Alternative Retail
1400 Village Way, Santa Ana, CA 92705, United States
Alternative Retail
Review №1

Excellent items. Great sale. Very helpful staff. Sorry its taken me so long to discover this store.....Ill be back for sure!Pistol

Review №2

1st time here last week and it was amazing. Staff was friendly and the deals were out of this world. Bought 14 shirts and 8 caps .Thanks

Review №3

Love shopping here. The prices are fantastic and the clothing is top of the line.

Review №4

Came for the RVCA warehouse sale. Very organized! Lined up for our 12pm tickets at 11:40 and we were the first in line. They gave everyone a wristband after checking QR code tickets. Let everyone in right on time and plenty of cashiers for checkout. Prices were 50-60% off MSRP and got some great deals on sweatshirts and pants. Will definitely be back.

Review №5

So much selection that Im able to stock up for my growing teenage boys.

Review №6

Unfortunately, today I had an experience here that was disappointing and embarrassing. This location is currently having a sale for Cuts Clothing through the weekend.Yesterday I went to the location and purchased 12 shirts /sweaters with no issue. So today I decided to go back and purchase 12 more. But I made the mistake of wearing a shirt from the same brand that they are currently selling. Normally this is not an issue in apparel stores, however, as I was checking out to pay for my items, one of the workers (maybe the manager, i forgot his name but he had what sounded like an Australian accent) came to the register and said did you put the shirt you came in the store with in your bag.... basically accusing me of stealing the shirt I had on. This was troublesome because I saw several other people in the store shopping who were wearing the same brand shirt but not being questioned. As a man of color (the only one in the store at that time) wearing a bright colored green/yellow shirt, I cant help but to feel as if I was being singled out. I can see where there might be some confusion but the guys accusatory approach was much less than desirable and again embarrassing.I explained to him that I had come into the store with the shirt I had on and that I had purchased it before today. He then went and asked the security guard if he remembered if I came in with the shirt on and the security guard said no. So he came back to the register and said ill take your word for it, its just weird that your shirt is wrinkled like its new... So I paid and walked out the store.Luckily I was able to get a picture of the receipt I had from the purchases I made yesterday so I went back into the store to show this guy that I actually did make the purchase and that I did not steal. I shouldnt have to defend myself for wearing a shirt I PAID for. I spent a lot of money there and dont need to steal a $12 shirt. Needless to say they will he losing a lot of business in the future. I hope Cuts Clothing is aware of this terrible customer service as well.

Review №7

Depends on which brands are present at the time, you can find some great deals.

Review №8

Rando space with different sales items.

Review №9

Best deals around!! They have different brands every week (some repeat) with huge discount! You cant see items prior to arriving and there are no return so purchase with intention.

Review №10

Enjoy 😉 to buy beautiful 😍 dresses, shirts,shoes 👞.

Review №11

I always get great buys here.

Review №12

It was ok just no sizes for the big boys

Review №13

I got them all it was great! very pleasant young People at the register.

Review №14

We were here for the Hurley warehouse sale and it was wonderful. They had measures to protect us and their workers. There were plenty of options (I would have liked a little more women’s, but also totally understand it’s just based on their stock). Great prices, great people and wonderful set up. It was a nice time shopping in there and everything was so smooth and perfect. Made the experience overall great.

Review №15

Best place around to get your discounted clothing items from top brands. Makes you not want to spend full dollar on any future purchases. Shop here!

Review №16

You get better deals online.

Review №17

Great deals.

Review №18

It was nice to get out and be able to shop. Checking in was super easy and the deals are great. I was a little nervous at times though bc there wasnt much social distancing as the aisles were pretty packed.

Review №19

Clean location, all safety measurements taken. Staff was kind. Selection was great.

Review №20

Decent pricing on some interesting stuff. We bought some swimwear and a beach bag.

Review №21

I love coming here, all the staff and security are super nice, its always clean, and fair pricing (except on the childrens clothing.) Not sure whose idea it was to price toddler clothing the same as adults, but eh ... my rating is for the staff =)

Review №22

Very friendly and informed associates! Great prices and selction.

Review №23

Very organized & efficient for a warehouse sale.

Review №24

Came for the Zumiez warehouse sale and it was great.

Review №25

This place was awesomeness saved 200 bux 👍

Review №26

Really old items. One sample tag said 2017...yikes. lots of Peloton cycle tank tops (!).Slim pickings. Expensive too.

Review №27

Great deals on since hidden gems

Review №28

Always great deals.

Review №29

Good deals and nice selections

Review №30

Well run sales. Enough space to move around. Staff keeps the clothing tidy and well organized. Dressing rooms have good arrangement to keep lines moving. Good parking too.

Review №31

There was nothing worth it!

Review №32

Rotating warehouse sale weekly. Fun to check out if youre interested in the brand that week. If its something you like, its better to come on Thursday or Friday--the offering will less on the weekends. But be warned, they close at 6 during the week.

Review №33

Good discounted brand name things. Cant complain! Just go to their website prior to visiting to learn what theyre selling at the moment. Its not always the same brands or it might not even be opened.

