Little Duck Diner
150 W Saint Julian Street, Savannah, GA 31401, United States
Little Duck Diner
Review β„–1

Love their food & vibe! Their tomato soup & bowls are worth trying! If you feel like eating brunch menu during the day, this is the place to go! They add little duckies in the drink β€” how cute πŸ™‚. Price is pretty reasonable, about $13 per menu.

Review β„–2

We came here for breakfast on a Sunday, about 930. The diner was pretty full but we didnt have a wait for a party of 5. We did see a line forming shortly after though. I highly HIGHLY recommend the risotto crab balls on the app menu. They were so freaking good!!! I got the crab omelette which was insanely delicious! The kids got waffle and pancakes and hubs got an amazing grilled cheese. Would definitely recommend this place for breakfast. Just remember that you cant get a mimosa until 11 on Sundays (I was slightly disappointed lol).

Review β„–3

We had just arrived in Savannah after a 10 hour drive. Landed at the Little Duck Diner to finish the day. We were met with outstanding service by the waiter (Our 3 year old loved him). Service was prompt, and made sure we had everything we needed. The food was outstanding! The Crab Cake Sandwich really hit the spot after a long drive. So much that Ill likely grab another before we leave to go home. I strongly recommend everyone to give Little Duck Diner a try!

Review β„–4

Nice place. Really liked the location. The restaurant itself was nice and almost full. The staff was great and fast. I just didnt like it when we were done with our meal, that we were offered the check instead of dessert. Not trying to be snobby. Just wouldve appreciated it.

Review β„–5

Great Atmosphere. Wait wasnt to bad. We were able to see where we were in line. So we shopped around while we waited. Food was amazing. Prices not to bad.

Review β„–6

Had high hopes for this place.Biscuits and Gravy: amongst the best biscuits and gravy we ever hadGrilled cheese: I got the crazy one with 4 types of cheese and added bacon. Ironically with 4 types of cheese there wasnt enough cheese in it for the thickness of the bread. I stole a dip of the gravy from the wife and had i known all of these facts i would have ordered a side of gravyLemon Cake: was not traditional and not to our taste. The cake was moist and lemony but the filling was below parPecan Pie: was decent but not awesome and was small for the $8 proce tag. Crust was also very thick i leave it to you if thick or thin is good for you.

Review β„–7

Great tasting food with limited outside dining. Usually opens before most restaurants downtown. Love it.

Review β„–8

This was Bussin!! Respectively! Lol for real though this was a great place for brunch!

Review β„–9

I love the location and atmosphere here. The food was good. Im not a fan of their homemade fries but everything else was tasty and not too pricey. The service was excellent, prompt friendly and attentive! I would definitely recommend!

Review β„–10

Great breakfast option downtown! The service and food was excellent. I ordered the little duck in Paris, with an extra side of bacon. My only complaint was that it doesn’t open until 9am on Saturday. Other than that, I’ve nothing but good things to say. We’ll definitely be returning on a regular basis.

Review β„–11

We almost left because it took forever for a waiter to come by or even get our waters (it was not busy and we saw a lot of employees walking around). Once we did order, they were out of one of the items we wanted. We ended up getting the beef eegs rolls and Duck grilled cheese. The rolls were very plain without much flavor. The sandwich left much to be desired. The fries were clearly frozen then fried. Nothing was *terrible* but I wouldnt go again. I think most of the reviews on here were greatly influenced by the vibe & aesthetic which were cute.

Review β„–12

We love stopping at Little Duck Diner when we are in Savannah. Great food, service, and fun atmosphere. If you like breakfast meats, try the Trainwreck Grilled Cheese (its amazing). We also have fun with the various drinks that come with the little ducks. =)

Review β„–13

Very neat little place for brunch. The menu has lots of good options prices on drinks are on the high scale for sure.

Review β„–14

The Little Duck Dinner is an elegant little place to enjoy a great meal. They serve a variety of chicken, duck, and seafood. There wines come with a floating duck inside. If you have Instagram you can tag your duck wherever you take it, which is a neat little idea. It is a must stop if you are in Savannah, Georgia. They have indoor and outdoor dining. I live about 4 hours away and it is defiworth the drive.

Review β„–15

Great little place for breakfast. Enjoyed the French toast very much. My husband liked his breakfast as well.

