West Broad Volkswagen
9001 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23294, United States
West Broad Volkswagen
Review №1

From the moment I contacted Garland, he was professional, knowledgeable and knew the VW ID4 extremely well. He was very friendly and accommodating and even showed the car to my children. The sales and finance managers were equally friendly, knowledgeable and keen to have us a customer.

Review №2

Great service, had a couple repairs done and the staff was very professional about going over what they recommended and the work was done quickly.

Review №3

Haven’t had my Tiguan one year and I’ve already had to buy a brand new tire after the service department “patched” a rear tire for life because of a nail and because they said that same tire got another nail in it that they couldn’t fix. Another rear tire was “patched” for a nail by the service department in July for $35 and less than a month later my tire pressure light kept coming on. Felt suspicious about all of these “nail” mishaps in my rear tires and had it checked out, which I discovered they did not patch it but instead plugged it.I feel cheated and as if these “nails” along with the plug were a scam to make me buy brand new tires. Completely lost respect and trust in this dealership. Will never have my car serviced here again.UPDATE (9-27-21): Regarding the response below, I have NOT been contacted regarding this issue nor have I been refunded. It also was not stated on my invoice or discussed with me in person that the issue could not be patched due to the location of the nail. It says Patch tire - Driver rear.UPDATE #2 (9-27-21): I have now spoken with the dealership and I am being mailed a refund check for $35. They apologized for lack of communication regarding the plug.

Review №4

Customer service was great. My warranty issue was handled quickly and I was notified daily of any progress or issues with my car. Highly recommend

Review №5

I had a fantastic experience at West Broad Volkswagen. Garland and all the staff were top-notch and treated me very, very well. Highly recommend!

Review №6

Professional and courteous staff, John from parts department ordered a replacement key for my vehicle, he kept me in the loop at all times, called me when my key came in, then I was introduced to another all-star Evan in the Service dept, he arranged for my key to be programmed and a couple hours later I was picking up my vehicle. Great job guys.Thank you

Review №7

Friendly staff. Fast service. Awesome coffee machine!

Review №8

The folks at West Broad Volkswagen are top notch. Always friendly and extremely helpful, they made leasing my new car very easy.

Review №9

I love that the wait time is always less than what is estimated! The overall service time is always quick, thank you!

Review №10

Very nice experience buying a used car. Staff was knowledgeable and took the time to go over all functions of the car. Very impressed with the Sales Rep, Service and Sales Managers follow-up and professionalism getting a warranty concern resolved in a timely manor. I would recommend and will purchase from this organization again.

Review №11

Beyond good, it was exceptional from the very beginning to the very end.Lucky Me that went there to buy one brand new car and ended up leaving with 2.... yes 2 brand new cars.Amazing deals, honest appraisal of your car, finance right on point with what I could afford.VW is have amazing machines but is all about transform these buying in amazing customers experiences and that is exactly what they do.

Review №12

They are polite and accommodating their service and repair work is exceptional. They care about their customers.

Review №13

The salesman went above and beyond to assist me in choosing a compatible car to replace the one that was totalled. And I found its best to shop around for deals. Now my car payment is cheaper and I have a better quality vehicle. Thanks to everyone at West Broad Volkswagen, I am loving my new car.

Review №14

Very nice staff. No pressure environment.

Review №15

Was the first time in many months that I entered a place of service and the employees were peppy and cheerful and seemed genuinely happy to be at work.

Review №16

Garland was my salesman. I don’t remember the name of the sales manager but he was very kind, professional and fair. Garland was very helpful and knew his product. The entire impression I got from this dealership was: experience.I went with my wife and 3 children, and they offered their waiting room and water and to my family.The staff at this dealership know that people now can buy from anywhere, and can compare prices with their phone. The dealership staff were competitive and fair with their pricing and they treated me like a person and not a source of profit.They didn’t try to sell me something I couldn’t afford, and they listened to what was important for our family, and found the right vehicle.Hands down one of the least stressful buying experiences I’ve ever had. Everyone was low pressure, warm and friendly, and knew what they were doing. Keep doing what you are doing guys, you are a blessing.

