Sultan Bakery
670 Stockton Ave, San Jose, CA 95126, United States
Sultan Bakery
Review №1

Authentic and delicious. Price is very suitable for the quality. I highly recommend this bakery.

Review №2

Homemade baklava and meat filled pastries. You cant go wind with anything you purchase. Was a tasty treat and a reminder set of the neighborhood I lived in Chicago.My favorite was the cheese filled pastry warmed up in the oven for about ten minutes. Was nice and gooey and just a touch salty that went really well with the flaky crust.

Review №3

This bakery has a little bit for everyone: sweet, savory, spicy & basic options, but above all a lot of taste!The staff is amicable, they double-check your order and make sure you dont have questions about the products.I ordered:Stuffed spinach (a tender crusted hand pie filled with spinach and onions)Sfeeha (a tender flat bread crust, topped with a thin layer of a spiced beef patty)Stuffed beef (hand-formed pie filled with seasoned ground lean beef and peas)Stuffed Potato (soft baked roll filled with a spiced potato and sauteed onion filling)Stuffed Cheese (a mild and cheesy blend of mozzarella and feta baked into a savory pocket pie)Cheese & Zaatar (flatbread topped with our Cheese blend (mozzarella/feta) on 1 side, and Zaatar on the other)Everything was delicious, I didnt order sweets because I already had a lot in my hands but Im going to come back for more!

Review №4

It’s the best place to get Sfeeha and Zatar pizza. You can ask for fresh Sfeeha and just wait for 8-10 mins but usually call then ahead.

Review №5

Small bakery with 2-3 table to sit n eat.Staff is amazing and super falafel pita bread factory made fresh .They have amazing baklava and they are famous for their deserts.While eating saw so many people taking pita bread and deserts Togo.All in all good place with limited menu items but cooked very well

Review №6

In A Nutshell:-Wow, how did I not find out about Sultan Bakery for all these years?!-Best falafels Ive ever had.-Super crispy & dark brown outside, super moist & fluffy green inside.-Choose between plenty of rolls & baklava.-They bake/make all of their products onsite, cut out the middleman...-Which make prices are very affordable.Overall, Im already looking forward to their Stuffed Chicken!

Review №7

Great bakery with lots of middle eastern favorite pastries and baked foods

Review №8

We have been going this bakery for a while now. We love the desserts, whole wheat pita bread and hot hot falafel, they made everything fresh.As a vegetarians we have to ask every restaurant whether they mixed the veg stuff and non veg stuff in the same oil 😬😬, But here in this bakery THEY DONT MIX THE VEG AND NON-VEG STUFF. For Falafel balls they have Seperate oil which we so happy about. These days they increased the price and on top of that started 4% store convince fee, I dont know why, its kinda bummer for me to pay convince fee on top of the tax. If u Pay cash then they are going to waive those 4% charges and No tax too..Apart from all the money u pay for the food, it still a hidden gem in San Jose.

Review №9

What a gem. Love their wide variety of baklavas and middle eastern desserts. Didnt try their pitas because i Had to get their kunefe they were making FRESH while i was there! Their lemony spinach pockets were also out of this world. Wish they were 3x bigger they were so good. Bread was light but chewy, warm, and had great texture all the way around. Date cookies covered in powdered sugar was one of my faves. Cashew baklava was also delicious! I like them better than the walnut ones now. Will definitely come back whenever Im in town =]

Review №10

The person at the billing counter was kind to answer all my questions .The service is a rad bit slow.Must have the falafels ( both kind ) when here

Review №11

Excellent customer service 👏 👌

Review №12

Delicious Middle Eastern Food & Sweets!

Review №13

Wow. What a jewel 💎! Ask for freshly baked and wait the extra 15-20 minutes for best results! These baked Palestinian goods are to die for. The Cheese and Sfeeha are absolutely magnificent. Definitely get the Manakeesh as well.The people there are some of the nicest and humble people Ive interacted with. Feels like youre part of a family and theyre just feeding you. They have few seats to sit there but just for 6-8 people otherwise just take them to a nearby park and eat there.The Atayef Asafeeri dessert was amazing. They just gave us some to taste and we teared up tasting it 😂 just mouth watering.This is also the only place were you find the original Kunafeh (soft dough) at. My wife and friend loved it. I am very picky about my Kunafeh so was okay for me but not up to my favorite standard of Kunafeh.Definitely one of our favorite new spots!

