Salt Lake Valley Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM
2309 State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84115, United States
Salt Lake Valley Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM
Review №1

My step son took his Chrysler 200 to this dealer ship with transmission issues, two days later and after a full vehicle service, we were told the transmission was toast... not a complete loss, after all we did get full tune up, new spark plugs, oil changed and wiper blades!!! Really?!? Over $1500 in charges and we are now having to take this vehicle to a transmission shop! I feel they fully took advantage of my step son’s naive knowledge about vehicles. Shame on this service department! Steer clear of this place unless you have deep pockets!!!!

Review №2

The prompt, friendly, and professional sales staff was great. We had an excellent experience working with Richard. Highly recommended!

Review №3

My initial buying experience was not great. The salesperson did a very poor job of acquainting me with my new Jeep Cherokee L. I left the lot really not knowing enough about my car.HOWEVER, I was able to return to the dealership this week and was absolutely thrilled with the help I received. Elliot made my day. He was so kind and helpful. He sat with me, explained everything, answered all my questions as if the sale had been his. I wish it would have been. I never leave reviews but this guy deserves your business. Thank you Elliot!

Review №4

Got me in and out of the service appointment promptly. Easy to talk to. Explained the problems well.

Review №5

Bought a new 21 Ram 2500 from these guys, they made it a quick & easy transaction. Would especially like to thank, Charles and Jon both worked together to make this transition happen, they both answered all my emails and texts quickly or gave me a call to give me the answer. I really like the way they price their inventory, the prices arent figured with every single rebate that I never qualify for, to get the low internet price. They are figured with rebates, but below it says exactly what you have to qualify for them, and not guessing on what price your paying. Charles also picked my family and I up from the airport, and drove us to the dealership, which was very convenient. Would also like to thank the finance office for getting us in & out, since we needed to hit the road and head home. Overall it was a very positive purchase and have nothing negative to report.

Review №6

Ryan, our salesman, was friendly and patient, assisting us from the time we stepped foot on the property until we drove away. Brent was very knowledgable with the functions and performance of our vehicle and spent some time educating my husband and me. There was no pressure to purchase. If a product is good, it will sell itself. The rest of the team were kind and helpful.

Review №7

I recently purchased a new Dodge vehicle and because of the treatment I received at the purchasing dealership, I was looking to find a new Dodge dealership to provide service moving forward. My experience with Colton and others in the service department was beyond my expectations. Setting up the appointment was quick and easy, they were prepared when I arrived, and even when there was a question about my extended service contract they went out of their way to make things work. Best experience I have had with any Dodge dealership I have visited. Thank you!

Review №8

Richard was wonderful. One of the best salesmen I have ever dealt with. I came all the way from California to get a truck here, and the experience. was great. Richard even picked me up at the airport. I love the truck I purchased too. I highly recommend Salt Lake Valley Chrysler Jeep Dodge.

Review №9

Best Dodge/Jeep dealer in the valley! The service department always goes above and beyond to help me out. Go see Rafael and he’ll take care of you! Thanks again guys!

Review №10

I came and test drove a 2021 Jeep Wrangler they had advertised on KSL, I loved the Jeep and told them I was interested in seeing the numbers. This is the exact moment the heavy handed sales techniques set in, I was told to sign a paper stating I would take the vehicle home TODAY if “agreeable” terms were reached. How could I possibly know if I agreed to them before seeing them? After politely declining to sign I was told they would “see what they could do” they came back and doubled down on a signature on this “contract ”, I declined once again and I will admit I was less than polite the second time around. After refusing to play the sales games I was informed the Jeep I had test driven a half hour before was no longer for sale and there was nothing they could do for me. In the half hour this took they could have ran the numbers and we could have tried to reach an agreement but instead they chose to argue with me. If you want a car buying experience that leaves you feeling disrespected and uneasy this is the place for you!Edit: Four days later and the Jeep is still listed on the local classifieds and the dealership is still sending me auto generated emails like none of this happened.

