Review №1

The ultimate baby store! Everything you will need for the arrival of your little bundle of joy. The staff were friendly and helpful. We were told that they would price match any product, which is good to know considering their prices are quite high.

Review №2

Customer service was terrible with the exception of a few that were very helpful and knowledgeable. The first day my mom and I entered the store and encountered a girl named Cheyenne, we right away noticed her snub attitude. When we asked to see what one of the cradle n’ swings do, as some of them were turned off and the button was out of reach. She replied “this is what they do” while manually pushing the swing…. We came back another day to get receipts for something we ordered which was not emailed to us as promised. she read the name of the item on my receipt very fast and I couldn’t understand and when I asked to see it she pulled it away and said no abruptly, then I asked if I can show it to her as the name and picture were on display, she replied “no, you can just tell me”. When I said I don’t know the exact product name, she replied “ you don’t know what you ordered?” At this point I have had enough of this clown and took her to the crib on display and showed her exactly what we ordered. She then goes on to lie to me and says “I was asking you if this is the bed you ordered?” This person is unbelievable….I would love to know on what grounds she was hired. Lazy, disrespectful, ignorant, snub, condescending, and rude. I’m 7 months pregnant and I this is too much stress for me and my baby to ever try to come back to this store and talk to a manager. Thank you Tracy, Will and Katelyn for their help and advice. But with this psycho inserting herself in my business every chance she gets I don’t feel safe coming back to the store. Also I found out about their registry program on my own and basically promoted their products for them. One bad apple can spoil the bunch so overall not impressed…Bye bye baby.

Review №3

Came here to purchase a travel system, we had no clue what to look for or how to compare products but one of the employees (I unfortunately didn’t get his name but he is a younger blonde gentleman?) took the time to explain the pros and cons of the strollers we were interested in, taught us how to use them and was also not forceful with the sale. All of the other employees looked miserable but the man who helped us out definitely deserves 5 stars. Thank you!

Review №4

This is a bit overdue, but I have to say I had the BEST experience here! Im a first time mom expecting twins, which is very intimidating. I went with my mom to buy a stroller and car seats, neither of us knew what to get or the questions to ask. We were helped by an employee named Will and he was incredible! He was an encyclopedia of knowledge on everything we needed. I cannot say enough about how helpful, kind and honest Will was. Truly exceptional service, so thank you!

Review №5

I have been to this location multiple times and every time I’m impressed. We are greeted within five minutes and asked if we need anything. It’s really comforting to know we can ask questions as we are expecting our first child and have lots of inquiries.I will give a shout-out to Will in the stroller and car seat department. He is extremely knowledgeable of all their products and takes his time to explain the difference between them.We will only go to this baby store now as we feel so welcomed!

Review №6

Had the best customer service I have ever recieved, from a cashier named Amanda!!She went above and beyond her duties to help me. I will definitely be coming back here and tell others about this place 😊.

Review №7

If you’re curious about stroller and car seat options, go and see Will. He is the stroller and car seat expert. He walked us through numerous options, explained all the differences and took the time to answer our questions. When there was a pricing discrepancy between online and in store price, he honoured it. Great service! Give this man a raise!

Review №8

We are having twins and had nothing made up for the registry or anything. Jess was amazing!! From helping pick the right stroller and car seats to taking the time and go over getting everything we need for the registry. She is very pleasant and knowledgeable. Jess definitely made the experience less stressful and more enjoyable!! Thank you so much for everything!!! ☺️

Review №9

If you are looking for car seats, ask for Will, he is friendly, patience, and EXTREMELY knowledge about car seats.

Review №10

Everything here is way overpriced! Couldnt. Believe how much everything was marked up. If you want to get a good price shop somewhere else. If your loaded spend away. Babies are expensive enough without overpaying for everything. Yes this place is convenient but they financially gouge you. Spend the time window shopping and price comparing. Its worth it.

Review №11

This guy Will at the stroller section was amazing! Very helpful and he knows the products

Review №12

We have been here many times in the less than 2 years this store has been open and it feels like each time is more disappointing than the last. Out of all the times we have been there, only ONE of the times have we been approached by an associate looking to help us. Even when they are not busy and multiple staff are standing around, we have to search for an associate and then always feel as if we are a bother for asking for help. The one time, their website specifically said there was a large item in stock and when we went to ask for help, the lady refused to even go look for it because “it would be right here if we had it”. Finally we convinced her to check, and low and behold, the item really was in stock. Just in the back room.The most recent trip, I was one of two people in their stroller section, an employee almost walked into my husband and then stood around on his phone but ignored us. 15 minutes passed, other customers came to the area, help was called for, and every customer except for us was helped. Looking at double strollers is a near impossible feat when their entire selection is on a secondary shelf nearly 7 feet off their floor and nobody is willing to help. Because this was not the first occasion of the staff here ignoring us, we left. It is unlikely we will ever return to this store.

