Capitol Subaru Service Center
920 Capitol Expressway Auto Mall, San Jose, CA 95136, United States
Capitol Subaru Service Center
Review №1

Extremely satisfied with service maintenance provided by Subaru Capitol for my Subaru Outback. Had to have one done for a spur of the moment travel plans to So Cal, had no appointment but took a chance anyhow. Kudos to Dan Padilla, Service Advisor, who assisted me and took care of my Outback. Dan was courteous and professional, 10 out of 10, definitely would recommend him as a Service Advisor. I was fully satisfied with the service done to my vehicle. Will be back for the next service maintenance .

Review №2

My first time here, totally worry free experience, and I did not even ask for a car wash (my Forester was really dusty from a trip to Tahoe) but they gave me a complimentary one anyways. Very friendly staff.

Review №3

Ive been coming here to get maintenance done on my Subaru after purchasing a used 2018 Forester XT a couple years ago. Ive had a great experience working with the staff to get my maintenance done and never feel pressured to buy more stuff or trade up my vehicle. The folks Ive worked with at Capitol Subaru have all been professional and do a great job of keeping the waiting area clean. Good stuff all around!

Review №4

I bought a used 2017 Subaru Impreza a couple of years ago now. I bring it in faithfully to have services performed. I have worked with Josh each time. He is friendly, professional and more importantly, he listens. It is nice to be able to get my car serviced without feeling anxious about not understanding cars. Josh explains everything and walks through it patiently, even with all of my questions. Great experience.

Review №5

The Capitol Subaru done with repair on my outback . Perfect service ! On time! High quality job ! Thank you !

Review №6

Outstanding service and incredible customer service by Javier! Friendly staff who explains all the service and even washed the car at pick up. I highly recommend their service and ask for Javier.

Review №7

I have been using their service ever since I bought Forester in 2014. Every oil change to bigger maintenance has been done at this place. Normally we think that dealer service/ maintenance is always on higher side but not the case with Capitol Subaru. They do take care of car, only quote what is relevant, reasonable price, punctual, very professional. In 7 years I have worked with almost all front line service technician and all of them are just awesome.

Review №8

I am always happy to get my car serviced by Capitol Subaru. Scheduling maintenance service and the staff are always helpful. I really appreciate the free car wash service after my cars been serviced. Shout out to Daniel Padilla for always being attentive whenever I visit.

Review №9

I have been using these folks for about ten years. They have always done a great job.

Review №10

Service was excellent! Particularly, Fabian and Xavier! They were great.

Review №11

I was very satisfied with the service I received. The customer service representative was courteous and competent. The tasks involved work to be performed under the extended warranty I purchased, some of which was complicated. The service representative kept me informed as to the coverage, when the parts would arrive, and what the timeline was. Everything was done professionally.

Review №12

Their service department is always very attentive when having my car serviced. I normally have to leave my car there for the day because I work and they provide updates throughout the day and notification once complete. Very professional with great customer service.

Review №13

I called in to make an appointment for my 2016 Subaru Forester. I was able to chose a convenient time that worked best for me. Although the work performed took more than a day, I was given the option to use their loaner car (new Outback). When the service was complete I picked up my vehicle and was given a rundown of work performed, parts replaced and accompanying charges. All in all, the service was reasonable and just knowing that the work was performed by the dealer from which I bought my vehicle, I felt most confident the work was done right and I will not have any recurring issues in the near future.Thanks again Capitol Subaru Service Center!

Review №14

This was my first 6000 mi service and everything went just fine. Definitely I liked the Capitol Subaru service more than other official Subaru service centers that I used before. (No delays, equipped area outside where one can sit and wait, coffee, car wash (finally!) ;) )