Review №11

I don’t believe I can adequately do justice to the kindness shown to me by Justin Smith (sales manager) and Troy in service at Salt Lake Valley Dodge. So a glowing review will have to do!! Insanely busy day and my car randomly wouldn’t start after dropping my husband at the airport, switched to his car and half way to my destination the tire blew! Slowly drove the car off the freeway to the nearest business, Salt Lake Valley Dodge and this incredibly kind human, Justin Smith, saved my day!! ❤️ He offered help when he didn’t need to, went above and beyond, pulled in Troy the service manger to help me find tires and sent me off with a loaner car so I could get back to my crazy day. I’m not a customer, don’t own a Dodge, just a random stranger who needed help. I left with tears in my eyes, baffled by their kindness. People are good! 🥰 Kindness and customer service builds loyalty for life! When I’m ready to buy that Jeep we’ve been wanting, you’ll be my first call!! Thank you Justin, Troy and team! If you are looking for a car, jeep or truck, go visit Justin Smith down at Salt Lake Valley Dodge!

Review №12

It has been almost 1 year since I purchased my truck at this dealership. I have had a lot of time to think about my experience with the staff. The salesman was a nice guy, semi knowledgeable, average salesman at best. The finance guy, on the other hand, needs to rethink his career choice. He seemed nice enough at first but quickly turned into an angry troll as soon as we turned down the extended warranty. I left his office feeling like I just left a proctology exam. Our experience purchasing this truck ended on a bad note.

Review №13

Buy these men a beer! Rob, Jeremy, and Brandon totally took care of my Jeep service issue. They were pleasant, helpful, and took extra time to explain the problems to me, which auto service people sometimes dont do for women. I appreciate it more than you know.

Review №14

WATCH OUT!!These guys, Charles the salesman and Justin the floor manager, did not disclose that they were trying to add $5,000 to the sticker price.Went to sign the papers, and noticed there was an inflated price!!And then they tried to fabricate excuses as to why.Truly an insult to customers.If youre comfortable with a bunch of lies, you can trust themThe response is fabrication.There was no negotiationThere was no clear modification of addition to the stickerThe sales person scribbled in marker on a blank sheet.The finance team lied that everyone is charging over sticker when other dealers are not.They intentionally tried to delay the time since I had my wife and kids thereCompletely a schemeI am happy to report this to the BBB and notify others.I have rarely been so disgusted with human behavior

Review №15

Service advisors were friendly, complimentary, and wait time was minimal. Very pleased!

Review №16

The entire process was excellent. Jayden was great to work with. He was upfront about the deal I was getting and there were not any big surprises when I got there to sign the paperwork. Wade was also great and so was financing. Just an overall excellent experience.

Review №17

Thank you randy and Felipe for the great service, they got me into a 2021 challenger even when I was in a tough spot. Great customer service which is hard to find In a dealership these days, and they helped me with all my questions and concerns

Review №18

I purchased a Jeep Cherokee from Salt Lake Valley Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM in 2017 and had all my maintenance and oil changes done here. When I sold the Jeep, I still had two prepaid oil changes left and they happily transferred them to my Ram truck. Great service!

Review №19

Got an oil change for my Ram first thing in the morning. Great customer service, and they have an expresso machine! I was in and out within an hour.

Review №20

Quick service & decent employees.But unfortunately I was charged more for the service than what I was quoted over the phone. They said there wasn’t anything they could do about that mistake.

Review №21

Great service didnt wait long was in and out same day thank you guys hope to see you again

Review №22

Purchased a new 2021 Ram 3500 on August 7th 2021. Brought it home to discover it had a leak under the truck. Brought the truck in for repair under warranty. Talked with Brandon, service manager, he walked me through everything to be done. Happy with the communication.

Review №23

I liked how Bret helped me select the best vehicle based on my needs and requirements. He treated me and my husband like we were royalty. And he found the perfect vehicle for me! Also, Todd in Finance (I think thats his name) was also super helpful and very friendly and shared some really good information that also assisted in my decision for the type of warranty to purchase for my new vehicle. Finally, weve been using SLV (even before it became SLV) for years to have our vehicles serviced and have always been treated with dignity and respect which is why we are loyal customers.