Review №13

We went on Saturday for a baby registry it was myself, sister in-law and mother in-law... we were all floored at how amazing the experience was. We had Cheyenne escort us around the entire store and explain in detail each product that we may need. Cheyenne was extremely friendly and made sure to accommodate all of our different ages and levels of knowledge. She was patient and was constantly checking in with us making sure we were comfortable including cold bottle water! The store is so clean, well organized, every interaction we had with staff and vendors that were there was great. You can tell the staff her genuinely want to make sure you feel confident in your purchases. If you are wanting to do a registry GO HERE! I wish this store existed when I was having my daughter, the experience here vs babies r us is honestly night and day. I could spend days here just going through all the cute stuff. My go to store for all things baby

Review №14

The store is very spacious and nicely laid out. Very nice selections for baby items. Every staff we have interacted with were super nice and helpful. We enjoyed all of visits and definitely will be back!

Review №15

Awesome store for Baby needs

Review №16

Want to send a big thank you to Jess for how she helped us with our car seat. Our child was very patient as she paid attention to him as she helped us out. We had a minor glitch with the billing but she was professional and able to correct it for us promptly. Thank you! As a review for the store in general: wide selection and really nice to have the space to maneuver around. The nursing room is a nice touch too.

Review №17

Was there Aug 29th, 2020. my wife and I spent at least 45 mins in store. 1st and foremost, we did not feel welcome here. no one approached us to inquire if we found everything okay or if we needed any help finding anything, and honestly staff didnt give a F***.At a point there was 6 of them around a desk chit chatting and laughing ... not caring or willing to help any people in the store. One couple had to approach them at the desk to inquire about a product they were curious about. We walked past the counter on our way out, where 2 of the associates again, chit chatting didnt even care to look at us or find out about our visit .. generally very poor customer service.Items are overpriced at this store too. Everything we looked at in comparison to our online babylist, were at leas 15- 50 dollars more in this store.honestly, not even worth a visit. Save your GAS!! periodt!

Review №18

Today, we stopped by this store to browse their strollers and car seats, as we are expecting a baby in fall. While we were browsing, one of the staff Will came to help us on what stroller works best for us. He was very helpful, nice, and knowledgeable. We really appreciate his great comments. If you wanna go there to get good idea about the strollers and car seat, we recommend you to have him showing you the items.

Review №19

Anyone in the market for a stroller, car seat or travel system go see Will. I call him the baby wizard!Most knowledgeable, professional and helpful person I have ever met when exploring a travel system!

Review №20

Will was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable with regards to car seats. It was great to have him tell us about all of the different models, brands, strengths and weaknesses. Every business should have a Will!

Review №21

Terrible customer service. I called and they said I could try a car seat in my car with covid restrictions (in a garbage bag and not clipped in) so I drove all the way there and then the girl that helped me wouldnt let me.

Review №22

High quality and great selection! Great selection of everything you need for newborn to toddler. Always clean and well organized. The staff know their products.

Review №23

We stopped at Buy Buy Baby briefly to check-out their baby stroller selection. We were just browsing, not really ready to buy anything, but Will, the staff member who helped us was so great that we ended up going home, doing some research and coming back the next day to purchase the stroller he showed us. The best part was that we found the exact same stroller considerably cheaper at Best Buy Canada and the staff had no problem price-matching when I showed them the sale. Fantastic service... Very impressed and will be back!

Review №24

Worst customer service, the store itself is great.

Review №25

We went for our baby registry and had Will help is out with it! He was friendly, funny and super knowledgeable! Thanks for all the help 🙏

Review №26

What an amazing experience with service. Particularly for Will who was so knowledgeable about the products and other tips as well. I manage customer front business as well and I know how valuable someone like Will can be for business. Would definitely recommend.

