A Baby Visit 3D 4D Ultrasound Riverside
11860 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA 92503, United States
A Baby Visit 3D 4D Ultrasound Riverside
Review №1

Had an ultrasound to find out the gender by Marwa, she was super sweet and very helpful and friendly!

Review №2

Loved this place. Very clean and huge screen. I’ve been to several and by far this is the best in my opinion.

Review №3

For our first baby, our first and second session was great even though our little one didnt want to corporate. The pictures came out perfect. Thank you ladies so much. We loved our experience

Review №4

Horrible staff, they are not accommodating to high risk pregnant women. They use unsafe practices and hire uneducated ultrasound techs. When asked to put on a mask in order to keep my family safe, the Ultrasound tech laughed in our faces and cancelled the appointment. This place is not clean, they also do not sanitize appropriately. Do not come here, unless you want to take the risk of getting sick or receiving wrong information when getting an ultrasound!

Review №5

Had a 11am appointment should up 5 mins late after calling to let them know we would b a bit late so they gave away our time slot and been waiting for an hour after they told us there is just one person ahead of you. That person came out and then took another person in while we were standing there. We have been going to sneak peak around the corner with 10 times better customer service but want to bring our son with us to the experience but due to covid were unable to. I wish I would have never come. Go to so sneak peak. Plus no one is ever at the front desk. Also there was only one person working to everything go a lot slower. Once in room tech didnt really seem competent. I regret paying and coming here. Much rather have gone to sneak peak for MUCH better service and quality.

Review №6

These people are very unprofessional. The man answering calls sounds money hungry. Although we tried this place out anyway, the technician was more than 30 minutes late strolling in with a Jack in the Box cup and on top of that, our photos were never sent to us. $65 for a package we never received that was supposed to be sent out 3 weeks ago. Go elsewhere and save yourself the hassle.Update: Its now been an entire month and we still haven’t received our package. Henry (the guy answering the phone) cuts me off every time I try to speak. He asked me to call him back but after the 4th time, we still haven’t gotten anywhere. Still no package. Still no updated tracking number. And yet, they still have my money.Seriously, DO NOT COME HERE. Save your time and money, but most importantly save your experience of seeing your little one for the first time for someone that only cares about receiving your money.

Review №7

Ive been coming here with all 3 pregnancies! They never disappoint!

Review №8

Great quality service. The 3D/4D was great. Nice pictures. The staff was great. They took care of us. Even do we arrived without an appointment. Thank you we really enjoyed our visit. Most of all our 3 year boy was really excited throughout the whole process.

Review №9

Worst customer service! Very rude and unprofessional.

Review №10

I loved it. First time getting a 4D ultrasound. Who helped me was very friendly and patient while doing my ultrasound my baby was hiding his face and she was able to get a good image of my baby. Also talked to me and my fiancé through what she was doing. Answered my questions I had of my baby growth. I totally recommend this place!!!!

Review №11

Definitely recommend coming here, they were so nice & they make you feel comfortable! My best ultrasound experience. Loved everything about them.

Review №12

This place is THE WORST customer service! I went in to see about walk in availability and as soon as I arrived, I noticed the place very dirty and absolutely nobody was at the front desk. After waiting about ten minutes, I finally called the place so I can speak to someone and a man answered and was so rude, talking over me and wouldn’t listen. I left there so quick! Maybe a good thing cause why would I trust my baby in their care if they treat people like this and don’t even have a clean facility.

Review №13

Very Rude! Called to ask questions about there packages and waa very unprofessional....not even worth time👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

Review №14

Been waiting in the lobby for more than an hour for an appointment at noon. At this point i dont care how cool it is.

Review №15

Such a cool experience!! Loved every min. Of it, our family got to come watch, it was very comfortable..and the lady working was so sweet to us all..explained everything as she was going and took our photo for us. We didnt feel rushed at all. So happy we got to experience this all together!

Review №16

Im so glad we decided to book an appointment here! No wait when we arrived, filled out a simple form and proceeded to ultrasound! I cant begin to tell you how much fun we had! The room will amaze you! We had Marissa and she was Awesome she was so calm gentle and sweet with the whole process! We loved her energy! She interacted with everyone including the baby so well! I will tell everyone to visit a baby visit!

Review №17

Very friendly and professional! She was fast and able to show baby to us. Our baby likes to sleep and very chunky! He has hair! Marisa helped my wife and get baby to move was very nice and gentle! We will be back Thank you we enjoy alot!