Review №24

They picked me up from the airport, and in less than hour I was driving my new Jeep Gladiator home. Such an easy experience.Thank you

Review №25

I was looking into purchasing a vehicle here and the sales guy was rude! He didn’t want to give me the price of the vehicle until I gave him the information on my trade in. He even said to me that he wasnt trying to be rude but until I give him my information, he wasnt going to give me information about the vehicle. When you say youre not trying to be rude, well you are being rude. Few days later we went to the lot and the miles on a different vehicle that was used, were different then what the paper said in the window. It was a 2,000 mile difference. When we looked into the vehicle, it was so dirty! Fast food wrappers, food in-between the seats and middle console and full of dog hair! They said they only had the vehicle 3 weeks when it was clear someone there was driving it as their own person vehicle.

Review №26

I tried and tried with this place, they told me I couldn’t get a $23k tundra unless I wanted a 20% interest rate and over $900 payment.. first off, that math doesnt add up even if a bank would approve a 20% interest rate... but they could “easily” get me into a $38k vehicle with a way smaller payment?? Literally went down the street to RC Auto and bought a Tundra for the same price in way better shape the next day with a $400 payment. Kept me in the dark the whole time and would never show me any paperwork just kept giving me the run around. Stealership.

Review №27

There are numerous things I liked about my experience. This transaction has been at the least 2 years in the making. The no pressure environment was the main reason I came back to buy my second Jeep from you. You trusted my loyalty every time I came in to get my oil change and would test drive and sometimes talk numbers on a new Jeep. Maximus Decimus (Grey Gladiator) was replaced by Skittles (Green Wrangler) in the pic below.

Review №28

We have 2 vehicles 1 jeep and 1 truck we bought the truck from slc Valley doge and have had awesome service when Brandon was there we were worth the time to listen to us We returned for a recall that was done the new guy we wernt worth the time to be heard.

Review №29

The salesman and staff were exceptional in providing the information I requested regarding the Gladiator I located at the Salt Lake Valley dealership via the internet. They kept in contact with me, fulfilled every request I made, performed all tasks in a timely manner and made my dream of owning a Jeep Gladiator a reality. They even scheduled the delivery of the vehicle to me in Indiana and promised a reimbursement for a full tank of gas and car wash once I received my new Jeep. Brooks, Tyler, Bret and Andrew were especially helpful!

Review №30

Got me right in and gave a quick service job. ThanksEdit: My truck hasn’t leaked a drop off anything in the 4 years it’s been owned and one oil change through this place and now it’s got a slow Oil leak. Plus I found so many grease hand prints all over the interior which wasn’t easy to clean off. I stopped at this place for its convenience of location but I’m regretting it. I over paid for a mediocre service.

Review №31

If you need a Jeep, go to Bret Simons at Salt Lake Valley Jeep! Ive never had a smoother experience at a dealership then when dealing with Bret. In and out in 1 hour once the deal was done, amazing.

Review №32

We had our 2020 Jeep Cherokee breakdown and needed to be towed to the dealership the service tech took care of it, we were told we couldn’t get a loaner for the weekend because they didn’t have any available! Our car was returned to us on Monday after a computer updated was completed. They didn’t even do a courtesy wash, our car was filthy dirty, had finger prints all over the drive side door, doors must of been left open seats were covered in dust and the tire pressure sensor was showing wrong pressure. It’s unfortunate the integrity of good service is gone!!!

