NPS Store
1600 Empire Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84104, United States
NPS Store
Review №1

If you haven’t checked out this outlet store you are missing out. The store is filled with great stuff clothes, housewares, electronics and so much more. One of my favorite places to shop for birthday gifts. I always spend more time in this place than I planned.

Review №2

Its really hit or miss. Like others have mentioned a lot of things arent a good deal. If its prepacked odds are its not cheap. Sometimes its more than a regular grocery store.That said, the produce is insanely cheap. Like it fell of a truck cheap. And it looks that way too. A lot of the produce will be overripe or bruised. Ive seen molds growing on it and that kind of thing. Then sometimes the food is perfectly fine. The perfectly fine stuff sells the fastest.The non-food section is a fun little area. You can get some cheap stuff there. I dont think Ive ever bought anything from that part of the store, but it has that thrift store potential.

Review №3

I love NPS, I’m a bargain hunter. You need to know what things are worth because not everything is a good deal. We could fill a cart and it would cost a fraction of the cost that grocery shopping at smiths or Walmart would . You can find bargain toys, decor, clothing, skin care, wellness products there’s a little bit of everything. Normally it’s disorganized so it’s basically like stopping thrift you have to look for the deals. I highly recommend NPS but it’s definitely not for everyone.

Review №4

Good place to save money!

Review №5

I think that the NPS store is great. I got there on the 22f just before the store closed, 4 minutes before the store closed, had no trouble going in getting what I needed and checking out with everybody inside being happy about my coming late. In checking out we had a monsoon rain with hailstones and heavy winds blowing outside and I was in a hurry to get out to my car again and be gone. Then I did a stupid thing and left my credit card. I discovered that almost immediately but of course could not go back that day. I was not much worried about it. The next day later in the day I was able to get back to NPS and found that their security, as I had expected, had secured my card and it was a matter of a whole about 2 minutes for them to retrieve it for me and return it. I was very happy with their service both days.

Review №6

Its a good place to get some deals. The food side is more organized than the clothing side. Not everything is a good deal. Sometimes its cheaper at your local market. It is cleaner now than it was before covid. For food look at the expiration date, the sign will say out dated. Overall its a good place to check out, just remember its not Target.

Review №7

I call this place the Nothing Perfect Store because you know that most of the treasures you find arent going to be perfect but they almost always work! The grocery side is a great place to get second hand produce that is helping reduce food waste! You can also get tons of bulk priced meat so its great for any avid grill master! They have good health products too. The thing I love about this store is that you never know what you will find when you walk in the door! Every time there are new deals and new opportunities for finding treasures. The industrial side is great for finding all your home improvement project needs just be prepared to search like crazy for that deal!

Review №8

We were up in salt lake city and decided to go check out NPS while we were close by. I love all the deals they have. I got 4 tires last time I was there for my four wheeler and this time I found some super awesome American ladies shorts. You never know what your going to find when you come in. If I lived closer I would be coming in more often.

Review №9

Shop there every week for groceries and other great finds! Friendly staff.

Review №10

Great deals to be found, everyday something new😃! Not all grocery items are regularly checked for freshness and must be thoroughly inspected.

Review №11

First time shopper. Parking is tight. Deals are good on the groceries. Make sure to check expiration dates. Clothing prices are not worth it for the name brands they sell.

Review №12

Bought 3 cartons if milk, 2 were curdled even though the date was more than a week out. Loaf of bread was rock-hard in less than 24 hours. Difficult finding products as shelves resemble chaotic randomness. Staff is courteous.

Review №13

It was awesome, love going there! Dont make it alot since i live along way away, probably a good thing i would be broke! Great deals! People on the food side are really nice, but on the Industrial side pretty nasty folks! We try not to go over there!

Review №14

Hot and miss experience. Sometimes with sales you can get incredible deals. Other times you find that items in here are marked at full retail, which is kinda weird for a damaged freight store

Review №15

Lots of options. Rotating stock discounts. Be careful with the food items you get here. Otherwise good discounts when you find what youre looking for.

Review №16

Love now always finding things I need and sometimes dont need but still fun

Review №17

A lot of random stuff, and if youre willing to dig and know what to look for you can find a deal.

Review №18

First time visit and was pretty disappointed. Didnt feel the prices were that good of a deal.

Review №19

We call this place dinner and a show. It is food and a circus rolled into one. Saturdays are extra busy and makes for fantastic people watching.

