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My Hearing Centers
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I’ve really enjoyed my experience with My Hearing Center. They have been always friendly and accommodating. If I’ve had any problems or questions, they are quick to respond. Five stars do represent them well.

Review №2

I liked our new Audiologist . I had him tell me a little about him self. He did a thorough check up on my ears and my Aid!!

Review №3

This was a great experience. The Doctor was very knowledgeable and helpful. He did a very thorough job of evaluating My hearing. He also spent a lot of time fitting my hearing aids and explaining how to use them.Kelly was exceptionally helpful. She called to remind me of appointments and called to ask if I could use the stairs as the elevator was out of service.

Review №4

They treated me great as they always do. Got my hearing aid working again. They are always very accomodating and pleasant.

Review №5

We love this office. The staff and Dr Bergstrom are amazing, kind, fun and professional. Theyre always flexible and able to get us in, even when its last minute. Dr Bergstrom is so knowledgeable and explains things clearly. He is great with our little girl. Highly recommend for anyone looking for an audiologist.

Review №6

Dr. Bergen is great! I’ve been seeing him for 2 years now and my experience exceeded my expectations!

Review №7

You guys have been great 👍 everything we have came in

Review №8

We were so impressed with the receptionist so friendly and helpful Kelly we love the Dr he is so kind considerate and professional plus my 85 year old husband could hear when we left would recommend them to anyone great experience ❤️

Review №9

Tad always takes very good care to make sure my hearing aides are working the best for me.

Review №10

Great service. Audiologist Tad is good at what he does and is a good human being.

Review №11

They have always done a very good job with everything you need done and are happy to see you

Review №12

Friendly, knowledgeable folks!

Review №13

Recently, I went to see my usual audiologist who programmed my hearing aids 2 years ago and I have visited with him to have my hearing aids adjusted several times for the last two years, but I was not happy with my hearing aids, even though they were readjusted several times, I almost reached a point to give up scheduled visits with frustration.Well, I went to see him again a few days ago, but another specialist saw me instead. I was disappointed initially. Anyway, I told him that I came to have my hearing aids adjusted, and told how frustrated I have been with my hearing aids. He told me his name is Alex Huse. He tested my hearing briefly and readjusted.To my surprise, I heard what he said to me perfectly well. What a difference !!!!!!!! My wife is very happy because she can talk to meat ease and I am very happy too. I was so happy and called my brother and sisters to talk over the phone. I heard them speak very well. I am so glad that I went there last time.....Thanks.....

Review №14

I have always had a good experience here. Dr. Bergen is professional, pleasant and very accommodating. Kelly, his current receptionist, is one of the best receptionists Ive ever encountered in my 72 years. Theyre great! I never give 5 stars because we can always improve, but they are very very close.

Review №15

Nice, pleasent staff. Easy and relaxed .

Review №16

Dr. Bergen and his team were so amazing. Not only did Dr. Bergen take his time getting to know me but he spent a lot of time figuring out what my best options for hearing aids would be. Dr. Bergen and his team were extremely professional, outgoing, and knowledgeable on all the up to date technology. Going to my hearing center was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I would recommend Dr. Bergen 100%!!

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Review №18

I am very pleased with the professional and very competent services provided by Dr. Bergan at My Hearing Centers in Salt Lake City.C. Jupiter

Review №19

They were amazingly helpful. We were in from out of town and my father-in-laws hearing aids werent working well. They let us in immediately and figured out the issue. They cleaned them and showed him how to maintain them (he should have been told when he bought them at home). Do not hesitate to go to them if you need them. Really nice and professional!

Review №20

Tad Bergen is the best Audiologist! We appreciate him & he is the reason we stay with My Hearing Centers. Thank you!

Review №21

I had a great experience. The staff was friendly and prompt. Dr. Bergen was very affable and knowledgeable. He was thorough and explained everything well. In the end, he determined my hearing was fine for the time being. I will go back to him for my hearing needs in the future.

Review №22

I was just in the Salt Lake office yesterday with my sister-in-law bringing our disabled brother in to see Dr. Tad Bergen for a checkup. Our brother has been wearing his hearing aids for several months now and they have made a huge positive improvement in his life. Dr. Bergen and his staff are professional, friendly and helpful. Dr. Bergen is very sensitive to our brothers special needs and our concerns about him. We are very grateful for the exceptional quality of both the product and the care. Dr. Bergen is positive and we have great confidence in his expertise! He schedules regular checkups to monitor our brothers progress and assess his needs. We feel very appreciative for the care that our brother is receiving. Thank you so much!