Review №15

I purchased my vehicle at this dealership. And mistakenly purchased the tire warranty. Lesson learned: NEVER EVER EVER BUY ANY WARRANTY from car dealerships. EVER.Issue 1: When my tire was punctured by a nail, and I called Subaru for roadside assistance, their service truck NEVER showed up. I had to call my AAA service, and the AAA truck showed up in 30 minutes. I wasted 2.5 hours waiting for the Subaru Roadside assistance. I also had to call other people to help pick up my children who were waiting for me at school. NOT HAPPY.Issue 2: I had to go back to Capitol Subaru 3 times to get this tire patched and finally replaced. Fremont Premier Subaru patched it the first time and told me they could not replace it because I bought the warranty at Capitol Subaru. So I have to go back to Capitol Subaru for replacement. Then I brought the car to Capitol Subaru, and they patched the tire again, saying that if it does leak, to call and have them order a new tire. I did call and a service advisor on the phone said to bring the car in so they can measure the tire tread and order the tire. When I brought it in, a different service advisor said they had to look and try to repair the tire. Keep in mind, this is the THIRD time that this same tire needed to be repaired. Finally, they said they will replace the tire. I had to wait and schedule another appointment to get this tire replaced. So a total of FOUR visits to get this tire replaced. I believe the warranty costed me $800. I would have been smarter to NEVER buy this warranty, and taken the flat tire to ANY OTHER tire company and pay for a new tire right then and there, AND resolve all my issues. The time that I spent just to use this warranty costed me more than the warranty itself. RIDICULOUS!LEARNINGS: Never shop or buy your car at DGDG Capitol Subaru. And avoid their service department at all costs. NEVER ever buy any extended warranty when buying a new car.

Review №16

Miguel helped me with an oil change on my CR-V. He is very professional and walked me through the process. Everything was quick and painless. I am very happy with my service and I will be back again!

Review №17

Always a great experience. They are professional, courteous and have always completed service on a timely basis.

Review №18

Very attentive, responsive and professional service.

Review №19

Im so glad that I bought my car from Capitol Subaru. The service team is outstanding, more specially Josh B. He went above and beyond to ensure that my vehicle for the attention and seduce it needed. I highly recommend working with Josh if you ever come to Capitol Subaru for your vehicles maintenance services

Review №20

I like this place. Appointments can be made online or by phone. Comfort inside while you wait.

Review №21

Excellent and quick service! Winston was so professional and understanding and followed through with other concerns I had at drop off. I would highly recommend Capital Subaru for Subarus and auto maintenance..

Review №22

Professional! They will wash your car at the end of the service!

Review №23

Very pleased with my first visit. Was very well taken care of. I made an appt. as I had to travel 50 miles to get my service. This will be my go to dealership. Very happy customer!

Review №24

Weve bought service packages here for two cars we purchased new, and we bring three Subarus here for recall work. Its easy to get an appointment, drop-off is quick and easy, the work is done well, and the car comes back nice and clean. If you leave the car and come back later to pick it up though, be prepared for a bit of a wait.

Review №25

Just had 30 month maintenance service. Purchased car and had all maintenance at Capitol Subaru. Service has always been efficient and prompt. Employees are polite and capable. Very satisfied.

Review №26

Took my Outback in for its scheduled 75k maintenance and brake service. Dropped off at 9am and all services were completed around 1:30pm. Josh B. was my service advisor and he took great care of me and my Outback.

Review №27

I have owned my Subaru Forester for 5 years and have always taken it to Capitol Subaru for service. My most recent experience is reflective of all my experiences when going in for service. My service Advisor, Dan Padilla was outstanding. He was very professional. He was helpful when explaining my options for service. He listened. I did not feel rushed. When my car was ready, he was very thorough in showing me what services were completed on my car and the results of their inspection. I felt like he wanted to be sure that I received excellent service. My car was ready before the time promised and washed too! I always wait for my car and I see and hear the staff treating each other and other customers with respect and friendliness.

Review №28

Good in general but two hours waiting for oil change

Review №29

Ive had my Outback for almost 10 years, and Ive put not quite 60,000 miles on it. Sounds like nearly new, doesnt it, but quite a few of those miles have been driven in the course of a volunteer job that has taken me over very rough ranch roads. It can get expensive.Luckily, when I bought this one I also bought a prepaid maintenance agreement, so I became pretty well-acquainted with the philosophy and technical ability of the Subaru service department. And, when it periodically needs that bigger servicing job to keep it running great and driving great, they have been able to deliver a realistic inventory of the service needed, broken down by importance, price, and an exact description of the task.This has been very helpful. Ive been able to break down the service program into bites that make sense when done together, meet the cars needs and do not crush my budget. The work has been impeccable, they have kept in touch, keeping me informed about the progress of the work and the time they expect to have it ready. They even wash the Outback, drive me back home, and pick me up again if that makes it easier for me. All this, in the most friendly and professional way.I really appreciate it, and welcome this opportunity to say thank you.

Review №30

I went to maintaining my Impreza today, and everything runs well. Their online appointment system is very convenient to be used and work done right in time as they promised. All done works looks good, my car is happy :)

Review №31

I went in for post 100000 miles maintenance. I got my appointment at a very convenient time and a service personnel, Dan, came and met me outside and escorted me in. After examining my record (all my maintenance and repairs are done there), he showed my my options for services and all throughout was extraordinarily polite and professional.Thank you so much for your great care!