Review №20

Prices are good if you are watching what you are buying. We love love love this place for things like, shampoo, vitamins, batteries, adult diapers, and jewelry. You can get great deals on electronics at times too!! On the food side we LOVE this place for everything frozen and fresh. ( you do have to watch produce for freshness)We do not care particularly for items such a bedding, (there a as a twin size blanket my daughter wanted it has a print of super heros on it, they had it marked for almost double the price that it could be found on Amazon) shoes or canned food as they seam to be over priced.

Review №21

Everything is great here I can feed my family for 159.00 and from anywhere else ill be spending 300.00 to 400.00 to feed them!

Review №22

Super friendly staff and organized store, great deals and fun environment

Review №23

It is always fun to shop at NPS and find some great deals on food and other items. You do have to know your prices as some items are more expensive than traditional retail stores but there are frequent sales that add additional discounts to selected categories of products each month.Shopping at NPS feels like an adult version of an Easter egg hunt. Lots of fun and better when it is less crowded. 🙂

Review №24

This use to be a good place to save alot of money. But sadly that isnt true anymore. You have to know the going price on anything you buy there now days there are still some good deals to be had at nps but be careful, for example the cottage cheese that nps sales for$3.49 is $1.25 at smiths same size!

Review №25

Like the industrial side this is not nearly as good as it was when I first started going. Mind you I still go and you can find good deals but a lot of things are as cheap or cheaper at a normal store. Pricing is very inconsistent. Canned soft drinks used to be 10 for a dollar a very good price and now they are four for a dollar about the same as the sale price at Kroger. Don’t bother looking unless they have a sale. They have a clearance area. In the clearance area they have things that they dont have a lot of or they are too damaged to put on a normal shelf. They used to sell things theyre super cheap. Not anymore. They were trying to sell a box of crackers for the same price you could get them for at Walmart. The box was beat to pieces. This is not uncommon. You can still find a good deal but its getting to be more of the exception.

Review №26

Not a bad spot for some decent deals. Everything is marked down some what but a lot of the merchandise is damaged and still at full price. Some of the items are miss matched and are defected from other warehouses. It’s a great place for deals but do your research first and watch out for the shirts that got recalled for the seam down the middle type stuff.

Review №27

Fantastic store filled with so very many wonderful deals :) Check out their curbside Utah local online ebay store. If looking for employment give them a call they have a variety of positions available 😎

Review №28

A lot of everything at absolutely the lowest price anywhere!

Review №29

Used to be great but now not so much

Review №30

I usually stop in for 1 or 2 things in mind. Before I know it, Ive filled the cart with fantastic deals. Stuff I didnt know we needed, but have really enjoyed and appreciated. Im in the habit of striking up a conversation with the people helping me at the register, and Im always so impressed with the wonderful people I have spoken with there. I love this place.

Review №31

We love it here the produce is always fresh 😉🤗🤩

Review №32

We have been coming here for years and have always been treated great, and love this store. Today was a whole different story!! The cashier was soooo rude, didn’t acknowledge us, wouldn’t answer questions on products, etc. Not a hello or most of of all a THANK YOU!! Acted like we were a nuisance…disappointing.

Review №33

My absolute favorite store in Utah

Review №34

Always have enjoyed going to MPS glad that they put one further up north now out in like Layton but used to use anyone in salt lake very convenient has a lot of things that you can use and you find a lot of things you wouldnt expect to find it some other place

Review №35

Good store for everything you need but you dont need. You can find some really good deals, and some sales. Dont think they know the prices on everything, some arent correct. Example, Ive seen charcoal priced higher then Walmart. Other than that,its worth stopping by.

Review №36

First time there they had a lot of things to offer at avery good price. Well stocked and clean

Review №37

This is a fun store for odds and ends buys. There is a wide variety of things to buy in general goods that include electronics, art supplies, personal hygiene, jewelry, and clothing. I found items from art to chopsticks. If you need groceries, there is a fun selection as well. I was very surprised by the fantastic deals in the produce section, including limes for .10 each. I would not go here to do my main grocery shopping, but it is a fun place to check out if you like flea markets or swap meets, and bargain deals. - Enjoy!

Review №38

It is what it is. Off brand&expiring food stuffs,cluttered shelves with all kinds of random items. We picked up a few things but the prices on some things were comparable to other name brand stores. The staff was very nice&Alan (a cashier) let us in on a joke to push on this dog squeaker toy we bought when we saw one of his coworkers come by! Apparently she gets annoyed,we did&all involved laughed! Great little adventure!

Review №39

Prices are not that great really have to hunt for any type of bargain, even the outdated stuff is overpriced. Customer service station needs a major work over, I was ignored way too long with as many people working that station pretending to work.