Review №23

Was traveling and had an issue with some of my hardware. They graciously offered to take a look and were able to fix it in just a few minutes. Wouldnt accept payment. Great service! Really helped me out in a tough situation.

Review №24

Because of my hearing aides I can now hear myself sing. I have always been uncomfortable singing solos, because I haven’t been able to tell if I was on pitch. I can now tell whether or not I am on pitch. I work as a hospice chaplain. I am so happy that I can sing to my patients. My hearing aides have opened doors of ministering that haven’t been available to me before. I am more because of them.

Review №25

Dr. Tad is the best!

Review №26

We have been working with Dr. Bergen since Mr. Scott sold his business to My Hearing Centers. We have been most pleased with the service and would highly recommend Dr. Bergen. He is most competent and treats his clients with respect. He listens closely and is most empathetic. Kelley his office manager is wonderful. We highly recommend this office to anyone who needs hearing help.

Review №27

I went in for a general check up because I have been worried about my hearing. Dr. Tad Bergen and his staff were friendly and welcoming. My appointment was quick and Dr. Bergen was kind enough to ease my nerves about potential bad news. I will be returning in the future for any of my hearing needs.

Review №28

Very nice, caring audiologist! Gave us both free exams, cleaned out ear wax, and made recommendations. We will definitely go back as needed.

Review №29

I had never had a hearing test before 2 days ago when I visited My Hearing Centers. Dr. Tad Bergen was knowledgeable and personable. Dr. Bergen explained each step of the test while being efficient & answered all of my questions. I highly recommend Dr. Tad Bergen.

Review №30

BRAVO, KELI !! (exotic spelling permitted?) My regular hearing aid provider, the VA, could not see me for another seven devices were dead..Kelly got me kick started prontito....fully functional!When offering to pay, she gives out with nothing more than; Thank you for your service.You will want to trade with a business like this one.

Review №31

I would recommend My Hearing Center and Dr. Bergen to anyone who is suffering from loss of hearing. He and his staff are extremely friendly and professional. His testing was very thorough and made the whole process very enjoyable. And I love my new hearing aid.

Review №32

I couldnt be more pleased with Dr. Tad Bergen at the Salt Lake City location. He fitted me with Halo2 hearing aids about a year ago, and the difference in my hearing has been amazing. And on those occasions when I need them cleaned or adjusted, he has done so quickly and effectively. His appointment reminder card says We change lives through better hearing, and he certainly does.

Review №33

They were very professional.

Review №34

Dr. Tad Bergen is an exceptional professional. The hearing test he administered to me was far more thorough than I have received from other audiologists. He was very helpful and explained everything with clarity and detail. His level of care and service is unmatched. Highest recommendation!

Review №35

Of course, I did not have a hearing problem. My wife had a hearing problem, ME !! She was very tired of me constantly saying, What did you say or WHAT?Dr. Tadd Bergen proved to be most excellent in knowledge, professionalism and above all caring!I have been a patient of Dr Tads for four years. All doctors should be as great.His treatment for me has completely made my life better !!!Thank you Dr Tad.Pete WebbAdditional review: my hearing problem was that my hearing was low and uneven. When I heard someone speak, it sounded as they were speaking with a mouthful of marbles.Dr Tad was abwle to customize my hearing aids so that the volume was even and not too low or high. All of the sounds, people and surrounding were crisp.Guess what !! Birds do chirp and sing.Pete Webb

Review №36

Dr. Bergen was professional, personable and very service oriented. I could tell that he really cares about his patients. It was an amazing experience.

Review №37

My dad just went to Dr. Bergen for his hearing aids. Dr. Bergen was so great, he was very thorough and kind. He gave us plenty of time so we could find the best solution for my dad. We highly recommend My Hearing Center!!

Review №38

I have not seen an audiologist since I was very young and my experience was very pleasant and reassuring. I was very impressed with all of his knowledge and expertise! He was thorough and the equipment he utilizes is state of the art. I will definitely be returning as the need arises.

Review №39

I could not ask for a better audiologist! I always feel welcomed in this friendly environment. Dr. Bergen takes extra time if needed to make sure his clients are fully satisfied. He cares & is sensitive towards my impairment. Highly recommended!!