Review №33

If I could have given ZERO stars I would have.I first emailed this dealership asking if a couple of trucks were available. There was a quick response that showed the truck I was looking for was indeed available and the price was displayed. (See attached screenshots) we drove 45 minutes to start the process.Upon arriving and standing in the parking lot looking at the two trucks we were interested in, we noticed there was nobody else around. We eventually searched the lot and found a well mannered service tech that led us in the right direction.We had to enter the building and was finally approached by a sales person. (Elliot) He led us back to the trucks and then left momentarily to get the keys. When he returned I pointed out the difference between the MSRP sticker price and a secondary sticker price. The MSRP was $50,000ish (pics to follow) and the second sticker was $58,000ish. After I pointed out the difference and acknowledged that there was lift kit and aftermarket tires added. I then referred to the online price and the MSRP and asked if the $50,000 was correct or was the $58,000 correct. He told us the $50,000 was correct. I asked again just to confirm and he indeed confirmed the $50,000 price.We took it for a test drive and decided on the $50,000 priced truck. We went into the dealership and began to talk price. After settling on terms the salesmen wrote $47,609 and we agreed. He, of course, went to talk to the sales manager. After Elliot and his manager had a heated debate, Elliot returned with a $55,000 price. Obviously we were confused.To catch you up, weve gone from $50,000, to $58,000, to $50,000, to $47,600, to $55,000+.We had a couple of questions... Obviously. He admitted that he had made a mistake and didnt bother explaining. He just went into talking about how were gonna finance the $55,000. I stopped him and asked how this happened. He said, I made a mistake. I said, I know you made a mistake. Now how are you going to fix it?He then stood up, crumpled up the paper he was writing on and said Theres the door, you can leave! And stormed away.We approached his managers and they apologized for Elliotes behavior but were very quick to ignore the situation. They stuck with the $55,000 price and made ZERO effort to resolve the problem.DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GO TO THIS DEALERSHIP! MOST UNPROFESSIONAL STAFF IVE EVER ENCOUNTERED!

Review №34

Felipe, our sales rep, has a great personality. He is attentive, upbeat, knowledgeable and we did not feel pressured to purchase. His personality is contagious and I think hes in the right field. Were so happy with our purchase!

Review №35

Very happy with the service here. Came in for an oil change and Colton helped to troubleshoot some other tech issues with my vehicle. Extremely helpful and professional! Thank you Colton!

Review №36

Great customer service & good hot cocoa in the lounge! Very quick service!

Review №37

Honestly, I don’t recommend purchasing a car at this specific dealership. The financial process (as an independent contractor when I initially received the car) was a pain, and while I won’t name the male dealing in my finances I will say that he treated my unique financial circumstances as if it were a chore. He went as far as personally messaging me, threatening to take back my vehicle if I didn’t re-do the financial documentation after I obtained a job with taxable income. The day that I failed to come in to re-sign the documentation was the day that I was working. To threaten to take back the car was simply unnecessary, and to also schedule last minute without at least a 24 hour notice and then proceeding to have an attitude once I was able to find the time to oblige was underwhelming, to say the least. I would give the customer service 0 stars if I could, and honestly I regret having my first-time buyer experience here.

Review №38

I have been getting my Jeep serviced here for the past 2.5 years. The staff is very friendly, communicates well and the overall maintenance experience is quick and excellent.

Review №39

Always able to get in and out of the service center pretty quickly and pretty accurate with expected completion times.

Review №40

Very easy and quick buying experience in a stress-free environment.

Review №41

Better than going to the original dealer. It was a quick and simple process. I appreciated that the attendant was informed about the cost of the service being included and I did not get a quote that needed to be waived after the fact.6 month later update: they are keeping up the good work. Same day service, fast and easy, much better than the dealer I bought my vehicle from. Great to get text updates when the vehicle is received and when it is done and ready for pickup.

