Central Computers
3777 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95051, United States
Central Computers
Review №1

This place is great. I heard about it from a friend and he highly recommended it to me.First things first store was clean and I will admit a little overwhelming when you first walk in as there are PC components everywhere. Looking a little lost an employee immediately approached and asked if I needed any assistance (which was looking for GPUs) and she directed me to it. After looking around a little bit another employee asked me what I was looking for and that lead to an hour and a half talk about my current rig and what the longevity of my rig would be. It was a very fun and engaging experience. I highly recommend this place for all PC needs as their deals and pricing is similar or better in some cases when compared to other places such as (Amazon, Newegg, tiger direct). Definitely worth a stop when building or upgrading your PC.

Review №2

Great place for all your computer needs. Specialized in custom desktop builds with a wide variety of all the individual components you need. They helped pick out all the components and provided detailed background knowledge of the recommendations and was able to answer everything I needed. They also offer to build the computer for you for a fee, if youre less comfortable/familiar with doing it yourself.Late July 2021 GPU Inventory:They had both EVGA and ASUS GeForce RTX 3060 graphics cards (what I was looking for) in stock. Only requirement to buy was you had to purchase 3 other components at the same time, which was totally fine because I was already just trying to find a card to build a new PC with. Everywhere else at this point in time still seems to be out of stock. Very reasonable price too! Nothing was marked up.

Review №3

Today, I took my Dell Precision laptop into Central Computer. They were very professional and helpful - especially Marcus, who helped me to diagnose the problems on the laptop. He was also extremely honest and he told me that they couldnt do the work without violating the warranty, so he advised me to go back to Dell. He gave me specific things to ask Dell and with that help I was finally able to get Dell to acknowledge that there was a hardware problem. When I asked Marcus how much I owed him for the consultation, he said Nothing. I was amazed, and grateful! I will be going back there next time I need some accessories or software!Thank you Marcus!

Review №4

This is exactly the place you want. Cheaper than buying online. Excellent supply of top quality components. HELPFUL STAFF. I made a mistake building my computer (first time) and they checked my components in store within ten minutes of me showing up and let me know the good/bad news. I will always buy from these guys now. Also, theyre local! Few stores here in the Bay Area and thats it.

Review №5

Central Computers lost my business todayNever questioned when I dress well, but today I didnt look like an engineerI was upset when the Sunnyvale store burnt down. I grew up going there since I lived in the complex behind it.Supporting local where the staff mock you, please check your security and audio footage and Ill not publish mine. Security works both waysAnyway sell to Amazon already, your staff doesnt represent what this store used to mean, and you Cant afford to train staff in handling snowflakes, plus fixing computers isnt a people skill.Thats what this has turned into, plus dickish kids in a shop where you thankfully cant smell the sweat .😷I used to have that job, now I no longer will recommend my robotics people to this store,Imagine preferring Frys

Review №6

Love having a local store where I can buy PC components and accessories. With so many competitor stores closed we need at least one place to go. They have lots of inventory and selection. Staff is helpful and knowledgeable when I have questions. Will continue to shop here

Review №7

Ordered a custom PC online. Its almost impossible to get a GPU at msrp these days, so I was happy that I could get a PC prebuilt with the GPU of my choice (RTX 3070). The order took about 3 weeks to process because of the obvious shortage in GPU supplies. The team here was very good at communicating the status of my order (phone and email).The pickup process was pretty simple.Overall Im very happy with the build. I gave it a 4 star because they installed Windows when I had opted not to have it installed in my online order. Had to pay ~$100 for that.

Review №8

Copying Brians Review to help make changes:They have this system build limitation so they can avoid scalpers HOWEVER they are selling 3080TIs at SCALPER PRICE (USD 1900) - SIGN PETITION FOR MICROCENTER RETURN feel free to contact me to sign. We have collected almost 1,600 customers for the petition. We will be submitting to Microcenter at 2,500 signatures. Almost there everyone!Stay smart and dont fall for these scams!