Review №40

Dr.Bergen supplied me with great hearing aids after extensive testing . They have given me exceptional service for over two years. Dr.Bergen has me in on a regular basis to clean, adjust, and reset any problems per changes in my hearing. I always refer people to My Hearing Centers and especially Dr Bergen in Salt Lake City Utah. The service is definitely a five star rating. Richard H

Review №41

I would like to thank My Hearing Centers, and in particular, Tad Bergen for the unbelievable service that has been rendered to me and my family over the years. My family deals with a particularly difficult form of hearing loss that can make it a challenge to properly fit a pair of hearing aids. Tad has done an exceptional job rising to that challenge. With ages ranging from my 60 year old mother on down to my 3 year old daughter, Tad has made each of us feel at ease and completely comfortable with the entire process of understanding and improving our hearing situation. Each of our lives have been immeasurably improved as a result of Tads proficiency as an Audiologist.

Review №42

I was visiting SLC and my hearing aid was not working properly. My Hearing Center in downtown SLC offered to take a look at it. The Center was easy to find, easy parking and they were awesome!! The hearing aid was definitely not working properly and they waved their magic wand and got it working in just a few minutes!! It was a wonderful help especially since it would have made the vacation less enjoyable to not have optimal hearing. Thank you so much!

Review №43

Dr. Bergen is a highly qualified audiologist. In addition to that he is professional, friendly and kind. He takes all the time needed and even saw us at a moments notice, without an appointment, when there was a concern with my father. I highly recommend Dr. Tad Bergen to anyone needing an audiologist. He is great!

Review №44

Stellar service in my 40 years of wearing hearing aids. Dr. Bergen is very professional and knowledgeable about hearing loss and hearing aids. Over the years, he has tailored hearing aids to my needs, followed up, and has been most accommodating when I need an appointment for an issue. His is personable, delightful, interested in me and my needs, and very patient, taking the time needed for each visit. He goes the extra mile and is a credit to My Hearing Centers.

Review №45

It had been a while since my last hearing test. And the one I received at My Hearing Centers? The most detailed and comprehensive hearing test I have ever received. Doctor Tad took his time and explained the whys and wherefores of every test. He shared with me the results, which confirmed my fairly severe hearing loss. Cant wait to do business with him and My Hearing Centers in the future!

Review №46

Dr. Bergen is very helpful and willing to spend time making sure all my questions are answered. He feels like my advocate so that I get the best hearing assistance possible. Im very glad I found him.

Review №47

Friendly staff: remarkable receptionist! Good location, easily accessible by car, bus or light rail and on foot. Doctor Tad knows his stuff and gives you all the information you need to make informed decisions in easy to understand terms.

Review №48

I Always have a Great Experience with Kelly and Tad!

Review №49

Pleasant experience with Dr.Bergen. He took the time to explain things to meand was very knowledgeable. I would recommend anyone thinking they may have a hearing loss to call Dr. Bergen s office and schedule an appointment. You will be glad you did.Cindy

Review №50

From the first visit to my latest, Dr. Bergen has always been there to help me along the way and provides the best service. He is professional, knowledgeable, and cares deeply about his patients. Im happy to have him as my hearing doctor.

Review №51

I have known Dr. Tad has has been a great help help to me for many years. He has helped me with my old hearing aids and helped me select a new pair (Staley Halo) about 4 years ago. Whenever I had questions about them he was eager to meet with me. Dr. Tad believes in exceptional Customer Service!!John Miller

Review №52

I have been with Tad for many years. He has been very willing to listen to me and try to find solutions (if any) to my hearing problems. He makes sure I understand and tries to accommodate me when traveling issues arise with hearing aids. I highly recommend him. Carol Wilson

Review №53

Dr Bergen is a great Audiologist! Always friendly and great to work with. His team is very helpful with the customers! Dr Bergen cares about his patients!

Review №54

Frustrated with my hearing aids. On short notice I went to Tad Bergen for help. He was kind, caring and knowledgeable. Addressed my needs and I have seen a vast improvement in my hearing.

Review №55

I was on vacation when I had a problem with my hearing aid. The staff at the SLC Hearing Center was very wlecoming to a stranger in town. I really appreciated their willingness to see me without a prior appointment and to help me.

Review №56

I highly recommend Dr. Bergen. I was very pleased with his help and expertise.

