European Deli Market
4422 Hollister Ave, Santa Barbara, CA 93110, United States
European Deli Market
Review №1

The variety is good, but it is overpriced as hell. Sold me each quince for 5 dollars, and I didn’t notice the price because there was no price label on them. The price on other items such as dairy, fruit, etc is slightly higher compared to for instance TJ and Ralphs.

Review №2

Thank goodness for this place. It’s a great place to get Middle Eastern and Eastern European foods and ingredients. Excellent selection of spices, cheeses, teas, coffee, grains, pickles, etc. Not enough like it in SB—so thank goodness these guys are holding it down.

Review №3

Store had great selection. Accurate charges.

Review №4

Incredible selection and service! The folks working here were so kind and helpful. Great prices too.

Review №5

Great store for Russian/Ukrainian/Polish groceries. You can also find different Middle Eastern foods.UPDATE: I am updating this review, since during my last visit to the store some items that I bought were either close to expired or old, like a 3-weeks Russian salad, or a bacon with missing packed on date. So if you ever shop there, make sure to check the expiration and packaging dates, as you might get the produce that has gone bad. I really liked the store, but keeping old foods in the store is not right.

Review №6

Very nice place so friendly and all the help for everything and I find everything owner so nice person thank you for everything 😊

Review №7

Being out of town i stop buy & grub some items, overall good store and even talk to the owner, great service all i can say. Wish them only the best success!:)

Review №8

Some many fantastic foods from all over the world!! Highly recommend

Review №9

Fresh veggies, array of different foods, the fresh blue cheese is AMAZING! Always friendly kind staff, very affordable. We frequently shop here.

Review №10

A wonderful selection of Eastern European, Middle-Eastern, and Russian foods, as well as fresh produce.

Review №11

What a treasure trove of unusual items from across the pond. Lots and lots of eastern european delicacies. And beer!

Review №12

Nice store. Mostly middle eastern and Armenian stuff, dont know why its called European. They have halal meat for those interested. I liked the fact that they have something from almost every country, Bulgarian cheese, Persian dates, Turkish baklava, etc.

Review №13

Best place to get Arabic ingredients

Review №14

Best damn Euro deli in Santa Barbara County. Only place this side of the Atlantic Ocean that carries excellent Russian beer.

Review №15

Foods and deli items you cannot find in a regular grocery store. Store is small but pact. Owner and staff is very friendly. Small parking behind the store.

Review №16

Great selection of European chocolates and sweets

Review №17

I need more stars. Charming source of Eastern European and Mediterranean products. Helpful staff, esp considering that many items are imported and in Cyrillic and Arabic.

Review №18

I buy kebab meat from European, good meat for cheap thank u karo for hookup

Review №19

Considering the size of this store, it provides a wide verity of grocery. Lots of options from different countries. The owners are friendly, sometimes moody, but overall they try to help you as much as they can. Their produce is hit or miss; I have bought really one of a kind, superb, delicious produce and also some moldy (berries have a tendency to go bad sooner) stuff. The parking is small, but cannot blame the owners for that, it is what it is. Overall its a nice small store that provides a lot.

Review №20

This little store is a hidden gem. They offer many foods that I cant read or pronounce and I love them for that. I found kvass here which I have been looking all over the place for. Also got some Russian beers and a Poppy seed loaf. They have a wide selection of European deli meats and fish which I did not have the money nor the courage to explore. I one day will though!

Review №21

Good service with smail fresh produce

Review №22

Great store, friendly owners and fresh product from all over the world .

Review №23

Nice, friendly people. If you dont know something, just ask. They have items you will not find anywhere. For example, gluten-free pasta from Germany, kvas, variety of cured meats, cheeses and wine from Europe.

Review №24

I really like this place. Unique and delicious foods not available in normal grocery stores in Santa Barbara. Shopping there is becoming a habit for me.

Review №25

Good selection especially olives!

Review №26

I loved all the delicacies from various corners of the globe! The prices were better than some comparable markets I have shopped at.

Review №27

Great meat counter, halal meat and great prices. Good produce too. Tons of interesting groceries

Review №28

Great customer service! Our the place to go for Halal meat. Highly recommend.

Review №29

At first it was difficult to find since Hollister Ave doesnt have block numbers, Then it was difficult to find parking since neighbors of this establishment have tow away signs. Third, the jar of grapeleaves which I thought were picked and packed in California by very conscientious people were actually a product of Turkey and were picked and packed Way Past their time of being either delicious or even borderline edible!!! YUK!!! I didnt have time to return them. Please, Please, Please European Deli, only stock Fresno leaves!! The extra one dollar is sooooo worth it!!! Californians dont have time for tears or do-overs!! Thanks:)

Review №30

Got them goods. An eclectic selection of eastern European and middle eastern foods. Not to mention the Georgian wines.

Review №31

European packaged goods(foods).

Review №32

I like some products I cant find anywhere but at times somethings get stale. Watch ex date. Otherwise good place

Review №33

Love this store always find such interesting products from other parts of the world

Review №34

Great little market with good produce and lots of foods from other countries.