Review №42

Update, I called back in an talked to Internet Manager today and they said there some confusion and actually what happened was the truck we were looking at was sold. No problem as I had not put down a deposit. They could have just told me that. Anyway, we worked out a deal on a similar vehicle at the previously agreed to pricing. Jon Wallace was very helpful and I appreciate the transparency. Picking it up in 3 weeks. Will update that later. May bump to 5 stars depending on the rest of the transactionI am an out of state buyer. I have been looking at a vehicle at SLV and another dealer, online and through phone calls. After a week of discussion back and forth I decided to move forward with the offer from SLV. I have a written e-mail documenting the offer. When I called Axell to say I was ready to close on the deal he said they changed their mind and his managers no longer wanted to close that deal we agreed to. His comment was since I was out of town I would not be bringing it to them for service and I declined the $350 key replacement offer so they no longer wanted to do the deal. So now I have lost the other option as I told them I was going with SLV and now the SLV option appears to be off the table. In my business this called breach of written contract agreement. I am still hoping there is some misunderstanding and we can move forward but I can not seem to get a call back from Randy or any other managers now. Oh and now, I have a credit pull on my report for no reason. Frustrating!!!

Review №43

DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE!!!I bought a truck from them used, a 2016 and it had 2 safety recalls that they did not bother to fix before they resold the truck to make a buck. They had the truck on there lot for 3 months.I have only put 3000 miles on this truck in 5 months and it has been in the shop 3 times!!!!!The first time was for the AC. It cost me $600.00 to have it charged. They then told me about the recalls. They fixed one and had to order parts for the second that wont be here until february.The second time the truck went into the shop it was caused by the recall not being fixed.Got the truck back and the next day the engine light comes on and the truck says there is something wrong with the alternator take to dealership.This truck stays in the shop more than on the road.If you buy from these people make sure there is NO recall on the vehicle because they will not check for them and wont fix them unless you demand they do it before you sign the papers.They have no regard for anyones safety. They just care about the almighty dollar and not you as a customer.

Review №44

It was very helpful that the sales team was willing to work through text for the initial negotiations so that I knew if there was potential to close a deal before I wasted a bunch of time on phone calls or visiting. This includes evaluating my trade via picture over text. A lot of dealerships were simply unwilling to give a number without seeing the trade. This was especially helpful because I live 4 hours away. I had tried working this way with LHM and a few others in the region and they were not accommodating. Im really price conscious and so this was basically that last chance I had at buying a 2020 closeout with a healthy discount and this group was able to make me the best deal I could find within reasonable driving distance. I really appreciate that the advertised prices werent conditional and were actually obtainable by meeting the basic conditions of trading in and financing. I will buy my next truck from SLVCDJR, although I expect this one to last me a long time. 2020 Ram 2500 Tradesman w/Cummins

Review №45

Everyone at this place is so nice and very helpful! I’ve had a good experience every time I’ve been here for service appointments and oil changes. The technicians explain things thoroughly and the work is always done right the first time. Highly recommend!

Review №46

DON’T GIVE THEM ALL YOUR KEYS AND DON’T LEAVE YOUR AIRPODS.. My dad took his work truck in to get a tailgate lock and when he got home he couldn’t get in because his house key was missing.. as well as his AirPods from the middle console. When he called they were very dismissive and not willing to figure out what happened. This is where I bought my car and had a good experience and I thought they were a good company but after this I won’t go there again. Too sketchy!

Review №47

Colton was amazing!! He was very engaging and very knowledgeable- and he saved me some time and money by suggesting I purchase the 3 oil change and rotation services because if I just did the basic i came for it wouldn’t have made any sense and I would have just lost money later.Also he checked in on me while I waited and my wait time went by pretty quick!Don’t let me forget to say they washed my jeep! It doesn’t get better then that! 😉Maria

Review №48

Fast, friendly employees who care about providing great customer service. Ive never not had an oil change or mechanical issue brought to any other place of business.

Review №49

Straightforward and no games. Was able to get exactly what I wanted very quickly.

Review №50

I made an appointment at 9am and they took 5hrs to work on my car.... Damm ridiculous 😡 never coming back again to to this delear.

