Garden Factory Inc
2126 Buffalo Rd, Rochester, NY 14624, United States
Garden Factory Inc
Review №1

The staff is very knowledgeable and personable. Great fall selection. Sale prices great.. and i learned of senior discount on Wednesdays.My garden looks better and better because of them.

Review №2

Didnt even realize that a nursery of this size existed. Welcomed site in Rochester. Liked selection of perennials found several items. Worth the trip but you wont find too many deals so probably worth bargaining but very tough to do at these places staffed largely by teenagers who would prefer to talk about friends reaching their 30s and how much they hated their high schools rather than interact with customers!

Review №3

I bought 10 lavender plants Spring of 2020, they were just babies at that time. However, this year my lavender is at least 10x in size. All survived the winter without a hitch. They smell and look amazing! Couldnt be happier!

Review №4

Wow! Took some empty sod pallets back for my brother. Stunned! This greenhouse biz has everything. Huge. Massive!!! If you havent been here, make the trip. Nicest folks.

Review №5

Great place. Had just what I was looking for (big foot pavers) and then some!

Review №6

Love this store! I got everything that I needed for my fall display outside. The quality of the plants is excellent, and the staff is very helpful in helping you figure out what you need to match what you want.

Review №7

Been going there for 10yrs with my momA tradition in my familyI can always find what Im looking forSpring, summer and fall

Review №8

Great selection, and quality products. The best feature of GF is the stellar Technical Tree, Shrub, and flower informational support you receive for the staff there. The info desk is the best I have ever seen. A+

Review №9

Amazing, during summer months GF is our second home between all the landscape businesses coming for the great plants, mulch, stone, soil, pots, potting soil, edging/spikes, and just the 1000 other things you need to get the job done... its all here!The plants are all healthy and you wont find another place to beat the price anywhere.

Review №10

The shear size of this place is worth the visit alone. Theres an astounding selection of plants that you wont find at another nurseries. They have sales that are pretty good value. Some items I found were a little on the expensive side but theyre also very well grown and much larger than youll find elsewhere. I honestly cant wait for my next trip to this side of town to grab more plants and garden supplies

Review №11

Garden factory is a great place to pick up a plant for your garden or a gift. The staff is always friendly. I have bought trees, bushes perennials. They are are always top quality.

Review №12

My house needed help desperately on the outside. Me and my better half spent 3 hrs there choosing plants and picked up a few statues. The plants were very healthy and grew nicely. Wide variety, knowledgeable staff. We love this store. My girl went back at Halloween time and picked up some halloween decorations. High quality stuff! We are planning to return to fill our vegetable garden.

Review №13

Wonderful, customer service was very knowledgeable and helpful. Bought a prince and princess blue holly.

Review №14

Customer service was excellent. Needed a price adjustment on purchase. Noticed a cost increase when it should of been less. Few minutes later everything was taken care of. Also well stocked on sale items today. Cannot guarantee next week. Very big and clean and well stocked though. Also military discount on non sale items. If on sale no discount. Same towards senior discounts.

Review №15

Found some items other places didnt have. Good prices and helpful staff.

Review №16

Love coming here for all my plant essentials, as well as to browse their indoor houseplants. Such a vast selection of both basic and more exotic plants (I bought a carnivorous one last time!), and I always leave with another unexpected gem. Cute pots and planters too. My only tip: if considering buying a houseplant, make sure to look closely for little bugs/pests. I’ve had a couple plants I got from there that had pests, so be careful just to save time, energy, and stress from trying to get rid of them. Don’t let that scare you from exploring this beautiful store though!

Review №17

They have so many beautiful plants. And assortment of different flower. I go there every spring. So much to choose from

Review №18

No matter what you need they have it. Not to mention the extravagant set ups of special activities for kids around holiday times. 30 foot dinosaurs, wild model train set ups. It sure feels like you in a larger city than Rochester, NY when you experience the larger than life activities these guys set up!!!