Review №40

Love this place. I wish they had one in Cali. The people that work here are so nice and helpful. Literally anything that you need you will find here. Its a little out of the way but when you can find everything here plus its not a big deal. Groceries, clothes, house, electronics and so much more. Definitely would make this my to go place

Review №41

Good deals on shelf stable groceries but high retail prices on everything else. Also, it would have been nice to have a baby changing space in the restroom. It looked like there could have been a counter for that, but it was covered in restroom supplies.

Review №42

A fun place to explore food and non-food close outs. It is hit or miss. You can usually find something you like.One thing they have consistently is Aspen Mills bread @ $1.59, on occasion $0.99.It makes a great gift. Some friends now hope I will bring it. I usually do...The photo is from a loaf I had put in the freezer already.

Review №43

Awesome prices. No doubtsAWFUL, TERRIBLE, BAD LINES AT THE THREE (3) CASHIERS!!Closing time, there was a line going back into the isles.They can afford to pay an off duty Police Officer for whatever reason, maybe they are scared someone will try to steal a bag of $.99 candy, but not hire additional much needed cashiers. I have never seen a cashier waiting with all customers online I have never seen a customer just seen Idol theres always a line theres always a customer paying for his/hers groceries. Why jot try to make a customers shopping experience spending $150 (my bill today) not as painful? Why do customers have to wait in line for such a terrible long amount of time as punishment for choosing NPS for shopping for near or post dated goods?Not demanding a seating VIP area with a view of the valley and free drinks of bubbly carbonated beverages served, only that I dont have to wait in a crowded line of frustrated customers blocking the shopping experience of other customers.CLARIFYING THAT- The quality of the cashier is not debated. The poor ladies work pleasantly and as fast as they can while being accurate. They are great at handling some of the difficult angry customers but dang it, i hardly ever see a cashier last working at NPS because of HELL, the long lines make people angry!!Perhaps we customers are treated as lesser than other shoppers for other stores because their prices are lower than other places perhaps their store sees us customers as their outdated boxes of yogurt, a nice presentation on the outside with colorful packaging but nothing but sour on the inside, not to be valued much cause we are going rotten and replaced by a new one soon enough.

Review №44

Love the place always find a deal there

Review №45

Super fun experience for an adult who wants to buy something - but not sure what. This store has things that were unclaimed recipients from truck transportation. There were BBQs wine fridges and tires ... so many random stuff.

Review №46

Always fun to go through, can always find something you need or want

Review №47

Prices seemed a bit high, I was told by a friend that they liked the store, clothing/household items were over priced.

Review №48

Good prices on B stock retail items. Not a great store to bring kids to. I would not go with children under 12.

Review №49

Fantastic deals! Nice Place to Shop :-) Bargains beyond belief. Pennies on the dollar. We drive 35 miles to get here and the hundreds we save makes our once a month trip worth it.

Review №50

Foodies on the cheap. You have to know what you are looking at to see if its worth it. Know about what kinda price you should pay. Most of the time its awesome goodies.

Review №51

So dont go in this store thinking its organized and uber clean, you will be disappointed. Now, get ready for some crazy good discounts. Be willing to dig through shelves to find the diamond in the rough and you will be very pleased with yourself at checkout!! Today I got a 32oz yeti for $11.49 and lots of really nice spice island and McCormick spices .99 each.

Review №52

Its the broken food store! Good to great deals if you look long enough

Review №53

Cheap prices on mostly name brand foods. Some are over or close to expiration dates. Good values but I generally consume food items asap. Non-food items are equally good buys. Read labels and eat food rather than store for any great length of time. Afternoon are generally not busy if you dont want to deal with crowds.

Review №54

You can find a little bit of everything here! Could be more organized but it’s not too bad. Reserve a couple hours to investigate around; it’s a little like if Deseret industries and the dollar store had lovechild, very good finds!

Review №55

Mostly go for the bread, but they have other really good deals- some always there, some big loads sporadically. Some of the good deals arent really deals though, they just get you in with some of the cheap stuff and then Mark other things up more than regular...

Review №56

I have loved this place for years. Find a treasure at NPS!

Review №57

Crazy, fun stuff. Lots of interesting finds for a good price.

Review №58

Best kept secret in SLC. Id tell you more but then Id have to....

Review №59

Sad to see this place decline. This used to be a great place to find cheap deals, but prices have definitely increased over the years. And since it’s unorganized and dirty it’s not worth it to shop here anymore.

Review №60

Always awesome and the best deals anywhere pretty much.

