Fisheries Supply
1900 N Northlake Way, Seattle, WA 98103, United States
Fisheries Supply
Review №1

Amazing selection of screws, chemicals, rope, fixtures, etc. Hit/miss on high current ring lugs. As for poor reviews on customer service....I can see the younger employees doing a bit more chatting behind the counters, but over-all good. Tools available to use so I could crimp my 2/0 wire on the spot. Cant wait to return.

Review №2

This place is a great marine chandlery, however over the last two years theyve been having issues getting product from their warehouse (directly downstairs) up to the retail store. If something needs to be brought up, expect to wait an additional 30-45 minutes for the parts. Otherwise, nice staff that are trying to do their best with a good selection of products... Although sometimes you can get the same products for less online or at an RV store.

Review №3

If you cant find it there you probably dont need it. I went in to buy rigging line and got it all while comparing prices with where I was going to go. Prices were about the same but there were all of the cool colors. Staff was very helpful. I could go on forever. Great place. Buy it there.

Review №4

Buyer beware. It has taken 10 emails and over seven days for my bushings to be shipped.the bushings Should be $.30 on the high end. Happy to pay the $1.92 Even with all of the communication they still overbilled me. Billed my card twice Not even for the same thing. Can’t even get a representative to Answer the phone.I understand the Covid has made people incompetent and lazy, this is just criminal.I’ve been charged $34 to ship United Postal Service ground. it took over a week for them to put it in the box. All of the items that I ordered way less than a quarter of a pound combined with packaging. They would literally fit in a legal size envelope. Three stamps to cover it.Not to mention all of my time that I’ve wasted and face palming trying to wrap my head around how is Can be real.Shame on you.

Review №5

As a boat owner whenever I need anything I start here. They are the most well stocked store in king county and 95% of the time have what youre looking for. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. When looking for that hard to find boat part the service spends the time to pull the book out and look up the item to ensure you get the right one and many times send someone downstairs to bring the part up. Their prices are very competitive too.

Review №6

Great place for my boat and marine needs, they are fast shippers with good prices

Review №7

Great selection, pricing and service. We are lucky to have this store in Seattle. Dont go to the WM chain store, go to Fisheries.

Review №8

Quality at comparatively reasonable cost. Vast array of useful boating items. Focused on equipment, not apparel (although the apparel items they carry are of high quality).Knowledgeable staff, with occasional exception of new staff members.From marine plumbing to electrical to line to deck hardware, this is our number one go-to place for boating equipment and supplies.

Review №9

I ordered an Isoderm fridge. I was planning in being in Seattle and was told I would get a call in a day or 2 when it was ready so that I could pick it up. After 5 days, I called back. The lady on the phone was very rude and yelled at me to be quiet, so that she could talk to someone walking by. Ended up that my fridge had been marked to be delivered to me, but at the wrong address. The man that I was transferred to was nice, had caught the mistake, apologized and told me I could come pick it up. When I did, the men in roll call said I couldnt get it because it was marked for delivery. It took awhile again to sort it out. When I got home, I unwrapped everything and found that the fridge was the wrong color and did not match the flange that was in the box. I called the store again and was transferred to someones voicemail. I left a message. After 3 days I called back, tried to explain what was wrong and was told to leave a voicemail once again. I explained that I had done that and never received a call back. I was transferred once again (in the middle of me speaking), left a voicemail and never heard back. I give up with this company.

Review №10

I ordered a Mini Jacker on Monday, at 12:30PM. It was delivered to Gig Harbor today (Tuesday). Absolutely fantastic service. Thank you very much!!

Review №11

This company is a 3rd or 4th party supplier which explains why they are so overpriced.What it doesn’t explain is why they have tried to double charge me 2 weeks in a row. Paid for my item in early June and they have been pestering me every week saying my card got declined. Very unprofessional of the order processing and credits department if they can not keep track of their own sales.Will not be ordering from here again. Do not recommend.

Review №12

Best marine hardware selection in Seattle and ships worldwide. Decent amount of experience on staff. The warehouse is quick even on weekends!

Review №13

Nice selection of things boat owners really need. The people are friendly and helpful. Amazon said parts would arrive in 2 weeks. 45 minutes later I had what I needed by visiting Fisheries Supply!

Review №14

Such an amazing store. Browsing doesnt get any better than this.

Review №15

Great customer service and inventory. I ordered oars but one of them was damaged in shipping. They sent me out a replacement that I received in less than a week.

Review №16

Still waiting for a call back on what to do about a new open box cr130 fridge that doesn’t work. I want it to be cover by manufacturers warranty and I already talk to isotherm tech support.t’s not a 1 dollar fridge.I hope your reading this.

Review №17

These are the greatest people all working to help you with your boating needs. Love this place even if it is just to browse. You will get great help there.

