6500 Springfield Mall Suite 22055, Springfield, VA 22150, United States
Review №1

Amazing experience. I rarely ask for assistance at Sephora. Employees are often too busy, some helpful, some not. But this time was different, Ray was a game changer. She was like an Estheticians. Very knowledgeable on makeup and skin care. I’ll be back!

Review №2

Great job on my daughters makeup

Review №3

Excellent customer service. The lady matched me with the exact shade.

Review №4

Oh goodness...terrible attitudes from 98% of the employees. After speaking to the two managers I see were the employee Julie feels like she can talk down to customers. Despite being a customer you shouldn’t be rude to anyone though...common courtesy and practices. I figured she would understand respect due to her being a transgender individual.

Review №5

My favorite place to shop or visit. I love to window shop too.

Review №6

AMANI was incredibly helpful and patient while she took time to give me information and spray samples of (what I’m sure felt like 50) different perfumes. It had been so long since I had taken the time for myself to find a new scent for special occasions and I was a little intimated about the process. I hope everyone finds AMANI at this store if they are ever searching for something new like me - she was very knowledgeable about all the products, patient with her demeanor, and made the process feel easy. She helped me narrow down the scents that I enjoyed and didn’t make me feel pressured to buy anything after all my searching. Thank you, AMANI! Like I mentioned, it’s either a h*ll yes, or a no...and your customer service was a h*ll yes!! Keep up the great work!

Review №7

My sister and I went into this location and was greeted right away from it seems a manager but we didn’t catch her name she then ask us did we need a make up artist to assist us with color matching and she referred a very nice and friendly lady named Daniela. She came over from the beginning to the end very professional and helpful. She even stayed passed a few mins when she was suppose to be off. That is perfect customer service. When she left we had more questions regarding brushes and applying foundation and another very friendly and helpful lady named Anny helped us with no issue. You could tell she knew her stuff and wasn’t just trying to get us to buy things. She also was very friendly from start to finish. As we are checking out we were rung up by Fatima and she herself was very friendly. As we were leaving she ran over to grab us some samples which was very kind. Our overall experience at this location was beyond satisfying. We will continue to go to this location from now on. You don’t get this type of customer service everywhere. Thank you Daniela, Anny and Fatima!!!!!

Review №8

Good prices, quality of products

Review №9

Very nice staff. Super helpful. Masks and social distancing.

Review №10

This spot usually has good stock but the customer service is TERRIBLE and has been over the years. I only come here because its close to home and I didnt order my item online. Its like youre bothering then if you have a question, and theyre about as warm as an Eskimos igloo.

Review №11

Nice location, very clean. The associates are very helpful as well.

Review №12

Desiree is awesome

Review №13

I return a perfume, and it has been a month that I didnt receive my money.Very poor customer service.

Review №14

This store will follow you around like you are about to steal something. So tasteless. Especially when 90percent of their products can be found in department stores too. They need to do better. Tysons Corner is much better!!!!

Review №15

I can’t speak to the buying experience because I came in for makeup service. I had a 30 min eye service with Desiree K. She was awesome and I loved my natural, professional look. I will be back for future sessions!

Review №16

We had an excellent experience and were aided by the terrific Savannah. She made the experience far more painless for me. My girlfriend was enamored.

Review №17

This is my favorite Sephora to go into, they are always kind, helpful, and welcoming. Anytime I have a question on a product or what would be the best for my skin type they pick out great products. Great store would recommend anyone to this store.

Review №18

Went into the store..tried to get a associate to help me few times but every time i walked closer to her ..she went and did something else...went to the cashier to ask for help...she called over the same employee I was trying to get her attention. Got a fenty beauty foundation I didnt use the product more than 6 times and that was it. Nothing else is coming out...held it up to the light and the bottle is empty... Aint no way I was sold a full bottle or maybe that bottle was defective...but very disappointed for something that cost $30+

Review №19

Mothers!! please dont walk into this store a sephora employee had the audacity to tell my mother to get out of the store with my son because he was throwing his tantrum. Kids are kids and “sensitive employees” are getting paid to do their job by doing make and giving good customer service.

Review №20

I wish this place would hire more staff to help customers during busy weekends. I went in many times and no one is there to help during the weekends. However on the weekdays the staff is nice and helpful. Janelle particularly is amazing! She will answer all questions and recommend the best products.

Review №21

My experience with Sephora is always great. Staff is friendly and helpful. I appreciate that they occasionally ask if Im finding everything okay, without being overbearing. Products are usually kept well stocked, and they offer to double check for me if what Im looking for is sold out without me having to ask.

