5 Star Wholesale Electric Supply & Lighting, Inc.
1522 S Greenville St, Santa Ana, CA 92704, United States
5 Star Wholesale Electric Supply & Lighting, Inc.
Review №1

Beat customer service in the house. I needed a hard to find terminal block screwdriver and they had it in stock. He held it for me until I was able to get there. Highly recommend it. Always making me feel like I’m part of their family.

Review №2

5 star service at 5 star wholesale from Javier, Justin, and Michael! Went in for a few house upgrades and was pleasantly surprised to see the efficiency and professionalism presented to me by these 3. 10/10 would recommend! Usually not the type to write reviews, but these guys really went above and beyond!

Review №3

In a word: amazing. They have helped me turn my home into a dream. How? They were able to get the highest quality lights at the best pricing in a time where you cannot get anything due to supply chain issues. The service has been nothing but perfect. It has been such a good experience that I am actually trying to come up with new projects just so I can work with them again! Thank you!

Review №4

I originally bought the recessed lighting kits from Lowes but once I got home I realized I had the wrong lighting color. When Lowes didnt have the correct kit in stock, my painter recommended I try 5 Star Wholesale Electric in Santa Ana. I called them and Javier was extremely helpful. I ended up purchasing the 11 kits I needed, and the kits had 5 different color options so I could easily match the rest of the recess lighting in the house. On top of that, what Lowes charged me $350 for, 5 stars total was only $240. That was a $110 savings!!!!! I will definitely be back to see Javier for all of my electrical needs!!!!

Review №5

Extremely professional group here willing to work with you and figure out what products would fit your needs best. Would easily recommend to any friend.

Review №6

Always a good time coming in to 5 star! Have been coming here for some time now and felt like it’s finally time to leave a review. Javier and michael at the counter never fail to give a good laugh and will take good care of you!

Review №7

Probably the best place in Santa Ana during this pandemic. Super friendly staff ! Great prices. Well package. Overall excellent customer service and would highly recommend this company if youre looking to save on electrical products.

Review №8

Don’t sleep on 5 star. They may appear small, but they move material like no other. They got my order pulled before i could even finish my conversation with a very friendly Michael. Great place to buy from

Review №9

When looking for electric and lighting supplies, this is THE place to go. They have great customer service. They presented me with a few different options and explained what they thought was best. Pricing was great and response time was even better. Highly recommend 5 Star Wholesale Electric Supply & Lighting for all of your needs.

Review №10

Good pricing! Very helpful and very fast!!! Very nice people they knew exactly what I was talking about and they gave me options and help me choose what was better for me. I’ll definitely will come back and will recommend them to my friends and family!

Review №11

They got everything I need for my electrical installations and service changes. Javier knows his materials and tools always ready to help with whatever you need. I would recommend 5 star wholesale to anyone.

Review №12

Great service all the time. Plenty of products in stock and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended. They are a Juno Master Distributor…….anything JUNO you need they have under one roof!!!! Jesus……they should rename the place JUNO West Coast Distribution Center…..LOL

Review №13

One of the smallest, yet one of the best electrical stores i’ve been to! This store is a need to check out when looking for material. (Be sure to talk to javier for competitive pricing)!! Will be coming back!

Review №14

Great customer service. They helped me thourougly to find the breaker I needed. Will definitely be coming back for any other electrical needs.

Review №15

I have been going to 5 Star Wholesale for about 4 years now, and Justin really knows his stuff. Very quick, knows every part like the back of his hand. The rest of the crew is great as well. Michael, David, and Rolly. A + team.

Review №16

5 star is the place you wanna go for anything electrical. Justin will be more than happy to answer all of your questions, comments, and concerns regarding anything you might be interested in. Se habla español

Review №17

Was in a really big rush to get material and was greeted by smiling faces and excellent service. I was in and out of there in 10 minutes. Will forsure be coming here from now on!

Review №18

These guys are great! I definitely would totally recommend them. 👌

Review №19

Ash and his team are amazing! I have been going there for years and they have never let us down. They have a friendly staff and everything you need in stock all the time. I will never go anywhere else again!!!

Review №20

This place was great! Had the parts we needed in stock and went out of the way to help us out. Really recommend this place!

Review №21

Great costumer service, helped me find the parts I needed to get back to my important job in a quick and timely manner. While also being super cool and nice

Review №22

Great store had excellent customer service. Has exactly what I needed when other electrical stores didnt have it Mike is the best..

Review №23

The sales teams is very knowledgeable of the products and prices, super efficient and reliable service.

Review №24

Great place to shop. They have all kinds of material that other stores dont have. Great staff and really friendly.

Review №25

One of the best spots to buy electrical supplies such as romex cable during this pandemic since home depot is selling them way to high. Great customer service really recommend this place since they have great prices.

Review №26

All sales person are professionalDefinitely recommend this store for all people

Review №27

Amazing service by javi! He won’t let you down!