Review №9

Very bad customer service.I ordered switches, online it shows available at store when I placed order they send me email that it will be ready in 1 to 2 days. I try to call just to check my order is ready or not then they told me they dont have it in stock they can order and I need to wait for 4 days. No response from them, I called again after 6 business days the guy on phone he told me they dont have order ready I need to wait more 4 5 days. Still he is not confident that I will get in 4 to5 days. And he insist to cancel the order. When I say I dont want to wait, he stop answering and hang up the call.

Review №10

The best place to buy computer components locally. Ive shopped here for more than 10 years.They do still have a mask policy.

Review №11

This Store has been getting worse and worse since the mining market getting hot. They constantly raising the price and they now think they are the boss. I purchased a fan, and the moment I open the box I saw the fan will not fit into my case. And yet, when i tried to return the next day, they refused to return the item. Also, the attitude was extremely bad. Whats the point to have such a in-person store if thats the experience customer will get? I would like to see when they close. I hope people stay out of this store.

Review №12

The workers here are always super helpful and friendly! Ive been a frequent customer for the past year, and have nothing but good things to say about the store. Even with the global supply chain collapses Central Computers has made strides to provide hardware for the local community at a fair price. This is no easy feat, with many of the graphics cards going from other 1st party vendors for >300% MSRP. I was able to get an EVGA 3070 for ~10% above MSRP back in April, which is almost unthinkable given the current market. I think that I and others in the area will remember this - when market forces allowed for taking advantage of the consumer, Central Computers stood by us. Even when prices remain comparable on online vendors and at Central Computers, I go out of my way to come here.

Review №13

Great place. Knows their stuff

Review №14

Took in a Computer to get data backed up. For two weeks I did not hear back until I went back in person to check in. As soon as I walked in, a worker asked me what I had in my bag (it was my purse). I was puzzled, and he asked me to leave it up front on their counter. I refused because its my purse. Another employee starts talking to me loudly saying that all customers have to leave their bags up front. I asked, Do you ask all your female customers to leave their purse? Answer was no. I dont let people steal my joy, but these guys left a bad taste in my mouth. Im a Latina and they were Caucasian and Asian. This was a complete stereotype and prejudice. I know, I studied Sociology.

Review №15

Customer service is good at the Santa Clara location. I just have an issue with their policy around graphics cards. They used to have the policy that says in order to get an rtx 3080 you had to buy 3 other main components, which was fine for me, then they changed it to 6 components, which is pushing it because they dont even carry the parts I want. You have to order them and then sometimes they cant get them. Now here is the new policy: To buy an RTX 3080, you have to buy all the components from them and you have to buy the operating system, so if you get discounted keys for windows 10 like I do, you cant even use it, you have to pay $100 to get one from them. On top of that, and this is what really ticks me off...they make you pay them to build it for you. As if they didnt require enough already, now they wont sell you the card unless they build it, which is another $150 or $200. I put central computers right there with the scalpers now.

Review №16

Great variety of parts, and a well-maintained online storefront. Prices are competitive and they have price-matching.The only thing to improve would be communication (advice / instructions given over the phone v. in store).

Review №17

Do you know this life is actually a full-time jobs

Review №18

This place is amazing, and the store is enormous. Prices are competitive, you might pay a little bit more than online, but let me tell you: It will be worth it.First: they are trying to fight bot and scalpers.Second: when we first came in, Chester helped us a lot. He knows what he is talking about. He was very helpful and made the whole visit a great shopping experience.All in all, I recommend supporting them as they certainly will help you.

Review №19

Great selection of computer supplies and tech. Staff are polite and knowledgeable and pay careful attention to covid guidelines. I very much enjoyed my visit!!

Review №20

If your looking for computer hardware, this is the place to go. Excellent selection and reasonable prices. And the hardware is not junk.

Review №21

Glad to have a place to replace the now defunct Frys Electronics. Selection is good and service was great.

Review №22

The best computer shop I have ever been too. Out classes micro center by a factor of ten at least. Amazing service, amazing prices. Highest of recommendations possible. Go Here

Review №23

Pretty much the best remaining source of often-needed components in the region, and enough surprise extras to keep it interesting and different every visit. Far better retail experience than their Sunnyvale location, although if going for repair services, the units often have to be sent to Sunnyvale, where they seem to be better equipped to handle that there.

