Twinbrook Deli Beer And Wine
2208 Veirs Mill Rd, Rockville, MD 20851, United States
Twinbrook Deli Beer And Wine
Review №1

I have been here few times and I really love the sandwiches taste. The bread is so delicious, and the sandwiches are well prepared. Prices are not cheap but they deserve the price. I really recommend this place. Customer service could be more friendly.

Review №2

Very nice place. Went there for the first time for a steak and cheese. It was very good will definitely be coming back.

Review №3

Twinbrook Deli hoagies are 🔥🔥🔥 Everytime we come in here we spend at least $60. Gotta get my bottle of Risata Pink Wine 🍷 its already cold so I can drink it on the way home. Dont worry I never drink and drive!

Review №4

Great beer selection. Awesome cold cuts. Super nice owners and staff.

Review №5

Best subs in Moco for a reason! I know my neighbor growing up from Ellicott City who would make the 45 min trek for these subs every week. Its worth it!

Review №6

Best subs in the area hands down. I grew up in twinbrook. For a while the deli wasnt good. But under these owners the classic subs are back. The owners and workers are all very polite. Im so glad that this place is still around.

Review №7

Best dang Italian Cold Cut Sub you will ever eat!I drive up from southern MD on weekends just to get my family Italian Cold Cuts.But mainly pick up subs when working in the area.A must you try them!

Review №8

Good selections of adult beverages with reasonable prices; nice place to get a quick lunch.

Review №9

Godfather sandwich. Cold drinks. Perfect

Review №10

Good deli meals. Excellent selection of beer and wine.

Review №11

Under new ownership, seems to be really nice, was great to talk to..My original cold cut sub was fantastic..Been eating here since the 70s..

Review №12

If you know you know. Get the cold cut. And some craft beer while you are in.

Review №13

I came in and ordered an Italian Coldcut. I am a local who has been enjoying this sandwich from this deli for years. The store is clean and has a good beer selection. I ordered a regular cold cut sandwich and it was made promptly. The counter person was courteous. My sandwich came with everything but did not have mayo and I also wanted extra lettuce, onions, and tomatoes. The sandwich was dripping wet. I gave some to my partner, who immediately had half the sandwich. He encouraged us to go back to the deli and order 2 more sandwiches that day. After the cold cuts, my partner and I started having stomach troubles. Really, we had the runs and horrible gas. We believe it was from eating these sandwiches. These sandwiches are tasty but maybe should be reserved for rare occasions due to the effects on the digestive system. I am not medical professional however. Overall, a nice filling sandwich just know what eating this might do to your stomach.

Review №14

Best local deli, love their Italian Classic sub!

Review №15

Great sandwiches and plenty of ipas,

Review №16

Amazing subs, great customer service. I am a regular now. Love this place!

Review №17

My family has been going here for many, many years. My mom used to go before she passed away and my uncle. I started going there as a child and then as an adult. Not for the alcohol. Their prices are average but the food is excellent. If you get the chance to stop in get their famous Italian Cold Cut Sandwich. I havent had one in any other place that tastes anything like it. Its a simple sandwich but great. Their thinly shredded lettuces makes the sandwiches unique. Amazing.

Review №18

My go to beer store when I lived in the area. They have a good selection of beer, not so great wine selection but its enough to get by. The deli counter is pretty solid. I like to order a sub to go while I browse around.Main cashier, maybe the owner, is a nice guy. Other guy not so much, but he only does lottery stuff.

Review №19

Food is always good

Review №20

The workers are unbelievably the nicest people Ive ever met. And the deli is fire.

Review №21

This is the deli youve been looking for. Ever since New York Deli in McLean closed, Ive missed a quality deli sandwich.Twinbrook Deli is the place! A huge selection of fresh, delicious sandwiches. What can I say about a perfect loaf of bread, filled with meats, veggies and cheeses. Too it with a little sandwich oil and youre in heaven.

Review №22

New owners, same great tasting Italian cold cut.

Review №23

Very good deli. Great sandwiches.

Review №24

Great local deli. Good prices. The subs are good enough to warrant a trip on their own. The staff is always friendly. Even the pizza is good. I’ve been coming here for years and have yet to be disappointed.

Review №25

This place is a nice stop whenever Im driving through Maryland. Ive had a pizza sub here which was pretty good and they have an excellent selection of drinks even Peach Crush which I havent really seen anywhere else. They have a great selection of food on their menu including kebabs. They have a nice sit-down area where you can look out onto the shopping plaza and eat your food. Although I dont drink they do have a large selection of wine and beer here.UPDATE:I have returned to try their gyro ( two weeks in a row) and it was nice and juicy with all of the fixings.

Review №26

Best $20 subs in the county! By FAR they have the best subs, but maybe $20 per sub no matter whats on it is just a little much? Amazing food though, and a great beer selection.

Review №27

Very good beer selection. Subs are really good. Get the roast beef/turkey/ham combo with everything!

Review №28

Best deli in Montgomery County. Full stop.

