Walmart Neighborhood Market
5154 Knickerbocker Rd, San Angelo, TX 76904, United States
Walmart Neighborhood Market
Review №1

This neighborhood market is really easy to shop. It doesnt have the higher traffic like most super centers do. You can shop with ease get prescription filled and they also have online order for groceries. You can get money orders and pay bills too

Review №2

I like the location mostly people dont go here much but there but self check outs always having issues or are down slowing traffic. Management seem pretty cool they actually know where stuff is and will look in back if something out on shelves.

Review №3

Wonderful service, on time and accurate. With my husband on Hospice it has been a burden off my back. Love em

Review №4

What I hate is that. I’m at customer service ringing the bell and I can hear the lady back there counting money with all the coins, it would’ve been nice to have the lady come out and tell me that or a sign that says the hours. If there is a sign. I’m sorry it’s not within eye view.

Review №5

Horrible customer service. No one cares to help and try their best to get away from the customers

Review №6

On the way to regional airport in San Angelo TX.

Review №7

Very organized and clean store. Great customer service from ALL workers including the managers whom.go above and beyond call of duty to help you I. Any way or form! Love this Walmart ! Only 1 flaw- need more selections of of all the foods/products whether frozen or perishable items...

Review №8

Great variety... good hours and decent prices.

Review №9

Great Neighborhood Market. Get my Rx filled here and its a great pharmacy

Review №10

Easy to get and find items I needed. Employees were eager to help me.

Review №11

Theyve been around some years already and sometimes I forget its more the grocery type and not my normal WalMart. Lol. I love the clearance even in the Neighborhood stores, no one can beat Walmart prices, no one. Love ya WalMart...

Review №12

These people work snow, cold, they were there, Ruby supervisor very nice helpful. Pharmacy is A+in my book very efficient.

Review №13

It was really one of the worst trips i ever had I went to pay a bill for a friend and it did not happen the customer service lady even recommended me to go to another company actually gave the address to H-E-B but i just went to a different Walmart and took care of it but wow not cool......

Review №14

Good local place on knickerbocker. But produce is very bad. Pharmacy is also very slow.

Review №15

This is only the second or third time that I have been in this store due to it being farther from my house than other stores.Entering the store I immediately noticed how very clean everything was. The floor was beautiful. The produce dept was immaculate and displayed very well. It looked so fresh that I picked up a few items that I didnt really need. I explored the whole store and found the same was true throughout the store. I happened to run into the store manager on one of the aisles and complimented him on his store. He advised me that his associates do a very good job and I agreed. However, they have a great manager and leader also. I intend to start doing my shopping here. Well stocked and clean.👍👍

Review №16

Its a mini version of the bigger Walmarts it only has pet supply, produce and pharmacy needs and the prices are more here bet a few cents or 2 dollars

Review №17

Always fast to get help from staff what Im looking for and nice

Review №18

Had what I was looking for so good trip.

Review №19

Always a good experience . I shop here at least 2-3 times a week.

Review №20

They were out of covid-19 vaccine! I was there for my second dose! Very disappointed!!!!!!

Review №21

Awesome great associates fast n friendly service, very clean produce area was well stocked,will return to shop here more calm atmosphere.

Review №22

Clean, got in and out quick

Review №23

Very organized very big store

Review №24

Had the worst experience today at my neighborhood Walmart. Used the self checkout because only one full service was opened. We couldnt get anyone to help us clear an error due to a double scan of produce. I left after waiting 15 minutes to stand in the only fully check stand open. What a waste of my time. Next time, I will go to Market Street.

Review №25

As is customary, price at register different from tag under t h e produce. This is why I avoid this store as much as I can.

Review №26

Very clean... friendly people all around ... first time in one .. found everything I needed..

Review №27

Its my neighborhood store. Has pretty much what I need but, I cant seem to get them to stock more dog treats. THEY DONT NEED TO ALL BE $10.00. Its still my store.👍🇺🇸

Review №28

Nice clean well stocked neighborhood Walmart.

Review №29

Always shopped here when I could because its so small and convenient. They have everything you need and its much faster and less crowded.

Review №30

Wish ours in New Mexico had prices like this place. I went in for 3 items. Came out with 31. Very friendly and helpful workers. Far as Im concerned this place is perfect

Review №31

The produce here is excellent! The store is always clean and the staff always helpful. I love this store.

