Annapolis Lighting Co
800 E Gude Dr, Rockville, MD 20850, United States
Annapolis Lighting Co

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Great lighting store! If youre looking for a large selection of lights on display and a variety of styles, this is the place to be! Their customer service was stupendous! Griffin helped me pick out lights for our whole first floor. Not only was he knowledgeable, but also very patient. And if they dont have a light in the store, they show you several options in their catalogues. I would definitely go back and highly recommend them.

Review №2

Today I went to Annapolis Lighting to buy a shade for a lamp. The store has quite a good selection of lampshades, in many sizes and fabrics. There are also lamp harps hanging in that section of the store, so you can try different heights of harps on your lamp, along with the lampshades. I have been a longtime customer. Over the years, Ive purchased ceiling fixtures, bathroom fixtures, custom-made lampshades, and ceiling fans. I have also had lamps repaired there. The staff are courteous and helpful. I like this store very much!

Review №3

Linda Gombos is such a super sales associate... very knowledgeable and friendly. Great selections and excellent service to go along with their prices.

Review №4

Big selection of all kinds of lighting, indoor and outdoor. It seemed that much of the stock was elaborate and for very large spaces, but we found a simple ceiling fixture for our small dining area. Our salesperson, Jasmine, was very helpful.

Review №5

They have a wonderful selection of lighting. Very helpful staff. I would recommend for anyone looking for a beautiful designer quality fixture.

Review №6

Prices are 60% off as thwy are moving, but thats also limited to store inventory, which is quite limited. In many cases its just the floor model.

Review №7

Great store, they want you to be truly happy and will guide you to what is best for you rather than make a quick buck. Wealth of information and very helpful

Review №8

Went on a Saturday about 10:30AM. I was greeted by several sales people, I asked questions about several lamps, and then returned twice to ask additional questions. David Smith, a sales professional, answered my questions patiently. Enjoyed the experience, and plan on checking out more lights on the website.

Review №9

Exceptional inventory - professional seevice

Review №10

I have found Annapolis Lighting to have excellent service. A year ago we were remodeling the kitchen and dining rooms. Our house is a Deck house, which means that the ceilings are constructed with 3 thick tongue and grove cedar planks which complicates ceiling lighting. The kitchen was a bit dark and I love to cook so I spend a lot of time in that room. The person I had planned to use as a lighting consultant had retired right when I needed to have the plan in place for the remodel. I walked into Annapolis lighting with my remodel plans and was immediately shown to their lighting consultant, Linda. She sat down with my plans and within 20 minutes had figured out the basis of the plan we used. Fortunately for me, Linda was familiar with Deck house ceilings and had worked on them before. We used a combination of mono-rail and tract lighting. She recommended a new LED bulb that gave bright light that wouldnt heat up the kitchen. We were so pleased with the results from both an esthetic and functional perspective that we had Linda come up with a lighting plan for the rest of the lower floor of our house. During the course of the 2 months we spent working together, I was in and out of Annapolis lighting many times. Ive found the other employees to be helpful and courteous. I saw them take the time to discuss each persons needs and give advice that applied to their individual circumstances. Perhaps the fact that they take this kind of time with their customers has led to other reviewers impression that they had to wait too long before being served themselves.

Review №11

Amazing selection of high end lights. Not inexpensive. Good customer service with lots of options they can order.

Review №12

Mike is great! Very helpful and knowledgeable. Goes above and beyond

Review №13

They have a beautiful selection, but..... on my last 3 visits, I was able to wander the entire store 2-3 times over without ever being asked if someone could help me. On my last visit, I picked up a lamp finial to buy, but eventually got so disgusted that no one paid any attention to me that I put it back and left the store. This is why bricks and mortar stores are losing; who needs to spend the gas and time to visit a store when no one tries to help you anyway?

Review №14

So beautiful! The best and unique selection of lighting fixtures around. Worth a trip just to see the store.

Review №15

I am a contractor specializing in low-cost houses and I have been sourcing lighting products I need for each project from this place. I have established a good working relationship with them and so far, I have never been disappointed.

Review №16

Lots of very cool lights on display. Staff are really good at asking the right questions so you dont bring home the wrong light!

Review №17

Went here to get a glass shade for a desk lamp, and although they didnt have a shade that worked for my fixture, Tony and April were super helpful and attentive, and fun. Wonderful atmosphere...wonderful help...and lots of cool lighting.

Review №18

Tony was VERY knowledgeable. He opened up many lighting options for me. It is pricey, but they really know their stuff!