Review №22

Helpful staff. Really hot in there sometimes; today wasnt bad.

Review №23

No one is there to greet you upon arrival like they do in many other locations. I wish they carried some of the more exclusive lines. The store is a nice size and appears well kept.

Review №24

ZERO STAR. I have the worst customer service here. I went to the store to find a mascara, and while I was browsing around, instead of asking if I need any help, they were FOLLOWING me because they think I will steal something. Sephora is a great store, but yes, they need to hire more friendly and helpful staffs.

Review №25

Helpful staff, great selection... Join the Rewards Club..♡ So easy to make a return of a product I tried & did not care for...

Review №26

Staff are friendly and trying their best to help. Love the photo booth, very fun.

Review №27

After spending thousands of dollars at Sephora I was denied a sample of a product at this location. Highly disappointed. And the product was also out of stock and not available so I could not purchase it. Im a loyal costumer and Im highly disappointed by this location.

Review №28

This is a below average Sephora store. Staff doesn’t offer assistance. Hello I have a million points I go to Sephora all the time! No one ever helps me in this store. I will say my cashier Dean today was great. He is the only one.

Review №29

My friends and I were trying on makeup earlier today in the store, and noticed we were being followed around and talked about by the employees on their headsets. They kept hinting at the fact that they thought my friend stole a Kat Von D foundation because she was using it and trying it on. One of my friends said that she heard the male employee say, I cant wait to see how this plays out, its gonna be so funny.Then, as we were leaving, a couple of the employees, and the manager, were standing by the door waiting for us to leave. As my friend (the one who tried on the foundation) starts walking out, one of the women who was following us around the store steps in front of the censor to set it off. The alarm goes off, obviously, and they asked to check our bags and of course, theres nothing in any of them. So we walk through a second time and this time it doesnt go off. The way the staff handled the situation was extremely immature, unnecessary, and uncomfortable. Not only that, but also made us feel as though we were being treated as less than human. My friends and I, will most likely not be purchasing from this store again.

Review №30

My favorite place for beauty supplies and etc

Review №31

My favorite make up and beauty supply store

Review №32

Loved my makeover session with Kerri...she was very attentive to my likes and dislikes and was very easy to talk to 😁

Review №33

The manager Pakistanian or Indian lady with fake contacts is the worst tried to sell me a used makeup compact would not return it. Followed me around like I am thief. Never go back here ever again.

Review №34

I tend to stay away from Sephora on the weekends due to the high traffic area but for the most part its great on off-peak hours.

Review №35

Came here on a Tues evening. Not a fan of crowded malls so was staying thurs, but It wasnt crowded. This location did feel a little smaller/organized differently from others, but I found what I needed. Im not a big makeup person and easily get overwhelmed and distracted.An associate came up and offered to help me. I didnt know my shade and She easily matched my color better then what ever shade I had before.Checking out was quick and easy and the guy was very nice. Even put tissue paper in my bag which Ive never received from a sephora before.

Review №36

Not very friendly. They look at you like u r not buying anything. Hellooooooooooo..our money makes you guys work there. Sephora staffs need good customers training. Seriously!!! Faked smile as if we forced them to work there.

Review №37

I have a really bad experience with this Sephora store today. The girl at the beauty studio is very rude. I don’t know how they hire this kind of people to work. I won’t go there again.

Review №38

I went to this sephora and noticed the employees following and talking about me to other employees in the store. Just like the other girl who left the review. @melissa butman They were following me and watching me. I was just trying to look around for makeup and they accused me of stealing. They assume every young girl who walks in the store without a parent is stealing. There must be something wrong with the area to be so suspicious about everything! I was later checked to look in my pockets and bags. They found nothing. I will never shop here again. The employees were so rude and obnoxious. Dont come here if you are a teenager without a parent or you will be accused of stealing.

Review №39

I went to the store 05/26/19 and while I was browsing around, instead of asking if I need any help, they were follow me because they think I will steal something. Smh

Review №40

Great customer service

Review №41

Helpful and nice staff

Review №42

Amazing people, great selection

Review №43

Staff needs to wok on their attitude.

Review №44

Got the help I needed!

Review №45

They carry Bumble and Bumble

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  • Address:6500 Springfield Mall Suite 22055, Springfield, VA 22150, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 703-924-7005
  • Beauty supply store
  • Cosmetics store
  • Perfume store
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–7PM
  • Thursday:12–6PM
  • Friday:11AM–7PM
  • Saturday:11AM–7PM
  • Sunday:11AM–7PM
Service options
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Temperature check required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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