Camp Chevrolet Cadillac
101 E Montgomery Ave, Spokane, WA 99207, United States
Camp Chevrolet Cadillac
Review №1

Easy to make an appointment and the reminders also appreciated. The concern I have is upon arrival there were customers in the service area that were unmasked. In the showroom there were a number of people also unmasked. Seems that there is a relaxing of the mask mandate. When I see employees without masks it makes me wonder if I should even bring my vehicle there for service.

Review №2

These guys helped me so much. Mindy Jones and there whole team has been a blessing to me and my family. Been going through the process for over a month and they found me what I needed in the price range I could afford. They were super patient and kind and didn’t try and talk me into something I didn’t want. So helpful and will always have my business. Such a blessing they were.

Review №3

I love coming into Camp Chevrolet for my servicing. Aaron is always so professional and efficient. He values my time and the team does an amazing job servicing my car 🚙. I trust everyone and I know that when it’s completed I’m safe to go! That’s very important to me. Aaron is always pleasant and personable. He makes me feel like a valued customer 🥰

Review №4

Taylor was patient, friendly and extremely helpful. He listened to my list of demands and worked with me to find the perfect car. He was honest about everything and saw things through to the end of my purchase-even staying later than his shift to make sure I was taken care of!

Review №5

This dealership was by far one of the best and transparent ones I’ve dealt with. I was looking for a used 2016-2018 2SS Camaro in either blue or red. There are so few out there with low mileage and a reasonable price. Mind you I’m in California, so shopping out of state is already a risk and scary. Isaiah, Mindy, Nick, and Tamara made the process so comforting and easy!! The only down part of this was waiting for my car but of course that’s on my end for looking out of state. 10/10 would recommend these peeps at Camp Chevy!

Review №6

It was a pleasant experience. Very polite and very simple to complete. Our time was easy to complete.

Review №7

Aaron was awesome! Got me in on short notice. Was very respectful and put in the effort to get my truck done before a certain time even though it was taken on such short notice. Aaron has always been extremely nice and I will continue to come here for all my truck needs due to his insanely good costumer service. Thanks again Aaron!

Review №8

Now UPDATED...We found a GMC truck listed on their website, called Express strong interest in acquiring it and if they would hold it as we were driving about 900 miles from another state. Everything went smooth, we arrived about an hour and a half before they closed acquired our new Truck good salesmanship, good financing offers = happy customers 🎉July 8 2021UPDATE:. After the SALE 😡😤4 weeks after our purchase I had to make a phone call to This dealerships finance manager Jared to find out why NO OREGON DMV REGISTRATION MONIES had been paid out yet!!Also why we had NOT gotten any communication from THEIR finance company Knowing the first payment is coming up quick, only to find out the $450. they took out for Oregon DMV fees were only used to obtain a title for their finance company now revealed as a BANK on June 21 2021. Nothing was paid out on OUR behalf ( registration, tags and plates). We also had specified only a credit union would work as they wouldnt accept our well know credit union of 33 years. It was expressed by Camp Lithia dealership they would take out more than they need for Oregons DMV fees and refund whats not used back. However to not pay any Oregon DMV fees and only take a title IS VERY MISLEADING AND DISRESPECTFUL ‼️‼️

Review №9

Trevor is an excellent service advisor. Not only did he take car of my car maintenance needs, he also recommended places to go for car enhancements that they as a dealership couldnt provide. As a military member, finding people who genuinely want to help you and not take advantage is a rare find. I will definitely be back for any other maintence needed.

Review №10

My husband and I recently bought a new car from Rick Pebles @ Camp Chevrolet. Rick was so easy and kind to work with. We never felt pressured. I would highly recommend if you are even considering a new vehicle, to call and ask specifically for Rick. Thanks for your kindness Rick! Lori R

Review №11

Jared is amazing! He always has the best customer service. He genuinely cares about his clients. I couldnt be happier with the service received!!

