Beyond Beads North
7452 N Division St, Spokane, WA 99208, United States
Beyond Beads North
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I love going here. The staff here are always very helpful and the merchandise is great. One of the staff recommended I take beads outside to see the true colors in the natural light before purchasing them. I offered my handbag as collateral and she told me not to worry about it. This was my first interaction with this employee and the fact that she trusted me meant so much as a Native American, Black, and Filipino woman. I will always shop at this store; it is a TRUE “wonder”.

Review №2

This store is amazing. Everything you need relating to beads, and the ladies who work there are very friendly and helpful Ill only by my supplies from here.

Review №3

My teen has recently taken an interest in jewelry making. After she showed me what she could do with some beads from a craft store, I offered to take her to Beyond Beads. Wow, what a magical experience. We shopped for over an hour, looking at the large selection in the store. You can tell Cyndi loves her store and what she does. The store is well stocked and organized. She walked my daughter around and gave her plenty of ideas to get her started on this new hobby of her’s. Thank you Cyndi for making my teen feel important in your store. We will be back!

Review №4

This is my favorite bead store in the country! Luckily, my best friend lives in Spokane, so I make at least one trip a year. The owner is wonderful. The seed bead selection is the best and best priced I’ve found. I make jewelry and buy lots of beads. The quality here is great - thanks!

Review №5

This is the Big Burger of bead just dont know where to start! So many pendants and beads, including Seahawk pendants! I could have spent hours there. Loved it!

Review №6

Talk about an incredible store with staff and owner who are genuinely amazing individuals. Store is clean and organized. Who ever is working is always knowledgeable and helpful. You will feel welcome and like family every time you visit. 100 percent satisfaction!

Review №7

It was my first time visiting the store today it was very nice calming great customer service

Review №8

One of my favorite bead shops just love going in cause you never know what you may find .

Review №9

Super great store and the lady working is super nice and helpful!

Review №10

Not only does this store have great personnel but the classes are fabulous! I have learned so much and made some truly beautiful jewelry.

Review №11

Ive been going to beyond Beads since I was a young child when my Mother was into beading. I have gone to Beyond Beads my whole adult life, as I am now into beading. The Staff is Great and the shop always has interesting things above and beyond beads.

Review №12

I totally disagree with the lady that thinks she got ripped off. I have been dealing with Cyndi and this store for years. You want cheap beads go to ebay. If you want quality products, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and a great variety go to this store. They always bend over backward to help customers. Its a great store. Keep up the great service Cyndi and staff!Lunar

Review №13

Visiting friends is what the vibe is in the store. Friendly and knowledgeable and ready to help are the ladies of Beyond Beads. Helpful they always are and ready to laugh with you. The minute you walk in you are greated with a hello that is real not something they have to say. You look on your own but should you need help they are right there at your side. The store has the feeling of visiting good old friends. You may walk in as a customer but you leave as a friend. Love this store if they dont have it then they will order it for you. I am thankful I found them. Thank you Ladies of Beyond Beads you all rock.

Review №14

This is a great store; lovely selection, and the staff is wonderful, very helpful. It is unfortunate that the other reviewer on this site compares a small store to a giant like Shipwreck. Small retailers do have to charge more than large volume dealers. Otherwise they would be out of business. I know this from the personal experience of having my own business. A store like Shipwreck can buy at bulk rates in amounts that small retailers cannot. Bulk rates are always less. I will continue to support this great local store.

Review №15

I used to live in Spokane and was a frequent flyer at Beyond Beads! Now I live in Austin, TX and I still call in and order many of their items as I need them. The staff is great and more than willing to mail stuff out to me. Thanks to them, I dont have to buy just once a year in Tucson!

Review №16

Huge selection the ladies are extremely nice, easy to talk to, and very helpful. Definently shopping only here for my supplies.

Review №17

Although I had to wait for the person to finish her phone conversation,I didnt find what I initially wanted,but I did find several other items,I had been wanting.unfortunately she was back on the phone.We couldnt get her to come over and measure what we needed. So. After several minutes.we left. I have only been in this store a couple times,because its way over priced,shes rude,and I would rather go without..luckily the folkes across the lot at Michaels had what I needed. And they are friendly.oh and as much as I prefer to support local.I will always take my business anywhere else..

Review №18

WOW - have driven past for months and wondered what was inside. Needed help with a bracelet and went inside. What a wonder!!! Great Inventory and displays!!!! Cindy the owner was very helpful and you can tell she takes great pride in her store!!! Best Experience Ever!!!!

Review №19

Their beads are a bit over priced. I bought some seed beads. The quality for the price is very disappointing. I bought a size eleven seed bead and all of the beads are slightly bigger or smaller. Some of the beads are broken right in half even. The quality for the price I paid, I just feel like I got ripped off. Unless I hear from a friend that the quality is better or the price is cheaper, I will not return for seed beads.The cashier lady was nice, but kind of short when I was asking about needles? You can get needles cheaper on Ebay. WAY cheaper.

Review №20

What a cool Store, just fascinating. I would of never predicted so much fun from a bead store. I have a new hobby.

Review №21

Lots of options, don’t get me wrong about that. But the prices are outlandish. And this coming from someone who makes jewelry themselves.

Review №22

I love the Ladies of Beyond Beads, they are always helpful and knowledgeable ..If I am on the fence about colors, I trust their input . If I need anything that they cant carry in the store, which is very rare. Cindy will certainly see if she can get it . I like having a local store that I can go to get what I need without having to wait . I like being able to see the beads I am buying .. I dont want to hope it is the right color or the right combination, and if it isnt, having the hassle of returning it and then waiting for another order ..

Review №23

This store is my favorite place to shop for beads. The staff there are super friendly and knowledgeable, and there are hundreds of thousands of goodies to go through. I shop here frequently and I love to incorporate items Ive purchased here into my jewelry designs.As far as earlier reviews, stating that the beads are overpriced: Yes, youre going to spend more here. They have a great variety of different seed beads to choose from. If you want seed beads that are all uniform, splurge and buy some delicas. Otherwise, you can see right through the tubes and take note that there may be some different sizes within the same batch of beads. Thats not Beyond Beads fault, they come that way from the manufacturer. And you know what? Those beads can be really fun in the right jewelry piece!The extra you pay at this beautiful little store is used to keep the lease paid, the (undoubtedly overpriced) Avista bill paid, and support the wonderful women who work diligently to provide an excellent customer experience. There are cheaper places you could go to get subpar customer service and ignorant staff to wait on you. Hint: Its at Michaels in the same parking lot, just north of Beyond Beads between Hobby Lobby and Cash & Carry. Go there and dont complain.Thank you Beyond Beads for your beautiful offerings to this community. Youre all amazing and Im grateful I have a splendid little shop to visit to get my dose of awesome.

Review №24

Staff helped me find the perfect chain and set me up for a project I was working on.

Review №25

Very unhelpful and rude. Offered no assistance even after I approached the employee and asked for help. They justcontinued SITTING around carrying on personal conversations while several people shopped. I wont go back.

Review №26

Super nice people working here

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