Montecito Village Grocery
1482 E Valley Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93108, United States
Montecito Village Grocery
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This place has everything you need at a bit higher price than the chain stores but the convenience is way worth itTried to take pictures of everything as I didnt see a meat department in the photos but there is one that has prime beef all the other meats some fish and sausagesThe fruit and vegetables are on the light side but at least theyre there the quality is ok

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I love this little market, tucked away in a small outdoor shopping plaza on Hwy 92 in Montecito. Not only is the deli great, with good salads and sandwiches pre-made daily or made to order, but the store has wonderful and unusual grocery goods. They also carry some very yummy vegetarian products. You could fill a picnic basket with their selections! Check out the veggie sausages in the cheese section. Great flavor!

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This store has the highest priced pre made sandwiches around..and are not all that good. There ok but definitely not worth the $10 sandwiches are too dryI only come here if I have to

Review №4

This grocery shop is a must-visit! Everyone there is well-informed about the product and just friendly people. It is always a pleasure shopping here. Stores are always clean and organized. They also have a spacious parking area with an energetic security guard that is always ready to assist you. I highly recommend this grocery shop to everyone.

Review №5

Old-school, independent general grocery with a world class butcher, Tony. If you don’t see what you need, ask. They’ll order it if they don’t have it in the back.

Review №6

Quaint little boutique-style market with fresh produce, a large wine selection, the usual assortment of common grocery items, and a fresh meat and deli counter. Given its small size and remote location, the prices for most items are higher than at larger chain grocery stores, but they make up the difference in attentive customer service.

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I always enjoy going to this grocery store, its a nice little side place before I keep going. The prices are a bit expensive but its still pretty darn good.

Review №8

Great people and service

Review №9

Ouch the prices are over the top, twice the price of Vons

Review №10

Convenient. Healthy. But expensive..

Review №11

Great and friendly market. They have delicious sandwiches from deli in the back! A+

Review №12

Pretty impressiveBig wine areaExcellent deliAte outside on a small table

Review №13

Giving this a five stars Even though whoever was in charge of meat on September 20th was totally discourteous. Clearly he didnt want to be there but we were able to get out with our six Italian sausages.

Review №14

Awesome food and place to shop.

Review №15

Purchased great lamb chops

Review №16

Had an opposite experience of some people. Cashier was very nice, deli lady not so much as she let her friends cut in line. But great looking deli and other unique items!

Review №17

Limited selection. Helpful in a pinch 🤏

Review №18

High-end local market with boutique foods and some unique items. Decent amount of vegan and vegetarian foods. Deli counter and hot breakfast/lunch/dinner items. Theres a couple of tables outside. They have basic drugstore items, aspirin and batteries and such. Good wine selection and theres often a bottle for tasting from a local vintner. Ive heard some visitors gasp at the prices.. But it is Montecito!

Review №19

Good gluten free bread selections. Great fresh meat and cuts. Very good wine selection

Review №20

Nice little overpriced market with a great deli. Workers work hard but the management caters to bougey rich people so it feels depressing in there . They should treat their workers like clients.

Review №21

Always Amazing for our Village.

Review №22

This is a place that has one of everything an excellent selection of Organics and Incredibly High employee to product ratios theres literally one of everything you could possibly ever imagine in this little space its a very nice and clean little grocery store with a nice meat counter

Review №23

You will find it here! And also enjoy it. They carry a good selection of quality products at good prices.

Review №24

Absolute best grocery in town for fresh meats and organic and healthy fresh food. It’s not large but it has all the things you’d find at a Whole Foods (and some things even healthier than that) and it’s super convenient.

Review №25

Great people helping out my time there.

Review №26

Amazing customer service and Good products.

Review №27

I have been shopping at the Montecito Village Grocery for years. I believe they have a new owner and the improvements they have made are fantastic. A selection of foods I would not be able to find at Vons. Only concern: The vegetable section seems to have gotten smaller.

Review №28

Rude employees.