Review №17

I book appointment to get my car check out because I just bought a used Volkswagen. The representative called me in morning to confirm and was extremely rude. She kept telling me that it’s $130.00 for a used car check as if I couldn’t afford and hung up the phone prematurely. I also was wondering if they plug your car to the computer to get a detail report and she said no they will just do the eye test. I wanted to get my car check out and establish a relationship with the dealership. I will drive two hours away before I will go to this dealership.

Review №18

Great Service, no other dealer has provided service, from point of purchase. Always satisfied.Thanks

Review №19

I would like to say the service is impeccable as they sold my car to me without a hitch.. however less than 10 months later I have started having some type of mechanical issue with my BRAND NEW VW.. and no one wants to return my calls nor assist me when I call. Having purchased an additional warranty in addition to the manufacturer warranty I initially had no concerns but seeing as no one wants to even assist me with trying to figure out what exactly is covered or if I will be provided a complimentary loaner car while my car is being serviced is less than promising...

Review №20

Came in on a Saturday for the 90,000 mile Service, and they were able to get the service taken care of quickly. Team was friendly as usual.

Review №21

Staff was friendly, honest and start forward about my jetta. What it need now and what could wait. Great staff!

Review №22

Appointment was easy to make. I was in and out in no time. Oil level was slightly overfilled but relatively easy to extract.

Review №23

Excellent experience in the service department. Had my 2013 GLI towed here due to the ignition lock cylinder failing. Didnt realize this was an issue for this year model so VW paid for the whole job. Also recommended some other regular maintenance items that I took them up on. Matt was super helpful and efficient and made this extremely painless. Thanks again!

Review №24

Processing fee and discount with out interest or 0.0 interest no discount is available only in Virginia if u buy new car? So its used also as tactic to get u to 🚗 dealer to find out? Thats not on website 😕 what is marketing 0.0interest and discount together.False marketing - Wrong promotion!

Review №25

This is the 3rd vehicle that I have purchased from James Anderson, and as always top end service from start to finish! Thank you for your attention to detail and your willingness to make sure I was getting a fair deal. Definitely a dealership worthy of a visit.

Review №26

Awful service experience. After having my car at the VW dealership waiting on a water pump for repair for over two weeks due to a back-ordered part, I paid close to $400 for a 50,000 service upon completion of the water pump repair.I make it 10 miles down the road before the coolant light comes on again. I get a shrug of the shoulders sorry, guess there was a bubble in the system.Absolutely done with this dealership, the car, and the service.

Review №27

My wife and I recently purchased a used Subaru Outback from this dealership. Hands down, this is the best dealership experience we have ever had.When looking over the vehicle, I noticed a pretty large scuff mark on the rear bumper and just assumed that it is what it is. Before I could even mention it, the used car sales manager, Mike, walked up, introduced himself and immediately let us know that the dealership plans on taking care of that. We were sitting in the car at that point when he brought it up.Our salesman, Ryan, was new to the job, but was extremely helpful and provided better service than most of the veteran sales people weve dealt with over time.No high pressure sales tactics and they observed the pandemic protocols.Really happy with this dealership and it will be our go to in the future.

Review №28

Service staff are helpful and informative. I continue to be pleased with all services at WBV.

Review №29

The car was pulled up and ready for my test drive my salesman was very knowledgeable and friendly. We would recommend West Broad Volkswagen to our friends.

Review №30

Great communication leading up to and during appointment. Thorough evaluation and lovely customer service- thank you, West Broad VW!

Review №31

Great staff. Ive bought 6 VWs from here and its a great experience everytime.

Review №32

Quick and efficient to locate and solve the issue.

Review №33

I bought my car a year ago with 1000 miles on it and had my first service with Browns VW which is right down the street from my house. They put the wrong sticker on my car with dates that made no sense whatsoever and I am pretty sure they didn’t reset my maintenance alert on my VW. I tried to call just for a state inspection and tire rotation and an automated response said to leave a message and they would call back. (This happened twice with no call back)I decided to call West Broad VW and immediate got someone on the phone and was scheduled. The person was super friendly. Thank you West Broad VW (new home of my 2018 VW Golf).