Review β„–16

I was skeptical about getting a side of salad coming with my savory breakfast dish....but the flavor profile was surprisingly good. The risotto stacker was great, except the sausage patty could have been better. My guest got the Asian pork bowl, and loved it...reminding him of the fast food bowls you can get in Japan. The home fries he got in addition were too large and lacked flavor though.All in all great place to eat, there was a wait but when host said 30 min she meant 30 min and we were seated promptly. Be prepared for busy weekend rush though...but we got our food in a timely manner and did not wait for a long time. We will be back!

Review β„–17

The food was good, but I’m used to diners having a HUUUUUUGE menu and it was just a front and back. They also don’t have a kids menu so for a small child it’s super pricey for what you’re getting (it was 9 + tax for 2 biscuits and a bowl of cheese grits…. So the mark up on food is huge.) overall it was decent and I’d probably go back. But I would definitely suggest getting a kids menu.

Review β„–18

Fabulous! Heavy food, built for a dinner. Had a simple modern twist on a 80s-90s style diner and constantly busy. Great service and great food!

Review β„–19

Incredible food and incredible people! We were in Savannah for 4 days and had to come twice because this place was so good. Brody and Amber were excellent servers and super sweet!!

Review β„–20

Enjoyed a perfectly made club sandwich and fries with tall, cold sodas...everything really hit the spot! Management and servers were way, way beyond great. We requested service even above the amazing food & cold drinks (due to a tumble on the street prior to entering). I cannot properly express our full gratitude for the prompt effort, thoughtfulness, and professional touches with everything during our visit. What a sparkling, shiny, happy place is Little Duck Diner! Looking forward to another getaway in Savannah, when we can return and try the chicken & waffles (and more)!

Review β„–21

The food was great, but I had one bite of french toast that a fly landed on, causing me to reduce a star. It was such a pestering fly, along with the others, and our seat was inside. Overall the atmosphere is good,the service is fast. I just wished the flies werent around us while we were eating.

Review β„–22

The good: pretty interior and ambiance, great music selection, the food is tasty.The bad: unapologetically long wait times.We waited for about 40 minutes for our order of french toast meal and risotto stacker with the place being at 50% capacity (look at the photos).We did talk to the manager and expressed our disappointment with the wait, and he took care of our meal, which was nice. Thank you.Hopefully the wait issue will be resolved (I can see other reviews mentioning long wait times).For now Im giving this place only 2 stars.

Review β„–23

I love ducks, so I thought why not check out the place. I was not disappointed. The service was top notch. We ordered the Little Duck in Paris, Chicken and Waffle, and some omelette with crab. My Little Duck in Paris was french toast, scrambled eggs and bacon. It was some of the best french toast that Ive ever had. The eggs were seasoned to perfection. The bacon was perfect, for those that like crispy, not burnt, bacon. My son devoured his chicken and waffle. The crab mustve not been soft shell crab, so we had a bit of surprise. My son was convinced that the duck was a famous duck. We will return.

Review β„–24

We went for an early dinner for my sons birthday. The food was very tasty and brought out super fast. Our waiter was JoJo, and he was so friendly and my kids loved him! Two of the adults in our party got special duck Bellinis, which were yummy and fun! We had an awesome experience!

Review β„–25

This place was an unexpected delight. We wanted to get fat over at the Paula place but the wait time was well over an hour. After a bit my wife found this place thats basically right next door. It had good reviews so we tried it out. All of us enjoyed our meal. The Korean spring roll was okay. I think the sauce made it better. They got milk shakes and loved them. My wife really like the shrimp and grits. My youngest got the grilled cheese with the tomato soup. Said it was the best soup hes ever had in his super long 13 years of life. My other son said the chicken and waffles were good. I had the steak. It was cooked perfectly and seasoned well. The staff was awesome and friendly. Over all we were a happy and full family.

Review β„–26

This is a gem of a place right off the City Market area. Fun menu makes it hard to choose your food.Duck grilled cheese... very happy with that choice! Highly recommend!