Review №29

I can not believe I am giving a beer and sub little deli 5 stars but the prices and subs are great and the ... wait for it... I will go out of my way for the cold cults.... always great service and plenty of parking. will come back again and again... also usually has some of the hard to find beers

Review №30

Not a very good Italian sub. It definitely doesnt hold up to a traditional Italian. Thus, I was pretty disappointed considering all the good reviews. However, the beer choice is nice and the staff is friendly.

Review №31

Can remember going there as a kid. I am now 56 years old and still love it. Best prices on beer 🍺 and the best food in town. 😋

Review №32

The deli here is pretty good. I get their roast beef sub all the time. The oil they put on the subs is good but sometimes they put too much.Overall Id say this deli is one of the better ones in the area.I should mention the deli closes an hour before the store.

Review №33

The NEW Ownership is managing to restore the welcoming disposition of this store, similar to the original owners.

Review №34

Fast, economical & fresh. One of the areas best kept secrets. Pizza by the slice is hot and excellent! They take care to be sure your sub or sandwich is exactly to order, and if you are a regular, theres a good chance they will remember exactly how you want your sandwich. Its not a typical pastrami on rye deli, but you will never be unhappy with what you order. Great selection of drinks, condiments and extras. The owner has the best ever work ethic, and expects his employees to have the ethic, too. Not only that ... he requires his customers to be courteous as well.

Review №35

Still great Italian cold cut sub. Friendly staff and great service

Review №36

Much more than a liquor or deli! Theyve recently expanded to add so much more.The two deli subs I ordered were fresh and delicious! I heard from the owner he will be expanding to add Kabobs and table seating inside. I cant wait to try out other menu items.

Review №37

Been going for eons. New owners and it is still great!

Review №38

This place has been around forever. They make the best subs and pizza for a deli that I have ever been to.

Review №39

Love their subs. Turkey sub, cold cut, tuna, steak & cheese, and good selection of wine & beer. Cant go wrong. I get their ice tea. Nice

Review №40

If you want a good Italian cold cut this is the place to go.. excellent subs

Review №41

I have been getting the Italian cold cut sandwich here for many years now. It is the best one I have found to date! Absolutely amazing! Great selection of beers too.

Review №42

Great selection, they always have what I need!

Review №43

Clean, organized, great variety, and a Deli to get some grub with the drinks. 👍👍

Review №44

Horrible Deli. I worry about the cleanliness!

Review №45

Love this place! They have a huge selection and the food is great!!

Review №46

Twinbrook Deli is awesome

Review №47

Was surprised Deli was in the name. Plain old liquor. Store old fridges that may at one time held Deli meat nice people but deli its not

Review №48

Been coming here since the 80s, the subs are still amazing. Their ColdCut is up there with Santuccis and Marchones as the Best on Planet Earth. I also love the Roast Beef w/ provolone, the Steak & Cheese and the Grilled Chicken Beast are best anywhere but the star is the Cold Cut. When I was young wed drive from Wheaton to get subs here, yes, we passed the other well known spots. 5 stars still.

Review №49

Best Cold Cut in Maryland ..Ask for the old style

Review №50

Great sandwiches at a fair price. The grill plates are good as well, the shawarma is my favorite. Large selection of beer and wine. The deli gets backed up around lunch time so either call ahead or go before/ after the lunch rush.

Review №51

Ive been coming here for years just for the Italian cold cut, best around and Ive tried many places. I havent tried the kabobs, but yekta kabob is the best in Rockville

Review №52

Friendly and knowledgeable guys. The food is pretty good also!

Review №53

That classic italian is outstanding. Their oil is so good

Review №54

One of the better Itailian subs youll find in the area.

Review №55

Were very helpful in helping me find my husband, who was in treatment behind their store. I knew that he needed a place to buy cigarettes, so I showed them my Missing Person poster, and they called me the next day to report that he was there.

Review №56

This was my first time here. Dont get a fountain drink! They dont have ice in the machine and all flavors were flat. I got the Italian Classic, and asked for it hot. It was not hot, and they cheese didnt even melt a little.

Review №57

The deli sandwiches are the best!! Definitely come to this place. Great staff also

Review №58

Great place. They have a huge selection of beer and wine and the deli is soon good they have great pizza and subs. But the area is a bit ghetto.

Review №59

I went looking for a great cold cut sub and wow did they provide just that it was great cant wait to try the other food thank you Twinbrook deli!

Review №60

A friend recommended this deli saying how great it was but I dont see whats so special about it. The deli is a small counter in the back of a liquor store. I had a turkey sandwich which was good, but nothing special.

Review №61

Nice selection of beers and wine. Friendly guys. Sandwiches are better than others.

Review №62

They have been there forever. Their cold cut subs are the best around.

Review №63

Had a great steak and cheese sub and john a great hoagie

Review №64

The best Italian Cold Cut in the entire area!!!

Review №65

The owner at this location is rude. The subs are still good, however you need to watch them very closely making them.

