Royal Liquor
1703 E Eleven Mile Rd, Royal Oak, MI 48067, United States
Royal Liquor
Review №1

I love this place! The staff and owners are super friendly and are always watching out for you. If i grab a bottle of wine off the shelf they always offer me a bottle thats already cold if they have it! They carry a very wide variety of options and I have am always able to find what I am looking for.

Review №2

Great place friendly people work ther and prices are great 👍

Review №3

This store is amazing and our go-to for liquor. The people working are friendly and very knowledgeable. They have a wide variety of everything and are willing to order something in if they dont have it. Great customer service!

Review №4

Royal Liquor has an amazing staff, they are helpful and attentive! The store is clean and its easy to find things! Another cool thing about Royal Liquor is that they offer samplings and great music.

Review №5

This store is amazing and our go-to for liquor. Great customer service!

Review №6

Pretty good selection of beer, though some of the six packs I looked at had dates over a year old

Review №7

Phenomenal staff, great selection, and if they dont have it theyll get it. Ive been coming here for a while, Joey is a great guy who knows his stuff and will try to get what he can. Overall my favorite liquor store.

Review №8

I looked at 3-4 different stores for mezcal last week before I showed up at Royal Liquor as a last ditch effort. The man working explained that they had 5-6 different mezcal brand available & had personal knowledge on every single brand. He made a few recommendations based on what I was looking for and I am very happy with the bottle I ended up with (included a photo because this mezcal is seriously great). This is going to be my go to liquor store moving forward. Super happy with my experience.

Review №9

These guys are the best. Great recommendations!

Review №10

Best liquor store in the area. Incredibly friendly staff who are also knowledgeable about their products. They’ve recommended other beers to me based on what I’ve bought I’ve enjoyed every one. Everyone respects the mask policy, too! Very clean and safe store

Review №11

Great selection of bourbon and whiskey and the best prices in the area. Their craft beer lineup is impressive too. Good variety and a lot of local brews.

Review №12

I love the Royal liquor stores! I’ll go out of my way to shop at Tim’s liquor stores for the best costumer service and honest sells. They know their stuff and will help you get exactly what your looking for

Review №13

Well stocked coolers and shelves plus the staff is awesome. Nice place to go, most definitely.

Review №14

Royal liquor is my all time favorite liquor store. Spend 10 minutes in there and you’ll notice they know 95% of their customers by name. Not only do you get a large selection of beer, wine and liquor but also great conversation and new friends. They go out of their way to make your few minutes in the store pleasant ones. I moved farther down the road and even though there’s a liquor store on every corner in the royal oak area I continue to take the longer trip here! Definitely worth any drive.

Review №15

Very knowledgeable on their product.

Review №16

Great selection of bourbon and whiskey and the best prices in the area. Their craft beer lineup is impressive too. Good variety and a lot of local brews. Tell Sam and Joey I sent you and theyll say thanks, lol.

Review №17

Best Liquore store in royal oak Sam is such a great and professional guy!

Review №18

We love royal liquor! Been going here for years and everyone that works there is super friendly, its always a pleasure going in :) they treat their customers like good friends :)

Review №19

They have a great variety of alcohol here. Service was friendly

Review №20

The best in the area. They have a great selection and will make suggestions if you arent sure exactly what you want. Best of all the staff is super personable taking your shopping experience to the next level.

Review №21

Was able to get a call from them when the Limited Edition Crown Royal Peach came in. Hubby will be so happy to finally get to try this!

Review №22

Very helpful and friendly staff. Prices are decent, too!

Review №23

These guys are great. Excellent selection, friendly, and it’s right down the street from my house. What’s not to like?

Review №24

This is the best local spot to go. We love the owners and they remember repeat customers by name! Who doesn’t love that? Their service is unmatched, their selection is unmatched. They do a fabulous job serving the Royal Oak and surrounding communities. If i didn’t live here, I would drive to come here.

Review №25

They have so many choices in here of nice craft beer!

Review №26

Great spot. Clean and friendly.

Review №27

Ive been coming here for years to get the Paulaner Hefewiezen and Joey is a stand up guy. He helped me picked out some Ouza and gave me detailed information about the options, and today told me about the Old Forester 1920!

Review №28

The ipas that I checked out were all fresh! Good stuff!

Review №29

I’m a frequent customer at this location, they always have my favorite gin and tonic. The customer service is excellent I know I can depend on my guys Sam, Chris, and joe to help me with all my liquor, beer, and wine. I highly recommend coming to Royal Liquor They have everything!