Review №18

I’m not even a customer and I’m giving them a one star. I’ve called them four times over a period of two days and no one ever answers the phone. Twice I’ve pressed the option to have them call me back and neither time have they called me back. I was trying to do the right thing and buy my bow thruster locally, but it looks like I’ll have to just buy it online.

Review №19

Great place for boat supplies and friendly helpful staff that boat a little about boats.

Review №20

Worst service in the Seattle area. 4 separate visits over 4 months. Each time for a simple in-stock part. Customer service sits behind their counter, ignores any approaching customers. Reluctant to help. And then parts are out of stock. Never again.

Review №21

I love this store. I have been going here for a long time and they have tons of specialty stuff and a knowledgeable staff. A gal named Paula helped me and she taught me so much. I am getting into sailing and fixing up a boat. Without her help I would have been lost. She found everything I needed except for a couple items I needed better measurements of, which she explained in detail what was needed. Truly impressed. Give that gal a raise.

Review №22

Fine if I need things in a pinch. But customer service is awful or selective. I stood at the customer service counter in front of someone for several minutes without even being acknowledged. When I left another customer went up and got helped immediately...

Review №23

Excellent selection of great for boat s and fishing.

Review №24

Very good prices. Very large selection. If you dont see what you want, ask. They have warehouse storage downstairs. Youll want to buy stuff you dont even need. And then you can walk two blocks to see the boats you cant afford.

Review №25

Went to pick up an order at will call yesterday and it took them at least fifteen minutes to find it. Took some convincing to get them to believe that there was no chance that the order had already been picked up or shipped. Eventually found the order in their system because it was under the purchasers first name for some reason? Despite orders normally being by last name. Then the physical order wasn’t there so the desk person had to run around the store trying to locate it. Such a strange experience.

Review №26

Left numerous messages--they never call back or answer the phone. Sent me the wrong merchandise, substituting another brand without notification, still charging me for the original order. They do not answer their e-mails either. I suspect they are either just a bad business, or perhaps they are about to go out of business soon, and therefore dont care.

Review №27

Lots of fishing gear fast service thank you

Review №28

Purchased a life jacket on Saturday. Determined it was not needed as we found the one we had. Tried to return in on Sunday only to be told the only time returns are taken is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, during the hours of 10-4. So, in order to to that i must take leave from work costing me at least $200 in order to return a $60 life jacket. Guess they keep those 60 but have definitely lost the 10 of thousands i was going to spend... Ill give my business, and those profits, to someone else.

Review №29

Fisheries is a great resource but the organization leaves much to be desired. Everything is downstairs and takes 20 mimutes to bring up. 1 or 2 cashiers when theres 6 people in line while 5 employees in customer service just stand around talking and doing nothing. For a place that has so many employees on shift I cant understand how everything there is so slow

Review №30

Pdople are very helpful and go out of there way to help u

Review №31

I was directed directly to what I was looking for, and more. Always a great selection.

Review №32

This place has always been great. Today I went in to get adapters for a boat. The Customer service guy seemed to annoyed and busy to help and ordered the next guy walking by to help me. I spent over $430.

Review №33

Awesome store with alot of great staff who know the area they are working in. If they dont have it in stock, they will get it for you!

Review №34

Fisheries gets an A+ as far as Seattle chandleries go. They have a wide variety of equipment, materials, and supplies, and the staff are exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable. Importantly, these folks are themselves boaters, and they know what they are talking about.

Review №35

Brent in the plumbing department is very knowledgeable and helpful, even when Ive shown up close to closing. He gets 5 stars for sure.Some of the other employees leave a lot to be desired.

Review №36

OMG! of the best marine stores in the US...personalized, very knowledgeable staff, discounts, and more...Everything you may need for any boat...and order it too...

Review №37

We were there about an hour before closing. A random customer was more helpful than the staff. Disappointing experience. They do have a lot of products.

Review №38

Amazing selection of materials and accessories.If need something, they will have it.Insteed of messing around with west marine or other closer stores that may have what I need for a project (probably 40% chance or less), I drive 40min to go shop here because 95% of the time they will have what I need. If not, they can get it extremely quickly.

Review №39

Has everything you need and way more

Review №40

Fine store but it usually takes about 10 minutes to check out, even after waiting in line.

Review №41

Great store, awesome people. This place has an extensive selection of things I never knew I needed until they showed me. If you have a boat, they have you covered. Found just the right pennant for my mooring bouy.

Review №42

The only option for the real mariner

Review №43

Awesome place and selection, super helpful too. but checkout is SO slow. their slow computer system is mostly to blame...

Review №44

Some dude probably named Karen freaked out because I pulled my mask down for 2 seconds for a sip of water. Karen is the bald dumb looking guy.