Review β„–27

Good place to eat. The bowls are great

Review β„–28

I highly recommend the *Trainwreck*. Yes, while I thought I was the only delicious train wreck in my life, I was wrong. It was everything you could want in a breakfast/brunch sandwich (though I ordered for dinner). The mimosa was beautiful and delicious as well. My daughter dined on an extremely huge portion of chocolate chip pancakes and my husband..well he holds his own review. Our waiter was also fantastic, he was attentive and even boxed up our togo food.Lets not forget our floating ducks in our beverages ❀

Review β„–29

Save your money go to Waffle House... food is about on par and the service would be better... waited almost an hour and a half for some previously frozen chicken pieces on a waffle... I will say their free range eggs are good however but when you wait that long and only get refills on coffee when you manage to flag your waiter down (twice in 1 1/2 hours) it’s not worth the hassle

Review β„–30

Unnnnn nnnnn good. Customer service was a 10

Review β„–31

Clean and great atmosphere, but the wait was a lot longer than initially indicated. Shrimp tacos and chicken & waffles were delicious. The steak tacos tasted fine, but the meat was on the thicker and chewier side, unfortunately. Sausage egg croissant was okay, but we were not fans of the sausage seasoning or the potatoes that came with it (dry/flavorless). Service was extremely slow, but would give it another go.

Review β„–32

Not worth the wait. Don’t get me wrong, the ambiance and decor were lovely, and our waitress was nice enough, but after waiting over an hour and a half and then finding that the hostess had somehow missed us sitting right out side the door, I expected something spectacular as far as the food was concerned. I do not recommend the Mother Hen sandwich. Mediocre chicken salad at best. I had intended to have brunch, but by the time we were seated it was past my regular lunch time. This eatery does not merit a long wait at all. Over priced, nothing special, I do not recommend.

Review β„–33

After looking at a few breakfast options we decided on Little Duck Diner. Great place for breakfast. I had the biscuit sandwich with hash browns. Wife had the blueberry pancakes. Recommend both. Also ordered a side of the thick sliced apple bacon was good the only small negative is because it is so thick I wished it was cooked a little more crispy. Service was very good.

Review β„–34

Cant go wrong with good waffles and good grilled cheese. I was sad they were out of tomato soup but everything else we had was phenomenal. Great service and great drinks as well. Another great Savannah brunch spot.

Review β„–35

Loved their menu, indoor dining area and the server was very attentive. The risotto balls were a wonderful appetizer and the Lavendar bubble bath Belini was delicious and the presentation was unique! Little rubber ducky, Gary and I will be friends for a while

Review β„–36

Had breakfast here for the first time and everything tasted so fresh! I ordered some eggs and smoked Applewood bacon with some buttermilk pancakes. I added strawberries on top with whip cream for an upcharge. My husband had a sandwich and my friend had the meal with grits. All of it was amazing and very filling! The fruit was fresh, the pancakes fluffy and the waffle (i took some of my husbands) was so delicious too! I would say I was shocked by the scrambled eggs normally I have had eggs made with salt and pepper or cheese but these eggs had a few more seasonings in it that were not expected but still tasted amazing! Since I am very open to trying new places and food it was delicious! If you are not adventurous tell them what you want and I am sure they would happily accommodate because they dont make strawberry pancakes and they did for me! Hands down one of the most wholesome and very fulfilling breakfasts I have had. Will definitely come back next time I visit Savannah.

Review β„–37

Great place for breakfast. Small portions. Sometimes a line. Other than that great.

Review β„–38

This is a great restaurant. They serve brunch everyday. I had the chocolate Belgium Waffles and a Lavendar Bellinie. My husband had the eggs, biscuits and gravy with bacon. We enjoyed everything. The staff are very knowledgeable and professional. The restaurant is perfect, so very clean. Their were no tables that were covered in dishes after guests had left. I highly recommend Little Duck Diner, if your ever in Savanah you must go in, for Brunch or lunch.

Review β„–39

Here for Saturday Breakfast, there was a small line that was seated quickly. Waffles are French and tasty. The chickens n waffles was ok, fresh waffles but the chicken was a thin Brest filet, need a little more, Loc’s has them beat here. Atmosphere was nice, shaded outdoors in the morning with fans, inside was pleasantwith fresh flowers on the tables. No lattes or special coffee but there coffee was sold, best diner coffee I’ve ever had.

Review β„–40

The Little Duck Diner is a very nice restaurant. The dΓ©cor and atmosphere of the restaurant is very different than what you would picture in a diner, it was very nice. The little rubber duckies that they put in their signature drinks is a nice touch that gives the restaurant more character. The Fried Risotto was really good and I would recommend it to anyone.The only reason why it doesnt get my 5 stars is because the server mistakenly took my face mask along with the rest of the of the plates.

