Alfa Romeo of Salt Lake City
198 E 500 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111, United States
Alfa Romeo of Salt Lake City
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It’s unfortunate the experience had with Chandler, who has been the only point of contact and continued to lie and deceive. Everything verbal has been a lie and what it is in writing was kept away from me so he could manipulate.I was told when I first brought my vehicle in for service that the door liner was loose and it would be fixed. Nothing changed and when re-reported Chandler told me they couldn’t hear anything. Somehow it was heard just weeks earlier by them and clearly the same after. Gaslighting at its finest.More recently, I received an electronic invoice stating work to be done. No line-item, rather a one line description of what was being paid for. When Chandler asked me for more money due to a part being held hostage, I told him of the invoice and he said “I can’t charge for a job yet to be done” and sent me a line-item invoice he had intentionally kept undisclosed. Also noticed in that invoice mention of no liner issues, services done that never were, and numbers different to those he told me in person and over the phone. Blatantly clear in text thread and hidden invoice he’s wanting to have in writing something different to show his boss due to lying face to face. This is all in addition to purchasing vehicle with in-writing part mentioned above to be in addition to. Chandler gaslighted me on this for almost a year, told me he’d ship it to my house and even got word from sales representative. Of course neither of these things happened so went down path of paying and resolving.Despite excellent vehicles, I cannot promote this business as post purchase you won’t have support needed. This being your only option in the state for Alfa Romeo speaks more negatively on employee behavior.

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Clay helped my husband, Bruce, find a great vehicle. We are very happy thanks to him. He has only provided the best customer service and is an asset to Alfa Romeo and Maserati.

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The service center at this dealership has an experienced and friendly staff. We are out of state and visiting Idaho Falls when our check engine light & service electronic throttle light went off; we called Chandler and he suggested to either bring the car or tow it to their dealership. Upon arrival, within few hours they fixed the issue for the check engine light and also caught another issue with the rear wheel which they recommended to get it fixed at our home dealership. We loved that they record and a share a video of the inspection performed. This service and friendliness beats the dealerships in Chicago.

Review №4

Horrible, absolutely horrible to work with. Not recommended.

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I notice another review from somebody else that said they too were completely ignored.I understand not being pushy but being ignored at a car dealership?I had emailed and called on a car awhile back and I was the one that had to do all the follow up. Obviously nobody hungry there to make a deal, and I wasn’t going to beg to be helped, do went elsewhere and bought something else.Ultimately I was interested in a Guilia and I was told it was being used by an employee and would be back the next day. That happened 2 days in a row.New car with 1100 miles on it?I’m like do you want to sell it or just keep driving it. I felt their answer was, no we will just drive it. Asked about a potential discount for miles and they said no it’s still a new car. Pardon me, all the new cars I have bought, Audi’s, BMWs, don’t have 1100 miles on them.Ultimately I got fed up and could not reward unprofessional behavior. Just my opinion of course.

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I LOVE my Alfa Romeo! The team at Alfa Romeo truly made this process very memorable. I will never forget the first test drive as we tore up the city streets. We had a total blast driving around with our salesperson and now friend, Clay Bauer. He was extremely patient with us as we took months to finally purchase our new Stelvio! He was diligent in following up and helping with our decision. The entire Alfa team has been great and now my wife looks forward to her new Giulia in the near future.

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5 stars doesn’t even begin to justify the amazing experience we have had with Clay our salesman at Alfa Romeo of Salt Lake City. The entire buying experience was OUTSTANDING. Clay really went to bat for us and was extremely patient with us as we took months to finally purchase our new Stelvio! He was diligent in following up and helping with our decision. From the first time we met Clay he was the main reason we had such an amazing experience with Alfa Romeo of Salt Lake City. I highly recommend Ken Garff Alfa Romeo but more so I recommend you ask for Clay Bauer, he really takes care of his customers!

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Great friendly staff. Great vehicles and amazing presentation. The little 4c on the east side of the building was astonishingly beautiful. The 4c is by far my dream car, and this dealership has let me meet my dream.

Review №9

Friendly staff and good prices on high-end automobiles.

Review №10

Typical used cars sales tactics. Sales rep was very nice but the management played the games we have all come to expect and loathe. We have a deposit from out of state but we want to sell it locally. Ok, well I want to buy it locally. I rescheduled my work day to meet with the sales rep for the next morning at 9am. I receive a text from the sales rep who told me the car is out of detail and looks much better. I show up and look over the car that I think Im buying and he then tells me, hmmm, it looks like we are selling this to the other guy. Sorry.I have to say that the sale rep was nice. I actually liked him. The people behind the scenes.. not so much. Dont tell me you want to sell me a car and I agree then have me run around like I did to tell me it was sold. You waisted my time and you lost any potential future business or referrals.Great place to go if you want to be used as a leveraging tool for another buyer.

Review №11

Great place to buy a car. Wonderful staff and this year the new Gulia was awarded Motor Trend Car of the year for 2018. Thats really amazing.

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Love the cars. This Ken Garff location has been around a while, and previously sold Fiat - now moved out to the suburbs. The service department did not honor a service contract that the sales team sold me on when I purchased my new car. Service manager thumbs down.

Review №13

Amazing Dealership! I didnt buy my Giulia from Ken Garff but a dealer in Boise. It wasnt that I didnt want to but I found an excellent deal up there and couldnt pass it up. Still, Ken Garff service has been OUTSTANDING on every level.Last month I had some warranty repairs done and a factory recall. Mariah and Sara called me daily to give me updates on my car and provided me with another Alfa loaner while it was in the shop. While one issue remains unresolved (not their fault), they still took ownership and made every effort to keep me happy.My bad luck followed up with a flat tire. Clay from the dealership arranged to bring a car up to Ogden while my tire is replaced. This is above and beyond anything that I would expect. I had planned to have my wife to get a ride down and pick it up. But he saved us the trouble and made my wife very happy. Chandler on their staff has called me daily with updates on my car.I am sold. Garff is now my dealer of choice and when I get ready to buy another car, I wont shop anywhere else. Excellent service means a lot to me and they definitely have demonstrated this in every capacity.

Review №14

Awesome to have an Alfa dealer in Salt Lake.

Review №15

ALFA ROMEO is back !!!! Great looking cars. Great sales team at ALFA ROMEO OF SLC.

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Completely ignored by employees upon walking in. They saw me but didnt even acknowledge me. Looked around for about 10 minutes before walking out.

Review №17

Great people. Beautiful cars!

Review №18

Great New dealership and helpful staff.

Review №19

Didnt find the right car for me ... OK it was too expensive - but the salesman was great

Review №20

Very nice to work with.

Review №21

Vroom vroom fast cars

Review №22

They go above and beyond for the customer. Thank you!

Review №23

I like to window shop and there was a lot to see.

Review №24

Friendly staff

Review №25

Good place

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Nice place to visit and buy a luxury car.

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