Big 5 Sporting Goods
1533 Sloat Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94132, United States
Big 5 Sporting Goods
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Just bought some roller skates from here and the service was very friendly and accommodating for what I was looking for! Ronan helped me find the perfect size skates and helped me check out 2 other pairs. I was greeted as I came inside the store and was politely greeted after making my purchase.

Review №2

Its nice to have a Big 5 in the city even if they dont sell airsoft pistols they still have lots of other good stuff there for a great price

Review №3

They are visibly struggling to hold it together at this location. I showed up during business hours and found the door locked. I called and a sales associate explained that they closed early because the manager left.What kind of store does that?

Review №4

Service was terrible, but manager Roger was pretty nice. Their cashiers in general seem like not wanting to deal with me, and just take my money. Not friendly, treated me like at object most of the time when I shop there. Or, if you will, assembly line service. I live in the neighborhood and would like them to change their attitude on the way they work. I was born in San Francisco 57 years ago and would like to be treated better.

Review №5

Its okay location wish it had more but it did have a cooking can a propane that I cant find anywhere else so 5 ⭐ stars

Review №6

A well stocked not too over priced store friendly staff. Not crowded I found what O was looking for for a reasonable price.

Review №7

Love their selection of athletic women’s swimsuits.

Review №8

Very helpful staff.

Review №9

Great camping gear and affordable prices.

Review №10

The service at this Big Five is really friendly, helpful and patient. My friends and I geared up for a day at the river. We found everything we needed at a great price and thanks to the lovely clerks there.I really appreciate finding a store to do in person business that has reasonable prices. Sometimes I needa see something in person to get the correct item so I appreciate this store. If youre in the Sunset and need some sporting be gear go to the Big Five.

Review №11

I love this place. I was able to buy a crab cage for $10. Friendly service.

Review №12

Im conflicted by providing a two star rating I went into big five after googling big 5 that morning.I was inundated with advertisements for 20% off today and I was interested in making a purchase that was $140 20% off provided a steep discount and made it seem worth it to take the time to literally run out in the rain and make it too big five 15 minutes before they closed to make this purchase however upon showing the cashier the advertisements that I was seeing for 20% off only today I was only sent a 10% off email and I felt that this was false advertisement and the cashier had little to offer me other than showing me that they use RetailMeNot and if I could not find it on RetailMeNot that there was nothing that she could do and proceeded to scan my 10% off coupon in which I then only saved $14 on my purchase I would say that a bit more training and what to do to compensate false advertisement and to be a bit less realistic and the way she explains things and have a bit more customer service savvyness when making the customer happy and making amends for inadequacies whether they are her fault or not we did purchase our product and our product is wonderful and were very happy with it but I would recommend having some training in the advertised discounts versus the staffs ability to honor.

Review №13

Its not huge but they have a good assortment. Free parking. Nice staff. His prices.

Review №14

Store is small, over crowded and has an unorganized sales floor. Staff needs customer service training as they dont acknowledge the customer until hes walking out and are usually involved in personal discussions. There are times when the store looks very picked over.

Review №15

Decent selection on sporting good equipment. Reasonably priced.

Review №16

Got my son a new pair of hiking boots from Big 5. Very helpful staff. 5/5

Review №17

Had what I wanted in stock. Store manager was very knowledgeable.

Review №18

Good deals, plenty of march on sale.

Review №19

Clean. Nice staff. They pay attention to safety and cleanliness.

Review №20

Had to make a Wilsons baseball pants exchange, forgot receipt, not an issue cashier was very friendly and accepted the exchange. Positive experience.

Review №21

Please update hours. Closed on a Fri 8:15p.

Review №22

Great deals on top flite merchandise and very helpful staff.

Review №23

Good prices and discounts if you spend $100 +. The shoe sales people arent as attentive as they could be.

Review №24

I Love Big 5 . I always have and I always will . They always have what I need for my outdoor fun times .

Review №25

Great store. Anything you could want in a sporting goods store. Friendly, helpful people as well.

Review №26

Like all big five extra wide shoes are sparse but sometimes I get lucky

Review №27

Great local sports shop

Review №28

Not the biggest but they have what you need

Review №29

Could not find what we went for maybe next time

Review №30

Looks run down .