Review β„–41

Amazing food! Everything tasted fresh! Crispiest fries in Savannahβ™‘ Hamburger was cooked well and tasted so good. Bi Bo Bowl was spicy and the veggies were lightly marinated and crunchy. We liked it so much, we definitely want to come back! Waitress, Sam, kept our drinks filled and kept a check on us (best service we have had in Savannah). Overall, great selection of food and polite wait staff!

Review β„–42

Long wait, no one tells you there’s bar seating. Just go in and try sitting at the bar. Food wasn’t worth the wait. My chicken and waffles came out room temp, I sent it back for pancakes and bacon; the pancakes were cheap tasting and the bacon was burnt. Just not my morning I guess..But my friend enjoyed her little duck in Paris, and early riser. The atmosphere is cute. Service is really nice and professional. I wouldn’t be back.

Review β„–43

The biscuits are dense, so dont come if you prefer them fluffy. They run out of a few items like waffles and the egg rolls by lunch time.The service may be better if you sit at a table. We sat at the counter and felt forgotten by the middle of our meal.Overall a very pleasant physical space with middling food and poor service.

Review β„–44

The service was very good. The waiters are always friendly ... the right music and the food very tasty ✨

Review β„–45

The absolute best grilled cheese sandwich Ive ever had in my life! My wife got the avocado toast and said it was amazing too. And the service was fantastic. We had our pup with us, and the server brought him out a bowl of water without us even having to ask first. 10/10, will definitely return on our next visit to Savannah.

Review β„–46

Staff were friendly and quick. My glass was never empty and at no point did I feel the wait was too long. The food came exactly as I asked, and tasted simply divine. I highly recommend the lemon cream cake!

Review β„–47

Very nice atmosphere! The grilled cheese is some of the best Ive ever had!

Review β„–48

Cute place that has indoor outdoor dining. We were amazed they could get us in since so many restaurants were no longer accepting new tables. We had breakfast for dinner and it was delicious. The menu has a variety of items to choose from and the taste leaves you wanting to clean up your plate. No leftovers this night.

Review β„–49

One of the best tasting restaurants Ive been to in recent memory. Cute interior but the food is SO unbelievable. We had the chicken tacos and the shrimp tacos which were very good, but my daughter had the chocolate chip pancakes which the rest of us couldnt stop eating. Best pancakes ever. Almost vanilla cake flavored, light and fluffy, generous portion. If we lived in Savannah I have no doubt wed be getting those a few times per month. Seriously, try the pancakes. We also had the shakes, and a few flavors of cake. All very good but after tasting the pancakes I was seriously considering getting more as a dessert. Regrets.

Review β„–50

The duck tacos are EXACTLY as good as everyone says. I ordered those and the tomato soup and they came out super fast! Absolutely delicious, perfectly seasoned. The waiter Emil was attentive and helpful and had my poinsetta made just how I wanted. Strongly recommend this place!!

Review β„–51

Little Duck cafe offers incredible service in a beautiful building for an affordable price. We were especially impressed by our server, Jojo, who demonstrated several times that our dining experience was important to him. We plan on going back to Little Duck every time we’re in the area - we want to try the breakfast menu next time!

Review β„–52

This was such a cute brunch spot! The service was amazing and the food was delicious!

Review β„–53

The food was delicious. We all got something different and shared with each other. My wife got the tomato soup and it was hands down the best tomato soup we ever had.

Review β„–54

A for effort for sure! The vibeβ˜‘οΈ ( very on trend) was just what we were looking for for my daughters twenty first birthday. She loves brunch β˜‘οΈ And her first drink had an adorable little rubber ducky floating in it! β˜‘οΈ I mean!!!! 😍The drinks were very good…the food mediocre. My husband ordered biscuits and gravy- he described them as continental breakfast biscuits. My son enjoyed pancakes, my daughter french toast and bacon and I had Korean pork tacos (meh).. but that could have been personal preference. Staff nice- Restaurant busy!

Review β„–55

My only complaint is that the wait to get in was about an hour. That being said, the service once seated was very fast. The food was amazing, the waiters were very friendly, the kitchen seemed very efficient, and the rubber duckies are adorable. We will be back.

