Hong Kong Supermarket
18414 Colima Rd #1, Rowland Heights, CA 91748, United States
Hong Kong Supermarket
Review №1

Lots of great asian cooking ingredients at a good price

Review №2

Plenty of parking space here. The plaza also has many restaurant options (mostly of Asian style). Inside of market is clean and decorated according to the season.

Review №3

Has fresh and good selection of produce. Has decent seafood with free deep fry options on top of cleaning. The BBQ counter thats part of the supermarket isnt in operation recently, but theres a third party BBQ booth at the front of the store. Though they didnt have the BBQ duck the last two times I shopped there in Jan and Apr 2021.The snack booth is unique in this market. If you like Asian style beef, pork, anchovy or squid jerky or preserved plums, olives you should ask for free samples here. I come to this market whenever I run out of stock of these.But the store flooring needs new tiles or smooth out the cement floor if the intention is to go bare cement.

Review №4

The place to shop for Asian produce, deli, and food items. The supermarket is a bit small and does not carry everything you want, but its decent. It even has a curbside barbershop.

Review №5

They have lots of variety of beverages and snacks. Very clean and organized. 5 star!!!

Review №6

Cheap and easy

Review №7

Area is showing its age now. Market still has a good selection. Hopefully recovering

Review №8

Smells. Non stop. How do people eat and shop here. Sewer gas.

Review №9

Great selection of beers and energy drinks.

Review №10

This place smells like stinky tofu:D

Review №11

Always a good selection of produce and seafood.

Review №12

Like it better than the other grocery store across the street. It is a little smaller and cleaner too.

Review №13

One of my favorite place to shop clean floor everything frash

Review №14

I have visit that super market for over hundreds times. I feel comfortable there. The staff are nice and the space of market is large and nice. Only one issue that the sea food seems not very fresh.

Review №15

Ate at the new C.J.H restaurant. It is brand new so you cant even google it yet but the food is very good. The Buddha delight, main veggie dish and tea are all vegan friendly. We also ordered the eggplant dish but make sure to say no meat and fish because those come with the original dish. They also have a good spicy sauce at the table for those who like spices!

Review №16

I dont like dirty smelly grocery store! The other store is better, the one across the street from it! Its called GW Supermarket.. the new ownership managed it well. Its cleaner, fresher, and more organized.

Review №17

Great place to shop, easy in and out fast.

Review №18

They had what I came for plus some items i dont see in other Asian markets.Prices seem reasonable.They have a meat counter and fish counter that will fry your choice of fish for free.The only thing i did not like was their lack of Philippine items.

Review №19

I used to come to the Hong Kong supermarket in Rowland Heights. after buying stale shrimp and meat a few times, I stopped coming here. Some of the old staff had a very bad attitude. Customers should not ask for anything, otherwise the staff will give you a bad face. Look. There are so many Chinese supermarkets nearby. In order not to make my shopping unpleasant, I will choose to spend the money in another supermarket.

Review №20

The carts are really dirty

Review №21

Easy to find, huge parking lot shared with the stores in the plaza.veggies are in the back corner, $5 minimum charge to use credit card

Review №22

Reasonably priced grocery and in house chinese bbq for sale

Review №23

I love shopping and the food is delicious

Review №24

Good place

Review №25

This place got it all hidden gem in tha back

Review №26

Not bad

Review №27

Great authentic noodle place !

Review №28

Its a pretty stocked market but I go in there for vegetables and good price on beer.the only thing its the smell when you approach parking lot,

Review №29

Nice market but such a long line to check out with only two cashiers.

Review №30

Long line, but it is a great place to get snacks and fresh veggies, fruits, and frozen foods

Review №31

I go there for hair cut. Its fast and cheaper. But they are good, barbers.Theres food restaurants ang supermarket.

Review №32

Great supermarket with a huge parking lot. Fresh meat, huge seafood selection and always fresh/sweet exotic fruits. Inside there are other businesses such as: passport taking photos, bubble tea, chicken delicacy, bakery, Asian movies rental place, specialty teas etc. During Weekend it gets pretty packed. Word of advice: it seems there are quite a few bad drivers no matter what model of the car they are driving, so watch yourself:)

Review №33

Im not quiet please. the Childrens need to use the restroom I ask for the keys one of the cashier asked me my car key to exchange. the children and I we had a lot of fun . Thanks for a beautiful Saturday

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Review №35

Great spot for all your shopping needs great selection of alcohol, meats, fish and weekends there is free samples I recommend stopping at MK BBQ they never disappoint

Review №36

Great Store Great People great service.

Review №37

Cheap price and best buy for chinese products

Review №38

A nice store. Cleaner than most other Asian grocers. Of course their price also reflects the difference.

Review №39

Simply love this place.

Review №40

They open late. Last time I need some groceries but everywhere is closed. So I came here. The selection was huge, you can find lots of stuffs in here

Review №41

Very friendly staff. Very crowded during the weekends. Great variety of products from south east of Asia to south china. The fresh produce section had only limited variety of vegetables. The notable factor was the prices, compared to other markets, the prices of some of the items were slightly higher.

Review №42

The parking lot needs reconstruction many holes. Lots of trash and nasty smells in the parking lot。 supermarket is nice and clean. Just the parking lot kinda nasty

Review №43

Good prices on fruit and veggies. I was a little 😞 with one of the cashier. Ahe had no line after ringing me up and she cpuld not help me bag my stuff instead she walked away as soon as she gave me my receipt. Bad customer service. Other cashiers are good.

Review №44

Cheaper and better than 99 ranch😁👍

Review №45

Classic traditional Chinese grocery supermarket where you find all your fix of Chinese snacks and drinks. The product quality is so so but the price is unbeatable. Parking lot is always busy and each parking space is small and seems to fit compact cars only.

