The Home Depot
3050 41st St NW, Rochester, MN 55901, United States
The Home Depot
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We had several renovation projects to finish and we always came here for good service and good choice of materials and options.People who work here are awesome and always helpful, starting from the greeter all the way to different departments. We had good experience with flooring representatives who went out of their way to explain us the process.We also rented a carpet cleaning machine and we had great experience with tool rental customer service reps also. You can rely on these people for the right advice. Thank you!

Review №2

We are pleased with this store especially with their great customer service. A lady by the name of Julie from Customer Service, went above and beyond to follow up on one of our online orders and kept us informed as she was talking to the vendors regarding the shipping of our products.Very pleased customer here.

Review №3

Just picked up new Dewalt tools I left my $ at home so I wouldnt lol I ended up driving back home and than back to home depot just too do it.... the hardware store wood smell acts like an aphrodisiacs for real men

Review №4

Good customer service and good prices.

Review №5

Jesse the greeter has been a great friend for quite a while, and he never disappoints my family. Takes great care of the kids and I love him like a brother. Thanks for taking care of him Home Depot!! Great trip once again, Darryl in tools pulled off another win today and was fantastic. Accidentally left my wallet on a shelf and he stood guard until I came came back. Great job again Darryl! Twice in a week, great job Home Depot.

Review №6

I Was Looking For A TV Stand To Fit My TV But My TV Was Too Wide For Everything I Found, So I Decided To Build My Own.Home Depot is a kind of carpenters secret, but I have to tell you, THIS HOME DEPOT RIGHT HERE?Best Place In Rochester to shop for any home- improvement or do-it-yourself goals.The prices are not the cheapest, about average, maybe .50 to $1.00 higher on certain items, but the customer service?UNEQUALLED BY ANY HOME IMPROVEMENT STORE!And I been to them all. This place is extremely helpful, somewhat friendly butEXTREMELY HELPFUL!When Doing Home Improvement Start HERE.So I decided to build a TV stand and bought a piece of would and did the algebra and trigonometry required to figure out how to cut it and it all worked out very well THANKS TO HOME DEPOT!THANK YOU HOME DEPOT!!!Here is what I built, and this my 2nd Time designing furniture, my 1st time building my own design.#sqp#mnale#thiswesti90#ministernale

Review №7

Love this store! Everything you could think of for your home and more! Check out their automotive aisle!

Review №8

Its a great place for building and everything home. But theres no one to ask a question!!

Review №9

The customer service at Home Depot is above many other home improvement stores. The one place that I cannot seem to get attendance is in the kitchen countertops area. They are understaffed for the number of customers that need help. I have been waiting several weeks to speak with someone to try and purchase countertops, to no avail. However, everywhere else staff members are helpful. When in the kitchen area my husband noticed a built in microwave on the shelf we had been trying to purchase since September 2020. We were elated to see it. A nice staff-man assisted with finding me a cart and taking it off the shelf. Our overall experience was great and our trip was productive, minus the countertops area. Well keep trying.

Review №10

We ordered a dishwasher and were told it would be delivered and installed. I asked specifically in our area and they said yes We paid for the install. They delivered it. Then we waited. I finally contacted them after two months to ask when it would be installed. They told us they dont install in our area. Dont promise something you cant deliver on. Will not be using HD for anything again.

Review №11

I have called no less than 4 times in a row to every department and it just rings and rings. I know the store is open but apparently they never answer the phones. Good thing there is not an emergency- no one would be notified. Horrible business practice!

Review №12

Ask for help at the pro desk it was like they couldnt be bothered

Review №13

I really enjoy home depot. My town only has a Lowes but I have a tendency to shop home depot periodically, since their selection includes some brands I prefer.

Review №14

Ordered online and picked up within 48 hrs. I got help to load in the truck.Good prices, but I good service. I am happy

Review №15

Parking is easy. Garden center is a bit in unorganized with decent selection of certain plants. Would like to see better signage around the plants and which sections are annuals vsperennials.