Review №18

Amazing experience, marissa was very helpful made me feel very comfortable would recommend this place to all expecting mothers.

Review №19

First time visiting, AMAZING experience!! We had an appointment got in immediately soon after arriving. We were attended by Marissa, she was super nice and very helpful. Saw my niece for the first time. Will be coming back for previous appointments and for further nieces and nephews 😊.

Review №20

Absolutely love this place staff is amazing facility is very clean and relaxing, definitely would recommend

Review №21

I just went this past Friday July 12,2019 at 7:00 pm. whoever the receptionist was did not do her job correctly. she was a semi tall thin white young lady. i am very disappointed with the job she performed. place is very nice but i paid 50 dollars for a gender reveal that was WRONG! i was so excited she had told me it was a girl because i have a boy already and i even threw a gender reveal that same night and i even revealed the news to the father of my baby and his family the following day at dinner. i was so excited i couldnt believe it was true so i paid another place to make sure it was a girl and it was a boy. not sure how the receptionist thought it was a girl when i can clearly see the boy part in the new 4d ultrasound. this place needs to hire a new ultrasound tech! you will get wrong answers believe me!

Review №22

Came here @ 13 weeks to find out gender and and they were able to tell us. Just got done doing our 3d pix and they came out INCREDIBLE. Both girls that helped me at 13 weeks and now at 28 weeks were really friendly and helpful even when baby was being stubborn. Their prices are very reasonable compared to other places. I would recommend this place 100% to anybody. Just make sure to make an appointment ahead of time..if u walk in they may not have time for u.

Review №23

Bad customer service got there 8 minutes late as soon as I pull up the laddy gos to the back when she comes back to the front she says my appointment was canceled because we were 15 minutes late and theres no more appointments available today

Review №24

I really do recommend this place. Was there this week and had a blast. Great customer service! The lady who attend me on my ultrasound was really friendly and went through my babys weight, heartbeat and measurements. And finally got to know my babys gender. Will be back for another session soon😊

Review №25

(Visited sunday) You will not regret coming here. My family and i had the BEST experience here ever!!! We loved every minute of it and marissa was so sweet to us, you can honestly tell she loves what she does! We are very pleased with our visit, we got all our things same visit no wait and we got to see our little peanut super active and wiggly. I cried like a baby!

Review №26

Amazing place. The best 3D 4D ultrasound place to go in Riverside for sure. The lobby is beautiful and the theater is amazing. This is the place to go if you want a quality experience. We purchased the $149 package and brought family members with us.

Review №27

I called yesterday to see if i could make a same day appointment For about center guy told me he could do 4:45.he seems friendly & straight to the point, Proffesional.i Got there at 4:30 in case i needed to fill out paperwork.i did, it was just a sheet front & back & by 4:35 was done,i had stopped to take pictures lol.The place was clean & Had an Elegant appearance.Loved It💖 The Receptionist Was Working Alone But She was Friendly,Upbeat,Patient & Enjoyable.I believe her name is Fernanda based on my emailed Photos that i requested.She is Very Put together (pretty) & Proffesional.She literally told me everything i wanted to hear in a good way.She is knowledgeable & got my stubborn girls face out of her placenta to take some beautiful photos.My appointment with a baby visit was ideal & i most definitely will return should i become pregnant again.i Most Definitely Recommend Anyone To get There ultrasound done here.Its Like a Theater,its honestly very huge.i took my 2 daughters and husband.

Review №28

This is the only place we will come to do ultrasounds, besides my doctors! The staff here really know how to make it special! We had marissa and she was outstanding! We recommend this place to all of our friends and family!

Review №29

Thank you (A Baby Visit) we absolutely loved the 4D. We will be informing family this is the only place to go. Thank you for all of the hard work. It was so amazing to see our daughter move and smile in her 4d ultrasound. I can not believe the technology now AWESOME!

Review №30

We are having our first baby and we went to the Riverside location to find out our babys gender at 16 weeks, we chose the 2D package. The technician was friendly, professional and did her job quickly. She was alone, and I know some people feel rushed by this but we personally appreciated the quick service.We are going again this Saturday(4/7/18) at 37 weeks along now, choosing the 3D/4D package to see our little girl again. I highly recommend this place to all expectant parents. The place was clean, had vending machines and plenty of comfy seating for my aching tailbone. Ill post a picture from the upcoming session (:

Review №31

Loved this experience. I was wanting to just hear my babys heartbeat because I didnt feel much movement. I ended up doing a 3D package and it was amazing. Great photos and the comfort of knowing my little one is a ok :)

Review №32

The staff are very nice and helpful,I really liked this place I would recommend this ultrasound place to anyone(:

Review №33

What a wonderful receptionist!!!! She was so sweet and welcoming made us feel right at home!!!! Cant wait to come back and get to see my babys face next time....This is just a gender reveal today!!!! Wonderful experience!!!!