Review №35

Great variety of imported foods, friendly staff, reasonable prices. I have recommended this store to all my friends.

Review №36

People there are nice. Has different staff but not as many as the international markets near LA or Orange County.

Review №37

Good prices and good variety of ethnic groceries.

Review №38

It is very unique store, very friendly owners, tea selection is wide, nice fruits and dairy what you find only here. My family is shopping here from beginning of store.

Review №39

Mostly eastern European stuff some middle eastern. Lots of interesting products

Review №40

This is an excellent place for anyone looking for Mediterranean food and items in Santa Barbara.Here you can find Halal meat and chicken some of them even marinated.If you like lebanese food, you can find labne laban, tabboule and hommous. Lebanese olive oil is also there.Actually there are many items that it is difficult to mention here.Definitely I recommend you visit this store.The staff are very kind and helpful.

Review №41

I like to go there, theyre always helpful.

Review №42

When in Santa Barbara and you need middle Eastern items, and produce at a reasonable price, well head over to European deli on Modoc, youll find cheeses, frozen okra, meats, kibbe already prepared and frozen, lots of eastern desserts and nuts, plus a good selection of alcohol. I have had to rely on it for 6 years .

Review №43

My place to go when missing home foods.. Americans wouldnt get it easter block would do.

Review №44

This is the best place to buy high grade tea at reasonable prices in the santa barbara area.

Review №45

You can find some persian stuff here too! For example, you can find Goje Sabz and ChaghaleBadoom (fresh almond) in its season in spring.

Review №46

Great little market for all things middle eastern and European

Review №47

Heathy turkey wrap with a delicious unique cheese. Also very interesting products ftom all over Europe.

Review №48

A lot of goodies to choose from, pleasant people. I go there for my European herring and chocolate fix!!

Review №49

Good small store, kinda hard to find.

Review №50

Great place to get real polish sausages :-)

Review №51

Friendly, family-owned store. Great produce, wonderful deli, unique items that you cannot find anywhere else in town!!

Review №52

Best kalamata olives and feta in town. Hands down

Review №53

They have all things Arabic students need and they have HALA meats

Review №54

Wonderful variety of eastern European foods. Labels printed in Turkish, Polish, Arabic are mystifying but intriguing. Almost everything weve tried has been very good.Excellent meat department. Best prices anywhere on filet mignon, lamb shanks, smoked fish. Delicious unfamiliar sausages, smoked pork ribs (old fashioned bacon), etc.Lots of beers from Poland, Czechoslovakia, etc, and the owners recommendations of good ones to try have been very helpful.Best olive prices anywhere. Bulgur, my new favorite grain, comes in 6 different grades, from very coarse to as fine as cream of wheat. Who knew? Yummy jams and juices, and the pomegranate molasses is a new staple at my house. Fabulous stuff, and the bottle is beautiful.The produce prices are very good, though the quality is a bit uneven -- the poppyseed pastries at the checkout are delicious, crispy and not too sweet.I love this place; its a quick trip to a whole different part of the world. Its true that folks there tend not to make eye contact or smile, but I think thats just a cultural difference, nothing personal.There are lots and lots of wonderful food discoveries to be made here; I hope more people discover it so that the business thrives. I

Review №55

They mostly have east european and middle eastern products. But, If they dont have what youre looking for, just ask them and they will order it. The fresh produce are good priced and ripe, which is almost impossible to find in the US. The beans, rice and other legumes are a little overpriced for my budget.

Review №56

The best market in Santa Barbara choose this market over any other one in California

Review №57

Great European food selection at good prices.

Review №58

The only place around Santa Barbara where you can get Mediterranean stuff and Halal meat.

Review №59

If you like the good staff com and get it

Review №60

They staff is very friendly and helpful.

Review №61

Friendly staff Limited choices but one of the few places with halal meat

Review №62

Great fun place for delicious food!

Review №63

Good Mediterranean groceries and Halal meats.

Review №64

Great place to do shopping and find what u need

Review №65

Great place for produce & international foods!

Review №66

Good Stuff and useful market

Review №67

Run down. Moldy vegetables. Not sure if any cleaning took place in the recent past.

Review №68

Found some authentic Russian goodies and a friendly staff!

Review №69

Amazing meat and sandwiches.

Review №70

If you cant find it in regular stores go here

Review №71

They have halal meat!!

Review №72

Wide selection of goods.

Review №73

Unique ethnic foods

Review №74

We buy Halal meat from here!

Review №75

Great meat

Review №76

Great fruits.

Review №77

Very good

Review №78

Excellent selection

Review №79

Good variety

Review №80

Very cool

Review №81

Exotic choices

Review №82


Review №83

All very well .

Review №84

Small supermarket. They have many cold cuts, they sell different foods that are difficult to find elsewhere, such as sponge biscuits, cantuccini (which they call biscuits), amaretti, puff pastry, baklava. In addition, apples are as big as in Europe, while elsewhere they are smaller.

Review №85

Halal meat and chicken, nice deal, Arabic goods, small shop, they have halal meat and chicken grills on request

Review №86

Spices and Rice Labneh Pinar and Bok Cheese

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