Seawood Photo
1601 4th St, San Rafael, CA 94901, United States
Seawood Photo
Review β„–1

If you like old cameras and used equipment this is the place for you. They still develop film which nobody else in town does. They also still have darkroom equipment- yup you read that right. Friendly service is just the icing on the πŸŽ‚

Review β„–2

Great place and fantastic staff. Huge selection of pre-loved lenses and bodies. Everything youd need

Review β„–3

Great place to go for film cameras and gear. Everyone there is helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Review β„–4

Knowledgeable and helpful staff!!

Review β„–5

Of course this is the spot in Marin for photographers, many services, hard to find lenses, portraits .. but I like their knowledgeable advice and repair (or not to repair) their reasonable prices, and friendly staff ...

Review β„–6

The best and most knowledgeable film camera store in Northern California!

Review β„–7

Great place to buy all kinds of photography equipment.

Review β„–8

A little over a year ago, I got very interested in photography, more specifically film. Over the course of this time, I’ve been shopping at Seawood and asking, at times, probably too many questions. Not once has there been a time when a staff member was not willing to answer my infinite list of questions. Although I moved out of state, I continue to shop at Seawood and support their business because I believe in what they offer and their commitment to their customers. I owe this place all of my knowledge and growing passion for photography and highly recommend them - whether it be for general purpose questions, technical related issues, repair and printing services, or just purchasing cameras. Ten out of five stars! Thank you Seawood!

Review β„–9

Been shopping here for years and keep coming since they moved from San Anselmo. Keep your wits about you because they are good at selling. Great place to get your gear repaired as well!

Review β„–10

Definitely reccomend this shop! Zane has been super helpful and good vibes here all around.

Review β„–11

Great shop for film or digital photography with very helpful staff. This might sound weird, but it feels almost more like some of my favorite (mostly gone) guitar shops than a camera shop. Excellent for any skill level.

Review β„–12

Super friendly, helpful, knowledgeable staff and a very cute cat!

Review β„–13

5 stars. I recently bought a vintage Leica and all appeared perfect. But, it had a ghost in the machine, and 1 of 10 exposures had issues. It would have been nearly impossible for Seawood to notice this beforehand. Anyway, things go wrong, but how its handled is what matters most. Seawood handled it with professionalism, courtesy, and met my needs. Theyve earned me as a customer.

Review β„–14

Fantastic old-school friendly place for all your photography needs. Recently purchased a Hasselblad with a lens, my first ever medium format camera from here and got a good deal on it. Zane was really helpful in walking me through all the camera functions, quirks and different accessories. Would shop here again!

Review β„–15

Always friendly and willing to help. I tend to go in there with a ton of questions that are highly detailed and generally speaking they always have some kind of an answer. The experience level in that stores amazing, spot on advice spanning decades of technology. Highly recommend.

Review β„–16

I loved this store. The customer service was great and the items were well priced. Would definitely recommend.

Review β„–17

Lots of cool equipment! Very friendly staff and a cute cat!

Review β„–18

Most definitely worth the 1.5 hr drive to get a camera repaired. Store employees are knowledgeable, patient, and friendly. I contacted them through Instagram to see if they would repair a Pentax 6x7 I purchased on eBay. Not only did they fix it but they only charged me the $10 service fee as there was not a serious issue. I appreciate their honesty and you can tell they all truly love what they do! Thank you Seawood Staff!