Review №46

Got some sweet candy

Review №47

For my Chinese cooking Hong Kong Supermarket is truly our favorite and most convenient supermarket. The staff is extremely helpful and a cashiers make sure that your products are always packaged safely.

Review №48

Best boba around! The popcorn chicken is wonderful. Lots of good food and the grocery store has great prices and lots of new products.

Review №49

Pretty clean for a Chinese market. Not the best selection, more of a medium sized place. Prices are average. Vegetables are fresher than the fruit. Saw white sap oozing from jackfruits. Good selection of teas and drinks mixes. Smell is from the back meat and fish area.

Review №50

Great marketplace for Eastern goods! Gives 99 Ranch Market good competition! We found more variety here as well as good quality and prices!

Review №51

Asian food

Review №52

One of my favorites. Aaaaa++×

Review №53

Many of the shops need to be cleaned

Review №54

Cool spot - just moved in neighborhood so looking to adapt to surroundings and get comfortable with my new city...this place has a few cool stores like a little swap meet and good spots to eat...I like it...

Review №55

One of my favorite grocery store, they have the lowest prices on most products.

Review №56

You can find anything here!

Review №57

Good food

Review №58

Very good place to buy chinese bbq. Price is good as well.

Review №59

This is one of the better asian supermarkets in the area--and there are a lot of asian markets to choose from. The produce seems fresher (and more affordable) here than at any place except the 168 market on Fairway. The butcher and seafood area is pretty fresh, and the liquor selection is very extensive. parking is a crap shoot--plenty of places, but the lines are painted smaller, and theres a good chance for door dings, so i end up parking further away.

Review №60

Good seafood, fresh veggies, good place for Asian groceries

Review №61

Store was great. In and Out quickly

Review №62

Reasonably good Asian market with a good Taiwanese deli attached called Yi -Mei which features many tasty dishes and drinks.

Review №63

香港超市在San Gabriel Valley很久歴史了,has pretty good reputation, however there is still room to improve. Variety of products should be better for the consumers.

Review №64

One of the many asian markets in this area, how do you choose? this place differentiates itself by being the cleanest and most american looking amongst them all.they have nice fresh seafood and cheap butcher case. they also have things like frozen turtle if you want to make turtle soup

Review №65

Good selection of dry foods and green vegetables. Do not expect much assistance if you do not speak Chinese.

Review №66

Great place for Asian food shopping.

Review №67

Price are very compatible & display in a logic way. Fish has variety and fresh.

Review №68

Prices are always reasonable and it also has great seafood market! I feel better than 99 Ranch market

Review №69

I like to buy my own food

Review №70

Great shopping destination for all your grocery needs. Carries difficult to find products. Neat and organized.

Review №71

Everything you need to buy is here.

Review №72

I love shopping here they have so many essential asian products.

Review №73

It needs a lot of cleaning to do the produce section is always dirty.

Review №74

I have been here since I was a kid. This supermarket has Cantonese and mandarins items. The one used to be in west Covina, my parents had brought hot pot seafood items and satay howard barbeque sauce from here.

Review №75

Great Asian grocery store. Something might be pricier- especially can products. Fresh produce.

Review №76

Clean, decent sized Chinese supermarket. The food stands in the market are great to visit too

Review №77

This town does not shut down ever.

Review №78

Very rude staffs. They should hire people who speak and act professional. NOT recommended to the public.

Review №79

Great variety of Chinese products and fresh produce. Good prices

Review №80

Cool place to shop. Pretty good selections

Review №81

Small market, but has everything youd need to cook a good meal

Review №82

Its a nice place to get various food items and fish

Review №83

Needs security better in the back parking lots. Have seen suspicious criminal activity in the area near Batson avenue.

Review №84

Great place to look around, but if youre comming to buy some american products... good luck😅 (chips, candy ect)

Review №85

Always smells in here... the workers really dont speak english... make sure you know what it is youre looking for they wont be much help..

Review №86

Great place, fresh products the time I went

Review №87

You can buy good quality seafoods here.

Review №88

A bit pricey compare to other Chinese market. Just ok nothing special

Review №89

It kind of a smaller chinese supermarket. it carries fewer selections than what I like. They are OK for most of the daily necessities, but if you looking for any specific brands, chances are not high to be able to find it. Meat and fish departments are again OK with limited selections. Prices tend to be a tad higher than some of the bigger chinese supermarkets around. The added a new Chinese BBQ counter by the meat department. I only tried their char-shi, it is pretty decent. Even those BBQ prices are higher than what I would find in near by shops. If you dont have the time to shop around, it might not be ok.

Review №90

I shop here specifically for the good prices on meat.

Review №91

Fresh meat and seafood, customer service is good.

Review №92

They are ok...the chestnut is more expensive than 168 and GW

Review №93

Popular market in this community.

Review №94

Okay grocery store, but 99 ranch is better.

Review №95

Clean market. Good for coming, but price is so so.

Review №96

Its OK place. Not much fish option.

Review №97

Not too clean and the staff is rude.

Review №98

Good market for Asian and Hispanic supplies

Review №99

Very nice place to shop

Review №100

It is a nice trip there

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3.9 Rating
  • Address:18414 Colima Rd #1, Rowland Heights, CA 91748, United States
  • Phone:+1 626-964-1688
  • Asian grocery store
  • Grocery store
  • Supermarket
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–10PM
  • Thursday:9AM–10PM
  • Friday:9AM–10PM
  • Saturday:9AM–10PM
  • Sunday:9AM–10PM
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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