Review β„–56

Staff was friendly and patient with us as we asked our questions about the menu (it was our first time visiting the restaurant). Food was great and our food came out quickly! I enjoyed the lavender cocktail, good flavor (the lavender infusion is in the bubble portion of the drink, so be mindful of that if youre not a fan of lavender)

Review β„–57

The watermelon Bellini was so refreshing. I wish more places had this. The breakfast was on point and I really liked the toast. Great way to end my time in town

Review β„–58

It was good. I enjoyed it. A bit overcrowded considering the pandemic. They definitely need a bathroom with more than 2 toilets as the men were waiting as much as the women, if not more.

Review β„–59

I chose this place for Saturday morning brunch on our weekend trip to Savannah from a blog post detailing best places to brunch. The atmosphere matched what I was expecting, much to my delight! Our server was fun and informative, and the food was super delicious!

Review β„–60

Great spot. Food was fantastic and our server was the best. One of the best B&G plates Ive had. Cannot go wrong here!

Review β„–61

Very kind server, really nice food, right price. especially biscuit and gravy is fantastic. Its a wonderful place.

Review β„–62

Awesome restaurant and I understand the 40 min wait now . I had the Ellis square (waffles w Nutella and macadamia nuts) than also biscuits and gravy . Soo good !

Review β„–63

Saturday afternoon, got sat right away. Outdoor and indoor seating. Beautifully decorated. Food had great flavor. Dinner plates were a little small for the price. Similar to other downtown prices. Got the curry snapper fish and the chicken bowl.

Review β„–64

Stopped in there for lunch on a Saturday while traveling. The food is amazing! We shared the crab risotto ball appetizer to begin. Crispy outside with a delicate creamy interior consisting of crab, Arborio rice, cream, and a hint of cheese. We also had a Belgian waffle which was light and fluffy. The star of the show is the duck grilled cheese. Succulent curried duck inside a grilled cheese sandwich! Mind blown! :) Staff is very attentive and friendly. It was a wonderful experience. Next time I go through Savannah/ I will stop again!

Review β„–65

This place is perfect! Price is right. Great for kids. Amazing food. I will be back again but next time for breakfast.

Review β„–66

Cute idea with the little rubber duckies, but the food was just okay. The items on the menu sounded good, just lacked a bit of flavor when we started eating. It did have a nice outdoor seating area, but since we were the only ones sitting out there we got forgotten about.

Review β„–67

Oh my goodness I absolutely loved this place! I came with a group of 5 for dinner and everyone at the table had a great time. All of our food come out in a timely manner and it was delicious. All of the workers were extremely nice and we loved our waiter. I got the fancy schmancy grilled cheese, tomato soup, and a virgin lavender bubble bath Bellini and I would recommend all of it. I definitely recommend eating here if you are in town!

Review β„–68

Food was so good, the drinks were amazing, the service was phenomenal. My group of 7 had JoJo as our waiter, and he was great! My friend got a free slice of cake for her birthday and JoJo took our photo for us. Definitely will be back.

Review β„–69

Divine. I had the duck grilled cheese and crab risotto balls, and my partner had the classic eggs and bacon. I also had a lavender bath bellini. Im still thinking about all the items I had!

Review β„–70

We stopped by just to try their signature cocktails. The hostess was very welcoming and accommodating. Our waitress was super sweet and attentive. Unfortunately, they were out of popsicles to try the β€œwaddle pop”, but we did enjoy their other options and my favorite was the strawberry lychee Bellini. We loved the presentation of the lavender bubble bath Bellini. This is a cute place to get with your girlfriends for brunch.

Review β„–71

Super cute interior, outside seating too, and the yummiest blueberry pancakes!!

Review β„–72

I am rating this place 3 stars because even though we were seated in 5 minutes, it took an hour from the time we asked for water and an appetizer until food was brought to our table. We also never got the appetizer because our waitress forgot to put the order in. My first glass of water also had a dried on crusty piece of food stuck to the glass.The food was good. Dont get me wrong. I ordered the Trainwreck grilled cheese and tomato soup. My girlfriend got the avocado grilled cheese and some tomato soup as well. These sandwiches are large. She only ate half of hers. The soup was spicy so if you dont like spice, I would steer clear. Overall I would say if you want food from little duck diner, you should order to go.