Review №24

Who needs a Microcenter, when youve got Central Computers? Popped in for the first time, and was absolutely amazed by the selection of top tier components and hard to find goodies. Living on the Central Coast of California in a rural area, I was completely unaccustomed to any semblance of a real computer store. This place blew my mind. I will definitely be making a few 2.5 hour pilgrimages to Central computers this year. Employees like Chester, are the reason brick and mortar stores will always have the drop on ANY E-tailer. Chesters knowledge, communication, and helpfulness was more than exceptional. You folks in the Bay Area are lucky to have this store, and folks like Chester in your back-yard. We could use a computer store like this in my area!

Review №25

Clean. Limit of 25 ppl. Checks temperature before entering. Best to just call and see if they can hold what you are looking for, but they do allow people to browse.

Review №26

So I ordered my gaming pc a week ago and somehow they pulled it off GPU ect. Im not normally shocked by something like this, but if you know what the gpu market is like right now, its not pretty; youd understand. Dont want to wait those long months with other pc builders, this is the place for you. Friendly staff that keep you up to date, quick and simple pick-up.Thank you Central Computers staff, you took the hassle out of everything.

Review №27

I love this place. Ever since Frys became a zombie there has been a sad hole in my heart. Of course, online ordering is an easy replacement when you know exactly what you want and can wait a few days, but sometimes you cannot (or do not want to) wait. Thats where Central Computers comes in. They have more packed in to their modestly sized store than all of Frys Campbell currently does - and their prices are very competitive, surprisingly so for a brick and mortar store. I am a bit of a do-it-yourself person, but from what I can tell their PC & Mac repair and PC building services are very reasonably priced and their service is always outstanding - an important concern when making a big purchase.

Review №28

I LOVE this store!! This is my new go to place for anything computer related, all the employees are kind, smart, and will happily answer any questions you may have regarding your pc/pc part related questions. Been building PCs for 7 years as a hobby and my only regret is not knowing about this place until 2021.

Review №29

They have everything you need for your computer needs and more. Keyboards, raspberry pi, ethernet cables, and they build computers too. GPU, CPUs, video cards and more.

Review №30

Highly knowledgeable and great customer service

Review №31

They Have it in stock and will give you advise to build an awesome gaming rig.

Review №32

They have everything I wanted, at a fair price. They open every day, so its faster than any of amazon, newegg, b&h, etc.

Review №33

Very friendly and helpful staff. Helped me get what I needed in a timely fashion.

Review №34

Great customer service and very knowledgeable people.

Review №35

Very Helpful Staff. Love browsing here.

Review №36

This place is absolutely amazing. The staff here are super knowledgeable and were very thorough in answering any questions I had. The parts selection is top shelf (as far as computer components, cant speak to other sections but they look well stocked). I cant recommend them enough, the prices are sometimes a little higher than Amazon etc. But I would rather give central computers my business, they are a first class store.

Review №37

Love this store. Its a must to visit for any PC enthusiasts. I was very happy I was able to walk in and buy a 3070. Thanks Central Computers

Review №38

Great place for computer parts etc..Also has neat electronics

Review №39

Solid spot to pick up parts locally. Theyre following safety protocols and everyone on the staff is super helpful.They had an Asus Dark Hero motherboard in stock and were kind enough to hold it for us. Will definitely be by again next time we build!

Review №40

Helpful and knowledgeable technicians. Love this place!

Review №41

Better than frys ever was !Great service and price

Review №42

Great job at managing limited access. Website inventory reasonably accurate.Friendly helpful staff

Review №43

Theyve got all the parts that you need. Cool store

Review №44

Expert-level helpful and friendly staff and management. We keep coming back again and again for a good advice, good selection, and good price. Highly recommend!

Review №45

People are helpful. They have all the components you need.

Review №46

Had a great experience! Theyre covid safety measures are up to snuff, and the staff is very helpful. Did a build for a friend and there was an issue with the mobos firmware being too old for the CPU, meaning in order to update it we needed to temporarily use an older chip. We took it to Central and they had the BIOS updated for us within an hour despite being quite busy. One of the staff even helped me pick out an SSD for my own rig and spitballed with me about PCs for a bit. Would definitely go there again!