Review №51

Another bar experience with the service departmentBe careful, becasue the level of customer service and the work ethics that you will probably experience dealing with the service department may be disrupting. Do not hope for any reasonable communication during the repair, as your advisor most likely will not respond to your messages. Dont expect that your car will be repaired on time even if you drop it off early in the morning. I left my car at 8.30, and waited till 4 pm to be informed that it most probably wont be repaired the same day. Do not count for a shuttle either, I requested a shuttle service to be able to get back to the dealership, but the shuttle was not available after 5pm, when my car was finally ready... Do not expect that you will collect your car immediately after the repair. It took my technical advisor another 30 minutes to find my car! Be prepared to go back, as the level of the sloppiness of the service department may shock you. When I got home after the thermostat replacement I noticed coolant on the garage floor under the engine. I opened the hood and looked into the engine bay. It was soaking wet with the coolant, and the bottom pan had standing coolant on it! The coolant reservoir wasnt even filled up! The top engine cover panels had scratches residues of white wall paint on them like if someone was rubbing them against a painted wall. I had to go back and my visit wasnt pleasant at all, I never heard a word of apology from my advisor Michael T., whose name tag you will find on one of the pictures.I wanted to talk to the manager but guess what, Frank is gone and they apparently dont have a new one, so be aware that if anything goes wrong, there will be nobody to complain to.If you have to use this dealership, go to Michael B, who works there too, but is honest, friendly and will take care of you if something goes wrong.

Review №52

Always stellar service here! I bring my Dodge for all of my service needs and havent spent more than 45 minutes waiting. The staff is lovely and Colton has always been super helpful. They are honest, awesome folks. Ill always come back!

Review №53

Be careful when you take the cars to this place if you have things in your car the people who are there and steal your things and if you go to the place they tell you that it is not their problem that they are not responsible for thefts that occur when they are in service I think That is not correct for a place where they offer you service to me, they have robbed me and they have not wanted to answer, they just say that they are not responsible if they steal their own workers

Review №54

Great service by Brandon in the service dept.He took care of my needs and was very affordable

Review №55

Awesome work, pretty quick. Handled it like pros. I will be coming back

Review №56

I rarely write reviews but feel like if I can help someone avoid a bad experience, its worth it!I bought soft top windows through the parts department for my jeep and then chatted with service who said they would put the windows in for no additional charge since I purchased them through their shop. Stop on by and well put them in. Then when I showed up, they said it would cost at least $300 in labor to place them...Every part of the experience was inconsistent though. I asked to book an appointment woth service to place the windows and they said I didnt need to worry about it. Also, parts told me it would take 2 days to get the part... it took three weeks and no one called to inform me that it arrived. I called (numerous times) to check. I never once received a call from them.I recommend saving yourself money, time and stress and go elsewhere...

Review №57

This is my first time coming to SLV dodge for an oil change and I’m extremely happy and satisfied. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. I definitely will be coming back again and again. The best service in town! I highly recommend.

Review №58

This was my first time to this Jeep dealer. I am new to Salt LaKe City. I just showed up for an oil change. I got in on a Saturday afternoon! The service writer was very nice. They were super efficient, and of course did try to up sell me on extra oil changes but were very nice when I said no thank you. I was in and out in no time. I will definitely go back when I need more service. I worked with Colton, he was great!!!!

Review №59

Super fast and easy oil change! Thank you Colton!

Review №60

I got an oil change and fluid refill here it was super fast great customer service! Colton helped & was fabulous

Review №61

Fast. Friendly. Efficient. Didnt sell me stuff I didnt need. nice place to wait. Fair price.

Review №62

Thank you guys so much! Promt quality service for our oil change and inspection... Now on back on the road to Iowa and parts unknown!

Review №63

Awesome experience! Very quick and easy. Great service!

Review №64

Quick service & didnt charge extra to fix a nail hole in the tire

Review №65

First time going to this location and Colton in the service department was so great!! He helped me with all my crazy questions 10/10. Everyone should take their vehicles there!! Thank you again so much. See you next oil change!!!

Review №66

Got an oil change was out super fast and I was on the road for a road trip and we got right back to it!

Review №67

If I could leave zero stars I would. These are the worst service people I have ever used. They told me I could drop off my truck and they would get me an uber back home (pretty common function)... after driving 40 min to get there, they said sorry we cant get you a ride back. Waste of my time, gas and patience. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.