Review №19

This place has a very big selection of flowers, plants for indoors and outdoors, and everything else you can imagine for your garden! It was pretty busy when I went also on a Sunday afternoon. So Id recommend going during the week maybe? The prices in my opinion are somewhat high and this was my first time coming here. Ive been to other places that had the same stuff at a cheaper price but not big of a selection. The costumer service was just alright but could have improvement.

Review №20

Lovely place. Half masked. Mostly an older crowd, but with some beautiful plants. The flowers were great, and the June day great too.

Review №21

They always have exactly what I want. The prices are fantastic and the customer service is top-notch!

Review №22

Excellent selection at fair prices. Staff is mostly knowledgeable. Some stock outs.

Review №23

My Wife And I Found Everything We Were Looking For In This Well Organized Garden Supply Store. The Store Was Amazingly Clean Which Included The Mens Room .We Will Definitely Be Back Throughout The Seasons To Find Our Supplies !Ray

Review №24


Review №25

Well-maintained store and spacious. They have creative materials and stuff for your home and garden. Love their selections of bird houses.

Review №26

Always get what you go for. A bit pricy, but quality products! Ive been doing business with this store for many years and sel seldom if ever dissatisfied..... Recomend you shop for all your gardening needs at the Garden Factory and be happy

Review №27

Prices are fair if not a touch high. The facility is nice and clean and all the products are very high quality. Its a fun place if you love plants and outdoors to go and shop for any garden or bulk material needs

Review №28

My first time in was such a pleasant experience! I was welcomed with a friendly staff as soon as I walked in. The place is huge! I just became a big houseplant nerd and I was mesmerized as soon as I walked in, surrounded by houseplants, outdoor plants and all the decor you could need! I was so ecstatic when I saw they had a rare Alocasia Frydek that I’ve been trying to find!! I thought nowhere around here would have them! I bought the plant about a week later and she’s been thriving and sprouting new buds left and right. She currently has 7 new leaves unfurling! I couldn’t have been happier with my experience, I’ll for sure be coming back often to fulfill my planting addiction !

Review №29

Nick at the garden factory was great. He was very helpful and didnt seem rushed to help me. Took his time and I was able to buy what I came for and more.

Review №30

Highly recommended. Everything is always well taken care of, presentable, with quite a selection! We begin our planting season here each year.

Review №31

I have been going to the garden factory for years! My absolute favorite. Awesome selection and extremely kind, helpful staff.

Review №32

Always a great experience here! Good prices, friendly staff, everyone following safety and health protocols. Great selection as well.

Review №33

I love going the the garden center. There is ways such a large verity to pick from. Any always staff to help with questions.

Review №34

I love this place. They have a huge selection of healthy plants. The staff is knowledgeable and they currently have a great sale going on. I’ve been there three days in a row. Lol

Review №35

Large crowd, but shopping is quite spread out and checkout was extremely organized and quick. The selection of annuals, perennials, organic herbs and other garden plants is extraordinary!

Review №36

I realized I didnt add an actual review until now. (24hrs later). Ive always had a good experience going to the garden factory. The staff are friendly and extremely helpful. In fact, I recently had an order where the stock online didnt match the stock in store. One of their employees, Marissa, went above and beyond to help me and she ended up giving me a call when the item I actually wanted was in. She made sure that I got what I was looking initially and I couldnt be happier with the situation.

Review №37

Great selection of tropicals

Review №38

Always come here for my hay bails. Plants are so beautiful

Review №39

We go to Garden Factory for all of our landscaping needs for the front of our building. Plants are fairly priced and they always have what were looking for! Staff is very friendly and helpful.

Review №40

Adults will enjoy the absolutely amazing assortment of plants and holiday decorations the specious layout allows free browsing without badgering by employees and the kids will be amazed by the seasonal tremendous model train station and mini carnival rides on Saturday and Sunday 11 am to 4 pm

Review №41

This place is HUGE! We love the selection inside and out. Some of the prices can run a touch higher than the competition, but the sales are good. All of the staff that Ive interacted with have been great. This is really one stop shopping for gardening.

Review №42

Really knowledgeable staff, and great prices. Gigantic hydrangea only 40 bucks!! Love the garden factory!