Review №47

Glad a place like this still exists, especially with the demise or Frys and HSC. Pretty knowledgeable staff and decent prices.

Review №48

Great customer service. Good price on parts. The associates here are very knowledgeable. This is my go to computer spot. Best spot around! dont waste your time at best buy or frys

Review №49

Lots of computer hardware. Everything you need from adapters to monitors.

Review №50

Good store for customized builds. Good supply of geeky parts, and friendly, knowledgeable staff. Happy to support this local store over Frys, when I can.

Review №51

The only place I trust for diagnosing and repairing my computers

Review №52

I have bought my desktop computers from Central Computer for decades. They always put together machines that last for years longer than name brand machines because you get top line parts inside. Also, they are great about servicing the machines when there is any issue (not often).

Review №53

Friendly staff. Good service.

Review №54

Great experience here building a custom PC. Very well stocked with a variety of components at different price levels. Customer service was outstanding and highly knowledgeable.

Review №55

Now that Frys is gone, this is the place to go to pick up cables, SSDs, parts, etc.

Review №56

OK, updating my review. This time, I was not only able to get in, but I was also able to buy a particularly hard-to-find GPU that I only loosely thought I might be able to get on a wait list to buy! And you can browse in store now, too. The line wasnt too bad this time (10 mins to get in, I think, vs an hour last time without even moving in 10mins).Overall mind blown at the improvement since last time.

Review №57

Excellent stop to get consult, help, buy computer components, without struggling with online purchase and return headache. Prices match online. Good to support local business so we are not struggling with terrible customer service from online vendors.

Review №58

Had a video card that was sold out everywhere else. Seemed pretty safe there with temp checks at the door.

Review №59

Amazing place. technical staff and fantastic selection of computers, monitors etc. Visited recently when every store was empty of monitors on march 22 and Eric was amazing showing me over 20 selections in stock. I tested out the monitors I had in mind and made my best decision. Will come back and will refer friends and family. They had more products in stock than all the tech stores around them combined(Bestbuy staples ... )

Review №60

Our favorite computer parts store. They dont sell just any old junk. Its quality products, both American and Chinese, and good value. Great staff and management that cares.

Review №61

This place is nice ( this company is to expensive you can the things you need cheaper on line.

Review №62

Overpriced and always a hassle to get new releases at these stores. Allllllwaaays complicated.. alllllways 10% over retail price is this legal? We need normal computer stores in the Bay Area. Like nobody has time or the money to play your games Central Computer! Stop robbing local working professionals of time and money!

Review №63

Diagnosed and repaired a dell xps 13 in three days. Would use them again.

Review №64

Waited quite a while for a cashier to pay for our items.

Review №65

I went in to buy a 15ft HDMI cable and it did not work with my Lenovo Laptop. I went back trying to return it. These guys took my computer, surf the web and found the problem. They upgraded all the drivers, and particularly my USB-C driver, which was known to be problematic. Finally, got it to work. As you know, had I bought my cable elsewhere, none of this would have happened. They not only sold me a workable cable, but also fixed my drivers, all for the price of a cable. They spent 30 minutes. So I have to give these guys more than a 5-star review.

Review №66

Quick and easy👍Great place for your computer needs.

Review №67

UPDATE 10/06/2021They have this system build limitation so they can avoid scalpers HOWEVER they are selling 3080TIs at SCALPER PRICE (USD 1900) - SIGN PETITION FOR MICROCENTER RETURN feel free to contact me to sign. We have collected almost 1,600 customers for the petition. We will be submitting at 2,500 signatures. Almost there everyone!Stay smart and dont fall for these scams!---Post Central Computers Response below:Then you need to provide several outlets instead of making one or the other. Though a shipment received is small you should still have sub section that are limited to system builds, limited to waitlist folks, and do your gamification if youd like all at the same time. Dont do one or the other because it limits the availability to everyone - Everyones needs are different. But you cannot say below that you do not benefit from limiting your items to system builds from your store. There are many folks like myself that are building a PC from components from everywhere because simply put central computers do not offer competitive prices to microcenter/amazon/newegg/shop4mega and even Best Buy-------Purchasing experience is never straightfoward at Central Computers for newly released products - Always some wheel of fortune, or required full system builds, or must buy 4 out of 6 computer components to purchase schemes. This is 2020... where are the regular computer stores in NoCal?... Might need to start a Microcenter petition for the Bay area which Im confused that proper stores like these no longer exists in Sillicon ValleyThe biggest problem with Central Computers is that they try to force upon system builds for parts you need. If a newly release part is released they limit them to system builds which defeats the purpose of having PC COMPONENTS store nearby... I wish they keep a bit of code of honor/decency and just sell products to customers who come in the store instead of trying to force unto you up-priced components. The business model feels a bit slimy - always about the money and forcing unto you other parts that are all up-priced from retail price so you can get what you really need. Other than this its nice to have a convenient store near by but they treat/limit/gamify popular components to get you to spend or waste your money and/or your time in different ways....