Review №61

They way overprice things sometimes, even more than new items, but if you know what things are actually worth you can find some amazing deals when they actually underprice.

Review №62

I had heard about this place and was excited to check it out. On the non-food side, I was really unimpressed. They are charging pretty much normal prices and in some cases retail prices for good that are obviously surplus. You better know what you’re doing or else you’re wasting money. On the food side, most everything was well priced, though not incredible. Much of it was basic grocery store sale price. However, some of it was incredibly low priced and people would be wiping those things off the shelf. To me, if you’re close enough to swing by all the time and look for deals, then you will find incredible deals. But it’s not a place to do grocery shopping for things you need on a week t week basis. Examples of the best deals I found: large packet of fresh guacamole for $2. Ben and Jerry’s pint for 99c. Broccoli for 25c a pound.

Review №63

Just depends on what you need this place is comparable to a flea market totally self serv and hard to tell whats on sale . For more advanced shoppers with patience.

Review №64

NPS is an establishment I’ve been coming to for years. You can find the most random things here. If you are into great deals and are in for the hunt this is the place. You can find anything if you are patient. I love the hunt.

Review №65

Depending on what ur looking for always check @ NPS as they will offer u a great price...that is if they have priced your find. If not, be prepared to get the 🏃‍♂️ run around in hopes of finding someone who will price/tag it for u. If not the cashier wont sale it to u.

Review №66

I didnt know I submitted one star. When the alert came up to review after I left the store, I thought I opted out. I mustve clicked on it. I think your store is great. Found lots of good stuff. I changed it to 5 . Thank you

Review №67

I do not recommend shopping for any kind of fresh foods as they are anything but. However, miscellaneous house items, shoes, clothes, etc are well priced and they have a large selection.

Review №68

Its very affordable for any and everyone. With almost any supply you can think of to survive. The NPS Store is the place to go. The staffs very pleasant to talk to.

Review №69

They always have great deals. But the project is almost always outdated. Thats why they have the great deals. They also only give in-store credit on returns. Youll definitely never get your money back. But I have bought name brand shoes that Lasted Me years for about half the cost. Also its the place I usually buy my work clothes. I go through a lot of shirts and pants. I can buy pants for five bucks and shirts for a couple of bucks.The store however looks Rundown and absolutely nothing is where the price tag is. If you see a price tag make sure its what youre trying to buy.

Review №70

If you are looking for a great deal, this place has it! I like to stock up when they have sales! I was looking for a price on Oakdell Compost and the Oakdell website said they carry it but couldnt find it. Ugh! Other than that, shopping here was a good experience

Review №71

Love this store. Always a adventure.

Review №72

Tbch this store scares me a lot more then the orem one but either way I know they have great deals and some great stuff around, plus their grocery section is like top notch over there haha would recommend at least one look through if not more

Review №73

Store is good but use to be cheap here now most product is same price like other stores or even way more, the employee s here I tink they just stick a price on an item without doing some search this store supposed to be cheaper than others not anymore

Review №74

This is the first time that I had been to NPS in many years but it was a wonderful experience and the savings that I had on groceries was unbelievable. I came out with a shopping cart loaded to the brim and I thought it was going to be the neighborhood of 200 plus dollars but it only cost me $75. I was astounded. Its a little bit confusing at first because there are two separate divisions, the industrial side and the more domestic side, but either way the savings are worth the trip. You could spend a week in there and still not look at everything. If you have never been to NPS I suggest that you take the trip. Youll be as amazed as I was.

Review №75

We love this place. The deals are great, obviously, but the employees are exceptional. They are always so helpful and kind!

Review №76

I enjoy shopping here because you never know what you might find, some of the things are really great, but you should come knowing what the regular prices are for items you hope to find cheaper. I have found wonderful things for my family and I will tell you this, if you think you might need it, buy it because it wont be there the next time you come. I have never been disappointed at this store.

Review №77

Good place to find a lot of things really cheap and convenient. Good deals!

Review №78

Dreadful experience. I watched the clerk in collectables berate a customer over masks. Seems she didnt want to follow store policy. She prattled on about a Youtube video that said they werent necessary. Guess she got an MD from Youtube-U. She berated her management over the policy. Then she told the customer to pick something up across the room that I know had been there for a while. Guess she didnt understand who the customer was.Update- we spoke with a manager about it and I am sure it was taken care of. But if your employees wont do something as simple as wearing a mask, how do you know that they wash their hands after using the restroom?