Review №12

Service adviser Aaron Murrell is very prompt, courteous, cordial and professional. He is definitely an excellent worker, and it is a pleasure doing business with him. He makes sure our vehicle is well taken care of in Camp Chevrolets service Center.

Review №13

We had a great experience at CAMP. Very easy to do business with. I would buy from them again.

Review №14

Everybody was very polite and willing to helpMy Salesman Anthony was phenomenal did a fantastic job. Because of the whole experience I will be returning to buy my next new truck

Review №15

Great experience. Isaiah is very knowledgeable, personable and he went above and beyond to get me the car I wanted at the best price. He even helped tune up the car I drove to the dealership in.

Review №16

Got my oil changed and my tires rotated per service notification. As usual, the service guy was ready for us on time, called an Uber for us, and had my truck ready and waiting for me when we returned. They take care of everything - I have no worries because they keep track of when I need to come in and always double-check to make sure we are in agreement on whats being done.The service guys are always nice and professional, and really seem to care. I love the way they take care of us.

Review №17

The service was quick and the waiting area had desks available so I could comfortably work. Not every dealership has that amenity. I will definitely be back.

Review №18

I took my Z06/Z07 down for some service it took 5 months to do a two day job, I understand having to wait to get GM permission to perform the work under warranty but my car didn’t need to sit with nobody working on it for three month and only after I told the service agent that no matter what I’m coming to get my car finished or not in one week did they finally get the work done. The transmission was out of the car for a month before they even ordered parts for it and took another month and a half to put it back together. The back bumper cover was off the car at the beginning of Aug stuffed in the back hatch of the car until mid Oct. the inside of the car was exposed to the nasty shop environment for two and a half months. There was so much dust inside my car I had to spend 5 hours detailing just the inside ( and this after they “cleaned it”) now my car doesn’t have that new car smell it had when I dropped it of over 5 months ago, and I was charged $400. More than I was told the service was going to cost. Very disappointed in the service!!!. Will never buy a car or take any car to Camp ever again!

Review №19

Jim Moore my advisor, Lisa the service manager, the lady that picked me up when my car broke down, the tow truck guy and everyone else at camp Chevy. I thank every one of u For all the work you guys have put into my car but thank y’all even more for going above and beyond with your customer service. Jim has been very patient with me past 3 months while getting my car back up to par. Lisa listen to me cry while having an anxiety attack on the phone. The driver was sweet as pie… I can’t even put into words how blessed I felt after working with them.. on top of the fact all the work is Guaranteed 36 months!!!!

Review №20

The customer service was excellent, and the work was professionally done. My wife and I are completely satisfied with Camp and would return for any of our automotive needs. They are awesome.

Review №21

The technicians were very knowledgeable and professional. They kept me informed about my vehicle. Excellent experience

Review №22

We love Camp! Tony always takes care of us and Mindy and the team are awesome! We have purchased three vehicles here in the last year! Thank you Camp Chevrolet!

Review №23

Ive purchased a lot of vehicles- even from other states- and this was the ultimate bad experience. Im from MN and when I first started looking into purchasing a vehicle from Camp Chev it was great- Cody, our salesman, was very helpful and responsive. The second they had our money all that changed. I couldnt get a call back. I couldnt get the information to have the vehicle shipped to me. I tried Cody, managers, anyone that could help and no one would return my calls. Additionally, when the vehicle was sent we didnt get any temp plates or information on the title to register the vehicle in MN. When I could reach Cody, he just told me thats how its done in Washington. Well it turns out they had made an error in how much money we owed them but no one figured that out for almost a MONTH! (and it was $55) What a joke. I wish I could leave them negative stars.

Review №24

Tony Crego was a pleasure to work with. He is very knowledgeable and made the whole process go smooth. He even came in on his day off to meet with me. I will definitely be calling him in the future and will recommend him to anyone looking for a car or truck.