Review №30

Both employees at the counter did not wear a mask. That was irresponsible and I don’t support a company that doesn’t take precautions during this pandemic. We had 610 cases in Michigan. Mask up. They didn’t even greet me. I won’t be supporting a company like this in the future either. Their parking lot is dirty too. I didn’t buy anything. Two seconds and left.

Review №31

Friendly staff good prices nice selection.

Review №32

This place and these guys are great. The beer cooler is deceptively deep and the people running the place are always cool and down to earth. Shout out to Sam, Joe, Tim, Eddy when he stops back in. The prices are low and the quality and product knowledge is outstanding. 5 stars all day 💪💪💪🀄

Review №33

Sam and Joey are great! Well run store and very nice! This store has anything and everything! Our go-to for anything we need! So nice to have a friendly place too!

Review №34

Nice liquor store. They have a fantastic craft beer selection and a lot of really nice wines and spirits. The guys who run it are very enthusiastic and are always willing to help you find what youre looking for. if you cant find what youre looking for you can talk to them about it and theyll see if they can special order.

Review №35

Its small, the aisles are narrow, but BOY do they fit a lot of good stuff in there! Lots of local brews, Michigan brews (even UP!), plus the standards. Then they have hand-picked single-barrel whiskeys!

Review №36

I love this place.friendly and helpful staff.they always have special editions of everything.Im almost afraid of running into a special edition of myself ;-)

Review №37

I moved in down the road recently and Ive become a loyal customer to this store. Reason being is the kind men that work here. They are helpful and jolly. Always welcoming and I sincerely appreciate their kindness. Theyve helped me carry ice and cases of beer when I needed it among many other things. Keep it up guys!

Review №38

BEST liquor store around. Huge selection of craft beers and great customer service. Joey is always super helpful and a pleasure to see. They are always smiling and offer great recommendations if youre looking for something new to drink!

Review №39

Not only do these guys run the dopest liquor store within a quarter mile radius of my house, they are extremely friendly, welcoming, helpful, and polite. 10/10 would recommend to anyone!

Review №40

Super great liquor store in Royal Oak. Awesome selection and tons of stuff in refrigerated areas. The best part is the guys that work there. They are always friendly and have great recommendations. If youre looking to avoid sketchy liquor stores then come here.

Review №41

Well stocked liquor store

Review №42

This is a lie i have never had a mask issue here before super clean owner operated this location has mask hand sanitizer plastic between the register and the customer people are falsifying claims about employees not wearing mask this store is up to all of CDCs requirements to make sure everyone is protected

Review №43

Joey was super helpful walking me through my tequila selection and even had the one I tried in NYC and loved. Huge beer selection too and I love being able to mix and match. Great place!

Review №44

Will not go back - one employee not wearing mask, other employee carrying on conversation - at the register - with customer not wearing mask, in spite of statewide mandate on *all* businesses. If you dont care about the welfare of your customers, I no longer care to give you my business.

Review №45

Friendly, enthusiastic! Great liquor store experience every time

Review №46

This is the best place to go in Royal Oak- not kidding! The owners and staff are super friendly and helpful. They have a great selection to choose from and if you have any questions they are very knowledgeable and willing to assist. It’s the only place I’ll go to in the area.

Review №47

They have everything you can ever want and Sam is the man!

Review №48

Good staff

Review №49

Major beer selection. The shop is beautiful. Was able to buy a bottle of single barrel knob Creek that there owners hand selected. It was delicious! If your driving by and looking to pick up party favors this is your place

Review №50

The guys there always remembered me and my usual lol. Very nice selection. Clean and bright!

Review №51

Love it

Review №52

Excellent service, make you feel like family.. very clean, parking lot well lighted, safe neighborhood.. ask for Big Joe, tell him Art sent you

Review №53

They are the best guys!Sam and Joey know their stuff.

Review №54

Excellent selection with top notch service. Make sure to check out their store picks! Fantastic place.

Review №55

This place is stocked with every type of beer that I could ever want to find. The staff is super friendly and the prices are a steal. Shout out to Joey for always being awesome.

Review №56

Beautiful clean store. Great selection in beer, wine, and liquor. The staff are always friendly and welcoming.

Review №57

Good selection of craft beer (Local, and from all around the world), a lot of local spirits, very wide variety of wine, mead, hard cider. Anything with, or to do with booze can be found here.

Review №58

Royal Liquor is my go to liquor store for wine and craft beer. They have the best selection and Joe really knows how to make his customers feel welcome and taken care of. I hope much success to this company !!

