Simply Seattle
1600 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98101, United States
Simply Seattle
Review №1

We did the pikes place food tour through them and it was amazing and well worth the money! Id say it is a must if you come to visit Seattle. I didnt get to shop in the store front, so I cant much about it.

Review №2

Very fun souvenirs for all ages! Prices are right and the staff was fun. Everything from magnets to tshirts to shot glasses.

Review №3

Nice modern souvenir shop!!! Not your usual old type of souvenirs 🤣 we got a nice wind breaker that days Seattle and really enjoyed the nice customer service experience. 😌 very well taken care of and clean. The guy was really nice too and helped us out by giving us the penny we needed for our souvenir penny 😊👍 really appreciate it 😊 highly recommend this place they have good deals too!

Review №4

Designs absolutely rock! But the shipping and customer service are extremely poor!If you live anywhere but Seattle, good luck getting your purchase.Promises have been made and not followed through numerous times.I wouldnt trust these guys to deliver a bar of soap.Josh the customer service rep needs some serious training.

Review №5

Went here because it came up as the first place to get Greys Anatomy Merchandise. It was very limited on items and sizes and expensive. I would suggest the Seattle Shirt Complany. It had a much better selection of items and sizes and better prices. Plus tons of other souvenirs.

Review №6

Thanks for helping us out, Josh! Great experience at Simply Seattle. They’ve recently really updated all their souvenirs and clothing. As a native Seattlelite I always bring my out of town guests here and everyone also spends a lot of time in this shop. They have all your Seattle souvenir needs! Conveniently located by the market, this location is an easy stop on a tour around the city!

Review №7

Great stuff & prices.

Review №8

You can easily say its just another souvenir shop. What made my trip fun was the conversation with the young man. He told customers about the half off sale. He was pleasant. That made it easy for me to shop. I might stop by one more time.

Review №9

Nice place to get Seattle themed gifts in affordable price range.

Review №10

I placed my first order with Simply Seattle last week, and either the package never arrived properly or was stolen. I emailed the SS team and they responded immediately saying they shipped the item again to me and providing the new tracking number.It’s not everyday you get such high quality customer service, and I can’t wait to find another excuse to buy some cool Seattle swag from Simply Seattle. Strongly recommend this company!

Review №11

I couldnt believe the selection they had at very reasonable prices. Its also good quality. Check out their Chalo bags! They are awesome! I ordered the boarding pass wallet before my trip to Seattle. I get so many compliments on it. Also...I love Seattle!

Review №12

Such an awesome spot for all sports, all Seattle, all thr swag.Stop in or online. My go-to place for gear.The customer support team is fantastic! 👏

Review №13

The staff is helpful, thoughtful and generous! I will definitely be back to this shop!

Review №14

Great customer service. I live in Spokane and needed to do an exchange and the team at simply seattle were quick to respond to emails and informed me when they received my return and sent the new one. I absolutely recommend giving them your business!

Review №15

Cute souvenirs and good prices!

Review №16

Was here to go to the Chef Guided Tour of Pike Place

Review №17

Its a nice place. But the classic tourist shop shtick of being pretty damn expensive. But, thanks to the lack of tourism in Seattle, prices are lower than usual. Would recommend :)

Review №18

So many options for clothing, hats and accessories. Street parking is easier but there are 2 parking lot options. Cost for parking varies from $7-$12 per hour.

Review №19

My experience with Simply Seattle wasnt particularly simple (not at the fault of Simply Seattle), but the team at Simply Seattle provided fantastic customer service and had a sense of urgency to make sure I was taken care of. I had ordered a hoodie and after about a week with no delivery or shipment tracker updates I reached out to customer service. They were quick to send out another hoodie and asked kindly for me to return one of the hoodies if I eventually received two. I received the second order promptly and never received the original order but didnt think anything of it. Well, yesterday Simply Seattles customer service team reached out to follow up personally and ensure that I got my hoodie - talk about great customer service! They also provided insight into what actually happened, turns out the label on my original order became illegible while out for delivery and was ultimately returned to Simply Seattle. So as I mentioned earlier, not a simple transaction (nobodys fault), but the customer service provided by Simply Seattle was above and beyond expectation. Will definitely order from them again because I have every confidence that Ill be taken care of is something were to go wrong.

