have generally found the toys for kids to be a great item here. Very good variety of toys that are so reasonable in price.

Review №2

This store has a little bit of everything: Clothes, toys, electronics, candy, bored games, make up, books. Everything is $5 or less. This is a great place to find some cool items without spending a lot.

Review №3

Good options for a cheap dollar store type place. Also has limited edition lime skittles. Very cool!

Review №4

Lots of great stuff! A bit sad that its not 5.00 and below.My cord was 5.95. I do understand inflation. It was just easier when it was 5.00 or less. I always fight with the machine to pay. It would be better with cashiers.

Review №5

Started getting Christmas stuff. Love this store for shopping for others its nice to not spend an arm and a leg to get stuff my kids will enjoy

Review №6

The stuff sold here is junk. Dont waste your time or money.

Review №7

It was so crowded you could barely walk around the store. And they have self checks now. But the girl running it was more interested in her phone versus helping.

Review №8

This is the CLEANEST Five Below I have ever been too! Nothing was on the floor or out of place, and the employees helped my fiance find exactly what she needed! Will be coming back to this location again soon!

Review №9

Was a cool store and very busy, the supply on the shelves was very low, hope they restock so we can get a few more of the item we bought, its all self check outs and they very slow

Review №10

Very nice store, theres something for everyone, just inexpensive fun!! Great staff, very helpful!!

Review №11

I went here with my Mom to go shopping for a family Thanksmas party last year, and it was a fun part of my shopping experience in the Southside of Springfield. AND, for this particular party, I managed to find a delicious treat: Kinder Bueno chocolate bars, a product of Italy! I even started enjoying some for dessert sometimes.And by the way, the brand Kinder was familiar to me from a few old television commercials for Kinder products that had aired in Italy, that I had seen on YouTube: one for Kinder Colazione Piu (literally, Kinder breakfast) and one for Kinder Cereali, both of which are a unique type of cereal bars.

Review №12

Love this place. So many items at low prices.

Review №13

They have some pretty cool stuff. I love to just go in an look around. I tell myself thats ALL Im going to do. BUT I HAVE NEVER LEFT THE STORE EMPTY HANDED.

Review №14

Love the inexpensive variety of things I can get here, both as a shopper and as a teacher!

Review №15

Even though they were stocking I was able to move around freely in my wheelchair which is often hard to do in other stores.

Review №16

They have a wide variety of cool things for cheap prices.

Review №17

Im in my late 40s.they have stuff suitwd just for weird people,such as myself!

Review №18

A friend of ours enjoys it- My Beloved and I go for her sake- personally- its an overpriced Dollar tree

Review №19

Five below has lots of good bargains. Store was neat and tidy.

Review №20

Very organized and employees helpful?

Review №21

Always a fun place to shop and look around

Review №22

So much fun just to walk around and look at all the stuff.

Review №23

Very cheap and a amazing store the workers are also very nice

Review №24

Theyre always out of Bob Ross positive energy and Tonkotsu Ramen Bowls. Other than that its a fun place to browse

Review №25

Such a neat new place! Didnt know what exactly it was, so went to check it out with my family. My kids were in heaven!!! Candy section. Brand Name toys. Great deals! Perfect place to take a kiddo for their birthday or just to hang out!

Review №26

Not sure how to rate this place, it has a bunch of random stuff for five dollars or less. If you are looking for art supplies it does have a selection.

Review №27

Great place to go with lots of unique items. If you are looking for a kids birthday this is the perfect spot as they have a lot of items at good prices. Although I would complain about the items higher than $5 as they name of the store is 5 below and thats their gimmick.

Review №28

Great; clean store with great prices.

Review №29

Discount store, lots of cool stuff

Review №30

Just stepped in and apparently the manager was also the CDC! Had my mask in my hand but my granddaughter whos three was wanting to run so I was holding her and trying to get my mask on. I also had just used my inhaler. She then tells me to stay at LEAST six feet away from people! She did this to no one else. As Im leaving on the window next to the door is a sign about five below a political beliefs. That explained it all. Im too white I guess.

Review №31

I have a big complaint with five below. Their sign is a very misleading. Supposed to be $5 and below not $18 and below. . But other than their pricing its a good clean store.

Review №32

Always clean but very busy today. Hard to navigate through the aisles the way they are set up but self checkout is very quick.

Review №33

I love this store!!! High quality stuff at low low prices!

Review №34

Great store however I personally like the one on west by pass the most

Review №35

This one has more items. Very busy on a Saturday. But still organized.

Review №36

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Expensive items with cheap prices. Everything a girl/guy could want or ask for! This place is the absolute BEST! HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Review №37

Had never been to a Five Below store. Great variety of items. The store is cramped and difficult to maneuver around. No customer service!

Review №38

Really cool finds.

Review №39

Fun place to shop.

Review №40

Pretty sure this is just the millionaires dollar tree

Review №41

Realy like this place

Review №42

Clean, friendly and a bunch of cool stuff $5 or below.

Review №43

Super excited when I saw this was opening. But its really small compared to other 5 below stores.Seasonal section is super small with limited selection. Not the same as what Im used to. Kinda a buzz kill 😢

Review №44

I love this place! It wasnt too crowded and had so much stuff, cant believe Ive never been here!