Review №25

I had my oil changed and they were fast. I didnt have to wait long because we were on a road trip heading home back to California. Very convenient. Thank you

Review №26

Tony did an amazing job helping us on getting our dream car. Thank you so much.

Review №27

Aaron was pleasant, friendly and knowledgeable. He explained my car’s appointment clearly and made me feel like part of the family. I look forward to our next meeting!

Review №28

Love the sales team. Easy to talk to and friendly. Not the mention theyll work with you until you get your dream vehicle. Theyre very nice and friendly. Would recommend it to anyone.

Review №29

Cody Edwards made buying a car easier than its ever been before. Its usually such a long process but he got us in and out before lunch. Thank you, Cody, for making it quick and pleasant!

Review №30

Very professional. Dropped my car off with Jim (service advisor) he explained that Rich would be the tech. diagnosing the problem. Confirmed what the issue was, the part was ordered and installed in less time than I expected! Rich also took the time go over the warranty that I had left on my vehicle and suggested several options for extended coverage. Trent fallowed up and explained all paperwork. Very well done guys!

Review №31

Friendly, thorough service. I went in for oil change and find cause of oil leak. The leak was found, repaired, and the oil changed. Through a courtesy inspection, I was also given a short list of items that will need correction in the near future before a possible failure of parts and a breakdown occurs. This will be useful in budgeting for the repairs. This was my first visit here. Waiting area was sanitized with spaced seating around a television. Stocked coffee area and restroom nearby as well. I noticed that not all people using the sanitized seating were removing the tags on the seat (as requested by the tag) after they used it. This is not the fault of the dealership, but of the inconsiderate using the seating and not following through with the tag instructions. I saved mine.

Review №32

Trenton was very knowledgeable, personable, and made me feel at ease. I knew my car was in good hands.

Review №33

Perfect🚗Drove 800 miles round trip to have a great buying experience.Go, check them out, they are GREAT to do business with🚗🚗

Review №34

The team was ready for me when I arrived. I waited in a comfortable waiting area and the wait was not long at all. very friendly and professional.

Review №35

Omg I love the customer service I got. Please dont change because thats what keeps me coming back. And Mindy Jones is a sweetheart ❤ she was so helpful and helping me in what ever I needed for that day... I would tell anyone about my experience.... keep up the good work.... much love to all of you who played a role in my wonderful experience.. especially Mindy jones....

Review №36

We purchased the lifetime oil change. We have never been dissatisfied overall with service and performance. Lifetime will change no matter how much it goes up is still a good deal. Especially if you plan on keeping your car a long time.

Review №37

Our salesperson Dallon did an excellent job for us. He was professional & knowledgeable. The showroom was clean & everyone wore masks & socially distanced. We ended up trading in our 2017 Volt for a 2021 Bolt. We are very happy with the new car. Thanks for suggesting this survey Mindy Jones. Great customer service at Camp!

Review №38

Without a doubt, as someone that owns a company that works heavily in coordinating fleet management, and that purchases multiple vehicles a year personally, Jordan will be the person you want greeting you at the door. He handled offloading two of my vehicles and the purchase of a new one at the same time with perfection and ease. Any dealership is lucky to have him. Great personal service and expertise in the areas he works. Was a pleasure through the experience, and Im hard to impress.

Review №39

The service department was clean and organized. Every employee in there was very nice and caring. Even later when picking up my vehicle, the afternoon employees were nice too.

Review №40

It was easy start to finish. Everything was smooth and Nick was helpful, kind and understanding. I really appreciated all the help.

Review №41

My overall experience with Camp Chevrolet has been great. Aaron is always very helpful. I have never seen him in a bad mood, which is a great level of professionalism in my opinion.