Review №34

Everyone at West Broad Volkswagen was exceptional. Our salesperson (Gary Garabetian) was the best we have ever dealt with. He was very knowledgeable about the cars and was helpful in our decision making. For the first time ever, we drove away feeling like we got exactly what we wanted without any buyers remorse. Thank you for the experience.

Review №35

Best Place to buy a car! Super helpful and wonderful to work with!

Review №36

Gary made the sale an excellent experience! This is not your usual dealership nightmare. I was presented with all financial/warranty options; thanks to Osama in finance. They treated my 91y/o mother with kid gloves I usually dread all the dealership hoopla. West Broad VW made it a breeze!

Review №37

It was easy and stress free. Thought i was buying a used Jetta but ended up buying a new one.

Review №38

Absolutely wonderful car buying experience! We called every VW dealer from DC to Richmond and at West Broad we found the best experience, price and efficiency. I highly recommend this dealership - they are fabulous!

Review №39

The staff and service were great.

Review №40

Unprofessional, very bad experience.Dont find the problem and theyre charge is like for rocket ship. Highly disappointed. Dont go there if you expect honest and fair service.

Review №41

Great customer service...until you sign the paperwork and drive off the lot. Better take your test drive to a certified mechanic so youll know how many thousands youll need for repairs when they dont honor their warranty.Update: the vehicle was in my husbands name so no, you wouldnt see my name in your computer, the repair was supposed to be covered under warranty (I ALWAYS throughly read contracts) and it was not. Thanks for the follow up, but it was traded in at Sheehy Ford for a reliable vehicle with great customer service.My account with Google speaks for itself. I dont give bad reviews (or good ones) that arent warranted.

Review №42

Ryan, the sales was helpful, but not pushy, like some salesman that Ive dealt with at other dealerships. The finance person who helped me, recommended additional items that I was not prepared to pay for and I said so. She left like that and suggested that if I change my mind, to call her. I was prepared to be pressured, the moment I walked in, and was ready for an argument. I was pleasantly surprised. Im not sure if it is difference between dealerships or the individuals, but Id recommend here to anyone who asks.

Review №43

Ive been bringing my vehicles to this dealership for over 10 years and i’m still a long time satisfied customer.

Review №44

James is the MAN the experience was awesome. Love this dealership. Very cute & hippy inside this place.

Review №45

The folks at this West Broad VW dealership are always helpful and friendly. Offer flexible options and good advice.

Review №46

The body shop/ service team kept me a breast of my repairs throughout the entire process . Great job on the service

Review №47

Was quick and simple! Super accommodating team.

Review №48

Stopped in for a State Inspection on Saturday, and was told an hour wait most likely. Went for a walk to a store and was surprised less than 30 minutes later with a phone call saying the inspection was done. Great Team and had a very enjoyable experience as always. Thanks.

Review №49

Excellent, zero-pressure service. Ryan was there to answer questions and point out a few things I missed. The sales manager was extremely helpful as well, made me a great offer without a bunch of needless back-and-forth. I had a problem with a tire (a nail was discovered) and they told me-- two days after the sale-- to bring it in and they would take care of it right away. They did. Cant ask for more than that! 10 out of 10!

Review №50

Fsstes to buy a atlas 2021

Review №51

Just purchased a used Cherokee from West Broad VW. Outstanding customer service, easy sales process. Hats off to the staff there.

Review №52

I am OVER the moon with the service I received while visiting here. My salesman (Kelly) was so kind and personable. This was my first vehicle purchase from a dealership and I couldn’t be happier with how respectful and polite everyone was. I never once felt rushed or pressured into buying anything and Kelly even stayed far past closing time to help me.

Review №53

Wouldn’t recommend westbroad vw to anyone not a dealership there a stealership 😡 charge you outrageous fees for things that don’t need to be fixed and then plays the blame game !