Review №34

My time is precious to me, I make sure I understand sales read the fine print and how to get the best deals and don’t get me wrong this store has them but, not very time management savvy. I spent all my time looking for stuff to try on from the $10 racks and wait in line for the dressing room it could be a 1min to 10min wait. You can only take three Items in at a time, if you have more items you have to grab your things and wait in line again but they don’t tell you this as you wait in line. They do have mirrors so feel free to change with everyone watching you if you feel comfortable like others and myself who thought this ridiculous. Then I got to check out and nothing rang up $10 but I made sure I followed the little sale paper they give you and I wasted a whole two hours.

Review №35

Is that better sales everything on the store

Review №36

Amazing prices and super clean Always new stuff every week!

Review №37

Great deals! Very helpful and nice employees! I would check it out. :-)

Review №38

Good place for bargains and overstock. Often different stuff every week. They try to keep items organized but there are often crowds. Arrive first day for best selection.

Review №39

Great deals !

Review №40

Great place to save money on good surf clothing

Review №41

Gret space that they rotate a few brands Outlet product through.If you ever went to the Garment District in Los Angeles Circa 1980s you have a pretty good idea of what youre going to find when you go to this place although its much cleaner and typically the products are overruns rather than seconds.It seems as though they have one or two product lines that are always on the floor though maybe their page management can explain that in better detail?I am a fan of Asics tennis shoes so I wound up finding this place via one of their sales.Sign up for their mailing list and theyll let you know what theyre selling every week and you can decide if its something you want to go shop or pass!

Review №42

Came for the Herschel sale! Good deals, no line outside and line inside moved smoothly, lots of great brands to choose from!

Review №43

Great place to shop with excellent prices for some great brands

Review №44

I liked better when u guys were at chino, the warehouse at Santa Ana is too small

Review №45

Always have warehouse sale. Always good deals.

Review №46

I got the best deals ever on Toms shoes at their warehouse sale here today. And the staff helped me find a missing shoe for my niece.

Review №47

Got great deal on some DC shoe co clothing.

Review №48

They have great discounts and I love that they have other brands there like Nixon, Electric, etc. If you are a common size though it is hard to find good colorways so just make sure you go early!

Review №49

I had the very satisfying experience of replenishing my ASICS work shoes during the sale & got some tank tops for very good prices. Since it was my first time I was taken aback that I cannot bring my purse inside the store. I found that practice quite weird.

Review №50

Great deals daily !!BA

Review №51

Different companies almost every weekend and great deals!

Review №52

Pricey better off just going to your local Macys

Review №53

They always have good deals can be a bit hectic but its good stuff for cheap prices!

Review №54

Good deals selection can be hit or miss but worth the trip.

Review №55

Had a strong smell but other than that it had good prices on brands. I got shoes that are normally $170 for $50 dollars.

Review №56

Nice clothing selections. Get there early though.

Review №57

James was a great help thanks customer service.

Review №58

Love these Warehouse Sales!!

Review №59

Good stuff

Review №60

Items that they have is not that good. It seems like they just wanted to get rid of those items that are not selling.

Review №61

Good deals. Must go early to find the good stuff.

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Review №63

Great deals and very organized warehouse sales!

Review №64

Alternative Retail puts on great sales and has an amazing staff.I went to the recent Billabong sale and picked up some pants for my fiancé, but they didn’t have a tag. Upon checking out, I forgot to tell the cashier and they just punched in a men’s pants sku that was more expensive. When I got home I noticed the issue and called AR. Dylan was apologetic and instructed me how to get the refund. Really cool of them to help me out when I should have been more careful and caught the issue earlier. The cheerful, energetic staff at AR are always really cool and you can tell they enjoy their jobs!Thank you Dylan and AR for putting on these sales so we save big $$$

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Good prices on a large selection of clothing shoes and accessories.

Review №66

The french fries were delicious

Review №67

My son his girlfriend went to see offers from cloth and electronic was my first son didnot speakers..the prices and cloth..arenot really food discount...but its ok..

Review №68

Used to be better. Stock and selection have really gone downhill.

Review №69

Went to ONeill sale it was awesome.

Review №70

Very good prices and good stuff here !

Review №71

This place is awesome!

Review №72

Sales are great. Sometimes you get lucky with some of the items.

Review №73

I come here for warehouse sales all the time. Its gets crowded and a little hectic, but the prices are way worth it. Plenty of parking too.

Review №74

Generally good sales. Really depends on the brand selling that week.

Review №75

Such good prices

Review №76

Its the best and freshest gear

Review №77

Great sale for ONeill stuff.

Review №78

Marlene was so helpful and patient.

Review №79

Good deals on name brands

Review №80

Poor selection and not the best prices...

Review №81

Great prices all the time

Review №82

Lot clothing! Low prices

Review №83

Simple, quick and reasonable prices.

Review №84

Great deals on clothes and accessories

Review №85

Not what I was expecting more a sale than a clearance most shoes 24.99 not like big warehouse sale in Pomona

Review №86

This place is a treasure trove!

Review №87

Great deals on shoes

Review №88

Great pricing, good sales

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Great deals

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Very good service . how united I would ask in the future 24/7

Review №95

You have to be aware of all sales events so as not to lose them

Review №96

An excellent place to acquire the brands you like at good prices

Review №97

This site offers warehouse sales of different brands I highly recommend discounts ranging from 30% to 70% depending on the brand or article

Review №98

Occasionally sells Prana and ASICS. There is 70-80% OFF and is quite exceptional

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