Review β„–19

Traveled from the east bay to here & it was so worth it. Super friendly honest service and learned so much more about film cameras! Bought my first 35mm film camera here and I couldnt be more happy. HIGHLY RECOMMEND VISITING AT LEAST ONCE IF YOU HAVENT ALREADY 10/10

Review β„–20

I contacted Seawood Photo via Instagram in regards to a hard to find camera. They responded quickly and stated they had the body available! I was so excited,they sent me the invoice and I paid it. 2 days later it was at my house in MA. Super fast, super nice, and I cant speak highly enough about their customer service! Thank you! :)

Review β„–21

Called in for a very particular issue that needed a specific product to solve (it ended up being a flat-field macro lens). They immediately knew what I needed to be looking for and had it in stock. They even stayed open a few minutes late so I could run in and pick it up at a very reasonable price (as the same lens directly from my cameras manufacturer would have been hundreds of dollars more). It was an incredible help and I was happy to support their business as there arent many more like it. If youve got camera-related issues or need help figuring out what kind of equipment you need for projects, this is the place to go!

Review β„–22

Great customer service and a very nice store. Employees were friendly and helpful. Carl did excellent work on my old restored Nikon S3. Everything works perfectly now! I would strongly recommend to anyone looking for repairs on vintage cameras.

Review β„–23

These guys are awesome! When I need my camera and lens cleaned these guys get the job done quick. As a professional photographer I dont have a week to wait on my equipment to be done. These guys are a life saver.

Review β„–24

They be rockin....

Review β„–25

Great Marin photo gear shop, used equipment, and especially for vintage photography. Ive used the cleaning/repair service here also with great results. The staff here are very knowledge and helpful.

Review β„–26

I have purchased multiple vintage lenses here over the past two years. Their service, honesty, prices, return policy and knowledge are all off the charts. In a world of faceless, big box corporate type stores this is a very rare and hidden gem. If you love photography check it out.

Review β„–27

I have been a loyal customer and friend of Seawood for nearly twenty years. It was there, when seeking a larger view than afforded by my Contact G1, that I was gently guided into a used Toyo 4x5. Seeing images on that great big glass (albeit upside down) changed my whole view (pardon the pun) of photography.Count on Graham and his knowledgeable, friendly, enthusiastic staff to do their best to help you improve your photographic experience - whether choosing a graduation present, converting an old Nikon collection, scanning and repairing a family portrait, or sending you off elsewhere when you seek something they lack.Seawood is the sort of local village resource which deserves your consideration before hitting that one-key order.

Review β„–28

My husband and I drove about 70 miles to go to this camera shop. My husband had some items he wanted to trade for a specific older medium format camera. Graham was willing to make a comparable trade and my husband was happy. The owner, Graham, was personable and fantastic to deal with. We got t here about 4:30 pm and did not leave until around 5:45 or so before before the store was closing. We enjoyed speaking with him and looking around his very nice shop. I would recommend his shop in a heart beat!

Review β„–29

I purchased a used DSLR yesterday from Seawood and so far its awesome. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I was even told that because I bought a camera from them I get a free photography class! Great store with a bunch of really cool old camera supplies. Ill be back for sure!

Review β„–30

Their slogan is right ... They may be the last remaining real camera store. There is so much camera gear there going back throughout history that it could double as a museum. This is an excellent place for newbie photographers and seasoned pros. Everything you need is here. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Tip for DSLR users, there is large assortment of used lenses available here.

Review β„–31

If youre an amateur or experienced photographer, this place has what you need. Tons of lenses, books, adaptors, etc. Knowledgeable staff. Hard to find these places now a days.

Review β„–32

Fantastic. Best place for vintage/used equipment, friendly staff, awesome for film & darkroom stuff. I also book a random lesson every so often just to keep things sharp. They are keeping the film photography world alive. I am so lucky to have them down the street from my house. Yay.

Review β„–33

I needed to return a memory card for my camera. I did not have my receipt but the staff were great. They found the purchase in their system and made the exchange. Great staff!

Review β„–34

These guys rock in every way. Friendly knowledgable service and fast response times with repairs. I bought a used camera from them and couldnt be happier. They stand behind their merchandise and are very good about follow up and answering any questions or concerns.

Review β„–35

Great service and a sony dealer

Review β„–36

Wide variety of new and old film cameras and gear, dark room supplies. Large selection of film. Friendly knowledgeable staff. Camera repairs on site. A true gem.