Review №14

Great staff. Love their baked goods. Especially the jerusalem bagels. Great salads

Review №15

Great Arabic bread..without word ingredients. Place looks clean! Came in at didn’t get to try the falafel😋

Review №16

Super helpful and kind people! The baklava is so tasty and well packaged! I highly recommend!!

Review №17

Excellent flavors, great desserts, awesome pies. Fresh pita bread bakey.

Review №18

My brother purchased a little over $50 worth of food and dessert. While their zaatar and zaatar/ cheese manakeesh are delicious, their knefeh dessert is not being sold as stated on the menu. The one sold to us had no cheese whatsoever despite each one costing $6.50b each for a medium sized piece.

Review №19

Really good. Ill be back very soon.

Review №20

Watch out with these guys or they’ll rip you off, I bought baklava and Maamool, they told me maamool is not updated in the system but it is the same price as baklava, I was in rush so I said OK, how could maamool be the same price as baklava??? but when I got home and gave the stuff to my wife, she was very unhappy with the desert quality comparing it with the price.Also the desert is very unhealthy full of sugar so any healthy person wouldn’t tolerate half piece of baklava.Very disappointed and will never come to this place.

Review №21

I love this place. They make fresh pita every morning

Review №22

Amazing service and food! I will definitely be back for more.

Review №23

Like the food here, but they need to take a look at their social distancing procedures. Recently dropped by and there was a short line out of the door due to a max occupancy of 3 customers. We came just to pick up a bag of ready-made pita bread, but ended up waiting 20 minutes even though there were only about 2 groups ahead of us. I suspect each group was just waiting inside while their food was being prepared. The business should do more to move the lines more efficiently in cases where the customers inside are just waiting, e.g. they could wait outside while their food is being prepared. Additionally, there was a person inside since before we got in the line who was just talking on the phone (over 20 minutes). The business needs to ask him to step outside, since hes taking up 1/3 of the max occupancy!

Review №24

I looked all over for kunefe Middle Eastern desert. I found this place and there deserts are mouth watering and I like there pies too.they kept the place very hygiene. And I love to visit this place again and again ❤️🤤

Review №25

Delicious… 👌🏻

Review №26

Awesome healthy pies, baklava mouthwatering desserts and of course fresh pita with hummus, a place worth going to. I recommend highly

Review №27

Wow fresh pita bread in the morning ate that with amazing baba GanoushEverything here is excellent. Ordered the egg mankeesh and a beef meezeLove that there is not too much salt in the food. Most places I’ve been to have over salted food. not this one.

Review №28

Great place with amazing authentic Middle Eastern baked goods.Unfortunately the wait time is so high, even when I call to make an order and arrive an hour later the food is not prepared yet.Staff are friendly but obviously untrained.

Review №29

Lovely dolmas. Family liked the baklava, not excessively sweet.

Review №30

Excellent fresh pita. Their falafel is fresh and tasty. Mixed M.E. pastry trays are sold in 2 sizes-> contains some Serious happiness. Havent had their cookies or breakfast items, but they both look real good.I deduct 1 star b/c service on a prepped item (e.g. falafel), is slow. Probably took 15 minutes between order and receiving.You can see the pita baking assembly line from the customer area of store. They really crank em out. No onsite eating (including outdoor) and parking can be limited, but their customers seem patient w/ the occasional required maneuvering.Family-run vibe. They definitely save on their rent. Real good eats.

Review №31

Great Pita, and Kunafe.... Yum

Review №32

Great bakery items for breakfast, cheese pizza and cheese pie are the best

Review №33

So many variety of fresh baked goods! Soo amazingly good! gonna get fat eating here all the time.

Review №34

Had such a great experience with the staff at this bakery. Ordered food from them as well as some baklawa, and it was all delicious. Thank you for your graciousness & generousity. Cant wait to come visit and bakery in person one day.

Review №35

Expensive place I ever seen and their stuff is not that good

Review №36

Excellent food!

Review №37

This place is a gem. Kind of a strange location but the food here is simply incredible and very affordable. The people that own this place are very kind and I have stopped by at all time of day to be welcomed by fresh smells of meat, cheese and sweet.

Review №38

Best baklava I have had so far!

Review №39

Discovered this place a little while back and it has now become a frequent detour for us when we are in the area. This is a family run bakery that looks like it does wholesale pita. They have a limited list of items for retail sale and limited seating (3 tables). I have tried their mezze and wraps which I strongly recommend. They have a lot of sweets as well, not tried any as yet

Review №40

Worst knefee I ever had..