Review №27

Horrible experience! Store is filled with staff and nobody acknowledges you. Not even a smile.Gorgeous store. Very organized. Filled with anything you need for your baby but staff are too busy to be bothered with customers. LOL

Review №28

We have been into Buybuy Baby on three separate occasions just to look at strollers (So.Many.Options). All three times we were lucky enough to have Braydon teaching us all things strollers and car seats. Braydon is very knowledgeable, kind, and eager to help! He is the guy to see for product knowledge- especially with strollers and car seats- as it can be a little overwhelming with all the options! Thank you, again Braydon, we are so happy with our purchase!

Review №29

Worst experience, left the store in tears!My husband and I came in to purchase the uppababy stroller. When we asked if it was available the lady stated probably not but let me check. She then stated that we couldn’t even order it and than she said there was no point putting us on a wait list since it was to long. My husband asked when they would have more stalk and the lady didn’t even no. She didn’t even offer to help us find a different stroller or ask if there was anything else she could help us with, we left very upset and disappointed with NO answers. We went to west coast kids and they had the stroller we wanted in stall plus 6 more. We left west coast kid’s happy and with a stroller in hand. Buy buy baby....more like buy buy costumer.

Review №30

My husband and I came in today with anxiety about buying a stroller. Will was so unbelievably amazing! We told him what we were looking for and he gave us tons of options to look at. He was also very knowledgeable about each product.Thank you so much Will!

Review №31

Disappointing experience, we bought a stroller in store and asked several times if it was actually available (because the online inventory wasnt clear). The assured us it was and we paid and got shipping to our house and an arrival date only a week out. Then two days later receive a notice that the item is out of stock. This company needs to get their systems cleaned up so that this does not happen, I expect more from a large company like this with many stores. Inventory management is basic.

Review №32

Disappointed in the employees at this location when it comes to big item purchases. Went in looking at a carseat for our child and they said they are no longer allowing people to try them due to COVID. I asked, how are we supposed to know if it fits our baby properly. He responded how are we supposed to sanitize the cloth from covid. I stood there waiting for my spouse to get inside while I called Babies R Us to see if they are letting people try their kids on the floor models (they do by the way) and while calling another employee asked if we needed help with anything. I said we wanted to try this seat he said yes but I said but so and so said no? He said well I guess no then. I completely understand not allowing customers to try the seat in their vehicle right now. But to not test to see if their child fits in it safely? I am happy I tried my child in the seat at Babies R Us because she ended up NOT fitting that model safely. We tried 5 before deciding on one. This summer I also purchased a mattress and was told that the 20% off coupon does not apply. They wouldnt even try it. I went home, and out of curiosity, tried the coupon online and low behold it worked. I went back in the next day and collected my nearly 100$ refund. Very disappointed in the staff and the lack of understanding this company has despite a pandemic. A carseat is a HUGE purchase and can mean life or death in an accident. And this company just expects you to purchase it blindly. Take your business else where. Babies R Us was great with a HUGE selection and awesome staff.

Review №33

I was extremely happy with my experience at the store. I went in wanting information about strollers/carseats and the team was nice and very helpful. Braydon was beyond amazing!! He was very knowledgeable and took the time to show us all the options the store has...and, most importantly, he was very pleasant & kind in doing so. The manager was also very friendly and he too showed us even more options. I was blown away and very satisfied with my experience and it waaaay better than many other baby stores. Love that branch! Will only shop there. Thanks guys

Review №34

Bought a car seat and stroller was told you can return within 6 months never used the stroller and used the car seat about 4 times it was hurting the baby and not fitting right. Spoke with the manager he did not give me store credit or let me exchange yet upgrade it he laughed and said he cant do anything, i will never shop here again and makesure non of my family does as well.

Review №35

Great store for baby shopping, one of our favorites

Review №36

We visited BuyBuyBaby for the first time to begin our research on baby items, primarily strollers and car seats. We were assisted by Benjamin who won us over by his in-depth knowledge and patience as he showed us model after model. Benjamin was able to respond to all our questions and concerns, offered honest feedback on several items and demonstrated the use of the strollers with great deal of patience. Staff members from other departments were also friendly and eager to help. The store has a great collection, our only wish/ feedback will be for the store to stock more nursery furniture in the mid-range (we couldnt find a single dresser under $800 when we were there).We will come back to purchase the items from here, all thanks to the great customer service. Big thumbs up to Benjamin.