Review №32

My favorite neighborhood Market!Its very convenient to stop in and pick up some quick groceries. They carry a lot of the food and grocery list essentials and selected items of other things you may find in a giant store; I guess thats what I like the most. The staff is very nice, the store and parking lot are always very clean.

Review №33

Close to the lake, we were camping and forgot our food cooler. Clean, bright, and well stocked, short and sweet. We only needed food items.

Review №34

Very clean store. I was in and out in very good time

Review №35

Real convenient. Mainly food products but really nice if your in hurry

Review №36

Thanks to all of the employees at this location. I appreciate your helpfulness each time I come. I have used the online grocery shopping, in store shopping, and the pharmacy and I am pleased to say they are doing a great job! Thank you!

Review №37

Cool. Friendly. Extremely clean. Nice selections. Well stocked. Wide rows to get carts through easily. Bright lights. Good parking.

Review №38

Love the neighborhood markets the best.

Review №39

Great prices daily

Review №40

I had 3 packs of Clorox wipes and employee snatched them out of my cart saying they limited 1 per customer in very rude condescendingmanner. There was no sign saying 1 per customer.

Review №41

I like the Market because it is conveniently located and typically had what I need. It is a tiny little grocery store, so not a lot of variety, but really they have always had what I needed. I believe it has curbside delivery as well. Because the store is small, I can run in and back out quickly.

Review №42

Every visit is so great! I would prefer this location to any other!

Review №43

Very nice store, well laid out. Organized. Clean and quiet. Friendly staff. Plenty of parking. Great food selections and prices. Thanks Walmart for a pleasant visit.

Review №44

Great to have a neighborhood store!

Review №45

Always have good fresh produce I generally find everything Im looking for there if I cant the employees are very nice and do their best to help me find the product.

Review №46

This store is always very clean.

Review №47

Sometimes there is a huge difference in prices between this neighborhood market and the large Walmart a few miles away. It can be $2 more for Klondike Bars, etc. They also dont stock a wide variety of some items. The produce is lacking compared to other grocery stores in town. Staff is friendly, and its very easy to get in and out quick if you only need a few items. If its a major grocery trip, this isnt the place to go.

Review №48

Icee Dr Pepper. That sums it up

Review №49

Its a neighborhood Walmart they are all pretty much the same.

Review №50

Best Walmart! We shop here all the time! Staff is friendly and helpful!

Review №51

What is there to say, its Walmart without the toys or electronics

Review №52

Prices left a lot to be desired. Selection of meats and vegetables was minimal, though the fruits/vegetables were fresh. Overall the store is clean, but there are better choices throughout San Angelo.

Review №53

Excellent customer service. Friendly atmosphere, decent selection of products. Prices tend to be higher than their larger stores. Frequently run out of stock on many items by Thursday.

Review №54

Very clean store. Had everything we needed, the fruits and vegetables that we bought were very fresh. Great store!

Review №55

Great for quick shopping visits. Store is clean and organized. Limited access to brands but will have everything you NEED. Large variety of fountain drinks, slushies and coffee for on the go drinks.. usually no lines for check out and you always have the option to go straight to self check out too. Friendly staff.

Review №56

Found what we needed right away, everyone working there was very helpful and friendly

Review №57

I went to buy some lunch meat and they didnt have any cashiers. I asked The self checkout referee if they had any cashiers. He said no sir, not at the moment. So I asked him if I got a discount for having to sack my own groceries. So, no sir. Was the answer. Self check out is a easy way for Walmart to save money and have less employees. I dont want to sack my own groceries!!! Im buying products from you! Total BS I refuse to go through a self check out! Wal marts everywhere have 2 or 3 lanes open. lines out the back door. Forcing people to self check out!

Review №58

I always liked shopping at this store location but now the Pick Up is awesome. My new favorite way to grocery shop. Aimee ROCKS!

Review №59

The manager of the frozen food department was very helpful and went out of his way to find an item I was looking for..... checking out was very speedy, a luxury not afforded these days it seems.

Review №60

Great foods and low prices! I love that they have regularly clearanced items and everything is so fresh. The deli associates are friendly and helpful. I always get my meats there!

Review №61

A little disappointed, traveled from out of state and stopped to pickup a few things and wasnt able to find alot of things i was looking for that are available in Florida!