Review №41

The pita bread is always soft and fresh. The baklava is very tasty. My personal favorite is the hummus and tahini sauce which has an authentic taste. They are a bit pricey but the quality is good.

Review №42

Used to be a lot better in terms of quality and prices. My last two visits were extremely disappointing as the baklava were clearly not fresh.

Review №43

Delicious, authentic, freshly baked savory and sweet pastries. Hot pita, falafel, and hummus! You simply cant ask for more. And they have coffee and tea in case you cannot wait (like myself) and you had to try a cheese or spinach (or both) pastry. Friendly staff and very quick service. Dont forget to get assorted Baklava for your colleagues and friends;)

Review №44

Incredibly fresh Baklava, my favorite is the cream baklava, but all are dreamy. The kibbeh was so crisp and savory. The people here are exceptionally kind and helpful, and went out of their way to make me a special order for a party I was having. This is my go to place for Mediterranean treats.

Review №45

Great lil place! Amazing staff. Their Chocolate pistachio baklava is divine.

Review №46

So disappointed. The Lebanese sweets I bought were stale and dry. The meat pizza I got was totally bland. They don’t make large Lebanese bread until saturdays, what they sold was small “pita” bread instead. Some items on the menu were “no longer available” (review your menu board) 🙄 drive 45 mins to get here with respect to previous reviews, wouldn’t come back in a hurry. It’s a thumbs down from me 👎🏻

Review №47

Shocking place .. not clean and causes stomach pain

Review №48

The best place to get some pastries and bread. Everything is fresh and tasty. My favourite place to buy a real sweets on any occasion. they always let me try their new recipes. Friendly environment.

Review №49

Got there about one, it wasnt busy. The service was very friendly and kind. Prices were fair. Menu is similar to a restaurant in Jacksonville I liked.

Review №50

Amazing,clean, friendly,good prices,and fast service

Review №51

I stopped by for breakfast. I ate Manasseh cheese and Zaatar. The dough needs some improvement . The flavor was very plain. The baklava however is good but pricey $16 per lbs, that’s way too expensive. It should not be more than $ 8-9 per lbs.

Review №52

Cool place to meet and catch up with coworkers. the place has an awesome feel to it.

Review №53

Great place to buy an assortment of baklavas. You buy them by the pound at about 12.99 per pound. Place is a little hidden and out of the way but worth it if you can find it. For reference it is down the street from the Whole Foods in downtown San Jose on Stockton Street. They also have croissants and other pastries but I only tried the baklava here-- other stuff looks good and will probably try next time I come back- definitely will come back.

Review №54

I love this place! Very tasty food! If you are around, try the stuffed cheese and don’t forget all the sweets.

Review №55

Fantastic falafels!

Review №56

I dont write reviews. The only review I think Ive given is for a small restaurant in Spain. I feel compelled to express my love for this place because its really really great. Im a big fan of baklava and this is hands down the best baklava in the bay. The spicey falafel is too good for this world. Go there. Eat everything. Win.

Review №57

Amazing food.. Sweets are awesomeAlso service is excellent.. love the fresh pita breads we get in the mornings .. Must visit place for surw

Review №58

We just discovered this place and it is awesome! They have a wide selection of Palestinian pastries and middle eastern desserts. Everything is fresh and so yummy. We tried their pita bread, and its so good that we ended up eating it by itself. Staff are super friendly and know the products. On our first visit, they greeted us with a little gift, a box of their premium selection of baklava. We will definitely go back for it and the pita. They also have savory Palestinian pastries, we plan to go back and try their zaatar flat bread and falafel wraps.

Review №59

Great food and Arabic sweets. Best is the manaqueesh (oregano and cheese pizzas) followed by the different types of baklawa.

Review №60

I was desperately searching for baklava. I was all over the Bay Area, but none exceeded my expectations as sultan. Its a hour worth drive. Definitely coming back.

Review №61

Such amazing, fresh, tasty baklava. And the spinach pie has the perfect amount of sumac. Yum!!

Review №62

Family owned and operated. Healthy and fresh pita bread baked every morning. I love the zatar and cheese bread.

Review №63

Wonderful service! And such delicious food. Make a point of stopping in, you wont be disappointed!