Review №31

Good selection given the size of the store, but you can find more specialized stores for any particular hobby nearby pretty easily.

Review №32

Very friendly and helpful, good prices, every Big 5 we ve been to is fantastic

Review №33

Customer service is great!!! Every question is answered with respect and w/ insight on the sport in which the gear pertains too. Only bad thing is theres minimal employees after 4pm to check you out at the register. Either way, they do not usually have a line and consistently provide rapid, accurate service. Always Friendly and informative, which makes anyone comfortable whether youre a novice, beginner or just a Parent buying some gear for your daughter.

Review №34

Good store. Pretty good selection of you are just looking for general items, like a tennis racquet or basketball. Its not as good if you are looking for a specific brand or top of the line something or other. (But if youre in the market for top line stuff, you should probably be at a store thats dedicated to that sport/hobby.) But in terms of brands and equipment, theyve got the most popular stuff covered. Process are reasonable. Staff are not experts, but they are knowledgeable. If youre needing stuff to begin learning/start a sport or get starter gear for weekend camping, 5 is a good place to get yourself sorted. 😊

Review №35

Picked up some running shoes by Saucony. Theyre great! Comfortable and sturdy when i run. I like big 5 prices. The hurricane ISO normally would cost over 100$ and i paid 59$

Review №36

Really good variety.

Review №37

Im being generous with my stars. Big 5 has everything you need, even a memory foam pillow. If you get on their email list, they email you sales everyday. Some sales are incredible savings.

Review №38

Its an ok store. The staff are nice and helpful. Lot more stuff in this store then you might think at first glance. Is located in a small shopping center off of Sloat blvd so parking is not usually a problem. Be sure to sign up for their daily emails because they offer some great pricing that is not advertised elsewhere. You can get your fishing license here too, but their selection of fishing equipment is pretty limited.

Review №39

All the best for sports gear and other fun stuff.

Review №40

This store works for me. Although somewhat remote, II swing by on my way to the Zoo or Fort Funston for sale price bike shoes or river sandals: Tip: try the web site for online coupons before you go.

Review №41

Top shelf!

Review №42

Their inventory is ruled by the seasonal sales of trending fashions.So if you desire anything that is not in season you have to order it online at their website.The store is limited and so is its in stock merchandise.The website is your best bet. If you wish to avoid any disappointments.

Review №43

Limited section but got almost everything you need for team and individual sport, more like the TJ of sporting good atore.

Review №44

No good selection

Review №45

Very easy to get to from the public transportation system

Review №46

The place to go in this part of the City. Tons of merchandise and great sales....

Review №47

A great place for sports equipments. Low price and good service. The return policy is kind of strict. Most of the time you will get a store credit in stead of refunds.

Review №48

Good inventory for our daughter near there.

Review №49

Looking for shoes at an affordable price? then get on down to big five. large selectionall the right styles and friendly staff. dont forget to bring your own bag though!!

Review №50

Smaller sporting goods store with a variety of products. The prices are reasonable and its usually never really busy here

Review №51

Great selection, and when an item that was on sale was out of stock, it was no problem getting a rain check!

Review №52

Big 5 baby. Way to go.

Review №53

Liked how friendly cashiers were, and that they had just what I was looking for

Review №54

Great prices. Huge selection. Nice staff.

Review №55

Great store

Review №56

If you looking for camping gear sporting gear any kind of sports memorabilia and gear athletes shoes all that go to Big 5 very reasonable prices and everything you need for outdoor and sporting Good

Review №57

Found it, very much at the Pacific rim of San Francisco. Great store for toys & golf accessories. Keep time for shopping here as theyve got a lot to offer.

Review №58

Wonderful place to go buy camping gear and sporting equipment for a relatively good price. Have shopped here many times myself. And would go again.

Review №59

Not exactly bad for anything. but i was looking forward to try out some exercise gear before i buy. instead, i only found shoes and clothes. the only elipsical bike is on top of the shelf where no one can reach, not to mention touching it. anyway, do not rely on what you read on their ads, they sell only clothes, or at least in this particular store. well, i dove half the city and found nothing. maybe that is why my comment is a bit moody.