Review №42

We were looking for a truck and car to replace our current vehicles. From the start our sales consultant Cody Eakle was great, before even going to the dealership he was prompt to take and email me videos of 2 different trucks addressing all questions I had and giving a quick detail of the features of what I was looking at. He advised me of a truck they just got in that met all of the criteria I was looking for. He was prompt with communication and pulled both vehicles around to where we were at the dealership so we didnt have to go hunting for them. He was very courteous and addressed myself and my wife so as to not feel like communication was only between one of us. After the purchase, he took the time to address any questions we had with our new (to us) vehicles and went over all the controls, buttons, functions, etc. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking for a new or used vehicle at Camp Chevrolet.

Review №43

Jared was wonderful. Everyone at Camp is absolutely amazing. I really enjoy when I go in because they are friendly and polite. Jared does everything that he can to get me back on the road. When I was in there he told me it would probably be about 3 hours and it was 2 but I don’t mind waiting because I know everyone is working hard to get things done. I appreciate everyone and Jared is very kind and polite. He is a very big accet to the company 😊

Review №44

Tre was great! Ask for him if you want a car!

Review №45

Customer service was excellent, Cody the sales rep really knew what he was talking about and was really cool to deal with. Bob the finance dude was funny and made the normally pain staking process go by with ease. The entire experience was excellent. Thanks again!

Review №46

It was pleasant our salesman was not pushy and respected our decisions. It was a quick and easy purchase

Review №47

My experience was a good one. Idropped off my truck at 7:30 and was taken back to work by way of a Uber that was paid for by the dealership. When my truck was done I received a text and a phone call. Everything went very smooth.

Review №48

The sales men/women are great at this company. They convince you that you are buying a car that you aren’t. Beware of any dealership that has a body shop . They are hacking your car with temp repairs that aren’t approved by the manufacture they represent. They do temp repairs that WILL fail after time. Go to a dWalters hip that doesn’t have a body shop to buy. Larry H Miller is a perfect example.

Review №49

UPDATE we have now had our escalade a month exactly and our engine light is already on. When we called to get it checked out they pushed us out 2 weeks and we’re not kind to my already irritated husband. They are not telling us that they don’t know if the SUPREME warranty we bought will cover our car?!We bought a Cadillac Escalade a week and a half ago now. And it had 3 problems from day 3. Took it in and they fixed one issue told me another issue was “normal” and couldn’t find the last issue. We head and felt all issues EVERY time we drove it. It made it feel like they didn’t want to fix it. So we told them we were worried the car would leave me stranded somewhere due to my husband working out of town all week all the time and we wanted to trade it for a different one. We ended up there for 6 hours and finally at the end of the day got a different Escalade. But one manager wanted to tack on a crazy amount of equity and the other made it sound like he was giving us an amazing deal but we still ended up with bad equity tacked on. The finance consultant did everything she could and we appreciated her. Our sales consultant did a good job we could tell he had our best interest at heart. He even rated that the new car sounded “healthier” than the one we returned. Then we bought the extra warranty and feel as if we are paying more in warranty than with the first Escalade we purchased. Plus it feels like they are covering less with this warranty than last time.Not sure I’ll be recommending them again. After the first purchase I was highly recommending them. But once I had to return it I felt as if they didn’t want the bad car back so they gave us bad equity.

Review №50

Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable and made me feel right at home.

Review №51

My family has been buying vehicles from Camp for the past 20 years. We recently purchased a new Equinox with the help of Isaiah. Isaiah was wonderful to work with! He made sure we were able to get the vehicle we had been set on. He went above and beyond for us! We will continue to do business with Camp.

Review №52

I had work done on my car the work was done under quote and under time quoted very frindly staff highly recommended

Review №53

Everyone was Exceptionally nice!! I had a great experience. They made things work so I can get a brand new car!! Would absolutely recommend going here! I worked with Kode and he made sure all my needs were met!

Review №54

This Dealership is outstanding. They exceed all your expectations. Jim Lawrence, in particular, is very professional and a pleasure to work with.

Review №55

Isaiah was a no haggle, great service polite and respectful. Made the purchase the easiest Ive ever had buying a vehicle.