Review №34

Amazing service, it’s worth every single penny. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, probably more than our OB. Minerva is the best!! Thank you

Review №35

Awesome! My doctor canceled on me in the last minute. I called for a same day appointment and they were able to get me in right away. I found out I was having a boy and received really cute photos. I will be back at 30 week.

Review №36

Truly an unforgettable experience. A HUGE man cave of a place. We walked into the theater and it was like going to the movies but much much better. We had a chance to view our twins and get measurements of them. The little dudes were hilarious. They were already kicking each other inside my wifes belly:) I can not believe the technology that (A Baby Visit) has. My advice go to this place if you want the ultimate experience.

Review №37

The experience I had here with my whole family was amazing I could not stop crying I was so happy. My boyfriend and I are so blessed to have had family come together in this time our little girl is going to be so loved and cared for. Thank u for letting us have this moment. I cannot wait to come back when I am 29 weeks along for the 4d ultrasound.

Review №38

A Baby Visit diffidently goes above and beyond what you would expect out of an ultrasound. The room is HUGE and the technician was wonderful. We will be back for sure to enjoy our daughter. thanks

Review №39

I loved my experience here. Wait time was not bad and staff was really nice. Does need a TV or music while you wait thou, instead of being a complete silent room makes you feel weird.

Review №40

Loved it! The tech was amazing and made everything amazing! Got to bring our family as well so they got to enjoy the special moment of seeing our baby girl for first time.

Review №41

I had a wonderful experience there.wait time wasnt too long. I heard good things about their morning staff so i scheduled my ultra sound in the morning. The lady that helped me was really nice and very patient. I plan to go back once baby gets bigger with my whole family.

Review №42

Came in here because of all the great reviews! Dont be so convinced, we came and felt totally rushed! The tech wasnt very friendly either! such a shame we definitely didnt enjoy our experience here .

Review №43

I loved it. Found out that we are having a baby boy today. The tech was so nice and sweet. Definitely returning for the HD live ultrasound in a couple of weeks.

Review №44

I loved it you should COME

Review №45

Pictures went that great but that was mostly becuse my baby was tucked into my hip. But there printer was down so I couldint get my colored pictures they called 4 days later and said they sent them out its been 2 weeks and I have still not received them 😭 $89 for this long of a wait 🙄

Review №46

Absolutely awesome! Best 3d 4d ultrasound images. Unlimited stage seating for family and friends just an awesome experience. 100s of different heartbeat animals and gender at 14 weeks:) awesome

Review №47

HUGE screen where you can see your baby is a-mazing! The ultrasound tech, Jenn, was the best! She had a great attitude & made the whole experience comfortable! I had my parents, 2 brothers, sister in law, Aunt & cousin, my husband & daughter with me in the room & there was still more seating! All in all, best experience ever!

Review №48

My husband and I went in for an early ultrasound just because we were anxious to see our little baby at 9 weeks. The stage seating and set up was really cool. The bed where the mother lays while getting the ultrasound could be positioned a little better. I was strained just trying to see the screen. The ultrasound tech was nice, only complaint was she was on her phone when we first arrived and barely even looked up from her phone to hand us the consent form... But once we were back in the room she was nice. Ultimately for the price, its awesome. Well be going back for our gender reveal at 14 weeks for sure.

Review №49

Our baby was so clear. It was like she was right here with us not even in my belly. We will be bringing family back with us to see this- it is awesome. The theater is even bigger than the movie theaters. I think I will be bringing popcorn next time lol.

Review №50

My wife and I went on our 28th week and we did a 3D, 4D, and 5D ultra sound. The prices were great and the room for the ultra sound is awesome. Bring your whole family as it will fit everyone. Maniverna, our ultra sound tech was amazingly friendly and fun. Definitely recommend this place to everyone. Thank you for the awesome visit.

Review №51

Saw my baby boy and I can already tell he looks like his momma! I am very grateful for the techs help, Melissa knew exactly what to do to get my little one clearly. From the moment I got to Baby Visit I felt very welcomed by the staff and I am already planning my next visit.

Review №52

Very friendly staff. Went for gender and 3d/4d ultrasound package. Good prices and they work with you and dont make you feel rushed and are never rude. Love excellent customer service definitely will recommend and come back for other pregnancies.