Review β„–37

Great place to visit for your photographic needs must visit

Review β„–38

Great place for camera equipment. Anything and everything you need.

Review β„–39

Great shop, fantastic stock of vintage lenses. Really helpful staff.

Review β„–40

Bought a used Canon Mark ii for $750 from them. I trusted the guy there that it was in great working condition. Its in acceptable condition only. The eye cap is very dirty and the glass inside it is very spotty. Anyway, when I was buying the camera he was trying to upsell me a 64mb card for $149! I bought one for $49 on amazon. He also tried to sell me a card reader for four times what I paid for one on amazon. Then, I wanted to give them another shot so I asked them about a lens via email. I was in a hurry to buy, they never emailed me back. I used the email address on their website. I should have stuck with amazon all the way through this process, but I wanted to give locals my business. What a mistake.

Review β„–41

All the older employes are great the take their time but there is a young guy with a very cooky attitude. Not sure what to say.

Review β„–42

Great camera show . The owner was very helpful and I found two good lens to work with my beastgrip dof adapter.

Review β„–43

Always good. A top notch camera store.

Review β„–44

I bought my Rolleiflex camera from here last week, customer service is great, the asian gentleman ( Really sorry forget his name) is really patient and explained all details and history of rollei cameras to me. The camera itself is great, works exceptionally well and price is low.

Review β„–45

Nice people, but services are quite limited.

Review β„–46

Outstanding service friendly an extensive collection of used gear

Review β„–47

Some of the best deals on cameras I have seen. Extreamly knowledgable people and friendly at that, for sure my go to camera store for repairs, film, development, and buying vintage cameras and gear!!

Review β„–48

Great camera place for the pro.

Review β„–49

Seawood Photo is a great, local, camera store. The staff is helpful and knowledgable. Before you go online or to one of the big stores for camera gear, check here first, you will be pleasantly surprised. I learned about Seawood because they are a local drop-off location for Borrow Lenses.

Review β„–50

I often visit, to look used camera lens, very helpful staff. Can find all sorts of cameras including rare vintage ones, also they buy your used camera equipment .

Review β„–51

So today I purchased a F100 Nikon film camera from seawood photo and a roll of film. I saw the camera on a Craigslist ad super excited. It said the camera was in β€œexcellent condition” I made my way across the bridge, paid the toll was super excited. Turns out the directional pad wasn’t working for focus choice. That sounds like the camera wasn’t in β€œexcellent condition” of course that feature was working in the store but became spotty as I started using it. 8 photos into the film and it stopped working completely. I went back to get it repaired and said if it can’t be done by Friday I’d need to return it because I’d be leaving for Southern California. He said sure but we won’t accept the film as a return. He then made an metaphor that you can’t return a cheese burger that you bit into a few times. I can’t even begin to explain how incorrect this is. I returned the camera on the spot and will order one from keh or b&h / Adorama. Super disappointed. I hate when small business let’s you down.

Review β„–52

If you want to get into film cameras, this is the place. Huge selection of quality cameras and lenses.

Review β„–53

For the money with Seawood Photo, and the end result was beautifully done.

Review β„–54

The best camera store EVER! Camera repair also!

Review β„–55

Expert staff and huge selection

Review β„–56

Best camera store on the west coast!!

Review β„–57

Every old film camera you can dream of...

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4.7 Rating
  • Address:1601 4th St, San Rafael, CA 94901, United States
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  • Phone:+1 415-453-4322
  • Camera repair shop
  • Camera store
  • Passport photo processor
  • Photo lab
  • Photo restoration service
  • Photo shop
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–5PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–5PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–5PM
  • Thursday:11AM–5PM
  • Friday:Closed
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  • Sunday:11AM–5PM
Service options
  • Online estimates:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • Onsite services:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Repair services:Yes
  • Service guarantee:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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