Review №45

It was the worst experience! I was looking for wrapping paper and candles for my sons birthday. I dont if it was the way I was dressed are what but a female employee made it her job to make me feel like a thief. I was at self checkout and she was hovering over me prending she was fixing things and when she saw that I was done she headed to the front of the store exit. Now they were other customers using self check out that she had her back turned too so I know it was just me. It bothered me alot I work hard for my family. Management needs to retrain reps on customer service and how to deal with all customers.

Review №46

Found lots of good stuff here.

Review №47

Pretty good store if you just want some small nick nacks

Review №48

Love this store. Good customer service . A good variety of products and great prices

Review №49

Great variety at great prices.

Review №50

Crazy busy and low on inventory.

Review №51

Awesome store for decent cheap popular items.

Review №52

Cool store. Can find some very cool things and Manager has been more then helpful when Ive needed help. Would recommend!

Review №53

Service was great. Store was clean

Review №54

Good deals. Friendly staff

Review №55

Very clean and friendly staff. I love the self checkout they have now!

Review №56

Nice selection of a variety of items for a reasonable price. Employees are very kind and helpful too.👍😄

Review №57

Lots of fun stuff at decent pricing. The staff was very friendly, greeting us at the front door as we came in and telling us thank you as we left even though we didnt purchase anything.

Review №58

Great store if your looking for things under $5.00...and it is actually true,never noticed anything over 5.00...bought a couple of headphones for 5.00,made especially for games,and you see the same one for over 20.00 at larger thing bad about the store is,that its hard to just stop buying things(just like Lays potato chips,its hard just stopping at one)...the stores worth checking out...

Review №59

A very cool place to grab something of decent quality for $5 or below, they have a bunch of older 90s cartoon shirts that I really like.

Review №60

Do not like that its self checkout.

Review №61

Love the painting sets and makeup, needs more

Review №62

Such a cute fun store. Love all the variety of candies.

Review №63

I could look in this store for hours. Need one in my town.

Review №64

Always find something I need

Review №65

First time in there loved it! Will be back. I dont live in Springfield so didnt even know about these stores!

Review №66

Great place for odd ball gifts and knickknacks. I found some great stocking stuffers!

Review №67

Love this place, great products for the price.

Review №68

They have lots of nice items and staff is very professional and willing to help you.

Review №69

Great service awsome items and great quality as well definitely worth a visit

Review №70

Fun shopping & great prices

Review №71

Great items

Review №72

Fun little place, we will be nack

Review №73

Love shopping here.... Fun Fun An more Fun. The people who work at this store are Awesome.

Review №74

Great Place for phone cases, Bluetooth earpieces & ods & ends stuff for $5 or below.

Review №75

Busy, but the lines move quickly. 1st time there. Interesting.

Review №76

Clean and organized. Friendly staff

Review №77

Love going in and having no idea what I am going to walk out with. Hunting for stocking stuffers.

Review №78

Store had an amazing inventory

Review №79

Great selection and good prices

Review №80

Cheap price stuff

Review №81

Airways a nice, clean store to visit for fun stuff. As the name says, youre never surprised by the prices.

Review №82

Amazing products for just $5 or less.

Review №83

Its alright but you get what you pay for...I saw a pair of wireless earbuds for $5 I didnt buy them but after I thought about it I figured whats $5 to find out if theyre good or not Ill let you guys know

Review №84

My first trip. Loved the atmosphere.

Review №85

My granddaughter and I love shopping here

Review №86

First-time visit its a neat little store

Review №87

1st time going here, love it!!

Review №88

Fun store and cool knick nacky stuff and the girls there are such sweethearts the kind of girls that you would like your son to marry check it out you will be glad you did!!!!

Review №89

Love this place

Review №90

I visited here with my son on the 20th, the day before Fathers Day. It is a crowded store, so social distancing is tricky, but if you are able to navigate, you will not be disappointed. They have all stuff here. I spent 30 bucks on 11 things that would have cost 3 times as much else where. My son was excited they carried pokemon cards. I bought him one pack. On the way out, he was excited to show one of the ladies on duty. She acted truly interested in his cards he had. Then she actually gave him an extra card she had laying around in the store. We will be back again. Thank you for making a great first impression.

Review №91

Great deals at awesome prices.

Review №92

Gentleman helping you scan your stuff was very nice. You have to check out your items...they dont have cashiers. Thats very irritating...I dont want to go shopping & then have to do the stores job. The store is ridiculously over crowded. We wont be back.

Review №93

Great place to shop if you are a girl

Review №94

Pretty neat store! They have neat things. And price is great. But Some things they need to get.

Review №95

I am completely in love with this store. There were several of these stores back home in Georgia but none had self checkouts and had to stand in line for forever. Five Below has always been my go to store for gifts. They have lots of really neat things that wont break the bank. Sooo glad there is one in Springfield, MO now. My new hometown 😊

Review №96

It is a awesome store to shop that will be coming back soon

Review №97

This place is is like a super upscale dollar tree. So far everything I have bought has been of good quality. They have such an amazing art section. They do have a little bit of everything.

Review №98

Friendly staff on this super busy day.

Review №99

Got a cool spiderman shirt :) fast checkout

Review №100

Still no offline navigation. In rural areas is useless.

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  • Address:3500 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield, MO 65804, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 417-886-2983
  • Candy store
  • Variety store
  • Fashion accessories store
  • Gift shop
  • Toy store
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–9PM
  • Thursday:10AM–7PM
  • Friday:10AM–9PM
  • Saturday:10AM–9PM
  • Sunday:10AM–9PM
Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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