Review №59

Great beer selection.

Review №60

Great place, nice guys. They have kegs all

Review №61

Our favorite liquor store! The gentlemen who work there are very helpful and friendly always! I’d recommend to anyone!

Review №62

Joey and Sam are wonderful people. They are extremely helpful and knowledgeable!!! If you’re in the area I highly suggest stopping by. They’ve got a HUGE beer selection.

Review №63

Didnt have what I needed. (Patron)

Review №64

Always clean and well stocked. Joey and the rest of the staff are always so friendly and accommodating. I wish they worked for me!

Review №65

Great prices great selection of craftJoeys the man! Appreciate it guys. Keep up it

Review №66

Over charged and they ignore guest

Review №67

Good prices and the manager threw in some sample nibs for free.

Review №68

Great neighborhood spot. Super nice and great selection!

Review №69

They make you feel welcomed...very personable and friendly! Always a smile on their faces!!! James

Review №70

Easy in and out. Vast selection of craft beers and liqour. Friendly staff. Recommended.

Review №71

Very nice store.. clean and bright lots of selection

Review №72

Great employees! Love these guys! Friendly and professional. Great store!

Review №73

Very good to deal with. great selection. will be back

Review №74

Always have what Im looking for. Also have fresh limes and lemons for your seasonal beers/cocktails.

Review №75

My corner store/beer store/liquor store for going on 20 years. They have always stocked everything Ive ever asked for...even rare and difficult to find items. Friendly staff.

Review №76

Joey was very helpful and intrested in me finding what I was looking for. Wide selection like the vibe also

Review №77

Owners are always friendly and helpful. Always willing to go the extra mile and track down the random or rare special requests!

Review №78

Knowledgable staff. Friendly. Helpful.

Review №79

Great selection, great prices, great service. Love this store

Review №80

Been going here for years. Always good people, with fare pricing.

Review №81

Ive been going here for years. Friendly, fast and convenient. Ice cold beer cave.

Review №82

Had a terrible experience about a month ago. Sadly i will no longer be purchasing from this establishment again! Royals loss of between $25-$50 daily that was spent regularly by my family there!

Review №83

A bunch of great guys work hard here.

Review №84

Nice people 😃

Review №85

Very great customer service with a very wide selection of alcoholic beverages that I love

Review №86

On a Thursday night I purchased a bottle of wine from Royal Liquor. I was with a friend and we were chatting while I made the purchase. Upon examining my debit card info the next Wednesday, I saw that I had been charged $111.73 for my wine instead of the real price of $11.73. Panic! I immediately called them to see how this had happened. The man I spoke to was named Eddy and he responded urgently to my request, finding the card transaction in their records and confirming the price. I went to to talk it out in person, and Eddy helped me by cross referencing the card transaction with the cash machine records (not an easy task due to volume). After confirming the mistake, he told me that he would speak to the owners the next day and assured me that I would get the difference back. I recieved a call from Eddy the next day at noon letting me know that my money was secured and that I could pick it up at any time. When I arrived there later that night, the person who had made the transaction with me originally was working and he apologized profusely.In the end, I was very impressed by the urgency with which they responded to my issue and the expediancy that the issue was brought to a positive conclusion for me. Thanks Royal Liquor!

Review №87

These guys have a great selection of any adult beverage you are looking!!!! Cool guys too!!!

Review №88

This is a great store they have good customers service in outstanding personalities if ur in the royal oak or close by this location make sure to stop bye royal liquor store

Review №89

Great selection of liquor and beer

Review №90

My guys there do it right, full supply of all the newest beers

Review №91

What an awesome variety

Review №92

Good selection of beer and liquor, convenient location, bad parking, higher than normal prices.

Review №93

Great Craft beer selection 👌

Review №94

Great wine and liquor selections, friendly workers as well

Review №95

Great clean place, friendly family style workers and owners! Large selection of crafts and other beverages.

Review №96

Best shop in town, worth driving to.

Review №97

Gluten free beer: Redbridge, new planet, new grist, bards. Lots of cider and wine.

Review №98

These guys are always friendly and never disappoint.

Review №99

Got over charged 5 dollars because the beer, Boss Tweed, was in demand

Review №100

All craft beer here is available in singles. If not singled already theyll be happy to split any package on request. Always taking special orders too.

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  • Address:1703 E Eleven Mile Rd, Royal Oak, MI 48067, United States
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  • Phone:+1 248-547-1763
  • Beer store
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Working hours
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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