Review №56

I have an annoying knocking noise in my Chevys dash that I (& others) decided was the HVAC door actuator. With Chevys if one actuator goes out, others tend to follow. So when one is replaced, its best to make sure they are resynced. Set up an appointment to get it fixed & synced at the dealer at the nearest opening (about two weeks later). After dropping it off, they tell me it will probably take most of the day to get to. Thankfully they let me have a free Uber ride home so I wouldnt have to spend the day there.About twenty minutes after (a total of about 30-40min after leaving the dealer) I arrive at my apartment, I get a call telling me they have diagnosed it as two actuators clicking. They tell me the actuators will cost $130 and the cost to fix this will be $850.The problem with that is, actuators for my car online cost about $20-40 each. And on average, replacing a cars actuators costs about $200-400 total. The cost offered here was extortionately priced. I answered that I would not be paying that but would be picking up my car.When I arrived back at the dealer, I still had to pay them $125 for the labor they put themselves through diagnosing my car when I had already told them what the diagnosis was myself on making the original appointment.That was still a lot of money for me, but at least I didnt let them talk me into paying around $1K for buying & placing actuators...

Review №57

Great experience working with Joe! Extremely patient, friendly and worked hard to get us into the vehicle we had our eyes on. Highly recommend Camp Chevrolet, go see Joe!

Review №58

Jim Lawrence and crew were great. Very professional and a great problem solver. Solved my vehicles issues and very happy with results A++++

Review №59

My father recently purchased a used vehicle from this dealership. He looked at it and agreed to purchase it before it had actually hit the lot but the dealership told him there were a couple things that needed fixed before they would sell it to him. My father was told it had an oil and some issues with the front end that needed addressed. Took three weeks for the truck to get fixed and it was a hassle for him to ever get any updates. When he picked up the truck he wasnt given any information or paperwork about on the vehicle and was told it would be mailed to him. He ended up going back to the dealership on three different occasions in order to get the proper paperwork to title and license it and the information on the bank it was being financed through, over 30 days after he was told to go pick it up. Now after driving it for only a couple weeks the vehicle needs all new ball joints, and both upper control arms replaced. This dealership is shady, crooked, unorganized and now one there could even figure out how to use a fax machine to send the proper paper work after they couldnt get it emailed to my father. Would recommend no one buy a vehicle from this place

Review №60

Horrible service. I went through their online service and was connected with a salesman. I asked if the truck I wanted was there, and he replied yes, so I took time off work to go see it. I get there and they do the bait and switch and try selling me something else. The truck I wanted was in transit, and they told me they would not hold the truck for anyone, and if I wanted it I needed to be the first one there. Well it showed up the next day, and same thing, I was there in 20 min after they said it arrived. When I got there they said it was being held for someone, which as I said before they told me they don’t do that. I wasted a day of vacation time, and the time driving there. I will never go there again, and would recommend staying far away.

Review №61

The people were great. Mindy kept me up to date and contacted me several time to make sure I didnt need anything. Dallan was very professional. Showed me the trucks I was interested in. Made the whole process very easy. He even took me to the bank to get a cashiers check because my ride had already left. Which is the only problem I had. You cant use your debit card Bring a CHECK. In all a good car buying experience. I will go there first for my next vehicle.

Review №62

Very helpful and did everything they could to get me into the car I wanted

Review №63

Would like to thank Mindy Jones and the team at Camp Chevrolet for their excellent service and thoroughness to detail in the purchase of my new vehicle, Would not hesitate if needed, To return again, Hats off to you and your team.

Review №64

Definitely went the extra mile for us in finding the car we were interested in. Low pressure.

Review №65

I have not had a bad experience wit Camp Chevrolet yet. I have bought multiple vehicles from them and I won’t go anywhere else.

Review №66

Ross and Christina helped us to find a car and were very knowledgeable. It was a pleasant experience and I highly recommend Camp Chevrolet for your GM needs.