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Review №61

I like there prices and selection

Review №62

Sporting goods store. Whats not to love? They have very fair prices, huge selection and great sales. The customer service leaves a bit to be desired, however.

Review №63

Lakeshore Plaza: Well stocked, decent prices, friendly staff

Review №64

Last of the mom and pop kinda feel sporting goods store. Always has some pretty good shoe deals.

Review №65

Good prices

Review №66

Not bad sporting goods store. Reasonable prices.

Review №67

A Good place to buy cheap shoes.

Review №68

High class fishing, hunting and security accessories store, great deals of shoes, clothings of field and others, branded things available in good prices, signup for email is a best thing to get daily deals, I love hard shoes, trousers, jackets and many many more things are there great store

Review №69

Sales rep is patient and help me with my few request for getting different sizes shoes to try on while he was busy helping other customers.

Review №70

Friendly staff friendly people good prices good location nice shopping center area all good place to shop

Review №71

Found what we were looking for (swimming goggles) easily, no problems.

Review №72

Its a small sporting good store, but it has a good variety of things there. Its also the only sporting good store in the area, which is a big plus since Sports Authority closed down at Stonestown.

Review №73

Easy parking! Street level entrance. A lot of sports items!

Review №74

No Guns at this location.Others, yes, like Daley City.

Review №75

Can usually get a good deal on sports stuff. Always a great pla e to grab a baseball cap with their 20% coupon!

Review №76

Put some shoes on hold under my name because they were last pair and said Id be back in a half hour and I did. Got back and the person who helped had already left for the day... long story short he put down the wrong name as my name is David not Jose lol I tried and tried to explain to the other sells person but..... Left very unsatisfied with customer service and the unwillingness to go out of his way to help resolve the problem... Oh well no big deal

Review №77

Always great customer service in the shoe department.

Review №78

Great Staff, they help what you looking for You, good prices, good store.

Review №79

Although the sale prices are a draw, its selection is less than stellar. The counter intelligence isnt helpful at all, and its return policy is cumbersome and unclear.

Review №80

Great Store! Great Prices! Great Customer Service! Bar None (SWEET SELECTION of everything baseball gloves, bats, balls cups cleats and jockstraps no sincerely football...gloves,cleats, Jerseys, Balls LOL ....Soccer Balls, Cleats, Shorts Adidas, NB, NIke, Puma, etc...Crossbows (for My EX) JK .and also raquets of all kind tennis badimiton

Review №81

Adequate camping gear

Review №82

Good bargains today. Staff wasnt vey helpful though. 🙁

Review №83

Good variety of things but not a ton of selection. Good to try out things/shop demos.

Review №84

Lot of nice running shoes at good price

Review №85

Not the biggest of big 5s. But a good store.

Review №86

I went there 2 nights in row and was disappointed with the service on both nights. The service at Sloat in San Francisco sucks. I ended up at Ross Dress for less.

Review №87

Sometimes you find really good deals.

Review №88

Good prices & lots of discounts

Review №89

Well lit... helpful staff... Shoes are well stocked.

Review №90

Great sales occasionally on decent knives. If they have it, i recommend the Kershaw Leek. Respectibly sharp for out of the box for about 40ish bucks and keeps a pretty good edge, plus assist open. in a pinch i can shavr with it.

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Review №93

Good selection, fair prices and easy parking

Review №94

I biught some swimming tools and pant, and skateboard with reasonable price. Lots of goods!

Review №95

Enough range. Helpful staff

Review №96

Great store Great people😘!

Review №97

Well done

Review №98

Nice sports store with great deals

Review №99

They do pack alot of items into this store.

Review №100

Just picked up a $150 pair of Serengeti sunglasses for on $55! Cant beat that!

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  • Address:1533 Sloat Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94132, United States
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  • Phone:+1 415-681-4593
  • Camping store
  • Sporting goods store
  • Clothing store
  • Outdoor sports store
  • Running store
  • Shoe store
  • Sportswear store
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Service options
  • In-store pickup:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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