Review №45

Super helpful, people were doing a good job of distancing and wearing masks!

Review №46

If they dont have dont need it.I have lost weekends in this store...staff is as good as it gets.This place makes owning a boat almost look like a good idea!!

Review №47

Excellent and informed service. I expected to order my unique items and get them in a week or two. But, they had them in stock.

Review №48

Excellent stocked items, just have a good idea what you need before going in. They will help you find something specific, but if your looking for expert help find it before coming here.

Review №49

Horrible, horrible customer service. They have absolutely no interest in helping or maintaining customers. Knowledge base is also severely lacking. Definitely dont buy Dyno batteries from them unless you are into just throwing your money away.

Review №50

These guys have everything for boating. Amazingly large, from small boats to large, they pretty much have it all, from clothing to pumps and hose. They even have pontoon boat cushions! Definitely worth the trip.

Review №51

This place is great if youre looking for boat supplies. They have pretty much everything you need. To be clear, though, if youre looking for sport fishing gear (rods, lures, bait, fishing line, etc...), youre in the wrong place. Seattle marine over on Commodore way is better for that stuff.

Review №52

Went to just waste some time waiting for someone, and ended up finding some stuff I needed, so I purchased!!! Clean friendly and fast

Review №53

Fisheries is a full on marine supply store. They have great knowledge staff and if they dont have something they will help you find it. Great store.

Review №54

Great place for boaters...been coming here for over twenty years, but as of lately they are moving away from can still get supplies here but they are getting fewer and fewer in place of gadgets, electronics and boating convenience items. Also the pricing is always different from the tag on the shelf causing confusion and long lines at the check out.

Review №55

Been a customer since it was Crows Nest. Nice to have such great customer service and selection at a local, home grown supplier. Keep up the great work Fisco!

Review №56

Good place for boating and boat building supplies. Dont be in a rush :)

Review №57

The rope dept provided zero service. He watched us but didnt offer to help. Couldnt find what we needed so back to the internet. Nice drive to get there, very pleasant.

Review №58

Great supply. High prices

Review №59

Lucky to have a place this well stocked, with a knowledgeable staff on hand for boosters.

Review №60

Your one-stop-shop for everything marine related

Review №61

Great selection. Short staffed. Be weary of will call it can take a long time for them to bring your things up from the staging area. Otherwise its great and their prices are competitive.

Review №62

Each time I’ve gone there I’ve been greeted by either a lazy employee, one who couldn’t be bothered or one who knows nothing. I went in with a budget of $10,000 for new equipment and couldn’t get anybody to help me to save my life. The entire place is disorganized and over employed by people smoking, going on their phones or doing something else completely u related to their job. The checkout process is always a trip. One time he had to take hand notes in order to ring me up, no idea what his notes were about however it took him 6 minutes to produce a receipt, and that’s typical here. The checkout process will leave you questioning the human races ability to survive. One guy however talked my ear off for 40 minutes while trying to show me “the right way to tie a knot” however after 12 attempts he couldn’t remember how to do it. Poorly run store with under educated employees who don’t care about service.

Review №63

Don’t go here unless you need fishing supplies at the Fishing Vessel level, not for the hobbyist! Service is not the friendliest lol

Review №64

If youre a delivery driver with a 53 foot trailer, Do not deliver here!! They said Large trucks deliver here all the timeMade me laugh inside 🤣BOX TRUCKS ONLY FOR DELIVERYS

Review №65

I have shopped here for a couple of years and its turning into a s**tshow. Unorganized, shelves empty, many workers just have no customer service skills. I used will call to minimize my contact with people and I have to wait 15 minutes at the door because its actually not ready.

Review №66

Absolutely the greatest staff to help with any needs, who cares what they charge, service is tops. BTW great pricing too.. :)

Review №67

Most helpful place, hands down. New boat owners and well seasoned sailors alike benefit from having a team as knowledgeable as this. Brint was so helpful during our hectic two week haul out. This fine establishment has every part that you could possibly dream of!

Review №68

Expensive,but were talking boats anything and everything.even stuff you didnt think existed for your boat.

Review №69

Fisheries is always great. super service. everything you need. awesome store. open everyday. the best.

Review №70

What a cool place! Lots of great and very helpful people.

Review №71

I used to have average customer experience at Fisheries. But their return policy is inconsistent and varies based on who you talk to. I will prefer online shopping when wait time is not a concern. That way I can actually read the return policy of each item I purchase.

Review №72

Great place for marine supplies, been going there for 30 years

Review №73

The shelves only tell about half the story. They have some much more in the warehouse. Be sure to set up an account as the prices get a lot better. They can get anything boat related. West Marine pales in comparison!

Review №74

The best Marine store I know of. The Personnel are all wonderful, the only thing to keep in mind is that what is on the shelves is not everything they stock. If you dont see it, ask.