Review №37

***I CREATED A GOOGLE ACCOUNT JUST TO POST THIS REVIEW***I recently had my first child in July and my friends suggested that I shop at buybuybaby because thats where they bought gifts for me and thought it was a great place. After reading some of the reviews, I was quite scared to be honest. The reviews made it seem like the staff was bitter and angry, but to my surprise they were lovely!I arrived on Saturday afternoon when there wasn’t too many people around and was greeted instantly. An amazing sweetheart, I believe her name was Shay, asked if there was anything she could help me with and I told her that I was just so overwhelmed by how big the store was that I don’t know where to start. She was so bubbly and laughed and explained the sections of the store with me then she asked if I wanted time to browse by myself or if I wanted assistance around the store. I really appreciated that question because sometimes I feel like some stores train their staff to be too “pushy” and I felt like this store didn’t do that at all!I shopped around their feeding section, crib sheets, and clothing. Their feeding section is great and laid out very nicely but I think there furniture and clothing section can look a little unorganized. I ended up asking Shay for some price clarifications and she found that some tags in the furniture department was wrong but accommodated the price for me since it was their mistake. The clothing section was pretty good, unfortunately they don’t have any winter items in yet that I could tell.One observation I had in the store is that most of the employees are quite young while their management is middle aged. I was quite surprised to find so many young staff members but I don’t think this is a problem. One downside is that they are still learning a lot about babies and what they need so they might not instantly know the answer to your question but will do everything to find an answer for you (ask a manager, search it up online, etc). Unfortunately I’ve seen a lot of reviews criticizing the employees on their knowledge but Shay explained to me that everyone specializes in certain departments but when days get busy the whole team will help each other out and what happens is, the staff will try and help in departments they’re not specialized in and might not know as much. I totally understood this because when I left Saturday afternoon the store got so busy and you can see the employees running around trying to help everyone hahahaha.Upon checkout I got a young, blonde girl named Emily and she was super sweet as well! She was very friendly and informed us about the coupons the store offers which is 20% your most expensive, ELIGIBLE item and the fact they price match if we find these items cheaper online! The checkout experience was great as I felt like they didn’t try and rush me at all. One critic I do have is for the management to train their cashiers to not gossip around customers and start talking to employees in the middle of the transaction LOL. Emily was great but then when my husband inserted his card to pay, she turned around and started gossiping to another employee. We didn’t care at all and it made my husband chuckle but I can see some people taking offence to this hahaha.In conclusion, the store is lovely but try and go during a “non peak” time like Saturday morning when the store isn’t busy so you can get the full customer service experience!!

Review №38

I like the store and their selection. But sometimes I wish they had more staff working

Review №39

This store is huge and has a ton of variety! The staff are super helpful and were happy to answer any questions, and were honest if they werent sure and took the time to find the answers. Ive been in there twice so far and they have been great. Bonus points to the fact that they are open later during the week as well in comparison to many other baby stores. I would definitely recommend checking out this store and I will definitely be back again to pick up some more items before I give birth.

Review №40

Went to buy car seat. First question gentleman asked me was if I knew what I was looking for or what features I was looking for. Since I said I did not know what I was looking for, he showed me an option - Graco Car seat. He said its good because it will be the only seat I will need for baby until he is over the age of needing a car seat. That was the only good part. When we asked him if we could see other options like Nuna or Britax as a friend suggested he said those are expensive and did not show. So you judge your clients based on their look what they can afford? Quite a shame! Did I say he seemed like someone put a gun on his head to even help us. If you do not want to provide service to someone not carrying a LV bag then just tell them. Being arrogant is not what we want to see

Review №41

Over priced! Ordered nusery furnitures and still waiting for the order 4 months later. This is very disappointing considering the fact that they were quick to collect the money but yet still waiting on the nursery furnitures that has been pre purchased 4 months ago.

Review №42

I was hired as a temporary position for the store opening however was trained for sales everyday. A few days before the store actually opened I was fired for no reason at all. I worked extremely hard with arrogant managers for minimum wage. In the contract they gave you it seems as though theyre hiring you for a sales position and only asked sales questions during the interview however we only did stock. Around half of the employees they hired were fired only two weeks later. They knew during the hiring process who they wanted to keep and let go. They hired strong guys for the stock and kept the pretty faces for the actual sales positions. This is a very dodgy company and if you can, go to a different company when shopping for your baby. Also, the prices are incredibly high for no reason. You can find the exact same items in different stores for so much cheaper. Save your money and your ethics and shop elsewhere.

