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Rockville Auto & Truck Services
Review №1

I drive a box truck for work that I depend on running well every day. If my truck isnt on the road, Im out of business. Paul and his crew at Rockville Auto & Truck are the best! Theyre the only ones I trust to work on my truck. They have always taken great care of my truck and in a timely manner. The cost is also very reasonable. Whether its routine maintenance or some other issue they almost always have it done in a day. Sometimes on very short notice.

Review №2

The only mechanic Ill take my cars to. Such reliable, truthful, service with never a hint of just trying to make money. Treats men and women the exact same, which is more than I can say for most mechanics.

Review №3

I was delighted with the service received. Preparing for a long car trip with COVID all around I needed my car to be perfect. They. found that my oil had not been properly drained, tuned up everything, installed new wipers, added lubricant to new oil based on issues with other models of my car — and the price was literally half of what I would have paid to the dealer (Fitzgerald). The car worked perfectly and is still running great. I will be a repeat customer and have already recommended George to my friends.

Review №4

Ive been working on replacing the front sway bar links on my CR-V but had the worst trouble with a nut connecting the link to the bar and decided to take it in to get done. I sent an email asking for a quote and talked to Paul over the phone and the next day, I was there early in the morning to get the service done. Paul is professional, personable, and honest/straightforward with pricing. Ill definitely be recommending him and coming back for future automotive needs.

Review №5

Paul and his crew do a great job of repairing easy and complicated projects and any type of car. I take my personal cars and business trucks to his shop and he takes care of them all promptly for a reasonable price. He provides advice on potential problems but does not do any high pressure selling at all. I highly recommend Rockville Auto & Truck for all your vehicle repairs and maintenance.

Review №6

Dad just told me his 2005 diesel Ford excursion has never run better or gotten better gas mileage (up to 30 from 16) until after getting the fuel injectors done by the team here. Honest, reliable and high quality

Review №7

Paul and his team are professional and competent. Great service and easy to work with - I’m a new, but loyal customer.

Review №8

This is the first time we’ve been here and couldn’t be happier. The compressor for the air conditioner went out on my Sienna minivan, and this was the best price and quickest appointment I found. So happy to have my A/C back! Very happy!

Review №9

Straight forward and honest. Paul and the rest of the shop are my go to for any car maintenance.

Review №10

Ive been relying on Paul and the folks at Rockville Auto & Truck for a year to help keep my 2003 Buick Rendezvous in good order. I can use their website to make appointments, they contact me over the phone quickly and with great communication skills. Dropping my car off (even during covid) is simple and hassle free, I dont have to move around in their bay or wait in line to park. Never any dings or scratches on my car when I get it back, no trash or random packaging either. The mechanics have been willing to talk me through the work to be done and be honest about ways to save me money or time. They have done major and minor work on my vehicle multiple times and Ive never had a complaint. Professional, courteous, and exceptional I recommend them to anyone In the Rockville area.

Review №11

I highly recommend Paul and his team at Rockville Auto and Truck Services. I needed to take my car to a shop that knew what they were doing since I happen to have an older car with a carburetor and it was in desperate need of some tlc. He was referred to me by a friend of mine and I can definitely say that hes exceeded my expectations. Let Paul and his professional staff take good care of your automobile, you deserve it.

Review №12

The guys at Rockville Auto and Truck are awesome. I take all my company vehicles there. Paul the owner is very honest. Best auto repair shop around.

Review №13

This was my first time having them service my vehicle. I will say they were terrific. I was very pleased with the service I received. I would recommend them highly.Frances

Review №14

Jeepy liiiiiives! Picked it up yesterday from Paul at Rockville Auto and Truck Service. He said he tends to get the problem child vehicles (i.e.: from other shops that goof things up). Boy, was poor Jeepy goofed up by another shop.Other shop installed a 4 suspension lift. Neglected to install the drop link bars (shouldve been part of the kit) to lower the transfer case. Never touched the track bar, when an adjustable one shouldve been installed with it, and completely missed the (unrelated to the lift, but come on) brake shoe in the back that had pieces broken off, causing the right rear to lock up anytime you tried braking.IT. WAS. SCARY.I was so bummed I didnt enjoy driving it like I did for the previous 14 years Id had it. In fact, I regretted that lift so much I didnt drive poor Jeepy for almost a year and a half. Couldnt get it past 45 without a death wobble anyway, so forget taking it to the off road area we went to today just outside Frederick.The other shop didnt even tell me what brand of lift they put in. The invoice just says, 4 lift kit. Paul noticed the sticker theyd put on the windshield to hide the 3 inch crack they put in the glass said, Rough Mountain. He sleuthed the missing parts I needed piecemeal. I cant imagine how much time he spent on the phone with them tracking them down.When I got Jeepy back on the road today, it was just like old times, except with a lift kit that didnt make it mechanically unsound.IT. WAS. SO. MUCH. FUN.Pics of Jeepy (I...gasp...seriously considered selling it before I took it to Paul) and the invoice he gave me that lists check for death wobble on it (HA!).