Review №43

I love there gift shop. The flowers are perfectand last longer than the grocery stores.

Review №44

They have a great selection and all your gardening needs the staff is busy so bear with them but very helpful.

Review №45

They were great at helping pick out what we needed.

Review №46

Love it here. My sister & I were getting some Mulch for our Mothers grave.

Review №47

Its a big place with a lot of variety of plants. A good collection of rightly prices pots.

Review №48

As their name implies they are a great garden store, check out the photos.

Review №49

Good customer service, good variety & plants look healthy.

Review №50

Huge selection of plants and garden supplies! Great customer service as well. Every employee I interacted with was downright pleasant

Review №51

Fantastic locally owned business. They gave a good selection, good prices, and excellent, knowledgeable staff

Review №52

Great help. Very nice people there

Review №53

Love the garden factory. Everything is so healthy and a Huge selection of everything. Worth the trip.

Review №54

I have been planning to buy a hanging silk flower arrangement for the deck on my apt. I was extremely disappointed to find the pot I loved went up in price by $30!. Last year the pots all sold for $50. Now they sky-rocketed to $80. Really? This is just another scalping using covid as an excuse.So how was Garden Factory today?Obviously NOT SO GREAT😟

Review №55

Found what I needed and the price was good. Selection was great.

Review №56

We had a great time, prices are good such a fun time.

Review №57

Very busy place during the Memorial Day Weekend. Great selection!

Review №58

The customer service is awesome and will help with all your gardening needs& questions! Their plants are very hardy and plentiful!

Review №59

Beautiful plants, all kinds of plants. However, not a large selection of plant pots.

Review №60

Very nice selection of plants and the quality is very high. It can be a little tough to find help at times as the staff always seem to be dragging off in one direction or another.

Review №61

The Garden Factory is one of my favorite garden stores in Rochester. It would get 5 stars today except for one employee who was clueless. I asked this employee who was working in the big greenhouse where I could find the composted manure. He asked if it was soil. I said no and explained what it was. Same thing for peat moss. He didnt know where either were . I found them and was trying to figure out how I was going to lift them in and out of the car. A manager came up and asked if he could help. I explained my dilemma. He helped load my cart and he instructed an employee to help load my car. A very helpful and appreciated act of kindness.

Review №62

This place is awesome. They have everything under the sun for growing successful plants!

Review №63

The place had everything you could ever want and was the cleanest garden place I have ever been to

Review №64

Good garden center especially if you like we Chinese garden junk. Lots of nice plants come spring!

Review №65

My most favorite garden store on the West side of Rochester. Such a great selection of gift items!

Review №66

Great staff in helping with my bulk mulch order.

Review №67

Great selection, good quality, good prices, helpful staff.

Review №68

I love walking around the store! You can get lost trying to look at everything thing. They have so many beautiful items to look at.

Review №69

I was so excited about finally going to the Garden Factory (never been). However I was disappointed by time I left. The facility is huge, gorgeous and very clean. The staff seemed very bothered to answer a question I had regarding a shrub, they were more concerned about moving plants. I would have liked to seen better labeling of plants and signage throughout the store. The plant variety was awful, could have gone to Lowes or Home Depot and found a better variety of plants. I also found that some of their plants were being poorly taken care of. I understand that some just dont do well and die. However for a store that only sells plants and gardening supplies, I expected better. I didnt mind the higher prices on the plants that looked wonderful and showed that they were really well taken care of, but the same higher price on unhealthy forgotten plants was discouraging.I realize its the end of the season, so I hope to go back in the beginning of next season and have a better experience. Or maybe I just had to high of a standard for a garden store?

Review №70

A wonderful store. Great store to get all your plants for your garden.

Review №71

Excellent customer service, they have everything and beyond what you can imagine

Review №72

Lots to look at. Prices are high though.

Review №73

We go to Garden Factory every year before or after Christmas to take in the amazing model train set up. The space is cold, so plan to being your warm woolies. If you go before Christmas, youll find fun winter food vendors, rides, a few craft vendors and lots of sweet kids running around. The train and indoor music/light show stays after Christmas, and help celebrate the season.

