Super Pets LLC
5230 Port Royal Rd, Springfield, VA 22151, United States
Super Pets LLC
Review №1

I came here on the recommendation of a family member and it did not disappoint! They have everything you can image and a great aquarium/bird sections as well.The big box stores usually focus more on the cats and dogs, but Super Pets really focuses on all the other small animals out there.They had a clearance box that I found my dogs favorite toy in (he destroyed the last one) and was able to snag them up for a great price! Here he is enjoying his new toys!

Review №2

In the land of big-boxed pets, rare are the times you come across a local pet store with the iconic hand written feel free to pet, but they may bite! sign in front of bird cages - but surprisingly, Super Pets is still holdin down the old meaning of lets go to the pet store!What youll find at Super Pets: odd hours and a dusty collection of pet supplies. But what youll also find is a collection of hand fed birds, parrots that bribe you for head scratches, and some really actively, awesome reptiles, mice, and chinchillas.Pro-tip: Call ahead, often times the shop owner (a lady) will close down the store for doctors appointments.In the world of pet stores that only sell overweight bags of dog food, its awesome that Super Pets still exists.

Review №3

This is a great little pet store! We bought our first guinea pig from this store, which they have a great variety of guinea pigs. The lady was very nice and helpful. Our guinea pig is doing well and healthy and is eight month old. We just bought our second guinea pig and are very happy. I highly recommend this place!

Review №4

I always come here for supplied and will be buying a skink from here. Ive read reviews saying its overcrowded- yes the store is crowded but the animals are very well taken care of. The owner (and only person who works there) loves animals and they all receive maximum love and care.Most of her supplies also BEAT AMAZON PRICES. So I get to support small business and save money. How perfect.The owner has given me some fantastic advice in raising my babies (crested gecko and a bearded dragon). I got my reptiles from big box pet stores and they both were ill when I got them. Her advice helped me through and Ive got beautiful healthy (not so)babies now.PLEASE SUPPORT THIS STORE IT IS FANTASTIC.

Review №5

I purchased a young hand fed love bird from this shop back in may 2015. When I was at the store the owner was very helpful in explaining his care to me and the supplies I would need. My lovebird is in perfect health now and has become very friendly! :)

Review №6

I often go to this store for advice on the care of our aquariums and the owner knows a lot! This is our go to store when I need an out of the way product that other pet stores do not carry. In the event they are out of an item, it can be ordered and arrives quickly. I find their prices very competitive with the larger chain stores.

Review №7

Best pet store around. High quality foods and friendly family run business. They have done beautiful animals too

Review №8

The store was very clean with plenty of pet care products. All the animals in the store looked very healthy and well cared for. I would highly recommend this store for any of your pet needs.

Review №9

Great store, particularly if you have exotic pets like birds, snakes, iguanas etc. Very high quality pet foods. The owner is very nice and knowledgeable.

Review №10

I thought the owner of this store was incredibly lame. Bless her heart if she has some dark things going on in her life because as a store owner, thats the only forgivable excuse for owning a business and not giving a care about potential customers or being nice to people who come to your establishment. I thought it was a great store from the gitgo and thought, Id buy a pet from this store...just for the variety of live pets available to choose from but I literally didnt get past the counter because of the little bit of interaction I had with this person. I told my kids, We needed to leave because this person (attendant/owner) was not a nice lady and lets go.

Review №11

Decent store. But items over priced. Dont know whats going on lately, But I have gone there 3 times in the last month (during business hours) and they were closed. I would suggest calling first if traveling far

Review №12

Really glad theyre now out of business. You people are why people shouldnt buy rabbits at crappy strip-mall pet stores. You never knew anything about them and you helped perpetuate garage breeders. Bye. Seeya. Good luck in your next amateurish adventure. Next time, stick to selling fish.

Review №13

My dad went to their store religiously when they were located in Annandale, and I love going to this store still. Good quality and good choices.

Review №14

This store is the equivalent of a puppy mill for guinea pigs. They must have had 75 at all ages from just being born 30 minutes prior to adult. The cages were clean, but some were without food or water.Ive never seen so many animals crammed into one place. Many were not for sale. Large birds were in tiny cages. The rats and mice were sneezing. She had 3 blue tongue skinks. One was a northern hybrid of some sort (I know because Im one of 8 breeders in the US) that she was selling for $1,999. In the current market, it was worth no more than $250. The other 2 were Indos. They were emaciated, dull, and very lethargic.If youre looking for customer service, this is not the place for you. Stock was scattered about and disorganized. I loved looking at all the baby guinea pigs but its not the place to bring a pet home from. Go somewhere else.

Review №15

Hi i was wondering if anyone knew if they sold veiled chameleons. Ive been looking where ro buy them for a while and a friend recommended Super Pets but could not inform me on what they sold. I cant contact them and fhey do not have a website, so if anyone knows, please comment.

Review №16

Ive been going here for five years now. The animals are all healthy and socialized (especially the rats!) and the prices are very reasonable

Review №17

I went to this pet store on my break and I happened to find myself in the back of the store looking at the birds. The Macaws caught my eye and I wanted to know how much they were. I went back to the front of the store where the cashier lady was having a conversation with another lady. They kept talking and talking as I was standing there. And the lady who purchased some food, finally gradually ended their conversation. I asked the cashier how much were the birds and she said 1100, 1500 etc but they are not for sale only one of them when its ready. I said when its ready? and she said yes. I asked when will it be ready and I said when I say its ready.. So I immediately walked back to the back to look at them one last time before I went back to work and I just left the store. The cashier was very rude, unprofessional and no help at all. She didnt give me any information or background, was not helpful in my business besides the store being crowed with things all over the place. She should not be working there if she cant be professional and acknowledge every customer in the store whether she is with a customer or not. I wont be back as I am researching other stores in northern virginia with better customer services and birds that are ready!! I do hope this store does not last long at all. She wont ever sale much with that nasty and terrible attitude and customer service she gives.