Review №62

The people that work in the pharmacy are absolutely wonderful

Review №63

Everything you know youll find at Walmart. The best part was that I left my wallet at home and they were very helpful and efficient in waiting for me/suspending sale. Patient and kind, not something I find very often.

Review №64

Always easier to get in and out at this location. Never crowded like the rest

Review №65

It was ok. My first and last visit to a neighborhood market. Id rather go to a real grocery store. There was no walmart magic in the neighborhood style store

Review №66

Quick, easy, and painless to run in, grab what I need and skedaddle on out.

Review №67

Love the self check out. So easy to get in and out quickly. They always have everything I need; for my main shopping list of course.

Review №68

Nice employees. Very helpful and friendly

Review №69

Staff was kind and courteous!

Review №70

Nicest neighborhood Walmart we have ever shopped at. Clean and well stocked. Great pharmacy.

Review №71

Very convenient and very nice people

Review №72

Super convient to the neighborhood. friendly staff. everything is always great... Rip Sam, we miss you

Review №73

Smaller and more accessible than the super Walmarts. Went several times and never noticed long lines, so the shopping experience was fairly quick. Store was clean. Other than that, its a Walmart.

Review №74

Very kind staff and workers dont mind answering questions .

Review №75

Pharmacy personnel were friendly and helpful. They went out of their way to help me. I waited and they made sure I didnt wait to long. thanks

Review №76

Am from out of town visiting family. Nice store .....dont have the Wal-Mart like this at home. Nice to be able to go in and grab the basics that I needed.

Review №77

Clean and stocked.

Review №78

Produce quality is usually not that great, depends on what day I go in there. For the most part they carry the basic essential items you would expect to find in a grocery store. I prefer a supercenter over this neighborhood market

Review №79

Its a great addition to the neighborhood... Unfortunate to us, but weve relocated and we dont have a marketplace near to us...

Review №80

Sall right... but they arent that good at keeping that bakery banana pudding in stock though. Its divine!

Review №81

Small Walmart still has more than just basics. Though the fresh produce aisle ought to be kept better. Much of the selection was bruised or otherwise unsavory. Still, household products and pet stuff never fail to impress!

Review №82

Very clean and organized. Friendly sraff.

Review №83

Excellent customer service at the money center! They are extremely patient and helpful!

Review №84

Great service and had everything I was looking for

Review №85

Great store. It is less than 5 minutes from me so very convenient and has everything I need without having to go to a bigger store:)

Review №86

Close to home. easy check out. Never long lines like the super centers

Review №87

The store associates are very helpful anytime we need anything. We always enjoy shopping at this location!

Review №88

Love this Walmart.

Review №89

Bathroom need be more updated for small children!

Review №90

I love this Walmart only been once and I will continue from now on shop here

Review №91

Has everything you need as far as groceries and household items at a convenient location! You can be in and out pretty quick

Review №92

Always have what I need

Review №93

Pharmacy opened 7 minutes late today, not very professional.

Review №94

Usually you are able to get in and out very quickly, always loved making wal Mart runs, now the market makes it even faster easier and more convenient but building a smaller store located closer to where I stay, very clean, very friendly staff, as well as helpful, if you ever can’t find something specific, all you have to do is ask and a associate would be more than happy to help you out !!!!

Review №95

This is a clean store with helpful, friendly employees. I always enjoy Walmart Neighborhood Market, whether Im just running in for a few items or a whole basket full.

Review №96

Its a really small store and doesnt have a lot of things. I had to go to the big Super Center.

Review №97

It is quick in and quick out. They have all Of The necessities. Love the store.

Review №98

Clean, organized, tidy, quaint, friendly staff, friendly customers with comfortable environment. One of my favorite ❤ Walmarts!

Review №99

Not a bad place, for your regular shopping needs. But I dont shop for my weekly groceries here, just if I need a couple of items

Review №100

Wal-Mart neighborhood is just great. Its the perfect size to run in and grab what you need and it has a drive thru pharmacy. Oh, and grocery pick up!

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  • Address:5154 Knickerbocker Rd, San Angelo, TX 76904, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 325-276-6621
  • Department store
  • Deli
  • Supermarket
  • Discount store
  • Discount supermarket
  • Grocery store
  • Produce market
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–11PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–11PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–11PM
  • Thursday:7AM–11PM
  • Friday:7AM–11PM
  • Saturday:7AM–11PM
  • Sunday:7AM–11PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Check cashing:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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