Review №32

Matthew in service is awesome. Had some minor issues with a new purchase and the sales team and service team went above and beyond to make me happy and get me in the road. Highly recommend

Review №33

I had to take care of 2 recalls on my SUV. The service staff was very friendly, professional and worked quick to get me on my way in a short amount of time.

Review №34

I have been meaning to write this for a little while now. I have owned a Subaru since 2016, and have taken my various Subaru’s (2) to this location for service since then. Never really had any issues aside from my last (literally) experience there.I was the unfortunate person that got their passenger side window broken into. The window was still partially hanging when I went out in the morning so it wasn’t ripped out or something crazy. After doing a lot of research, and reading a lot of reviews I decided on Capitol Subaru for the repair. Why? Because, after reading reviews, I figured it made more sense to go to a corporate spot in case anything went wrong.So, I get a call that my window is not going to be ready and that they needed to order another part I asked them why and they said the “actuator” needed to be replaced. Mind you, this is a year old car that had no issues prior. After doing some research I found that this part goes bad when a window repair is done incorrectly. So, I called, and the gentleman told me that the “best they could do” was give me the part at cost. That would be great if it weren’t user error on their part. Found out they don’t do glass themselves and that they outsource it (funny as I should have gone with a glass place to begin with). The service advisor then called me and said that they found out the issue and that they weren’t going to charge me for the Actuator. I pressed him and asked, so it wasn’t that part it was just done poorly to begin with. He was very professional, but said that “there’s no reason to point fingers, or place blame, as the window is working now and it’s ready to go. Um, no. I had to wait an additional day for my car and was told I was going to have to pay for a part that I should never have been charged for in the first place. Nothing off the final bill, just a PC apology. Literally, no additional discount to get a job done by a 3rd party, and not even a good one to begin with. Plan on owning a Subaru for the foreseeable future but won’t be taking it here for service.

Review №35

Justin provided great service this past Sunday! He listened patiently to my concerns during check-in and followed up with a prompt text to keep an open line of communication. He called me two hours earlier than expected to tell me my car was ready, and said they were even able to replace a part he had warned me might be out of stock. At check-out, he was friendly and personable, interacting with my 1-year old daughter and even honoring a coupon I mentioned—despite having already prepared my paperwork.Overall, I was grateful to have gotten my car in for service on such short notice (making an appointment only a couple of days in advance) and had a positive experience that makes me happy to say Capital Subaru is my go-to spot for service!

Review №36

I had a mostly good experience with service at Capitol Subaru. Regular service has always been impeccable, but several weeks ago I brought in my 2017 Legacy with an inoperative driver assist function. Turned out rodents had been feasting on the engine wiring. The car was in the shop for twelve days and repairs ran to almost $3000.Meanwhile I was expected to be without a car or else to rent one. Courtesy cars are supposedly available according to the customer literature, but it was a hassle to argue and persuade Capitol to provide one. My wifes no-nonsense lecturing finally extracted a car from them: an Impreza without the driver assistance package. No cruise control, warnings, or automatic braking - the things that led me to buy a Subaru in the first place. A luggage rack on the roof made ungodly screeches at speeds over 50mph.My satisfaction score would be lower than four stars if my service representative, Winston, had been less than outstanding. Winston was excellent in dealing with my insurance company and in keeping me informed on progress with repairs. He generally replied to my texts in minutes, and his manner was calm and sympathetic. It made my long wait and driving discomfort easier to accept.