Review №68

Really good place. The employees are super helpful and arent mean. I managed to get an rtx 3070 because one of the employees (Sorry I dont know his name) saw that the waitlist wasnt full, and only 3 people wanted 3080s, so he sold me the rtx 3070 without having to buy an additional 5 pc components. Overall really good experience. If youre going to build your first pc, highly recommend going there because their employees will help you out a lot, and tell you everything you need to know. And that actually have things in stock.

Review №69

This computer store has just about everything youll need to upgrade your laptop and desktop computer. The prices are very welcome to your wallet or hand bag there very well I formed on the latest jargon of the computer world.

Review №70

Great prices on PC parts, recommend coming here to buy parts in the future.

Review №71

Checked back in 7 months later. This place is still scamming customers to buy multiple system components to get a GPU lol sign the petition for the return of micro center in NoCal everyone!

Review №72

Very helpful. They carry everything you need.

Review №73

Great place for capable and reasonable computer repairs and components. Way better than frys

Review №74

Good place to shop for computer & accessories

Review №75

Awesome experience and very nice people! Professional help!

Review №76

Nice place to go if youre looking for computer accessories or hardware. It appears that Frys will be closing thier doors soon so Central Computers remains a good option to purchase computer goods that used to be available at Frys. The store in Santa Clara is sort of small but they have a very good selection of computer equipment! This place is worth a visit!!

Review №77

This is probably the best computer store in the Bay Area.

Review №78

This place helped me fix my bios issue. Very helpful and friendly.

Review №79

They got lots of what you need for PC building and the prices are competitive!The staff is also super knowledgeable and customer service and help is top notch! Wouldnt go anywhere else for this kinda stuff!

Review №80

Very good service and good covid19 protocols

Review №81

Very cool products, pretty expensive compared to the same exact products at Best Buy

Review №82

Ive been shopping at Central for 20 yearsNever had a bad experience

Review №83

Central computers has replaced Frys for me, they have a friendly and helpful staff and a selection in stock of everything I need and often more. There is an assortment of computer parts from motherboards and CPUs to cases and power supplies. They even have large capacity hard drives!This place is a great source for cables if you need them that day, splitter, networking etc all available in store.This location also has some 3d printer filament and printers for reasonable prices.

Review №84

Good customer service. Like quite good.

Review №85

Had a part no one else did and at a good price. Shipped within 24 hours. Seamless!

Review №86

Really the only local place to go if you cant wait on Amazon. They have 99% of anything a home computer/network enthusiasts could want or need.Staff sometimes seems disconnected or uninterested and lethargic. I asked for a 4TB NAS drive a few days ago. I was handed a USB external drive and told I can shared it from the device I connected it to.Not exactly a NAS drive. When I explained what I needed the sales person repeated I could connect it to a PC and share it on the network, missing the point of a stand alone NAS drive.Other than this recent experience Ive always been able to find what I need. Especially things like cables, SSSs, and graphics cards

Review №87

For your techie fixe, Central Computers is a top knotch place. If you need a cable, component, part or whatever computer related, you will likely find it here. My son is a big fan. Give it a look. Once you could find stores like this with everything at your fingertips. Not so much any more. Sometimes you need to find something now. Central Computers is a good place for this.