Review №67

I would highly recommend buy a vehicle from Camp Chev. From the moment we inquired about a truck they were quick to respond. Not pushy and great to work with. We arrived to our appointment late but it was no issue and Kody w/ a K was a great laid back sales person. He was very knowledgeable about trucks and my husband really liked talking with him. We originally were looking a used but they showed us that a new truck purchase would actually be close to or possibly more than the 2021 Chev Silverado. We looked at both no pressure either way and we got a great trade in value for our truck, a great rebate, oil changes for as long as we own the truck and a no hassle or frustration purchase experience.

Review №68


Review №69

First of all Mindy Jones was super helpful. She answered allmy questions, and directed us to sales person. Very fast no delays,best experience from dealer. Will definitely check them out next time lookingfor car or truck.Thanks,Heather

Review №70

I actually traveled by train back in June to buy a Subaru at Camp Chevrolet. Jordan was incredibly helpful! He sent me a video of the car before I got on the train and was thorough and communicative. Had a great experience once I got to the dealership too. This was my first experience buying a car and they were patient and helpful. I was impressed by their handling of the mandate while still making the experience fun and comfortable. Grateful to Jordan for his help and so in love with car.They found a spare key to my car and contacted me to have it mailed. Incredibly impressed with their customer service which is what prompted me to write this review!

Review №71

Cody did an amazing job. Very helpful and knowledgeable.

Review №72

I am very busy . I am also old school and From start to finish the process was on my time and handled in a way I could follow along. I appreciate that the most. Very positive experience over all and a very beautiful car. Thank you!

Review №73

Absolutely Wonderful! I was listened to, respected, treated with upmost respect, and went above and beyond any car dealership has ever done to get me home! I have never heard of a dealership going the extra MILES to seal a deal and get me a vehicle that was affordable, reliable, and perfect for my mom to get in and out of. Nick was an absolute gentleman and deserves either a raise or a promotion. Thank you for driving the miles and the hours to ensure I got home within twenty four hours of walking into the dealership.

Review №74

I dont usually leave negative reviews, but after my car-buying experience with Camp in March, Ive felt the need to share my feedback.This was my first time buying a car, and even though I tried to mentally prepare for what someone might expect from a car dealership, I still ended up feeling deceived at the end of my purchase. By the time I sat down with Jared in finance, he played the big brother role, acting as if the additional add-on benefits were in my best interest. Here are the reasons I felt deceived: I was presented with a monthly payment amount that I deemed fine, and when I met with Jared, I told him I did NOT want to exceed that amount. Based on the way Jared presented the cost of the extended warranty that I originally did not want, it seemed as though my monthly payment would only be increasing by about $2 per month to add it on. Against my better judgment, I agreed to add the warranty, thinking $2 more a month isnt too bad. However, after going home and reviewing my paperwork, I realized the warranty was actually over $40 additional dollars per month, and if I had NOT opted in to the warranty (mind you, I had been signed up for the MOST EXPENSIVE warranty out of the three options without realizing), my monthly payment would be much lower -- and this monthly payment amount was NOT PRESENTED TO ME the ENTIRE time I was in the process of getting the car. Additionally, I was under the impression my loan payoff was 60 months, however, it turns out the payoff changed to 72 months in order for them to make the numbers present nicely.It wasnt too late for me to cancel my warranty, which I did, but it was too late for me to get my monthly payment lowered. Im extremely disappointed that after Jared stated he wanted to make sure I was a satisfied customer so that I, and any friends I would potentially refer to them, would return in the future, it felt as though I was deceived. Yes, there are ways I could have questioned more along the way, but since it was my first time buying a car, there definitely was a learning curve.LASTLY -- And this really is ridiculous. I called Camp to request my warranty be canceled. I received an extremely rude phone call back from one of the women on the finance team (I feel like her name was Tamara, or something similar). Im certain I would not have been spoken to in this way if I was still a potential buyer, as opposed to someone who had already handed my money over to them. I ended up coming in to do the cancelation paperwork and I brought my warranty contract with me. I met with Bob, who was the opposite of friendly, and he was responsible for processing my warranty cancelation. Heres what really upset me: Bob asked me if I had my warranty contract with me. I said yes and pulled out my paperwork. He took it and started looking through it, saying nothing. Then he puts the pages together, taps them neatly, and begins tucking them into his desk. I ask him for my copies back and he refuses, saying since I canceled my contract, I dont get to keep the papers. Really? I cant keep my copy of my paperwork when you already have copies on file? After questioning him numerous times, he still refuses to give my paperwork back. I felt so bullied. But, once I left the dealership, I laughed, remembering I had taken pictures of every single page the day before. 👍🏻Overall, I felt like Camp took advantage of me being a novice buyer. If anyone is considering them, I hope my review is taken into consideration. 1000% would not recommend Camp after my experience.