Review №54

I initially had a problem, but they worked to make it right. Ashley Blount did right by me.

Review №55

Was in and out in less than an hour. Much appreciated as I was waiting on the car.

Review №56

The service center here is great! I bought my car from another VW dealership, and moved to this location because it was closer and the service is far better.I typically make an appointment online easily! Ive worked with Mak and Robert, and both are great to work with. They can easily answer all my questions and add any other services I need when I arrive. The waiting room was quite comfy, there are couches, tables/chairs, and a tv. They used to have an intricate coffee machine, which has been removed (assuming because of COVID protocols). I was able to get my work done while I waited, as the waiting room was pretty empty and they required masks. My car was all done in 1.5 hours.

Review №57

Great work, good communication and fixed it quickly

Review №58

The service managers explained things well and got my warranty work completed in 23 hours.

Review №59

Excellent service 👏👍👌

Review №60

After looking all around for a vehicle that would fit my price range and my style. West Broad Volkswagen was an awesome place to find what I was looking for. They provided great customer service and they got me into the car that I wanted. A 2020 Jetta, w/ cold weather package and a pandaranic sunroof!!! Big shout out to Nadja, she sold me the car and she is great. Also Omar, Frank and Christopher, for all they did to make it happen. They are an awesome team. If you dont want any pressure and you need a great deal on quality cars. This is the place to go.

Review №61

Great customer service at Crown VW in Richmond. Reamey Belski was incredibly helpful!

Review №62

My wife and I had the very best experience with west broad VW especially Nadia. We knew exactly what we wanted, we went to Brown’s VW to which they would NOT budge at all. I made a inquiry in a Tiguan, Nadia quickly got back to me, expressed what we wanted and simply asked “ could you make it happen “. She did with no issues at all!! If you need someone who can make things happen and get you in the right car at the right price ask for Nadia... she will make it happen. Thanks a million, Nadia. We love our Tiguan.

Review №63

Our experience working with West Broad VW was exceptional. Gary was attentive and patient with our needs and concerns. He took the time to answer all our questions and ensure we were comfortable with our vehicle. Gary is truly an excellent professional and was never aggressive about selling a vehicle. Frank, Tracy and Osama were wonderful to work with as well and all ensured our satisfaction was met. Thank you to you all! We love our new VW!!!

Review №64

West Broad VW in Richmond, VA. has always provided professional service on vehicles, thus the reason behind using the dealership since 1979.

Review №65

James was great to work with. Professional, not pushy and he knew a lot about the car.

Review №66

Fast service and everyone I encountered was wearing masks and very pleasant to interact with!

Review №67

All the staff was extremely professional and pleasant! No headache for me at all. A totally opposite experience as compared to dealing with the unprofessional and uncaring personnel at Casey Volkswagen. Thank you for being polite, honest and looking to assist the customer in having a nice experience at your dealership.

Review №68

My only complaint was they didnt clean my windshields from the pollen and my new blades were streaking.

Review №69

Once again, easy in, easy out. Service performed on-time and as expected.

Review №70

Wish they bring back the older VOLKSWAGEN back the knew ones are pretty but the older models are much better !

Review №71

Ive been a customer of over 5 years shopping for new vehicles at VW West Broad. Once again on my purchase of a 2021 VW Passat, Garland and Frank did everything perfect to make my experience the best it could be. This is why Ill continue to do my new car purchases from VW West Broad in the future.

Review №72

I got rid of that hunk of Junk Jetta. Never again will I do business with West Broad Volkswagen. They are extremely nice until they get your signature on paper. I would take my car in because it wasnt performing as it is suppose to. The staff were extremely rude and had no idea how to fix the problems I was having. Their answer was well it works when it wants to and doesnt work when it doesnt want too. They do not cover pieces that fall off under warranty, when our contract clearly stated 5 years /50,000 miles. This is the sorriest business I have ever dealt with. I can clearly see why I was always the only customer their. Glad I am done with WBV FOREVER. I went and bought a real car, Toyota from Loyalty Toyota where they know how to treat a customer.