Review №57

Pleasant and friendly. Easy to work with! It was more like visiting with a friend than being at the doctors

Review №58

I have gone with Tad Bergen at My Hearing Center for several years. I have purchased several different hearing aids with his recommendations. My hearing is great. If you want the best hearing aids and the best service you should see Dr Tad Bergen.David W EvansJune 22, 2017

Review №59

I love how the Doctor Tad Bergen did wax removed in my ears, lately I had uncomfortable feelings in my left ear with a little painful after he cleaned I feel wonderful. He taking care all my family, he is awesome!I highly recomend it!!

Review №60

I enjoy working with both of you. You are awesome! Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful.

Review №61

Dr. Tad Bergen is an amazing audiologist and educator on what hearing loss does to our brain. I have a new world with my hearing devices. Thank you.

Review №62

Being a music composer with a hearing loss is very frustrating. But Dr. Bergen is a terrific and insightful doctor willing to explore and investigate options. I highly recommend him to anyone with any kind of hearing loss.

Review №63

I cant praise My Hearing Centers enough!My Mother-in-Law had a brain tumor years ago leaving one ear deaf and the other with gradual hearing loss. Over the last year we as a family had noticed she wasnt participating as frequently in conversation especially in loud places.After hearing My Hearing Centers on KSL talking about the amazing new technology being used in hearing aids we thought wed give them a call.So glad we did! They invited us in for a free hearing test and gave my Mother-in-Law some great options. She test drove a few hearing aids and ended up not liking her first pair so Isaac at My Hearing Centers gave her more options and my Mother-in-Law found the right ones that worked for her needs.Its been a few months and my Mother-in-Law is extremely happy! She is re-engaged and loving life!!

Review №64

Dr. Bergen has evaluated our son and also fixed his hearing aids. He was patient, thorough, very nice, and professional. Overall an excellent experience and I would recommend him to anyone.

Review №65

My brother who has Downs Syndrome has a higher quality of life because of Dr. Bergen, My Hearing Centers and the hearing aids and care he gets! Thank you! Id recommend Dr. Bergen and My Hearing Centers to anyone who has hearing loss!

Review №66

Honest, caring, and professional. I appreciate the genuine care Dr. Tad Bergen displayed for my father.

Review №67

Very knowledgable, professional, and great to work with! I live in the Philadelphia area and prefer to see Tad and his team whenever I am in town for business, rather than getting someone local in Philly.I highly recommend My Hearing Centers because they are friendly, flexible, and proficient with their services!!!

Review №68

Tad is both courteous and professional, is concerned with providing the correct fit and proper program settings and has been able to work me in to his schedule when issues arise.

Review №69

Love this place! Can’t say enough great things about them! They are awesome!

Review №70

Dr. Bergen is the best. I highly recommend him, and would never go anywhere else.

Review №71

Excellent service! Recommend highly!

Review №72

I am not actually into writing reviews as I expect very good quality and service at every encounter. I live in San Diego and met Dr. Bergen in 2016 in Salt Lake City at a point where my ears were very clogged. I returned to Salt Lake City and made an appointment for an examination and ear cleaning. Not only did Dr. Bergen clean my ears, he adjusted my hearing aids and paired them with my iPhone. I think he should move to San Diego!!

Review №73

Tad at my hearing center always put his customers first no matter how bussy he is always making sure his customers are happy & spends the time to mak sure you can hear with quility of the product I would not go any wear else but tad at my hearing center

Review №74

Im from out of town, and they took care of me and got me in and out even though I didnt have an appointment. Amazingly helpful.

Review №75

Very professional, took time to explain everything in an understandable way.

Review №76

My mother has been going to Tad Bergen with My Hearing Center for many years. Tad has always taken great care of her hearing related issues and we will continue to see Tad, we are very happy with his service.

Review №77

Wonderful, friendly staff!! Great customer experience!

Review №78

I feel like part of the family every time I go in

Review №79

I was very happy with the service and friendliness of the staff.

Review №80

Wonderful service from Dr Tad Bergen!

Review №81

Great experience, Dr Bergen was very helpful and kind

Review №82

Dr Bergen constantly shows a care and desire to help with my hearing issues

Review №83

Outstanding service and customer care.

Review №84

Great experience and awesome patient care

Review №85

Friendly professional courtesy to client and staff

Review №86


Review №87

Professional, friendly and quick!

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