Review №75

Exciting experience ruined by financial worker. My wife and I just recently purchased a GMC Canyon from Camp Chevrolet. Kody helped us out through the entire process and was amazing to work with. He was informative but not overly pushy like most car salesmen we’ve worked with. Would highly recommend him. Even when we declined the extended warranty that he highly recommended and gave great points as to why it was necessary, he respected our decision and we moved on. Yes, we understood the risks of not getting it but after crunching some numbers, we believed it was not worth it. We were really excited about our purchase and could not wait to drive it off the lot. Then we got to the financial process. To be blunt, we highly recommend not working with David Ju. He was rude and extremely disrespectful. We attempted to decline the extended warranty over and over but he would not take no for an answer and eventually started treating us like idiots for not purchasing it. The only reason we agreed to finally sign for it was because our newborn was going to wake up hungry at any moment and we needed to leave. It was an obvious tactic to wear us down until we gave in so that he could make a quick buck. We will be cancelling the extended warranty immediately. He ruined our experience and the drive home after was hardly enjoyable. If we ever go back to camp chevrolet for another vehicle, we will definitely be requesting to not work with David Ju if he is still there.

Review №76

Cody was an excellent sales person, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and best of all no pressure! He was patient while we tried a few different cars and made the whole experience the best auto buying experience weve ever had.

Review №77

I recently purchased a newer vehicle from Isaiah at Camp Chevy. He was the most helpful salesman I have ever dealt with when buying a car. He made my family and I feel like we were valued and that they cared what we wanted and needed. Bob and Jared from finance were equally as amazing throughout the process as well. I cant recommend these guys more!

Review №78

Fun fast and friendly! 2 car deals done in a few short hours! The whole staff is friendly and you feel like family. Got really good deals on the price of the vehicles and our trade values.

Review №79

Great Service! Great Prices! Drove over 300 miles to purchase a vehicle. Saw it on Saturday night, left on Monday at Noon! Give Cody a call for a great Sales experience and Mindy was Awesome too!

Review №80

Bought into their offer of trade up your vehicle! We had a 2017 Silverado 2500 LTZ sun roof, extended towing mirrors, tow pkg, really nice top of the line textured leather seats, wood grain accents etc. Only 28K miles. Extended warranty, free oil changes as long as we owned it. All the coatings.We traded for a 2019 Silverado 2500 LTZNO Sun roof, slick leather seats ( down grade)Only 5K miles Cost us another$10K And we received a lesser warranty with higher deductible for service was a dealer vehicle and in that length of time they LOST the 2nd set of keys! AND REFUSED TO REPLACE IT! our expense we have to pay for another key!!! Damn expensive trade up!!!! Well be going elsewhere from now on!!! The salesman dodges our requests, and the Manager wont return our calls!!!

Review №81

Cody Ice was a great salesman. He paid attention to what I wanted without trying to put me into something I was not happy with. He and Jerad in finance made the numbers work. Im very pleased with the service I recieved from them yesterday and also the last 2 times I purchased from camp Chevy. I highly recommend them as their whole team is great!