Review №19

Asked for help, got very brief explanation even though the employee was just standing there and not helpng anyone. Went to a store next door and got awesome assistance and bought what I wanted.

Review №20

Great store tons of lights on display. They are one of our lighting distributors and we get all of our under cabinet lighting there.

Review №21

Lousy customer service. We walked into the store and we were the only customers there. Despite this, the two people working there pretended not to notice us, didnt say hello, and offered no help. Then Isaias came out of the back and was a breath of fresh air. He immediately asked us if we needed help and indeed we did. Isaias provided great service. Weird thing is that when Isaias needed to ask his coworkers a question regarding a product we were interested in, his coworker came over to all of us and talked to Isaias without so much as looking at us for a split second. We were oddly, intentionally, and strictly ignored. Thanks to Isaias, your coworkers should model themselves after you.

Review №22

Went in to new location not at this address. Was told they would email me with some ideas after visiting the store; no email. Came again talked to new rep while other one ignored me and was intoduced to manager. Spent over 2 hours coming up with a plan and was told by manager they would email me an estimate with over thousands of dollars of lights needed for reno and no email again. Called left message no response. What kind of business is this to not even want my business no wonder they closed several of their locations . All I wanted was to spend my money in good lighting, finally after 4 emails and calls gave up. Forget this place I will find a place that actually wants to be paid.

Review №23

DONT! I bought chandeliers, bathroom and other lights from these idiots so youd think when I needed to return a couple of the lights due to them being broken (several lights coverings were broken) or malfunctioned (one light did not work) theyd at least show some decorum....NOT.... myself, and my general contractor, called them for a month before we got a response...unfreakin believable.....did not try to appease us by sending the broken products to us, we were told to pick them for pay for the shipment....also ike to plug DORMANS LIGHTING in Baltimore....totally different exchange....sales ppl were WONDERFUL....ask for Shirley... worth the trip....beautiful lights....can order anything you need

Review №24

Very helpful staff. Pricey selection.

Review №25

Its tough for me to give a 1 star review. These are real businesses that someone has invest time and money in to and would like for it to be successful. A 1 star review out of many can be an outlier but if over 75% of your reviews are 1 star, then there is something definitely going on at the business that needs a complete overhaul ASAP.We stopped by this store on a weekend afternoon hoping to buy some chandeliers for your dining room. This store has a decent (if a tad bit limited) display of lighting chandeliers to look at in the store and of course access to multiple catalogs to choose from.I like the brand Schonbek and having purchased this brand in the past, I wanted to buy another of the same brand. But we are on a (relatively) tight budget this time around and so we looked at a few different options. But we were really set on a nice chandelier from Schonbek that was a bit out of our budget in mind.After walking around the store, we finally decided to get help from one of the sales associates. He was good to get us the final price on 3 of the other chandeliers that we were considering, but the prices seemed to be more than what we had in mind to spend on them.I asked him about the Schonbek piece and he gave me a price. This price quoted was a bit out of our budget in mind. Also, having purchased similar lighting pieces from other stores in the area, I know there is some negotiation possible on the MSRP/ listed price. I told the sales person that, given my past experience buying this brand, I expected a slightly bigger discount that would make this chandelier fall in our budget range.He did explain to me that certain brands had a floor amount below which a store could not discount their product, etc etc. I agree to his logic, and was okay with him not coming down a few hundred $ to meet our price. Essentially, I was okay with his one and only price as being the final price.What got me, however was his next (and final) line: He finished off his sales pitch by telling me that I can come back in the next 5 - 10 years and buy the Schonbek that I wanted!WOW!Really???You mean to say, that I will take 5-10 more years to save the few hundred dollars that was the difference between his quoted price and my expectation! Or maybe he meant that I really could not afford the Schonbek chandelier, and maybe I should clean up / glam up a bit and come back to his store in the next 5-10 years!I dont know what he meant by that, but of course, I did not wait any longer at this store, and collected what was left of my happy mood and exit the store.I really dont know what kind of people shop at this store, but I know for sure, IT WILL NOT BE ME!

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Really love this place....Great selection awesome staff

Review №27

I have been going to this comnay for years. Starting back when over something cheap like Walmart this is a placewe lived in Annapolis. They have great products. They are not the cheapest place in town, but the selection is great. If you want quality over some place cheaper like Home Depot this is a good place

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So many pretty options!

Review №29

Expected a better selection

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Interesting selection, pricey.

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Close to work

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All beutifull

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