Review №29

I bought a sandwhich here with one of my friends that lived near by. It was big enough to split because we were not too hungry and it was pretty good. Nice and convenient when your in montecito.

Review №30

Nice little shopping center

Review №31

Excellent deli department make me a killer sandwich!

Review №32

Hello! I am a local resident who was in love with our Montecito Village Grocery. That’s until yesterday... Last night I bought a bottle of wine that I accidentally dropped and shattered outside. When I came back inside a couple of minutes later and tried to buy the same wine again a very nice cashier named Daisy Avila offered that they could actually just replace my wine as a courtesy. It was not an expensive bottle but I was really thrilled to see real customer CARE actually working for a change. But I was so wrong! Nice and courteous Daisy called the absolutely unfriendly and confrontational (btw I am not judging from only this incident, I live a block away and shop at your store every single day) guy Jose Maldonado who rudely refused to honor the courtesy offer, which was just made by his colleague. Initially Jose did not even want to tell me his name. Believe it or not he had to call the owner of the store to ask his permission to introduce himself! Net result: insult was added to injury for no good reason as at stake was openly a $19-dollar wine bottle. So, let me break it down for you all:Montecito Grocery is a very expensive store where for all that extra money they MUST have a great customer service. Among many other things that means their staff must be competent, courteous and accommodating to their very narrow client base, i.e. ready to help develop and nourish customer relationships not ruin the same. We the locals come here not just for food, most of which we all can simply order online or buy much cheaper a mile down the road, but for the “neighborhood store” atmosphere, that is definitely missing now.In the business of selling food there is no place for the word NO, there is always a way to please the costumer who you want to see again and again. So, guys ask yourselves: do you really want your customer to come back?Staff MUST learn the word sorry when they make mistakes, because this is the only important word Montecito Grocery staff dont know. They just dont care about you, that’s the atmosphere felt all over the store, which may be OK at a Walmart, but not OK whatsoever in our beautiful and unique village, that we all live in, and not in the store we all used to love.You cannot offer something that you say you can do as a courtesy and then rudely take back in five minutes. That is not professional and a sure way to make the customer feel upset and turned off.At the end of the day your staff saved you 19$ but robbed you of thousands of dollars that I would spent in your store. FYI: we have many kids who loved to come to your store for their favorite treats, I have a food blog with almost 15,000 followers and I used to buy ingredients for my weekly recipes at your store etc. Now we would definitely switch to Trader Joes, Vons, Montecito Bistro and buy some unique foods that you carry online - you know it’s very easy this day and age!Now that everybody googles things before doing them nothing matters more for a retail store than customer reviews. They can help you improve your business, look at your business from the outside, identify and rid yourself of the bad staff members whose attitude drags your business down. This is my perception of the Montecito Grocery staff now: unfit for the customer-intensive job, rude and unprofessional.In summary and as the result I am not seeking or expecting apologies or replacement of that proverbial wine bottle. However you dont need to expect us to come back, or keep our concerns about your business to ourselves. The Internet and attentive local press give us plenty of venues to voice such concerns and spread the word. I just wish that here in our lovely-looking Montecito food store, people did not have to feel unwelcome and uncomfortable buying a bottle of wine at the end of the long, hard, rainy day. Not nice! Shame on you, Montecito Grocery!

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Great cheese and wine options, specialty food items and the friendliest service.

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Great selection, elevated prices are what I expected

Review №36

I bought an expensive bottle of champagne PERRIER &JOUET 136 00$ the winewas bad, the bottle was returned full but the owner resfused to reemburse me.

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Well-stocked neighborhood market.

Review №38

Expensive as hell, but its Cito, expected.

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Customers service,Cashiers rude

Review №41

Fast and convenient

Review №42

Love this place!

Review №43

Overpriced, but convenient.

Review №44

Very good

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.. very good ..

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Excellent breads coffee cappuccino table wine surveys a bit of everything

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The best product quality

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It is great to buy lunch on your break time they have varied lunch at a reasonable price.

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