Review №20

I love this store!it has a great selection of little way to fail to find something wonderful and more than ordinary.its extra!staff is very looked great!

Review №21

I have nothing but AMAZING things to say about Simply Seattle!I ordered two hoodies from them, one meant as a Christmas gift to send to Vallejo, CA to one of my best friends that I’ve had since I was 5 years old. This hoodie meant a little more than just a hoodie, it’s the meaning of the hoodie and the meaning of our friendship and just ties everything together over the last 23 years we have been friends. I did end up sending it to CA, only to pretty much find out the package containing this hoodie amongst other items is lost when I spent $21 extra to mail it priority. (This part had nothing to do with Simply Seattle)So being that I shipped it out of my local post office on 12/12 and it’s nowhere near it’s final destination, I opted to repurchase those gifts, this hoodie included. I go to Simply Seattle’s website and to my dismay, it’s sold out! I signed up for the email reminder when it happens to go back in stock but take the extra step to call the store and see when and if they have an estimated “back in stock date.”The gentleman (Jake) was so friendly about my question and situation and let me know they didn’t know for sure as COVID was impacting ordering hoodie blanks but said hopefully after the first of the new year. I planned on ending the conversation at that and then he was kind enough to stop me mid sentence and said that there may have been one laying around or canceled so he took my number down and size I needed so he could search the warehouse and said he’d call me back. Upon his call back, he said he had found one that wasn’t sold in the size I needed! He not only invoiced me right away rather than putting it back on the website in stock but offered to pay the difference in expedited shipping straight to the address it needed to go to rather than mine.JAKE - THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES!!!! This is legitimately a Christmas miracle and I’m so thankful! I will be purchasing a large order from Simply Seattle soon and will continue to support this business!!!!!

Review №22

Staff were kind and very helpful.

Review №23

If I could give 10 stars... I totally would! Joe from Simply Seattle is awesome. I emailed him with a question regarding my purchase and I got a response so quickly! Which I wasn’t expecting. I’ll totally be coming back to shop again, especially because of his awesome customer service. As soon as there is more Kraken merchandise, I’ll be purchasing from them instead of other chain stores.Wish I was in Seattle but due to the COVID-19, it definitely makes things hard.Thank you!

Review №24

Outstanding customer service via chat and email! 100 % satisfied with our purchases with them. Love everything you have to offer.

Review №25

First store in Seattle to sell the new NHL hockey team Seattle Kraken gear. Was one of first there at 9 am and had a fantastic day downtown and in Capital Hill.

Review №26

Great company! Had a great offer of a free shirt I survived Snowpocalypse 2019 and I ordered 3, only got 2, sent a simple email regarding that the evening I got the package. Next morning had an email that the other one that was missed was on its way. Havent gotten it yet but not worried and not in a hurry because hey it was FREE! Thanks Simply Seattle!

Review №27

Ive ordered a few things from Simply Seattle (including the infamous SNOWpocalypose 2019 t-shirt; how could I not?) and ended up marking it a favorite on my Google search bar. Theyre fast and friendly, the items are unique and of great quality - and who doesnt love supporting locally-owned small businesses?!

Review №28

The store worker was on her phone the whole time. The selection is basically that of a sports shop and when approaching the register the clerk seemed annoyed that she had to get off her phone to help us. Worst experience of the day.

Review №29

Lovely place! Prices are reasonable. So many cute items. Definitely had to buy so many things. They have good clearance items!!!

Review №30

Ive been coming here every few years since 2005. I always enjoy it, but our visit this past Friday before the 3-day weekend was even better than normal.

Review №31

So first thing I need to say is that I have never been to this establishment. However, with the XFLs inaugural season underway, I had to pick a team. Im from the Dallas area and to be honest, I wanted to choose my team by the mascot. I didnt look for the best roster, or decide to be a homer, I just picked the team who had the coolest mascot.So obviously I chose the Dragons. I was looking for a flat billed hat because thats just what I like to wear, and Simply Seattle was the only place I could find one. So I ordered it and forgot about it.I get a text about a refund of the shipping amount ~$4.99. I didnt know why I would get a refund for an amount less than my full order. So I found the phone number and gave them a call. The guy on the phone, dont remember his name, but he asked me about my order and explained that the company who was producing/distributing the product was behind on their promised delivery time.Simply Seattle decided to refund the shipping cost and email the individuals who had their orders delayed without any prompting from my end. The email went into my spam box so I didnt see it.This company cares so much about its customer service that it reached out and refunded the shipping cost because of a delay that they had nothing to do with. I will be buying all of my Dragons apparel from here because of this business decision.Thank you, and GO DRAGONs!!!