Review №16

They have a fantastic supply of household things !

Review №17

I have had an opportunity to experience the store itself as well as the pro desk. The store itself I think is clean well organized and helpful. However the pro desk experience could be better.

Review №18

I have to commend management here... the customer assistance is better than lowes... thats always been my experience. Thats helpful particularly for a type of store in which most customers are not handy

Review №19

Awesome! I found just what I needed and appreciated the military discount.

Review №20

Helpful staff when asked but didnt offer to help UNTIL I asked.

Review №21

Older location. Experienced staff. Less room than some locations and so less variety.

Review №22

Always have what I need or can order it real friendly people work there

Review №23

I was in the Rochester Home Depot this morning around 10:30 am to pick up a storm door. I wore my mask inside but took it off while waiting outside for someone to help me load my door in my car.The store employee approached my car and I went to help him since it was rather large and thought I could lift one side while he lifted the other side. He acted like I had a contagious disease and backed off while telling me to stay away from him because I was not wearing a mask.He left and didnt finish helping me try to get my door in the rest of the way. Another gentleman (a customer) saw me struggling and helped me get the door in so I could close my tailgate.I understand the divisiveness that masking has caused and the fear that has been created, but I am a HUGE customer service shopper and the way he left and talked with me was totally unacceptable. He needs to be better trained on how to deal with your guests. Or get out of the customer service industry!

Review №24

I had a piece of MDF cut and it is over a half inch off. One side measures nearly 25 inches and the other piece is under 24. Since I dont have the tools to fix it I think my project is ruined. Unbelievable.

Review №25

Nice selection of the tools I needed. I stopped at 3 other stores closer to me that didnt have them, or were questionable in quality. Kudos to home depot

Review №26

Good place for a toilet water valve

Review №27

Great service, being greeted with smiles, asked to be helped almost immediately after walking in the door and good prices for quality tools and products. I reccomend this place to anyone!

Review №28

Store seemed very updated and stocked. The staff seemed very friendly however, very preoccupied with pretty much us only being in the store.

Review №29

Super great employee thst helped me find what i needed.

Review №30

Great app to find things in the store

Review №31

Had what we needed as usual. Quick in and out. Love this place!

Review №32

Sales staff went out of their way to get the information we needed. Was very appreciated.

Review №33

Home Depots customer service is a joke! When my bathtub was late arriving to the store all I wanted was a new estimated pickup date. Every time Id call customer service I would be put on hold for long periods of time, transfered from person to person, having to explain why I was calling to multiple people, and even being hung up on while on hold. After multiple calls like this, I still had no answers. One time they told me that my bathtub might be on a truck that might be on its way to their location. If you ever buy anything at Home Depot, I sincerely hope you never have the misfortune of needing their customer service!

Review №34

Very nice, clean store. The staff were friendly. Well stocked as far as I could tell. It wasnt too busy while we were there, and all proper covid precautions appeared to be taken by all.

Review №35

I have been to home Depot twice this weekMonday 2 gentlemen Named Brock and James help me figure out carpet,they both took the time which was awesome as Im disabled and they did all the legwork.Brock is by far has the best customer skills Ive ever encountetefHe went to great lengths to explain everything whatever hes paid its not enough Thank you Brock.Today had to go back for some pad Brock was working so he helped me again and was a great help he is the reason I now come to your store.James in customer service was extremely helpful to explain the charges and arranged the delivery of my pad.Thank you James for your patience in explaining the delivery process

Review №36

Staff was VERY helpful, took some time to find them....but were all adjusting to ebb and tide of COVID....