Review №43

This place is huge and has all the baby basics from cribs and furniture to first foods. They also have a nice registry area. The asiles are really wide and easy to navigate. They have infant seats on their carts. I did not try to go into the washroom to see about nursing area, but I wouldnt be surprised if it was nice as well. Checkout area seems well organized.

Review №44

Great store, large selection of products. Staff is very helpful. Went to buy a highchair yesterday and Mike was very knowledgeable, he had great advices. I also have been asked multiple times by their associates if I needed help.

Review №45

Will is awesome :):)... I had a million and one questions about a travel system and he was so patient went through ALL my concerns and we short listed a few options, that way I can go into the store and look @ specific options. Awesome job Will... I hope the store VALUES your customer service.....

Review №46

Overpriced, bad service

Review №47

Such a beautiful store with many to help me. I purchased my stroller and had a very nice young man helped me carry to my car. I will be back to look and take more in, probably many times! Recommend as seems to have the biggest selection of goods and pleasant people working there :)

Review №48

First time grand parents, we have purchased furniture, car seats, strollers and clothes there. Not once have i been impressed with there staff, they are lazy and uneducated. Even happy and helpful would be sufficient if you didnt understand the product, but they miss that boat as well. go in and look at the product your interested in and then buy it online, or amazon. They should spend less on the coupons and more on the staff training.

Review №49

I was excited to check this new store in Calgary out. I went in to buy a high chair and a few other items. I was disappointed to see that they only carry their higher price point larger items in store with very limited selection. I will say it did look like they had a large selection of car seats in store however if thats what youre shopping for might be worth stopping in.They seem to carry an odd mix of baby items, lots of cute things but nothing really that you need.I was in the store for 45 minutes and not a single sales person offered to help me.If youre shopping for high-end baby items your money is better spent at West Coast Kids. If youre looking for a deal head to Toys r us or stick to amazon. This store is a miss in my opinion.2 stars only because the store was large and looked nice upon walking in. Typical big box store, if youre looking for service and knowledgeable staff this isnt the store for you. If you dont have kids and youre just looking to go pick up a small gift for someone this store might be worth a visit.

Review №50

Over $1,000 for a glider chair and less than 2 months, having issues with it. Be very careful with their furniture.

Review №51

Much better baby items than Toys r us :)

Review №52

Huge store with great variety of stuff. I wish there were more pants for newborn boys. The store is well laid out and clearly labelled. They have some really cool and original products like the pee-pee teepee.

Review №53

I stopped in on opening weekend--that was insane! Since then Ive been back and this store is great! Its big, bright, and well organized. Prices for things are pretty average in the basics and clothing depts. I went in mostly focused on car seats and strollers, and Im glad I did! They carry a large assortment of these items, mostly in the intermediate to excellent range in quality and reputation (you wont find many budget seats here, these will last). The thing that impressed me the most was how knowledgeable and helpful the staff was! The guy I talked to was young, and he amazed me with how much he knew about these items and his recommendations were on point! I fancy myself a bit of a product researcher and I was really impressed with how much he knew and the products he suggested.The cashiers were very friendly and the checkout process was really efficient. I found a couple new products that I hadnt seen before in the basic stuff and picked up a super cute baby shower gift too. Overall, its a great store for your major purchases and gift shopping, in my opinion. Not where Id go to outfit my child each season, but especially for larger items where I want the best...this store will be my first stop.I find it somewhat bizarre that some of the negative reviews I read are from disgruntled employees that were hired for store setup and didnt get kept on staff. Hmmm.... probably a reason there.

Review №54

Great service - very attentive - needed help with lots of questions and got it at the brentwood store for sure - thank you Drew, Will, and Jessica - tremendous selection

Review №55

Huge store with large selection, staff is very helpful and knowledgable. Hussan helped us with our purchases and was an excellent help. If he didnt have an answer hed look it up or find it. They did price matching with no issues at all. They also had an amazing nursing room.

Review №56

Trying to browse strollers but nobody help us, staffs are just ignoring us so we ended up nothing.

Review №57

(Im editing this review.) I had some issues with things being delivered from the States. Talked with Dallas (store manager) and it still hasnt arrived :(They keep saying I will get email updates once it passes the border- this never happens!!I think the people there are great but the computer system is going through some MEGA growing pains. They offer lots of coupons but even these dont make it worth the headache.

Review №58

Beautiful store, amazing selection, everything you could need! Very clean and well laid out. Staff was very helpful!