Review №32

I havent received my older yet but I love getting up to date emails about everything! I cant wait for my Snowpocalypse Ts to arrive. I love supporting local businesses.

Review №33

The place was large, clean, and the staffs were very friendly.

Review №34

I couldnt believe the selection they had at very reasonable prices. Its also good quality. Check out their Chalo bags! They are awesome! I ordered the boarding pass wallet before my trip to Seattle. I get so many compliments on it. Also...I love Seattle!

Review №35

Nothing in here especially stood out but they still have a great deal of unique items that are relatively cheap. If you have half an hour to kill Id stop in here and buy a couple of things to remember your visit by.

Review №36

I took advantage of the Snowpocalypse offer and was impressed that I received a free shirt within a week. Especially now I know they sent out 23X more shirts than they expected to do. Must be a good team to pull together like that. Ill order from them in the future.

Review №37

Outstanding customer service and super fast shipping!!!I made a mistake on my order and contacted them immediately after discovering the error. I ordered a Chalo Seattle mug as a gift for my brother and I was concerned about my order not going through as a result. Joe responded to let me know everything went through and that the order was packed and ready to go.The mug arrived securely packaged, literally the next day. They upgraded delivery to 1 day shipping which was such a nice, unexpected surprise, and allowed me to be present when he received it (I was leaving town the next day). Thank you Joe and team!!!

Review №38

Loved their selection of stickers and coasters - really cool graphics and colors. Disappointed there was no Sounders merch though! Shout out to Josh for being helpful and nice :)

Review №39

Poor customer service

Review №40

If your visiting Seattle, one can expect to come here. It has items like Space Needle coffee mugs and monorail T-shirts. It also has Seattle sports team apparel - including the retro Seattle Supersonics (now Oklahoma City Thunder). I enjoyed it for its calm nonpunk staff and its great relative spaciousness compared to other gift shops.

Review №41

Stored our bags here (booked through Vertoe) for the day after arriving on an early flight into Seattle. Very friendly staff, happy to help us out

Review №42

I ordered my snowpacolypse shirt and was pleasantly surprised in how timely it arrived. It looks great and I am excited to wear it.

Review №43

I ordered their free snow-pocalypse shirt! Even though I only paid shipping and handling, the shirt arrived on time and fit well! I was very impressed with their commitment, even on a free order.

Review №44

Unique Sonics gear featuring the entire evolution of the logo on multiple Ts/hats/sweatshirts. Could have spent hundreds of dollars here.

Review №45

Clean and modern one stop shop for all your touristy needs. Prices arent as insane as youd think.

Review №46

Very cool website and business! This is a great place to find that cool Seattle style piece of clothing!

Review №47

Cheapest prices on the market strip. Great staff! Josh was great...I think that was his name??!!

Review №48

A fun place! Cute, even bigfoot stuff. It has been here for a long time.

Review №49

A nice souvenir shop, close to Pike but not crowded. Great for bringing out-of-town guests to

Review №50

If I could leave 0 stars I would. Came here on work trip back in oct bought a shirt, when I got back to hotel realized there was a small hole in the back. No problem walked back down and returned no issue. Well i went back in nov bought another shirt, I guess I should of inspected this one as well before I left town??? Got home the shirt has 2 permanent black spots stained on the shirt!Do you all check your supply before you put shirts out?? Never in my life had this happened once and has happened twice at your store. STAY AWAY FROM THIS STORE LEARN TO CHECK YOUR ITEMS BEFORE SELLING THEM

Review №51

Great local sports wear at reasonable prices for the area. Worth a look. Great service as well!

Review №52

Friendly staff, lots to choose from, reasonable prices. Did all my Christmas shopping here and was well pleased. Really enjoyed shopping here.

Review №53

Great little souvenir shop with something for everyone! Cute and funky merchandise and a super friendly staff!