Review №73

If you are going to buy a vehicle from West Broad VW you will want to ask for Dario. He was very professional, courteous and listened, which you dont find these days. If not for Dario, the Jetta would have been purchased at another dealer, as they all have cars to sell.Thank you Dario.

Review №74

Have bought from here and get all service done here. Only gripe is with service is being told other drop offs are in front of you when you schedule an appointment.

Review №75

Great place and customer service

Review №76

For my first Volkswagen vehicle and my first time visiting a dealership it actually was a great experience. Service was fast and the staff was great. I also like while I was waiting I was looking at other vehicles and not one person harassed about getting a vehicle. It actually made me want to buy another 1.. great job u guys looking forward to further business with VW on broad Street.

Review №77

It was a pleasure to deal with Gary Garabetian.

Review №78

Convenient location, can make online appointments, staff is professional and comfy waiting room. They also have a great accessories shop.

Review №79

My father and I found a car we’ve been hunting down for months. I went to the dealership page and clicked on the first staff page to get in contact to inquire. I called Aeris, second ring, was greeted by a very friendly voice. Told her I was 3 hours away. Asked her to look the car over, etc. she called me 5 min later. Gave me above and beyond in details.This morning we made the trek down. Within two hours we took a lengthy test drive, loved the car, valued our trade, made a deal that worked well and were back on the road back up north. 2 hours in and out is impressive. Great, professional service. Beautiful, huge dealership. Will buy another car in the future from here.

Review №80

David and Franco made my first car purchase so easy and comfortable. David is so sweet and down to earth. I literally chose an Audi over a BMW due to the quality of the car, the quality of the dealership, and the quality of care I was given. It makes all the difference. Thanks everyone!!

Review №81

We didnt end up choosing the Atlas, but it was our runner up. The customer service was outstanding.

Review №82

It was good very clean

Review №83

I bought my first VW from Greg last week and I recommend him to everyone! I wish I remembered the name of the sales and finance managers, too. I made for a tough customer but they got me straight. I 1,000% will be a return customer and will try to send new customers to you :)

Review №84

Great experience for first service!

Review №85

An hour an a half wait in a very cold lobby for an oil change!Upon arrival, I had ask that someone retrieve my drivers licence which fell underneath the emergency brake console and no one even tried to find it!Completely disappointed!!!!

Review №86

This was the best car buying experience I have ever had. Aeris was extremely knowledgeable about the car we drove, very organized and straightforward. It was well worth the drive from the Washington DC area and I will definitely buy a car from her again. Highly recommend.

Review №87

I had a wonderful buying experience at West Broad Audi. The show room was beautiful and every person I met was knowledgeable, excited about their cars, and great to talk with. They take the time to make sure you leave as excited about driving an Audi as they are!Aeris was a fabulous sales specialist, always making sure I was comfortable during the process with drinks and snacks all while answering my questions and offering information I didn’t know to ask about. I did not feel pushed into buying a car - I feel I was welcomed into a family!

Review №88

Friendly, professional, and quick service.

Review №89

Asked them to replace a window regulator after I personally opened the door panel and found it was broken. I asked them to replace the part and i didnt need to know more. I was told that with part replacement no diagnostic fee is needed. But they still ultimately charged me a diagnostic fee to tell me what I told already them. They LIED when checking me in a said that diagnostic fees are charged then subtracted off the labor since they could just continue the work they started. But Then the part wasnt in stock. I asked why they didnt know that if I asked for it to be put in? They said if I wanted them to check for the part beforehand I should have given them the exact vw part number and told them about their own inventory?!Of course when the manager came over the customer service rep backpeddled and said she didn’t promise that the service fee could be subtracted. So now i would have to pay a service fee for today and the entire estimate would be charged on top at my next visit. They said I signed and had to pay and there was zero possibility the rep explain their policy incorrectly.This made me suspicious because I did ask for a service fee to inspect my suspension because I hit a pothole and bent a rim. They came back and again just told me what I told them. I asked what services were done beyond their FREE visual suspension inspection included in their 40 point check? They couldnt tell me or get the mechanic to tell me if he did any actual work. I am suspicious that nothing was actually done despite me paying the extra fee.I called the number that responded to this review and he listened well and was understanding. He was surprised to learn that diagnostic fees are charged on top of parts and labor. He said in most cases diagnostic fees are charged on those who opt out of labor as a minimum fee. Ultimately he never got back to me to discuss progress on a refund.That put them at 2 stars. But when I went back their estimate for the repair had gone up! That seemed deceptive to me. So now Ive taken them down to 1 star. According to google, the total price puts them $150 above national average.Sadly this is the 5th vw dealership Ive been to in 5 states. All the others found ways to service my car without tacking on extra fees.Lesson learned for being new to the area. So far other auto service centers in the area have found this situation ridiculous when I describe it. Wont be back.