Review №37

I went for the 6000 miles service this last Saturday and my appointment was at 8:45 and by 9:00 no body was helping me to get my car into the service. I had to find by my self where to park, who to talk to etc, the professionalism should not even be an option here. so I was in a good spirit because I wanted to get a good service and I actually greet every person there with respect and kindness. At registering the car, the clerk told me that there were different levels of services for my car and gave me different prices for it, he never looked that I have prepaid services for three years, so I had to tell him that. He acted like I was kidding and insisted on the extra things, so I had to insist on my car service insurance to the point that he had to take a minute browsing his computer without pressing any keys to find out that yes I had the service insurance. According to the sales person that help me thorough the process of buying my car, that was all I needed to have the best services for my car, but after the Service Clerk realized that i have the insurance all they did was the oil filter, oil, and tire rotation. Disappointing!That was on a rainy morning, so I decided to wait for the car at the Capitol Subaru, big mistake. The waiting area was crowded and the only amenities that they have for their customers was out of order, the coffee machine. So I isolate myself as far as possible inside the showroom and wait there for the service to get done. Fortunately, the service took less than a hour, I was able to see when they park my car right in front of me, so I though that it was ready, but I had to wait more than 30 minutes and even I sent a couple of text messages to the clerk and I went to ask him a couple of times about the car and I was told that it was going to a few more minutes. I had to tell him that the car was already parked outside and ready. Then he told me that he had to check and do paperwork, that took another 20 minutes or so.That was a very nonprofessional way to represent the happy DGDG, The Quality, who knows, I will find out later, but other places clean the car as a courtesy, but they let plastic around the front that I had to clean later at home.Value, for an Oil Change, Filter Change, Tire rotation and a inspection, He was about to charge me more than 250.00 dollars in the minimum package, where is the value when the Coffee Machine was not even working.Professionalism, the Clerk did not know anything about the car, He was not there to help, but to sell me something. Did not knew about my car, about the prepaid insurance, about taking care of the customers waiting at the small waiting area.Punctuality, I had to wait more that two hours on a service that took less that 30 minutes to be completed. Hope they get better in better circumstances.thank you for the service.Regards...TONY.

Review №38

Capitol Subaru continues to be my Subaru dealership of choice for service. I have had 2 different Subarus over the past 10 years and any time I had an issue, Capitol Subaru was the place to go. They communicate clearly, care for the car and customer, and are generally awesome in all regards.

Review №39

Very great people work there!love the new hybrid!!

Review №40

The service team is outstanding, more specially Josh B. He went above and beyond thank you

Review №41

I give the service department at Capital Subaru two thumbs up. GREAT Service and quality work. I been a return customer since 2017

Review №42

I had a great experience, everyone was helpful and very nice. Winston was great to work with. Best service experience Ive had with a dealership.

Review №43

Easy scheduling online allowed me to drop off my car for its first service. Also love the fact it is a good walk to light rail which drops me right at work, service always offers a ride but I like to walk. Car was ready before noon as promised and Matthew noted I still had residue on my window from a sticker I pulled when he brought it up, so he took the time to make sure it was cleaned off to his satisfaction which certainly was higher than mine. I’m always confident these guys know there stuff and really do care about customer service.

Review №44

I scheduled an appointment with them on Black Friday. They found some problems with the alignment at tire wear. They did the recommended service and gave me the black Friday discount.

Review №45

Matthew Ta took care of my car on this visit and hes great. I received a friendly, professional greeting and inquiry about what I needed. As a result, he quickly got a loaner car ready because I had to leave my vehicle for a recall service. Matt provided recommendations for future service for a problem brought to his attention. Ive been bringing my car to Capitol Subaru for a lot of years and Im happy with the service.Justin Rosete and Winston Wong have assisted me on past service visits and both are very knowledgeable and professional.Thank you.

Review №46

I went in for a routine oil/filter service and they found some leaks in the engine. Fortunately they were able to keep the car and fix them. Very appreciative for that!!

Review №47

Took my car for regular maintenance it was quick and easy to set up the appointment for the drop off. While dropping off and picking up it was a quick in and out no waiting.

Review №48

Service was quick and efficient. Usually they wash the car after being serviced, but were in the middle of a pandemic so maybe this wasnt possible. This was mostly a manufacturers recall so there was no charge for the replacement of my catalytic converters, but they also checked out brakes and did a routine service check. very nice.

Review №49

I have been using Capital Subaru service fir years. Always a pleasant service experience . The waiting room is pleasant-great coffee machine and popcorn. I am always kept informed - and the estimated wait time is always correct.

Review №50

Assuming that they thoroughly check all the services you are paying for and accurately communicate this back to the customer, other than the price, it has been my experience that everyone at this location has provided all four of the characteristics listed above 100% of the time.

Review №51

I bought a new vehicle from Capitol Subaru last year. I am impressed with the service I have received. They have taken care to keep my vehicle up-to-date. They have great staff and work very efficiently. I made a great decision to have them take care of me.

Review №52

Great service, it does get really hectic and busy, but everyone seems to be working like a well oiled machine. Winston and Daniel have gone above and beyond to help me out; and Im sure everyone else in the service dept is great too.