Review №79

I would rate this 5 stars for all the awesome stuff you find here, IF the stuff rang up correctly at checkout. I pay attention to all of the process as I shop do i dont overpay for mismarked items. At checkout, there are always a couple items that ring up wrong. I wouldnt be the wiser if I didnt pay attention. Last time I didnt notice until after checkout and the lines were so long that it wasnt worth waiting in line to get the couple bucks back. Ill consider it a donation for the good deals.

Review №80

Great spot to find metal. Though sometimes not what it says it is.

Review №81

Ive been going there for over 30 years and its still great

Review №82

Great deals on everything. Some of the food is expired but its not bad. I always go here or costco first.

Review №83

I have visited this store since I was a child. It was always a place of good deals, as its a store of close to expiration or expired goods. Unfortunately this will likely be my last visit as there prices have reached and exceeded grocery store prices. I mentioned it to the front end manager and she replied yes I have been hearing that a lot lately.Example. I worked for a cheese company for 6 years. Yellow cheese ages nicely, however mozzarella and Monterey cheese does not. So seeing a block of nearly expired cheese sell for 4.29 at smiths its 3.99 fresh.Your only chance of getting a deal here is there dented can section.

Review №84

One word. Ghettooooo. Lol

Review №85

Almost everything you need and more of everything you want its a big fun store.

Review №86

If you like shopping thrift stores this place is for you, not my cup of tea

Review №87

Barging galore on food, hard goods, clothing and shoes. Deep discounts. Ive shipped NPS for 34 years.

Review №88

The store is incredibly dirty. I waiting in a line for over 10 minutes for them to say the worker is going on a break and I need to switch lines. Making me wait even longer. I am incredibly frustrated with the lack of costumer service. This is 2021. Git with the times already.

Review №89

A great place to pick up nonperishable foods at low prices. Occasionally there are some decent home goods. Produce is available, but quality sways heavily with the seasons. Best is May-August.

Review №90

Great shopping place if you know what you are looking for

Review №91

You never know what you’re going to find, but you’ll always find something at a good price. It’s fun for people who enjoy a treasure hunt.

Review №92

Was a fast trip. We were looking for a crib mattress and didnt find one. But this place is massive and we were able to find other things that were were needing, so its okay.

Review №93

This is an interesting store that has tons of unique food and non-food items at really good prices. But you have to know or at least have some idea the going regular prices are some of these things-there are some items that are the same or even higher.

Review №94

Has everything from tools to milk beats Walmart all to heck closes at 6pm and sundays walking distance from Sapp bros. Back again love the stores they have every thing nice place to get just about anything you can think of.

Review №95

Great place to find deals on groceries. Food may be expired or have a damaged package, but the food is still good.

Review №96

Great deals on SOME things and those are the ones I buy

Review №97

Excellent place with lots of deals

Review №98

OVERVIEW - 3.25As a Forewarning: Do not come here on a Saturday, unless you wish to hate humanity! Theres nothing the matter with the business, its just that there are way too many people and it makes you end up hating humanity, as they conveniently leave their carts in the middle of the aisle as they look at something on the side. Some of them just drag their feet as you try to get around them. It is just a hopeless, hateful feeling being there on a Saturday, any other day is a happy, carefree day! Also avoid the restrooms, most people are like steerage when using it.LOCATION - 3Ive had to use a GPS almost every time to get here. I dont necessarily blame, them, it is a warehouse afterall, and Im not too familiar with Salt Lake City streets.PRICE - 3Some prices are great, some are absurd. The produce is always nicely priced, as is much of the food. The normal retail items I feel sometimes are over priced, especially kids toys. You can occassionally catch weekly discounts on specific items youre wanting, where it is dropped by a certain percentage of price.PRODUCT/SERVICE - 3Most food has expired or near expiration. That doesnt bother me much because we use it up rather quickly, and most food is processed to last much longer after expiration. Most of non-food products is buyer beware, as it is possible it may break, after all, it is most likely discounted for a specific reason...EMPLOYEES - 4The employees for the most part are rather friendly. Every Saturday I go, I always bump into the same bread guy stocking bread. I always ask him for my squaw bread, and he always apologizes for it being out, and wishes me a good weekend after calling me friend.

Review №99

Great deals on car parts

Review №100

When you go to this store you need to realize that some items my be out of date but still good. Look for great deals. The pepper jack cheese in this picture is only $.99 cents a box. Ive bought it before and love it! I just pop the extra I bought in the freezer and use it when I want. Save some money for sure.

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  • Address:1600 Empire Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84104, United States
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  • Phone:+1 801-972-4132
  • Grocery store
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Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–7PM
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  • Saturday:Closed
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Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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