Review №75

Lots of items but not enough people to help. Had to look on the website for prices as a lot of things didnt have tags.

Review №76

One of my favorite supply stores. They have everything I need, in stock.

Review №77

Outstanding selection of marine parts and supplies. Helpful staff and friendly service.

Review №78

Very helpful staff, good supply of sailboat equipment.

Review №79

Probably the best stocked marine store in Seattle. For DIY and professionals. Staffed by knowledgeable people. I normally go here when starting a boat project. Pricing on most items is competitive and you get it now.

Review №80

Large selection of marine supplies on hand. Very helpful staff that will help you figure out your custom projects! So nice to have some place local to shop.

Review №81

Knowledgeable staff, good inventory, The Marine store I chose 95% of the time

Review №82

Best deal for deep cycle batteries I could find. Service was good too.

Review №83

The customer service is outstanding ! The store had everything we needed including some hard to find parts.

Review №84

If youre a boater, there is no way that you cant love this store. They have everything you need and lots of stuff you dont but will buy anyway. With an account, prices are below whats marked and often pretty reasonable.

Review №85

These guys got a lot of stuff. A heck of a lot of parts in stock. Now nothing Marine is cheap if it is its garbage. But these guys so good stuff at a reasonable price.

Review №86

Fisheries supply is Seattles best marine supply for the recreational boater. The widest selection of marine hardware, rope, paint, electrical, galley, really there is nothing missing here. Great customer service too, Thanks David for your amazing help with our helm seat purchases.

Review №87

Its definitely hit or miss with the staff In the back room with the ropes ECT. Some are super helpful but there is one older guy who is always cranky. If you ask a question, he makes you feel like your stupid or hes put out.

Review №88

They have it all, if you are shopping for bost parts.

Review №89

Great marine supply store. They have everything you could ever need for boating. I especially like the rigging section. They have a self serve rigging table with cable cutters and crimpers so you can do basic rigging right in the store. If you need a mechanical swage done they have one downstairs. Highly recommended for full retail priced marine goods! Aka, better than West Marine.

Review №90

If it is a boat part they probably have it. The selection here is insane. Very helpful staff, as well. If you dont see it on the shelf, ask. There is a good chance things are available in the onsite warehouse.

Review №91

Great Pizza 🍕

Review №92

Like another reviewer said, they have the stuff, just need to find it.I’ve been into the store multiple times over the last few months. If I can find what I need on the shelves all is good. When I need help it’s another story. It seems like a lot of their staff is inexperienced and don’t really care about your satisfaction.I needed a water heater and asked. Couldn’t find one that would work. This is a pretty standard Whale/Force unit. The person helping wasn’t knowledgeable at all. I went to a local competitor and had the right unit sitting in the back of my truck in about 10 minutes.I needed a screen for a hatch and called for a question about sizing. The rep said she would call me back the next day. I called back a couple days later - no recollection of me or my question.Other times I go in and need help and there’s no one readily available.I really try to like this place but I’m not happy with current customer service.Also, their website search is horrible. I have often times searched for something I’m pretty sure they have but couldn’t find it. I type in the same search criteria at competitors sites and find my part/s without a problem. This is not helpful at all.

Review №93

Huge selection of parts, gear, the fun stuff, etc for boats. honestly, its the one stop shop. Everyone is extremely helpful and always up to give advice. Love this place!

Review №94

This place is like a candy store. They have everything or can practically get anything, plus their open selection of available merchandise is incredible. I find the staff to be very fast and friendly, and know that I can find a fix, or a build system, for any boat project, with their supplies...

Review №95

The staff is always helpful, and this place always has what I need.

Review №96

Awsome place, your grown ups toy store you can spend hours in and need a second mortgage when leaving but happily take advantage of their great inventory of tons of only found here stuff at competitive prices with helpful staff. Be prepared to leave your backpack in front behind the register with the staff who will happily return it upon emptying of your wallet....for real though, its because nautical stuff is high no matter where you go and your gonna wann buy half the store

Review №97

They seem to have everything, and seem less expensive than West Marine.

Review №98

Jade was amazingly helpful to me today. I came in needing help with a cable for my motorcycle, and Jade helped me pick out a cable, ends, insulation, and even allowed me to crimp the cables right there!

Review №99

Expensive. But good place for boating supplies

Review №100

By the telephone conversation and on the store the assistant that I received was outstanding

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  • Address:1900 N Northlake Way, Seattle, WA 98103, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 800-426-6930
  • Marine supply store
  • Boat accessories supplier
Working hours
  • Monday:7:30AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:7:30AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–5PM
  • Thursday:9AM–1PM
  • Friday:7:30AM–6PM
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  • Sunday:7:30AM–6PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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