Review №59

Nice selection, good prices but its brutal when you want to buy something i bought furniture for babys room. It took 30 min 2 people 2 computers and 1 pad of paper. Then i went to pick up oh my. Monkeys f ing a football. But the stuff seems like good quality so all good now. I guess thats why amazon does so good click and go. The staff has the canadian tire mentality all huddle together

Review №60

Such an amazing baby store ♡ they have everything Im looking for plus you can use the 20% off coupons when you go making things more affordable! We have had one of the managers (I think) shes blonde. Didnt catch her name go above and beyond for us to help us get a product we wanted which I am so grateful for! Amazing customer service at this store. Never left disappointed or empty handed lol! Its the best baby store! 100% will be back. My only downfall with this store is its so far north and not close to my house so its a good distance of a drive for me but clearly it hasnt stopped me from going multiple times this month hahaha ! This store deserves a 10/10 So I dont know why there Google rating is so low!!!

Review №61

Walking into the store, pushing my 2 week old in a stroller, I was approached by a women from the baby registry section who cooed over my baby, but then asked if I was expecting again. I am absolutely furious and upset that at a store whos clientele is PREGNANT WOMEN and NEW PARENTS I would be asked such a thing about my very normal TWO WEEK postpartum body. I did speak to a manager about the incident in tears, but I did not see her follow up with the staff member. Despite the fact that I enjoyed the store and the selection of products in the past, I will NOT return.

Review №62

Very congested place. too much filled in small place and it confuses the customer like me with 2 kids, No one wants to understand a customers needs but sell as much stuff as possible that too the stuff not very useful. Two stars because their books collection for kids is nice, otherwise this place deserve one.

Review №63

Disappointing experience.Go to West Coast Kids. The guarantee lowest price anyhow & have amazing customer service.Found the same playpen at buybuybaby & they price matched as promised, but then refused to honour the coupon. I had to chose what was better... which then made it a moot point. So when I inquired why would I buy it here if it’s cheaper at WCK, the guy was arrogant & told me because I’m standing here.Oh you sir under estimate me.Won’t be back.

Review №64

Overpriced, You can find similar stuff at other places. Bunch of irreverent stuff which they try to sell it to you, so called add-ons. Stayed here for 2 hours and came back with something not very useful got finessed for $200.Staff and management is lost, they just to sell more and not care about customers. horrific experience

Review №65

Great selection, helpful and professional staff.

Review №66

If you cant accommodate 2 strollers passing by in any aisle then your store needs to rethink the setup. Its a baby store you should make it stroller accessible.

Review №67

This store has a lot of great stuff and I have no issues buying from there.But the issue is each time Ive visited this store to purchase something for my soon to come baby boy the staff feel the need to tell my girlfriend and I how to be parents. They are very condescending and judgmental towards us everytime and its always a different staff member as well. So I cant even pin point it to one person. I understand this is a new store but at this point Id rather drive all the way to Edmonton to go to their Buy Buy Baby until Calgarys location gets different staff or does something to correct this situation.Im very frustrated with this because every time were are at this store about to spend a decent chunk of change or add something to our registry I feel as if we are getting chased out of the store. We are first time parents and are young and we dont need to be judged each time we visit this store or even get looks of disgust. This review could go on and on as my level of frustration is thru the roof. But Ill end it on if you are a younger first time parent or just younger headed to this store be prepared for the staff to ridicule you and tell you how you should or should not do things with you child.

Review №68

Twice I came in here looking for attachments for different products. Both times it took three employees and a manager to search the computer, each having a turn to not find what Im looking for. Each time over 15 minutes was spent searching in the computer system just to be told that they dont have the product.There are more employees in this store than there are merchandise and nobody knows what theyre doing.

Review №69

Hey went in very overwhelmed after a trip to west coast kids. The staff helped me find everything I needed stroller, car seat and crib made the whole process very easy and learned alot to went to their baby CPR class very informative thank you buy buy baby.

Review №70

Unprofessional staff, they do not care about your needs. Terrible experience!

Review №71

Beautiful store and great customer service. All things baby.

Review №72

Buy Buy Baby, the new location opening soon. Hired a punch of people to organize the store worked them so hard my son got black toe nails had to go the doctor to drane the blood and once the store is all set up they started firing people. Shady as hell.

Review №73

I LOVE this store so much

Review №74

Store was easy to navigate.friendly staff

Review №75

Ten out of ten would recommend

Review №76

There is no assortment in Toysrs.There is a wide range of items from fashionable items to clever items.

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