Review №28

Great customer service. Ash has a lot of experience and always takes care of my lighting needs for all my projects. Huge selection and always up to date.

Review №29

Really nice people who can help you with anything you need. 15/10

Review №30

This is the best electric store in all OC prices are great and the service on point. Extremely recommended!

Review №31

Great service provided by Javier, come and see this guy.

Review №32

Placing an order was quick and easy, at pick up I was greeted and taken care of by the gentleman there. Definitely will be coming back, and highly recommend

Review №33

The Service they provide is just like there name 5 stars! Great quality material for the right price!

Review №34

Great place, helped me find something no one around had in stock. Life saver

Review №35

I had a great time working with the salesmen, they helped me figure out which bulb I needed and convinced me to switch to LED ! Thanks guys..!👍👍

Review №36

Been buying from five star for the last 12 years really good pricing very happy with your service thanks

Review №37

5 stars for 5 Star Electric! Super friendly staff and great prices.

Review №38

Very good service, good prices and very friendly people

Review №39

Sales team is amazing. Worth a lookaround

Review №40

Great place to get all your electrical materials. Great price.

Review №41

Great experience with the sales team. Prompt delivery, even for small orders.

Review №42

Great service...helpful personel ....Javier and Justin professionals on the field...

Review №43

Great quality service!!!! Javi, Justin, Mike Sebas!!! Great Guys

Review №44

Great prices. Excellent customer service.

Review №45

Great Service Javi and Justin provide a quality customer service.

Review №46

Javier is very helpful and knowledgeable, prices are adorable!thanks guys.

Review №47

Competitive prices, excellent experience all around.

Review №48

Javier has the best customer service

Review №49

Seabass was the best help ever!

Review №50

Will be doing with this company again.

Review №51

Great customer service Javier.

Review №52

Good place for electrical supplies

Review №53

Nice and good lighting and fast service

Review №54

Great and fast service.

Review №55

Great service and helpful

Review №56

Great customer service

Review №57

Everyone listen closely i am a secret messenger and i have some information about the place named 5 STAR WHOLESALE ELECTRICSUPPLY & LIGHTING, i have been studying this place for about 3 months now and i have confirmed that the 5 STAR WHOLESALE ELECTRICSUPPLY & LIGHTING is being used by a common secret society named as the ILLUMINATI to meet and talk about there plans and information that they have about the NEW WORLD ORDER. And if you dont believe what i am telling you than you can go check yourself. Some clues that started to make me wonder about this place was that outside of there storage there is a wooden triangle, and when i saw this i looked up at the name of this place and sure enough it had the word LIGHTING in the name and if you dont know thats the word for illuminate used by the ILLUMINATI. I will be reporting back some other day but for right now that/s all i got, and one last message. BE AWARE OF THE ALL SEEING-EYE

Review №58

Very helpful

Review №59

Good service

Review №60

I had a terrible experience with this company! I ordered alarms via Amazon and they sent the wrong ones! No problem right? Not with them, they charge me a 20% restocking fee, threatened to not refund my money at all if they were in mint condition, and still have not refunded my money even though theyve received, signed for and acknowledged that they owe my $$$$ back!!! Theyre simply put... Thieves! I have filed a report with authorities and an insurance claim!!!! Do not do business with this company!!! They are con artists!!!!!!!

Review №61

Well this place is very good everyone is smiling very nice people and Justin and all the people is working there very good thank you guys for all your help

Review №62

Good service

Review №63

I had a horrible experience with this small outfit. They overcharged me while I was under the understanding that they were selling me at contractor prices. I bought over $5,000 worth of materials from them including 80 recess LED light fixtures. For these they charge me $14.00 each, while later I checked at Home Depot, they are sold for only $7.63 each.This amounted to $510 overcharge. I went back and talked to a guy named Ben and he would not bulge. Bad! Bad! experience. Buyers beware as this store has no pricing standard. They charge you as much as they can get away with. Check pricing elsewhere first because you might get a bad experience as well. Their name is a misnomer. Their website is on the darkside. The store is located in an errie and cramped space. Wish I had known or seen true reviews on this place. Awfull experience. Never to come back. Never to recommend to anyone.

Review №64

El Justin is a good guy when you go to the store!!!!

Review №65

Great staff

Review №66

Bad service....

Review №67

I really like this store because I find what I need and Justin is a very nice person and always takes care of you the best 👌

Review №68

I went to wholesale electric and their service was excellent, Javier attended me

Review №69

Very good people. Excellent service

Review №70

Come to 5 Star Javi is the best ..!

Review №71

The guys in the store are very helpful they help you clarify any questions you have and with very good prices

Review №72

Excellent service.

Review №73

Great service

Review №74

Whenever I come here I receive excellent service

Review №75

Good service and prices too

Review №76

Very good service.

Review №77

Excellent customer service, 5 out of 5 stars.

Review №78

Thank you very good service!

Review №79

Good prices and the best service

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  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
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  • Credit cards:Yes
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