Review №37

Ordered appliances on September 19th, gave me a delivery date, then that delivery date was changed to 32 days later. I called asking about the hold up. Jay said it was the microwave and we would have to cancel that and buy a different module that cost over 200 dollars more to get the items delivered. I canceled the microwave and paid for the different more expensive microwave. Well they only delivered the microwave and none of the other appliances saying they are delay for another 32 days. that date without notification. When I called they said there was nothing they can do and will not cancel my order. When I asked to talk to a manager they said not anyone available. Had to call three time to even talk to a person who might even have an idea. Oh and the best part they did not even contact me about the delay. or the professional installer that they higher to install the dishwasher. over 90 days without a product delivered after two deliver changes.

Review №38

Great place. Great people. Great service.

Review №39

I lost a very important key 2days ago and when I noticed it was gone on Wednesday I went into panic trying to retrace my steps. My husband and I called all over and thankfully when we called your store they had it! Julie Ingham at the Rochester location saw it in the parking lot and picked it up to be brought to the lost and found. I am beyond greatful for your employees and how helpful they are! Thank you so much!

Review №40

Always have the right thing you may need

Review №41

The thing I love about Home Depot is that their staff are always knowledgeable and always happy to assist me in anything I need. You dont find that in too many stores nowadays.

Review №42

Not great service today at rochester store. Tried to get help from Pro Team but working until 4:30 really means until 4:00 I guess. Online orders a vanity with doesnt fit. Thats awesome!!! Online help said we have to return both pieces since they came together. Craftsmanship on the vanity top was really neglected.

Review №43

Great store. Lots of man toys!!

Review №44

Lot of variety of flowers and alot of nice choices for gardening

Review №45

The kids and I love going to the Home Depot for their Saturday morning kids project once per month. The staff are very friendly and the kids really enjoy building and painting.Home Depot usually has everything else I need for my home improvement projects.Thank you,

Review №46

Deceptive pricing. I specifically came here to purchase a product after finding it on their website, stating it was in stock at a specific price.When I checked out it rang up at a higher price, so I asked the staff, showed them the price on the app for the local store of the exact item and sku. They told me verbatim that they dont honor their own prices listed on the website or app because they dont want you to buy from their store, they want you to purchase it online. I actually had to have her repeat it to me, which she did while apologizing for it being a wierd policy.I understand not honoring certain places like Amazon or crazy sales, but this was a non sale item listed on their own app, for this specific store that they went out of their way to charge more for.

Review №47

This company is bogus when they say theyre hiring. Ive applied 6 times and they keep saying to finish my application. I contacted HR and they still didnt contact me, after saying theyre interested. Bad management.

Review №48

Showed 38 in stock but when I got to store there was only a bad one on the floor. The store worker comfirmed the inventory but said it took at least 20mins to get another one to me because of the queue. I am not sure if its really 20 mins or what so just left.

Review №49

Purchased a mitre saw to be shipped to store. Some how it was lost in transit. Home depot made me wait 5 days past expected arrival date for them to reorder on their end. Then we find out it will be additional 10 days to receive product. They were unwilling to replace order with comparable item that was sold in store. Also unwilling to ship directly to me, so I have to pick up at store.The level of staff knowledge in store is gone at my location. Its hard to find a team member who can answer basic questions. You are much better off at Menards and Amazon.

Review №50

Super friendly staff and I got the help and information I needed on where to find certain garden tools and what the uses of certain ones were. Seems like I can always find somebody in a few minutes when I need help. I love their prices and they usually have pretty good stock. They were kind of low on garden and landscaping items because everybody is trying to redo their lawns and garden right now, but I do plan on going back to buy tools that we need.

Review №51

They had exactly what I needed and were helpful in getting a new pressure washer box from a tall shelf when the box on the low shelf looked damaged.

Review №52

Had an issue with an order and Mel in customer service helped me through the entire process and made it work. Other employees in the store were very knowledgeable and willing to help. Nice selection of items.

Review №53

Why do I shop at the home depot? They give a 10% discount to military and veterans, plus they always have designated parking for combat wounded and Vets!

Review №54

Great paint and a very good selection of colors!