Review №74

Great place to get your plants for responsible prices.

Review №75

Beautiful plants & reasonable prices! Many varieties to choose from - both annuals & perennials.

Review №76

My favorite place!!

Review №77

I have been shopping at GF for several years at least 4 times a year.Today I went there for a variety of things. I was surprised at the lack of fall flowers. There has always been many more varieties inside.But the thing that made me a bit frustrated was the young man that rang up my purchases.There were a couple things that did not have price tags anywhere on them and I did not see any prices on the shelf or anywhere else for them.When I asked if he could check the price before I purchased them because of the above reason he quickly stated in a demeaning manor that the prices of items were on the shelves. I told him that I didnt see them and I had spent some time looking for them.He then said again the prices where there and they must have been hanging above the item.I decided not to engage in further conversation about it but there were no prices above, below, on either side or on the items.Customer service should be better than that!

Review №78

Lots of variety.. friendly knowledgeable staff.

Review №79

Great array of flowers, well stocked and easy check out.

Review №80

Everything you need for your outdoor gardening. Great selection of annuals, difficult to pick since theres so much variety!!

Review №81

Great quality plants, knowledgeable friendly people, and fun cool stuff like this!

Review №82

Another wonderful Season at Garden Factory!!

Review №83

I love Garden Factory, they have just about anything you need for your plants. They have a great selection of plants. The workers are very knowledgeable and friendly. Thanks for a great experience, I will be back.

Review №84

A wide variety of selections for all sorts of flowers/trees. I only wish they had more options for bonsai trees.

Review №85

Great place to get your gardening and outdoor items

Review №86

Fun time for the kiddies and they loved the petting zoo, and pony ride!

Review №87

Wow this place has went from the biggest garden center around to a destination. You really can go there and spend an afternoon browsing the indoor plants and isles and buildings of holiday items. Used to live close havent been there in a few years and now will drive there more often, didnt realize what we were missing

Review №88

Your one stop shopping experience

Review №89

It has a pretty good selection but youre going to pay up-for-it a lot of the items. Although, they do have some sales a lot of times to bring the price to where it is reasonable. Also it would be really good if they would mark the items a lot better, possibly some better signage on items that really didnt have prices or information.

Review №90

They have so much stuff and the place is huge. Some staff was very helpful yet the young girl at the register was useless. I told my mother she should sign up for there reward card twice and the girl said nothing so when my mother then asked her how to sign up she told her online then very quietly said mentioned here also with a sigh. She made it very clear that she didnt want to be bothered with it. As we left I could see her on her phone the whole time, really they shouldnt even have there phones out durning work.

Review №91

Asked for and got suggestions for a bare corner, after removing a maple tree last year. They gave us several options, and came home with our new shrub.

Review №92

The place was packed and I was only getting a BDay Gift card. I waited in the Customer Service Line and when it was my turn told Id have to go to the Register Line. People had lots of items but I Finally Made It!!

Review №93

Even in the off season, for gardening the array of house plants attractively displayed, you can find seasonal items. Amazing place.

Review №94

Love all the different plants and herbs

Review №95

Great place and they have expert advice if you need it. Always have great luck with all their plants

Review №96

I think this may have been the best experience of my life at a garden center. You didnt have to look far for help when you had a question. As I was checking out someone even offered assistance getting everything loaded into my car. I will definitely be going back for any of my gardening/plant needs!

Review №97

So based on the amazing and downright incredible selection of plants and products, I would be inclined to give this place a five and a raving review, however, was tough to find help in the store. if you want to just browse around, or know exactly what you need, you would likely have to spend an entire day in your car to find a better place

Review №98

Great place, friendly, happy workers. Best prices in town. Huge inventory. Thumbs up from the bobcat loaders after they filled the truck! 😎👍

Review №99

Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Made great recommendations for our yard. We got nice plants.

Review №100

Flowers are gorgeous, could spend all day looking around. I cant wait to get to the cemetery and plant the ones I purchased. The cashier was friendly also

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  • Phone:+1 585-247-6236
  • Grill store
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  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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