Review №66

Very uncomfortable to walk in the store that the cashiers trying to help you with a cold face and to take your cash as quick as they can show you the door. Never again to give them my dollars.

Review №67

Best Italian cold cuts in the area!

Review №68

Probably the best deli in Twinbrook since Ive lived here in 17 years

Review №69

Best Italian sandwich in the DMV - get the godfather with everything 😚👌

Review №70

Fantastic deli, 9-out-of-10 beer selection. Recommend the tuna subs. The guy who said its misleading and called it a convenience store most likely walked into the CVS next door by accident. Twinbrook Deli ONLY has a deli and other than sandwiches, ONLY sells beer, soda, chips, cigs, and lotto tickets. A convenience store carries a LOT more -- this isnt such a place.

Review №71

I love Twinbrook Deli. GREAT subs and beer selection. The pizza is so-so, but smells AMAZING. I usually get the chicken salad. If you live nearby, you should make this your neighborhood spot.

Review №72

1st visit in over 14 years! Love the fact that the subs are just as good as I remembered!

Review №73

I dig this place. Love the sandwiches. They recently expanded, too, so theres plenty of room to move around. Before, it was a little claustrophobic going in there (but worth it for the sandwiches).Staff has always been friendly and polite. Great selection of wine and beer.Some tips, and this is solely based on my own taste, so take it or leave it:I usually get the Godfather. Its a great sandwich, and its packed with meat. But a few of the other sandwiches Ive tried (like the Italian) are pretty good, too.I order mine with no salt (cause deli meat is loaded with enough salt to begin with), no mayo (not a fan), and no hot peppers (Im from New Jersey, where they dont put hot peppers on a sandwich unless you ask. Not sure why every place I go to in MD wants to put hot peppers on a it a regional thing? Anyway...).No salt, no mayo, no hot peppers.Final tip: Ask them to go light on the dressing. Depending on whos making the sandwiches, sometimes you get a good (i.e. the right) amount, and sometimes the person squirts it on like its water and theyre trying to put out a fire. I like the dressing, but too much can overpower the taste of the sandwich and leave you with a soggy mess. Tell them light on the dressing. Youll thank me later.The sandwiches cost about the same, maybe slightly more, than Subway...and they taste a whole helluva lot better.

Review №74

Greatly increased their selection of beer over the past few month. Probably the second best selection in the area. Excellent.

Review №75

I ordered a roast beef, turkey, and ham on wheat by chance and it was sooo good. My kids even had a bite and enjoyed it. Nice sandwich shop and reasonably priced. Ill definately be coming back for another sandwich.

Review №76

Still the best sub, get the godfather with extra dressing.

Review №77

Great subs, wonderful customer service!

Review №78

This is a great location to grab amazing subs, some beverages and some lotto tickets.

Review №79

Best cold cut sub🕐 lunch or anytime..

Review №80

Decent subs great beer selection.

Review №81

Good sandwiches and beer selection. I would recommend getting the sub without oil.

Review №82

Need a beer? Great selection. Im always finding something new.Hungry? Italian cold cut hits the spot every time.

Review №83

Subs are surprisingly good, its now our go to sandwich shop.

Review №84

Subs and customer service are great!!!!

Review №85

If I could give this store no stars I would. My service here was terrible. The MANAGER did not want to sell me beer because I was with someone who didnt have there ID with them whom was 22 years old. The only person who should have there ID is the one who is buying the product. So I went to another store and i asked if it was the law to not sell someone beer because the other person didnt have there ID and the owner of that store said no. So this MANAGER AT TWINBROOK DELI IS AN ASS. Good luck to others who try this nasty store. 😂

Review №86

Absolutely incredible Italian cold cut sub. Theyve perfected it, go get yourself one.

Review №87

This place has the best subs for the best prices. Greatest place I could eat ever.

Review №88

Good selection of beer and wine. Also have very good sandwiches

Review №89

The two brothers, who are the owners, are very friendly. Excellent selection of beer.

Review №90

I lived in NYC for two years, so Ive been in a good deli or two, and Im telling you this is without question the best Italian Ive ever had.

Review №91

Best subs in Montgomery county

Review №92

The best subs you can buy in rockville.

Review №93

Be specific with your food. Likes, dislikes and such. Great staff.

Review №94

Very expensive. Go across the street its way cheaper

Review №95

Good deli, good prices, nice people. But no where to sit and eat

Review №96

Best Cold Cut sub in the area!

Review №97

Best subs ever. My friends who know this place crave it when they are not here.

Review №98

Best coldcuts ever in moco

Review №99

Nice place, delicious food..

Review №100

I love this place! But let me be honest. I never identify someone based on race, but I kinda have to because theres no other way to explain it. If you go here and you get the spanish lady, then you are in GOOD HANDS! She loads up the sandwiches, and they taste amazing. If you go here and you get the white lady... I wish I could show you a picture of my sandwich right now... she put like half a piece of bacon on my BLT. Basically, im just eating lettuce, tomatoe, and bread. This aint the first time either. Also, the way she greets you is very unwelcoming.

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