Review №53

Came in to have a broken Lug Bolt replaced and it was quite busy. However, Elena, my service rep managed my need against other repairs for customers and was able to get me in and out in an hour! Really great customer service and time management skills on her part.

Review №54

Prepaid maintenance for sure pays off!The service is always great, shuttle is on time, staff is courteous and professional. I am a happy Subaru owner for the past 3 years and will keep it that way!

Review №55

The Service Center has always been great to us. We drive all the way up from Monterey and they make it worth our effort. Their shuttle service takes us over to Santana Row or wherever we are headed while the service team always take great care of our Subaru.

Review №56

Sold a brand new car where the windows didnt work by the time we made it home, and still cant fix it after 3 after three attempts with the vehicle in the shop on a vehicle with less than 1000 miles. Dishonest group, buy elsewhere. Avoid service here as well.

Review №57

I had the prepaid service package and the online reservation system worked well. I got right in at the appointed time with practically no wait and they were very attentive. There was good communication and they got the job done earlier than promised.

Review №58

Elena was excellent from first contact through securing a loaner and professional service ...reflects well on your company and service provided over the past 15 years

Review №59

Theyre very professional and on time. I like that they also has text notification so that you can never miss the update. The staff are friendly and the room has good coffee machine too!

Review №60

Tony Tran was my service advisor. He helped me quickly and courteously even though it was very busy when I just drove in. All in all a very good service experience. I will continue to visit Capitol Subaru for all my service needs. Thanks. Bob

Review №61

We were so pleased you were able to install our trailer hitch the same day we bought our new Ascent. So nice that we didnt need to plan a return visit!

Review №62

They do the genuinely needed services and not try to oversell or recommend unnecessary. Give them a chance and experience yourselves.

Review №63

The service department suggested the services my 2010 Outback needed and finished the job in a timely manner.

Review №64

I took my 2015 Crosstreck which had recently been rear-ended to Capitol Subaru for a 36,000 mile service, and to my surprise the rear bumper unit which was detached on the passenger side was put back into place without my asking and without charge. Of course, it is damaged and will be replaced soon, but this gesture was appreciated.

Review №65

Thank you! My advisor, Winston, kept me updated on progress and the car was ready when promised. Everyone is so nice at this dealership.

Review №66


Review №67

We are extremely pleased with the experience we have had with Capital Subaru service. Courteous and freindly staff and experienced mechanics.

Review №68

I was contacted for the emission recall service. They did good job on everything.

Review №69

I dont have comments

Review №70

I actually enjoy going to get my car serviced here because the staff is always courteous, kind, friendly, and they give me a deal if any are available.If Subaru only made an all-electric (or hybrid SUV) Id purchase another car from Capitol Subaru.

Review №71

Daniel and his team went above and beyond to make sure my Outback was repaired correctly. They had to deal with multiple issues, failed parts, and part delays. Through it all, Daniel kept me posted daily and even got me a loaner car to help me get around while my car was being serviced. Almost 10 years with Capitol Subaru, and will never take my Subarus anyplace else!

Review №72

Ive been there a few times for services to my wrx and havent had any issues so far. They are not MOD friendly which is just fine as I am stock. The review is for the service advisors. They are great, well mannered and friendly(Matthew). Answered all my questions and never try to force an up sell on me. Service price is a bit high but keeps my car healthy and I dont feel pressured or like Im being ripped off. Overall a nice place

Review №73

Good quality services, friendly staff and helpful. I always get my Subaru Crosstrek services here.

Review №74

Quality care and service, as always

Review №75

The concern I have is with that of the integrity of the service center more so than cost.I took my WRX STI in for regular maintenance and afterwards was advised that my brakes were dangerously close to being worn out and needed to be replaced, along with the rotors. The cost associated with this service ($1300) was high so I elected to replace them myself.Upon replacing the brake pads and rotors with OEM parts at a fraction of the quoted cost, I inspected the old pads and rotors with a micrometer and found that both are very much serviceable (I bought the car new 4 years ago and had about 30% brake pad left, and the rotors were well within spec to be refinished.Needless to say I am disappointed in the integrity presented at this service center. While I have been a customer since I moved to california, I feel like my trust was not respected in turn

Review №76

Excellent job!

Review №77

Very fast and reliable service.

Review №78

They replaced everything related to the catalyst, which was covered by my guarantee, the work was very late (2 weeks or more) the treatment was kind but a bit forced The car that they provided me while they did the work, they gave it to me as They received,, without cleaning.,, It seems that when they do work with a guarantee they do not do it very much.

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