Review β„–73

Everything we had was delicious! The crab risotto balls were my favorite!! And the way the diner was decorated was so lovely. My lavender Bellini garnished with a rubber ducky was surprisingly delicious. I highly recommend this place for breakfast lunch and dinner!!!

Review β„–74

Edit: We went back in June and had a wonderful experience. I adjusted my rating.*****They seemed a bit busy when we were there and service suffered. Appetizer wasn’t brought out until after the entree and the coffee wasn’t brought out until right before the entree. Most of the employees seemed rushed and unorganized. I also don’t feel like they did well with social distancing; rather than running a wait list, they sat people right next to each other in tables that I’m sure were not six feet apart. I’ve been out a good bit post-Covid and this was the worst restaurant experience thus far.The decor was cute, the menu was awesome, and the food was good, but the service makes me not want to go back for a while.

Review β„–75

The sriracha infused syrup was the perfect addition to the chicken and waffles. Very delicious. Our waiter was nice and attentive. I highly recommend Little Duck Diner!

Review β„–76

Food was just ok - exotic grilled cheese was somewhat bland and the tomato on my sandwich wasnt fresh. Dessert was tasty and good sized. Service was pretty good and ambiance is very nice. Enjoyed it, but theres many places Id go for lunch or dinner before this. Breakfast dishes going out looked good.

Review β„–77

Recently had brunch here and was very impressed! We were seated right away around 10 on a Saturday, and we were waited on quickly and checked in on frequently. Our water cups were always filled, and the breakfast was delicious! We got the biscuit sandwiches with home fries and both were great!

Review β„–78

Delicious! My wife and I ate here for lunch. Their Korean Beef Egg Rolls are great for a party of two. We split their Roaring Tiger and Quacko Taco. The amount of food they can fit within one floured tortilla is beyond satisfying! We loved the Korean flavors of each dish. Shoutout to our waiter Ahado!

Review β„–79

Love this place. Fun atmosphere. Love the clean feel of the place. Wife had a cute pink drink with a lil duck. She loved it. The food was delicious. Service was great.

Review β„–80

This place really is a hidden gem. food was delicious, amazing decor, and affordable prices. if you go, you HAVE to try the thai tomato soup it is incredible.

Review β„–81

Amazingly perfect super impressed with my food. I had the Californian my husband had the waffle. My mother-in-law did not care much for her salad tho said it was mostly lettuce but the rest of us were impressed. Oh and every drink doesn’t come with the rubber ducky but they will give you one if you ask.

Review β„–82

We stopped in for a quick, early dinner on a weeknight. Service from Emil was so attentive and pleasant! We had gourmet grilled cheese, tomato soup and apple pie. Everything was so good! Highly recommend!!

Review β„–83

This is an amazing restaurant! The food is super high quality and delicious! The breakfast is great! Their pie is phenomenal. I highly recommend it πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

Review β„–84

I finally understand why the line is so long and people actually stand to wait. The wait goes by fast if you have a small party or are fine sitting at the bar. If you go before 9:30 there usually isn’t a wait. It has an upscale diner feel on the inside but still some classic diner bites. The little duck in Paris is probably the most popular plate and has generous portions.

Review β„–85

Service is okay, been here three times. The crab cake burger needed more structure it feel apart and was a mess after the first bite. Fries are good. The atmosphere is beautiful!

Review β„–86

A cute and stylish diner with great food! A nice and quick spot that is off the main path of the market

Review β„–87

Wonderful little place! Great food and drinks! Love that the servers have their names and place of origin on their name tags

Review β„–88

I had the Duck Dynasty bowl. I was feeling a little blah, because I had been out in the heat too long, so the food wasn’t as satisfying as it should have been. But my server kept my water full. The bowl itself was fresh and looked beautiful. Interesting mix of flavors. A little too much raw red onion, though.

Review β„–89

Very trendy restaurant right in the heart of Savannah. Great options on food and drinks and everything we had was delicious. It was very crowded so we had to wait even though we got there early. The service was not the best, but we loved the setting. Great place for a date.

Review β„–90

We had an amazing breakfast before we left on Monday, food was phenomenal and service was prompt.

Review β„–91

This is a lovely dinner that serves breakfast all day long. The food is amazing. The staff is amazing. Jesse is friendly and helpful. Try the maxwell for breakfast or lunch. My husbands steak was, cooked perfectly medium rare. The crab risotto balls are incredible. We come here every time we are in Savannah.