Review №53

Wanted to know gender. Called the same day . They brought us back and found out in like 5 seconds. Yes our little 13 week boy takes right after his daddy for sure! We will be back around 20 weeks for some more 3D 4D :)

Review №54

Came here for my last 3 4D ultrasounds and we ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! I think the negative reviews are unfounded. Scheduling issues may have been a problem but to say that this place is bad is just NONSENSE. The techs are so sweet and kind and take their time to get the BEST POSSIBLE IMAGES OF YOUR LITTLE ONE. I am going for my next one today, and I KNOW it will be just as good as my other experiences! If you have a choice, choose the Riverside location. Good luck to all the new Mommies and Daddies.

Review №55

Could not believe how life like the ultrasound was! So realistic thank you so much. We all had a memorable visit.

Review №56

Had a lovely experience as a first time mommy, the room was spacious and I was able to bring the entire family! I would definitely return and recommend this place.

Review №57

Great place!! Really nice and friendly.

Review №58

Always use this place for my daughters. Love to go here. Very nice place and workers very sweet.hugh screen to see babies.

Review №59

Best place ever. This is my 2nd time here and they are great.

Review №60

Called and was waiting for 10min and they just hung up. Bad customer service!!!!

Review №61

Its awesome you get see you baby and its incredible. The staff is so freindly .

Review №62

Had a great time look at my baby girl!!!! You girl there was so patient with us!!! She was awesome.... Great customer service al tho the guy that did our appointment was rude we still went in and it was worth it I totally recommend this Place

Review №63

Truly an unforgettable experience. An incredible experience here. Our baby was moving all over the technician literally had to chase our baby around to find the gender at 14wks. Then bam there it was our little girl. Just an amazing experience getting the gender in 2 minutes at 14 weeks. We brought the whole family and everyone enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks, we will be back for our 3d 4d at 33 weeks.

Review №64

I have gone here 2x....and loved the theater seating, clarity of the images...u can invite as many ppl as you like...very good customer service...very friendly

Review №65

The girl was nice, but she was by her self and that made everything feel so rushed. I didnt feel happy :( I felt rushed out the door. Also we picked a bear with the babies hear beat, again just thrown together .the bear didnt even look like a bear.

Review №66

Very clean and very nice staff

Review №67

Came her for a ultrasound with my family this weekend and the krystal kept violently shaking the baby it was a awful experience, she couldnt even get any pictures of the baby, waste of time and money. Go some where else.Response to owner: Of course not because i am the father of the baby that was scanned this review is from my wife and i. Thanks

Review №68

OMG this place is awesome. We received a video, and photos and we purchased a couple more copies of the cds to give to our guests at the baby shower. The photos were perfect could not have asked for better.

Review №69

How can I leave a review when they dont even answer the phone! Have been calling for the past 2 hours, l left msgs and still nothing. Ridiculous! I was recommended too but I will be looking elsewhere.

Review №70

I got to see my beautiful baby girl they were nice and gentle with my wife 👌🏻

Review №71

Alley was our technician. We had the family with us. We all had a great time we will be back for some more pictures.

Review №72

Thank you for giving a closer look on are first baby boy the lady was in there was very nice i would do this experience again.

Review №73

I just found out we are having a boy and a girl. We are having twins and although we get alot of ultrasound at the doctor they would not tell us the gender until 20 weeks.So we came to A Baby Visit and it was clear as day we are having one boy and one girl. We are super excited and ready to go shopping!

Review №74

Ya baby we are having a BOY! First on my side I get to brag now :) Thank you we will be back in 10 weeks for the HD loive and 3d 4d. Best experience ever!

Review №75

Do not go to purchase JUST A gender reveal balloon. They give you the $5 Walmart balloon pack and blow it up. I flew to CA to plan and have a gender reveal party for my friend. Called ahead of time (while in TN) to double check on the balloon then drove all the way to Riverside from Lake Elsinore JUST for this balloon and she wanted to hand me a Walmart item for $15....🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ Now, I have to find a balloon and not be late for the party! 😡😡😡

Review №76

Friendly staff and definitely would recommend to friends and family. Plenty of room for whole family.

Review №77

Awesome experience! Great package deals. Great customer service from Minerva!