Review №55

Making everyone wear masks even if vaccinated. I didn’t even see a sign as I was waking in and there was no reason for an employee to be short with me. Even if an employee has said the same thing many times in one day I was a new person walking in the door. I’ll be shopping elsewhere

Review №56

I could give 10 stars because of the character at the door as a host. He made my day!

Review №57

Picked up some shelving for our new built ins and some plants.

Review №58

Really good employees

Review №59

Cheaply made products sold at American made prices. Will not combine discounts.They lost one of my online orders delivered to this store for about a month.Used them for many other services with average results in performance and low value.Some unfriendly staff at checkout.I am over homedepot. Will not come again. Go to Menards, at least they dont hike up prices on their cheaply made stuff. Quality is hard to find with the new global market of big box retailers.

Review №60

I usually have good experiences at this store. They did a storm door install and the technician did an awesome job. He also hauled away an additional storm door we had laying around.

Review №61

Very helpful and knowledgeable, plus friendly.

Review №62

After a poor customer service experience at another Rochester store, at was a relief to visit Home Depot, where I was greeted with a smile. The store had what I needed at a good price. Also, the cashier was very friendly.

Review №63

I love that Home Depot! Maybe too much! You can get everything from tools and garden supplies to having a board cut for you! I love they will cut boards for me!

Review №64

I love this store, however, I was quite taken back that the employees were not wearing masks when they helping with curbside delivery. I strongly believe that they should wear them in the store also. I talked with the manager and he was very kind. The only reason I am giving the store a three star, rather than five, is the mask issue. Otherwise, this is a great store.

Review №65

Oh man where to begin with the horrors of dealing with Home Depot. It took them over 7 months to get a project completed, and then when a component failed on said install they let me know I’d have to go 7 WEEKS with out being able to lock my door. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine telling a customer to leave their home unlocked for 7 weeks

Review №66

Very helpful.

Review №67

Went online to purchase a water heater and get it installed Monday. Home Depot responded tight away with rhe name of a company that would be doing the installation with a phone number to bet a hold of said company. Waited 24 hours with no further contact. I called the number I was given. No human voice mail or answering machine picked up. Made contact with another company Tuesday afternoon. Left a message for them to make contact within 5 minutes. I will not go back to Home Depot because as e they made it very clear they do not want my business. I still havent heard anything back from the company Home Depot is using to help us

Review №68

Great help, unlike other places

Review №69

Two days after Christmas nobody was there people were very helpful it was a nice place to visit

Review №70

Horrible experience. Ordered a washer dryer from them and they had to come back 4 different times for the install, so 4 different days off work due to their errors of not bringing everything to install and no communication amongst the store and the delivery service they out source to. Then I was told multiple times i would be called by their customer service person Mason and he never even bothered calling to apologize for the multiple errors or to follow up on my calls to the store requesting calls back and instead just set yet another install date without asking causing me to have to take yet another day off short notice that I had no idea about. Worst customer service ever. Dont buy your appliances here, they just want your money and could care less about inconveniencing customers and dont bother to follow up after FOUR errors on their end?! So now 3 weeks after original install date I hopefully have a washer dryer that works but who knows and if it doesnt, they wont care because they have their money.

Review №71

Problematic. Many of the young emoyees go out of their way to drive customers out. They lost a 2000 dollar sale....on purpose. Easier that way than actually working. 5 of them standing behind the counter, 3 on their phone, 2 on the computer. Zero help.

Review №72

Explained the difference between a sleeve unit and wall unit

Review №73

My wife and I shop at this location all the time!

Review №74

As always, staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. I got in and out quickly with the assistance of staff.

Review №75

Good luck getting any help from someone who works there.

Review №76

No one showed up to install my carpets at the schedule time. I called Home Depot they directed me to the project coordinator for my area. Kristian wasn’t available when I called but was told I would receive a call back. Of course never received this call. Now it’s the next day try calling Kristian again. Waiting on a call back again. Hopefully they will be installing my carpets sometime but who knows when!? Would NOT recommend trusting Home Depot to follow through on scheduled appointment times.