Review №64

A disappointing first and last visit to Sultans. I purchased a variety of pastries and baked goods and found them to be absent of the authentic flavor (I am a Middle-Easterner). While the pastries were pretty, they were one dimensional in flavor and overall unpleasant to eat. I anticipated hints of rose water or cardamom but found none. The owner boasts about using pure butter and not ghee, but isn’t ghee what gives middle eastern pastries their unique, wonderful flavor. I ended up throwing away a $60 purchase in the garbage. Customer service not great either. 👎🏾

Review №65

Best falafel I have ever had. The baked goods are the freshest, highest quality that I have found in the South Bay. Many different choices of baklava and cookies.

Review №66

Good bread, the service leaves a lot to be desired.The first time I came here I was told they sell One day old Pita Bread for $.50 a bag.Not long after that I came and this guy who works there (I dont know his name but he drives a BMW) told me they stopped selling the day old bread.So I bought the regular bread.The next time I came another guy told me the day old bread is now $1 a bag so I bought 15 bags.2-3 weeks later, the BMW guy was there and he told me NO 1 day old bread anymore....only full price bread.I told him that his prices keep going up in such a short time which is actually the same price as the store. That it does not pay me to come to his store since Traders Joes is next to my house & sells pita bread for the same price.And that his polices are time they sell day old bread then dont sell it, then they sell then they dont. ????I told

Review №67

Wholesale bakery. Wholesale pita bread factory. Wholesale baklava factory. Middle Eastern pastries, cookies & bread. Middle Eastern cafe. Everything made fresh here.

Review №68

The place is nice and clean. The food is great. However a little pricey.

Review №69

The savory pies are delicious. Everything is always fresh. Great family run bakery

Review №70

Everything I tried was impressive. Super fresh pita bread, delicious dolmas, tabbouleh and crunchy baklava.

Review №71

Great food and great folks. I went in for the zatar and sfeeha. Both were amazing.

Review №72

Amazing food and wonderful people! Worth the trip from anywhere in the bay area and beyond!

Review №73

Visited on a Thursday. The staff was very sociable and kind.

Review №74

Wonderful bakery, and wonderful people. Very kind and helpful! And their food is authentic and delicious!!! Highly recommend!!!

Review №75

This is one of my favorite places to go in San Jose. Great falafel, the best place to by fresh pita, amazing baklava! Go here.

Review №76

Best baklava ever love you guys

Review №77

Family business. Very tasty

Review №78

Love everything they make, same taste like back home .

Review №79

I liked freshly baked pitas.Other sweet baked good are OK, but not exceptional.

Review №80

The best place everything is so delicious.

Review №81

Great manoosh, the pastries and the fresh bread taste delicious.

Review №82

The fatayer (I tried spinach and cheese filled ones) and the great variety of baklava are excellent. This is a really hard place to walk away from without buying too many things.

Review №83

Wonderful meat and veg pies, we bring them to parties and theyre always a hit :)

Review №84

Awesome place for fresh baked breads.

Review №85

If you want the best pastries of your life go here. I was mind blown when I took my first bite of baklava and sad when I took my last bite.

Review №86

I love there bread and mankeesh

Review №87

Great service! Baba ganoug is fantastic. Hummus boring. Halvah a bit too sweet but tasty. Overall a place to remember.

Review №88

Staff is super friendly and the food is delicious!

Review №89

Great food and service!

Review №90

I have been to this bakery twice and got bad customer service both times. During my first visit cashier got defensive as I inquired about the price of a customized sandwich since the pricing structure wasnt advertised. On my second visit, I was denied the requested sandwich and was stumped by the inane explanation We can make it although it depends... All the ingredients were present for a simple falafel sandwich. I would have been ok with a simple response like we arent taking anymore sandwich orders for the day and lack of treating customers valuably is the main reason for low rating. I will be taking my business where customer service is of utmost importance.

Review №91

I tried a biscuit here, it was delicious.

Review №92

Prices are decent for the quality.

Review №93

Fresh baked pita, pastries, hummus and so much more!!

Review №94

Excellent baked goods; savory and sweet.

Review №95

Fresh bread tasty like back home.

Review №96

I like it here always quality food & service. the bill wont break you.

Review №97

Manaaesh are amazing and the desert is even better

Review №98

Great moajanat manakesh fantastic

Review №99

Good pita, friendly and helpful employees.

Review №100

Amazing pistachio baklava!

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