Sally Beauty
1341 WP Ball Blvd, Sanford, FL 32771, United States
Sally Beauty
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Was in today (6/21) about 4:30, there was a female associate helping customers at the counter and we walked to the aisle we needed. She greeted us kindly. When she finished with her customers she asked us if we needed any help finding anything, we said no and thanked her. She then waited about 45 seconds before asking again and then proceeded to stand at the beginning of the aisle and just stare at us as we looked at dyes. I like to Google photos of results as I look at brands as I like to be informed before I buy. She literally just stood there and stared as if we were doing something wrong. Literally stood there the whole time we were on the aisle... like it was obnoxious. Anyway we go to check out, and she is as curt and as short spoken as possible. I finish my purchasing... I don’t get a thank you. I get the nastiest “have a nice day” possible and another stare. I’m just like... I’m new to the area and I’ve never shopped at this location... so this was my first impression. And also I’m purchasing $30 worth of product at your store. I’m not a thief and I won’t be stared at like one. Will drive further to the lake Mary store they atleast have customer service skills. Yeesh.

Review №2

These guys are always so polite and helpful. I always enjoy shopping here!

Review №3

I have been to Sallys many times before the pandemic and never have I felt discriminated. Its been over a year since I went to Sallys so maybe under new management. I was giving my daughter a makeover so we got her a haircut at supercuts and decided to stop at sallys for some hair color, before going to the hair color aisle we were looking at some facial products and the sales person came over and asked us if we had any questions, we did ask her a couple and decided to move on to the hair color aisle. We noticed that this sales lady followed us and kept prancing around us the whole time me and my daughter were trying to decide on the hair color. The salesperson was uncomfortably close and was listening in our conversation. I felt discriminated and asked her if she was worried that we were going to steal something, to which she responded that thats the store policy to stay close to customers. Well I got the hair color and went to pay and I told a different salesperson that it was uncomfortable having someone follow us around, he turned out to be the manager and he had the audacity to tell me At some point everyone steals so we have the sales person follow around for that reason and also to be close if the customer has a question Let me tell you sir I have never stolen and fully capable of paying for what I need. I felt discriminated, maybe my skin color who knows, but I took my business elsewhere. No need to do business with a company who lacks trust. Never going to Sallys again.

Review №4

It is a very good place they have everything you need for your hair and very friendly customers service. 😀

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Some guy from the staff called Damian was extremely kind and helped me find the perfect iron straightener. Would totally come back to get all my beauty products 👍🏼Also very good location, this plaza has a broad variety of stores to shop at.

Review №6

It was hilarious, the workers,as soon as 3 of us walked in was like we were like some thieves,it was so shameful, they kept looking and following us throughout the store,will not be going back there for sure.

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Prudence was very helpful and personable. She was patient and took her time to assist me. Prudence deserves 5 stars but the store itself was hot. Customers were complaining and not wanting to stay in the store longer than necessary.

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Wouldn’t sell product we needed which we had got from various others and their product they would sell us dried out my hair terribly and was not good at all or what I needed it didn’t even work how it should and we followed directions carefully step by step

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Bad attention, they dont have expert people to help, there are no merchandise and after I spend $ 95.00 they dont have bags to take the items to me. I had to go with dyes and small things all in hand. Very bad.

Review №10

I went to get some items for my hair and Prudence helped me tremendously. I was in and out of there in no time!!! Thanks girl!!! I will be back!!!

Review №11

They have no professional experience at all. I walked out with two wrong colors luckily I saw that it wasnt the color I wanted before I used it. I would of been walking around with orange hair. Anyways ladies I personally wouldnt ask these workers for any advice on dying your hair a bright color, just do youre own research.

Review №12

Honestly I am so disappointed. I applied for a position at this store almost 2 weeks ago. I called throughout the week last week to check on my application, and the manager was never available. After calling for probably the fifth time to check on my application the manager said she never received it even though she’s the only manager in the store and I personally handed it to her. She was very unkind and made me feel like I was bothering her by calling in the first place. Wow, really dodged a bullet on that one. How unprofessional and unorganized.

Review №13

Very nice and helpful.

Review №14

Today I had an excellent shopping experience at this store. The manager was knowledgeable, kind and sweet.

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Excellent customer service!

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Good customer service.

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  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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