Review №18

You get no service from anybody until you ask for help, and even after you do the Owner of the store takes her time to come to you. I bought a baby bearded dragon and from the second it got home it was lethargic and barely basking. 2 days I called her and she said it was my set up and that I was feeding him crickets to big. I bought the smallest crickets I could find which are incredibly tiny and yet he still didnt eat. I called her again and she kept trying to blame my set up and saying it was my fault. Im still trying to get the little guy to eat. I would not recommend anybody to go to this petstore. 110 for a sick bearded dragon, its simply ridiculous.

Review №19

I wish I could give this store fewer stars. My first and last visit to this place was very brief, but dreadful. There is a long story involved in this, but the short version is that I was fostering a chinchilla for a few days, and she needed some Timothy Hay. This was the closest pet store to me at the time, and it was a pure stroke of luck that I saw it. Upon entering the store, I noticed how dark and crowded it was. It had a real animal-hoarder vibe to it. The walls were gray, there were products and papers all over the floor, with a distinct path carved out of the mess so customers could get around the store. The lady behind the counter (who I could only assume was the owner), was sitting there, making no effort to do much of anything (much less clean the store) and was smacking away at her chewing gum. Now, Im not usually one to judge on looks, but hers was very unprofessional, and her outfit definitely said Id rather wear an animal than care for one. Due to her incredibly tight pink top, her makeup and 80s style hairdo, she only appears in my mind as a ditzy Dolly Parton knock-off. I decided to look around for the hay nonetheless, and I began exploring the store. I was horrified. Ive never seen so many animals crammed into such a tiny space. All the rats were housed together (male and female) and they were breeding like crazy. There had to be at least 30 babies in there! The cages didnt look very clean either. The poor little rats were sneezing, and I couldnt help but think they wouldnt last long in those conditions. I didnt take a good look, but I remember thinking that the lizard cages looked very small and dirty too. I never got to look at the birds, but based on the other reviews here, Im glad I didnt see that. The chinchillas (while they have lovely coloring), were all crammed in one completely wire cage as well. Anyone whos ever owned a small animal knows that wire-bottomed cages arent good for their feet!I finally climbed over enough of the mess to find a bag of Timothy Hay, and when I got to the register, I asked Not-Dolly-Parton how much the baby rats were, in hopes that I could save one or two of them from this hell. She very rudely asked me if that was what I REALLY came in to do, and I told her Of course not, but she didnt seem to believe me. I bought the hay and left, and though it seemed to be a brand new package, the chinchilla I was fostering wouldnt eat a bite. Looking back, the hay might have been past its prime. I really and truly hope animal welfare services get their hands on this place and SHUT IT DOWN.

Review №20

Awesome store with cheap feeder mice and rats, many cool birds, and a very helpful owner.

Review №21

Its a very nicely run place, good products and animals, I would recommend it.🙂

Review №22

The animals looked healthy and there cages were clean, I would also highly reccomend this place.

Review №23

Its been many years but they had the best deal on tanks

Review №24

Store owner has great knowledge and willingness to help.

Review №25

Not the traditional type of pet store, and a large amount of products for the small space it occupies. Has a HUGE variety of pets (birds, snakes, lizards) you wouldnt find at a traditional pet store. I must say I absolutely love this place, however if your very punctual and arent there to casually buy supplies, it isnt for you. Unlike other/most large pet-store chains (petsmart, Petco, petland) its more of a mom and pap store and closing time arent EXACTLY perfect, but hows running around at 7:30-8:00 at night to pick up pet food from a small pet store anyways?Ive seen the owners caring for cockatiel chicks them selves, something other pet stores dont do and is typically only done by breeders. You know the animal you get will be healthy, because of how well the store itself is clean and managed, and if a pet isnt well you must realize it isnt always the pet stores fault. The women (name has slipped my mind) there cares deeply for the animals there as well, something you dont see chain pet store employees do often.Remember, there are different types of pet stores for different people and Super pets is by far my favorite pet store, but to each his own, Id rate it far better then any Petsmart, Petco, and Petland and gets my five stars!

Review №26

Place is messy and service is mediocre. But they have really cool parrots!!

Review №27

Small store, but friendly and helpful staff.

Review №28

Amazing the really do know what to do with your pet

Review №29

Showed up 45 min before closing, according to their Facebook and Google pages, and they are closed at 8pm. Not sure if I missed something but I am let down as I drove almost an hour to get there.

Review №30

The owner is this cranky old lady that just wants her money and doesnt care about the animals. WORST pet store

Review №31

Wanted a bird all the ones I like NOT FORE SAIL

Review №32

Always helpful. Knowledgeable.

Review №33

The pets are healthy and they always have what we need

Review №34

The birds in this store live in deplorable conditions. I was holding back tears during my visit. Please dont support pet stores like this.

Review №35

Unfriendly owner. Creepy store. Large birds are kept in small cages.

Review №36

Closed even though posted hours say it should be open.

Review №37

They have everything you could need for your pet

Review №38

Sad looks like they are down sizing

Review №39

Best pets store

Review №40

Very helpful staff!!

Review №41

The people is bad 😡😡😡

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  • Address:5230 Port Royal Rd, Springfield, VA 22151, United States
  • Phone:+1 571-730-4922
  • Pet store
  • Bird shop
  • Reptile store
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:11AM–8PM
  • Thursday:11AM–8PM
  • Friday:11AM–8PM
  • Saturday:11AM–8PM
  • Sunday:11AM–8PM
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