Review №90

My VW service center for over 15 years.

Review №91

The best car buying experience! From start to finish -a classy dealership and top notch sales guy - Nick Valentine! He was extremely knowledgeable, patient and thorough. I highly recommend stopping by this dealership if you are in the market for a vehicle.

Review №92

This was my 2nd Audi ever I bought a Q7 last month for my wife and we loved the car. Not only the car the but service was hands down the best and fastest as easiest buying process I have ever experienced. So I decided to go back a month later and I bought the Audi RS7 once again spectacular service Aries and Franco make a great sales team!! Aries was my sales associate for the Q7 and now again for the RS7 I highly recommend this dealer to anyone and everyone if you’re looking for great service ask for Aries!

Review №93

They are very helpful and very efficient

Review №94

Friendly staffs and great place to buy your car.I traveled 90+ miles to get exact specifications that I wanted.Mike is great sales staff help me all the way to get the deals done right.Thanks West Broad Kia!!

Review №95


Review №96

Gary was absolutely fantastic to work with and went above and beyond to get me into the perfect car! My experience could not have been better!

Review №97

For accurate ratings check yelp they have 2.3 stars with them.Terrible customer service and treatment. I purchase a brand new A4 from them the day before Thanksgiving. The car had only 24 miles on it. Brand new car right??? Wrong!!! Deigo, who is the man that sold me the car was fantastic, and strived to make my experience worth it and if you have to go here I would advise requesting him by name. Most of my experience was with the terrible management. After I got the vehicle home and removed the front license plate bracket,(because I live in NC and dont require one) I revealed two rusty holes in the grill above the designated space that the license plate bracket was designed to be attached to. (I have attached a picture to help you see what Im describing) When I called them to discus this and get if fixed I was treated as if I was of a lesser being. Frank Clarksville would not return my phone calls until I threating to call his boss and when he finally did call me back he did so when a shity attitude. After we spoke that time I got the run around and no clear answer for quite some time until I was meet by a conference type call with three of the managers where they continued to tell me that this was standard or built to spec. Claiming that they come from the factory built this way. As you can see from the picture the designated area where the license plate bracket attaches to makes it so the grill in not damaged in the process. They ended up telling me they would only pay for halve, and were unwilling to correct the problem. I had to go as far as contacting a lawyer about the issue and Audi USA who is working on the issue. I will be writing to Larry Page, Pete Hamilton and Scott Keogh since it seems like this dealership does not respect the Audi name or its costumers. Hope this review helps 0 stars.

Review №98

Great guys over here

Review №99

Always get great service here. Mak took care of me when my vehicle broke down at home advising on options. Once the car got to the shop he was efficient and communicated everything I needed to know. Would not hesitate to recommend West Broad VW and Mak in particular.

Review №100

So Ive bought a lot of cars in my lifetime. Dozens and dozens. Mostly for personal use, some for work, mostly used. A few new.My experiences are all over the place. Sometimes it really depends on who youre dealing with, how management runs things, and the particular day you happen to go there. We all know what thats like.In 2018 West Broad Volkswagen helped me get into an older CC and I love it! Almost didnt happen, but they made it work. Second time I bought a used car there in the last 10 years and both times the cars were in great shape, and I thought I got a great deal. Good customer service.

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