Review №88

Great service and reasonably priced products

Review №89

Went in with newly built computer that wouldnt boot. Was told that I would need a new mobo (~$300) as mine had a memory error light. Took it home and switched the slots, computer is working as expected now with no need for hassle or more money. Staff didnt seem like they knew what they were doing. Had a lot of things in there though, not sure about the prices but I doubt theyre better than online. I appreciate their analysis but it could have been done in 10 minutes not 3 days and should have costed maybe $5 instead of $30 as it was pretty simple. Go there to look at computer parts if you dont know how to use google or want to be scammed.

Review №90

Not a bad selection at all. Very similar to a microcenter. I kinda wish they had more hobbyist electronics stuff like radioshack used to have, but it’s hard to complain. If you like computers, you’ll like this place.

Review №91

I arrived at Central Computers in Santa Clara with my Dell XPS M1730 limping precariously with a cracked hinge that threatened the demise of my old, but reliable, computer. I was in the Bay Area for serious medical care and the Internet was the communication route with Stanford for timely test and scan results. I needed a hinge replacement desperately.I had just come from my latest biopsy with replacement hinges in hand, and was received with understanding about my situation. I watched technician Dennis N work expertly to dismantle my machine and install the new hinges in less than fifteen minutes; and in conversation with him, I got a lot of good information. I am a new media/installation artist/professor and I always like to talk with these guys: Dennis was friendly and forthcoming.When my coast is clear – and maybe when that Intel i9 processor cools down - I will buy an updated computer. My Dell still speaks with my legacy audio and visual peripherals and will continue to be valuable to my craft. I wish Windows had not dumped fire wire – or could make it available for those who just want to work with their tools.Central Computers is a compassionate, skillful, and affordable source for a sustainable computer culture. Thank you Dennis and Central Computers in Santa Clara!

Review №92

People were very kind and helpful

Review №93

Bought the new 3700x, motherboard and memory to go with it for good price. Norman at the front desk was very knowledgeable about the memory timings and speeds in particular. My new pc is awesome, thanks guys!!

Review №94

Great place for cables and adapters. Also better than average selection of networking equipment (including some pro-sumer gear).

Review №95

Best computer store chain in the valley. Great selection of cables, peripherals, home networking, and accessories. Knowledgeable, helpful, efficient staff.

Review №96

Quality before QuantityCentral Computers is the answer to big box stores of Tech. There are two other options in Silicon Valley and I would rather visit Central Computers before them.A truly central computer store, this location occupies the entire first floor of a multi-store building amid Stevens Creek Blvd. Although its total selection might pale when compared to the other two larger tech stores in the area, its service does not. Friendly, knowledgeable, honest and respectful employees will help with any computer need you may have. And if they dont have it, theyll tell you where best to find it.Dont get lost in a box store, check out Central Computers where youll feel like a friend, not just another random customer.

Review №97

The best store you can find in the Bay area for enthusiast computer parts. You could build a wide variety of PCs using only the parts available in the store. The only other store that could rival CC is microcenter, but theres no microcenters in the Bay area.Theres also a decent selection of system peripherals, from keyboards to coax cables.

Review №98

Knowledgable, friendly and fair. I always go here FIRST for my co.puter/laptop needs. Worth the drive as many other stores are always out of stock but this place has everything. FYI: They are openING another location in Sunnyvale tomorrow.

Review №99

Ive been here a few times. The staff have always been friendly and courteous. Theyve helped answer my questions about parts and my rig, anything from compatibility to which keyboard would be best. Cannot recommend it enough. A bit pricier than buying parts online but the service makes up for it.

Review №100

Only place for good hardware

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  • Address:3777 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95051, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 408-248-5888
  • Computer software store
  • Computer accessories store
  • Computer consultant
  • Computer networking center
  • Computer repair service
  • Computer security service
  • Computer service
  • Computer store
  • Computer support and services
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–5PM
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:10AM–6PM
  • Thursday:11AM–5PM
  • Friday:11AM–5PM
  • Saturday:10AM–6PM
  • Sunday:10AM–6PM
From the business
  • Identifies as women-led:Yes
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Onsite services:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible elevator:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Assembly service:Yes
  • Repair services:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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