Review β„–92

Awesome little restaurant tucked away on the square by city market. Excellent food cozy restaurant. Server and service excellent. Hidden gem. They also serve bfast all day. Gorgeous ladies room clean and modern.

Review β„–93

I rarely find myself in the position of having to give a bad review while traveling. This is due in no small part to the due diligence and preparation and research we do beforehand. I never have a bad meal, because I do my homework. By reading this review, your doing yours. The Little Duck Diner, located just off the City Market in Savannah is a real local gem. Serving breakfast at all hours, the pancakes are phenomenal. I started my meal with BBQ Duck egg rolls. A hint of curry and a nice dipping sauce. They were magic. Next I had a southern staple. Shrimp and Grits. Grilled to tender juicy perfection atop cheesey grits with a light tomato sauce. They were excellent. My wife had another southern touch. Chicken salad with cranberries and walnuts on croissants. She loved it. My daughter had the best pancakes Ive ever tried. My son had one of their gourmet Grilled Cheese sandwiches. With excellent fries, nothing remained in the end. If your travels take you to the adorable riverside town of Savannah, you must stop in at The Little Duck Diner.

Review β„–94

The first place I stumbled upon when I came to Savannah. I like the outdoor seating, cause I was able to bring my dog. Their choices in the menu was a good variety of breakfast and lunch food. They had a taco special, which I normally get towards, but I was feeling their curry Turkey grilled cheese with thai basil tomato soup. Both were very savory, fresh, and delicious tasting! Id definitely come back.Of course my server, Matt was great too.

Review β„–95

The food & themed indoor space is very Instagram-able but the food itself is just standard β€œdiner faire” with a higher price.Had to wait over an hour to be seated on the weekend, but once seated the service is fast and attentive.

Review β„–96

I only give little duck diner a five because of the service. Our server was wonderful very attentive and was upbeat and kind. At one point she had to come back and explain to us that the kitchen was out of French toast. With that said the kitchen never gave the service staff any idea that they were running low and then completely out of any certain product. As it was explained to her server 20 minutes after we placed the order after she our server had placed the order, so once again the kitchen and drop the ball. We actually came to little duck diner specifically for the French toast dish. Perhaps the lady in the kitchen wearing her pandemic mask as a chin strap rather than a preventative measure feeding herself on the food line while preparing customers dishes entrees and appetizers. We asked for a manager we were able to speak to a shift lead gentleman that was very understanding and kind and said that he would address the situation immediately. Unknown to us the shift leader had taking care of our check before we can pay, as we explained to the gentleman that was unnecessary but yet very unexpected and very nice. I hope that people in the restaurant especially the kitchen staff will take whats happening during this pandemic much more seriously. We will give another try next time we are in town.

Review β„–97

Amazing food, friendliest staff, cute duckies in drinks. The only thing is- you get ducks for free with alcoholic drinks, but for kids have to pay $1 per duck. Should be the opposite.

Review β„–98

Great food. I had the Norwegian salmon grilled cheese and was excellent. It had a pesto sauce which provided an amazing mixture of flavors with the tomato and cheese. The ambiance was what you would expect from a diner, maybe even a bit chic. Service was good and noise level was low, allowing for a natural conversation environment.

Review β„–99

On vacation from Dallas, TX. and arrived at 2:35pm when they close at 3pm. Turned down for service after waiting so they could check with kitchen. Informed kitchen was already shutdown although we waited for an additional 5 minutes to be told this and intended to sit on patio. First time a lasting impression leaving feeling β€œvery unwelcome” especially in a time of small business’s asking for customers to prevent failure. We will not visit when they reopen at 5pm nor in future during our stay, where at least in Little Duck Diner’s meaning of Southern Hospitality, is very different than what we’re accustomed to or expect.

Review β„–100

I had their Asian bowl. Loved it. Would like to go back to try their sandwiches. My son loves their grilled cheese.

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:150 W Saint Julian Street, Savannah, GA 31401, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 912-235-6773
  • Diner
  • Brunch restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–3PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–3PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–3PM
  • Thursday:10AM–10PM
  • Friday:9AM–10PM
  • Saturday:9AM–9PM
  • Sunday:10AM–3PM
Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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