Review №54

A good place for souvenir. Many gift representing Seattle and its sporting teams. Depends on what you like.

Review №55

We absolutely love our new t-shirts! Thank you Simply Seattle!

Review №56

There are a ton of Seattle shops but this one stood out because if price to us and the two guys working there were super nice. Thanks for a great experience and thanks for awesome Seattle stuffs to bring home

Review №57

Free t-shirt from scavanger hunt. Fun!

Review №58

Nice place to buy souvenirs lots to choose from

Review №59

Silly Seattle gifts? Yup.

Review №60

Edward was wildly helpful, we were looking for the perfect shot glass and he was full of great suggestions. Definitely worth stopping by!

Review №61

Nice selection, very helpful staff that went above and beyond to help me get the shirt in the size I wanted!

Review №62

Great service! Dakota was great! Staff was very helpful! Great store

Review №63

Cool little shop. We were in town on vacation and stopped in. Didnt buy anything but liked just about everything.

Review №64

Helpful staff-Dakota and Miriam-made my shopping experience pleasant!!! I am from out of state, and I was able to finish my Christmas shopping with gifts 🎁 that I am proud to give to my friends and family!!!

Review №65

Great prices and customer service! They have the better quality gift and souvenir items you are looking for.

Review №66

Im a sticker collector. All the places I went in sucked, but they had three displays with really cool stickers.

Review №67

Great Seattle-owned shop with ownership that truly gets the local community and gives back in great ways. I got one of their Snowpacalypse tshirts, and I was blown away by the amount of time and effort and resources they gave to build community. They truly care about the culture and the people of Seattle.

Review №68

Awesome place. Josh was incredibly helpful and the selection of items is wonderful.

Review №69

Good location for Supersonics gear - give this wonderful city its NBA team again.

Review №70

Simply Seattle did a very cool thing with their snow globe Snowpocalypse Tshirts. I didnt know about them, but I learned they have a lot of cool product. They are now on my radar!

Review №71

They have some realy nice Seattle stuff. Great hoodies and t-shirts.

Review №72

Decent selection of souvenirs. Also found the most adorable stuffed corgi here.

Review №73

Amazing & Informative staff! Son will ♥️ the Seahawks flags. Great merchindise

Review №74

Great company that makes high quality shirts, thanks!

Review №75

Had one of the better selections of stores we went to for souvineers

Review №76

Great place for souvs, I am a local and I found a great baseball hat here! Lots of jewelry and gifts!

Review №77

Fun shop in Seattle, with unique gifts, from cute socks with otters, whales, and pandas, to local, fair trade Seattle chocolates. Great service!

Review №78

Great local company with very effective customer service. Thanks for the free T-shirt!

Review №79

This is the best place for Seahawks stuff and the customer service from Edward was top notch!

Review №80

Great sales, great waterfront location

Review №81

Really nice Seattle gift shop with quality gifts and shirts. Also carries Seahawks stuff.

Review №82

Cashier was very nice, gave me a discount on one of the postcards

Review №83

Nice locally owned business, tons of swag and friendly staff!

Review №84

Extensive selection of souveniers at great prices and really chill staff

Review №85

Okay on all accounts. Reasonable selection of Seattle themed stuff, but the quality never quite meets the price asked.

Review №86

Super friendly staff, cute things at a good price. Worth the visit!

Review №87

Very friendly staff and grear customer service. Awesome souvenir shop!

Review №88

Love the unique sports gear! They totally support us Sonics fans!

Review №89

Lots of souvenirs to shop for, and in pretty convenient location. Prices seemed to be a bit higher than some of the other shops.

Review №90

Cool Nick nacks

Review №91

Poor quality merchandise. Youre better off buying touristy Seattle stuff at Walgreens or Target.

Review №92

Best store ever, Edward is the best

Review №93

Best gift shop around!

Review №94

Mostly Seahawks items... Hat and t-shirt store

Review №95

Nice shirts and conveniently located

Review №96

Lots of Seattle souvenirs, disappointed in the selection for Greys Anatomy gear.

Review №97

Great Super Sonics shirts

Review №98

Great service by Josh

Review №99

Get your Seattle wear here...

Review №100

Good variety and prices

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