Review №15

Went here because of the good reviews and I see why. Just recently moved to Maryland and had to do the state inspection thing, very nice, reasonably priced and he offered me advice to help the process in getting my tags here. I also had them do an oil change since it had to get inspected anyways. Very pleased. They always say when you move you got find your mechanic, and seems like this is the place!

Review №16

It’s important for women to find a trustworthy auto repair business with knowledgeable technicians as we are often taken advantage of when buying and repairing cars. Rockville Auto and Truck Services is a place you can trust to do a great job at a good price. They won’t overcharge or over fix your car. I recently relocated to Maryland and was not familiar with any auto repair businesses in the area. A co-worker referred me to Rockville Auto and Truck Services to get my state inspection and I was very pleased with their customer service and pricing. Not long after, I took my car to the dealer for an oil change and left with some recommended repairs costing $1,800 on parts that were not under warranty. I was skeptical as I had just had an inspection and my car only had 29K miles. I took my car to Rockville Auto and Truck Services for a second opinion and was informed that there was nothing wrong with one of the parts and, that while there was some mild cracking in the other part, I had another 15-20K miles before it would need replacing. They’ve definitely found a long-time customer in me!

Review №17

Took my car here for a state inspection in order to register / title my car in the state of Maryland. Im really pleased with the service that I received, the prompt replies, and how much out of the way Paul and others were willing to go to assist me. They even offered to give me a ride back, which is unheard of. Five star service all the way. Ill definitely be a return client for all of my needs.

Review №18

Had a great experience with this shop. Got my truck inspected the same morning I called. They also saved me a trip to the MVA by referring me to a tag and title service. 5 stars, Ill be going back for more service.

Review №19

Always great, honest service, they get straight to the problem and fix at an honest price; more honest than any dealership.

Review №20

Clean and comfortable

Review №21

I called about having a state inspection done, and they fit me in bright and early the next day AND did the inspection while I waited! Great customer service and very reasonable pricing. Additionally, they gave me a tip about going to a tag and title service instead of spending the rest of the day at the MVA to get my registration and title done, and that advice was priceless! I will definitely be a return customer, they are wonderful.

Review №22

I have used this mechanic for all of my vintage cars for well over ten years. I have always had great outcomes. I have referred many friends and colleagues over the years who have complained about repairs done elsewhere, who then got the problem resolved at Rockville Auto and Truck Services based on my referral. I especially like that they recommend what is needful based on inspection of the vehicle as opposed some long list of standard maintenance items that may not be necessary. Generally an outstanding mechanic who always gets it done right.

Review №23

I have been a customer for years. Paul has always found time to promptly fix and service all of my vehicles.....And I have had many! As a matter of fact, I am getting ready to drop off my teens new car for an inspection.

Review №24

Where do I start? Its quite possible Paul and the team could have saved my families life and about $10k or more in the process. Turns out our car (Kia Optima 11) has some manufacturing defaults that Kia isnt being exactly clear about.The Looong story short is that instead of taking my money through an endless list of repairs, Paul told me that if I were his family Id sell our car while the warranty still had some life on it. He told me what specifically to say to the dealership to get them to do right. And low and behold, when I took his advice, said what he told me to, the non ASE mechanics at the dealership knew that I was well informed about the manufacturing defaults and gave me no hassle. Kia actually replaced my engine and paid for the rental - which when researching online, most people dont receive that level of cooperation from their dealers.Beyond the straight talk Paul informed me every step of the way even taking me back and answering alllll of my questions. Ive had mechanics before get annoyed at my questions, thinking that Im untrusting. And theyd be correct. Weve been taken before.. but Paul actually enjoyed teaching his craft to me and it showed. You can only do that if you respect your customer and love what you do.Im new to Rockville and got my doctor, my dentist, and finally my trusted mechanic. Now if I could only find a good barber..

Review №25

Fast and Friendly service. Got pulled over for a headlight and had to get a certified State inspection mechanic to sign off on it. I was in and out in less than 30 minutes. Highly recommend

Review №26

Rockville Auto has been my family go to shop for over 25 years with 8 cars/suvs and 4 trucks, 3 being diesel. Ive referred dozens of friends and family to them and theyve all had the same great experience; the shop will listen to learn about your cars issues, do expert diagnosis, offer solutions and options and always at a fair price. Ive even had need to call Paul from 1200 miles away with a car issue that we discussed, came to a conclusion on, got what he thought would be the cost at his shop and in the end the repair was exactly as he diagnosed! Thats amazing!

Review №27

Best truck service in the area..John, the owner goes the extra mile for his clients..

Review №28

Look no further for honest and competent mechanics. Ive relied on Paul Kinkead for decades to service my cars and minivans, and for Maryland inspections. Hes the best. What a relief to not ever worry about whether a repair is needed or whether the price is fair. Ive referred many neighbors, frirnds, etc., and always hear of happy results. The good reputation here is well-earned.

Review №29

Great guys to have work on your car or truck. Paul is the best!

Review №30

My husband and I take both of our cars here. Superior service with very honest mechanics. We wouldnt go anywhere else.

Review №31

Good dudes..good work..reasonable price

Review №32

Great service!

Review №33

Wonderful experience! Highly recommend to anyone with a vehicle.

Review №34

Great mechanics

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