Review №77

Carpet installation subcontractor Erskins ran 2.5 hours late on a 2.5 hour installation job. I was told it would be completed in the morning but am having to lose a full day of work. Furniture moving was included but the installers first tried to get me to pay them (extra) by saying a couch is too heavy and not included. They directly lied because my 120 lb wife and me 140 lb moved in without straining. At the end they tried to leave the furniture in the garage and refused to move it back because they said they werent getting paid for it. I had to spend a lot of effort getting them to do their job, waste a full day of work on a 350 sq ft carpet job that I was paying to get done, and calling both organizations to find out what the heck. Home depot - this is the contractor you sent,and it reflects poorly on you. At no point during the phone calls did I hear this is not the intended customer experience, heres how well make up for it and prevent it from happening in the future.

Review №78

Go somewhere else for paint. Tried to order by telephone because ordering online at this location wasnt an option. The guy on the phone was not very friendly or helpful at all. Answered my questions but didnt offer options if his answer was no, we dont do that and no, we dont offer 5 gallon buckets. Ooookay, sounds good, bye.Outside of this time, Ive usually had good customer service. I would like to see more staff waving or saying hello as they pass customers. This gives customers the opportunity to ask for help if they need it

Review №79

We found what we needed to finish our project.

Review №80

Great place forAll your home needs

Review №81

The dude who did the measurements for my carpeting was a lil sassy and didnt wear a mask, and it was hard to get ahold of the installation ppl at first but when the installation men came and put in the carpet it was fast and wonderful and the carpet is so clean and no edges are weird and everything turned out perfect and they even vacuumed for me even on my old carpet it just looks so good *chef kiss*

Review №82

Takes a long time to get help. But when you do they are great.

Review №83

Good service and great quality products

Review №84

Helpful staff

Review №85

I researched the products on their website before going to the store. When I got to the store, I knew where to find the products. They were displayed nicely so it was easy to make my selection. I went through the self checkout lane and had no issues. There were employees standing by if I would have needed assistance.

Review №86

I like to be able to just go and I can find what I need

Review №87

I quickly found what I was looking for, the staff were friendly, the checkout process smooth and plexiglass-ed, and everyone was masked.

Review №88

A staple store for our household! Whoever their garden selector is is by far the best out of big box stores.

Review №89

They have very affordable plants !

Review №90

I go here for my Klein tools. I really like the selection here and they honor the warranties that come with Klein. Its quick in and out. In the summer we come here for our plants and garden stuff, best in town from what we find. Good quality stuff! Staff here is friendly and helpful. Never a bad day at the Depot!

Review №91

I have always enjoyed home depot over the other ones

Review №92

The employees will engage the shoppers and ask if they can help you find what you are looking for.

Review №93

The last two times I have went here not the most helpful staff.

Review №94

Totally love going to Home Depot. Even when Im not shopping, I still go there.

Review №95

Its ok, not the selection or savings that I get consistently from Menards but they are good for some things and some deals.

Review №96

I got my bedroom carpets done and one of them started to rip. I showed a picture to multiple workers at the store and they all said it would be no problem that it would be covered to get fixed. I talked to some Tom guy and says its not covered at all and they cant do anything about it. So apparently workers and assistant managers say whatever they can to keep you happy until you talk to the person in charge. After talking to the employees that told me it could get fixed I ended up getting my living room carpet done also wish I went somewhere else. The store is great workers are not unless you like being lied to

Review №97

Went there for some round wood pieces, multiple employees had no idea if they carried it, 2 said were out of stock without looking. Was not a good experience. Found my item at another hardware store

Review №98

Always a good experience

Review №99

Ok home improvement store.

Review №100

Great place to shop with great experiences, very helpful staff.

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  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Assembly service:Yes
  • Repair services:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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