Review №68

I gotta admit, we are difficult people to deal with when we buy vehicles. We ran into two special situations, one buying and one after we purchased my new 2020 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited. Gotta say they stepped up in both instances. Love my new ride and gotta give their customer service a 5 star rating!

Review №69

If I could give them a no star I would. Don’t believe what the internet says about rebates because they will make up so many excuses why you can’t get them all. Don’t buy from this dealership!!!!!

Review №70

Without hesitation, we ENTIRELY recommend this business!! Justin, Colton and Robert are true professionals! Prompt. Efficient. Helpful. Courteous. During a cross country move during the height of the COVID 19 pandemic, these stellar professionals got us back on the road in record time. While most shops were too backed up to assist, Colton got us in the door, Robert got after the parts and Justin got under the truck. Promote and payraise ASAP!!!! Your business will thrive with these outstanding Americans and if you din’t treat them right their talents might be better compensated elsewhere!!!

Review №71

I really enjoyed that once I contacted the dealer ship I received a call from Bret Simons and was on it right away with a kind manner and found what I was looking for and with me being out of state got everything rolling paper work sent for me to sign and then when I told him I was flying in he made arrangements to pick me up at Hotel and get me to dealer ship that really confirmed that he was a upstanding guy like I thought from early on. As a business owner you have a great employe and I have already gave this name and number to friends and I hear he is already working with them.

Review №72

Got me in quick for an oil change! Got it done quick even with a line!Ill be back!!!!!

Review №73

If you’re going to buy here try and find Bret. Buying a vehicle isn’t usually fun, but Bret made the process relaxed and a good experience. He’s extremely knowledgeable and funny as hell! Give him a shot!

Review №74

These guys are awesome!! I bought my Jeep here and I love it. Anytime I come in for service they treat me with respect and fit me in, even when they’re really busy.

Review №75

Did an excellent job with my vehicle service. Quick and easy

Review №76

I had to take my jeep to this dealership several times because the battery light kept coming on. After having the battery replaced and more repairs done, the problem was still not fixed. They did not take the time to figure out what the problem was. They just changed parts to make it look like they fixed it and they made money of me. I am very disappointed with their service. I have decided to take my Jeep somewhere else.

Review №77

Brandon was really helpful and fast! I hate having work done on my car and he made it really easy.

Review №78

Best experience with a dealership and especially with the salesman, he was an awesome guy who did everything he could to help me get into the vehicle that I wanted. Thank you Lelis, AKA Ls!

Review №79

Paid extra at purchase of a brand new 3500 RAM. I paid extra for an extended warranty that included one key replacement per year for the first three years if needed. I ordered a replacement key FOB in December 2020. Followed up and found it had just come in after more than four weeks. Then when I got the replacement part it was missing the end cap. I was told that was not included. They said they would get the little plastic end cap ordered. Three weeks later I still have no end cap so I cant put it on a key ring or it will break. It appears to be in now. I was told It has to be approved by the parts department to be covered on my warranty. This will require me to return for a second trip to the dealer for a simple completed key. When I originally discovered the end cap was missing, I called back and they said they would mail it to me. Now they say they mailed it and it was returned? They are now going to try to mail it again A very disappointed customer. Can I use the rest of the five years of my warranty at another Dodge dealer?

Review №80

Not to discount other customer experiences with the dealership, but as a potential customer the sales representatives lack of communication with me during the buying process has been unacceptable to say the least. I’m an out of state resident shopping for a Jeep Grand Cherokee High Altitude. I began working on a deal on 4/12/2021, and filled out a finance application shortly after. I reached out to multiple sales people via email and text messages (on several occasions) and still haven’t heard any communication or updates back from the dealership. Needless to say I won’t be doing any current of future business with this dealership.

Review №81

Listed auto prices are a little misleading - you have to finance through Chrysler Capital to get their price 😒😒

Review №82

Met with Joey to get a Truck for a good deal during this crazy chip shortage and gave us a great deal on a sweet truck. Ask for Joey Fisher you will not be sorry!