Review №82

Sales people were helpful and friendly. But, a manager kept me waiting for over an hour waiting to sign paperwork while he met with finance people. I could see through glass into his office 20 feet away. He has no respect for customers and obviously thinks he is more important.

Review №83

Friendly and on time service thank you very much looking forward to seen you again

Review №84

I had a great experience working with Kody P!

Review №85

Our air conditioner went out in our Suburban. They fixed it and its much better now!

Review №86

I took my vehicle to camp Chevrolet because of leak they checked it and said my transfer case was leaking. Charged 80 dollars . Wanted 800 plus to repair. Wasnt able to pay at that time they obviously did not check transmission level. I took vehicle to another shop for other work they put in 3 qts transmission fluid then had a severe leak. I now have the vehicle in another shop transfer case is not leaking he is checking to see what is leaking.

Review №87

Very long appointment, more cost than I had anticipated, courteous, professional people to deal with.

Review №88

Called, worked me right in that day, fixed the issue promptly.

Review №89

Rick was super helpful and helped make my experience with Camp a pleasant one. No intimidation tactics just some humor.

Review №90

Quick installation of a tonneau cover on my 2018 Silverado. Had to make a return trip from Coeur dalene, ID for a repair which turned out to just be an adjustment. Was corrected quickly but was still an extra trip during a busy day. Friendly, helpful staff. Would recommend.

Review №91

Bought my car at BMW of Spokane which the service was great. Needed some work done and took it to camp Chevrolet Cadillac service.. Im not impressed customer service is terrible due to the fact that a called my service manager at camp and never returned my call.. camp Chevrolet Cadillac need to definitely improve there customer service

Review №92

Friendly and helpful staff. A+

Review №93

Great experience all around! Was working with Becker Buick and got nowhere.Came to you guys and had a vehicle within a couple weeks.Highly recommend!

Review №94

Great experience with both our salesman and our finance gentleman. Excellent facilities, really liked how the waiting, parts and service area is set up.

Review №95

You guys got me a ride home! When my car was finished you guys called. It was finished so quickly I was super impressed

Review №96

We were looking for a quality used vehicle for a great price...what we got was exceptional service, a great truck for the wife and friendly salespeople!! We will definitely be going back for more!! Thank you again Taylor Simpson you are one of the greats!

Review №97

Fastest and easiest car purchase weve ever made! great customer service and great staff. Thanks Mindy Jones for everything you did! well definitely be doing business with Camp Chevrolet in the future!

Review №98

So I was in the market for a new to me car, I had sent requests out to multiple dealerships. Camp was the first to respond and Mindy was great to work with on fielding my initial questions and following up after the sale. But what really set them apart was the Salesperson Cody. When talking about setting up a test drive I told him I was planning on taking a Lyft as my daily was in the shop. Without skipping a beat he says Well how about if I just come pick you up in the car so you can test it on way back to the dealership? Thats how you win customers. Until that moment I was still planning on giving other dealerships a shot as well. Bob in Finance made the purchasing process quick and painless as well. :) so all around it was a great experience.

Review №99

I had a power failure code with my engine. I took my car into Camp Chevrolet to have it fixed. Trent was amazing to work with. He was so polite every step of the way. I was provided a loner car (a nice 2020!) and recieved a BRAND NEW engine and labor under warranty. I did not pay one cent for anything and Trent and the staff at camp kept me informed every step of the way. I was very happy with how they treated me and my car. Thank you Camp Chevrolet for the BEST SERVICE! I know my car is in good hands with YOU!

Review №100

The oil change was fine, but I also scheduled to have my head light looked at. When I arrived, no note in my appt record about the head light,, so of course they cant do it. Wanted me to schedule an additional appt. I dont know about you, but my time is very valuable. I need a one stop shop kinda place.

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