Review №78

I love this place !!!Would definately recommend this place to anybody that wants to find the gender and wants to see there baby for the first time very friendly and always get the gender results fast and accurate

Review №79

Amazingly helpful. We went here after an obgyn apt to find out if its a boy or girl, and we have a stubborn one just dont want to show us, they worked with us and managed to get a view and we found out its a girl we are both very happy, and plan to return for a 4D scan in 4-6 weeks the prices are good to what more can you ask..

Review №80

Minerva you were great. Thank you for taking the time to get such quality pics:) See you guys again soon.

Review №81

This was by far the worst ultrasound experience that me and my wife have ever had. To start there were scheduling mistakes made on the staffs part, to which there was no remorse given and no help to resolve the issue. The only option the staff member have us was to come back at a much later time than was originally scheduled. When we said we could not leave and come back the staff member then started to explain that she hasnt had a break since 9am and that she needed to go eat. We explained again that that would not work for us and that we had already paid the day before when we were there the first time and the only reason we had to come back was because the baby was not cooperating. When the staff member finally agreed to see us, she was very frustrated and extremely rude and started slamming cabinets and doors and told us she had to lock us inside so that no one else would come in. She bossed us back into the viewing room where my wife and mother-in-law were reluctant to go due to the attitude of the staff member. After starting the ultrasound my wife explained to me she didnt feel comfortable continuing because the staff member was being very physically aggressive with the baby and my wifes belly. My wife then asked if we could just get refund and be on our way being as shes didnt feel comfortable continuing or making any return visits because of our treatment. The staff member explained that all she could do was give us a return visit card and not a refund. I will be contacting upper management/ownership for a full refund and I will also be filling a formal complaint against the ultrasound technician with the ARDMS.

Review №82

A Baby Visit of Riverside is the best place to find out what you are having at 13 weeks. Experienced technicians and wonderful choices of heartbeat animals we bought 5 for the grandparents, tio and tia. XOXO A Baby Visit we love you!

Review №83

I only paid for 15 mins of a 3D ultrasound and the technician had me there for an hour because she wasnt coaporating. I love going to this place and its so much cheaper than mommys fist peek. I totally recommend. Ill be going with my next child 👶🏻

Review №84

It was my first visit, it was a great experience ashliegh was awesome she made the visit, i wasnt feeling well an she was very patient with me

Review №85

(A Baby Visit Riverside) is the ultrasound place to go to if you want the best. I have been to other places they really do not compare.

Review №86

Came here for my first pregnancy and now I’m coming back for my second pregnancy, I really love the service they provide. Definitely recommend it.(:

Review №87

Terrible experience, they were running way behind and we felt rushed from the beginning and did not get the package we had paid for, the tech couldnt get a view of the gender so she made a guess instead of giving an accurate answer or offering to reschedule me, my pictures came oUT terrible they were blurry and we could not tell what they even were. We scheduled to go somewhere else the next day to find out the gender we told her our experience and showed her the pictures and she was in shock. I have now been trying to get ahold of management to get a refund and the guy continues to tell me to email hr I have sent multiple emails and have had no response. I absolutely DO not recommend coming here. If you want to have a great experience go to babys first photos in riverside the owner took her time trying to get good photos for me and a clear view of the gender and gave me a discount after hearing about my bad experience.

Review №88

Yanis my ultrasound technician was AWESOME...Highly Recommend her... Loved The Establishment...So Excited IM HAVING MY FIRST BOY :)

Review №89

Very nice and service was great and I was in and out didnt wait long

Review №90

It was awesome!! Great experience would recommend to anyone

Review №91

I will treasure my video and my pictures forever I brought my family and friends they were in AWE! The pictures of my daughter are AMAZING!

Review №92

Staff was friendly & professional. Great experience definitely recommend this place.

Review №93

I called today to try to set an appointment up, the person who answered the phone was rude and sounded extremely annoyed I even called. Every question I asked he was sighing heavily and provided a condescending response. Worst phone etiquette ever. Will take my business elsewhere. You should too.

Review №94

Large Screen

Review №95

The ultrasound tech was super nice .The guy that answers the phone ... OMG !So Effen Rude !!!!!! He gets frustrated and makes you feel like youre 3 years old . Be ready to get scolded when u book . No Soup for You !!

Review №96

Best professionals ever!!! No rush

Review №97

We walked into the huge theater and saw our little girl. We brought both sides of our family to see her. All they are missing is the popcorn!

Review №98

So disappointed! Paid $50 for a gender ultrasound and pictures that didn’t even look clear. To get a wrong gender for my gender reveal!!! If Crystal wasn’t sure she should have rescheduled me too confirm gender.

Review №99

Found out gender at 14 weeks💙

Review №100

Love it

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