Review №83

BUYER BEWARE*** I bought a 2019 ram 1500 from this dealer in April 2020. I worked with Mehdi which I believe is Owner or Main manager at the dealer. I was provided a check by the company for the taxes that were going to be assessed at the DMV in Nevada. Mehdi informed me that all I had to do is provide the check to the DMV and that will cover any taxes when I register the vehicle. Due to COVID-19, the DMV in Nevada was closed during the year of 2020. It was almost impossible to get an appointment for the following year in 2021, but I managed to get an appt for April 2021. I went to the DMV on April 21, 2021 and DMV said I had to pay $732.82 in a manufacture rebate tax that the Dealer failed to work into the deal. I also went to the Nevada taxation department and they confirmed that the dealer made a mistake and didnt work a manufacture rebate tax into the deal. I contacted Randy through text and Randy said they didnt collect the manufacture rebate tax and they dont know Nevada laws so its my responsibility. Mehdi never explained this when I made the deal. He said that the check would cover any taxes and obviously it did not. I dont have $732.82 dollars laying around to register my vehicle because Salt Lake Valley failed to do their job correctly and wont take responsibility. Before they sell a car to an outside state, they need to read the states tax law because of course its not gonna be the same as Utah tax law and they should know that. They also left me waiting 3 weeks for an answer and didnt give me a resolution.

Review №84

Super helpful. They have WiFi in the waiting room as well so that was nice.

Review №85

Super quick and easy. Colton was especially great and did a fantastic job even though he was fairly busy.

Review №86

I came in for an oil change and the people who helped me here were super nice! Super fair price on an oil change. Thank you for the good experience!

Review №87

They were super quick and nice about getting my car done. Definitely coming back! 10/10 would recommend.

Review №88

Tried to buy a truck on Monday. Sales folks would not return either phone calls or email. In addition price went up $3000 overnight on the web site. Decided to go else where

Review №89

I have been coming here for years and have yet to have a bad experience in their service department. They are honest and very friendly. I would definitely recommend SLC Dodge!

Review №90

Friendly staff, always making sure you’re taken care of

Review №91

Great service! Fixed all that needed to be. Will come again.

Review №92

I recently moved out to salt lake and this is where I take my vehicle for oil changes and they are always ready for me and get me out in a reasonable time, and the staff are always knowledgeable and happy to talk about questions I had about my car. I don’t see myself going any where else any time soon 🤙

Review №93

Colton from service is absolutely awesome! Great customer service.

Review №94

This was a fantastic vehicle buying experience. Honestly, I didnt even feel like I needed to negotiate I felt I was being treated so fairly. Grant Kramer was amazing! Just a terrific young man. No pressure, understood the products and took the time to understand me so he could match me with the truck that was best for me. He also, very sincerely, let me know that if in fact a truck you did not have in inventory (which I was very interested in) was really the truck I wanted I should go get that one. That is how you honestly sell products, but more importantly, how you sell a relationship.

Review №95

Nice guys dudes are awesome specifically Wade, Colton, Brandon, and Oakland. When you come in ask for those guys!! Great place.

Review №96

These guys are great. Especially Colton!! Good service, honest guys.

Review №97

Fantastic buying experience! I live in Boise and found a Jeep for a great price at SLV CDJR. I used the contact links on their web page and heard back quickly. Elliot and Drew were awesome to work with. We got the price and the value of my trade worked out quickly and I drove down the next day to trade in my vehicle and purchase the new vehicle. I was in and out of the dealership in about an hour and it could have been faster if not for a very busy day at the dealership. It was a Saturday at about 3pm, so there were several other customers in the process of buying cars. All-around I was pleased with the service there. Thanks for making this one easy!

Review №98

Best deal! Sales and finance did a great job! Very satisfied with our purchase.

Review №99

The employers were attentive and timely. I got quality service at a great price and I can’t wait to come back

Review №100

Great work and friendly customer service, working with them was easy and they very helpful.

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